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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, September 05, 1890, Image 7

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OM: TMi oBwago PA p ;y^nm ; ysiOAY,._sBgogip^ .„': • ■ ■' ■ ■ f i ■ ■ 4 f ^'OLD AND N e W 'IDE/^ ON THE QUEfi. ■ | T.ON CFWa^l(>HUV DaJOACV. . ' ,’^ s s r ; r v ^ \ “ r r . t P p ^ ^ \ f e ; ' A r S S S S s S l ■o»SSSgSi%SS£ssS* t “ ■ _ ' -^. .^?^9£|fOi!^35S3»n®R5^,_^ »-do«etfci<aiei;lea8prottc!^^ The f» S S : i = - s = I nofe only bnyalheir ddicatoaiiibrold^eB I ' imd diawii w r i v t a t « taoitTW ® ago 1 ^ ^--JeaifcJieiJQondoiiJumBejOrAi^bttegafc sale, a t ^U c h th^ DnOtaecK^ A l b ^ n j prandea, .*H«\ and miMio Jtoding Tarie{j- to the nierstaitil© dotlea. ^Ajaothor iuoieiicaa patroness of the poor peodlewpm^ Of Ijondoa is 2irs. Congo^i also a Califoiniaa; also yonagrt taan ^ o l, acoompliahed as a mtaidan „ „ - 6 anadiiW tioaof Ciottai^em- bioideriteinili& l^arks^l^ Jdxs. Con'‘ |« r i w i ^ t i i t e d a Bexieso£^M talks g ^ ^ ^ ^ t a ta n d w l t e r t a n m i e a t p f the BeTS-ers. N o t k n g ^ )arom6>P»yno astonitaed i& oindasttles' \ ' articlaa' finltare ----------- - --------- - --------- .biskwoineninair0eUy^,TVMehIiord Jojai toomeramade the subject of a apeech ■ IrL5>arllamect—liOndta L e ^ . XSonomjr la tlia V f o f Xoe> A. seriotus M^aste of Ice, -withthoeo -who “ ‘ ' i s i n t t a l ^ of judg* ww.w.._w^«,;apoiilt i r k ^ the w d caniicrtplajr upon it, Or, 4£ .fiiiB t a linpoesibta i t should t a p i _ _____ . . - -with a 4oKnr'thiclaieaee8 of n««p«per tied to- plaoe, tod tsk e * stailttc oootet unpro^ iM & » id M iit« w iia u i» » u iii» « a n - JL Plaeky tahool XMohsr. t^ ^ e n n m y t a t e thoculfaro, pluck and; p ^ the secoud plaoo teaotar in; tl . Fnmdseo&t m ita than tvrenty years, ^ just g o n athitagh a yeMr'oflght-witb tto taard o f 6duo«tioa, Bnd eetal\ished * \ ^ i^ ^ y t ^ ^^^tata t ^ s ^ h o a r d oaimol kbl It oatao« KOn^jr, tating obtdaed i leave of ah- aeuoe, Siiade » Vjsii taat, and l?rie »ti> ' “■ ■ ......... '• '‘nd’ttather . ,_fiutatitete, rf* eddtattou o<^y infotnisd l upoa. bte retuta todnd t t a th e r . had ta t a -to he? fiutatitete. staard w oddtattouo\\” * ’ *■ ' tta tsta 'w t a ta t w t a i I# s ^ f w I -- --■viaser-ttoko^* GraSaaeajBi-**\ ' tastadttgooddoalofBooiaie,,,,, ----- iS'detat is lioOietyi wBioh Itak idfta tWoyearai^to. Shohiwotadef6<it,hovr-* .;eyetv^‘ia addicted to tight lacing, a haMt which, wt^w sp^i the grata of tarcarfage. Sh 4 .?wis die idol of h« iUustrioua g r a ^ a th w , who used to igeudhtmM in wattalNrathtataddda r z t s l)r,Scott’s » Elfeetric ^ • aealth-,G!ving Qu^ftles. r t p 'lF F E B E N T STY L E S , Q yarloius sizes arid tnaterl ranging in pHoe from $ 1 . t o $ 0 . are now on ,sale b y _ . ----------- -- A , R . S A W Y E R , BkUi of She tVestenr XrUI^ Boetaoman. The*w^«a of thee^coaste^idanda or and tuddec, They know every the intricate Ohannelstatween the great ................. ' ■■e • mainland, and . % ! S , r ! * h island A tm i and th mainland, and taie the taata in a n d Ota i Ftattumy years a Grace Darling t a tta i wteteraooatatho dan^ter of a pilot who liyed,on. Eights island, vreai ont in storm, and darloiess with her old father, never tnlsbng him alone. This hrave ^ 1 never flinohed fro^'facing the wild*, est gsties, fetuing that disaster might* h ^ f ^ t a f tether t e i d .^ .y e a 8 ^ i t was his b ^ n a g to gtdde to a safe anchor* Tago if she were n o t at the hta eort, r t, hasTS a great deal todo with fiiia. ago if she were n o t at \the heimu ta»ny |T n pyiadeltmia almost sill tee dntaad^ a ship’a crew taafing 'about between mJt ladies, and the plan has worked sue Jtears ai^tmstM eyes, Smaa years ago a la- dier trioyclo club was formed in Iteook- lyn, withHrs. John Onkey atitehead. and the growth of a cinb governed to Nellio Boyle. ■ Two eistert have tak the poat botatete 4jrj»h ter many yei _ p ^ , their father, John Fancy, btaig \newold and infirm.—'Woman’s W tali Qaear Ooeapatlens far Kew fork Wsinen. If a list ot odd ptasnits for women Were made ont some of tbo following would deeerve entiyi ' Hiss Maud Yale, a poroua plaster maker; Carclino JHartOOld, vermin ex* tenninatorf,^Alioo M. Brown and Julia E ^ y , “trudonen;\ Mary Euist, tin* snuthj Mary P, Iffioiey, “expreeeman;\ llaiy Boband, Vmteh csso polisher; EUiatath MoNameo, wig maker: Chths- lino Faist, tattler; Cedlis Wilhdmi, basket maker; E lla Goodwin, bed maker; Mary L. Oordier, sUyer plate maker; Majy Harris, show cam mounter; Ham nah Pearl, g,uilter; Wilhelmina Kuhn, ■ legaliamaker; 8arahMa60n,Eaiiddealec;' Eliitabeth Bightmeiei p i d ^ ; L o u ^ I'ra d j M l h ^ . p ^ Elloa Ghay dooB ftw the Skin. Y«ry.i French ataPtaitfj.isa’t it? i Flndoat- moaliaoool^(m e hour te a ppnidgo,' sttateed tiiion^ a coarse sieve o r moe*^ qdtoiMt aad nilxed with.aa much bay rpm tospftentadw h ittattaaldn. Ap* pity a t night and let i t dry oik Ten d i ^^ of glycdhie improves this. 8. d n ot improves this. *Hix fiyftoen grains stiltasiyie msgnoL_, twatay grains solphate of SOd^ two dnuia distUlad orange pool-in two pimoeedletilledwi^. Tate a teaspoon* telbefM o bretafastter avtoek tedear the skin. If yon like the eSetareettae week and teks again.*^-Shlrley Dare. Tbs Only ksiSaU BtsltaMMi; Htero is only pna woman prOteesor ghdnurnher 0£vtam«v-*---'- lMtt-.tbUSShbw>nhtett>» 4 'i^ ' WdffsACMpiao'^ing ‘ m ^ m 7 ^ . ■ [• i Corset,' Waists and CORSETS d f trials. MioweJ b y metatay^i jiie now made sans I s s r ’ . - - , young t e o l ^ p i n f ^ W h o teas read- ta ^ d t a s s of thirty-^btm e n h n d wam-v eninthe Uteratoreof King i l f r ^ and Beowtilf. Phonology snd grammar r-~ adsp dtelt with. There is a dtae Chauoer. Mrs. MoCUntook is devoted to her favorite stidy of tbo historical de* velopment of hmi^rage. She took up yyve>iiTig from taing called upon to fil l an accddental y^esnoy in a cdlego C ^ t a u q u a Ota* New YtakWorkL ____ ft is plmsing to record the increase of these dubs throu^pta the country. New York d te S peculiarly backiteid iu tins re- sptet there are many ladies In* Itaeeted i n t t a speta no dub lias bem femned, the BiverMde and Harlem d abs h t a g the only ones to admit them to lemberdup.emberdup. Possiblyssibly thehe fsetset that the nUio mind h fsnot b ^ educated up to m Po t f .puUio mind h fsn o t b ^ educat the rigdrtof whedwomon, independent!: speedingalongunaooompanied b y aindl eac has great deal todo with tins _ expreertr I g ^ t o d ^ the body shall not b e dls* The mother of Oscar Wilde, wdio has Mrs. Davis, wife of th e JliimeeQta undergarments, as wcH os the aheots and draperies of her are Mack. MHe. Sarmisa BOtaoO.the firsts------- -- to be admitted to the piactico.of law in one o f t b e x ic ^ t With inter then died l t d ___ o u t No donbttheee Ventures Ktioceed better in ErnaUer places.—New York Letter, ________ Slia Sell* riir&Ifaure. There is not a brighter, prettier or more capable fnmiture dealer in the *ntiness * \ ‘— 'neM c S I b Qufti'^Mary Jane hIcShane, of Stedison street, a trim littlo WsKwidow, whobas cbeete the color of ptaldm, a pretty wit. Hue black hair, am* * - \ poised w dl modeled head that ; fnl ta brains. TMs young woman known enough abota textores, vpoods, metals and stOnte to bo able to mok o nt tto reallaces, all linen, genuine mahogany toe searide have consecrated Vnth their dancing sUppert; she has laceetiiat the Font Hundred have coquetted and num- lisd in; she goes about with her pockets full ofiewelS, and has acallingaoqnsint* ance with a i^dem e e s of toeatrical and fsshitaUble te<^en?--Naiw York‘World, Sha ts a Citizen I(oW, Mtai Anna PatoQ, of Port Huron, Wtoted to get s passport to. go tam e to Stotlaxidters vMt. H r.B k inssaidta Cotildn’t: tavs her oae^ as she was n o t a edtisen of his. The lady went theroupon before a tactait jqdgo, xenotmeed Mis* giaata.,te everything save tTnole Sam aad'waS madShtoEand completeMti* aen. Hbe w|E now tetite Mr. BlaJne. CidMtenWhp oSme tetots Oountiyta* Oon n i ^ be* m retoey were is years oiainthoi partate can take t a t M l papers comkig. of age.‘-mbiosigo Herald. A jramala Plumaaetit. Mrs. IdaEftU Itoby, of South Ghltago, to toe talyw o m taphw m a d stte Illinois. She to Mi years of age, a graduate of the Hlifirds college o f Fhmnacy «od sole Itao^tata and manager o f atidy |ittie drug stoteat too comer of Forest avenue and Thirty-drst street,'which to regis­ tered under t ta dignified title of the Thirty-teat Steeet m a “ ‘ ^ Jessie Carter,»: Mason CSty|tel. Kopptots IDhat’swhereyourdelicatehanto- ‘ ^iefscome lipfe-f than “ 3 fhteou 9 ”-*ceriainly notin thesho'w- te service reqhhed ojP thew-more Of less true of hl| thiilj^gTvashed. .:Glye twp' The lady .who taa been choeeii dtatof the General Efederationof 'Wota-* s Qube Is the dtaghter of Prof«Jor Iph EpiereoB, of AndQVW Theological college, and toe wife Of a Dr^ Brovim. She can speak seven languages fluently, tad has at diflerent tiihiee held psarfes* stenal chairs to three collates. The will of Mrs. EL 0, Afldnson, of .•DOston, provides that npom her death tarbody 8haU.be exaidlnO^ hytoe'ete* • )tts hospti ■ Jhe 4d-fnsbion?d Pf |iihr J^ib, rub, is slow work, poof woiflcj slow death to >omen-^-quick denth to hndt^ngs, and jrenders^coarse things Useless’long; be* fpre their time. PeaHtm does' aWay ■#ith. all this. Costs but AVe cents to . try it; directions for easy tvashiog’ on —you wojild ihaifth us if we *■ , cmild- Millions are jprat^ui for its help. Envious' soap teakefs try\^t6 unitate it—^borrowed brains are ch^p^and .so are their productions. tta hope that Monoe niay-bd alleviating Bufleiing. epital to Mded t o ffllnilipR in ’ The meet e aahote d complete the outfit, has recently I --------- p ^ f i . JEtefterroli tohmnenselyiich and erti:emely<^>^‘ tort Gloves with thirlytWB tattons arc being worn to Paris for teH dress, thoea buttons hetng considfired 'ingw o m to P aris fo r te H d re ss, thoea w;th etobfeen b u tto n s T ‘ fi^oBly fo r d em l-toileL An UafortiuatA axan. Sad'gyed Wandemr—Sir, can't yer help poor feller wOt» lost Its oul; menss ta Sfmpathc haptau? a poor feller support? Sytnpathetio Gent—H'ml How did ft “Hov^uchohatanary* t t c ? •Tto dollars.” ■yery well. I ’ll take it. Send me tba .u<aa\f,W Iiw rdU ii.- AUBead]r,Bnt— Wft^AU’aid ye have an answer ready toDtgbt Bare tiaSroed Where. itto-Were you a t hatoklava, may I Tailoc-teiTo, why? . . Smith—You charge so magnificently.— Chatter- ................ • A Quiet Andlohoc. Friend—ViTiat kind of an audience did you-have? LeOturei—A, vOry quiet one. Friend—No anorers there.. ehl-rYankee emr WATERPftQOF COLLSR oh CUfPC TH A T DAN BE RELIED Oill 2 > J c y t t o I ■ • N D D S ^ lO LAUNDERINO, OAK BE WJPSD CLEAN IN A M OM II^* T H E O N L Y L i N E N - t i N E D W A T E R P R O d P C O L L A R I N T H E M A R K fe X . AO.Mdmonw«a«ri*wty , _____________ . i t Attsteif’s. C H K M I C 2 1 C E N r S - K E a B C A K E A S IX OURCE CAXE 0AM SOAP A^riQuHeUiodifit 'B^scopatX chtirclx, pastorate lOCOENTs. RICKSECKER’S / PfflESI PERFUMES I 2 8 CE«TS AH OIJHCE, BARGAIHJEEK CoLLiisrs.’ C A B I N E T S O d y $I$.00 p e « XMiiseikl ele S tr ^ I I lt S ’ E & I I W K u ^ ^ t ^ o i O A u c d ^ U f i ^ , ii,y »’« k e t a t E 5 i m i does sot inJ'W th^luuxdfl o£ ttie WMlien idoes aotincreMO «xpoE«o of WMhlbge I Sow ^ boUiRK of clothee,. -j ilmtoRB the tmio labor of WMbisHa . It wiTLxetoore Itelna ftnd XDildoWe It iensea wlUiKOodft of tu t colors m irdl. ____ _ tnhk a dlrinfeotaai add purify the air Of the hooae — ~m»im Intonto theaiiikwlUdeaiokwiUdo* I the orgimlo rnMtar ihhtla Price 25c Per Bottie, *Hade and sold try J. A, BficlwiMeiat ■ AW “ Osifl^o qoiiit; M ippoiitBifiiits It la ketehr ordiued that the W Ooaiity Oonr* —^ ■\— ‘ *' ‘’*“ CtontyofOe . e . - The a n t day Of eato tam will M ooonplad ft beating motiona and oaieatothelawetiM* *Tr!alJnn HbMUti K S f ? i i S s S i lliliSiiH&MilW. M c

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