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T H B O B V i r E g O P A U L A D I D M , M O H J P A Y , j D E O B M B E B 2 2 , 1 8 9 0 , A 4 ’ . l5r. aw<5;6iU0f’^ Ebejterlenoa WltH , . JuBtl<?0<Kan»Qdy. a , Qardei ^ V; deoiet weofc to %rjM!ttS0 dn Sfttutday to make eesvetal Itf, worn out enaga of !o Kenoedy. Ha Vraa 1, and ia one case, 'id P, Hotehouso appeared aa t^e oppoeiog ooimeel, ho receivei riiflanaffonj the court. Ilia ( ■that of iiavina Powaa agaioat Bldted-' The latter had money . poait in the.Oawego City Savings hank, /and the Downs woman, with whoni EU drcd lived for a time, sued to recover half the money on the ground that she „ earned half of It, Gardenier was r courts none of :e paid. ^Hia pap^e in the maadsmuh pto- mdings against the Onondaga SUp«r« teorsi, to compsl them topay the olaitne r tUe.Oewego military oompaniee, were plated in the hands of SheriS jobnson case was st Hiram y on de E lajr ial : ■ n tt a ■ = t ' I % iaction oven again in hie own same /attion vras set dqWu for trial a t the 'Wa- AtosttowmeirculV b u t Gaidenier failed appear and Ijie motion on Saturday be- fore Juetioe Kennedy was to have the default opened. In opposing the motion '• litwyer filoreliouBe spoked Dawyoc Qar- donier and atked t)io' Oourt to enter an order denying tlie mOtiton and directing that % odats abeuid be paid by him personally. iCho Justice granted the motion and'U r . 0ardenier paid Ur. of Onondaga connty for serviced The Beard williheet to-morrow, The 29th Separate company will give short drill to night before the foot ball ~ The Army and Efavy Register (Wash­ ington) speahirg of Captain Bandereon’s case gays.: ‘‘Captain Heorge Banderson, “ leventh Infantry, was tried before a O. M. at BniBtlo, Ni Y ., on the iharge of conduct prejudlolal to good jtder ahd military discipline. The first epeoiflcation alleges that the accused ■j^bliclyudenimtmedjBQrporaL^Brad as author of a aeWepaper' artidlo whiph re- >cted upon accused and declared thi s would not have Brady in his con pany; would' kicU him put of i t and, had ho the power wculdthen and.>.4h6re out then and there. J gave Ur- Gardenier h lecture on ^ feesional oonduot and said he i * right to take tm assignment of bis client’s claim where the matter was m lit tion,-in o rder to avoid payment of c in previouB actions, In anotbei; action in which the Hen . O. N, Balger opposed, Mr. Qardenler’s motion to open default was granted, ( condition that he pay $40 costs in b ■days; if ths costs are not paid within that time motion to open default is to Btanfra^i&djWlfhglOaddil S h o e a F o r Ohriatmas. idea that] la ohrlstm found in a shoe store I t is a mistaken id Ubat many people have that a suitable ohrlstmas gift can- in a shoe store. It ia )ou Tjo&jjoe abje to suit all—^hns- f-Rite. »nd.nhlid. All your varied waxmiia-tci & son’s I t styles and shapes in ahoea for all, rubber goods in cndlees ’variety, mena and boys foot wear in n il grades and styles. A very large and most complete line of slippers a for the holiday trada When ; atop at A. Bilque & Sou’s ir offerings. Ooxmnitteea Appointed. The fallowing committees have been appointed in the-Y. Jld. 0. A , to serve fm r thayeuct 1801. Exeoutivs-S M. Coon, W. H. Kenyon, W. Q.TfhraU, J . B. Lathrop, A, B. (Jogs- OB^ASBD BY A N G m O B B , MiB, W A « 6 h ■ ot- Syraoue© CUYes Officer eWtUins A I.lycly Btin, About 9 p’clopk. last ni|h t word was received at ffie Bast side police dWtiph that tw o men undec the infliupnoo liquor Were trying to force to ehtranpe to the rooms over Dr, Vowinklp’s drug: store, in Bast First street, occupied by Mrs. Coville and Mrs. (Warren. QgoB*!' GIttins went to. the place. He met Mrs* Coville leaving the rooms and a ehprb distance down-Ffret street Was isirs. W arf ten, although at the time Mrs. (Jpville did not know her.^ In reply to i question from Officer GUtins. Ure# CJoville said the men went down towards would not have Brady in his com- uid' kick him put of i wer wonld-then and.>-4h6re out hie Btrspes oS; and, farther, refueedl to allow Brady to defend himself, and on the latter averring he wainotTespnelble for the article,, accused, ebtoged Bri with lying. The second specifleal sets forth d xopfitition of thla be­ fore Company (X The p!» was guilty and the finding guilty. The sentence was a reprimand in orders ffom. the immandel, Geuerkl Howard, ng.proPcodings, findings and tbd sentence adjudged in this case is per­ formed with regret. Captain Sander­ son’s long servioo'as a com] ----- -------- mandor should have taught t sponsibilities devolved npon him by his commission and that ho Who cannot command himself is unfit to command others. I t is believed that the effect of the painful lesson be baa received will remain with him during the remainder of his militari career ” A WBshingt<»i dtipatoh to-day says: “Corporal Lewia Brady of Company D, Eleventh Infantry, now at Hadbon bar* racks, New York, is ordered transferred as private to Battery D, Third Artillery, now statiemod a t Fort McHenry, Mary- ^ hiidff Tn’E E m m ^ land.” Cofpdii bad the trouble with Captain Sanderson. lobert Downey, I /. Bun, B . 8. Sloan, '•--nb^hli)—W. L. PhMSon, Gotdom U Z. Aiaitby, rl3j,J,G. jMerriman. wd, J ,rm M. Boha. J. G. Ma<^- John \SToung Taylor, Donad 8. U Z. Alaitby, Sohnjler J . Har!- tbe did Glllott, Robert Kelsey, X B. Westfall. J r , Chas. I*. Gtlbeart, Geo. vr. Yass. Claud P Boyla M P. Neal, J r., ■M. N. Andrews, Vem VV. Pool F.S, Lewis, Dean B. Wood, Fred Wallace, Chas. H. Allen, F. S, DoWd, Fred Barber, Fred G. Wrurren. H J.^oo _ ffibe G lynn C ase. The examination in the case of George A Glynn was oonUnned ia CommiMion* er Getty’s court to - d a i ^ George W. Waf ter, ^renman of tW FiixanniK, was the only witneen oalled tbb me big. He testified that he bad had charge of the printing of the Extra, gave the cames of bis aseiitants, told hoW forms were brought to the office; not kUow from, where; had never heard Qly nn say any thing concerning the either to himself o r anyone else; ler Glynn or Gallagher lut n o t getting the Extra mlL Hbevidenoswas t noon. Adjoummect. This afternoon Edward Dmovao, sn mploje of the Extra was awero. He estified that b e wu employed to set type md that Mr, Gallsgher gave him orders. All he knew about the owcership of the office was that he was present when Oaarles B Glyxm bargained for thepnr chase of the material from Mr. Thomsa The witness did nds know whas Hr Qeo A Glynn’s cooneetion with the Extra Cayuga street pointing in the directiph Mrs, Warren had taken, fjlhe officer started in tha direction indicated, tod MjfB. 'Wajjren Who-.jKas--Ahead \iSfiotor~Bup?itohjg him to be oho of the inen who had been kiolong the doors, Started on a: iuh>. 'hen Ofiicer Gittins saw Mrs. Wmrrto mnfng he Btar.ted on a tun and as j ^ e , Warren turned into Cayuga etreel she began to scream and her cries soon attracted a largo humber of people, Sh® was badly fright­ ened and aocompatfied the officer to too ! aide station, where explanatfeha )wed. Officer Gittins says thaSwhdn .Mrs. W aitto started to run she Wto the shadow of the building^ in Bast First street, and he supposed that the figure fad saw flying dow n the street was that of a man, and one ef those Who bad attempted to force an entrance ihtd Mrs. CovDle’s rooms. Mrs. Warren Uveo in Syracuse. S|ie came here Saturday to spend Sunday with Uis JCbville, fpY siotE MiiafflE .AKBMCBNOOMB ts 4L;QangThat Worked, R. W . ikeight Oars Behind Bolts A m a n d a M. H errick. Yesterday morning Mrs. Herrick, « ie of. the oldest residents of Oswego r native,died a t her home. West Third and leld, Mata. Bara—M any T h o u sand Dollars L o s t Annually T h rough Dishon­ est Employes. S, E. Newell and WilUanx Loodfy, two employes of the E. W . &(X railroad com- jpany, have been arresto'd* and held for -the Grand Jury on thocharge of robbing ; freight cars. The arrests, and the de- yelopunents connected with them, have revealed the exlatenoe of a small but well-organized ring of thieves who, while drawing pay in tlio service of the ra'lroad company for handling and pro- tegting its property and the property of others for , which it ■ S^nsihre7 fiwe alTO*^been’\\engapd' ia committing the crime of, rob- pahons,*! pursued their disboneat course unde ; te c t ^ To-day, hoWevUr, thdeo who are believed to be the leaders in ffio robbery are in jail a t Canton,, awaiting indictment by thg next Bk Lawrence county grand jnrf, and to® of them baa Oghfeseedto some of iho;. tbefta «witb <yh!cb ho is charged. B atoms probable that such an emmple will bo made of these two cases that others who a re apt tojteld to tbetemptatipn to betray their trusts for the sake o f peconiary gain, Wifi be deterred from ao doing. Since Jmle last the R W. & O offi- clala have bad considerable tronblo on account of the frequent robbery of cars on that portion of the lino East o f Wa tertown. Chis have been broken open and some of their contents removed, aqd packages of goods have been empfied by the hands of eoms wUy robbers who worked so cleverly that it has been im- 0 ascertain their stolen goods in- Ij .clothing. Mohawk streets. SbewasbominShefa in 1808 and in 1829 t Herrick in Wato: -married to Dwigl ,-N. Y., wl ward came rest of her life was spent. Hr, Herrici ' the leading family were Y ., whence she immediately came to Oswego, where Ute ■ life was spent. Mr, Herrick merc^Mta of F r e e t^len ^r ' many years one of Its of Oawego.. The aid, FnmkE Wallace, Art«urL. Tribe. Dlbrary—IV, H. Kenyon, B. B. Sloan, Arthur Babeoc^ F. W, B omm , M. P . dwrt ^ y thom , Charlas Neal, jc.. B. B. Educational- ------ F.Holck,GeorKeaTl Boarding honsa un< W. Smith, H. I*, r W. Smith, H. ii . Bonsteei, George 1 Donald, George J. Abbott. ■ Gymnaaintn—Nelaon Morrow, L. ChurchfD, J G. Wendell, A m Burs \lieCturef-K G. Post, Charles Wendell, \■ P.fibodier, J o h n s. Batsons. j'nhidr Departmrat—P. O. M. Tribe, B. Ja y Boynton, F . d, Gaylord, H. J . Cooper, b ’. Oogm^ell. Ohades A, Marvin, Dr W .O.Todt Personal Purity*-Dr. W. Tiffany, P. J M arrln. , An px^^V^b dinner at the Doolittle •Cbristmtoday. . Kingaton'i pharmacy: Atomixers fi •cologne spraying original, new, el Now hi the Htoe, gentlemen, to buy your wife au4 daughter a handsomooilk ■dreslcboapatr K ilev ' s ' S2 West Bridge stfeei. . idOKi iteOSi liOOKl Largeet stock of pianoe of every die- «ription atoThow offered tothepublio of Oswego and vioinity at reduced prices a t belter Bros,, Syraouse, N. Y.| for onsh or easy payment. and contemporary Brewsters, VanDycks, Crockera, Turrella, Allens, Paideee, Cimdits and ot'befa of the First Ikesbyterian church society. Mr.Hctrick dkd in 1882,leaving two children; Byron H Herrick of New York, and Mrs. Mary L. Perry, who still survive. The latter years of Mn. Herrick's Ufa were spent amid the loving and tender ministrations of three gene­ rations, who dwelt beneath her roof. It was a life of pore and tmtelflsh de- votion not only to thoeo o f 'her own home and kindred, but to heighbors and friends. The poor and sorrow-stricken bad a tender aympathizer and cheerful helper in Mra Herrick. The end came [teacefully. The lengthening shadows fell gently, and the night had no terror. V e ry F o rtonate. waa; ho had eeen Mr. Glynn prepare ten some hi lynn read any (roof himself ; had never seen Mr. Gly proof; hand rsad.some pn and solicited somS advertiaoments. Os-wesco's ffiow Dally. The Oswego Tax Payer ia the name of be a new’ mormn^h-dmly which is to be the esubtished in this city by the fltst of I year. Mr. W. W. Harmtoia tho propi tor of the scheme, to d Inform? o« tl Geo, W. SimpBOn w4il be saBooiited with him in the buaihess. The corps of editers Mr. Harman ec^s, will be of the best that can he obtained. The paper ia to lave the United Frew dispatches, will le of four pages and six oc lumna to th i TheTr pfisw oT l -page. TTheTr pfisos on the comer of Weet Fust and Farkee Z^eokwear. Silk tod linen handkerphtefs,mufflers, cellar% onfis, auspendew, ulght^ plain andTffil dress Bhittat,‘or anything else in the line of mens’ furnishings in great, varied. J ob ® ttn m p s , N0.1Aroadfe deoS2d6t Kingston’s pharmaoi: Imported dolia fifeshi^ defight of litfift girls, lovely so D ozec . Of those fitoinel Skirts joat received dee,Sfi,d8t acKuoy’s 23 W, Bridge. Big o ut sale od holiday goods a t Savr- ' a g h a l \f *“ 1° lewaW ff ? » » » . . U. a (Sov*t EepOB, AnJ. 1?; ,8S» rery variety of tnetobandiso which (Hid be easily disposed of o r used by the lievee. Hundreds of dollars’ worth o f ooqrse, the rauj tho loEscs good. inndreda of d i thus been taken, and, of railroad company has inadE iwell confessed that he stole tobacco from tke'eara. A remsrkablafact about hla case is that he does n o t use tobscco in any form. Ho tells a queer story ■aiway tifafiros lw^eSs>Mt tMswtag.*.a»fr ' scakla S bso ^ STORE , ■will be Open [E V IB Y EVENING untU JANUARY 1st, 1891, with Clothing, Hats, Caps, Umbrellas Gloves, Mittens, i Mufflisrs, Neckwear, Scarf Pins, &Oi SCANLAN BROS., WICKER BLOCK, West Bridge Street- OPEN EYEHINGS. *1 PR OK 5 .* Mlf. to U H a l l i g a n , H d e a g l i e p & . K i n n a n e . riollar!!, flnffs The people of Oswego may consider tcmselvee fortunate in having in tho ty a store with snob an elegant oUday goods as can be found iiam’s. A t ) DO other jfiace in the city lino be found in as large an assortment, and for elegance of design they are nn- •nrpaased in this sccUto of the Smta three more days remain before Christmaa ‘ d every day e the crowd comes. Do not complete your Christmas porchssea without going to OUpbant’s as yon wifi regret it. The best present to ■ ( found for twent“ \ ' ' lose books from cent counter. Comer Oneida street m Norwood. Hii friend eaid b e like Bomo of that tobacco which was frequently shipped over the road to rtetght, and asked whether or not be wonid expose Em i f be atoleBome out t-f a car. Newell said be would not. “But 1 don’t dare to trust you,”ssid tho tempter. ‘•Now, if you wUl steal half a package I will steal the other half, and both being equally guilty, we will ba equally sura of each other as regards beCrsyaL” So Newell consented to prove bis lo* ally to bis friend by beconoiog disloyal to his employer, and the .two committed the robbery. Newell gave his share of the to b a ^ away. Loody fives near Messena Springs and Newell at Nor wucA Both are unmarried. The \company looses many thousand dollars s n n ^ l y through dishonest em Tttko year Ymss dinner st the BooUt- Blg cut eaie on holiday goods at Saw Kingston’s pbarmao;: all eizsa loiiet and manicure seta, eylonite,_ (haut’s twenty-five ‘Weet First and Special M essengers o f th e W e s tern UTnlonu The special meesenger dtoutmient of the ’Weetero Union Telegrato Company has employed .totra meseengets and is ______________ prepared to deJlvhr holiday gifts through- iimrtiBnB i^iH rT |o u t^a-cilj at a ‘smali-ooet*-AiticlEs vrill be bandied carefully and receipts obtained for the mms. Metaengecs m ay be hsdi by Mghalling frOnTY^’estem Union call boxes, teiephoaing or by ap- t tho main, office. pUcatlto a t the main. dec20d4t A J o r y W IB InvestiBato. Saturday afternoon Coremer Vowinklo summoned a jury to inquire Into the cause of the death of Michel Bessau, the old gdntlehien who waa'afariick by Y. O. & W. passenger engine wWio walking oh the t r a c ^ last week and whose death Coourred Friday. After viewing the remains the jury adjourned until ^ d a y aftemoonof this wee the Court house. diied silvea-. APKUNS Another invoica of apn at Kiley’s. deo.22,dat P i e s ! PU esl P U to ! ten’s New Discovery for Piles will btod Weening jmd the sore- aprte the Until Deo. 25th .the Mtsses Benedict will-close out their j^ahoy articles at greatly t^ttbed priote* Porsonal'Mention. Pueblo Chieftain, Deo, .14: Mr. P. .J. Dugan haa been admitted to practice in the district Cbutt. if Mr. Dngan proves Jo n g ^ b ^ M ^ ^ o n e of the leading law- Mf. Dogan is an Oiwege ate of Sk Bau^’fl school, toi cure blind Weening ant wheUall ocher trentments stops the Itching a t once, t ness, acts to a poultice and absoi tamois.. I t Is a new discovery that pUto. Prepared only forplleeano It of thepliTilte Balts uui nothing else to-day for Allen’s New Discovery, by all drupMtists. Pries 50 cents. deo6daewlvr ^ t A s^endid Cbxietmsa dinker' at the Doolittle, .■ ' PiwH TOH.KT Sms Only one dollar ) at KiUey’a. dea92,d3t C0SMCfn.OMKBT. X wish td-cafi special attention i supply of confectionery, which I can safely say is the best I have ever offered atthe prioe. I am selling Whitman’ oadiesat 30 cents per pound—usually sold at CO cents. 1 have about two thousand pounds of these goods, which I have placed on sale as s special attrao tiou, and those who ptorch^ from this lot. will eijjoy a rare treat. I have plenty of dheapor block and all wi ranted frtoA W, Hj^asaaTY, deo20d4t A medioino endorsed and need by pbysloians and druggists—Simmotfi liver BegUIstor. deo 22 deod&w Cheioe holiday preaents* neeful and omamqhtal,can b e seen a t Sharpe & Go’s drug atom. East Bridge street. 20d3t .For holiday goods see Button’s ad. .d«tolMT,19;20&22 Dolle tod doll cate at M ^ tthy’a. • ,r I NovXBto 24- Will be pleated the far West, whore verahto odttiirt, tr o f 1 alffiit a ' Oswego ■ todpbMO- Why do^yon.endam thoagtoy Of dya- pepsiat liimmto? Diver “ alwuys toteyofi,' Emulator Will d?d2»dtod&W Set Oven in Now York can be seen a. finer Imo of Ohrfatmaa novelties than at Austen Sc Poolete. deol6d« (Cking Horses utMoCarthj’e. . Sawyer's, 6 aM 7 knk BM. BIG COT SALE Stiirts. Lent, we taka a great deal of pleas- re in pointing to the exoellent tooioa offisred by our It^ga and carefollF assorted stock. There ia a great deal of room for exercise of indi* vidnal taste in the pordiase of such heoeesary articles aa Shirts, Cfaffii tod C o l l ^ Every wearer has his own particular &noy about the mode he stall sftect, others nsving found a style that is comforiable and be­ coming, cling to it from left'on io- season. We can suit each dais. AU favorite and standard styles and. shapes are always in stock. Whole we are constantly adding to this de­ partment, the various novelties ^iu styles and makes, low prices rule in this, as in all departments. KlockS Tiffany ON LI SOI is ihe iims. to secufo yoBt Gilts at PRICES BE- h LOW Z8R0. GOIE E«Rt.T IND NMD IHB. EBKISG CROWD. U. Saws®. JH; 4 , . - ________ — ^ ^ __________ ihlurw SNM w iA i fixya**** tsu*<orr- Xmas Gifts,! FOB THELADlBSi A P r e t^ Paip ---- A Palp ot Feileot Fitting Shoes; dr A Gozy Fair ol Victoria 6a!t<o FOR THE GENTS : A Snug Pair o FOR. THE ;HISSE^: •A Dainty Pair^ol Shoes^iind Gaiters. FOR THE BOYS; A Nobby Pair bl Shoes and APn^ ol tiosenlce High Rub­ ber Boots, those Storm Kings, FOR THE LITTLE ONES : All Rinds ol nice; sole Foot­ wear. Styles innumerable, goodis superior, prices lofirest^ S E a s t B r i d g r e S t. . OPEN-EVENINGS, Vart H ootkk ’? Cocoi-Dugtet wl*: in ths market. xUtowed&fn '- , - V . A - 'M

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