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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, July 06, 1891, Image 1

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,.._ About as.llandsodie ~ m:a- ·~tal a~ yo,u'lJ fit!~ in q?~tori. · . is.'Bnnted Cr~Wer.eturalln -,a:p- pearatl.ce,to any wo6i di~l~ie all.d otily ·x~k a Y!l:rd. 'W1u;n yon· can bfl.y,ntnl:eri{t\ like tll;is 'f.or the pnce ypu -~ M- fm~l to do withou(q~. :•. , , · ~ I ,. • l As good a varlety :of Gin,g· • hams as you'd .expect when the sales have been so large. We always tr.Y to excel iu fine Dress Ginghams and 1 people say we succeed , at any rate tno::;e r~Y, c G1nghams are lllqsters of the ::;ituatwn. ·If }t!U .ue iu need uf Out- ittg Flnnnel take a look nrour roc 1ine. Here are good p~t-:. tetn::; and. a fine material and t•erlstimtlll,;r$ D\~o.Uel'tetl u.i\11 fwo S<It;'l\~ .. lit.U•t> cit~f<>W. 'il'l' ,l,tulo.•~ • !Unn~ ne'i..~ d'¥\ iY.'I•I!rii>itl \ 'l\nk.~il Out..; ' .. ~· ~~~- .. _~ [Afternoon d!llp•tch<!it hJ: I nit~d l \\' i • ' t ~ NEll o,U..,..u<s, July 6 +A cyeloqe at B~~n R'ougo. this .nor,r,iyg dt•st~oy~tl ell'yetal bon~ea. Many people wero hnTt. '!'he' p~;tenti~rf. ·wa~.\v<J'\'l blow? !,la:n and many convECt2 are rt'lporte<l killed The steamer SJlloky Ot(y witS blo.wn to pieces and abvernl of her crew hadly m- JUred. NE<V On> EANs -Lnter -E•ght dead and twenty.four wounded have been taken from the ru1ns o( Baton Rouge pomtentiary Two squares of that ctty wore destrOJetl l'he Jataltt1es nro VlD'· musly csttmntetl lron1 llnrty to forty A GREAT c;;N ll\itnst c:rrylng Dontla nnd Dastruc ton on. a IJrltisb Urulser. ><wsE,, N. S W., July 6 ~Wlul< the llnttah crmeer Cordellu 1\ns engaged In prncttce firmg at sea u stx mch gun ex· ploded ktllmg Lteuts. lhllyon nnd Uordon, and lour seamen,threo m1dshrp· men and ten satlors were \1 ound.,t] money AN OLU DOCVJ\ollr:N'l' equal to maNy at a slulling: 'l'HE ExEcu1'IoNs. Ji - First lltcord or IJUJ (hgt.nll.;ttiOII uf vVe give yott !1. better quality ltldl tovotl Th~o~!~: Not Tal<o l'lnco St. Luko • Clnm b. in des.trable patter.l.l.S-.aU.2 Yz.e...l---1>!<....__.,,...,_ July {h-'rh<> m•lleut>t>ru't The elll'ly rHoroH of .~L l.uk .. 's<'hu•• h, nrt! that no execnttons will tako plnce J1unu;t.orrn, \'lludt ha.vt~ bet•n pn:st n, tl, today, or at leaat not buloro sundown aro <]UJto n \'lll'IOSity l'lwy are llttt Ill The witnesses lVIII not be here unttl thta scnbed •n n bound volume but on !t>UsL· afternoon sheets olltgul cnp, clusped togtthtr nft..•t JACKETS. A mcc ltght 'mazer Jacket for $2 75, cheap at $3 5o, and in all sizes, JUSt the thing for the Lake Season. Also 111 light and dark tan Reefers and , Blazer Jackets reduced lll price to close out Five-fifty buys a very nice jacket formerly sold ot $7, Hkewtse in the better quali- ties you'll find a lower price ou them now than formerly. CORSETS Here you '11 find .t corset department with about <'\ery desirable style and all prices. If a Sttmmer corset you want try either our \>oc oo qualities and you'll nottcgret It, there are no better, if there were we should have them. Om one dollar line lOlllprises about 20 selected styles and think we can please you when you arc prepat ed to buy. W c keep also Her l\lajestys, Thompson's Glove Fitting, \Varner's Health, P D. and many other first cla.Ss makes the wanner of law tlllellmonta of that Ex'Ptoallln of n. Powdor l'tllU~ ttmf:' 1 irst there tS tho n•c.:ora o£ a Ht RANTON, Pn , July B. -'fho prt•ss mt:etmg for the tnGorporatluu of tlu. bu m1ll of the MoosiC Powder oompany ot c 1 ety m ucconlance w1th tho stnte Ia\ • Jermyn exploded Lhts morntng, ktlhng It waa hold Muy 5, 1!!34 lho IJov Ru John Tuley and Phillip Fork• I ..The fua Murrey, rrrt~r-bf the church, as nl\9 mtll was demoh.shed. of the church m Mayv11le presided, nnd A Stoumcx- Sunk. LosnoN, July 6.-A large steamer went down of!' Dover last mght No boats have been se/mt and na yet her name 1s not known. __ ......, __ Afternoon Wcathor~cdlvtlons \V ABliihTON, July 6.- 'for w~stm n Now York latr, wormer, southwester!} wmde - 'l'hc Alb16ns WID. Tbe cricket game played tu thrn ct~y Saturday between the Jamestown Worsted IIlli Is club nnd thu .Alb10i¥1 of Albion, N Y, was called on account of darkness, the Alb1on club betng ahead at that time. Tho Jamestown crickewrs ente'rtamed the Alhiol!s at the Arlington With a banquet'-\~ tho evemng. A speech of welcome wOB made by Joseph Whittaker, in wWeh he h1ghly eulogized tho vis1tors and hoped that tho next timo they came here that the honors \auld porch upon the banner of the home team lllr Preston responded lor the vis1tors m ll few felicltons words, and the day wound up m an approprmto manner Tho Allnona were htgh 1n prn!Be of the very gentlemanly manner in whtch they • were \rented and nre eagerly ant1ctpatmg another vtBJt to tbts ctty next summer. ~- Tbh W. C Binenraon. Tbe new steel steamer, tho W C. Rmearson wna g1ven n trml trip Fnday antl though she mn very smoothly nnd acted well gencrally· tt was found that tho hollers would not make slt•nm last enough to at commodate the engines The boat IS now laymg at Ute docks and a blower w til bo put in ant! the hout will bo gtvcn nnotber tnnl, and tf slw dol'S not make steam faSt enough tlll'n a Inn wtll he piMe<l m h<'l\ to •·rento a •I raft It ts thought hy those <'Ompetent to Jllrlge thnt she w1ll devdop great speed na soon aa tho present dtfficulty IS over- comt\. --- Fl\N\ LAmonnde otllh~ Fourth A nnmher of pntnoti<' rt:m•ns servt'd free lemonade through tho publtc tlnnk- mg fountain at the corner of Thml nnd l\lrun streets all day tbe Fourth The fonntam bnd been connected w1th a bnrrelm the l'renderglll!t block where tho beverage waa manufnctured. Three hnrrvls p( lemonndo were consumed ht~~ i\\c~n 8 n. w and 10 p 1n that da~ James Pron~Pqnst uml Lubnn lln••'l two wcro cho• n to crrttly the proceed lDgB of tflO ffit-1 I U' lll COD]UllCtiOll With the tector Jl,uu ... Prendergast nnd \'/tl- liam 'Vnlkcr wrr\' chnson wnrtlf'ns. Among: tho nth() vcstrymNt nr•1 lho nnmrs of Rtrhnrd P Man m and I\ or- wan K Rrulson. both still ll\ mg m thf\ ctty The :first ~Ionday m I tto::.tt•r \\ct k '~ns desJgn'!ted ns the annual tlcrtlon Jay for wardens an• I \\('8\n lilt n nnu th<' olfi cml tttle of orgnnlzntum fix•••l Tho tlocument w cartlfie<lns n~{ urtl~tl m th\ county clerk's office May h u .. or• Is <Jf baptisms froth Aprillll14 to \lay !RiharP on one pnge and on nnoUu:•r pagt• n.r1• found Ute number of funnli•s at the period of orgamzattou tu he four,, The records sel'm to hn.~ o lu•t•n tmp£>r lectly kept. Thoro nro bnt three• rt ctmls of annual clec!jons provmus to 1~10, lltltl but one rocord of confirmnttons nn<l thnt by Btshop DeLancey In !H.'; I There 1• the copy of one nrgeni leiter tu Rmbup Onderd<mk dnted Dec 1K31 nskmg to lm made a church m1BB1on station It m pleaso.nt to contrnst tlw present anti pro· spectlve llourtslnng cond1t1on of tlu• churt•h With til<' very smnl! loeJ:lllll!DJ!S wluch these r•ror<ls tnthcnte -- Judge ~ln.rvln\s Glft Judge H l' ~lnrvm ba,l! presonto•l to Brown, G A. H, a lurg< anJ finely exe~nted cmyon portrn1t of lums•lf It has been elegantly fmmetl nn•l IS on t'X hlbttion m tho West~rn rmon ltle~raph office wmJow m the Prentll'rgnst hlork [t IS n gtH thnt \til h.- lughiJ \l pr< Clntod hy tho roctpleots It \ns pro cured tlmmgh II E. llntlor --- Tho ltnUn.nA on th<\ l'fohuw1r. Tho ortgmal It.ahnn orrh('etra, Au •I n \ (.t.\no tender, wlu<h first bt-l..rn.u pi.IVHU! on tho !ako ROV(Onh~Pn yt nm ngu \\til play ~\ ~ry nft-eruoon ou tlw &tt .uut r Moha\k Thcs<' oltl fnvont• a \\lll aiR' play at ..r~rmnns noel Relu t ptrtH•!i ou np pht~ntt-an to s.upt•rmtt•n•lt.: nt hr.-m:'lm\R oflko or on tilt• st4!anwr fl1• 1r mnrm lh enrnyctl -~ noat h or .J. n \ rnuma.u Tho Hov .J il \ rc oman tltctl 1:'-nd h tdy of lu art tltsensc.. ut Putnt Clrnntnn•J u.a, Rnndny, July 5. A short sl~rv 1£ P \ns conducterl nt tlw tmrnt thlfl mornmg bv Hcv I. S l'll.flBP and the f(mntris Wt rt tnkcn !o Nowark, Wnyuc·-wunty, :-i Y. for lmnal -- -- -·-- Mvat for tho nmu18aw. _ (JlJt pnpl'TB fur i <.'('nta nnU U.jmnnl C !'it•lson who IS emplo)•ed at Ute ni K 0. lllayhew s Jamestown hcds!Rad wotks, hut! the mis· fortnnP tins mnmm~: tn got Ius hanrl caught by a hand saw, ne.arly severing it. llr Blanchnrtl, who has rhnrgc or tlw rllBP tlunks lie 1\1!1 he ahiP tn s:wu tbe thumb ~nh•rtnlntlt\ ntt Drl(l\\'nod Hr~nutl 'rllm lff!rlrert W 1(•\V 111l~r tmnl'<l n numbPT of young p<•oplt• nt tlu tr cottage nl llrtfhH>O<I 14utur•luy e>uuug. Musu·, re!rmhnronta anti n chsplny of tlr<' \lur\cs wbfil.'d Utt• tnuu most ngrt nal•ly .m<llllode tho l'ourth mt 1nurahle to thost• 6 o lortunnto us to be pn sent If yon hmenot bought any of those 20c Rtbbcd Vests 111 grey, we are selling two· for !l quarter, you h.td better do so 110\\. You. can appreunte a barg.un when yon see one and you'd Luy these if )uu'll take a look aud for the \\-'ry wann weather buy, two gauze ~'-----\--\--=~~ ~V'£'!.S1s f01 25c, goods we have .,....__ __ _ Olllllnrkct. sold at 2oc api,ece. Also that lot of children's nbbcd vests at Sc ap1cce, regular price I 2 I -2 lelltS. ' Fnna I Fnna I Fn.ns l 1 ,AJ;-.t!,w~arn ,w.p,;p,,;m~ str~ct, 1 ust recetvcC: no iiifiliil'nse!Tno: \Whole sale priCes ---·-- __ 3d3 !J.l\- JO 25 cent Opeood W\YC!t~L ... -Rjlecial sale of fine lana nt tho Hnr· gain Htorc. __ ••• _ 3-u H·IO Next 1\londny, July 13, tho ErJO r:lll· wn.y wlll run nn Etxt•ursinn frotn JnmPR town to Toron~ nnd I'Oturn nl the very low rnte of $J.7•> Cor th~ rJuncl trip The lkk<•ts wtll be good to return <1n 11ny t1mo wttlun acv~n tluya For ff,lrther pnrtiC\I)nrs en!! Oj.l Erto \tckot agen!a, or F H. Gnrfiold, cltvlsion passenger n~ent, JamesLown, N Y. (ltlilt -H. Ill Rirgu&Sons, the celebrated un\nnfn~turcm or Willi paper spechlitles 1\rt> reprcsor1tod solely fn tjt<lt line by Wtl.,•n •t 1\lO &lot Thttrl st 2}dU Higlu:st of <VI in Leave;tlng Power.--;- Latest U.S. Gov't R~:p&~ lA..lu \VI!Dlllg 1m t>Uh Il.au~u.n.•nt 1\~ bJ Mrtf, Charlt•s Wal•)•>\ Rt< har•l\ 'rpl\n1 due ul!OlliSl of htrl 1-l~tl.,r.-ruml· ·111~1! J emue I1fl.l!· W •1llu of J>ru\ .. 'l''!· a ooprano 00lms! In tntr!F Mrs H·lt'hnrd\' I>Wwp lor her the syl,ltpnthy or l1) relattnl( a trymg ore) en! th rou.;h \htdt sbo hnd passed fbt• pt onous tiny. ltre broke out m tbo-at!tc of lwr prutty home, am! thmkwg her twll ltttlc OO)B \\ere plnymg there slw 1lt.•\\ up stntrs only to find thom 11HS81Dg WI aD she tneU to rt-\iuru she.• ''as uunhlu to O}J(>-11 tlw dam flncl found hl'rst>\lf n pnsmwr m thttl>arumg 11H1c• Wttlt t'l\l'll of wtnd she \\urkc.•,l calmly tluor nntllitrywhlt.tl, ani tlowtt ftHft• nn~l sonud ~ho futuhl h• 1 llu.i{Htt lbt f't'\ t rt tH 1 \' ns f;lr.uu :;)u \HJU!1l iwt t OllKhltt t 1111 t ling laor L nM gn~tlmttnt flat hrl-ll l hautn11 Jtla M tlntt.- uftlu t~c.~t.\lOll \Hiti~t\(t\ lur lhrtHrtlt, \\UIHUU)j llld.UUt.f 1 Tit.h \Ullt l\Ultlllhtlt ~tnntial bndd!Il,.t ,,[ ,rawll) \tth~tnn\hLntiJ.llll!-,'l:! \. \\hl• Hl:tn l.'l.ali!r\lus th~ t'tlttr<\ h)t~tt.:. t•f tln 11 front 'fltl\ Joors fi.It t f ntlt111nl ~' ,1 • lt'rl•ltB not look hlw ,, Chuut lll<!lt•• 1 nil hll)! I• tlw nut\t.ltsP.!l ttJilWHnt nnd tll•h•td tt ,lot's rcaunl h .1 1 11\• ll t\tdt 1\l c. Ill\ t<\ tlutn a lhnn h h ~ ltpmrLLFH ~u 1 ltm Slent UlllllllllllliV :\Ir and Mrt-> I> \\ Butt lt Hlltl dan':ih tu z,t nrl\ l11Hlhtl 111 thtu ptlasnut ,BllllHllt 1 lltHlll oil \LlltH !\\ Utlt ~ltt-~6 llnttl.t 1 :\I ~uu 111~ t-.~ \\-l pptng- nt tlh ITillfNf n 1!11111 \\\tltl <l\tlllh8 '\II\ r m lltll \l 1 t 'tUt l1\ aL tIt tntan liLTJH t ((,j-;1 \ \la:~.-1 11~ hun 11,11, utl \1 ~\' jl, 1 t • \1 tll11•l Hl1 Ia tt• ' tl wt.t.•rpr~tuttuu nmdt Ltt a fmo11t~ ,..,,R,.w,.,,,, onct: H~t tltoHt tlf fH.:l t'Lttlns ''ns hnppy ru1U tihu-IHd ln r \t rt-~nllht) to bu~t 1'111 ll]tl Stn(Jtll 'It'l ... ~'~ J...1tth lUI I lhu1w II \\1 In~ I' I \f, uudalll Uthantugt> ~Ill \\ tx pulllnl~ul~ ~md JlliL Sel~tllHJU frutu l Utlt' !nUl f5 ( dHII 1 ollt:J of t-;,uunuthn J\lltou s hnl!hh st lluq..- h r-fhu Plt'lU.Hrt. } S.t.Itlun, llllll \\ lutt ullilJ Hdt) to. tutu l1111g 1 ve;;, Oot Uun atoor u{ thu SptHt Hull·W.ndt' lti a t:fll tnuhnl-! httl~ t nntnlt' \\tlh n ~ultsh 1tgUh't pwlt nntl \\lute. cumplt!:XJOU tUtti Hhort t ttrltn~ hluml lllur In itt r li!Utplt• \\ lntu tllt ,.;s :-..lw \\'JU\ t 10 plctn~L' ol \IH\ L'l t ~ud-tron U\!r votL-o ta clear nwl 11rxtlt~ llt.nr .I ttUu lhrl Don't Ct), wM pcrltU!JB Iwr mos~ plena1ng number Mrs Rtchhr•ls h'U\0 her \\' un.! nn<l lllllt rendwga In lay altmntt m Tho ontertatnmcnt \\UM rtnlly n lt.•t. turo on tho ln~h poets, frc<'ly tl!ustm!t I \>fh typtml st'lccltuns • \ I ~ H 1 1 1111!' \ht unrul ill l'UJLI '> I t-'t ·,,, l I ('II\ f I qJ' I 1\11111 :-s J IIJt •Jit ..,lh In Ill'\ 111 ] l li&.»l t II H.' l1 • ll Ia \ I ull n lnrt' p 11 l \ u[ • lliiJUtdt..,ht l oll1l1'1}1 lii\'ll'l \\ !t I II I n l p.rtt\t 1•1111 nJ!tlnlllllllll '' 1 \1~\\ttnJ d ty muruu g l hP n~lodat \\ttH \ t} d.Hk und lug~) Hlt l tin pll•t 1 n~t ''I\ a ill!ht r~)r, 1 111 w 1t.1 • ,\\\t 1111 ,, lltr 1 ft ll Hf} llllHh 1lf,?)4llt \l 1 tfu1t tft( IU!•hltU mn.h\' no tll1rt tu ).:lt 1tl thr I' wt About h •<inlk til•~ ut xt 1111 rtlllll! tlu pm1> nil r tlrt d to tit • :-.h r11 ( t 1 u l\•at \\laHithlrl\l'~t lt1H prJ\\ u ... tu J•~lllllt lu.J hl n JUt It \'Vi n lllnl).::f \ pall] tlutt rt•at lit\' I J tni~t ~~' n uhn11t ltl o rh11 k \\-tt urdu' tur. no n ~ l,~\!trJi.1fy U\l{!l.h.(lUlln,tlu lloM ltt(t'll\.~ ~altunt\IH a. Uu 11 mrth ,_ 'flh .Jt tJ,lrde hosl' 1 nntan~ tL 1 fl,tll. \\tmt t\ S~hlln~tlc n tlw \'eml'lh lu parhUJ rttt Ill tht•JoN llll\8 thUt HlltlSut('l~ldUl 1l1 t aptm Ill~ till' !w~t }lflZl,., 'l hP 0 ht>j s tnn thl' ot1~o• huntln 1' artlfl, lmdonc hllllllrul ill t ut bo:n 1\lhlmndo tlu~ tOIUl~ctwns lU .. 'h stl!'tihl~ tit~~ BL'lOntl lnnt bt 111~ tlw llll!lpn.uy rr. Ill Rmhlolph \}IH h .. lltfitll~ tla tftotanu Ill.!'\\ Stl:tlldtl Tin.• Han th lpl!t O!ltfntJty datrn tltnt tla JUII~ts !I ttl untl~ tptlttlltllm.,t Htltt Tiw gltllt Jtlllt ill,_: tltllu frt Ill Blll Hortl lttl not llt!J..t .l \l r\ )!Ulltl 1'\illJWIII~ UH illlll tllllt \\ ls I 1 st t t1ds I ht\ otlt~lf t tl!\l p \11 ll s \dl bn\1 tn g•lnp l trly 111 tlw mornmg tf tin' t xpt t t 1 l~t 1t tht lm1ustll\\ n hw dt pntltu• nl111 111) c.onttt:>t ~ llu ( •luo t.lHll tt Ul!J\frr'tttllflll t•t ll lll t 1 1qun tl t:J t ''mug-, \HI. thl I rh rml \.~y au.l ~) 111 a byJy t J ~ lt\gtlra l nil:-~ J} tJu .. HIIH Jut1l 1111 l rt~lfl.) lit ~t nt tn .!0 1 111 I h 1st• \!Rlung t , lf'( o!n 1 Ill\ thiN JllTI\ ttl\ •lo tin at tln• muwl t ~~ \ I ( ..,) 1\1 l1 Jt ttOh.N I t , r- n 1 Jl,rt \)\ 1111 \ 1 Ju \ jl It IU \IHCJJI'U I 111 \\i t II HI\ I !1 I Uill!.lll\)11 ... ) 1111) I I I\ \ I 1 I ~ I I I Tl If! I• r;:: lit \It I II 1 1 r 1 1 th • f 1 btrr) 1 r \ Itt Jl \hi~ .. -..Jt\\\ luJuuu~lu\411 N' JniJ I, 1 1\ I I)\ I luth\\ J I Llnr 1111 A J<ll l,\1,.-. I• \ltt.ltnun \ ~-ohn\ ( •th tf h.tUf't\ \I h t t 1 tiC\ I )1\'\lhl-\ In Jnn't\to\' ~ ' Jul) I 1 I)\ I I tthm J.J)_ \\!llilln II l•r \ 1flll1o}\l l1 tlll'fJ7r.:>Htlll lt\111111'1 )\\ t)l.tlll~~~~ r' II til \I I I lnJrm~,.l>l \111, o.,; ' Jhl) I \ ,,.,,f't Hulll 1•f Yictor.sl Hartfords, . eredundas.· The. Nonparei~ is the favorite for boys. Falcbner &Clink, A~EN\TS I I E.tst Tilll d St. ----+--- How to Save Money ! '\ lh 11~lfl lllltll \\Ill l I IIU)lthfltt. b) •tll1t tl) ~ H u\g ttwtr ~p~u lm'nt~Y \\ ht•ll 1t1t gt tH n It It' t ntJ.} \'\ 1 nlnttou \ til\\ 11 1 \ hal it t-~lt ndth ~r, \' .. 111 1ltl tn~ htklflllliS 11lt11l lt lll}H fatl\ Ill I h 1tlt ~t, 11\0ll Ill lift 11ft l flu\\ 1 ll L II h.t 11 luart-t.tl 111111 1m\t ,...,lrtt d \\u In tlw ~-tra\t,.,to h>tllftllH tht' f1)lly n! \tun l1.1.1g alltltnt\\t'IHiltnttlllltluod:t\\ f JITIB-- pt rlt\ I j I I { I, The lllttsl W t>h tal>k I\ tj tn SU\e llllllll'\ t'!f!J\ lll\l,]lll>: r1. little c tc:h mouth tu Th, :\LW York NatJounl Bml)illl.., & Loan As\\' tatiL>ll C.tll t>ll or ,td<ltess<'J.m,JL R t'm11h <;Lu- era! AgLnt, ot Fr\t.r. N \n- <lreu, Local .\gent, 117 I; u;t zd St J.tmc•stow\1, N Y Jason Parker, M. o· 011lf'l\ H1 •m 11 N1\\ (,HJ,Itlllu t 1 ~ Electro Th.Qr.n.po·u.tis't nud \I 'ltl!iMt II t hr, uit I\ '\\\' Jl1 t \lr •111! l'lt>t tn I tl \ohnlnlljt• r 1 :ruthonzed to use. \\ otd MUTUAL tn tts title L''\Ll'Pt THE MUTUAL LIFE IN~uiuNCE CoMIIANY OF NEW YoHK, RrulARu A. McCuanv, • PRESIUEifT. ROBitR.'l' A. GRANNISS, VICF. PRtSIDil:l'U ----~~------i~ Russet Goods ! WP h.t\t.: JUst ~eeeived autl plal·ed 011 sale· t h<: finest line of Russl't ~!toes in the City: Misses' aud Cfttldreu's Spring Heel flhoe~ .unl Hlipper::;, just the thing for these hot days; there is nothing to equal these goods to wear Frtday en: enmg Prof '\ J!lt~tt.m flu uun.nl>~ nt ( \n1• IIAI[ rt lljC) itS rttl ~11H - A neat, tasty article in L;~dws' Russet Oxford !lt 75c .md hettcr ones tf you wnnt them, fwm th.tt to $2.00. hvere.llua aturuupLwun It 1 turt.• -on R~\rolutiOU ur\'71T llw '\W\\H \\( rl .. firll' nnJ the tlt•BC'ltpttuus \orthj Prof. 'V llhstou luu:~ t rt 1-tt~l u nupn.!881UD lw1 tJ Fonrth or Jnl) \\R~ Jllltl oc.:c~Ptonal firt·~r1ukt:r nmml1 l ont that 1t w..n.s lntlependt.nct' day A htt)1• ltuv of f;OVt\U J unm h ttl tln ntlRrnrtmw lUI.\-P one of h1s I'Jt'fl \'l*fltllltil. lllJilft I b) u brt:t:raf'ker. fttt t\Xc-r1 J~us m, dt•Um tiou uf tlw Lhty \\1 n hrlt'f 1 nn~tRt \II):!' mntnly of an adtlrt ..... ~ L\ < 'ol r \} P u ktr of <.,hu.:a~~) II• thtm~hl tltt ~t~l} ''ns nut prnpPrly uhst-rH~ l \'litthnnt u• 1~1 RDt\ thH ... 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In tlw l~Vt>llUlg a T(l(t•pttun \ns ht ld t.•t gtn~ Htu,J~nlH an 1JIJI'Jr tnmty of 1111 d!IH!' tla tr nHtnu turN 1 hP spartous. lmlhnntly ltglltulJ•al'lur of tlu AUu•n tllm wn.~ fillt\ I \'flth pt•opJ1• AI•Jilgont Rttll~ wt•n' rnng(tl llu• t!t~nn tnrws, nu1l nll \\ h1} ~n 1h•8Jrt 1l '\ t..•rt pro to them A fwr liH fonun.l mtrn tlndtonH the g'UtSI.s g11:LhPrl,l m grunp\ nn1l hn1l n thorn11ghlv t UJtl,}lllllt• tunc, c-h 1tting- t\lth ,,Jf Ull•l II\\\ flit Utb ~~~~ t trr1111 Uuu;.ql!l\ruf t I1Hn,!n n lntl•• gttl 1 f I~ }f':lffl, t•nl• rhtiH I IJ, t rq Ill\ \\lthtwo \•ual Z'iJ!nM \-llcr rtth an•l 1• 1\\t rfnl \Oitt H ptuHouwtttl f,,r ~~~ \'Itt- JA t1 prot• gtt of tIt r tlu tn~fttll tHr 111 , •ut• tulturt J•tt f < 1111 n 1k r11tt,d tl1 liSt part nl JtJ, Btlt~olm~~t th ... hq un l n~ au ~·nt urt• ,ft hJ,!htt·~l l1'\ f, nrt '~\ \\tLh th.1t t hl.., th h ( l\ 1t1tt I npb Ill \Irn llnll \\n 1~.: ~UI~.; bo,;n l :1. jtll·•ah f'-1\' fl~t pyrolu lma .lt~plan fr 111 tht• hot.tl h11 k \\a,.; \c rv '111• rtlt Ilr \\ H lit 'ldl \n, 1 u~tvr 1 f tic ( 11ifl 1 J'r, t~hvt1 rum 1 hUt• It t f \ h J,!lnny l'n 1hlt\•rtd thr rtPII 11 .... 11 dnv lllllrtllll~ It \\ 1.\\ 1 I 'lt•flll llll l • \ nlt.t-tloltf1111llt'fi onllulh Blh r-otul llUd t<Oil!Nfr\lll'liU 11j I l tit till tit r nf tltP th\ ( l•lt .. l! 111 1 tit 11 ~ d,\ 1\1'1 'Ill' o~ tlu ph·L'W.UttH f•aturtl'l f l ( ltnu l..tillljll l o..,;•lhh:tfh \\ JtlJ llu } litH~ f fOCI ph' g-nthn.rt~tl nhu11l luntln tlu Lln~.(r, 11 ){ lt mpiP on,. o( tlu ht Rt tif't.d\l rs nj;ln tl 1y gtsllt)p \ tnt•t•llt J!l\t ~ i,lll lh[litm:\1 tolk \I ... ,, I Ill) p,, r f ,, .j, tu}.. ~ 1 I I of tl1t 1 \nu non \In\'' nm\\'\ur ~lltllntl lltRtoty. :'\, \\ \ urk uuhiUdt~l tlw ~~-r \It J)t 16 U fliHJrt lith J~ ~~ t !J I 1 [y 111nn wtlh n hil111t mnnn••r nrtl n Mlr::lll tf1fPt\l 111 hlrl,.RlltPl\il hut IS a k.(~(l1 thmkt r, nlJIP tnxtrurtur nntl gn athcnrttd ( thrlshcut t hct pntrnn hvrn uf all l ht boys wbo uJm<• midPr htR mfluenee H• brts lmtg ht 1 <'~ n. 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All styles to pi£k from 111 tlus~huc HOSIERY, Gloves and Underwear. LINES', AT DIN-.SMORE S. 209 Main Street. Chautauqua National Building, Loan and Saving& Ass~Gia~ t Pays 6 Per Ct. on all deposits of $65 or Over JOHN J. ALDRH'H, President. D I N s M 0 R E s JOHN H PRATHER, ::3ecretar)!, Few G!ITord Bulldln~. Jameslown, I. Y. \\',\ '•llldlttug nc·w Ill I..t~c,.,, ~omething th tl 11 tll tdl Ill\ l.ul) ·~ hc.td \\llh ~nthn::;iasm. Cluf1n11 l.t\ '· Cteam, Blue, HL 1 wtrupc, ·Yellow, Ptuk, I :I<\ md Black,for m.1kiug Ln<ht·s' Collars. \ J_,, u.trtttll Chiffon L:1ce:; for \\'.ust Trimmings 111 tll wlnr\ Nothtug but .1 stght t.trl tell tlte :.tt>Iy .,f thtu heaut} 1f )\u'tc· in seareh of ,.,Hit tl~tng 1uy LOo!, \L'r\ ::.t\ltsh aud d.\Lintily pn tty [,., lletl< wear, t 1 y ('It 1 !Ton L.tct·s. • .. S .. tll< gmhr\~ne lll\t ope ned tell whut t lH l.1!1 ule ts at c. I'luttng, TtH:klllK, I lc•1thtltdtiug' ;q and 45 • Jill he,., \I t<\c Ill l'.u11l>t te, :-,; .Uibo~Jk and Swiss Flottt!tlltg Don't gliL\\ thL pticc, .1sk 1 you'll glt t hettct ulca .t!Hl \IL'n .tl\l,t}\ vcry pleased ffl-;tlt~>w you. .R. W. Dinsmore. --.---- THE c loRe oi\Pllt!Un and tin• muny J>rn< \1<nl wmcl ami < olrl !t.tv<• hn<l n l•n•lcn~y tn 1 umte \tLh whit h his tlls~uunn abouutled mako new rJ,r...,era tmntcs1rk anti iiJs wtll 1111~ soon ho (: ffAcctl fru111 tLo Jnmd~ gusted. Fortnnntoly tbo proj(l'am of hta be111era 1\lrs. K trklnntl ~Jjl~d to has been such a•Ho compeuaute for the the Htt.lrc•t of tlte sorvlCes hy mngmg \ li \ h 1 k beautiful nnd appropriate Mlo. vrCJlt er. ouc t nys ml\ •e ono tb9nktul forth& great. iimi>i'o•~OintuilL b(:rill . Ch.autauq~a. , Souve~ur · · 8.JJP9D~- \Best\ Flour is the best, Designed, Patented anti for from ,M:ittnesottr-..,. Spring sale Only by in. tha•\~::d'e~~~:~~~· ~ePre~ID~·~~thru~qrt~~m ~~eat,at$I.70per sack, try Philli s & Armita e, SQN:' r EASt.tHIRQ STRE~T g

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