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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, September 11, 1890, Image 8

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M M \ ' '■ f .W U e a a i r it liap- qCii^ wa^ Rppe.td : :i^WS^SS- 3S?ass«r^. vaSSSS?** BlipBerta E x p o rt L a 8 » . 'v dti * | 08 ^ t at O m Wagntt House. ' ' -0J9tIM 9 8 l0 W q [ l| . XQIZOm 8SOI ^0$ H&l ^^p|jg pu« q jtjsi^ -i03 liW M ll a e U n ited States Official l a v e s t i ^ t i o u Of Baking Powders, recently made, under authorjity of Congress, bjr the Department of Agriculture, Washing­ ton, D. C., furnishes the highest authpritative, informa- tiofi> tawhich powder is the bestr The'Official Report s h o w s t h e R O Y A L s u p e r i o r t o a l l o t h e r s i n le a v e n i n g * ' p o w e r ; a c r e a m o f ' t a r t a r p o w d e r o f h i g h e s t q u a l i t y . The Royal Baking Poivder.is tHus distinguished by the iakini m Hom i 5 « l S . . \ ,j South H a u n lb^;, \ •p . ^ s . - r a 3 g ^ c a i f f i o t t o f I ratesd I with this powder does 1 not dry up, as when made with bait. , M |:.:)htaer bhtsinipR »p3.mop«^, bu f ;keep8;mofet;lih^utvset, an^i? 1?»ht«hle ‘ ■,8t and'^a^dton avyew Yorfe ■ Secretary <)( Agricidture ^eu. liable, in; an pjffipial Ipt-^ ter in defense of his 4eparttheii^*',ahd as a 4h|y to the der company to the effeck that its powder was shown .by iliis investigation df:equaf-5^ag& Yvith'R^ misquotations and misrepresentations of the Government report . < T h e , _ ________ statements made for a4vertising purposes. The ofhcipl investigatipns show that the Royal Bsfleing-Powder has - no^ equal in puritiy, strength, wholesomeness,onlteeping. qualities. - ' • ' Vine^it wiU dkopursa on ‘♦Tb#- Qr«*b«nging WwKl” next Sundi^ momiij|f,—The -Jbi E ast Bridcre S treet,' r'i jrelephone,N0, 189.' CfctMwmi , S :p u b U n s l u ,4 d l « o h i t s g „ h : d a ^ s t . u d . « « - S ^ , RM A I T : .1411 ^ atements made for a 4vertising purposes. The ofScipl i J ^ T iB W T TET» PIEGieS OF ^ ^ M ifl ol ; Nffis i Wigs I KEEG^BOBIlirG vmiAGES. S*KT, 8.-1 .ofR^d^ r m n lg t ^ ^ yehftoa at S^teoag « week £ k > iu next .Sihjdar, Sept(!mber 8lafeat »:'8fir, ji. A good program btHmiOy'ipeeoha^iapei^ 25CEITSAARD. 1 ■38 INCHES WIDE, -: r ' 1 Y WORTH50 , CENTS. ;) |A ‘ vrego legtvWeel. , ,, _ terma Of the nianagement^andoxhibt titmr-Sopa' are booming^ if. J . Wli- ooxhes IS aciM that hre lookiusgcsd, Ho has x d W i «m oRec of 50 ocots a ledi 'aiuoed- ---------- omoaiBOAhiHqipoetiin -hoo oq pw8 ipio 01 inlj litioa , ‘poilod jod t)|e (M9ji> ‘fiuiJUOH poBftoH *OSSlSIimilinil0A S0U|AH00 npfLpiW eio ‘pnnodM o o S the qiaom ipiift. SI 908 it^ani N. iking gcod, 50 ocots a dan|getour[y ___ _ , , Hpfington, berlat tending phyakian, ^ e e but UtUe-bope* of her recoroy.—'w . H . Wright, late m a ttper of (Mtarik> Park, baa g c ^ to Hew York. W. C(,'*:fiaxt«ir fMW bia place ff x t|»e balmcc o f the jseaaoou-r- Qaitaanainber of ooxpeo^aB TSOTiVSailOtlS ’QiqBioio M Apsoi nY *op 2 joj jeoa HBO p u n e d pM’l 8 1 9 9 thaPeo^' and 3. J l IdbxMxi ^ \ * Timt, The reault v w that — _ . ,w^ the pdice.—^1^ Kellie Hillec J r quite ricA—JQee H. been vMthig feieoda ia tBk pllc&— Eexnest Haxkec met iirRh a peinfal ac­ cident qa gatnrdaywhihiwptUsgiuthe wooda Sibaxa ffi%iied airiatetiokMi right foot.—George- Ifateh and Ben HSogacer woridngfn the earning faotoy it Jteriooi-rJ?Wor M ’ ‘— ‘ ~lHSO0ianoiaioiircji.uoo“ II jCjT -OSJ JO} A: i !0 e q i HI P ios B9i Xn* sitenlra”89X081 •pfoiiod.j0d 09 4DJ isnd 891 iS0qXJ9A *08 IB itJOAI SlBrtba *l8q J9Q OQ lY deos 0^811 AOUS * ‘ao| og pHB 9 i8 d noX oiuBs 9111 SI qoiBlS o|r ano •9|( '-09d 8tfl S}ins jnpii 068 jno 'jratfed j 0fi n?M pUBft. •finidinaoQ jno Xai ------ --- ---------- etendrtfofBochee- : 1 h v i i l ^ reM v te here.—jCea t i ^ adriqrlki^heei&ffitoimbtBcbcr^ j eflb J femn J^leon county where she ( ptekjnghqp'j onaceoontof the sever . he*o£ hCrBistec,.JIra. Jpbn GUes W : wi^ kroplng hcmflO'fOT her,—Mr. a _ _ _____ ___ _ _ Mr#; j C 04, J*ppc8 ^isifdd friendii , .pi49At9tllSl89qY.l(^d 08 Jnp : : ----- ----------------------- ------------ -------------------- jSsrr. 9 . - 1 ^ , £L A ktanolDiater Has Hniihed idspjietqrate here and ^xte to Hyiaotiijofo.aitmUfrhbi new rcctHou ae pastor of the HisfotUi Stietc Ooagre- riWnA B t leatea a j & x A record, of tudfuIneM hi Htstlogs and Hariehj for h it mmiatry h « heeo efaar acteriiid by aHlity ahd eahMevntMf.— l^ H o r a O a r taer and her little hiece, Blanche Katbietun btve returned from a three months viait to dhtutauqua.— Mrs.Hom^ * iSClartv [d Chntxali attending Blankman, Editor of the Central l^uare Effriew. waa to town Saterdsy'.-^Mr. Eornando Bdlione of. Syrapnae^ i^ n t Sunday to tovnerito bia parontt.—Hr* E. W. Green In ocanpsny with Mr. Dox- tator of Bhoenhe are spending seine at Sharon Springs.-—Quite 3»are euffertog wito c:%hft ...... odds: ■ i n . ihfa- viotoife-- Hcr CffiarleSMitsker,^ a Writ to do item- er, and one of the e-reacre of the (Own, died a t Ms rcrideoce In the' Qoait ] ^ - tiiot last Satordaynight. lb . Mitrittr had h:»n quite a anfisrer of a Etonujoh diffloulty for sospe Hme Ihe h m « ^ aervtoe wc3 hsM a t B ‘ W e d n ^ S y .—Miaa G r ^ : yesterday to oonomenoe ^ 1 ^ of tohool a t OoU8rint}s.--M'; OwenGiftoey who toil been quite sec- lOotly Ultrith ty^oid fever la said to be mptortog Bome. A lbioA S irt. 10.—Jarpes Qatokenbudi uC H.‘*erm^ 3t*c3 a t nome with. h iS j'it^ PTerSniiday.—'WMIeH's. Austin \ was hocrytogwith apaflof m'lktl the bam a fs\\ days ago she aocideni h ita dtofafon; and one;Ot the.tines e. teredberfpD^ making itvery pamfnl.—* Oar znakexi. yiunea Canenb Who' weusicdcfw^afew' days- is quite ■“ and_l&J. Ira Mauttirren i , - i - ....... --. 1^ : ^ S ' . r ; . f e ! ^ ‘ s s s s . ™ L W M toetto. Sw, l l . - l B s : M. a ; Kloe and Id'-g A H. Gaylord of Paxton, IH, we wis- i ^ a t Mr. Harlus BsboooWa—liln ie l^mklo Yatks and MarttoM. StevSnisDra aUmdtog the Hormal aohoot afCswego. —H e toctOry company are building tbreee new dwelling h o u r j and arc nuddng quite exHcTiTorepi'ra to tbeir ________ other whc3^ ..m a cimbtoci puwar of S O t ____ poweq whidt w calctdated tobe anffi^mt. power to t A their extecTive worke. ip^ssa, £.-rsSS.rr=i i s s r — ' uoverSaadsy. S t e . S . - ^ Baud of flopT met kt leAurohSimdiW eTenJngand tbder- B ~ C l T A ^ E y S liiim lM lm ri S-sS-Hf, s s s c - s ' f e i ^ t h e y ^ e ‘ I v u BUDLBY MILLER, AK«hti OB cr M 3>o6Uttf» H oum , 0ihrmtt, lAX ^oog^tk^s^pu CpintnIesloA EMPIRE MILLA pH itexU ^ o Ilcp; FlOtll?. C6. esji-io' -oatsK ^ M a n Bros CLOIB. * WB HAVE opened ' ,37 iSEEPLlISH AKewBMlroad. kA°i w e t e V b a b letoexM W t StA^ fSpanperGaan to the! stjM ciotuiia •“SSSSs .ingiafr becdiiA-rato placss, Gfoods whicli they ^ I d t6 HtALF-FFlCE. This is the bppoirtuaity^ asl only few Suits, etc. remaia uii^- sni4. liadingiafr feednd-rato placss, that style is expenaive. But it istt’f, not a,t onr store, at kaet Style ha« nothing to do wiflU RiioeA Svmy gannent we *ut wilXt iA S^J out- cm'iiee s^3 yietesBIlittIHfeit'BrIigea These Goods we hoiipT Oil very favorable teriiii Blany Maoufacturers being OottlpeU- edin cons^uehcp of fti® Cloak- BTaker’s strike to close out tbeif stock al5 a toss. Come and See Them, v SiaiivBris,,!. GLANC!. iroricskaifnlly,' helpii ».oo: : f i ::f

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