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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, September 09, 1891, Image 8

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''\, EXTRAORDINARY Patterns iMh THE POPUL\H PEOPL:: .) STORE.- A. D. SHARPE 9 203 MAIN ST. • T 1 tl1~> Edtt•1r ~tf Ttl!: .Jut U't .. , 1 tw ttanRff•r uf n In m•mt\ Hit• 1• '-[ 111 The ='t\~ C'•Jntum\B t•• ln .. '\a !It,tth r ,,f J.JH•:\t ('l•fl..t.'(•rn. nu•i nil sorl\' ,,f c·nrnnu ttt~ nn•l n•htl1~1;)fll1t•l:-m:>. nr ........ :tll<Jnt. 'lla~ \,\HI \\1-JI r•ot:tmU•• on llt< 'fll•l platf••rtJ!, mulas tht> •hl!~ lr.11k \\I' l\t-'Rllll•. that \\•• 111'1 fJlfl\111q It is ndnuttPd t~rnt tlo~• Ill'\\ t•ur. I, .... , has p!lld 111 ~'1,001) fnr 1~18 ~hart·. I,;; it f •r .~ mmnritv mttow~t lw l•·11 i 11 ' 'I1 -N.r\' Wh·ks Ull•l 'lnrlm r.,' 1\.••l hu' u .• nt•tunl '\~t r•r tlr1 .r t-f,, h, 1··~~ tlt,ltl ~ I,OUil, 1t t 1 •· ;f\ lr.u; ln•t u )'1\1.~ 1• •r tllt'ir IIHnnnl} 1Iltl't• ~t \It) J<l. 1\'P..\.;ot hnttclf•tl f., tlu 111 ' \\ h\ hu1-1 gnbhh•d Ut• the nw.rP than S:4,Hilrl o\t•rplu~·· Is tin• puhht to nrr•h•rslnu-t:! that tht•ron'tinntpg lnl 1 lllhi'N q.f thf' ~\ ll•liruttt• :\ft·RJrq, Boott.·~, J:oc.,'-\h•r antll:llunq, 1-t•Jt thJR 1 {or _ Rf1U• ezihg tlwir pnrt1w1, ont of thl' c· Ill· ft·rn. '1 hl\1 J• t!r• uul v mh•l't nt' fn lu• 1ll'R\' i11rnru I liP nluwt~ .. XPWA C'tlilorial. · Tm IH '~\II bollt!-1 to Puter nrul\t lu• nt tlw hnot Htl' uatu1u; .1, E. Al'l\ ~-l·lPod ,, Bread. :, t.l ~ fJ \RLO,\. , ~~ ... o 1 rom l1rcad us~ n ,, 1 • h.df .. ~ J•tnt of curn ' t •)f m,!J:, hnl£ a g11J of l ·• t 'lOtoiUl rlf salt, thrcr t{'aw 1.1.•\F;and'c:: H.~J.:ing Pfl\v- •. ,. :· _, tahiespounfu•s ot our new line of Etc., Etc. Custom trado. large line ot READY-MADE A .. Suits and Over Coats I for Men's wear, and the larg- est line of to be and Children's Clothing found Ill the city. THE Furnishing Goods ,. is filled with Department everything de- Call and see the new fall styles. Wm. H. Proudfit. . The Leading Clothier. ... YES iT IS A FACT INDEED. Just now every man, young If our selections have and old, is thinking ahout a fall suit, al).d just now we are been judicious thHre prepared to meet the wants must be something of ever) one. We have just among theno to please recc:h·eri a spl~r?aid line of fall ~ui ts, in all styles, and would be plea~ed to ·have you call anrl inspPet them. The YOI.L · ·. · • '·'· prices wilLbLright --n-ui:T tne ~ •L • t.Jgrc-·iicnts an'l mh Brtt the egg• till light goods are right. We are al- t .. tht.m. Stir th•~ mn;. . ' . .,, ••»:<c'<lrenB. Ad·l •he , soc Yerf!owing with good bar- ' '\''\att<>ratmscror.~.; If our P~·ices are gains' in lmts. No matter 1 L~H.·•l par.s . .J.nd il.llcc .. ·' '.:,.~:'i.:l t:~·ke~~·. :n~;, how litnited your purse \\\e ,, r·,_,,,, Mant<h v•rh.l· can fit you with a nobby hat, 'l·l ...... u~a ... ·-l('·~·\o'flQh[, no~\ r1\gl!...t don'd- . ·, :· , , \\'\Jq ln > i. U ' 11.. or a stylish snit of clothes. />,, !··n fC'itd,r, ~~ Jd' ,.,1,·. · wu youdecideupona~uit \ I · • land's Rak- to order, our counters are ,r: .. P \\cler 1cav· buv , r '•· ., ''\' '\\'' ih ·. J' • filled with the choicest materi- , .•. r .,th h !\\ 1 ~~~~~~~~11.~~~·,;...· I als at reasonable prices. cr• ·tm of tnrtnr.u · 1 '\'' ,.,, hy P\ . l I . • ,,;,, nnly. · ;l.~i b} I atnmOnta nr ...LIU •tL --- -. 207 Main Street. 207 J. WtuTLEY & SON. Ar.1. HIE L.-\TEsT j\;'nv No. 2l0 M.ain St. FREDERICK A. FULLER, SOLR AGENT IN JA1IESTOWN. 213 Main Street. Established & • a.. C> ::J:!I. .::a: A 1\.1.1: • :-.IER'-'If.-1.::\~ TAILORS, JR., .CLOTf-ITERS, 1841.: HATTERS AND FURNISHERS . '\\ .·~ . -~. r J ~... ,' ... • ' < ~: · ..... t:W,h·y.-.:N.ot··, ~~:~.·. ~- -~~· .:~:-:. . . : : ·:' >· :~ . . · / ~ :· . ; ' •·. !m{;t:ore \the· Th;e'ss 1 G~o,Ts-·orJ~o'f • ..... : .. :tu·~riie~ ·w.~: ,yffe~\ -:rk')/e:s·· \t • :-4~ss.i;~rc.~ ·.all' ~.\re',:y;'pi .. c~ ~r'-~ooils. . . ''.in' t'\i'e.stoN:if 'J.<tu'll .aru1Y, :i;n:~_e· ·', ·, .. ilw·~roub}e to,. ~ett, :for~ ywrseli , :· ~: .. _;· . ~~r 11 r6', 'bl.lying: . o.r~. 'il.o:u;·s~ if · . ,. ·.- ... ili6J:Je;i iS nO ub,iect to :•;ou our . • ·. : •' ·. ad;;.ice~-·'is en.tirel~, U!v;wcessurv, \ B~~t we ·wQuld. r11-ther ,;rerJir y~u 'with-dii'JOI'etion' in un,m\ipg out your'~a?h.'-··We know (lone in- stance where you can juRt save one dollar antl five cents on 7 yarJs. •Another case wh<>re it is $1 7 5 and how mau v c:u.ses we do not know uf. But WQJ5'~lleve you capable of finding. out tl!P~e differ<' nee!! since tl!et,are in your favor. Being determineu to do a still larger Dress Goods business this fall we have bought larger stoc-ks and marked them well as you'll see-~ufficiently less tp make it an o@jcrct lor you to buy here. · We could dwell on,..the merits of our 50c Dress Flannels, but come and see them and be the judge yourself. Also our 50c line of faricy Plaid Bannock- burns, Oashmeres:Serges, no bet- ter' goodrl or styles to be found anywher·e. 'Fake our lin., at 7 5•', Sfic, $1.00 in fancies or plain and we have as good an article and bet· ter_ everytime as you'll find any place. . 'rhose Vel ulin.a Cords in the various sbaderl are selling rapidly as trimmings or for ~ackets aml ;part dresses. Our Vel vet values wert> never better and $1.00,$1·.25 and $l.iiU buys a pleasing quality. Our line of 25c Dress Good:~ 'is always attractive for we clean up our hotter qualities by feeding ,tliispl.\iee-We need ~ot_m~n­ tion cheap or any 'WordS1gmfymg bargain when 45c goods are be- ing sold for a qumter. BE ·COMFORTABLE under comforters. Though it is early to buy they fet>l goo• I these cool niahts and only $1,25 'filled with o~an white batting. It's cheaper to buy than ~ot to 1~y : and .we cannot promise to giVe yott siJ.c'h as these all_ the, }i!ll~. Its a special for just how 1oug they last, so the chance of yom buying some depends altogether ou how soon you get here. LINENS. It it always concede,l that we sell the best Linens and we sell them cheaper than anybody else but we do seem to outdo our· selves every little while. Tha1 time is now and tab1ings, towel! napkins, lunch cloths! toweling and linen goods generally hav€ got a special low price on them See the towels we arc s<.>llin~ for a quartE>r Look a~ those two for a quart er. See also that lot ·of Turkisl towels 2 for a quarter. TakP ir the whole to~el stock. Our dollar spread is a, beaut~ and outrivals al1 the \try to ap pwach\ k iud. Better ouee a $1.25, jpl.fiO nnd up, and cheR.T' er ones if yl)u wish. Gbotl 0111' nille spreads for very ltttle ltD< . hannsome ones for httle roor.e. Here's the whole space tak~>J up and nothing ~aid abo]lt.Hand kerchiefs, -Underwear and th like. Probably you tead ou Saturda.yls aclvertiseme.tlt a!}d w shall continue the '11ale a those ptices. . Ri!memb)! PJP..!i ·Iarfeeling point's this way,_ ·yo might do worse than .follow, on sure thing you onnt do qetter. ·}'

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