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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, October 17, 1890, Image 2

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L >: ■ n B r n O S W ^ E Q O F A M ^ A P I D M , g m P A Y , O O T Q B g B I T . 1 8 9 0 . ,v ^ i» P - ; ^ S 2 \ ' 5/A mm B L A N K E f S A R E T H E ^ O N G ^ T ^ i ^ i ^ t isTiiOTiM cipcji^’ with tlui montU 4 i,-.,-„_ ____ _ {hiB jwpjuri «i!urptj3ingly' liiF^ ttmatwr of d r o ^ '^ t t be((?uii4tQ l(aT^he(itt abaqrlwd {jy jfe ^hl» U dti» t(>i (i1fOfoM action of (ba o ? n trltu^l forpe d« jpltiped by tbp mo- ftobof fho tettle. Tbo OoPilderable amount ' b t vf»to#ulherifl8r.(K» phslniideiOf tbebot- a« t t M vpn o i* of the, month, and alto broken nfe <nt» a great number o f « r y imaU drop*, nrhich, when absorbed b y the blotang papM^gWetnolmpreselonof mr-*- larger d r o ^ than, thebr actual alze voi s i t i r m i w > i . . . o « o b H m } i £ ! s ; S ' r 3 B ' 3 r $ 6 3 S } ^ S • BIO BPXOIAC0XAB B M I^T O M ’SCABIH KatB P a n i i i g t o n a s Topsy* ' , , gtreetPuralto e r « y day. M o r & l a y N i g h t ^ O c t . r « i i n r M o r t e ^ . ^ ^ ^ r . the Ta.t C l u b . J E r e ^ t b i n g N e w , - B f ig lifra n d SparIcIlQ g . U R I i E T T ^ • T A N D A R D p m v o R i i e % i g rjpoB lE N X - ^ flat ofMxalce.rOOiuli ra n t luctra—A uedi J - Order a-.ducelli f e K s a B t i V s ; SCIENCE, A ^ B O flElSa A Wmple Oloetratlon ef tge Power of <5entriB.*»I Poroe — A Well a»owa flp*t»IPit;:,(.nnalo,tt; 'Produ* ;m v « f$/im a BXpjthikSKT. io n 'ii that ■faiMtta*- pipe’»l«in IM anyone uoffamillar-W ith the iih;ta in ,tha try to eaUmato the \— ire leagtha of tlm ‘ ‘ ' ' aneh a b a t a n d b e wf (Turtfoal dirtancO from on*<jnar- i-hplf g reater than jfch<borb;ontal f a artuat meaaaiennen^ aa ahoW igravlng, tha Itne Al.B'Is longer . raOthatthe-reryetylish and well proporflonea batthuaehoim lateallynot a “tall” (me by A nymeaoa, b u t Itn height iaomyaaoptleellU naion produced b y the projeetlna e u rredbrim o f the hat, which deceirai the eye Intoufidsa p?rccotI(jnof the iela^<’abetwOcn< iUdUTcrcDt dlmen- 3 h conneeUon with thhf hubjectwemay atm mention tbeifact t h a t a horse’a head of aTeiagaahte i a just, the height of a n or- 3 TIQXL lUniKKt. dinazy flour barrel, althou gh moet petto tut Would retpilfttb* etidenee of ah actual ----- — ‘ • - '- ib e i n g ( » n r tn o e a ; The — ^ — *— L ia bnatrail( ttfo i gtatleties. In anaddreeeon tbeatandardllTtngln te H alted States, mad before the A meri- AjNodatlMt for the Adtrancement of oepted sta& tim Great Britain consumes ta aTeraganleat xailoBnot over tW ^ h lrd s large a s ^ s A m u k a n i ®raaoeseawely If a s large; Germany, A nattia and Italy still lias. .But t b s laborer's dlWary is l u - p r S T ^ in tbaee qotmti^ ^ I t a l r e a d y *TH)]lB2(9--BIeMantrr«iii« totu,’.tn'. oiotb tis o Sdpo’unde, Tbecoa- ts,bjn # 1 , 4 0 0 Cv* buahidn, and about taaLto a n d onebuslM] o f o r fipprozlinately r»l\a -------------- -- — Inbauitaak Tbeatscafe Ettropsanoonmmption of trb s a tisa b o u t i.5bnabels. m tlM consumption of fruits tbodU fersaeebetw sonthkaadother tsonn- W is Is n ia ib d w its tm u ssal e m p b isk . Tbecominmptlsa. of yegetablrs k n a t e t - ' ',A New-CtaiHa iteel. m ittAT Entin: RiMur, B E E C H A M ’S P I L L S Druinialiltrniiintiin.' “•tJ^STdESS;-' . j r i r ; 4«4J<a*Wlin!hn--q A T R I P % % lltIC E , l e i i M t t e E ii A P O S T * HKHDBBiSOH, scaroolyatorago — , _____ _ _ ______ sumption o f the osroals, b y m a n a n d b o sst, Isthroe ttmes as much, Itt proportion to population, is in Bufopok Bor Ulo p o st ten roan tlrtarsragobM been tfbn a h o b iot lyfrom lB bmbela peraaumta. WhUsaU Isn o tu s td a s food for iiaan^ n oam all piiit of i t oontribuUs t o the m e at supply. T h e a n tage conaumptian a t w heat for bread Js nearly lir e bushidn, and about * thtoSbnshskof ■ ' - as rowing t nbem a d e b y jMMtUe Bews b f iltS Bay, ^ ^ = ■ 3 - 4 Among^reoent iuT«n«ona' ls . “flos«i% K>iua*'wltli.a(£nteftoimbtiDgof noofriS small TOdnd tiotM pkceileid to (snAakt imrtotmd«dbya™ ttrorkof ■ . , . m u : M t 4 ‘ — ouni ^ in prhKBrti^ “ , 'B o k e WQt t t iU(kl0> ................ s s S S ' s S S S Seugofeai, ^ taugbeofhis. .luiluid then, juat iUf J wan going t d close ’ It, n horrible Won occurred tocippie ■ -Bud f , packed my toothbimshh | don’t know how it is, h u t l never do know w S e ther Pvo packed my tooebbrUsb, * Of course I bud to turn eyery mortal- thing out now. and of -eputse f *eoull(l not ilpd it. I ramujused (the thlnga Up into mitOh the same Btnte th a t they m u a t bavd been hefott; the world ’wna;oteat 0 a and when chhoa reignfd- Of'OpnrW I found -George’s afid jElarriV eightton times over, i I couldn’t find my own, I p u t the When I had finlihed. George w k e d if th< wp Was In. i siiid I didn’t cate a ham soap Woe In. isiild I didn’t cate a hang whether the soip wo» in or .Whether i t , wasa’'t,'»nd 1 slammed the beg to pnd- strapped it, and found that I bad packed my tobaccoI pouch Itf It nnd had pouch Itf It nnd had to reopen in it got nhut up Anally «tlOH)5p. m„ and there .remalnw the hamper* to do. Burris said that vyeshcinld ho wanting to thought that ho und George hnd better do the rf«tl*iwtl fngreed and sat down, ard yhadago. Ilghtheurted aplrit, evl- show m e how t o do i t « iy w \ ’ — Rda BOComjacnti 1 oaly waited, V^en ... irKok hanged flarrisaVHlbctho worst patkerinthi-s world, and 1 Icwkod at the piles of plates iind enpf nnd kcttL bottles and lars and pics aadatov s and tomatoes, etc., and frit that the lid soon become exclUny'' for somn Bino, y d t bpriB Lp»y* n a y a tto u t io n to '’ ' and enp^ and kettles and rs usd pics and stoves and atocs, etc., and f r i t th a t the iiiug would aoau become e x c iting,'' It d l i They started with brei^ing a up. That was the first th ing they did , _____ show yon whai Id do nnd to gel you InterwitOd. Uen HUtrls cocked tbastrswberr . cflckkl tbastrsw b erry Jam on 'top of n tomato and sqaxshodlt, and they had to pick out th e tomato ■ ’ hotel T b e y siitfo o f th o w a iten i^ , . . . _____ _____ wants. They a re h u ngry, A fter a in o r h m f a oonsodtatioh p a ^ o f th e famJdied ^ doD a r‘beside h k pjato. . I m a rked obange ip tim be­ havior o f the w aiteia. The four Jreotlo- mcB e a t a hearty mOid, T h e vraiteTi become intoreated. T h e fo u r leiirarely ^ th d r tebth a n d calmly p p t their ■dollar* back in to their pocket*. T h ey •venam lle, T h e waiter* don’t.'r-Jtny, ____ _ _________and s a t on the e ^ table and watched them. It irritated them more thad anything I could have s a id 1 ‘flit that, I t mads thetU nervous aedex- dted, s M tbsy stepped o n things a n d put thing*behind behind tham, a n d then tonldn’kflnd T b ecnatom -of w saiing m o u rning l .„ daOSaaed relatlTM a n d frienO alaot ex­ trem ely a n cient origin, d a ting h a c k to a rem ote period of hiatory. JBven **mi- barbam ns natiemaoheerTa th istiin * hon- _____ tham, a n d then to t Ihetn wh«B they wantod them. lad: they packed the plM a t th e bottom and p h t heavy things on toit^ and *j ^ % ^ n p a e c a k lt M north* b u S ^ I , Store w itb im * ^ ] rtw o men dp . >p*nca worth o f but- ta r l n m y whole U f r ^ a a they did. A fter G s a r k a h a d g o ^ ^ f flik tU p p a r they triad to p n t i t i u u / k e t t l a Itw o n idn't guin, and w h a p n s l n wonldtt’tcom a out. Thay itc u t a t la s t a s d p n t it dowa p a ­ id BarzissatoU it,a n d t t a t u ^ they w ent looking for i t all I him, and they w en t looking for i t a ll OTactharoom, “FU taltomy oath I pu t i t down on tl chair,” said George, staring a t the cm] 1 a awyon do i t myself not a minut* I,” aaid Harris. .. jb they started round th e room a g ain looking for i t ; and then they mot a g i ^ i n the c tater a n d stared a t each other. “Moat extraordinary th ing I over .hrerB oV’aald Georgs. “Somytteciouil” aaldB o rris. Then George got round a t the; back cf E a rrlsandsaw it. \Why.hwr# it is b B th e tim o r h« tx - claimed Indignantly. “ W htoeP criedHarris,spinniDg round. “Sttod still, can’t youf\ roared Georgy ying a fter bim. And they g o t i t off a n il packed it in th* Montmorency, tny fo* ■terrier, wps l u it a l l of course. Moutmorcncy’s ambltioa. in life is tw get hr 'the way. If he can. aqUirm In anywhere where ho ipartlenliriy aqUirm In anywhere w h ere : la not w a n t ^ and beApeifcctm * ■ ' ' m a d a ^ have H* came a n d sat down on thing* Jw* ma'Vaaa, howe-yor. E n o n g b Coideslri o n iesfrom rfectnif t ^ b* a came a n d s a t dow n o n thing* |ta rt n they w ere wanted to be packed, a n d la b c t^ -nnder tb s fixed belief that uever Hmris Or Gaoege reached Ottt th r ir hand fhr anything I t was h lanoli, damp mke th a t th <9 wanted. He p u t U* leg into tho jam, and bsw o rriod the- tm - ■poonSySUd be pretended th a t the lemotai were rata, and got into the hamper a n d killed th r e a t^ them before Harris-oontd land liim w ith the frying pa m Thepacking'waadonoat U ftbandH a re tbe s big hamper, and said b* ris s a t on th big hamper, and sa id be hoped nothing wotdd be found broksn. George Said th s H f anything Was broksa I t was Iwoksn, which reflection seemed to; comfort hlm.--detome Sldarom e ’s Three M e n lnaB o a t. ^ gnikiiett're. g<to. She--airtf in«#re#tf»l?^Sieeo \Bints — Young Moths**” aref (Beading) \A baby abould b sheld tenderly and (ktefully, w ith •hifhcm ld h i v . ' ^ wMt Vwen. iitoom fin; Snsploiti The SovtSampaott. IXtolitao «■ .sfrou. w ith n n e m p ^ ^ . w m f s & s p ^ \ ' PtoaaBnrcau. m * t » saUmr y r m Do, genaeinen rik down to din* in a T h o y r .Aatlgafty o f WearlBg Jgonrnlag. ored fashion, d i t h o u ^ a* a role, t f a ^ d^o c(!tm o n m in d iam a l Idack to d ^ am e r^ghW i^dChiiatian.—J annesn l t IsrM agaidne. T eK e ep, e f C o n n e ,' IdtUs Girl (timidly)—Please, Mr. S keeper, I want t o getaomeshoiatrings. shoestrings „;p er,I w a n tto g etaom e ^^Storekeeper—How long do yon w a n t Some geslcnatlo* About It, atkfled vritb yonrpastor “ Yon were dissat 3^^ month* a go! ” “H as h e resigned yeS “No; b u t the congi wicQ'aNewa. mgregation la.”—-Ycno- A DUrerenee. tnlovc'w ith you. Agncs-Jcckls in' MarteH-Nonseike. Agnes—That’* what i told when I lenrd it. Marie—How dared you I—Puck. \So the fair w ill beh< marked a n eaaitern visit ^ ‘‘Oh, yea,” •' gelt Wratoiu- 3|sa«aet*. c w c a g o r r e i S M S t h tide first p l a e e p t i t a little salt, a iahlespoonM o r W ore, i n th e bof' of th e vase, ^ e n fiU th e vaie lee b roken in to plsoee th e Mze o f a lea b roke n in to plsoee th e riro o f a w al­ n u t, O n thla p u t i b e bottqpieft, th e **nM! aa y o u pw t th e s t? n » into aglasB glasa o iw d te r . K evar p a t anyw tiie'vase, howe-VOr. E n o n ^ c < th e melting lee aaci sa l t —1 a sr h ■ t |y ;n a W ’ ',, t h a t c a n , b e R E U E p O N -.1 N R E p t NO LAUNdERINQ, CAM U W IPB O C|,EAN IN A. MOM INt*' T H E O N L Y L I N B N - L I N E P W A T E B P R O O P C O L L A R m T H E IV I A B K E t . ' d&frUkwlTAtridiWly . -■; '-■■ A».liQdmonwsa m ■ \UMLEto Be*MCip] INIWOKRW, kCAXBXaX X g lA b . d ’a s s s K i i s s S n a u n a N u a n n i i *rM.«MAwiyann «0,A ' ________ sold with Ben*dr,l* somwlth WWrttteaiOunxan- te e w c w i ailHwv oaiai uUeuei,tnctiaiUeuei,tnctiai \ gemotTiIOsi o u W iah Veinorr, Lost I oi Bnia PowenUiid- I—■ - \'ikefalneie iObood,Werr- altSiiiiiisudloasorpowROf ----------------- gtn>,ia el(htrs«x,etM«db]r orerexirtioB, joit_ folicclterrU^e^orthiazcsnlTeJtM cftosicco, ocinEi, oc lUanltoU, which alUmitelytout to InlnWty Oonsamptioo aeaiBiiBltj-. Pat up to omwhkatlbmtocwreini^'eiitpoeksnMcs L o u f c o n n B ^ f i i x f t nureat due oa aicrtiaae as follow* ; - __ Oommlsplonew. _ d ^ l S v . s . k SSfflSiS* ■’•’“ SSbffl.g’ffi.'!” : ' I t i n m i u i l s l —tL JferM’* Waseret* s / teftmte cwr ^ r r M i idalt*. ILIMtoediWed.tkttrsAfriAwlynnn.—N a t _^m ^.tW M it*w b n ^ ' •■ ~a* .>3 infoftdfiEtely ihotxsii^ #calc^pm»ch ” d v s p e p S y n (to yftlScMjpwric Juice—fctoisl* Ott eroy Isbel), J* e l e 6 t ^ “ I ^ l t . B m D S B S l I D O m S W B I G H T J & B O t i i E ’S D B . i c . i i . i * o t r o H a i B , V i 'A “ SNliate Oitanj Teterineiff CflUist* Uazuber N. 7. State Vetedtoitf Soo'ity. ^ garGino* j ■ fl. ponohsc^a Mvery fluhie m m f t t I $ 1 1 . theto ! • O f l D < ^ b u y i i U U t V B M U t l l H n t ' I l U i m ooiOlunoarariTCH* andPn**,M.^*fc fo** W n m C r y i t \ H t M i ( M u M

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