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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, July 16, 1891, Image 1

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, • •t • ~n. the;. b.ite •\ r Jm.e. tau- gin sold paca uits. had to the fit. plt~tP. lilt In dPt \\ t'fif 0( lntt unlv to onr lu~t mhrares of nftt'r hnn ynn n gt\Pnt <\.an get to $3, to $~ iO. nclmhng z .. phyrs BO tha\ em-. and 1 ~1\UlO the and ... '' ,. '. I. ' ' ' . .. Blazer Jackets. 'Dainty Light Pm Stripes in varwus <'o_lors at 2 71l; good value !lot.$:Ui0. Also m travel- mg wraps and blac!t or light Jackets all at a cut price A nice line of boating shawls m cream and colors at temp tmg prices. Ladies' gauze• vests 2 for a quarter m all Btzes, :,tee and coool for the hot v;eathE'r. Grey .RibbE\d V PSt!! t> for a quarter while they lallt. MPn·a Balbriggan shirts 2'5c a pieee, usually sold at. 35r.. Outing Shirts at :?!',,·, :l!lc and ;,o,., .. xtr.t value: We nre closinl!: out thi\ . E'ntire l!ne o.t redu,·~·t fHl<'eH. Hosiery. LaJips', B()vs' a ntl MtHH<'\ Hosf', Sunrtse Dye, absolutkly fast at spP•·ml prie,.s. A lot ul lao liP><' black ···•1ton host> at !),• 11. patr to rlmw otlt A b()ut 10 •lo?.t'll of tho~•· !ttll regular ma•lfl Ltt•h\\' Bla .. k Hose at l\lc left, <lon't you w.tnt BOlDt>'' .fi'ancy strtprol an<l briggan hose at 1 Oc n ular .2!ie good>~. plat n bal- p.ur, rf'g- Boston Store ! 208 Maih St.,. . , '-. hghtu1ng and Bl•veral men Wl rt• stunnPt.i In ~ohtlt>nmt parta ui the town nlltl t~ounty and burned, 10 OU!ST lllPPULYTE. lll•ur~;cnt•tu >Ink~t•terunn•tl ~llnck $Him. N£\\ Ynu&:., July lh -l'he \\rurltl tlus morntng s~ya tht't Hayta.•n n~'olutwuustH who wen exiJed to Kmgstnn, Jnmawa, met the Reneral nslll'mbly ,J unt• ~\! nnd elected lien. Anseleme Propht•\t' gt•nei-al· in-chief of their forces. The new l'O!U· mand'er hns issued an address to the peo ple of Hayti, in w hJCh, alter reciting Gen. ll!ppolytc's recent ferutltleR, he says the, tune bas como to ,]r-ag from pQwer ll tyrnnt..wll<>-ha&-GJ>lv the msa-n- ity of mur(lcr for a vutm-. ~nd (-alls on his fellffi\• Clttzens to hnvt1 conh•lt•nf'to 111 hts policy to support h1w m •lt·!ivt•ring his country. The DtjW commaud~J' ts considered one the ablest sold1ers Hayti evt•T' produced. The t~xtlc.s ure prt par- ing to make au attack on tbo forces of H1ppolyte, bttt w!ll not be I'NI•ly for somu tlml' A srSJ'I~s-c.•sE. Au Old Ln_U AC'(.'ttaod ol n. l\lottt Dorrlblo Crl.ui~. f Josll!'A, Tex., July 16 -Th1s town is much t•xclted over tho trage•ly of Mon- day n1ght, when the three ch!ldrt\n of ,,. A. Newberry were mndered, their throats bomg cnt, and old Mrs. New- h~rry, grandmother of the children, was frightfully cut, bemg, as she alleges, tted to n post by two masked mtn while the lrtghtlul work \\RB in progreflll. It wns first reportt•<l that the old lady wns killed Enrly yesterday mormog thPru wen• •louuts of tho truth of Mrs. ~ew­ h~rrv u.nd befor~ DIJ:!;ht 1t was \hispt•rt>tl arount.l thnt ah(> lwtl C\omnutted t hP deot•tl Thr old lnJy f;l\·('lfl(•tl to kno'i\ too much a bunt the> ntlmr {ut a woman w lw had bl•e..n l'ttt in thethrontseventeen t1mes by tlu~ pt•rsons \\ ho murtlerPtl tho rlnl dren. 1-'ht• has been arrested nnu tak .. n to l'l,.hnrne tomght. The only theory ad vancetl 1s that the old Indy w tuJ de m(>nte,L A ( Uy of the Third {'ln:Ms., \\I£~H\ 111 x,fl 1 n, .July lt).-At n n•gu 1nr na 1 tinA\ of the c oundl laat t'\' en mg a. rt>solutaon \Hltl pa&wd ndnptmg th£l pru .. VISJOns of tho &f't of l'fi .J, hv wh1ch M••n,h 11lf' \\ 1I1 hL•£\tmu• n l'ttv of ih~· th1rd rlass. Tho {\lly has \wt•n duiDJ! lulstm~SR undt>r n spp••tal 1 hart-..r ThL• luont•ht.s to ht~ th n \ E'1l from tlw t•hnngf' \\ tl1 IH nu thonfv tn Ill n nEit' th(\ 11ty tit ht £c•r lht• purpmtl' o( flP.t•tft•ll ITlUDII a pal 1111prn\ l• ult'nta . Tu J•nrnlllll tho Lnke !'-l,lor-o, C'Jllt l\'i~HTI Jnly lh -It is a~R\trl•tl to- day that ('p.lviu ~ Brae ~m1l ~nmu~l Thnmas an• nt thP ht•nd of n Pyuth<'atP olojt•et 18 to parallel llw I.nkt Shorr systt•m from Tult>lln in rut nt'.lr a bee hne ns posstble iffilvm s Rttt'P haa gon<> to Europ~ to (ry an• I int• rt·st EnRhsh capitalists m the new rnterpns<', and It is saul rontl'lll'ts wdl be awarded lor the grndmg, ete., on hts return. Shot Too Late. Cu•TTANOO<.A, Tenn ,July IB -Jnt!ge Jam•s A. Wardl•r, who shot naol k1ll<>•l hlB snn-in·lnw, ~ M Fn~gettf', and dan- gt'rnnsly ~onnd(•f} Ins 1laughtPr, Mro. Ful!~'<'tt<\ wbil<-'Blw W!ll! try in~ to .:nc ht•r lmshnnd's lirfl, Oll Jannnry \ru;t, Rhnt htmf'f'lf 10 thP Tight SU}P (l3ffy flli~ UlOTD mg nl tht• ~ton<' cnttn,:w on Lookout mountmn. He s\rvwt•cl unt1l 1 tfi 1<'1ork th1s n:_o~nu~~ _ C,!ttn.y Candldatf' fn1 Rf' lf'll'l'hou. :-.s\' Yol<K, July ltl H. H._<Jnl!y, sop of l't\ltl\ol Ktates Konator \luny, was so<>n at ~en Isle, Cape 1\fuy, ye~terday He said posttively that his lather \ill not nf'f'rpt a rP-<.•lertmn as rhmrmnn of the national Repnhhcnn committee, b11t that be is r.andidato for r<>·eledion for sena- tor from Pennsylvama ant! I• confidt>nt that he will be elerted. A Poor Old Sohiii\'T._\ End. EmE, !'a.. Jniy Ill -Z \V. Brles, an old solcli~r catne. to tho SO-Idwrs homo from Philndelph1a l esoorday, Last night he jurupet! out o[ the second story win· and di<><l soon after. lt tS thought be wus demented. --sm:ttrm-re-at Oo\vnndn... GowANDA, July 16.-[Specinl.]-'rho large barn and contents, belonging to Dr. R. E. Moss, was destToyod by fire at 2 o'cldck thll!, morilibg. 0 .. lu•1 Lowr.Jit .) il.tttniug · !ttn~ttnl . . .... . ... itJ,\JtUJP.lJ :u \'I'\ I Iflf1ll tl\'1 In flm••\l\\\'11 :.. 'J: inly t 1\'11 \' It fl l\nnrJf,•nl J l' l~•rr} 11 ~fll)t- tU•I MJ~-q l.ru,-. I I.i•ldt••mt huth of l•t(ty ,Jnllnrsn\\ard \\II~~ h~ tmHl for Mlll\111!1~ ,.,,1 11 io(nrmntion W.adane- tu tht• arn•ot antl 1 1 ALh.SRit-~ll<;.\l u \l ln Jnm,»~lo\\ll N ', r.onvTc~ti•Jn of tb( person or JH!r84U-s wh,, hav{\ sunk or remo-vcrl buoy~ fr•)m tho luly lt, 1~!H. f•l A r Furi•Jn 1 r Chaulrll )ako (Biwte£1), W lo\o..lkncrntlC'l \ftJ(R J.UtltJR (f 1>fc.a.rhl\l, both CtmUISSION\F..llS OF NAVH-i.\TJON. oritccca, 04io... ' Jnmest<lwn, .July 15. dim cAnLHON-WETTERnALI~Ju J\\'\'towu ll Y , July l:i, lR!lJ, IJy Rev J ltf, Abflfltfom, Frnol< Cur!.wn and }!ll!s flaooa A, llcltcrhall, linlh of .Tnmeot<>~vu \\t~t-fllll prH.t'hre uf~rno1•nv, t1Y~li.lUit ttnd 0U\'TKTRIL'8. LIRS. HI.Z£L11NE 1i PALMER t•tt \'HIt f \ N~ n.tul !-tl UH !fUN ... '' )! 1 ,., l\lt'N vf th ... 1 \ ... J~no.-IIIUWio . ' , .. ..-v'• '\'\ 41\ A Full 8:ZB GtlY Lot for One Doll at·! PriVdle sala or B1lanca or Brooklyn Park Alotm m' Bruoklyn Scp!,trc. S B. Jmlngs, $~ ll!l to HOS.IERY~ Gtoves and U nUerwear ~ -A~ NO. J6.7 JAMESTOWN ,. Insuch quautities,•Styles and D~corations. The best and must simple Central Draft ·- Lamp made. Yon ueed'qne, ~ . you must acknowledge when VICTORS, 'HARTFORD~, RAM- I you see oms, so ne\ and dif- BLERS, CREDEN.D.~S ferent styles JU~t opening up now. Sets,. Did Yon Say? ntce and cheap as now~ If you £an pay Ill imtall- Cl'me and tell us your needs and S'Ce what we can do fo: any style Gentlemen's )Oll. shoe in our window at HARRIS, UNDERWOOD $2.47, goods & DOERING. worth from. $ 3 · 00 ~ 0 THE POSTAL TELEGRAPH $5.00. This sale Will 00.li::11J>R:t:l.Y- :0,1!1<•» nf Wtrt•. positively last only un- til Saturday night. I• ~ • It II )( ) ,\,ooo Otli,·t·~. Lo1\ Rate~! \\ • fl'\l'P• t Lfu1t) \' lu at vnnr bn!oliDt'Eifl. J'~O B SHAW, .1• • \l II'\ ~llthl.'l' LLNI:S~ Rubber Stamps .\T TilE 209 Main Street 25 A.. FEAST per t't·nt off Office. I I Quarter off l._s_A_L_E_-:-: of Bargains at Alden 7 s. (l\(J~fllnolo\' illf ·Ia\ 1nl\\. hu'H tn,,Jnly .!nth\' :!l~t nn.t '.! l \*'11 4 nn lmy Just onP Pollnr \\ ort Ia •I 1 .. 1~ f 1r ;·u~ nt ,\ ldt•tl'~ ( htt> Pru• { .~h 'l.on•. thtR 18 ll(J fl11111ht1~ ...,ell• J• II dt. IJ o.ll\t' li•lvPrtiME'I\ bnL tlu '-'11111111 i'•trt RillJl, It }Q~ liu,Jt~R tiH' nhfJit• ~to• k ,.f t'lo,thHIJ!, ll.tts, CnpR, :\H•u\' l·urtll~ohrn~ l1nnds. 1 \lf'ft hniJt TaJiurl!l!.! 111 (,,tl ~·J\•~t stor1• Yuu \\lllllll•llil•!i n J.:: ''ul hnw to hJ\ttd your tllllllt') '\,, IIIRrltA Will \~t• ('h!tnj!t~)un ll11• t!\\'Jf;l., 111) trtkt·ta t.tkrn orr \II !-{''\'~ l!lllrkt•d :n plnln UgtiftR .... 1 111 1 1\JII ~.1\ hm'l 11ln voltltHotd tHiliHk• IJ.J .. .J ... , •'lilt. Yon mh:d<~tpt-lt tWI\r•IJ nf'k, h•1W t'auyou nllonl to Lt• po(lr ~ llu·• tf'ltti.llllfi ri)r tin:-~ Hllll• ~u· ''\ r\'t\' k· ·I f\.nd tht\ guwls must lit' R.nl•l ,\It• I lttrn4••l tlll•t rnsh :! 1 tak• 11 ••!1 •lfl • '' ry ,Jnllar you purchn.EH.• dur111g tl11 fit t •layA tmlo or.h (J 111 t 1111~\ ... 1t i\oot)l) 11111ts < nst yuu JUst :jh UU ,Jnnn~ thtH Hlth~ $L·UH ll1t~ ' '\' , u \ J. B. ALDEN, ONE PmCE CASH TAILOR, CLOTHIER, HATTER AND 1•4 MEN'S FURNISHER, ;!t5 Main St., Jamestown, N.Y. 1-4 SALE OFF OFF SALE THE. Chautauqua Souvenir . Snoon . Designed, Patented and for - sate only by Philtiro s .& Armitage. EAST. THiflO S1'RE£T ·

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