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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, October 09, 1891, Image 6

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!· . ; ...... ·. '•\I .. ~· -· ~ \' ' - · W•lUIU' 1~ Kind .iearted Fai•me;• Came .fcJr 'G M . d I tho Little Fellow A\u.ln ne Was l>eRd. , ~. '~4'J!. . .a· ; 8-' .·.·, His .long, niat~~d !Irtir ·~n.;i' -Ills, ~owin~ fl. ,·chin whi~ker!!S. ·Which wer\'.s0:e1ake.d with 'and stained \vith tobn.cco ~t\1Ce 11 lii.\'. G 'I ' , . ]I s· h '• t . plo~h~s\ ll,bd thetPaQes.of f.·•.i~q ,. d l(l ~nH.1 f1i ee s tuPiow ot1 hi• M•fhltfe boots, sliow,ed'tyln!h tour ou• of _ 1 . \-: ~ ti'~,. ~. :f ·f,! \' · ly thnt Q.c W~s~ Ii'om the ,country: ~ee,p llift£ciful to · • · ' . J vrrinkl~s iiJ lns wcRtlun• b~aten taco~ u> de tto J r\'e\n. mlise1r<e!ile; ·]' · .• • . · ' •. · wrior cl):led·.toott,J~hout the sh~nldcr~, !'-nd .th<· 1 • \'l'his ' . ' · ~~Yi'laus.ltve ons~\'llnts ~ da.yi· RtWsia •Mkes ~,QOO,OOO 1V'Iq~~n B,llO~ns ~ year: \ · ·· The average \~orkln$Jhnn ~e',U.. Qn~ 4vo O';lllces of '!'!\'ele a ?ay. • . -, . , lt Is expe~eiv~ economy to niake port or tha truth quUlce ~or the who lei • ·, . ~ . ' ·~ ' ' Pel,.UU(i Q:ug~1t ,to l::qder.,.o;tn.tld It!. , , ' ':f\. gQui.e ;CsifltOfB, • \ a.1 • ,. oM I c~iirgt<s~l ktlllc:k}es {/or hfil roug\J hu.t,Hls ~)flO 1 Jl{e •tO p~t, • . . I told of h•ir.<l W\)l'k .u..._ ~.~ru lust '''ll.f\.on~ l aom!Ulll~<\ D<>BSIIJ!O .. <tie .Au· ~yster ohqtl ln ~lie tcalcettie \Hlf pre= ,\\ell~ the fOPmation <Jf'crust Oll th~ insiJle. 'Jinu~l toft lln.r* 1..v!JJcfJ, tittl*rl w~tfi 6ig; j·~I bu ... k1llct~. , !Qw Bl>Ples His' eyo)• hatl ~ l<lndiJ•.e;qm<~ tah.ted wHb · is ;.,h,'&tt~ll~ qecmhe.. All iJ{>pareutly inexhau.\time ilnpph·: ot..' o;,i{Jp~~bllS.been dl!lcovered 11':'r Alle11towi) tJ1e pressure. • A n f;'ngh:te , r.crfnil'Jng '·. \'·· Pllt\&Uto Of 160 Will r 'Y.Pf~'a.t prf.ieu.re ·10, · ljo wllb· ·the' · rmmnn lrody and the ,sjo'tt r<L'i be\ fit-aod· on tHe ~hlewalk ln ~1ul' U!ietL ··• · to fi:uika t'h:a ~Vbrltl a•littl~ ... • \ b~J:n·y bir~et, oppa~ite poljce hei11lcpthh~~~ · t~ · !, \'\ •. · :. · · f ~ an~ g1tp~·d ~;tt n r.\VJt;dow 6'tJ which \\•n:').the , .. . , The fines r li'ne . E> J!ign, \New Ybrl< 'I\riJ•IiJlO·J:'O)tee Buro('\\'.': ;.., • .ii)w ~wenty-tw,n. I 1 ' . • • • ,' •4 WIJ'• l'erulmg the' bi(.(!' cate[ul~,V b,e 1 . fJ:> I;~u••iun ' • .t. : • • • '· ' •• ' ! \,~~u~e'll into t''he ,tn.J.t\el'tu tmil irnq:u\recl. : • . t.> \' \ ~ \ .. · i'AM. Ps:evt;;r.'shown. ·. ' \Ynung aro ;>ul tl.e ht;'l\ of t&ls''•r•; canke~ed sor~ throat,'aor~· l)lOUth, . . .. . a11ehl\~tg:? 1 ' • ~ ... J llSe 5orn .• -t .and htmey~··dlink .snga or , •• ·, 1 '1 rf•Pfeslmt.'Th~ 'Iklbune lict:o.':\\ · ~· ~ pussy ~us be:gun to &lippery Qllri te\u.. ··;. . ' • • ,. . : • \1'hn.t's r1gt~tl G)u.U to• kuc1w fe'1, I'm tl;ui\t.. smell/s6 qtleer ~h.c r. 'l:'h~decl,J\rect \1fesle]ans in th<e EngliSh ~ i look~n. f(or a littlt? {elll'r what/' come to hn • til sleep: 'l.'h.en a little mo.re army a;1d navy npmher tu,'218. Tbe church , placo up in Dt:lawncc county lust surilmt!f· · sllOuld b6 'b.dd~d, a.ud \'sUJl b mCJ.tlber]$hip i::5 1,3~. · ' -~ -··•n -·- • ·' , 1 • Sllttt tblire l>y th~ fr\\!l ,Hr'(ulld. l>l9ther 1 littl,e more; llrid, s1t'1-will ueverwakQ ngain.• · The juioo of hl);li.a · 1 ~mon In a • , • • 1 ~nd ,SusuQ, ~hut • 1\13 dll.l'tcr, sd~ ~ficlt.st~r., , . Oue lhlcl.!! that, '!'Stead or ,havmg the /.strong ))lack coffee, wfehjlut' \ R ;,·mem b. e'\.. _w_ e by that tittle ~hnV~l' that 1hey wonfe<! him . qline lives that cnti!J.' see\n to revea.J. when oft•k cure .. ''e·d~te.he, ., . '. c r•. · - \ back agnin'this .. year.•. Bu •orter, promiSedi<ine tl'ies t\ a•own them, t!\e.\ really ha~e ~ \ ~ ;~ 11 • • .: t. to ceme tew\' b'nt•Wt; balut Seed hh:g .. , ~Iqth_\' ~Out ono. v • ~ .1 • : , .' ).',o.rtt'Wor,th lws\ nri a'rtesia.n well th.nt • ·• .. .. I e.r WiiS re.rulrn. nbqut t.he chilflren ~olll ~n\ .Tb~ cat!' may .. a.1so bo 'thrown into the bOws 86;4,0()(P gallons, Of pure WQ.~er dail'y, . excel t.n thIS <;I epart- ; the COllO~t·y an<l£ltc sny;. [ htu1 bettor come sleep of ilenth by means ol .. spray of ~h· largest ill the world. · · 1· down anU git bin\, lfy sakes! I tlitln't''. clrlordform thrown by n.n ''a~omtzer\ or Leather bel't.s will wenr longer nnd trans,.:. know so many fo)k!:i lh·erl in :\lulbcrry .§pJony proUuc:~r. · mit mQre power if run with tho fintsbed or .... as well as in Btreer, or I wouldn't lm' trwrl tc 1ud hill\ ;J- NotLing is mora cruel or dnugerous than' f,'Tain side next to the pulleys. mer:a\\ ' UDill you luwe }Ji., wJI}~..-..s..~?'' tile luyJng down of pai~on for cu.t::~, which The French. national debt is the largest 11 1 onl:l' 1-;nun· he tJC!fJI'~i.'i s&mewbcre~ in 1 is sometimes practiced. An~crciful per ever known. Its interelit costs the French Mulhcl·ry street. 11 I sons who hnve occnsion to take rAts in w1re people more than five dollars per head p~r- \'Vhat Wll4 hi~ n'~me?'' cages wouLd do well to keep in a secure year. \Jmuny ~1 urphy.\ pluae nn atomizer co-ntllining chloroform, .A Watervill~ (~e.) gardl\ner employs n .. A hi\ •rhc rt•Imrter once had arranged ! by mem1s of which tbe creatures can be de· new way to raise squashes. lie we~ the to hnvc thnt IJf1y ~:~cut into the country stroy~d withou\Y,.aking thQ.m out of the it' youngplnnts down three times a. week with t u\Tn:s he f.tsickly louidng little chap, with I cages. · skimmUk. . ~ y~llow bn.h· u.ud blu~J cyt·,..,?\ 1 Chloroform is very aheap. and enou{<'lh the oth•·rs. \TlULt's hun! Hl! looked like a ghost I mny be bonglit for il.Cteen cents to ktll A livi?g barometer dwells. i~ C~ntervllle, wln•n he (•ame to our pi act>, bnt mother ferl threo cn.t.s. In most of the states it is sold ln. lt !:3 a boy, whose han· md1catcs the Harris ... Underwood & Doering, ', hlri1 on boliH'IIlWie broad and milk Wll h ' only under toropor restrictions, nnd grcnt coming of n_atorm. A_ day or two buforo ,. tla! cn·nm stirnt•l into it, nntl be chirpe't care should, of course, bo taken to prevcUJ; I tbe storm lns bntr begtns to curl. up atnnzin 1'h(\n he clim the apple tr(·t• iii from falling [nto the hnnds of .}OUng SAY!! This Means You. nbl)ut forty tunes u day, nnd it would ba l chilclren.-Youth'a Compnuion. .4. ilfnn Who \Vould Not Be liHlC· dona yer ]Jl>Hl't good to Sl't! him lny Into ~ Altar life's fitful fever Jules Gros, jo-Ur· them g-olflt•n &wet>ts ~r fl•tche~l Sl')mC.In u nu.ytl~wo in tho Country. nalist, -composer of comic songs, nnd soma lm.g fur hun, je<;t t 1 1 J[•t btn1 ~e.P we hnrl ;l · l rlo not thiuk tha.t it Is ever real morn· time pre~hlent oC the .shadowy republic uf S{llllO more \V'hyf bo lnol\t:rl l1ke fl llt'W 1' ing except JU the country. In the city, in Guinnn, in South Amo~·icu, has du~d at hoy whPtl he ll·ft U'> How IS tbc htt1P' tho early oart of the dny, tbero UJ n mixed Vanves, a southeastern suburb of Pan::~. erllt(.>r~\ color thnt clhnbs down 0\•er the roofs op Gros wns nn indefatignble gloUa ttotter, .. I tiJl!tk yuu hnd better crJme unrt see for j posite l\Dd througl1 the amoko of tho cbirn· and in the ..course of his peregrlnntionH lwd rour·ll'ff \ .. nc)\r tl.lnt. mnkes pC'oplc thinl;: it is time to taltcn notes, which, \~hen pulJlished in 'l'hc rt>pnrtt>r IPti the n\rl farmer to n. get up nnU comb their· hair, But we have Pnris 1 obtained fur him due rcco!!nition spact:> l1ut\\Ccn two rrnnt tcJH•uu.mt houses t·enl moruiilg in tlle country .:\1nrnin~1 from the Gco!{rnphical society. Some lwo Have }'C•ll ~tryppcd ;to think 1 1 ln Mnlhot'I'Y stroc!. an•! Into ~ <wrrow' \tlescending from Go!l on~ of Ileavcu!Jke a years 11go another wandering friend of his -4-1~~ txr· • 1 II d pA\'(•d rnurt in front urn row or lear t£.>ne bride adurm:d for her husband. 11 A few -:.\I. Gmgncs--us'ked llim to !Jocouw nton ~t vv Inter 15 uearly lCI~ all I lTH'JJt huU)oo('q mow<>nts ago I looked.out, nnd ~he [lrrny arch of a. slice of No 1\Ttt0 1 S Lnnd. 011 tho your stock of (J oderw·ear is I A 1\Prnan nu!:o\\Nl'fl the reporter's in · oE night shtltlows were striking their bordL'rs of French Gui11na nnrl Brnz1l. 1.... qu1r) !.y hlmuting 111) tlrt• htnirway, \Mrs. tents. A red lig1lt on tho horizon th1\t Gro~ rE:fnscd royalltutml'ii, hut tleolarcd his very 0\V. - I Murphj t rr~re'sn glntli.·nmn wants ycrl 4 ' I does not mn.ke me think ttS it,.dhl AleX/l.n· Wlllingt'Jcss tO lJ,·come prm;ident of the ru- well,- bf·ar iu . mind that \\\C 'l'bc ( r•· tl\111,.{ of r~ drortr nnrl tho ah1tffiing ' der Smith, of ••the barren beach of\1lell public of Intlepundont. (;mann, us the Plllntl. h · ] fi ~ 1 of ft.•(•t 1 111 JUt tlf![wr .l:uu.HJt~ ..:uirled the two ' hut mnro like unto tlie flro kiurllecl on the t~rritory \'\'ns pompously caJJed. are s 0,\'lng t lC ne~:Jt hnc in .I men hi~~~- ... :\lttrphy's lllttllll}l' h 1 Jlne. Rho I sho-re by Ilirn whom tho Disciples sn.w nt 'l'hD\ young republic, tbetefore. was the city and' \VOUld be ])leased invltt<~l t It>• If! Into tlto room• wluch W!ls.; dnyhrt>nk stirring the blaze on tho Lencb started on paper, a cabinet was forml•d, C I p.arlur, kitchen, lnunrlry uutl bed cbnmbcr, I or Gt<nesareth. M. GuiWleS bC<ing t\f•!lO.interl Pl'itno nuuis· to show it to you. 'all at our nil in •mr, \\iporl thc.Oit!;!SIIclS from her red Ju•t 110\V the dew woko up in the hntn· ter,and tho 01'1lrr of tho Stur of Counani factory in the Warner Block, nrms \\\ h her npron, nnd thrn hMtlly ' mork. ol the tree branches nnd tho light was instituted. Mcuuwhlle protr>t. wero d I dU!'.t,£\1l of1' t\>'0 chairs-tho only two she jJti~~eu lt. YonUcr, leaning ngaiust the rai.setl ag-nln.st the prucee(hnWJof the would or rop us a card and our man lJatl- fill' th£' vndto~ Tlu~ nld farrnor sky, twogrent:. uprights of flnme, cmsscd be fOilUtlcn~ uf 1\ new cummouwea1th by will mll on' you. I dnopp,•cl the hag of yellow npple• on one I hy many rundlos of fire! Some Jacob tho Brnzillan nml Dutch goYernments:\' chau· but rornnin£'rl fitnwliuu , mu\t hnvo Leon tlNaming Through those Crus .... ·as orderecl to gh·e up h1s prcsulcucy White & Graham. ' Ho lll'l'tlleU to be too tnlllh daz('d by the t buruislicd gates a fln.min~ chariot rolls. by tlJC I;'rllnch wiuister for foreign ntrlurs, J\fAN'F'HH. Till•: ('JfA UT.\ l'Ql' A 1 pnwrry nf the plnco to .,,y unytblng, and, Some Elijah mustbenscending. Morning! nnd to return home. Ho <lid so, and whnt- ('1;:-lTOM ~UIH.'I'~ FIT t tbro rt·purt(•r hrie-fly OX]Jhduml the objt>ct of ,.I wi'\h I hnd n rousing bell to wnko the C\'Cr srmhlauce of n repU(lllcwns left tn the UU.\R,\:-iTI<:I,~I>. 1 tho \ih.~ ~TN lJurph)'a bands carr!Pd whole worlfl up to see It. Every lea~ a 1 tuJ.tiYeti af huh•penrlt•ut Guinnu, or Con W Bl k h£>r n[ll'nn to hf?r f'}£·~ nucl from Its folrls 1 psalm. E\'Cry flo~vcr a..oonscl'. Every UirU I nn.m, wn.s carnetl· on l.Jy ~1. Guignes, wbo arner oc Jamestol'in, H. Y. ; Cllltl{' mum ... ! \''\\· ll<·t ~rlef \\'UO Ukc a II chorbtor. Every sight, beauty. Every or~nnizc•i u cabol ngniu;t his old frlen•l rcn~l'l.tl!oll, un'l it e.tunnN.l thn old man. tor I sound, music. 'l'rees transfigured. Tho., and chiut Urus, hmH~vor, tlid not gi\•ll up I n. minute.. Ilta jaw dropped nntl his Cj'(!S Bkics iu coufiugration. 'l'henlr ns if sweep•/ his Urenms of nmbitl'!\· nnd sttrC(I{)tlL•d 1 6 p~r cent lwc:tmf' mlq,Jy ThNt h€3 tttrnetl to tho ra-- I ins <!own from. the hanging garUens of I it is SU.i1l,tu obtnunn:,{ the nssiatnnec of lr.ct1 rl.,.t pnL•lln r·o~Sh 1 portt•r with a hnnrse \thiqper. \The little I henve.n. Th(' fonm of celestial seas pll\ShcU I aomc J.:;ng:L.ah spt:culut1'rs, who ofl'ered to LO'OK Par VttltJI' of F:hb.rP.$'.!00 Monthly flUeR. s .. I. rtmt t~ th·usl\ on the white tops of tho spirroa.. The I reinstate tum. n11nur k1mnin,::;: Rtork' .. If he h.\•l f\nld •Uurliu~,' that w-ord, honeysuckle on one side of the porch chnl· Embarking-once more for Gttinnn. tu n Payable !-lem-h\nnunrl)l\ 1 C'>Uld t1ot lttL\·u ha.1l n sountl so tenr1er nud f lcu~cs tho sweetbrier on the other. rrbc I Bntls.h vessel, Uros, aft.•r n. \·oynge to the .-. 1 ~'<IU\~\\•I\'e \\' hut! tl1c nno he wns accua , odm-s of hcltotrovc overflow tile ttrrJs ntJJ' \Vest Indie-;~ '''·l.S t.lkl'n lmck. to Eurnpo. 1 fACTS tc,ilwcl tiJ n .. t'..' in Sfll•nkMlg c)f n slcldy tlnd , flood tho g:nrtlt•n. Synugali, \Hth JJrulnl J Ue roturnc1l to Par!\ and ~ttlerl dou-n Jll I [IL•ttul nuimnl. Dfphthl\rit\ had B(•nt .T1m 4 1 LJoqsoms in their lmir, nnd roses blcetlius his lin it• hou .. u nt Vmn·t•!i, wlwro he has ~A'l'ION AI.. II!J~ff=:-:TE .. -UJ CO., mu• ;\luq,llj t·u a lwttl·r plaf'l' thllu the one Wlth n very cnrnnge ttf color. just d~t·d m Ius alxt~· ~couU year.-Lon- I frurn \\hirh tin• I•'rt•tdr Air fund Lad once: Oh, the glortt>s of dny tln.wn In tbo conn·~ Uon 'I't•legr.t.ph • ;~.J N'dlRAAU ·'trt•et, X. Y. ! ternporflrify wJtttdl'awn h1m,n the rl.'-porter I tryJ My}>~n trl·mbles nndrny C)esmnls.t£>n. • ..:.________ 1 LoUtd hqard rt•JJrCBPnh•d l,y Hobflrt r. I said. ~h·g, .\lurfJhy dril·d her ten.rs nnd aa- I Unlit;:e the flllmius 5\\ orcl that droHJ out .t .lfon•<tPr Fish. Cl'!'tcd tiJP- }'ellow_ npplc;' 1 tl1e t).rst pair from f~d{'u. tlwR-D Jlt\ry Hplen .. ; Thompson Hlnnt9-U, ot Flatwoods, hns '-lmith, Jamestown, N. Y. THE :fAIR. FRUIT JARS, JAM POTs ~Iotht•r uud Su\~an 11 Lenlllll'e'IJrdts 1 dorsscQm like swords uu~,iu.Mtbcdbynngcl • securer! the Lig~est fi .. h that has been npv'int~·cJ.,l' Mahl tl~c oltl farmer, !L., he 1 hn.ndH to dri\•e us in.\\\J) 'fnlmugo in 1 tnken out of the St. r•~rnncois river~ for \\:run:.:. u,,~ rc·rmrtt·r ~ hnnr) nt pllttlog.- , Ln.dacs' Home Journ.al years p~t. •!'ogctln;r with his family, :\lr. ~cw \r·r~, Trt1mna ' B. I.na lJet>n spending sc\•cral days in tbe Goethe ut ~larlonb~ul. ' vicinity wht.-re tho Littlo::;t. Frnncois Uows Tlw Ocormnn Emporor. 1 l\fm•ienbadt the fnvortto wntcri!lg pln~o [ fnto the Big St. Fmncois, cn.mplng, fishing \Villuun II f.r1.-'4 lH•t•n fllr thrt-o yf'nrs rm I of those\\ ho aro overburden('cl \\lth tl1e1r I nnd lJfi\'iDL{ n. grmU time g£>nem1Jy. Ooo 1 prwr. lliHl 111 !\his ttmo hns uot onty RUC qnnntity of \too too soJhl flesh,u ts at tho mornhu:;.J1o tool\: n:huat unrl went out gig- l'C't'tlt.•cl in w1Tmln!! the f{'SpPct of fm'Pign 1 bt>igllt:. of its seasort. nntl, as millnl, \full I ging. He hnclu't \H't1t far wheu he dis· cEduncts. but HI stren~llH'tltug hims.elf nt' up.\ Ono of the chief suLjC'ct~ nf inwr_Pst,' tmgnishPd n big mo\·ing rmo.ss in the 1 ltomt.•. lie; surcef•derl n f.ttltcr Idolized L) -cl dlscus..<i!Ou lllHI gcucrnl convl'r-;~H inu Just J sttonm. At first be couldfl't tell whnt it aU whn carne witbrn the sphere ot hts g-co now is the discovery Of au old \visitors' i n·n._q lmt m;; the boat drew nearer Ira di:s- tle uncl t.;enernlls natUre; his gra.ndfntJJer l1ook\ n.t. one of thG bdtcls situated on tho cov~red thut it wns a monster fi.sh. He Jet left bl·htnrl n warhkD fnme so greRt t.hut 1 plnce in front of the churC'h • lt U!.Cd to I the gig fly, struck center, n.nd hn.ulecl his ouly tho ngeot Frederick II cn11 n.fiord ·a nnswc-r to the nmne of ''Zur Gol 1 lenen gamo in. It proved toLe n big shovel ca~ pnrnlle>l. 'l\he present ClllJlOrur hns had.! Tuube,u hut has recentl:r b(•cn dH.bht'tl fish measured fnnrfect from tip to tip, t\-..\'0 tllt·r~·rorro, nn Nt<ty tn.,k hr~fl11'e him, fur ~t \(;crl'tht' linus;\ in commt•rnor.ttinn of tiw f~•t> t rtrcutufPrt~JJt'U IUltl \\;tll-thetl nimu .. t hru; )t.,,.n 11 ~\''\\'lry fnr him hr,th to rcmtJ\.f' fnl't that ~evPnty }enr!\ n;.tt> thn pnd staitl a hmHlrl~!1 pun nels. pu•Jt~dh A 111111 tu IJI'l.' tho..,C\nlmtry ('otlfl nt It c.lurihg h!l'; Hn-t Vi!<lt to :'lhncnbnd 'he whole f.:uuil\ hYPd on h\'h for three cll'tlf'{' In hi~ Intentions n_q. \\'(•11 n~ In hi~ liC' Wll8 then .,e,cnty nno Yt•nrsuld., nucl rt> . U nntl HI o\l•ntwlfrrm nf tht> truthfttl· uhtl,tlt !-1 , l-Jl'atNl his Vt!-it the two foJJowing YC'Hl'<:>, J1(•<:-t ~~f hi~ :;.tory 'l'h•un 1 , ... 1Jll lncnlgltt thd 'l'lw ~· c n·t of tlH• empe-rn1 ., wmer ''ttl! 1 In the ohl \\hitom' IJIICik, \\'htl'h the prt·'i ht•· 1 •lof the li'>h ihltJ tu\ .. n It n!•JIIC wna 4 b!~ •n\11 rwnplo urbe-. ma111ly frnm tbl£'t> cut propltetor hns·munrtlu·•lntJ•l whit h h QVt\r oUt' fOllt !It lt•llJJ;til nn•l f•tllr <>i\ mchtts Cl\ll\'... bOW bt.~tn~~ gn:tN! at by butch n(lf'r lJUtc h uf 1n dtiiiDL'tCr. {tIS tltO hi:.!'.{PSt fish st••l\f of Ftr.,l Jlf' luL< 1 eontll5:!!· \'l\l~or~ the followmg Pntry I\' fu11u'l tm tile M;n .. wn. g,ncl wlmt makP., It fuily so 1s An Orl1:tna1 J.>eslan. A Bro.oklyn woman, in desiguiug n window fur her staircase hall, bas been inspired to make it a family window. It represents three nat10nalities, Tlie window consists of three panels. Oq one side there is the English rose, beautifully wrought iu stained glass. This is for tbe father, who is au English· l mnn. On the other side there is the Scotch thistle, bec11.use tho w0man her· sell is a Scotch woma11 and wishes to I see her national flower represented. In I the center is our own American golden· rod, and ,inst nboYe it is a mono-gram showing tbnt the goldenrod belongs to the young luuy of the family. With ruro good tast~ the woman has so placed the wmdow that o!J Sol's rays glance through it nml strike across a broau staircase hall, shining directly upon a firepliice, with au inviting carved oal< settle uenr by. The whole affair is tw:rv~s: .. wo u vc,\ mp1le,:, ~w:o.r'k, .Dlf · - ;~~;~~~~- nc~\o·e JOO\c~( .• ;\Vhen the uvrve fo>;c<i and' 1 ptwfer nre a t tu1l: h<Oith. · Wfil'n thla.)l!e h~ .. o'•rer.Worlr, \8t\rtdn; lut vc \\\c~kene'd \\'\ \\\o'\\'· \H~ .are weak. mornings ~ nm\'\\L~wunmJt JIJ•r-c-tt tc. Lu\\ cis r-o~tive 1 ki!l~ lfl,qsB out o-rdCn .• Nef'·ons ,\:<!t.>b1i:Ut~ nnd'-o:$: 4 hU;U11tiotJ~ •I& !.tlrmly o C'ff\l!lttit•U of low ncrvd· forre-{1 reinXeu ~nd '\n..:nat\:d Qt>~lp. rn. other WOl'~\\· th< )ll(~o..~rj'rr\ t, ilfrtr;l.,- 111 r1• }ol'f'l,;;-1111.'1 t\lnt l•1u• 111 mu·luo1~j, .J, lllltl it is tWrt'S!-.11?,\\ .to t11ke ,Vr. 6l'N~no•* Nrr\Ht\lt f~r~rutl .\'1-r)r, /)rfl'lll and IJlo;,rt · (m·LyQ, al>•t:~ • trtncal of that clever AmPrican blendfng Tu :rf'Ht.Orl· \'trt;tJ ·it 111' tbc bt·~t tnuir nnll of ideas and harmony of taste which is lnvlr.ora tur ..(;.\ e>r dUJ;p\·llr(li) l'tm·ir 'egplnbJc-. all out· own~-New 'l;ork Commercial' bnnnless. H1•h\ hj au •lruggb.• ... $l.tfo . .. Advertiser. ··r wns cumi'It•telr tJrul..l·fl 1Jm\T1 In hlRlth~ ... _ wl~h c::octrcmt• l•xl.nm•LI•Jn untl c·tl'lt•lt.,,t rt•bt doy A Sl!l&:ular Curo Cor Obe .. uty. 1 or night 1 1 .. J to. til\' 'p r•wl.. I tfl(••l nr. A singulnr surgical operntion for tho j c;rt>t·•u·• .. ;-..,.r\lll'n \'·•i \\\ \\\ '\\· lmrmg cure of obesity was Intefy performed in fJ•I\'rd..:: ,'··. • I 111 ' • 1M , .. 1 • .,,~; ' , , 1 •1'111- Paris, and to wbic.b tho name of \degrnhs·l W r· \ftJl: ... snge\ has been cuphomuulily given, Twoj 10 Ulut> lUll \\l•. Ho .. ton. Mn~s\ medical rncnt Dr.i .. ~lar~antl Demars, per ' N n n.v· llr Ur('t.•Ot• tlw F>Ur'I'('SS1nl spec· formed tbe operntton on M. Hiroguolle, nn •, · lnll\'t fll rnrlul.:' 11.!1 f·mu~ f1f.n-c.>rvous author. Ha,·Jng put the pntiont uttder ntlflC'hrnJtlr dJhmL~t«, . .:.5 \ lith M!tl't>et, Ne\ chloroform, tlley rnised tha sktn nud· cut York, r.nn lw r-ou\llltccl frv·. pPil>rtnntly. nr by nwa.y rather xnuro thu.n four pounds of mli· l~ttcr. (4,tll or writ\ hiDl Jl.'ulllt }•lllr r•a.<!(>, or pose tissue; the skin was then &tit.chctl up bend (nr ftymptmn hlnnk to tl~r nut. auol n !~tt.cr again. The pnttcnt has made n. good rc- fullyexplntnlnR' ynnr rti .. l'lh£', giving nd,·ke, cover~·, and, repal't atlds, hi -so dcJighteU cte, will b~ n:oturnet.l frrr. ·with the improvement in his figure tltnt he is thinkiug of a aeries of otlier parwc.s 10 --~-.--.---.---'~------­ olill'orentparts of hls bouy.-London'fil·j \coTr• F.,.ILt.~•o I'Oit SALE-IN , Bits. JArtn:s1 O\\'\~ u\· \ 1-.LL.ntAN nn.od Save Your Dollars By taking advantage of the Bargains now being offered at GAGE'S. Parlor Suites and odd pieces at reduced prices. Fancy Rockers; Plush Seat, for $4.50; it's a bargain, In Hat Rac~s. Ladies' Desks and Side-boards we have a fine assortment and our pr'ces are al- ways the lowest. Call and see. H. m. CACE, 13 & 15 East 3d. f:r•r·un•l He ls hmw ... t llcr the rlnte of 1'~.!:~· ••t .JnH hl~!. ~o .\•1 tb.•t there i.s 1111 t';o;,l~''1'1·lLI'ITI 1u tfw t.!lc. 'I l!tnl Jlt' l'l a th•·nn~h (i rnl'ln 1 ~ll~t, Her~ .Juh liUI \)\'ulflo!•lT!~ \'. litwth••. 'I\ he bcnrlt>i uuw uu ( ;'(hliuttcJn nt tht~ Ptlot : =-======================-============ , If tl10 whnh• COIIT1I n I rt•! to\ oto tnmor ~taat~mlmo;.tf'r un~ \\ ettullr. 11m lllltll Knob <lru~ ~t11rt>, \\lwt\ tlu: d•mhtC'r c,'\n row ftJl' :\ JcmJC't\ Pru1. •rJ;tnU lht' {j11n!Jfll..'\' J bCTG Of the f011r fOIIffi~ Ot'CUpi!'d hy tbP gu nnd n._<tUrC hliUoo;!•jf n( ttl~> fill •'•lilt}' of I · JELLY TUMBLERS tlwy Jnflll-l ,ft'<llrt•rl. 1~· tr t•hni•·P wrmld hh I \:\lmister of Stnlo\ nre nJc;o ~n·en, to thesc&tnternents -Iruhtu1 1 f,J, 1 J {{l~gJ~tt'r tlli~luc·\tlonnhfy \'' ttult ·pn• ... •·!Jt t•lnMttn I gNhel' With tho S\1~ be pmcl for them ' tlun.tlltJh•r Pt.•rllll(l'; liH' \irtuP-.1 hnn 1 Tbosewhonrcncqnmntl'dWtth~lnrtetJhllrl. Tho Rnvu~\\' nfTim£'. ~ Sjtt'{ tlil ·l llJ•p•·.l·l t fi/IJI!l•JtJpi.!l't', llllll will hf' I pricC's of the Pl:t:sent :tny lllfly lJ(J lllt.Ctp~tt>d StPphrou Dl1 \ \\114 \ ··rr ron•I nr nnb.:ng tni\t·n f· I ~r illlt..·,l L) tlle rcmlcr, but ~~~I to ~now that Goetho.srcnt fur_futlr ruum\' . hii;:h :;IJunc..liul-{ !->Jil•f'rlu·~. -.rmit'flrJJ£1~ wub empe-ror nm~t lu• cumpnrr o1 \\It h (•thcrs u. wh1ch ho rc~ui~crl nbout cJgbt \Veeks, ~ laughable results. tlw ... 1111•' t r to!P nmnunh·rl t? 4 ~ 0 gulrlen. While c-nlling one day 11pon n uri:,:hl,or Ill>~ ll••lot'\~'. fl '\' l•l\'• '' t IH• '·••t .. ~ .,f\tlPnrl~ .Armthl•r mtort'.. .. tllr~ l:'ntry Ill the R.lm~Jo he was !<hnwu n. S<'rntched and lmttt·rt\Cl nil t hi• Ill de•\ ull•flt ( l'JIIl'I .. UI tl •.• t 1•1Jt .. Id~ ! mm.ty tome from \\ LH'b the 11lfor~ntlnn io; &>tone Jle~tlc Whrt~b hnd lnt.·lj hfleon fnUIJfl I•·I{U t-. h.l\,. ,,,(l<(\dtd hun. r Jr f,t• has t<llld ~lthen·tl tdl-, nf n '\ifUt r.rmn theL.\m'£> d€.' In the gnr•lt:>n Ac; H WIL'1 [ll.l..<•SIP!l from one frt•t•Iy'\\hat 11ld•·r nr tn•l:t' pul!tk peuntf' ::--t. !~on, hrothi'TOf the I•.mper,rr~~lpll:t.'rtn tonnotln.·r, fi•true fart•t!olt.., l'l·mnrks \\1re ru . .a;ht h l\ c• l'~·ll'l'd 111 u. •hlh•rf'\n~ wny lie> r I, klllg ?f lloiJauclnnd fllthP.l' of the hm tunllt! 1n rPg~'\1( tn n ... ,j, f:tc-t·d o\(I('Pll/TUJI:f' ho~L-. niWh• 111 IllY tlllfutr lttistnkes rrom Rlt !!\!\''r :\:apo~eoU +~Jl, ·-\~) f.t,t1•] _nt the (Jne---Pt>-WJII \\PIH!II'(•f{ t•• \'''. t-·lftttt.., •'H,n).ll ar·~~ -;--in).! ltfuoh ttli' fl'hpu)w of tlrt.J tnnmt•Ut,.hllt I li 1 Jlch·!lrll1~ttlJC .lvf SC\CI~ \\•(•('J..S lD l~lQ prob!lbiy the c1og'l hlvl du•\\r•.J II ~olnrJc'' M u • seasonable tlu·w llll ... tr1k1''1lta\t• ur•q,•r lwtrayrd to 111? -Pull ;\lnll Gnzettc. btPph£>0 lt~okP!l Stf•ru. <>IIC'h 11111!-.:ll l!.!t' ~lp articles for putting up fruit. THE FAIR, 221 Mliln and 7 w. 3~ St.. ·Jamestown, N.Y. t••·uj>lt•lt \\,tilt uf \\}'lll{nttbj \\llh tflt>ll' f]C l>'hber•nt•l\'11 SUJJl'r~tltlon<;. pl!f'cl to thJ, \f>llt>l'Hhlu r1•1l•' <>t•f•fnc•d tn him \PI .. pnl' ttl If\ lm .. U!ndt.• Jns Ahan• • f I nlmn.,t m 1 HfTt•U .. P' n 1111 ur ld~tn•l••r-=. l•l h u 1 ·lhn~ Iaru;r> IB'l-C~. ... t·~ 1 'l'hPre ut·o mnuy supet'<.lltt•'n'l contttJon Pntting' the JlP~th• rt•\'••rPilt!y With his uf tr 11 \ 1 ,,. 11 t t1.t• c;r.u 11 t runn£>11\1-'l'\'· hut tl1. 1 nmnng !i.shermt•n. Shaulol n. wnmnn h.tr· Lig rl~otht lum,J, Ill' q:ud., ., 1 .. 111 1!~ urmr \\nl!]d lu• h·.lflJI\\ Lc) Sl'~ hun II :d>.l' ll pl•n to strJc]p the rorl no fish \\'ill ha Clll1t.:ht \l'-oll HHI\''' nt·r~ tuo 1'.\\ 1,.!• .. of til~ t!JOth t!Joq .. · 11 \1 t P!w<> 11.\' m wy f'lt 1 .•. 1 th. 1 t 1 tt tbnt day 1'u lose the first Jlsb Jq rf'gnrciPcl of tiuro. .. _ You.tiJ 8 C'JII!;IIIrJJon wt... .. 1111' n•·t1\ ,. 111t• r•·\'t ln.• t 11 1\'\\ Jo~ J..p, I' ns au intlicntion of bad lltc-k. Old fishL•r _____ -+ __ tnl{ tb\ Hllil' II} llt:ll IJuH~ in nurhtrlg orc..lt-r I men nloug our mouptnm strf'am.:; hn'c Qnarnntlno \·lnu· ~~·~cl!hnr\'' ('.ttR. -Puu:111e;r llt;r1•low iu l't.•ntnry 1 beetJ kntJwu tu g-o home inclis~n~t if such ---=----- I mfsbnp came to tlJ(Im \\.hPll fi~;.lwrnwn Dr. A . • Tncohi rt>Jnr .. ., tJ,l• f•tllrmm~ ex: A Good '\Vuy to g,_.fl Lsuut. stnrt out m n f:t'l'OU(l it is consi11Prl'ci uu Rlll}1lc: Tbi'f'll ktttew-; \H'll'll.ilc.H\l;'t} t'll:e- 1 1\lcky for some nne tn cnu 11 t. tlll'm It rs tn.lin witb fhc rlllldrt·n \-tck \\11 J1 •I th SJJ J..tr1·nt jq, the clPrt!llnrl fnr «Hhurhnt .conslde-rcd tnnlltlk.}' to start on n n~hing liH!'rin. 'l'IH• ktth•ll\> Rldif'hl'li n.nrl dtPd, I!I'H{ bnmNI Ilf'Hr ~t'W Yurk' thnt alnuNt fill) excursion\ hc•n tltotlilll form of tltu full n pnst lnortPm P:'i:lllnlnn.tJ~·tl TL'\l',J}t>d the S•ll t of n hmd :o-pt'' nlutJon sm···ot·Us h('tf• f 1 1 tl 1 1 ~ nhntit,, If 111111 u 1 urocl n•lt!J •nv ,j 1 .. , 1 .... nof \ 1 ,, 11 ! moou is seen with the ue\V mouu.-PlnJa- , pre~('nce o l 1p 1 tl'TitH' IJi>~Ur o mem >rltDO \' ·~ \ ... ''\ 1 J I i L 1 iu their thruuts. ltU\> tln\·t·1 frum h~m\e I ~nl J,,UJ.t au•• IL lnlt•l•'l' rwr l'lwlo:--.t•,J n lmt t l ( e pI a ~< L:Cr. to llllliSE\t often C'OUJ..!n•gut.~J nwl nrc (tt•tt.t!ll I f;Uhrtt'lum lull wrtli a strunl-( wnll, pit•l'rt·d I 'VomC\tt l'onrl Dh-<>rl!. l•y chiltlrf!Il so thnt tlwr nrc ltkl'l.)' to com· I ! it Wlth prl'tDntionH gntml, llwl out th(l In tho SJtlu san. wumen cln th£' clivfng- f('lr I ~unicnte any contnu:lotl~ cii~Nrsc which it. I gruuntl \\lth gran•f['l[ dri\'ros, :wd gn\P! Jwnrlctnntlpt•o\'••Yt!ryt•tlltu·ntlU!.ht•wurk I«J\'~slhlo for tlwm to (•JIJtm•t.-Dr ,J 'the j•lnre nn 1\ttnu'ti\U IJI\1111' (•tullt1~ 111 . Lt:\\i~f'mftb irl l3!lh}IHJt) 1 1 · \pn.rk.\ Tho sale -of fnt.'l cnrtlo oil' Hill! It'\ t!w1r tu ... l\ to di<l! f••r era I''~ ntul othct• t tuurh ot tho t.mtl sflld nt th(\ rate of , Sl'R dt.•ltrncies \\ hteh tlw ll1Pil foil(~ l1ke>. ru,•l I SH,UclO 1\U ncrP..-~ew Ynrlt ~on tlllll'! tbt>y hnve {Jit'uty or· pr~<'t!CI~ lt 1-. ------- ltrrt> thnt tl.t• Rnt'\'t Jtronrl ... Jwli\'llrt' f,.lllld. \Vhy He \\'nR T11N'~'· In a lullt !e, n .snltller waq. wnuntJ,.,J 1n t hl' ; hcud by a jrt\'t'llll. Tllo Stll'!!('On cxan-ttlwtl 1 the wouud nucl tultl the mnn t11nt, us !Itt• 1 wcnpou hml nut touchffi lll>t Lrum, tlu·r€' wns El\'l!IQY prospl'Ot of his l\l'Co\·ery '\lind 1 }lOS!O.('~satl nny Urain, 11 flaitl tlw soldier, ''I should not have been in tha .1mttle.,. -Sau lli\!lucitico Argonaut. ~\lllP. 11f lht>lll rut•,J-.Illl1o_.: a }·lrll wrm> ... \th••u Of\ trPrl -\Vn~hltJJJ;tull ~tar 1llf.' I1111~PSt trtLtll O(.eonl C'lll'Sof uhtrh ntP!ll lr n · hnH lll\On mmle Jlll\'o.;£'d O\'er the Pli!htld!JitJU 1U1d H.l'nclill~J railt'olld n•r;ent- lj [t compr:iseU 'Ulucty large cars, 1tnd \rL\ drawn hy n lof'nmotive weighing sev· t•tJIY·fivc• Ln ,,, one uf tlf~ heavH!c:;t engiuea U~ecllll tue rqaJ f(lglllDR Ob, ,1-'hnt lJmm't lhl ::\Ii<t\Pd .\ffrPrl CuJ'' I wrl.nn 11!.!1·•! n·-.111 11t ()r 1 hh 'tlial!l', i\- ubh• to )o,nl. \\ lliJ a fr \\ .. r lwl t~ld lnlta!t~t.UJts iu t ht' ~t.at,·,lhnt lw nr·' t'r ruUo U)1nn n st~11mh11nt ot• rallrnncl tmin Bat 1\ If h fnr grt•:Ltl·r (Jr!rll! C•JII' ..\.I (1,. I 111111\t'~ Jlw hon\t that he IIP~I'l' \~• ut tuJII,P With u. ~nl in nll his !tUlJ.C llf(•. \rl' l1ull£' thllt 1 he . ~nse of Mr. Cnpcluucl is uulq\te H1 tlw his· ~<ll'Y nf the st.n.te. Else whc·rc \\tJUltl1H~ tbo ~onrooling thongbt.·~ or old ngc?-Dcxtor lin .. ~ } Gnr.ettP T!Jis office can supply every style of j - -·--- stamp mad1, from 1\ oue line hand stamp -I'rorure your rubber stamps aud f;eek nu further. Try !Jr. Bull'• Cough to an autom 11.ic nun. '•~ring mar·hinl'. daters at the Jourunl office. ~yrup. Do \bUR E-MPtoYi:i' 'WoRK 24 rloUR&-A DAY f ,- •' . ' . ··•''l •' · .. . ,• ,J

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