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The Palladium-times. (Oswego-Fulton, N.Y.) 1969-current, August 03, 1989, Image 10

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.·, • TONIGHT'S TV LINEUP AUGUST 3, 1989 Oswtgo I 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 18:30 9:00 I .9:30 10:00 110:30 11:00 11:30 m llalcitPGitYUSA CarloonEIIIIII Mia.iva !Murd.. She WIGit Pro lctma: Rodnev MooN Y1. MkMI SCIIIana Miami Viet CD ~ NICNM USATodirt Eit.l . . Tlli!.World o- IDMr .~o~~n LA. law News Dalahut CD w llo.br- '5Dcxtslooll ISpomQr. A11to lacina• 01 Road 1hundlr Auto Radng: USAC Nill!lll Can lsPomcw. CD 'c.aq lfanify 'Ills iGHoun - Mow.: ''Oulbalk llouncl'' - News o- K*-Aiit News News CIS Nlw& CD • lillellouM Slwlrwl INN Nlw& iMqo, \-laMW: Twill at YCIIbls ~~ Nm lo. Couple kh- w- m ... Adda!M F. illcMI Ab Ccroll!rl. Grilli! IMaior ltaa lollbal: Sen Dilao Pach& at Allanla 1rD* IMM· ·w• PtnnY'' 12:00 12:30 1:00 NtwNittr- .Draanlt Dawid llllllllan l5upemoa ~uto ~ac~na,JMSA PaiSciPI :>· \• Fri. lht131h.Serits TwU~~~~t ~. \The Cunt of 1:30 2:00 Ftallw/falhlr llclbColtla . li\&lf' -· - .BUILDERS . ' \CA!Ll---cONVERUft-~tex .. CHANNEL osww FUM~N ~ ' · 2, USA·NE OAK WSTM·NBC . ' '3 WSTM-NBC ' . .,· 4 ESPN C·SPAN SPECIALIZING iN . ·~ WTVH.CBS WTVH-CBS · • 6 WPIX·IND HBO MASONRY • CUf & FIBlJ) ~ONE • 1 WTBS USA • . ..CONCRI!Jiii . . .;\ 8 WWOR WIXTCVNABC ' Rr1PrORATiOII'. CARDENTRY ', 9 WIXT·ABC - . '''\' .-. 10 WCNY ESPN l>liVE HARA SR: DAVE JIIJlA.JR,. f· 11 DISCOVERY CNN 9 7. \ 12 A&E LIFETIME Ph: 59 • ,.14 Ph: ~:}541 '' 13 CBN CKWS L-----~------','1 ·, 14 NICKELODEON 'CBN 15 CVN PPV ~ WSYl CINEMAX 17 CKWS IUSNEY 18 CNN ,S~WTIME - 19 WEATHER GUIDE 20 C-SPAN WTBS·IND 21 MTV WPIX-INO 22 TNN WsBK·IND 2:30 3:00 3:30 (:00 (:30 Madat's Plea_ \'*' ,,_, Snladt\ ,, 23 DISNEY WWOR·IND 24 HBO WCNY·PBS 25 CINEMAX DISCOVERY AutoRGct-1~1~. liiW \\\ ISuperaQu ·'ttittw . lttitwalch \ 26 . SHOWTIME ME ·: Additionar Fulton Listings 27 WEATHER 33 NICKE~ODEON ~.News his of Sal fnlnciKo !we Shadow 1st- of Sal FraKilal ' !Mo.;., ''Ow e.ll\ w- AI~ 28 WSYl·FOX 34 TBA 28 FINANCIAL 35 SPORTS m • ~,J. Hoobr \Y.Git Houllon COibv Kate-Alit ._. ~ News ll's:a lilinll Alllllio lfGI ~Down~¥ Jr. Jot fraiHin ISultcinila 11omt ~ n....~o~oa SeM<f ()) II l'lo. Coull News tAlC Ntw& l'al1wol ~ iMIIICalediW ~IIII!XIIIIIIi Prin1T1111live News E9lian IN9riM !Swp. Court 30 CNN 36 La<;_~l 31. TNN - 37 . Ols.TBA. 32 '11'·1 . GID ., IMrRo.s llllaclna Easlfndlrs .... ~LIInt- Old 11au1e IWilcl Am. ~Mwrem- lwoddatWar Easlfnden McMe: '\- and Cleoima'' CID • Al1inals Outdoors Pailful Rtaindlr lbilor GloiJal Salari ICa!llcl in r. w~~un~en !Sparling lift ~:O.s. SM Ow $halb!Monlor ~ Glcrot Blacb Gil • \The Velwt Youell\ Wildlmlss Profiles Chronicle Sunival Du!ql llheEast . IMcM.. \Caesar and G lPGira\ ilmpm Durnil • !the Eost Mo-M: \Caesar and Cl! Dllllln{' lllla!W IM!Me: \'laiiy Mtl @ ID lliaValey Bonanza Ml!vie: \The 5piril of St. lovis\ ' 700 Club Salman Salman~ 700Ciub IWtiabt falill ls.nts of Sucml @) • Cai'HV IDol!'! Sit IJhiil Fall Dou. Dart ln,l'-a...h- ., Ed ll'allr DuQ Fer Daddy lc. 54 !sat. Niallt lsav llaudHn !MY 3 Sans DonnaR.!MililrEd IPaHv Dulle Sat. Niald SC1V llaudWn Car 54 ISusit- W..\l11t~' @ IJ Colldles • Fine .lewllr! CGIIctian Shr Sensalians HaiiiStvle Coil Collector Homt/Oiice ~&er- eoidl. .hwllry Electrcnils EditiCin llstoiCVNU. ... of C't'N 1M llcraaill '(Jij • jHap. Davs lcMme j11ap, Dills IMIIII Star Trtk: Nat Genlt-. ~ \Captains. Cauni IICIUI\ . Easier lrwil. Zone A11111iolfGI Madan DowiMy Jr. Roclford fills em • Kale-Ale H. _Squcn News PGilldie IMam.d... INatianal IJoumai lcFL faatbal: Toronto AraoncMI at Edmonton Esldmas ISaMdcrt ltit u. Hil Slleelllues Slar Tl1k Gl) • Newswaldt Showliz. IMonrilne Crosifile PriiMNews llalrt King liw News IMoneylne l5pam INew~~~Ft Croslfi,. INiwiNaht IIDdatt ISpam Heac1ine llM ,. llalrt lOng ClwlmWll (jj) iWealher Ward! !weather Watdt WealllerW!IIdl Weather Watdt lw•walch lwealher Walch Waalher Walch IFric!ars CNIIooll Pdc!Miook Pacilc IM1ook ®> u.s: House ot • lv-Cahl I . ® tl Club MTV Dial MTV 11111101e Ilia Piclurt !Sir S~a~aneiDiK Jacliy lAm in AIMiko lv• DiK JocQy Remote PGst MTV iMantr ~. lv'Mieo llisc Jadev lvldeolliKJocMy (fi) • Nallnile Anlerbln Maaazine OnSiaae ,TapCanl ~ Nallmle Now len Stage Be a Slar Croolc Nalhvill Now McMe: ''Narlh of the Gnat DMcle\ (jj) • Kids he. IMicbl Pncthnan ilio Bird il.lapcm !walt llinY PIIIIIIIS Great &peclalians Ozzie America 19«1 Nation of lnniaranls ''*-in Kina Arlllur's Court'' Gnat c...... · ® II Pla!houle \Sarah T. - Par1rait of a TIIIIGIII Akialialic'' IMoiie: ''11uee O'Ciodl ltil\ ~ \llldy in While\ Molie: \lillie taita'' McMe: \The Holcroft C#wrltll' !Mo.;., ''Wodd Gone Will' KidsiniiGI lllawrt • • Movie: \SSIowdawn\ ~: \Any Wliich WCII YCG Cal\ MoWe: \Dirtv HallY'' McMe: \Magrwm ,_. • McMe: \lht Dtad Faof\ MoW: tlGooclwt, EnwMntelt\ lfnlll.ltip • Nicky's Cnlnibcab Molle: \l'iralls\ SIMWnwaod ~\DieHard\ . JMo.;e, \A filii's Tale\ Movie: ut\indtreea'' !Mawe: \San Jack\ lllllnK. • Martvs Wttlt. M.P. lc- & Lcav Hlarlleat Saner: For lire Movie: ''tlusiora\ 15pen$er: For Hife Heortleat Sell Guide Sell Gvldt • rmGoma Movie: \PaNnls'' Mowie: \I'm Goma Gil Yau Sucka\ MaM:\Tm\ • Fill House IGidaet 1wKRP WOP a.- JNMar~ Marie: \The llue Dmllia'' - H.'s Heroes IH.'' Heroes M'A'S'H St. Etsewhert lrlarlallliownw Jr. w- · !i.hsans Alee lr,_ Jolin M.P. One Pay •• Hilllllil: g • • • ~News AllrnaliielrMIIor IA-nca',_lusiiiiS IMntTal lulillll r.-. Focvs jSpec, lnl. jManeyTal IEwryifli,g b ~.eu Co~td . JPI!ignlr Row lale Nile S!ledals YH-1 Half Hours Cont'dlw-1 Half Ibn - . IGeneratn. nx ~1 Half llaurs Generam. ........ lsaam ,. l'ilwk Wrilln en TV Gall: Cllllhv TCIUIIIIIIMIIIIIioh&!lds ls.om Ptmant . - - -· --- Classic Kitchen & Baths Whirlpool Tub Sale Merillat & Wellborn Cabinets Custom Design & Installations Jj:NN-AIR APPUANCES KOHLER FIXTURES.JACUZZI WHIRLPOOL TUBS ON DISPLAY•DELTA FAUCETS Y. mi. On Hall Ad WINE CREEK DAY CARE CENTER • 'r'·IY~ ~ f • luliiiiiT. Focvs Arilerica's' llusinlss IMacrtit Maclnea.lllorne Shoooinal IYH-1 Hall'lbn FNN late ltit _ IMoanlaht MarNs& (IbM Slloppi!gJ IYII-1 Half Hours New Location · Rt.104 East (across from Ames Plaza) Op@n: 6am-11pm dally' Complete line of groceries, 'beer & soda · We Will Publish Your Child's Birthday Photo For FREE (13 An<t Under) Mail In Or ·· Drop Off At ~~t lfaUMium-mtm.e• 140 W._ 111. Oawljlo, N.Y •. 13J26 A tribute to 'The ·Greatest ·Show On .Earth' By JOAN BRUNSKILL AP Newsfeatures BJ_UD9EPORT, Conn. (AP) - ''Welcome to my musemn,\ says P.T: BarnUm, large as life. \Come in, look around. Let me show you P.T. Barnum and let P.T. Barnum show you !l good time.\ Thenit'soninto a world of illusions and reality, of circuses and civic pride, two-headed monsters and solid history. The taped greeting comes from an animated wooden sculpture .vf the greatest showman on l'3rlh himself, the pioneer all-American impresario, set near the entrance of the Barnum Museum, recently re-opened after a three-year, $7.5 million expansion and renovation. This is the town where Barnum lived, where he was mayor,, where he - set up winter headquarters for his circus. It is also the hometown of Tom Thumb. The museum's rosy, three-story Victorian building, which now has an adjoining gallery, was his last gift to his adopted city and, before recon- struction, attracted about 15,000 visi- tors annually. \The challenge our team faced in designing the museum,\ according to Linda Al;shule:r, director, \was to create a rmseurn as if Bamwn were alive toddY doing it himself.\ CIRCUS MUSEUM- poster Is one of the Items on display at he Bridgeport, Conn., museum in honor of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. The Barnum Museum recently reopened after a $7.5 million expan- sion and renovation. (AP Laserphoto) From the front door on, that Bar- numesque style is well realized, as: entertairunent and education vie for the visitor's attention, a theatrical flourish here, carefully presented do- cwnentary material there. A first-floor tour begins with a compact core exhibition toward which Nic~las Fasciano's sculpture of the A 'raw deal'? NEW YORK (AP) - Eddie Mur- .. phy thinks he got a raw deal from Paramount and a bwn rap from Spike Lee. \Given my perional circumstances and the success of my films, I've got the worst deal in Hollywood,\ Mur- phy said in the Aug. 8 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He was upset by Jack Nicholson's ·potential $60 million payday for \Bat- man,\ a payoff based on a percentage of the receipts and merchandising rather th ·.:1 the per-film deal that Murphy signed with Paramount Pictures. \When I renegotiated my deal with Paramount a few years ago, it seemed great,\ s?id Murphy. \But nobody planned that my pictures would be as successful as they are. So now I've got a (lousy) deal, compared with what I could be making.\ Murphy also said he was angered by ' fellow filnunak~ Lee's charges that he has failed to USe his power to help other blacks in Hollywood . .. St. Peters German Festival co·rner East Albany & 7th Street Thursday - August 3rd & Friday August 4th 11 SUNDA y ONLY\ German Food & Enzian Bavarian )Band BOTH DAYS Chicken Barbeque • Hot Dogs Sausage • Hamburgers • Beer .. & Soda * Cake Booth * Activities for Children * Variety Booth * Country Store. Etc. $500.00 CASH PRIZE .AWARDED SUNDAY ' old showman gestures - a table of old-fashioned, glass-fronted display over 60 years, begiruVng in 1929, by contents, as it were, kinetic and cases, to suggest \the dash and dazzle William Brinley, an area resident playful, with a carousel visuaJ theme, and great diversity of Barnum's un- acknowledged as a kind of folk artist historical perspectives, band music,--- ique collection\ are such \treasures\ In addition to the Big Top with its lights, color. There are Victorian· astheEgyptianmummy,thestonethat three rings and audience, there's the optical toys, a zootrope and a massive killed Goliath, the lanterns that saved behind-the-scenes clutter, the circus mirrored praxinoscope, to suggest the America, the beaded purse of Gero- ' folks' world and the cook tent, wagons 1 magic of the three-ring circus. .nimo's ,daughter. · • and workshops, with movement and Also on the first floor are a video Exhibition labels mix fact, fantasy, color. All can be viewed from ground alcove where a 1 0-minute tape is tongue-in-cheek- they include back- level or from an elevated walkway shown; a full-scale re-creation of the ground material for the famous Fejee which curves around the installation. library in one of Barnum's Bridgeport Mermaid, described as \one of Bar- The Barnum Museum Foundation, mansions, and varied Barnum num's merriest hoaxes.\ Inc., was· created to organize the memorabilia. Also on display are Jenny Lind's renovation and expansion of the city- The new 7 ,000-square-foot gallery, piano; Tom Thumb's coaches, clothes owned building. designed by architect Richard Meier, and bed; and clown paraphernalia. The museum is open Tuesday is just off the main lobby. The airy· About 1,300squarefeetaredevoted through Sunday. Admission ranges. space for special exhibitions is cur- to a model layout, The Circus, scaled from $4 for adults to $2 for children rently filled with carved carousel down in size but not in scope. There ages 4 and over. It has parking nearby figures. . are close to 100,000 pieces, including and is accessible by puplic The second floor is devoted to life some 3,000 miniature figures carved transportation. in Bridgeport in the 1800s and to the. p-• roles Barnum played in that life, including those of civic· leader, legi- slator, city planner and philanthropist. Bridgeport is celebrated with a huge merchandise carousel, a ~~=::=-1!...,;~ ing, eye-catching construction whose revolving levels display local pro- ducts. There's also a re-creation of part of a 19th-century dress store, and a·period drawing room from a local mansion. A colorful Punch (Barnum) and Judy (the audience) b09th booms out an introduction to the third floor, celebrating Barnum the showman. In ''Cheers'' of Scriba •Fully Conditioned• FRI. & SAT. NIGHT Original Ar~ists Located on Airport Road County Rt. SIA between 104 E. & 2!J BOWL- ONE GAME GET ONE FREE! 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