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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, September 17, 1891, Image 2

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-Tlll!r- MERGHANT TAILOR OVER 2d st Jamestown, NY RA8 RECEIVED !!IS I All AND \\!!<Til< GOODS AND WILl Nl T I F. I ' • DER>;t>LD m: ANY O!>E Pants hom $3.00 up Overcoats fr m s; hW.tiJ accordingly I adleR sarq u '8 11 m ted Cleaning and U.cpa rln_g DC'ntlr l U(' Go to JAMES G. S.MITII, ~ WEST FIBST STRE~ T -POil- -wrap. ping Paper, Lewis Olson, Carriage Manufacturer and Repairer. 100 East Second St , Jamestown, N ~. Roal Bstato ann Loan A[BllCY --ARE HI !I I \ r- NO, 11 East Th1rd St Whel'(\ !!;OOd bargams can nl \n)\ h many kmd of Heal Lell1h tt tl owner's bottom J rut s J ll t' denhng wtth nil REMEI\IRER THI I I H I J. & A. D. DEWEY. OREN APPLEQUIST, Mr. Brunnelle ~ OF NEW \iOHK Oil\ No\\ II \:-i CRAHGE OF UUH l Ul\ll h ~I \I I I Wl'IHOUT DOl HT Ill Is THF. M0'-'1 EXPERT CUSTOM SHIRT CUTT~R IN WESTEitN !': Im \ QIU, II \\ I'\ I BEEN EMI LO\'I: Efl Jl\> fill I I Ill 'IJSGOUHTOM ~IF.N 0'\ IIIlO \PW \) AS IN THE P \RT f!If Chautauqua WILL ( ON1ll'l I I Ill I I \H \\I GUARANTEl' \ II I I I I rlr I'\ ALLO.!.\E!-l White & Graham WAU~F.H niiH h fELEPHON& 127 Rubber Stamps AT THE Journal Office. rhen ts no >ranch of mummpal 1m IHO\ um nt \luch hns such an mtunate relat on to the enhanemg of prop rrty \fihtt s an I makmg any ooctwn lesuaulc llB a pla(l(> of reSJdenre as a per {,ctsr<H >age and goou pavements -New \ orl< ~!a1lt nd } xpress OE!AIUT,'-UOUA ()OUNTYSOLID SECRETARY FOSTER ElUSV Ho ~ THE FAIR. JELLY TUMELRRr And all seasonable articles for puttmg up fruit. THE FAIR, Jamestown, N.Y. The City National Bank OF JAl\I!,qTOWN Capital, - $100,000.00. lll'>IC&RS I! W f&W W LLIS TEW, Pres dent V Pres1dcnt UsnmR'l: \'W Tmv OI!Shl~r DIBECHHU! A Flynn Kent :Mnrtm L Fenton I! ornco II GlllofJ F. !far P Putnam !or d k ~ l'ull~r Jr W lhs Tow W :::; CamNon John .r WhtU r;y Ueorg• W f~w We reH(Hmt[ully n.Kk n. 1 orUon of yuur +- p \tr tn~to Steel & Iron Roofing, I .... t pall n thno do] ••Its Eavestroughmg Tm Roofing and 1\111 W.oGn<r~>utooCIIURTRSY ACOURAOV 1nda of galvanJz~tl and sbGPt rrnn work ~oo:t~::cUtU'J'Y t: I tuak~ nspPcJaltl of country work -- --,- C. 'N YOUNG, S ~~ ~ U<f 2 I ~tr FACTS ~ 11IONH Jl011\11 \1 ro J J ~as~:au ~lrt: 1! ~ ,] ar 1 rrptrs•nte I I v I oh rt I --~-------------------~--~-------------- Cutorlal!IMw~UndnptWtochildrcutlmt' (recommend itnss pE>rio oan:r.t\rcnctiptJon mown town I~ \ \n~t &n M~D 111 So Orio d l L llrooldyn N Y b Fnr re-v rAJ yMrs r hnveo recotnmcntl 'f) )'0 t' '!'.a.stor B. •a lRl:udlahVAY~l!'Onttnt oto ~~:'it :holt !nvorlobly pi'oduCcd bonello <>1 ErtWJtf I PARnBK II D I 'Xhe \\\mtbrop l~t Stroct a1d .. tb ATe New York Cit)' Tn O&NTAun CouP.urv 'i'7 Mtmru.v S:rnw:£'1' NJiW Yon. .The Sale i~ A NEW AI JUST Of $125 to $i'1 Buy Now ~ Choi For fmther m on the uncl Office Opau Bvenm~ ~ J. J. M< Room '>, Ne\\ ~ Brook1yu Custom Tai 119 l1a hi'\< 'I I\ I I I n l I r :>m U 4 AT 1'-111 t.Dl./\N tr4 4f'~Tl!:>.-..U • CAPITAL PAT I c. A. s~ H0$3 Glovesan£i D!NS~ G!GTUS 1 SUPBRIOR l

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