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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, September 21, 1891, Image 1

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· . ...... · .. ·s·.-·. ' '. :' ·' ,\1 . ~ . . ltif:···tl. .. ~ ... -. ~ !\\ • t ~ • .• . ¥ •• ~ ~·.·· ...... ·: .. ' '\ll ~v~, .• ' '·,1\t.· :, ' • ·:·' ··: . t• :· , , .. • i ' ., ~~. . .··THJ:j ~l<!io,lt~: }·· •••.•.. ~-. 'f~fJ~ .••. :~ ._,_ .. :,.,,\( tPr-'· ··'·\ . . · :._· .. '.·: .. ·. > .'.· ... · . ,. ... , .... <w: .. e. · ;d; 'o. n·'t·. 'r:' a·J:·s··~· th .. e; ~.;.:'~'r ... ; ~·:~~ •• ~-;.;.; ~~~i;· ~:~;p ·~ 11 t~: g .. ., ~ , 1 • ~ ?tQr.o I't:nce;:.__.:f.l~elJt!~f,..R~- . 11•\' ' .... ll . -~ ·:·:\:1/·.· · .· · · .. p~·f.ide ... . : ... . · .. · ~ .... · ...... _o. jot~itas:\nn . . -~ .._fl : :\; ;.w, Y~ilx,. S....p\. •Zl.\-Th!' • llen)\<J,'s. ·. .. • Qt~r·fi~t~l~raay ~ttsin,ess 01! Y.a)Imvniso,.Chili, Jl.spa~h,: say~:· 'i'lje ~: r. \' ~, s .. . ~ndb:\vear ,.\;\ras'thlil )arge~t 1 \ve B~tic.t~i\.'lf ,Balmaceda Y<1il\erday moc~iilg ' • • iu. his ·Laclrubm .a, the fi.r~l'ntine lt•ga- .-; · llY~r· klf~W fi;t'otlliS SeijSCJil' of 'flhe .ti~n.in ~antia~;o \is' the one' ~bs~r~ing •. yt;a~. a,~L\ JO~ •' \<)ill \be aDl\i) _'t'b nriol efCitia~ l?pi( ~f! couve'raation in. buy·· ·at . \These Sarin~.· cvery'pniot of this rity: • ·ru.ere is.il gle!l' feeling of · eU;vage. rejoicing ~t Prices'' right a,lo'ng a,;' . we Ulll\lh aml of tlie 'bitter regret Uillt he never raise the price again Oll should havp ki!le<l himself instead of toe l . 1 d falling into the dutch,·• of the infuriated any artie e once reuuce · t:lo citiz.,ns, who woukl have delighted lo that you who faileLl to secure rend him limhfrom li!Jll' for th.e long the bargains cccturday can .fintl list of cruelties for whicll they hold him n:spn.nsible. ' them thrs week. It iB impossi!Jl~t lor any one not in this Silk Remnallt Sale country or not a native 10 realize the intentiity of the h'iltrcd that was enter- Troultle ou n.ltacQ Track, \Ve have accumulated quite a. large otock of remnants of Blaek, Fancy and Plain colored SilkB, ranging from 1 to 15 yds. and we know of no better way to dispose of them than to sell them at a saeritice-just th\ thing to help you make over a dmss. or a triwming, of R wlmle drt:BB for tha:t~1natter. tain~J toward the \s-president. Th<l National holida:ys which were to ·haY<> eD.Je<l on ~aturday night have boon pro- longed !Jy tho news of t}>e suicide.· Tho feasts, illuminattou~ A.'llil other ctlle!Jra· tiona in honor of the sucreas of the gt·essional r•arty bas been th~ marching of frenzie<l <Tl>W•l.B-'I:'fil:t>ugb all the atrc.etsehouting songs or triumph over the <lenth of t.heir former ruiN·. The Yalpluaiao papers are j.ust ont with c\· tras from Snntiago about the suklde. The ncwa which they publish is not to l)e comparetlln earnpl<ltoness with the . W c also offer a ;;peci.al iii story 1 tt~-legraphod you lnst night. One Black Silks-goods we fully m>tauoe of this is tlie !act that the Arp:entlne mi~i!;ter,nt Santiago rest~lutoly guu.mtttee iLJ/ Peau de Svie- ref uRea to furnish any of the lucat papers -Black Satin Hhadarue, Faille, I with n copy of the pathettc letter written G G · E ' 'loy Ba\macedt1 a •hart time previuus to · ross rams, tC'. ~ his shootrng himself in which he •le- CtNUNNATl, Sept. 21.-AU is not pleas· ant among the jock~ys at Latonia 11nd Jhe club has taken a hnncl in the differ- onc~s existing between the knights of the pig skin by isauinp: an order to tbe c.erk of the course to not again weigh in Jocl<ey Bunn. In severn! races recently horses havo' fa!! en nud the testimony of other jockeys has led the officials of tl:le club t<:> believe that Bunn's l'eckleBS rid· ing has CallSed more than one of th~e accidents. Yesterdny tho suspended boy fell himself but escaped injnry. He is verv in<Ugnl\nt over tho d!lcision IUld claims that the other jockeys have com- bined to \do': him. TOWELINGS. fcnJa hia course ns presiuent. , As tlw llorah.l's represen:tntiY>J l alone of all th<• newspnpor men in this city o~ Santingo was nble to get a e»py or this Th,tt lim· of UheckPJ Glass interesting statement. lt was through t I . r t d t. tile indefatigable efforts of ~Iiuioter Egan owe mg, ,,u; e ge Wt' COli mue thnt 1 was euooe.ssful. at lie until all solJ. 12 1-:l ex-1 It is the general belief that Balmnce- tru. wide shirting we continue at Ida's death w~ll hast<>n in n great degree · , the restoratton of. ponce throughout lOc. Chili. Now that thtHhiei enemy of the CORSETS. victorious Junt~ is no more it is likely that his followers will he shown more mercy since without Bnlma<'edn to direct tltem they are very little to be fellred, Italy, France, l'weden and ;:.lorway \Ve are showing an 'Unusually followed tho lead of the l\nited States large assortment of corsets in all in official recognition of tho Juntn. Ger· • 1 many it will be rm:nembered was the the most popular makes, and I secon•l nation t.., do so. ;<;o official rec- have a .corset that. will fit and agnition has yet coruo fro111 England. t 0 t k This rrentes cm1sidernblo comUI<'Ot. p ease you. ut· s oc com- --·--- prises the short, medium, long, snw nt. OpoJ;!l. n>td lll••l· l 1 f h . h X;:w Om.E:.,Na, Sept. 21-Minh J. an< extra ·ong, any o W IC we Blnku, a talenteJ young mu•ician who ca.n give you at $1.00. At 75c vrrotomostolthemusicalscoreior\The we haven. corset equal to Elny Khedive,\ tho comic o'Pera rcrently pro- duced in '1<ew York died last night. He $1.00 quality. Jn t.he better was 2G years old nod n native a! Ireland, qualities we k~ep the best raming here at n very early ago with his known an•l most desired makes lather who taught mllBic a number years. Ho hllB been au.Jl'ering from. con· such n.s Thompson's Glove Fit- sumption for some time and when his t . P D W · H Jth opera was produced here 1l'e only saw mg. , ., arner R e.a , · one performance venturing out in a car- Eer Majesty's, etc. riago for nn hour. The failure oi his • Our t~tock is al WiiJS we 11 u.s- favorite work to win fame and fortune probably'hastened his death. sor~d and the ln.rgest vnriety m tlw city. DRESS GOODS. We havo some rxcellent goods now on our counters at R, 12~ and·l:;c tllll! =· not last very long. llaving the half- price touch on them they are holln<l to go ami quickly too. In the fhler goods at 00 and 75o we ba ve new showings in plain and fancies in 811Ch qualities that you'll find diffi· cult_t~_en,~-~~~e_!efcr to our ·dollar lint-; nowhere can you fin,f be'j.~J!,Wl we doubt if ns good·. A few desir'K6f~ pattPrn suits at $R ;;:,, our own importa- tion! w Web arc vory dcsirablo. BLACK GOODS. We're eho'Ytng a new line of Black Indian Skolt~t.on n.nd Arme at Ft•nnRUn. FnAliKL!ll, Pa., be pt. 21..- While work- men were digg\n~ a sewer here a few days ngo on I·:lk &treet, one of tho prin· dpal thoroughfares in thi.t city, they un earthed the skeleton of an lndinn war• rior. It was found directly in tho mid· dlo of tho street, anti WllS only covorgd by about eighteen inches of dirt. Along with the remains wru·e found a gnn, lnrge bowie knife, tomahawk, lot ol beads, a kettle, some pieces of flint and ae\'eral other implemen111 belonging to an Indian warrior. ··!/.f -=nntnlrogl.-lor. MA1 Vll.~E, flept. 21-(Sp<•cial]-llr. A. B. Mye.rs filled his certifiCate ns phyai· <'ran nnd surgeon today in the county cll'rl<'s office, thereby snvmg himself from prosecll\tion. Tho regular school of m<'dieiuo nro insisting that all prnctition · era shall bo registered nc<'ort.ling to In w, and se\·eral in Chautauqua e,rmnty who are not thus registered will be protested ag.ainat at once, .. ,- --···--- I•'Irt:S nt Oe.rry. We lim an Dro'a, the moat popular drtJggists in JarneatO\Hl, nlwnys keeps a big stock of \Blush'of Roaes\ on hand. Tho Stroot Rnlhvay. Two freight cqrs.bnve lmon ordered for use between the city, Falconer and Lake- wood. They will be towed by the motor cnre and carry exprcBB, ha~:gage nnd freight. A track will be laid; in the alley in th& rear of the American express office to facilitate bundling express goods while baggage and fr$)ght will ho received nt office In the car house. The track from the railroad crossing to F. E. Gifford's will be relaid aa soon as the Tnird street wo~k is completed. • l'{hen other more urgent work is fin !shed n track will he lnid out First street from lllain to ~e Erie depot. Cnrs wiil then connect with trains. Tbe rumor that a loop wonl<j hu built. on the I:akowood line encircling ·nay- view and Prendergast Point and briDg- ing 4,000 acres of la11d ·into the mnrket,ns related by Tbe News, is on a par with the hat factory story. President Broad· bead says it is tho first he hllB heard of it. Funeral of R\4i-baccn. Cheney StonemiUl. Thb remains of the late Miss Stoneman of .A.Ibambrn, Cal., arrived on train 8 Saturday morning, attended by her eis- ter, Miss J .. lli. Sto-qemn.u, and Judge Stoneman of Iowa. The funeral ·was held. (rom the· Lakewood chapel at 2 o'clock Sttude.y niter· noon, Rev. A.. Sidn~y Dealey, officiating. MWlk,was lur.nished· by n choir, co~­ posed of B. A. Barlow, Samuel Dawson, Ml'!'l, Pardee, Mia!l Feather and Mifts Barlow. The bearers were lion. W. C. Gifford, Daniel Sherman, Georgo Oil· ford, F. A. Bentley, Obnrles Gifford, Dr. Jsmcs Douglas. There was a Jnrge at· tendanco ot' old-time friends and ac· quaintancea frllm J amcstown nnd the neighboring towns, by whom the do· ceased wns held in high cstectn. The interment was made in Lakewood reme· tery. . Goods and have a. number of new weaves that nr<· sellfng very readily. We woul<l in vile your inspection of these gootla~ a!Jlo in Bln~k Cashmeres, Rprges, Brondclotba, etc. You will find us \up with the times\ and ahead in value, Boston Store <iRnnv, N. Y., ~ept. 21.-[Hpccial.]- Two large barns belonging to John A. Rice, were burned with all their con- tents, consisting of !I quantity of farm produd.a Fridny night, causing a loss of $2,500; insurance.$1,000. The·-;li'rc caught from a steam thresher, which work' nenr the l>atns. 208 Main St. . ·~ \ .. -A11:1nnd Coni Stovea-ov<Jn and plain, best mad!l, prices low~J~!t. Clark's hard· wn.ro store. r.:...:~ 'rho I~lno•t t...URtom JJycmg. ~haYe just engaged the 8\ltvicca of 11 dye~. who bn.a dealt extensively In dye etntra; 'is a dyer by trnde,hna tmvelcd cx- tcl:lalvoly nmong the dyeing cstn!Jlish· menta at home and n:broud, ruul we nre N'epnred to dye in tho best mnnucr deli· cato ln!)rics 1 women's nnd men 'a cloth- ing, etc. No need to scud goods out of town. _ GEouog liAUtALL. Footes avenUG,·nenr tho liridg~. • eodt! -Btty your drugs llnd medicines nt Lawall's new drug store in the GUI'ord building. Entire new stock of drugs chemieri.ls, patent medicines, lmtahes toilet soaps, perfumes\ also a flue line oL stntionccy'. Prescript oiis find illl fnmily rec~ipts carefully cornpoundc<l by com- petent J,lCrsona. Order-a by tclCI)hone will recClVQ prompt attention. 24d&wt J -, f without ;;;j~.-,-. A :. · llrclfSing, Raven c:1, .... ~ J .. t~ q-, ~':'·· Con- tnino.o U ladies' , ·-' '\ 'I ... w 'l n.1tural, IT J>,\Y,.: TO PA'l'RO~IZJ•: I>EALlmS YO I' AHE A<-:t!{' .\!Nl'EI.I W!Tll. FEN N FR &SON, '\Top of Main St.\ IS THE PLACE TO CALL. Try It and See. ii .. -··wr:a:m~ SF-Eel!h~-PRI-cES .. -ON'- UNDERWEAR -A::N\::D-· BLANK:ETS Wlll Continue ( AT ' 11 '\·:.6' ' ' .

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