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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, October 09, 1891, Image 7

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\· ·\ . ~ .. . . Jit~YE~ING ·JOUBN~L. FlUD.Al, OCTefflER 9. ·.18~L ).\<\N.4.lll\-: • • . ~TLV,Elt (,)JlEElt. . • • ,POBTI,AND,' ~· 1 1 • llLLlNGTON • • Oct. 7-R. :I'. Merchant ~nd family Oct. 6.-The jpidem!c or diptheria! \oct. a.-Rus5ell .Simmons. <if J!olaod Oct • .0 -lllrs. D. li. Chandler is very • were u:p from., La.kewpod .Sunday 'an~ wl;liob,raged bereat!~lng'tbe llrst ol Sep·i baa been \isiting his eqn, H. M. SiQf· SJ1:~. • . . sto.pf!.ed;at tl!e.Cpttnge hotel. • . . t.lmqt'J' h!)ll been oheck~il. About twen· J mon& fodl.l~ p~t w~ek. • ! Prank• ~Iill~paw s!tot , 1 Line l1don · · P~or 1 Pen~oe~ und wif~ of Wll.ttl) Flats ty.caael! ~nd ~o d,el!tliS wer_l' r'lporte?· ·Mrs .. P!un!f. :r?ar,er of. (,'J:mndlers Val: 'fonqay 11 tficll,, m:asllred ·n. lh·t, 19 ·.visited ht ~!til. f. HUt's l>Jl. Sundll.:Y• 7 '1:~ smt o! :A;Iex;. Mc.A.norew • a_gau_>st {le;y, fn., ~s 'v;s1t:ing telllttves'inc t?~l.l., • roJnc:\t;~~s; uu~ss I~Js 11'mgs. • • , . The towl)llhi!l ~ .• S, con\'~lltion took ·th-e.La~e.Sh?re ra~l.r.o~~ for pe:.:aonalJn ·L. U. Wetdn•r of Fretlonia called on ('\on hul!tiu!fis ••1eat ;port latelv. · · pi •.• \l h ·'a'\' ~era 0 We·' a ,Junes sua\.Qtn<i<) b,. 'bemg rOll, mto by a I . ··- h f·' tl' • I . ' \ . . ... 'lr ace.~·· ..,. e. et .,u.~ ,n 'l wn~s •'Y e a!n r a It; d'!n ~'verdict bf $900 . nen\\ . er~ u uw; 'lY~ •f;O. •• . )fro D.vlr ot ~·owunJl!\ has bee\ vt!ut· aQt.. • : . , • ' , . :l !\rr: ~ ~ ~ (' .I:. v/ k - . 1 • Wru, fl; Ttnker of Springtl,eld, ··Mo., tti,ri!l ~lr~ •Julllt'R ,\her~uu. Jame~ Knapp wne tndrom J11m~Bto'wn • · 311! • re: '· ,.· d 1 ee ~ ,hhme n;;- ,'11\ho bn.s Mr sewral weel,<s.p'a•t h~tJD·~is• · Th\ dwin Crt·~\ nud ~·nm•;ton \;u\· ~r n•\• • t ·~ T·· d ' tu;n(ld 1'6U\ a!) e;s:,en \' trtp t roll\U 't\'\'\ . ••·· th' J . ·'1-' '· t I '· ~ ,,., \'t ~ . ., •\a~ \h.r~ u;l.llug, .u,~s ay ... • ~hew~ 1 ' .. , ~ II •u• 'l'~,I?aren,..., \1,1., ,t~< Pat~·· ~,,,s 0 +'ln~ '\ll\(llll>b't>el.lttop lwkl IJ.~tr annn11l , :~W\i Kate R.\atlleft ro• Con:r on T'ues· • : 1 · •. ' . tla~ lor ~t& we~t~m Ji~m~. · , ...• eunvel!tt.;n >Ill ~y ,n'ottr'l gh•·n.lasth e\-)1: .• day.at·cb'lllp&Ul~<l, b)' \Ire. r,at.e Uook, .1\'Jra. G .• ~ :::;terllng ~tl\8 )UBI \' Col. J •1'. Jio~t bf' Walket'B. ~tatl\Jl 1.1\ fun uub<hot' vi :<\mi\' •d)ool 11 .r~ll<·rs >who retliTn.od \l'edncstlay, · · • b:om II nstt<>t.aewral ~cteks ln Qu<•ago -Georuia 1\a,; in to111J<n few dafs oinc~ \~\'in ulttiult~ut·'•· \l~t1. aos•iorls ;,.re :.\Irs. :>tattwn•ot\>'' atts •Slats has 'juPt' a1,1d ot.~er.\~(let.ern ,r\ti<•s. • ·, 0 ' 1 l<:vku;u 'nt hw vuu,·yards.in thlll eoctfqn: <\fut!f(lireot tu !Ill. ker. B. #. !~tirro\\'a c.f •' l'io&!.J \\ S\l,,Cl ~s5ful t~rm of ll!llSil' school. lJr ~arn~Bt, ~lleJl &[ thl', J:lnf!~IO }JuS· I t oj, 1·.'/~t, h!'So ,cl<.~<Jtl~\ e nUt~)' lin!.; .111 I' .hmn••IW.\ II gn\,'' a \l•l\ ,lU,•fl••Jltlg', a\1\ :<;ine of. Iter pupil~ Y>~re residen~ ofl?an- pttl\1 hns been \',OIY ill bqt JB su.tlm•ntly ,l•aorgta. , \ .• , • • . dtc~A 11t\ t,h• ev~tlln}! s~f!.sum 1 !nl t)ll' flilla:.. • , • , · · • , , rec?'·ered I~ como.~o hlll home tn :Slh er c. E. L<twis ))f Ch~rn , Creel< 1 ~ no>l'l' ~ .\'aim• ,.r >'unduy s,~\\\1 At!B<'<'m!tnuH, . · ·Creek. H;eh-opes to be able.t·~ conlm(te 1 l'!.u]'loye 1 l in the I.nsk<.~t. factor.) '< 1 ! ;\fes· wh.t<:h 11.\B hst~<nc<i to •llitll IIHllk\'l l>l· . . snE!'):AN.:' • , : ~lsllledtclll•~t)o!•lles at lh~. 1 m-:, <'n,IEy Ri I srs, 1'u'r'k ,r, .&ruold. • •• t~uttou. , _ ;· , • • ·• • ()( t. 7.-'r'I\''BttiTalo presbytery· wns in • I, enil•yh·!\ntn lD n few \\l'el<s. '·: , EJ. )latth~\ 8'\\ i!l~\te•ye lo><lay fi•r\ \ ~tlmt•l rnnm•enci'S ip :s'n .. 10 ~l<tu\l.n se<')\h lwre )luntln:,land,]i!i:lesd{tyof,thls , W. A. Kil\1\: ol Hn;nulton 'l'ht•@l 0 !!~~·al).we~k's tri]1l~o l'itwbm'gh. !l>'XI, 1~. ')1. L~11n•m'~ te~eher. ' ' w ... <·k A bo,ut -10 delegn'te,. We1e t>r~- sr:uo::rr,:, P)rac~c··l tn 1 ~11' }'re~JY!t:'utlJ Tlttf'gr~pe market 1 8.n tutle bette• tbafi :\'It 'noJ<\ 1lr\ llc•rt' \\\il.tsi~ 11 ~n· Bhr• •, :r•: .. sent , •• • ~ ~rc ~~.~ • ut n• ·~ \: et\111\gr. t' h r. \t m~·~~ a week a)(o, but' etlll 1<»1 'hwugh tu wnke prist•.! lt, ''· \ lait /tQm nbout no of . k F ' 1 ld h . \\!lo •l~SIS\IIl p!JliCIJ'ol 0 e s~ lOU l 'k' .,, .. I l • ) I li ran .ergu:-:on l~P. so 18\ 1nte.rest here for nCai-l\ t~\~o~ yet\rs~ !Ul8. ~his Sl'rtl. t 1e t , 1-.:.f\cm gr~w. CUlt prmuU ,e. tht-V .111 tu~ f1 ll'IHh; ou. fut.>G,~ny fi\Vt't~nt.~g 'to, 111 the ne\\SS!!;ml npd >l,ll.tll!n~ry ~usl- mcu was' listened to wtth mnelt nlterest, , of 1•\.t w~<k, tht•,o>e(·a~ton. betng tlw ltfth ll<''\> to _Fted 0toltOla, II ho 111Jl contmue anu plea:mre by hi\ marl'/ trwndll. t • ()LAlUI.'S co'nN l,RS. !lLtllll't>rMI'Y of tiM I' 'W~.dllmg. ,\ 't\ry tlw 1JUBIDeSS a\Qn~.' . , • ... • , , r , ' p1t'!\BJAUl t'VellHll! \\aSL'l,ljU\ed lJV thoHP The ad1ools were. cluee•l !net week nnd . ~let. t.-~h.a Oh1·e '\\ att<' aml :\Its~ presc·nt. :\lrs. \\'•ltsw '\'\ prt<•ented an ~he ~ench~rs. wero. tn attendance at the l·~hz:\. Bo01man are \ ISltml.( irH•uds m t\lt:}(n.ut tnblt' nM a r\'nnudt.•r of..the 4!Vl•U· Rr1 1 • Borden nntl wife are attentling the l'niYersalist slate ronvenlion at Au· btun this week. l!lttte a !U~\ ere frost in 'fuesday morning: matttute m'Dunktrk. · 1 Uht\rry Cre<.>k. • · \'\· lhlB Vlrinit~ Ano~~ning.ecltool is to Lc opened this 1 , .Mr. and Mra. W~lter Marsh of Mt•n•l· Dr. ,John nro;>ks hne ret'nr~ed from \el·K 1 rhlny ior the bl'nefit of the ,young 1 'tllc, Pa., nro \ IE<ltlng fnE:\nUs here hJioj \L't k'.8 uut1ug \' }m;lt hnrJ work madu Mam1e Stron~ weqtto Buflitlo Sunday afternoon to c>ontinue her stutlies in tlie art srhool. The C. !. K C. met \11th 1\lra. Dr. lllnrsll Wednesdny evening. \\'. H. Hotuewood 11 ho Las been s1ck for a feW uny>< IS U:ble tO be OUt ng,ltn. W. L. l'eas•ons nntl Dr. Edwll.r<ls held the fort llt•re in !'agee hall Thursday evemng. peovlo who can not attenu the <Ill) Le1·i Campbell of Polan<! Center has ue~cooary. \lh. Juhn' ,; on tht• rum\ sch~ol. ~ . , 1 .commenced tbo erection oi hie Store, ! almost ( onstatJtly. Geo. \. Barbonr and ~1tss Laura brtS· W. C. l'Ltlhps picked enough red 1 At n ~v•·cull me<·ting o( the PuhtJcnl wold \<'re marrted ~opt. ~3 nnol nre \ raspberries on bte placo tho ~~h inst to Eqnaltty (•lub tho follow tug del<•gates pleasantly located at hts home on ~lam nwlte \' lt1Hly shortcake and if tbs weath-i' were elellcd to atteml the • unwntton at str~et. . 1 Pr coutlDlll:~ fn,·ornblo he wtll bn\l?- He\' t-'wdatr\llh· Prt•shl!int ~Irs. II l~IgPn· Ml';;and :.J:Ys,J.Cuolt who were mnrrted er~l more i \JTu It, )lr• llr James l.lrouks, :.Irs Wil· Sept. ~3 hnve returneol from theu \\CU· Tho ptlblic is Wllttmg ,.ry vattently lliutu ~t't;!ll•·. altt•!lmtes, !\118 H. c. Ll\rll dmg Journey· • I for the coruplctiou of tho tron brit.lge he<', Mrs. C. IJ ~tockwell, ~Irs. Aaron :Mise Liul>i<' Lanpbore \ns roamed to at•ross the Conewango creek. Tbg l Clapp. 'l'Le l'. E e. hnve liually tnKPn ... SEAL GARii.KNTS and SHOUlDER CAPES .John Clement at noon OeL 3. The strmgers have been lost on the road, sO ' oh c·uled gmuuds to be<•on•<• an auxtltary wedding \\'M attended by auout fifty we shall have to waiL tmlefinitely for tho to tl>l• \''\ York ~tate Woman's Snf- HOSI ERY FINDLEY'S LA.IlE guests complet10n of the bridge. !rage n•sol'iation. '\ ~l'IHliAI,TY A.T d • Su~~;· !,:~:~ i~~t~~~:.nd wtfe visited at w;;~eK;{\h~l¥:~~.~:8 Y:.s!~~~· y~~~ th~~ii~i o~:.pl~~~~/~pt~l~s~i~:;~~h=:. Al<ltWltiOH'J:. W.i p pert '·s. 321 Main St. Glovesand u n erwear E. H Putnam of Foreelvtllo was h~re ·ailed fromBoston:last 8a.tunlll) as n mis· chick~n• anti eonp from tht•ir premises. ll<'t II -Jt\''ry Berge nnol witt• hule Ill' I'\<'~ 1.0, N. y. Thursday calli OJ! on his many friends. sionary to Burmab. \Vho is thA snunk thief thuC1-1 t:!t,•altn~ rl'tUrtH tl tt, tl1t-1r hulllt' in Indiana. fl6\'It wrlll·o tu :;t.urntlvnntti{w to It'fwo you.r --.A.T- DINSMORE S. ·' PATENTS Oave.ats and TmiJc·!-oin.r lifi oLtn.inl'd, and nll Pnt nt busin~R condmted fot modern to fees Our ottice Is OpJ.IO!Sitc t• R IJctentoait•ennd we ~c?'~,V~~tft~!e.?r!!' Jnlcsti Umr thant.bos~remov Send moUe~ dro. ring or r•hulo , wlt.A cleE:rTip tton We mlv1Fl' fr pnteut\b.e or 1wt, fn t\ ol cb11rt:e Our fot> not due till (nttt:nt h. st>cllrrd nfn/:~~f~~:~;,l , 1 lf:~t! 1 iu'~~~tfbtJ~':h ~~l:nl~t~; lle \ns principl\1 of our srhool Cor two C. Lamphere lB takmg a businetlH trip ~tho produut of h1s UtH!!hhor, \\In-n bt• Jt:l llr.l\. .\ uuu. ~ngP u[ Fures~VIIIt.'t \'it-'ttl:'d o,rtll•rs utr 1 y y<enr• and was well liked h) all. through tho aoulh anu will 1isit Texas. II asleep or. away hom home'/ 11 luu 11·r twr uuut ~Irs. Eldritlge, one <lay lust W. P. Weaver visited Ripley Fridny. ~lr•. Mel\ in Trtp sml w A. King of 1t '\let hun l.JeiHlr\ or thu abvl~ll\ \\et•k. D.P. Horton visited :.\Iay1 me Man- Hnmtlton ba1 e bt'en the gu~sta of .Mrs. I ----:-·- ·- lius<•_J:.•wm• lllRile 11 sbo1t viAl\ to lwr day. A ~1. Preston. 1\Irs. Trip 11ill stay lor f F;\.LCONEU. pan•nt» IIQtl.,nther ~nds ODP Wt'<•k 11go J.r lleht Knight prea<hetllllornin~ and some We<•ks with her brother, Cbnrle• Oct. H.-E. A. 'l'lwmpson J, • u, 1 .. 1 l\oj.l-tlntny and 1'-umlny. cventtl~ at tho Baptist chureh ~uJu.lay llolnws. ·ncr( IS~ tlw t!l'Cllk uttotht> lmh·l lu• \' 1 ' ~l'-anly u.Vl tlw girls nntl HUrtlE:~- ,,f the :\l!>.~ A\hlie Himelein wns horut• from C. Auoll antllamily of Buffalo 11ere ~li•o Lulu flyh•t•t•·r 1r1 vtstt , ~ !1 ,,.,,.\ ln•)• of ti>~H pln~t• lml'l'l!Otfl• t'!J till' ;:rnpt• Hiplt'Y !P stay ovt•r Sunday. gm•sts of C. 0. Talc:\ott Sunday. h1 and llrvund t;tuclml vtllti th t\ \\lt·l, l ( utttJtry lo \\ urk ft•l u fe\\ Wl•eb.s , brnpes are wry ehenp ht•re. Tht·' Mr and ~!rs Frank Stewll)'t are spend· i Mrt<. R.trnh E. l'ntt·roon ul ,.(;Jn.rf.,t\•·1 )l!·a. \\'esh·y lh>~ton is<'ulltitll'li tn lwr II hnYe lJePn soltl aa low as 1:1 cents ft>r 11 mg tlll' wel•k in New Yol'k. VtHttcd !lor •un'a famtly, C W. l'alt•re\\• b<ol n!lnin. 10 lb. basket. C. Nuemlorf has pur~11ll!ffil=H>e bouse 1 la•t week. • :\1 ra. lltrmnn l'lurk whu hns ho·t•n Btl'k B A. Jone~ aml \ilu and 4llie Bah· hetiW<'II the Montgomery ~ Tal< ott j MrR. Perry boH guue t\ l'~nns) lvanin, the pMt lll'<'k '\ tuopravnw rock. and \\tfe , t~ited tlrcbartlllencb Lhl'k a!'n.l-\ B Porlrr's !urmture storo viettJOg lri~mls Bert ('uw•lty and \II!<• atteude•l tho l. this \eek. and b iiltlllg 1t up afi a shoe storP. 1 J'r.,f. Bigler nnd 111 fe of th• Dt'lnnti II ,1 mul<·rly 11w•·tm~ on l'oplllhll lnat GREAT .JRUNK LINE Ut•twt•t'll the .o.&1: &\Vtl' e•'t> tivlil\ \\!•~tlbult •I 1mlill'l \''t'I'Pll J;, PullmBH IHlliH~.t n.l•d 0!\1 • unt ht•Eil It lWl'L•U (lrlOOI~ 1 ttlt!S, •t\t nn•l \h~<t I lu l\ 1 ,lur lim• wt~l fOr Pnlnnt .. l\ ntttl hu .. t H 'kt nt HllUt-i nll\ll)\\ lou• as thl• h•''' t-1 S\ • 't lrn t hnt]t• I••' r1•llug on Ve8 Ulmlt• ti!Jttt••\ Mr ('onl who bas. been wry sick is .At the first IIIPP!ing of the Shnk~l><'!lro st'ltuul aTe shopping bore this week 1\itb ~ununy. C A SNOW & Co slowly ret'nvering. l'lllt• this )'Par, held ruesuay e\l·m~g nt :llr.liruVl'S ~lurrtul at !lnllll<·t Oct. s );fra. Chua I , , , ---·--- l\Irs. ti. P. t tnstou's, ~{l•\. H. N. :·)tuhhs Our schno]Jtoo rlosc 1 ] thts \V£1ek on l\l... .\hriH'B untlJohu \V1'utwortl;, opp, Pntentofllot>, WnMhlo~ton,O. c. DEWITT\ ILL1~. ';as re ~~~l·h t\ vrt. stdt>nt, llrt:j • .\ ~1. c. uuut t1f the lnstitutu ln,ld nt F're\\\'· 'f. llurtnu nn~l wtft• ~utvrtniu\•tl thl tr Oct 7.-~lr.ttn<l :llrs 'f. J ~\\'·11 ol !reston \IN ·pnwh·ut nml Mtss Hntlte barg. •lllnght<rnnol bnshlmd ~lr. nn•l ~IT\. town, sent frr-e A.ddrei-!0;, lldort• Jllrf h .. -tlng ltllt.i•ls rt\11 1111 ur 1\!l•lrcBH l<' If UAHI•llol ll Ill\', J•IUi& .\gL., Jl\Ult.\HlOW\.1.1 ~· Y. Tf.,IF. ft\llt~tl!. hloltll•tl lhl) lU 1·41. 1 rnu, .. h pflrt tron1 J tutu ,.,tnl\\1\ ,u;; r .. n .. ~v!J ShNmnn \\l•rt• the giwsts or F. 11. Hunt Dnlryml>fl \'\\\t:,'~~~~tln'r. t Our dtstnnl hne storm has como wbJch Wmt\\orth 1-'nnday \'ti.'TllOOn. and family OH'T ~undlly. I-\'IU'S'CII CU.'EEil. tlJnl\l'A ua thinkuf what is tu fulluw. Tht~ ~untln.y st·huul at th1• ~umm1t Hrv. B. )h\F•IU of :4pnngboro, Pn, ~ • . 1 Ttm inhnhitrmts hero bavo dunn a rltJSL~tllnst ~1lhtluy f(lr thiS sl•mmn. 'flw prttP.u.lf\nt of tilt! Ertt· Chribtian ..-•unfrr- (}l't. ·J-I·.xc·Jtt'me-nt. \t;ascrrntec.ltu t.hss grand gnnd Job lixwg l,lp tlw tndc-wnlkH fit huol buB ln ~ n t\ H'IY BUll'\'HKfnl utw t~nee. prenrht>tl ton pm·kt·J.houst• '-'ltntlny ll(l't}!hlJtnrlhooltl J,lst (Snturllity morbmg f.,r wintl!r. It is a grt•at ('T~tlit tu tlw .\H~t•rt ,\Utlt•rl'( nn·l \\l{l' of Frt•duma, tr.orrnng,tbc l>t•uton rltetrH t holchnf, their w Jetl 0 111 • 01 !g tn oruH•• us~ netr 1 urs I plnco.. , lbllt·tl .u.t John Cl ,n~h 's Hnturdny. t ltY 11\lli\ ;r,•ru Ml>IUilj\S Tit\'\\' \\lt:\'TW Nn I, I lt~t•ll!tonU l':t.J•I't·~·•'nt13' :-In ,t l'L\11~ lntllh l.1qmhl< Nt1 •, l•lttl• I hltnJ,tn ~I f.n I,.IJUl.tl£\1 fli11 j \t • nmmn,httlun \lpc sun•lny 1 Nu tl, ,\(tnmrnniiUtun tl~x '\'lllulu) 1 TR,\l,\iS I~J\S1'\V,\It.U. DKI.A.la' 11 111 pm I~ Ut) pm t!!Onm ; IH nm -; :l9am · L •t tl 1 f t that !us lll'.her tn law, M 1. Werner, an I . st•ntc;s ere. 1·' w \~lesle o tl\'t\ekr· old gentletu<~n tutalll uhnd wns miss· l!ts• Oldeon, we aro glut! to lenrn, tK \It~;~ t 1 0 PP 0 P l' a(:~l'rn l t'L on ll\ n f' • ' \tltn\ bt•ltt'\ nftor her \\lmr\ 'tlltt\SB Kt.:ou:IH., I F }'OU wish to a.dvertt\l' ~1-lV-,h-ln;-.D-Y\-.-he_r_•_nt shore l)mk o( thl~ dt~ ut. Whljre He\. v. ing. It Slt.•nts that tm p;tlt up at 3 ~10 u. 1 g.- \' - • ._- ·- .... .- p ~. ~ ( h t i lhrri~. lh• i.trtllf & cl}. lmve l It t HUO P RO\\ ELL&. lO L. ParkPr huptiZ~tl tl~t' t·an,hdntl•S. )lr. m, put an h1B tlothl•B, ovrrcont, I} hea.~\ r r.: I 1 l l l Ngnfu ~:r~~v~r st~. N~ Yotk~ . . a.ml ~Jr-.. llig~ts anJ ~1iss Edtly. It was patr of shut--s nntl \'t~ut nut. Htl5 wtlo I ntswsnt no. tUtl\ t·• tutu tht~ )t t ~rntl' Inn!( mg whJ(' 1 a. most lUiprt·ssh l\ sen lt'E\. Urupped ush•t>ll antl wlH'n Rhe nwoko Ort H _ nr. Uomw<:ll of Hutfr\lo spt•nt lu1s ln.tt•ll (\olllJ•ll~tPI) tittt>cl lllJ fnr tlwir PRI'A.RT ~~ ~· i~lrr;'~\~h~t~~r \t·i~t~.~~,ndn~) ~ 1~ ~: Nu 1.! ' \ 1\ H 1\lt! •\ llu~tuu Kx tltttlJ I ~~~ p rn ~~~ J !\t,;\10 Yurl!. l.'Xllfl-'M, d!Uly ltl :lt) p Ej!~ ~·p;~ ~e~~~~t~~: :ltt\J~r~:::o~• or:,~\l,~~~u~ CI•P.Y of Bl.lok ror AJ.HHti~H'\ ~GA n \' price one dollar :O.fEtllcd, pu.<~tZJge pn.t.l, on rl\rc of prlce <•11*ntnln~< n ~n·fnl \ mpllntlon from t: c .AlDl\\fiC'AU N\E-nspnptr JHn•ctnry of aU lhc bcs:t pnpetg wd Cli\SS journals, glves the ('ircutatlon rating of wory on:. n,ur! n g()orl deal of lnfnnnn· tlou at:~out rates n.·•O otbt•r mntt('r~> rl.·rtnlninp to ~6 \~tlli·f~ $h a~l~ft~~~¥,- fodg~~~~;;l~l'~ .J!.~~~~ York. Jamestown National Bank J.,\ :\IESTOWN, ~ Y Capital $100.000. c 111. DOW, Prestaentl C. H. GIFFORD, Y1ce President. E. F. DICKINSON, Cashier, DIRECTOI:!\ Porter Sheldon. c. H. Gllford, J. B. Ross, C. !d. Dow. John l. Soderholm W. tL Goilcy 1 J. J. Vamlerbcrgb, s. B. Broadbead, E. F. Dickinsan. GOLD MEDii!., il.'iJUS, 1978, ''\ral<lllur t and Cl nri•'Y !long ar. nl· and .•h~cort:ret Lhttt ho bat! unt returned !'tmtlny it> tnwn. uet'lli'Rl\ \' 'llw wmotleletl bmhhn!( lS \' 1 1 • ' she unmoo!mtl'ly mnolP a R<•nrl'll lor him \ \f h 1 B kl N y 1 n •lL·<·td<·ol ndtltlton to thut p..rt ol ~hu tendnJg tile tPnrhcrs JDStlLUte at I· r('WS- \rut 'tt vain ~lle tlum notthNl :\tr Lonrr ~urs. fl. 0 f 0 • roo rn, . ' 18 R atn•l•t, fliHl tht• lnh•nor arrnttgtllltmts nn~ i> 1 • 1 • • • \I J onathnn Htllcr ~ for a ttmu. · 1 1 I I l t 1 I . who niJ;to tnaclCl n. BP:ttreh but to nQ avail. ' • V n mm t• u ('l.JlUJlllc.t.twss ani goot ns c. F. :11. Hunt has bought Wm. l.t·~ta The neighbors s•·arrhe•i Ute blllhlin~•· .Irs. l!awk nnu Jam~ly of \ ~rren ;e· The Ert~ t< roi•lnll ita runin trnl'k a orcl,nr•l also alon~ the tr~t'l<, thinlttug he hnd ~utI c<•utly I!Slt<•d Lhe famtly of J. C. Rolnn foot nll thruul'h tlus <hstTitt. Tho Re>. C. L. Parker\\\ onloim·d ,rt th~ hewilder<ol and mis:lttluli'B lnllPn in, but son. \urk I• uuw Lotng pu•h•·J thrltugh~hia U(lnton sehoul hom~u last Fridny t~\ t-tl· aUout lU fJ'clol·k os II~>nry \Vtlllnk una ~liRS Ilt-nnPtta Dlnndrn nrrh ed m 1 vtlh•~n· ntult~uuu· rt'l klt•bA )'-tJtllll(Elt(•r.s aru in[:( l1eforu a large anlht•nrl' of lril•nds senrl'hiDg in one of tlw Dl•iJthlJ(lr's barllt- town frOm ~yrncuso lnst F'r1dav. c om•t\.ntly lr) lnJ.! to ~-~:tt nl rltlt-R on tb~ ancl relativf'B. Ht•v. B •. Mnson, nss1stf:l'tl ovPrhend he fntltltl hin1 huri(tcl tl~t-p in I )flss \Voodcock is visiting r(•lahH'fl I f.Crll.\' I tm\U, m spltl• o( tlw \ tullltnt•o of hy Rev. l\lr. Tyl~r a!!!L.Re•. o. 1'. \\'y. tim bny where he hml con<'t•ah••l him· and frtends in Fredoma. tho Pmpby<'<'S Tlw stat inn nt.tc•nt thinks man eonductt-d tlw sen tees. ot•lf. Ho 88\5 be• tlon'l: knnw '\'ihat. i .J B Pntnnm 18 mstnllutl Jn the Hu&.~ tlwy. t'llil 1.~ hurlt•ll f·Jr u\col't twt .. nty 1'niTRln nml !iotltbwu!Jtcru l>hbh1n. TO llUYFAtt• N~~ 100 fJnlly (l'.:t('(.{ll ~nntlnyl No, ll2,(]nlh . No. 10!1. !Jolly o\llnJ..-EVUOlllllFio'Ath. \01.1 a.m ft 00 pm IO.!OA.m No 10.1. lltl.ily II (\'l B m No 1&.1, llllflY 1 c.x~cpt ~UUI.lll~ ~ no p m Nn Jut Patty ll Upm ;\ M Tt'l'ltf.lt W <'. RINl~,\llBON, tfiCllcral Mru111.g(1T Hen. PllFBCDU(It Agt. n. 1 Jtunr.nTn. ,•. o. P .\ CHAUTAUQUA LAKE RAILWAY CAs.~;-AOA~ caused hhn to!lo so. 1 J.!(C•t·vry nntl htR many friewls will lw slctliUJJ!!\I l\ln.rshnll Dt•lln and wifP of Corry. t:Slwllt }!h\ 1 1 tn ft•t>l ho will re-wnin 111 bushwss I CurnmU!F!lnHt•r Fllli!~ lwhl n Jargely Oct. H.-IJ111ght Rhepartl and wife of Httndny with ~Irs. D<•an\s parents ntunng ttwrn. nlt<•u<ltol tt•ou ht•r'\ • xmnnmtum ltt•re on In otfccL Sept. It, !SOl. Jamedtown are 'tsltmg frlentla bert>. The H~bl.Jntlt srhool at. the :\1. 1: F lllan• l<•n of svrncme spent Hunday Snttwlny ln•t . 6 \rriYeM ur ~lay viii• tlr , .. m ~Iartin Pterpont nnt.l wil'h, who se\eral cllureb hns c}uged for tlw wmtcr nt thP r£1Bifl(l\tl('0 of his fallwra ~lr. und )lrt~. John )\i~\H•ll uf llntp-'\ :oo aa ni. (•JuuthlUI(Ufl at 7 or,'._~ •l yenre nl(o mndt• their home tn the west, Leigh Da,enport who is nttt•ndmt.t M rd. Elli•· w. PnrkN hns rmnrn••tl lmrg RI>L'nt ~nntltty at 0. lJ ~tunlt•vont e. Local. arc Urwk r~>nl•W m~ oM nC«JUR1nt.nnt'l?. school a~ SberlDlln spt•nt Hahbnth nt iro u1 l snJum n at Sl\nttOJ-,'11 HJJrtng» awl Ur •• J. f. E h\nrrls ts nnno nn<'Pil to 7' I 5 •t Til \rnvt•s nt Mn)l!ilh· ,.. ,~A. m. It ts reported tltnt ,:.;\-.: lUchardsnn and home. He <peaks \'ery highly of tho 11 tJ·tp tn Lllkt• Gt•llrJltl. Bf>ellk iu .\, U. t W. hull Hatnnlny · ' • • wtle tHtt>nd to mak•• th~ir home m the sch<~ol, aiAQ. of tho pt'IJplo SH f<tr llS h<• Tin poltlt• nl l'l)llllhty .. tub nw••IK with el<•ntng . Local freight 'rrtve• \' < !Jnutn 1 ,. 1 ,,. lar west. They wer• olol rest<lt•nts of the has be<mne ncquamted \lith tlu·m. ~lr,. I'. !<;. !Jnmn<l Hutu rduv nfll•rnoou. H. 0. Crnn.\ull Hll•l wtf,. h:tl\ L•·••n and Accotll u '\'\ .111 town o{ Htockton, ]!\red ]Jeal'lleley nnd wtfl• uf Curry. nrP (1ft 10. • t-\JWlH1in~o; amue da) s 1 n lhu tu f.tl r nnd The politteal (':\Uhlron hardly bmls Vt•lliDI! h·ienda ben• I \Lr• r .. , l nn•l ·lnn~lotr•r nf p.,lllt ('hnll· licllllly. g:os n nl. lwrE'. I .. lttle tntorl:'st ~l'l'lllf'i ~0 lll' takf•n I Mr!-i. Jonl'818 sPl:'ll'IUlJ.! n r!•U: tfl\ r; \\!lit l11111Jtlol lt turtu•l tu tlll'tr homt• rN'Pnth l~r II (~ \(\ llfl r ,.f BlllfJdot \' 11'1 Ill Mail, n 1 m eh.•c.:t1on by t•ltlwr party. Z\'.ollll\ morn· ln.-r dnup;hh'l )fr\ RBF<litll at \'hj rn~om 1 ,ft\r ,.. 1 ,, radtnf! l\H'IIIl 1nw \ 1 th I>r.nn•l[ Kt·tUlt h lm-t £frt•ln\ I .. tl l tng thf'r.[> wtll hrPnk uut Zt•aloHa wurkt:rs Ct>ntl•r ~1 1 .,. Ju. 1 ul·i 11 u~l '»ur puhhl' f=t•huultA t!f fl• ,1 tl1tri \\t •k • E X.l•ress un lmthsult\. 1 _,.,,._ -- -- \llllli tin lHti!IJ.!olg\Ut -1 tlrt Jill aPt urilllU Uu 1 Our ha<\:kttt f1Whtry bn\' 'lnQt d hn' 1 1 TIIO!tii'~ON un.I~ !Sl'H.t\ It onn\ E. cuuntv ilc~tttutt• \ · largt~~tlllk.lJfha.skf'lRoUharrd .• d : u,·t l-:\1r.a.nd\Jm.F E.I'btlllJ'q,,f flrt; \)IAN \m\~hottNJ\J•rtJlttu•fl al 1-~'' tirll\tfllll•lfll1Hilyhn\tltt1lrlltfi 1 2~30P·lll RII~i l~i~~~~rrh~;ll~~sur:·,~~~e~l!~~~t~\~nll I Lander lta\'l\I~OVt•ll to Lak•:\\'\l I r\\'I'\\Y of )OU!ll(. ,., ... ,.!~ Ins! 1-rt•lay ~:.~i.'\~t:'lt:nlprt~r~n 'i{.~~.;.:,l'~ ~.~~ .. !'~':~;~!'· EX press. Anlv R at Mn.J\l !Uo tO. 00, <'hnll· !~~~~\~~~t 11 1j~ ~~J~~~ll~,;. Nf!n~1.t!&c~ ~~~t'J 1 ;~,b~~~~~l\n~;:{ l~r~;:~:~t~l~· v 111(1, 011 t It) t\tU•l t•tttslmrg. \rr 1 vi'A ntl.h\.~\Uh' 3'!0p m. ~:·~ll·~\'::l~~,:\·;, ~~i:' ,:'lth'rw.~~. ,~ 1•. lt. It fup.t. l'i(lrt\f'l' fqr Dun· k t k. n.n1l Uuflnlu \ln•ro connce- :ll;:•1t11\~;~,·:~l!',~~!!'~~.~rl~~~ 1nmm tttit·t; t-'\'t'T\ \ t·tr. [,.~. H. Pl.ulllps mo\. .. t•tl hiS hntlfH-•ho .\ t'\1 tallll! I spriull durmJ.,: tlw t otulnl! 't nr r. (,. ~kJII nrul n gall~ ,,£worklllt'J1 nrP I ~oods Wrd1le .. lay tr) ltellt}\ ')• Jl,\ ·.\ j,, t•• I fh·· j!f ttlu~y ( hU!.B nt tfw fi(~n:JIItllry ' l'<tll\ TVIHOr \Vt '·h·n 18 an \In\\ ill· this 6:oo p m. 1 I b tl A J l • I I' I k l t u I r llrtll O.llfl tbTnll~h ru IJZht t\r- 1 itt ~tut~hurvJI\{1 rf>UHHh· lllg thP grallgl' JC lB f\lll}l oy{'( y lP ' .um• '~\(•fPF: \\t•utvt nnnmn {O(' s UM ~\. ay. ''\t t k. L 1 rtHfl nt ~lnp lilt• 1 m I' m hmhhu~ Thnt\R ngbt 'Vl1PI1 ;.uu Co : )ln\ }lnry.lnJtgtr,nn nld n•e.idpnt nf' llnrviu Iltrtir-klutHup•Dttl a 1rrnnch fJCa • I \J<attt a good JOlJ, cume to CaE~sadnJ!'n for L\1 F8 ~[yrtw B. Allcx~ o( Lan(lt'r t·llt• r 1111\\ l'lnt·t·, du t) nt h~->'\ horrw ht~pt !\o. nllit\ uf t1 1 J 11 uH 'II• \\ n ... t.nr l·utndry iri llnlltB A.ltltiVK .)OUr \\o-rkliil'll. \ tuint>d !\ cotlple of youuu Ially frtl will FIUH ml fu l·J OJ\ rn~-lny, ('01Hluctt•tl by tlw llnwt 1 !JuJlchnJ! ~hl;h \\II; ~pro\t l\ '0..., ~~.;; I.! ();.y~ ~ ~ 00 1'· Ill I ---··- -- {MJffi Huger Onn~ tl1t. 1 firnt uf tlw \1it•Pk. Ht•\' I{ J 'Vlut~· ' gn <lt t'fln\t•n!t nc• {fJ W!\0)' ot our 4'tH IS ~ 11 :El...A.%~\' HAJli .. ET, )farri~cl-~\t Jamrstrl\Vn, ~t-'pt :.!H. I \''ll I \V .. 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C made hnppv on Uw !Ulth on•r tlu~ .nrrh~nl t-rea.ve for tbrtr fttlltf'(& htlnH' nt U!•lnrll', rl'n, \\'lit•rt~ tlu•y wtll S~fln&.i u few dll)R 0\.t r :'-lllHhl\ \lr~. Ahl·· y un·l \lu~ ... 'i r.. ... .... I' lnW • n• Oco a o[ nn ~~ pnimd tlltU~htPr ~ '\'i~., nox:t week. TU.«\Y \Hll 1,,. ~H·atly with 5lt\S. Donnn JnrkS•,n Bl•rtlt .\ h.1n \ hn\' all:'io 1 .. t:ofiH ft qi- Fur 11 ' k£ Il-l nnd Jn[orthntlun nt ~ly tu • 8 ri I all I r 1 IT 1 l I t f I l t·~~' •. .;\,mJn',',lltFI';\ F W Pope Glenn Waitt> l.h•• l·mmal liltS,. 'Y \li.- MyrtiP Un.!Nhtll o ~~~ '' o \ '\\ \' .,, \s >UrK. . , J from whtcb tho· excess ot \Ya~nt:; nu•i ~liBs \Vnttt• apt-'o\t \'nt~r ~fr. nnd 'fr~. John l'trl fl{)t•nt .... ntur- vlsitmg !\I tAB ,\uaes Abbott. M~ .hmn•s ~lttlnnt y \\l.lR rnlh•d ·t w. R tt1tlt,tl~. Utf£>1~~5~~'L~~~\l~l\~<'~ntt'l'Hlcnt. · - ·-- -· ---1-t \ii-m - · - • -· _:~ w.Uh...!ullllda.aLllusti.- \' 141 1 \hlrott·· -home -ft<>m.:.llra•lfu.r•ll.urt..ll.l.~k hy th!'_, nnr.PronH 1 i· 011Jma been romoved,r:J n nn un·n. -T..._ ... ~ -: •• ~ • 1 · • e\\nJr. : • ta- .... 1 n£\f'B nf JH~r rdPf'(l . 1 l p At thP r•wlPnre of Jarurs :\Iaxson A. :;, ~alrympl<: nn<! futull)._, .,r \\am n I Bn ff,,]., ''\'I tOg Ius pnrcnls. ·Littlo ~ n•old 'I hom >Ran oli<•tl nt Buf· A.bso.ute Y t~re Sunday, H•'· Jones of l'ottagc nn•t•d Ill wpn· cal\wg on frtcnol• here. undny. \-'\' I'· ~1. Cronc.h anti olunght<r ol lulu saturoln ~.r bl.,.!•l poisnnuJ~. II•· tili ... llll .. and it is SolultZe. marriage u.liver Wt•nt ... ,.rtb of ll>lR pilll'!' .R•>Y Lyon of Fnl· ont•r _is hotn•· \llth ' Jnnll'etown are visiting lrtcnds hem was t~•· y<olll&[•>t '\\ \I L B Thom,•Rnn nnd .lllr•. Clara Ahl'<·liB of Laonn hts pnronta lor a few weeks vt•tt. 011r po~tmnster says ho will take enh of thts pin•·\ un•l n lm~l,t, l~o1uhlr• tttl• No Chemi ,CBIS Mrs. F R. ~eott Ylsttetllwr sistE>r, :\Irs. s. ll Peck nou .lilts• l'lorPnl!• !1. crtptton~ for TilE .Jot'IINAL. ~itlu•r nuw •>r IPllllw of fiv<· J• am. Tlw fnn<•rnl Rer· \S. \VIlson rJf J.nkt•,\ootllnst \Wt•t•lt.. Br~ey Rpent \VetlnPsday nt Ju.rnest11\\D ronownls. nnd save you the trouhi~J Etnd \1C\ .. K wl'ru c-orHluc l.t-tl nt the• hnmu) on WESTERN NEW YORK PEN NSYLVAN fA J'lAlLROAD • lll'o llsed in lts preparation. It has SuperviEror l'nrkor is nt Mayvtllo this Mrs. !,yon of Jnme•town is 'i-.tmg I expense • •f writing a letter yourself. Sunuay nll<•rtl'\•ll loy [1 1 ''. IY )[ Kel ~~~,.,.. tltttn three times the strength of week. relattv~s hero for n few weeks. 1 John ~tuart bus reLurne<llrom. 11 trip 1 lo!!g anti a~tt•mlt•:l by n lnrgQ ntttT1l>~r. ol Tune Tnhl<' n<l'lpted ~Ppt, H, JH!Il toeoa mixe<l with Starch, Arrowroot Tb\lt•dny ~HninJZ at his re•hlenre or- to ~\\ York nnd othor plares Ill thnl ~ympntbtztn~ fru-nd• Tlu• tl\ral .,f!••r· curred tbtr flPnth of Purl Johnson age'l ront~TVn.r .. J-;. I vic-mity. _ tnge U'Nl' prohl.,t• nnd hPant1fnl u1ul tho kt'!'~~'(;~W\n'l~~ ~~r~~~f~~Mv:.~:t ,!;;rru?t;~~!ou, t>nll· or Sugar, nnd is therefore far mon· iO ypars, ;, .. months and b dav~ He Oct 7 .-)li~~ Easton o.f \VP'Itfirld I F. B Rool ifl home from Knn(•, Pu' mtt•rm(lnt \\,J.H m 1\PJHH d) (\£•rn•·h·ry. economical, costing less thaJt Ol!B cc .. t lea\ ea n 1\lfc an•i three clHl~lron to spent Hun day wtth her nunt, :\Irs :ll!llwl \bern helms het•n at work in the hank. 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He was a They v;ere formerly connect()(} \\lth our I t A ~f • 11 [ I> Jd' to . 2 no 1 our nt'e ~\H'~t\~'::t~l' .o ~· • Hn,y t ... xprtJtR IDuJiyl lOWn m n< well ns for persons in heal~h. member of the :11. E. rhurch Funeral academy hut nrc now in the Rnlnrnnnca ~k • ' 'th c 0 J: 0 1 'ih or~ant ' 0 nr t l •rr ron fndln•l\•uP by l,nnr ~~~l,[ 1 fl~:r~~:u.uy 1 1 f i,l ~::; ---- trnm hi~ son~~ resit..lPUrl' Rattn 1 1ay nt ~C'hools e up e wor ot 8 commg y.a : ,. 011 , rottn•l!•'•'tc.,,·,t,il 1 ° 11 \nr·~•' 1 ,\\'' •••••Y Sold by Cr~erywhero. 10 a m • Ibn L. \V. Elkins o1Iiciat 1 ng. • .. E ( inrrl; n jeweller from Jeraey C1ty, 1 1• -= \~~ 1 ,A~b,~:Jrrma~~u~x~:~~~ ~~;~~~o~g 1 ::j 1 (~~\~:g W. BAKER & CO., Dorellester, Mass. N~iOH8t88nK JA!IlES'l'OW:s-, N.Y. DANIEL GRISWOLD, Presidell.t. F. A. BE;s\TLE'!J. Vice l'Tco!tdent. W . .0. •nENElliuT, Oaahier. C. H LAKE, AMI. Cai!hi1l'r. CAPITAL $200,000 Inltotmt:nt at Fredonia, Re-v. G~orge Tennautnnd Wife of l\.llD· luurtak.en tire room forf!lerly occupied {rh~~~~~J~~'fl~e~~llY41l:~n 1 t rr;~Jitl ( nn Rill) • Antln!o nncl J•itt.Bhurg wltb J'utlmn.n al~oplng :li! :\f \ F II l' r JackSOUl ille, ea.s are V1Bltlng Ills parents nnd other Ly W.li. McDougal .. n'd IS prepan>d to BtV<olh<nrt, •wooth Mt •·Jtr !lPl tiiiiP lt!blc.• awl (c!: lufo<U\tltl•n lrOIB Fl~. \:'s 'th·~ 'guea~ of ;,t,. an•l Mrs. M. fftcndsln tmvn. • • do lirsii'clMB work on short noli~. l Wlty notlnng but {lr. Pien'l:•'tl' l'owor· s L. WIII~H Agoltl, llnyvlllc-. Blyr\llnburg~ 1\Ir. nn.U Ura. \\ ilUn llcncl. of South --- flu PreAt·ription. It imparts ~trC'nJ!th to J A l'lu ''n'\~ fi~nNnll·!~!~~,:;.f:~,1 9 It~~ot .H 0 • .. J F' I d Dakota aro at Re\ ... ~Ir. lleah.ls on FoJ'tJt·orJrltt arll tbcfaiho\'syM<!lll1C!UreiHJTg!lllH'trouUle8 1\B\'yllt. f,(•!ltfn.l nflllf!..~. KX('hunge \e Unl'ruto.. on. {. \ Pd•l•r, B. ta ter an Pcarlstrevtlor a few \eeka. Ml'll. 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Miss \\nrnnm !tlatlon, Ohd glvestono and enorr, \'the whole 'lieveu. The sense ol smell, wLich hnd UOI>IO N<mTlr. ( UOI~U ....... ,. Mrs. F. M. Wait~; vice pre.sidant, Sn1Ith comes l:ughi,Y r<'cammcnderll\n•lle said' :,t~\~~cn ~;J~~~~~~e~~~a~~ ~~~ 1 Ueen lo.st, was rNttorml a£ter using nnr No t. t··x 1 mRJ w•lf•\ tn No 1. 1-~xprf'tlli 1 o or, nm ... Bronson; rermdiug se~retnry ~!,.. S.,lo ben plerunng speaker, the ntcWtlptton or one of t.bc ~ \\t 1 ho~tle. l unve loun<lthe llulllt tho only ~~·1 0 , Acrom ~~~~ I•: ~~· .)1; ,\<o~m ~ n ~~ Yuung c•>rrespnndinN aecretray Mr• We re~~:ret to Jearn that Mra Frnncea Iemaio)>byslol•u ond nun!eti \ I ll<ld ~uttsfactory remedy for. cntnrrh, nnd ~~ All pWII!Ntgor trnl:.o on tb\ r• \ V ,•· \. RJ. • fi M • · • 'I h ' il Btat<ll SOld l>y all drugGI•t>< tbron~tbnut tbe 1 •• •·I · IL 1.. \ \ Jamrs 11vlflp,xon; treasurer. Il\' H. B. Swdt, who ree,l< ('& a @t two. tn es worlfl: Prlce twe'd~l·CC~ a bottlo. no 1 ur 11 lOS euec\'' a cure .. mp my <'naP.- t'.onnct-t.a\JnncUonwlth.tbo NY. P ,~o tr~ Parker fTI>m town, Is qutte 1111l'lt.h tliG fever llndlllk \!>I\ w--··'!l\\t.hiuJ Bynlp\ Meyer, Waverly, N. ) ' Charita B \•t.cluun ~upl. Dunkirk, N y 11. A. V.& l'.IIAII.WA.Y . '·'

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