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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, October 17, 1890, Image 5

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n : ' i ' ' t ' , g ! ■ STMAHA^MTOttKsSSSiS'^\“«® S * “ » ® « .i 8 ^ ^ j , j ; '- : ; j '' ; i ! ^ \ i v , > ,r ;;;-, ;, ;BM: W I U . ■KOI *6BOOB HIM. _(*'■ ® '“ ?l'»>. Wl«« to M oon Hh * ItoH -SO IT IN TBB 04B H OF < a t y t t t t c t Y t c t n i t y . I \ ^ i t e t i o n l t t . \ - : , \ S 0 ^ : g V , K o - ^ t ? ^ Pftyne’B O p p onent Hold* an AU 30«iS^*B%Mjptiptt t h e ^ n , M«firi^/BictfDU^ , « ^ o » n d uiite^ p04m^ c m 'd im for M a in? «e lefopHon fos(ttlbr»»A?> i b t i r sfT^iSSirafc prOrtfoOTit KepuVdicapi^ onWfeS fo piy fodp respect* end eleoMi Jfti JSurnhiun: ^ their iWj^porto He eaj* hfo oanYtse ^ « y fo’?o«We«U oTet tho dl* Wot. He Wwparttbtdwly weU.'pi6jMMtd, -with M ^ P t M f o O * w e g o »hd luai proi i*ed to jtddreM xjur people before t CampUgn oloeee. air. BoKihaBt e» t J§oa*e nntil fo- *tK% WcotWtod: fo* the *m«l ;jrfr. gtnuMNii-and <3W»*, Onttiaa ^arrived dWte? the after*: noon mod had- • PfoM«nt vieit with :'foptdofvHr,;)8##Blihap% Wend*,-: ' :S«;'SSS epeaker. - He M retaatka a 2 k ^ ^ y | 5 ^ ^ t ^ . i o i » : lIri‘Howat(l. Hr. Howard portunity ft«? tho«? e ^ i j j ? -who war®' S . K The Parish Social. cSssroSs; I boildin? 'pf id last eTen< In ? , w ith a throng of peopl «exea. H was the oootwon of foe parifo •Odal and tea. ConTersation, d e b Ohat ' and mndwltobea beguiled foe dine nntil, all too soon ten o'dook oatne and foe af ' aembtago dfepenied, wel{ pleeeed' and Totingtbeadeira xrand luoceaa T o th e HemoorSoyt 'ro'tnorrow ia registry day again and er« y Democrat n o t <xr foeUat sbotdd 4iee that hianatne la duly registered. Hie _ latrnqn£ea that be moat attend to .tbit ^ matter in person. Xcia of tKe greeteat impotfoilOe that erery Demooratio TOte abonid be reborded tM PtU, arid n® one foonldnegleottoregitter. ICharaitotiily oot one more day beeMatOfinwroW. Don’t pm waittmfo the last day—yoahety be aiok; utd nnable to attend toitfoao. 00 ifo ^ S h a n a b a h ^ a e tf o r f o w : that the depre«ed oodditiott of agricnl fore was not doe to legbdadoo bnt to an OTerp*odnpt|onof f ten prodnoe^. The foreignMiaedpwdnfotMd,Q0o.(5()0. Ttm will be stopped by foe HoKldey biib He d ied the d n ^ On Sanaatrs tobaooo fod eggs toinoTe bis w d tton, lnre>. feMng'tO hawyera ha the De^aUfore, be add there were folrty^sfo Infoeltst one ehd among foe otben there wefe dgh-n teen fatmem. He said, allofoer tM ? ? btang equal, h e saw nothing in th® edn- cadoQ of a lawyer to nnfit Hm for a Hwr^kworlegisilatar. Ihelawyxehk tire f t taxation, be add, are sufflden^ . difflcd^ fo iM u into ___ a He assured h h bearers foab voted for fo» Peansill and linaQU P T.1C .0, A.-- '^'Hds erfolDg a t -8 o’dOdc Jfo. H. H H ilkr, d r., late Oecsral Ssoretaiy of foe Y( H 0 . A. a t OomaO Daiwantty, wOI address a spsoial u cetihg for young matt in foe romns la West li n g sheet. Bnb< jedt of linpoctairoa to msmbeis of foe Y. H(XA.aadobnroh:niembStf. AD- yoangmeD are invited to he present; Afoodatfonworkers will meat in foe parlors a t 7:80, Bt. dcibn’s T a lr. Desplfo foe dhagreeabiewaathsr foera srSB a good dtendaboe a t dohn% fair last Sfeoii^. The young hdiea in charge o f foe rat^wfomeat tabka have prapared a iampfoDg mtou Hot this evening, u id BO donbtaiarge crowd wlUreward them. Go and^ndapleasanteTetdng sdfoBt. dobn’s p e M tto-nigbi aaoapedPrffoa. th e O o u n ty Hoose: Janiea Boberts, an iiUnafo of foe Oonnty Insane A^^loni, escaped foom foftt i^ t i f o U ^ this m o c n ^ j .and fodc with Mm a n orsrooat b d c n ^ u g to ene of foe hired men^ The police axe looking for him. , ^ ItOsit HXairmbrelta. H u ^ Hutting jrestecdsy lost Me nm- brtUa. His name appears on it. - The Bndsr w in Confer a favor by Isailng i t atfoa P alAiim m office. WiBirSmaHswB, The « d y place for ifoe goods and sty- Hshm O lbsiyisat 189 W est i% st street, would be pltsfsed to mfot ^ t r old cue tonure. octltSdsi tfog wonted} Bpanf ifo yani and the im - pCtM B afony. \ . S d W n k BfoekX and wlU d T eehtsctti- fomefoan ekoeedinglyllne Bn# o f grp.^ .Pstiseatlow ptioea M in«?eotka of hli goods w>d prices la Invited, .ootigdgt \ ' TJfoA^H(H3<)i:- T M IW foe n ext tm diye ftom foie difo the diH d « k btni necrifo ttaled Mdilog foe p erdiate of the stone wall asoiBld foe Htagsicird FtiK fob d ly xe- ssSring fos right fo xeHrianir arid iffi .^siidMda T,ftW iii»ii,,Oitrdle»fc. Dated OQb I’m , iM O M tl HD WILD iiHDT PDBDGB HIM. Hm .F TO yoTB r p n m illbb . :£irinAiiU'^of^ fie. t - mif ...' :dnrttee'^of’H t . 'Dnw*' ^ Helping Him Over X HardPIaoen. S s S S S S fofuMedthegaoo fodinfortsttse^ fornotgdfcg to-fodyer. Hr- f i t S ihesardwl'engreat-nian; -and was; a-plaoe,',.. . __ Was no otwn who. could do Jt Borwefo Tdahoj .Ootober »th ,ln wUoh he m forihtti his hnafoug an d j&Mng forOUgh thsf! country. Mr, Hfobaidfon Hone of S p artr o f four gentlKmett o n a mypriviiege to M a m e d M p f . ^ t t u r f o l n t t o ! ^ ( ^ a body and as Tlistened to f e H d « S : t ^ t i w y go f o p e b d e i^d u c f c B l^^ For the hut twmfydaya they bavelired enfoolynpoa game, Bonth oc tbsT e l- lowHoBe KarionaParirtliey found game sott L a k a Montana, they found excellent tfontilfoiog. H r, Eicbaidsoix traveled IM miles from foe Car and made fog mfoadhtanceCtrWiSebiwk; TbeyUved which i iahow! bills a n d ddiTsred a speech in favor of one o f f o e ^ They were to l^eHt^fos ranner and had beta recommeodedr by immittesa -from tb# Grange and tbs LiQanba. Be spoke of foe ____ , foelasfetsghlatere, a n d iar risted thathe, hr pari^ was xaaponrible ior foe radaotioa la foaBtate tax to the people of foie ooanty^SOO. Ha re< forred toMr, Brads’s viait h ttf tf with Hr. desoriptkHr, On. tbafo return to .... aittoad tber found a tram oobaiit> Ipg oC spndal pfoice car® ffiledwltboap> ItalEata from Gbioagoaad Omaha. 'WanfonnHxwB. danritoMo: Weplapefoaab»lo-psT a full stock of Dr. Jaeget’a lazdtary WPolea nodmwear, socks ind.longatock> faga.foc metr and jifxrfoi. B y baying th M y f o vriUinwtorve your health and kaSpypUTsalf free front cold,' For asle pnlf b y AHfwaW Botrror, fotocsfseortoH. aBddil viait h t Howard reoantly and said : «*Xhsrewaa a gantleMaa. here with Mr. Howard, wMsm l Jtaoogniied aa a Frfoibhioniit; He oame hare as a faxmsr and trisnd of foe agrt- iaieraala. Dve got a great deal of raapect toe Mr. Howard, bet I must eay foat I have very little r e i ^ t forfokpdUricailbrat(as well by » « m ) who fa mesquetadiag in foe llrexy at Heaven to ■ervefoe devih Mr. Straae- han foenraad a tettarporporfoigtobave beeaaent oiatbr foe liberal: league of Oswego laet Fril, oaltiDg upon ril liquor deSlen tosappoctMr.Howardaaagainet ifo. iSkanahan. Tboipeakwthen tookUpfoe ’^Draft^ ed MenW bOI.” Aftsr exidaining foe provfakos of foe blil, he Sxididned foe ia r t he had taken vrith it as foQowS: “ t a e t Fait a oecfoio drafted man came to mS and arimd foe if I. favored foS HJtafted Men’s b01.» I t<dd him. I Hdrft know, but that 1 wooM tafo vrifo my p«deoee|or In office and sea what bs had to say about It. X did folk w ith Mr. Coon and he inform- ed methathefoWBOXeaaon why I should not sn^)oriit. IrspOrted to thegmitle^ m an what.Mr. Ooon had Wdd tofoa and told Mm' foat i would examine ,foe bill ftorfoar, and i f I opuld do lO oon- scileadttoody, WooM toppoAlhetteasnie; The b n was UOad C a - ^ aaoond foad Injp^ fod aa ikMver o f M ^ sembly 1 had no oooaemn tP vote f s r or againat it, It wss afterwards intro> dfowd fotlmBMSatoaBdpasaidbyaTofo of 19 to 9. i t was nster rs- portad t o foe jfosmbty. In ' ' to Whst I would do if . _ ivoieffoltuitfaialtfafoeten. fonentof my oooatituenis that rshonld dofKX I will Botvsuppori any Mil or foeaswri that dose noimeetfoaimproval offosyotsfo of myldfatrto*. TSe Os- vfogo Pixmasidit biB fokfoi ooforion to :SES«S,lSSMa foe Mil told also with Mr. How- ard * and foat bofo talked ifav«. ahty of % but foat the writer Oh foS oooariOH referred todid not hsvO aoopv of foe Mil ih e letter stat^ that Mr. H o w ud qaB^ upon foe writer f o f a Fail and informed Mmfoatheoonld AaaamlfrlwllULvofowifofoy patty on Shull veto for the s f o m i S L r l f o ^ i i i r e t isf fos S f f s i a t w fo’t i i t e i s f o r C l i r i i i f r a O g W T O O Mr. Cartijs was introduoed when Mr, prodnoetiwyfotutr ■ihersOil.- . ^ f o ? r OVTEI^COA.TS OSTERHOUT, S a t u r d a y A N D M o n d a y , o c t . i s a n d 20 . fin e s t ta r i e t ^ % beat JmsiiSs: night he;;:wss'-:,Miiefo' foppdtod for the purpoeo lrf totting ifc, hewentabrndand raWChsuncey a s th |y werapuiiing him <mt from; under, tho MBSSKt. Nut]togvmd D ? m ^ ^ Mr, Coon, for foe rsBroad eompeny, tooved for nonsnit<m foe grounds that no negligence had befo ahown and foat it cHdnot appear inoridenoefoatfoedek feefove brake in quesfomCauaed foe ao* ridsnt. Channeny VfoS not aeeii to handla foe brake Be n ^ b t bava ialleo ftfoU foe train foom aoiae othw oauas^ Thstowaanoevidenfo.to abow a e f ^ genoa m bis part, bu^ there was a lack of avidenoetosfaOw foat. be vraa. not I.A1IP BQBHEBS. Y A fiD L * llFV IC K » » HAilD l , M l f r . - 7ABLB «ni|]STAfiD,i^M a?S, BEST lAHTEBBS, SA X IB H M l.X fotP S , l « a g B6 4 ; 8 5 e SSe » 2 . o a HAYDEN. H.W.lAMCS&jSOH 7 6 , ,7S *nfi Sft E A S llE d S T ., P S W E G 0 4 N * Y , Oraimiftted 7c A SHg^) - 6ie Matclxes, pel? box* 25c Bird ?eed, per lb-, 2 |c Good. Brootnii, X2|c Bakinsr jPowdeirs 8c B a t d » P o r f c B b » a s aifiid. Orackers^ 6c B e s t K e w B o g r l i s h Oarranis, - Sc St 0 w Bugfland Atiiice Hoat, - 8c SPECIALAEOT. B I i Its GrttiuIM-A Su( iivSSF. i )lj.a$c Teii $nd i tb 3 Q o Coffee, ’• 5 d c B r a G A O T . f d J f G b o c l c d o t t o d i ? 2 8 c T e n O f t o t i f t B o o t s a n d m o o s v b a v f t m i S-SJI8H0B!, 6 blainMnis»e|», B C JACEEIS Themofom was granted and complaint dfarniwed on foe merits with Ootfo A, Kltta. No sppeanuifo t y defend- MSiy Barnard against Oeoge Ifeyer; aetton for d a m a ^ ; on. trial. Farifas VoUowiDg fa the court, calendar for MoaSsy: Nos. dg, (Kl 81,6% ^ H MbMurtioh of fofa city,and John aadlkudKcklea of Onwego FUfa, naforaHsed. , ; t h m D H O iN a t k a o t s . OeorsaXhTaxiier’e “Mtorohandlae ' 'W in s * S even HuntSStoe. Thecawerarix starten ha the 9:45 clasi a t FbOBuheyestonfay and foe heats werenU hoUy contested, h o t Mtoohan- dise. a dne young mare owned l y George Xb H o ner of the Empire House, ahewed her fasring qoalities.'by winning foetMrd; aixthand aevenfo beafo and--. ffliewfiere. Ftoo rouaioi lot* of fun,- ddft and uard moniit atfoe Armory->fopday atfoing. AdndafoiUlOmAfo oenta. , laite Ismoier*, Fortland PcTki^ jfelange Quadrille, Bfxatxe Walts. Fescinoaca Walts, foe'VlaUn* and the CbriordMinur ^l^'efohoot epma id the 'WIcka’ Blqok CgASS FOB Aid. CBU.DREM BEGmHIMG. ^ *^,WOH0A:sr,OCXOB]Elta7tli,at*p.n.' <Tboee having relativea In. foe Advanced Claaees, mayfovite them to tMs elaas.) CUHS F O i HISSES AMD KASTEBS A I CED. XOkwOAT, ftCrOBBBaatb, M oim ss FOB CHH.BBEM, AB7AMCED. * vrgoBuBDAF.ooioBicBaa atap.Bt d k A « FOX T0UM 6 XEK f t l D WOMEN. TJiT7XSi>4F, OCTOXtoXSOU^ ar^sSO ftr B«|^aMS:Baa a *« se, Sey AdToaoait' Qoertor, jW U tofor ipi^ffikas.00 VO iB«mb*zt of htrttJtewo^ ertvatefiMioin. a T. O . H A 3 S f I i0 2 S r , BwowwVle.tutiMiOa,MOwla A a W S w o c m . A jM s O O fox, Of oil klnda fatleite or waaH quntitie- OM.x£Mmullwwt^^ OEWMOi-lTi t ^ A n e m w mwaptlT irnwt. foetMrd; aixfoand aevenfo beafo and foe race, altbongb foe was in with old trotton tiH riiia fa h e r drat seasem on foe turf. Mr. Tnxnerhaa jutvesaoD to l« proud Mt b ar pSricciuanoe in such a Arid of gopdooea. Mail Boy won the drat two h tod^ b n t Couldnot stand foe pace and dropped back to third in the next^ which was won by Merdiahdiae. Thert*! JeafosH. a ^ g e d f e astd took aoonple of ! beam x a d in torn was again beatfohr Uerfoandha.'wbo toMv the two next and tbetaos. BrioWfafoesununyuryt ‘ The »;6» class was west l y MQfolgan 2:89 claw was won by Jamee M. of Syritonaa, beating B uo I b , .John Dari^ Bba^dotW tofkB- * ThsHoard ofDuMio Works mri last. •-’ * ^ H . T n M .BXTOXOODX lK . X > . f .. pERFECTIoyjryLOR SYSTEM B K E B s C O r r i N a WMOh sWotintedto/|i49.ft foe West a‘xfo street sewer wak ait Surveyor dfttoted to make an totf- mato Of foe Ooifcof Wjnstruqdon SUd to- po lt'S t foe-iitori meefotg .1 TW Haat Seventh street toFetwas ordered begun atdBCe. !itpM(JftFt®naW ’ Ih fo e to w rm p s rio tj^o a n d v i ^ depitofSaanis fok foe present terin. Hie SsSSffiS catotognesmaitedfree. ioafaltombaraj . 'T l w X M * i B 5 5 S 5 ^ Pretty 4[acftets ~50 ' L aftiesl Capes Childrens* Cloaks Opened at i CLABCY’S Sliim&SGEEEIDE&. East uiipa and SscoBd Streets. EaraoacxUbttton foa.OdfontwT* ^ l t b r « f f l a 2 f o v ^ ^ * l j * W E L C O M E “ _ ______ _ n ^ ^ S c o m e B A H G E S y . totbiWl .foVj^^^I^ramUeirfx SYRA0SE STOVE W0RM& On le Ye Cites i t t Aoietoeeoplenter. l t P E Satnday CHoha-agH^Moaooonnt. h ■f:;' - ' v , . . . r O R B S C B Q W D B I > P A I L Y a i , . T rim m e d a t illiii« r y l o a t h e P a l l a n d i W l a ^ o£ 1 8W j v d j _ f t p e i ^ fiidstoriM n g 3 ca88« o t C h f ld im 'a'iH f laertw iii? C A P E S T f U R c a p e s I * A t $ 3 , $4,130, $ 3 . 5 0 , $ 9 ? m 5 ( « ^ $ i 5 : $18 a n d $ 2 3 , T h e v a r a , , B e a u ties. / ^ Slegeotsfo!r.cott’slectrieorEtS' A D S E C T h e Ctrea^ K e a ltii \ ■« ia h 4 S f e p h j H d k o i H a c t a h J m H i f^iADtocisdn o f Q u a lity ifoy atare in file S tate. • ' A.AWYER. . R S - 6AHMARCADE. \ - A ' V , M » c

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