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inndari This Journal will he iamcd evny SATURDAY EVENING. HENRY A. FOX, O. It* MlLLEtt, AssocUte Editor. 8un»cmrTio;iTi:n>i!<—Fn\TV CENTS for Uiree iiiomlis, wltpn jmiil In odvuiice. AlUfUerK fliiil cnminiiniraliiiiw v^\\'\'\'\'' to biiKiiiPss MIIOIIIII l»p ntliliPHscil loUic Uatw- •TKB 8TAM»Alin, IJlCU^lCl's, N. Y. Adreilisiiii! tf-MliiN rail 1u' oliliiiiiRil nl tltP oflicc of llio STASiiAno, in (lie Town Ilall. Mniiinso ntiil Oltiltiniy N<itico8 of IcRBlliaii ten lines will be Insprtctl five. All onlcrB forCinl aii'l .lob PiintinE Rent to lliin odlop will r.'teivc jironipt iilU'iiliitii. Itrrwutrr, Hniardny NOT. lttlli> I870. CmCUaiHTANfUfS Vi. UNUItllV. Tbcrc iHproIinbly no iiHribuU; of llic humnn mind po iiL'ctJfwiry to vinltii'nt FIICCCRH in the TarltMl and clian[{<:liil occiipationp and undi-P takings of lite, ns cin-rgy. Yut, we iK-Ucve. that llie world pn-neiiiB ample proof\ llmt outward clrcHln^lallOl•ft liuve a weigbllcr bearing in monlding tlin CIIHI of most inen'n dcBliny, and giihling ttieir flepn into llie chaniiclB of gn-atntm, tliiui tlic moot pi-rfi-cl energy, or the moct pi-rplt^teiit appliration.— Tlie adage, \ Every man IH Ibe iii-cliilfcl of bli own Fortune.'' altliongli n trite (paying. and one wblcli (liids very general acceptance, It lar Irotu having u correct opplicatlun in all tnstauceB. and the young intii who enlerx the arena of action, relying alone upon bin own inherent. per«everance, will olten find Lin fouduHt hopeH, like Chatctus d' f-yjirti(/ne, vau- iflb before thei<tei-ii reality tliat circiiinftniiceN will triumph over liin in<ihl herculean elliirlx, and raock IIIH pi-rj'l^teiicy by tliwiirllng every trial. We do not wixh to. bo ynderftood UH cuuteuding that lliiti piiiielplu ol vurnentueKH is not uecehpaiy, lur we believe that ouu ol thugrealeht ol divine giltH iti that (juuliiy which acu an an inci-ntive to urge niua for- w«rd lu lile, and be wtio haH nut tliie I'pur to acilun, in uuininnlly an idiut. In in reality de- void ul the uiuril i-iiheiiliiLl ultiiliute ol mau- liood, uud I'LinuiiiK lUruugh lile a child in in tullict, iullueiice and KUCUI pu>>ition ; but BO IrequeUl allu^iuuij are umde lu eminent men, who uru puiuted tu uti being uiuauinentti ul uuccexfalul lell-rt'liuuce, when we are aware that their i-iiertiy bud been upheld by the mufal Haltering eircumestanceB, uud Ihiit not a breeze of udverbity ban ever crot<M.-d their way, thai we cannot bui believe that prait>e In giveu HuuetiiUL'H where it IH not reiiMy deeerv- iog. uud uieu are leU lu pl.ice luu Implicit conUdeuce in Bell-reliuiice uud energy. The diU'ereut relaliuuB which individuuU bear toward each utber, the dilfereul Kailous !u life which ihry uceupy, the ditierence in iheir influence and )>umiiou, in allribuied, fur ibe must iiart, lu the mulive punvr uf their inlndtt i and Ihui^e who occupy Ihc higher litaliuue, pulili<;al or lluauciul, are accredited with having euergelically borne duwii all obdiaclus which intervened between Ihem- eelvcB and the goal of their uuibiliun, and Burniuunled aliuot-t Heeinlng iuipostalbililieB, and in tbiukiug ur ppeuking of Ruch men we Bay, \They wear the lauielB of honor, be- cause ol their energy,\ whrn really Iho prime caUHe ha)< been a traiu ul circumiilanui v —call it depiiny il you will—which hiu' quieily and steailily burne Ibew up tu an enviable niche lu the Kucini world. But for this, the nmu whu at preKeat uccupicH the movt eminent pocition puitt^ible uiidir ihU governmeiil. would have been obxcure, and to fume unknown. And who will f-ay that a Uiviue I'owtr had not already thaiwd hi» dea- liny while yet a child, and tie West I'oiut Lad kuotvn the name ol (Jraut t Or who can OHsert tlul the imnmriul honor which will ever (wine uliout Ihe memory ol WubhiiigLun. wax not induced by circutinlanceM, which, controlling the whole lenur uf bis acttonii, couKpired to givo that action a favorable rciiuitf \Self-made men'\—\ Leading men ol the Day.\ and Biiuilar phrased meet our eye in luukiiig over (he uea-fpapere. Head tlieir liven. They are generally chronicled. We find tiiiK the t^ubjeclK are those uf our fellow* locn wiih ul>uni ttie world hatt dealt gener- OUhly~whu liuve htepped from round to ruuud uu the ladder uf BUCCCMI. uud u( last luok down ou 'he mana of ulruggliug huuiuui- ty below, and lu judging buch men we give energy. piTtteverauue unJ industry, the credit whicli, iu muny inbtanceB. more prop- erly beb'UgB to circumi-tunceH—t>ociul or political iuUueuce. If it were in our power to B«an the charlii of lite, ou which u|(peur, without colur, uolhiug but plain, uuvaruir'h«Hl truthB, the true courneB. Iruu childbuod to old age. of uuch men'ii curet-rB we wuuld be able lu dibcvru the great heeret—the motive power which produci-d M> grand a rt-Bull. and it would olmoM in every iiiKlaiice be fouud to cuuhiBt uf extej-uul cauneB ; which, acting up- oa Lhe hui-jt,'et'ti life, led hiio througli tlie ChUUUelb of HUCCCMB. It IB uui lu our proviticc t o dibcuurage that spirit ot go-uheudutiveuebB, which hub uo duubt duue much to giving UB BO many dur- ing leadtTB-' bu many clear Mighu-d Blateh- lueu, uud Mi many brilliunt hchuluib; but we feci juhtihed iu Buying with uue ut our celt)- truted tueu, \ While buuie are buru great, and ulherd achieve grealncM, the uujurily have greuUiekB thi UBI upon theui.\ Compare the puBitionb uf U>e gleut number who ore our ucijuuiutaucee. uud huw muuy are iu uf- llutfUL cii'cumHlaueeti who aie uu whit mure energetic ihuu their iudigeut ueighburB — rudly their iufei-iujB iu mental calibre—who arc the furmuule reclpieuu uf ha]>piuebB uud huuur, while Ihuae who have kLriveu with greater perbeverauce have, iiiktead of Micccw. hwl mial'orluue fur a guckt. '• Tuil, toil, toil, Irom touruiug till uighl, Buuribc aud BUUHUI,\ fluda the aame weary uujlu) plodding ou- ward loaard a goal from which he rtioode* two ble)ib uB he advuuceti one ; aud QOW buouui uiiture—tOab I lor iu fruity-^ejfiuv to ahow iu HdKhihuoHi iu tliuwi with w-hoio hv fomwiu ronuct.' -Soit uftiurul for (he world to tarn toward sncb nn one the cold pboulder —to Inoh with dindnln upon hlH truitlcns rfforts to rCAch the fUnphinc ol life. With frownc and contemptoun pcofl^ titoy tbniiit him bnnk nmong the fihadowfi, whone dark fuldft envelope bint in (heir embrnce, and heart-nick, faint and weary, lie Imtllen man- fully for the pn-cedcnco, but circumBlanccB overcome, nud a life of obscurity is inevita- ble. But to FHch we give little Ihonght. They are pat^Fed by In Bilence, and the word or look of onconrapeinont, which would be an onnis In their desert of life, IB withheld.— How often do we tliink of (Ue unlortunntc neighbor whose woeful countenance mee(B IIB dally T Very wldom! Now and then wc hear of pIcknrBa in liip family—occRBlonally a death—but an thepe things are of common occurrence In life, we give liut minor confiid- cration to (hem. Our mIndB are too n uch occupied with the movementfl ol prominent actors, and (hose who play the lespcr parts are quickly hurried behind the ttccncs. Look upon thnoe to whom luxury and wealth have opened the gates to (ho gardens of joy and happinesfil and then go to the dark and gloomy hovels uf poverlj—go where misery and wretchedncBB luxuriate, and where fom- iiitt Btnlks at noonday, and look, not upon the Ntmll men of (be world, but upon the tmaUmf. in (lielr smallnisg, and there you vvlll (Ind (hose wlio will tell you they commenced life with high hopefl and lofty applrationB- Iheir career peemed bright—lhe times anBpi- ciouD, but a conBpirncy of ciitumBtaucca proving loo m«ch for energy to cope with, they were tbruRt liack liy an uiiBympaihlzIng world, far from Rnccefis. (So out into the cold and cheerlepp s-lreetB of uiir large ciUes, where Burging crowds move hither ond thith- er, and notice iijion how many countenances arc traced, plniuly and Indelibly, the marks of mlKfornuie and woe. VIBII our public in- f^tilutionti of charity, and everywhere you will lliid the number of the world'B small men by far exceed those of the great. Why Is iblc? Jlecani^e one pofBePBCS power to which another is a Ktrungerl Il.ilher because cir cumMaiiceB have paved the way to the BUC- ceBS of one and clowd the avenues to the en- ergy of lhe other. NunierouB among the human bt-ingH wiihin our obBervalion, are thoHe who are poor, debased, degraded, and wboBe death ttcarc<'1y formtt a ripple upon (be sea of society, and very many among these olj)^cure and deserted inortalH have the hid- den material fur Ibe pioduclion of great men. Poverty aud mlBfortunc are (he clrcum- stuncea which influenced their lives, and It is only when wc can vibit their Bilcut graves, that we can tliink of what they might have been, and ou (he labielb which murk their resilug place, Inscribe these words of the poet Gray: oBirrAitT. I'erliapK fn IIIIH necUfted Bpol iit lalil IMIIIII.- Iii^uri iiiief lllled n illi rcU'itllBl Arc ; Iliuiilti (tiiit the mil of unipln- mliiLt tiuvc evrny Ur wiitii'd to cKtuey lhe Hvlnc Ijn-. Uiil kiiowlcilcu 1(1 ttidr fvi'H her iuii|ilc pagp, Ukrh with the H|iiiiU of lime dlit iieV-r uiifuld, Clill) penury n'i>r('M<-d tlirlr iiolile ragii And furifo tue );eiitul earreul ut the loul. TUB EI.KC-TIO.N. Our rp;^ulureU'ctiou look place in the Court Uooni of our new Town Hull, on Tuesday liibl. Tliis was certuinly the most quiet niid orderly I'lectioii held in this 'I'owii for yours. The Btrifo uU uoeiu- od to center on our county tickot. The number of \split iicketti,\ far exceod(xl the number of\ struighis.\ Uuelo Frank Hoyt cutst thu first ballot. \We (^ive the ofJiciul voti' i n the Town of South Eust, for uil tho cuudidut^s. ]u:r. •irtti - 2r,i - - 'ZiVi - •ib'i - - 'j.ii . 2.>1 - . 202 - 'im - - 'i\i - 2.>(J - - m - 'l',:\ . - ^78 - OlTIfE OF Governor. - - - - Lieu't Govomor ComptruHer - - - Canal Comtuiss'r - To till Vacancy - Prison IiiBjMictor Iteprrst'uliitivo - - Abscmblymuu - - - Sheriff - - - - - District Attorney - County Trcitsuror - Justice Kessiuns - - Coroner - - - - DEM. - 1J2!» - 'i:\\ - 22(1 - '1-m - 2;jl - 2a 1 - 2;io - 2(l.j - 2;J5 - 220 - 2;J0 . 22H - lol) Below will bo found the inujoritics ro- ceivod by the different cuudidates lu the lioveral tuwuti of the county. Theso are lutost ruoeived ut the moment of f^oin;^ to iircfts. Dem. I Kt'ii. Mfti. I M|j. « 195 i»9 Itil 210 US id 119 116 I 108 ISl m CAHUEL. AKsembly. Ju's F. Hall, r | lu Blieritf. Hicburd It. Horton, r 21 DiBt.Atl'y. J . U. Little, d SI ... Treasurer, Juho Curuisb, r { 44 KCKT. ABN-mbly. Sarb'B Drew, d Stierilf. Kicliard It. Hortuu, r... Itibt. Alt'y. J . U. Litile.d Treatiurcr, Thatcher 11. Tbcall, d l'ATT£lUiUK. AsBembly, Ja's F. Hall, r Sheriff. Uicbard B. Horton. r.... Treasurer. John Cornish, r i>Ut. Atl*y, tiiuuuel J. Oweu, r. Pijn.iraTuw.\. A**embly. Sarles Drew, d 1 21 .Siierilf. Hichard It Horton, r ... Dibt. Att*y. Suinuel J. Oweu.r... j .-. Treasurer, John CuruiMh. r. | ... PUTNAU VAIJXT. Asseuibly. Siirb* Drew, d | 89 | ... Sberitr. Alviu Chuse. d | HI | DiKl. Att'y.J.D. Little, d | 93 ... Treasurer, Thatcher H. Theall, d | 11)2 | ... Souru EiiiT. Assembly. Ja'B F. Uall. r | 1 62 Sheriff. Richard H. Horton. r.... | ... | 9 Di*-!. AU'y. Iwuuel J. Oweu, r.. I ... I 36 TieabureJ, Johu Coruhdi, r I .. , ] 8 liy the above flgures it will bu jceo tliai JsurlcB Drew, (Dem.) for ABaiaubly. )4u 116 luiijorily in the cuuuty. Hiehard U. Uurtuu. (Uep.) for Bhtiriff, has 283 mi\|uriiy iu lhe cuuuty. fc^amueJ J . Owen. (Uep.) for Dhit. AU'y.hoB 2 uiajuriiy iu the ouuuly. Juhu Curuuth, (lU<p.) for Coua(y Treaa- urur, has 28 utiuohty lu the uuuuty. The imyorily giveu fur UoSouui for Gov* eruor lu tlie Couuty wot iiil. We of uourw ctumot give the offioiaJ vote iu ihu t^tt^ but HudCmui'ii luajority will not exoMid 33.000 uud owmot faJU fur boiov mjm Mi\)or Jrtm-s TimnvK UIIOSBY died Oct. 28lh. IH7t), aged 33 years. Life is made up of mingled joy and sad- ness. To^lny we are happy in the pocicly ol loved ones—(o-morrow we weep over their cold clay. To-day thu sunshine bursts upon our pathway—to-morrow tho darkness gath crs there. Thus we live. The pubjpcl of this obltnnry, was the son of *• Thomas Crosby,\ of South East, well and favorably known as a man of high honor and Btrict integiily. Many will recollect the proud position he assumed In the early hinto- ry of the temperance reform In this town.— Ucgnrding principle more than mere parly, ho was several (imcs elected to lite Supervl- Borship of the Town by temperance votes, amid tho Idtter persrcntlon and the united opposlllon or(bc political party of which be had ever been a memlier. Ho died while TiiORNE WQB but sovenlcen years or,agc. Left falherleBfl at this early age, the son went out into the world to gain a livelihood. Of bis history for Bcvcrul years alter this 1 know but Utile; but I a m inforinotl Itiat bohcld a clerkship in different parts of the country, and was acting In this capacity in Norwalk, Ct.. when the war Iiroke out. From this place ho enlislcd In the service of bis country, and went outtobatlie In bcrdefencc. Ills war record is an honorable one. Young—enIhueiastio— pntrlotic --comprehending nt a glance tbo dan- ger to which his country waBexpoB<'d, lie went out to the wide Oeld of duly, with cbeerfnl- Dess, confidence, and IrusL How well that conlldence was groundud, let tho history of tho Birugglo tell. Tho nation's foes weix' de- feated—treasun was crufbed out—the coun- try was saved; thanl:i« to the bravo ones, who tool; their lives in ihelr hunda, and went out undaunted to tbc confMvt. Hundreds fell on the buttle-fleld and their bones to-day arc resting in Southern poil. Olhers. wounded and bleeding, returned in Buffering to their friends. In Ibe great battle of tho \ Wilder- ness,\ TiiORKK lost his arm. He returned home through terrible suffering. After recovering in a measuro he was again nt the post of duty. And often 1 have gafed upon (bat rm/'/y Uttve and thought bow cotUy the sncrillco our brave boyB made for freedom! All over Ibe sunny South lie tho forms ol dear ones. The mem. ory of mothers goes back tu that dreadful Btrugglc—Fathers, bowed with grief, live In vivid recollection the conliict o'er again. Sa- cred Boil is (hat where so many of our loved ones ret'l. The struggle is over—freedom is eKtiibllHbed. Many of the prominent actors iu the great Drama have passed away, but its memory Is still green in tho hearts of thounundH, whose dear DIL-S mude the coBtly pacrince of fortune-limb and life. From bis wound—(ho loss of his aim, tho dreadful Buffering therefrom, he never fully recovered, but since tlio war he has held bo'me pusilion of trust under the government. Hut bis health gradually failed- -consumption seized upon him, and he came home to die under his inolherB roof—in the sweet Boclety of dear friends, (his young, brave soldier pass- od the remnant of his days. It was my for- tune to R-e bim much during the last months of his earthly existence. No tongue can tell the BUlf <!ng be_eu[lur4'd from the time hu was wounded in I'lc '• Wilderness,\ to thu period of his di-iith. Hu^-ti uu instance of patience— cheerfulness, and culm reslguatiou, I never wilHossed. Not a murmur—not a complaint ever CBcaped his lips. IVrfectly couscious that he was going away from the sceues and suffering of (his life, and feeling the uved uf a preparatiou for such an eveul, ho ap- plied himself by thuught, and reading, aud converFution and prayer, (o (hat preparation. Uften in the still watches uf lhe night, huvo I heard the sweet voice of his mother, by his bedside, i n (rembling accents breathing out her supplication to ihe Gracious Futber in his liehulf, uud when the ble^Ked peace and bun- shine ol pardon and acceptance buret upon his mind,/((T-joy and tbuukluluesB kuew uo bounds—her prayers were answered. Thus prepared through suffering -through prayer; throughcoHsecraliou.foi thelranKitlou one bright October muruing, with the curtain raised to his window that he might once more gaze upon the brigbtiiess aud drink ia the sun shine, surrounded by sympathizing friends bis bpirit passed up to its reward as peaceful- ly as the iufaut sinks to sleep ou the bomm of its mother. In the jiriuie of youog man- hood, his lile went out. In the sweetness ot chrlbtiau hope, his spirit went up to eternal Bcenes—lo acouuti-y where war and Btrifo are uukuuwn—where tiiu blessed i>eace and joy of the Elerual Father reigns forever aud fur- erer. His paUlotism lived with him to the lost. Iu some of his last couvcrsatious with his mother iu refereuco to his burial, ho request- ed that his bearers bh'>uld be bis brave com- rades of the New York Sixth, and while thus speaking, be seemed tu live over 'he post aud his eye Hushed with iUi wuuied Ore. aud his busom heavi'd witli patriotic etuotioiiB. Thus he passu! uwuy. In chrisllau hope- in Bvvcet rebiguatiou he cloBcd his earthly ca- reer. I'taot to hit aaLev ! Uig bufferings ore o'er-his resfia cwoel—he Bleejw iu a Boldier's grave. No bugle blast -uo country's call to aims, shall wuke the sleeper uow. Ti'eosou agoiu with clutched demoniac, may grasp the pure while throat of freedom, but other handk Ihau his shall break the grasp, aud hurl the traitor down to death. Uu work is done, sweet he his rest. The grave-the grave, thank Heaven IB peaceful, lu that clime celesLial, where the sirvel* are paved with gold, aud peace flows like a riv er—rouud lhe Throue Eternal where uo trait- ors breathe, but u//are loyal—where the couut- lesB throng sing. y/y/-y-^tor^ tu the Lord of Ilusts, with burp iu baud he joins the Ueav- euly chorus, aud RcdauiiUwu sung shall he the barmuuy Ihroughuut eturuuJ ugeii I Sleep, patriot — Boldier—chrietiau—sleep ! Iu the hoarl« of the pulriol uud the cUrlsliao you tdiali hve on-iu your cuuuiry's liiniory juu ahalJ be houurcd— iu ow nt4ttvd jatuaory your ttauti in cuer ohuriahud—Sloep 1 L. U. ILoiiiEitnL Brewatur'a, Nov. 4tb, I8Tu. -O E. FOSTER Is openlnjc a new line of FALL AND WINTER GOODS. -pGBERT B. FIELD, The best assortmcot of DOMESTIC DRY GOODS. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES. AC, to bo found in this village. HEADY'MADE CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS. Custom Clothing to Ordtr, and Ptrftd Fit Guaranteed ! BREWSTER'S, N. Y. Having recently purchased the Fnrnllnre .Store at this place, and grenlty increased the Block, is now prepared tu offer to the public A LARGE AND ELEGANT- STOCK OF FURNITURE, TJIDWARD STONE, * Dni Goofh Jl7crrhfi7if, flmrs/er's, N. Y. NEW OnV GOODS I I hare nlwnyaon band, niid am conslantly n-ceiving. new DPPS (JnntlB. I'riiits. Muslins, niack and Cobind .'^ilk\. French and Irish Poplins. Gingbnm\. fllnelt and Colored Al- pacas, DelHims. Wiiile (tiKiilfi. t^iich as Nap- kins, Window (^iirlainf.TiHvil\ and nil olher gofMls iiFiially k' pi iu n flrfl rlnss Fancy and Dry Gnnils Stnre. In great variety, nnd of the very Intesl BlyleP, Wo hnvo als'o on hand, nnd nrf> eonstatitly receiving, n Inrcf f^ni'plv uf first elass lUHSil'RY AND WHITK GOODS, all of whfeb I will si'll nt UicIwiftUrinqprieti. H OltSES AND CARRIAGES •uch aB Our room being Insufflclent to meet Ibe de* mandB of the trade, we bare fltted up a CARPET DEPARTMENT, where will be found a full line of INGRAIN AND THREE-PLY CARPETS. at prices lo suit the times. Absnhtttly the largest stock of GRO- CERIES ever foun* in a Country Store. COTTAGE, WALNUT. PARLOR DINING-ROOM AND KITCHEN FURNITURE, CRIBS, ' CRADLES, MATTRASSKS. TABLES AND LOOKING GLASSES AND MIRRORS. &c.,<tc., ic. TO LET, AT THE BREWSTER LIVERY STABLES, CONNECTED WITH THE SOUTHE.ASTIWUSE. MiMJi lli;r.soi,i»3, Prcprlclor. This is dectdcflly IIio bfsl rr|nipped Llrery Staldo in the comity. The Canlnpes. Bug- gien and IlnrneM are all new. while the llorses Hf thi> lieht and mowt sylifb to be fninid in tlicninrket, OrdiTsnf every dcscrlp* tion attended to at the ehorlcBt notice. LBERTCIiAIT, E GENERAL LIVritY AND .STAlJUa. EXCHANGE jii{i:]rsrj:irs x. r., ITnn recently made Ini'tm additions l o bis fa- cilities lor ncffimmotlatliig the ptiblie. Morses and enrriiieep ready at nil bours, and p'Ti^uiiB conveyed lo any part of the country. Onlers b-fl at his oflicc or al the Brcwater Holt'l will be proinp'ly attended lo. Send in your orders for Coal and get a belt«-r arllcle, and at lower rales, Ihau at any other place. F. E. FOSTER, Brewster, N. Y. UlE \BREWSTER HOUSE.\ UFHOLSTEIIING AND REPAIRING. UNDERTAKING. CoskelB and Coffins of any deslreil (|unllly, and every requisite for funerals, furnlbhed at short notice. This department of the busIiiesH IB made a ppecialily. and is unib-r the experleuced su- pervlsiDTi nl MR. AUQL'stvs ICNOX. •YTiLLiNrir. I MILLINERY.' E EYN0I<U'SS.VL0(3N. BRKWSTEirS, N. V. Second door outil of Dnnghly's Hotel, kecpB on ice BEER, rOHTF.R. R.VUSArARILLA AND SODA WATi:U. Also, Iho best fpiality of ALE I1FJ:U AT rlVE CENTS PER GLASS. D .\Nii:LTlLLOT.SON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER, IJllEWSTER'S. N. V. 1 wrinM refpcplbillv Inform Ibe public (hat my I'leilitlcB for piiintini; HOIIR-S. Barns. Pub- lic IbiiMi\!j«. Sii:nB. Ar.. are I'urpai'sed by none. Kinplovirij.' at all tlnn-sa lari;«' number of ni<<n. I am itMe lo e.veciite all orders at (Lu i.liorli'r.t ti'it'e\. CUAlNINC AND PAl'Elt HANGING will n-ci-ive pill ion lar al lent inn. Ordrra from any '•ihlnnec pt^pertfiilly riOieited. Or- (b'r:» b It al eiihi-r F. E. F^isterV. or at the Dniir Store will reci-Ivo prompt allenllon. Faruters io Soutboru Kaoaut iuteud to ulaot OOtUlQ QUtt ^^ S. T. McMAnON. Proprietor. The Oldat and Best Regulated House in Town. TABLF^ FURNISHED WITH ALL THE 1>EUCACIES OF THE SEASON 1 A B A R VELL STOCKED WITH A FIKE COLLECTtOK or rL^HEST WIKJEB AND UQUOfiS. The largfst and hnl aisortmtnt of stork ever bn.ught tu Brncster's icil/ be found al NeitvKiiCs. We wUl not be undersold by anyhndij Call and ernmiite our ratucrd pria-x of Millinery Goods. (Jur jtriccs icill as- tonish the closest buyers. A large assortment of Ready-Trim- mtd Hats constantly on hand. DRESSMAKING.'.' DRESSMAKING.'.' W .\1. C'LAKK, Patterns for all kinds of Huttcrick's fashions fur children, cut at short tuiticv This depar/ment of our business will be under the charge uf Mrs. Newman. BOAfiD TWO I>OLLAaS FEB DAY. BrtakfaU, Diuner. re, . 1to9 18 I-S to S <I-8i0 8 Tie Cheapest Store and iht best assort- ment of LADIES' HATS, FEATHERS. RIBBONS, VELVETS, Aao. a large and well si-lcctod slock uf LADIES' AND GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AND CAPS, BOOTS AND SHOES, PAPER \ND LINEN COLLARS. PERFUilERY, &c., ic. WATCHES, CLOCKS' AND .lEWEUlY, Bit i: W ST E It's, N. Y. Hiin eiiiihuully ou huud u large and fine aHS'irtmi-nl of Sfalii'ficr;/. Eoncy Ink*, Musicnl Inttrv^ meiitn. Alhinnt, Bl/nik Ihinkx, Best Iluli'tn Viliu 'Strings. Writ- ing Di:s.',x, i\-c., ij-c, u 1 .V It I K s ton 18 7 1.' All repairs ncady execute<Iand warranted. JAMi:-? II. 1-OLSOM, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, M Aix SjiirKT, BiitnvsTKu'n. N. Y. We are now pripand to make in a superior mnniK'r. and nt ri-iisouuble ruiis. any and all di-KTiptioiiH of Phiitogniphie Pielures. Includ- ing ('aid» lt<'Uibrantii, Ferreutypes, aud Por- Cebiin I'ielnref. On bund, and for sale, a largo assortment of I'ruineH. Wu n-eeived the FIUKT PIIEMIITM at the Danltnry Fuir, fur the best specimeQB ot Plio- togmith''. pO' Cull ut the Gallery and see sppclmeui. J.H. FOLSQM. TnUEDEBICK R. HALL, CABIt/AOE MANUFACTURER, BKIiWSTIiit'S. N. Y. Having BU|'plled himself with a large etoclt of the bent miit<Tiul. the subscriber IB pre- jtared lu execute ail ordiis lur uew carriugei. uu well as re|iitirs to old ones, equal tu any ci'y milker. He Is also pn pared to do all kinds of carriuge painting and trimming la the biBl pusHl^le luuuner. Jobbing ot all kinds puucinally ulUuded lo, and ut moder- pie ruli'B. He wuuld alho iuforiu his custom- ers that he hiiK added u bbukhiuilh shop to bis carriage lactory. and that ue is now able lo du all branclies uf the work liimM-lf. aud will couA'ijuenily bo better ublu tu till all or- ders puuclnaliy. _____^_^ Rli:ri.S MAKING AND MILLINERY 1 I Oar faoilitio* for making to order LAJ>Hi;S' AND CUlLDRklN'S DRESSES, CLOAKS, &c., &c., dw.. fctfl Qot to l>o oqublud i o thie tuwa. U. NEWMAN, BrewBter'i, N. Y. D Min\ A. .M. Vuuwoy. of New York, would inlorni ihe l»dii» ol Brewster's and v'lciolly, that »he hitfl ojieni-d rooms iu Robert's Nev liuildiuL'. Brewster's, uud tliui she Is prepared to make iu the most stylisli manner, and at the l•lwe^t prices. Ladies' and Childrt>u't BouneU, HuU. etc. She has also ou hand • lurge asfOriiueut uf Velvet and i?ilk Rtbl>gas, t n-uch uud Aiuerkau Flowers, uud Freuob. ^ Huts uf all kiudH. Uer faeilities lor uiaking and trioimioK Ludn-s' and Children's Dresses, are uuequaled this hide the cily. Employing only the belt assihtunls. sl.i^' has no hesiiutiuu iu guarantee- iug balihfuctiuu to all her iialrous. MISS A. M. VANSCOY. liobi-rlB' New Building. Urewstcr'a, N. Y. N OnCE is beruby i^veu that OD or abool Ibe Clh of Ouluher. IS'U. iu Rowl 01»- trict No. t>. 1 H-ixod u cow opposite my laudft ID lhe town of South East. She is ol a ytd- luw color, white lure legs, hind leifti uioallj white, and a while sput ou the end of her tuil. Wbuever uwuB said cow la berebj r4- queattid to )iay cliarges aud take her away- MARTIN EISBERT A

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