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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, June 09, 1890, Image 6

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m »U|4^ SBftjr ’SentKv^' fitj’irsstssrs S I M S ; r .... RdaH^agW moag: — \ - T 4 t b ^ I ^ W ^ ottt «£ tt». L It «od 4 ^ ouniu«^ C< oa^& t 4k« 4»*w I tow b tjw topeqt Ihft : ummrn » M hom r l T l^ i4,0*'Wiiikin^ fleo,likf . * .1 .Upyiii jw ^ j«tj:«ia i?w iir, l i h a ^ M r i «tti4e.* no a>& isriiR T—.!^y«,,. ^ .......... |S>iij)enii% i | fweSngianad |(»Mfc$ W!i>«lM)M«ff irtear :£or. if^ w O T * .Jwye-itRW Jrtit oat ala* 7 « td w i ^ f ia t lie ] io i £ io c i ^ •‘ riag jath«»%y; (djort. m t in thohocixoa o ther C jui areiteA tod, tbo or- ......... ...................... S £ S pOrtoJaow. Kojd 41i!B tp a « ot eartb iIrM Iddcb tho plodded tboU wearj and flow * , OT tli^obaldflo thotlitoiM.” dbavy but to look u|> to dm iftdiiiot atch aboTO the thtooa o t jSod to MKUe n » : ^ th a t tho wort f e S S ? 3 S l 2 » t» m ; a ll thafcijarwfth aaidn* 'will ha aoatchedoutottheflw , a « s s a . twahw toondadoua o f tha wall of heav- ao. 8fc Jolw.tonoTWoaa dio twefve foondatloM o f thia W l t o he, the flret, \ jai5>aMyBaow a n d Wdf the aeopnd «f 9 jduz«y-a dof^ hloe; the tihiid, - -to s i | ------- on- the flfrt_ 'tihtlrtnaa l(nuE line of axribxilanoes ijaae. tOjptoao, U|M»w, aiA look o p h n fl^ ttonohea o f the d<nd Blpodl Mood! adohigaofhloo\* ' adatogoofhioo d r •w ha^doades Wocldng thoaa r t n i ^ w e rpu, toe or- , the Jn^go, tM idolat d hr inwifihla haods'tba a h hong !ntO:th« rtcyv ifchaa a triumphal andi to Jm. dngel of I 4 f ^ t «w!ng« aeroaa the aky, a n d hi th e n rtio ec^oca W jm W iiwith P«C •aahoaoQ tbo overlaadpgooT^ ‘f Iwawnn 0«d an d every living ' Ood lifted np th a t great I i t O' • ' _ rtialoodQny—a TWied beauty; the elrtb. ewdiaa^-fed MujwsUte-goiaen eighth, her^l-abtiifaihgroenjSoiinth, * d e g i w inbred with y ^ o v ; fihxyioi«aiu»y-a.golden Wn- M c to d f o r m r i d i M a a o t h d U h u i c M a b l M w l o t t t i t t a i . n » i s A d i be nothing to hurt o r deetroyln aU of ionotr, Tronhlol tronWei Tha very first utltertnoe when w» coma Mace in tiieho*aK»tha< ^ym O W iag h o w a .tOml^Wfththlrhay If dsrt«cf,ofl)own< ied. A pta 1% ISW^ aged 7»* H e was bom a t YeitwiMtar, in thia o w niy, and ' was an honest wan, pari tiectlariy noted dor having been the first poisbn khoaw thatintrodnoed th e «oir pot 'by inboMatlon, a n d vd»o,fig h k great strength, o f nfitod, inada tbatk - peximentfcm the'eo'W’Oiildaiidfband tg o sons in tjie y ear iy7d.>* ’Wordsworth's eotfige M d raancre ia rfaridgeand'ict ,Jpha»awity few i^ b o w round these precious stones are only the foun­ dation o f the wj UI o f heaven—the most ' ■ -- - inlmimr port Of it,. On the top of tMs jCoundafion there rises a mighty waHof ihah tear? tronWel trodblel I find it hr t h e cellar,of por’erty, a n d fig u p aiaoing the M ^ t s otr the topdfifan engs; for this also halih gone oyer th e tops of flhe blghcrt i^ e r t inoonfains. Ko escape from i .itmeete; k oovaxiutf ow kEROT. jasper—of brilliant yellow andgorgeous eadmsea, Sihpendonsoatametof ^ O r l *” - - - dmbflmil b e o n ^ l wifleh m e thd robes of gloiy _ eartharck t o bo forever p reeeri^indfis wall o f heaven. Our skiee ot bhie^ Whioh somotimee seem almoW to drop vdthrichnMBOfoohw, shall be glorified G ithcrtdtogothcr ^ and ctomixed in the deep everiasting they M o e o fthrtfbcyrione'w b idrfw m sthe Noat aecondfoundation o f theheav<!nly wall. ■ i . ? d ( ! S 't o t o ^ *” ““ ” < »• <X * i « r *«,*<» i. people buried, fispIfiM dsad'lssea with w Dtaoe^ h attheyeouldnotsoe f thei*. who soce r t Isirt icKpid (it, w ill see the over 4 the throne, Himoe arid of the mori; heaniifttlspots far, th at. k>'«ie|y district I t deeervss to beisaved, his brother. the b inOontains. __ m i t You gorinth tiro store, )ford B ro o k o ^ d l ___ maktni arM pardon ^ e tW ^ : lessor £ n i^t,< and others, are making it djo-’-’ \ ---------- ^ anditTneeteyoa’atyourootmting detk; into fhe street, a a d i t mbete you YhO promotom aim to raiso thot sum. - - ............. - attheoomUrj you go into the boose, ■arrittmoctsyooaifcthedoor, ITearsof povUrtyl ieoisof persecution! tears of beieavciDenti4-4 delugo of tearst G a horn all tUa e a r ^ could float fin ark larger than _JU family o u t at th e close k in s ’ to show them th e rign In !|S »1 w ant you sdl at lost to see la r tabrlrow round about the *%ook ttsrel\ says K oah fa> W fliah bow In etoods; I Sad Japhofc. lookl look!— . spreads its banners on the mouritah shall'be Utemized in the emeralc thrt forms the fotirthfoundatiOhof the heaveiilywalL X b e fl^guah <4 the suHuing, the wnSagratlon qf the antunmal smuet, the electricity that shoots its forked toogneoatOf the diunder cloud, the fiaow a t whoee breath Hosoow fell and Jfknas bum, shall be otemhOd in the Sery jasper. It seems as if aU earthly beauty were in one fallow to he djuhed up against that wall o f beaTen; So that ti^ most besntifal brings euth will be kqfit either in die wal^ orthefoun- datioO, o rin the rainbow roundabout m ehildtrii itr the good ] wa irihito cry out to you, borl look, iiKrther! i b n is ' round, about die tIuCoer r bettw get into die ark, with a i t K o rtm ^ r bow that spans -fim t|pno, shall that ihe deluge fa Over, Jib BBiveting WrctcH (« the Jiolace step; no blind, man a t thb gatoof the heavenly tern- MsJttkingibr alnis;_no grinding of ^ screw driver on cofim'lid. They look tipat the rainbow and road, in Ifaesbf ywow, and ted, and greeny and blue; aijd oraoge, and i n d ^ and violet, '•They shall hunger no more, neither knyrnmnl neidier abah ibei ou them, n<w a afao t h a t t h e chief glory < • after th e rain. Kosbowe] w; no trouble, nolm |iitne a «ma«4atlon. lyeavertare j by reason o f their work, A rough i n theiri^paxel; and |w ooswe clad tempeat, .whose the throng, laaodoe t the . tmspeeckabla Ettraetfare- t fiiMtwKiog th e shutUe; th a t k astnbow, ,ManyOhrirtfans _ - , ----------------------,|oor o f heat — the wrtears^^and. flie atones, and the S,'»SSS: iKithiid-disartecenongh fndis; b u t ndw^t. John telis ns o f the roof—th e feSsooed arch of eternity and ______ -jem, and shall I __ them nnto living loUnt<unso£ waters, and <]!bd shad wipe away a ll teats from their ejfes,” Tbairic God for d ie gtory spanningdie tbronol In o n r bojdiood wo b a d am p etstldoa lat a t the femt o f iho rafabow i b ^ as a casket o f bnried g o ld ; b n tib n v e t announce that a t thbloot o f tbfa rainbow o f Jn»yea diet® bl a b o x made oftbo,wiK)dof tbo erbsa Openit, The hrigbttsrtsesirf iMbthroim. ^ _ b throw n ovm: the s t ^ you cannot *i Christlaa lifooutbf arsBomSyory ' tha rainbow round i^Ont the throne, Cfet a ticket and, CTrertlly guarded, yougointo the rbyai l a c t ^ a tlP a r is Wher* th e Oobriin tapestries of the obtaftbo,wiKKlof t b o u __ andyouflnd all tbelreasures of hiMymu Oh, tb a to n re/es may all look upon dfls bow of promise, lifted by Cfartrifs tifls bow of promise, lifted by C ownhsaodi tVe shall traoe the as; I ifbboA r t ^ ^ n d n - S ttevein lifslb fSfelLStll Musas all tb s rhlM and of Ufa *0 pore Chris' a man wdd rit potting In and out a bad of ooloced'wiorsieds through ths dsU- cate thready satisfied if b e can far % w .w ..i. - \flgeris breadth canopy,' Hot bistwo bands, ^ d s , twistsd istS brihoid h ew miy I|bcd in OM b ^ , witli; • b tw the tapestry, now lines o f beauty SdroM th s firmasksab Intbedno of -red Irim d sestfaeblood of aqrbord; hi tbo Woe, the bruises fhatecdoiodhisriieekl in, ^ s . green, the. ftwhiMiSB of hfa g race; In tb s Violet, his ’ hnndlity; i u a d th a t curve ttf beauty, the bmtdof b l s r i ^ t n n n of loveswung dltberedeenie'' er a d tb e re d e e n i^ swung above'fbetbrorm,fatoaiM nte i shirt a plaes yen. ‘ Tsthes-,wfaM r andyottaay, “B striking tfatoogb tbs ' Uieiefate ®<^S be. m tsittbow fat ^ s ttetw am n<> rtemns there; &f-r«>nss?3 — ' - t ihiough % hoitag of infinite gioty, ,0b, heaveiim u rtbel Y o u i _______ krtksd a t the floor; this monung take MM gisuce a t tlfa eeiling. Inotim W b a t m tirtbetb«(f«#>g nf saf^y among the people o f bearen, *\are ctond borrti ark saw flm mihbow, a n d th a t only those who ax® at.laet iaCfaristChristshaddis- shad dfa- to glories o f beawen, nm be bom sgain, H you svsc jfeen a cto'nd I b a y s been days when It wr, 'Wbmws see iwltht tMobls, r- ’ dbls j^operty goein, <a I aay, '‘Koww® rtO o d in diiagood ifa been days when i t ndned m tttts m a i d merer stop. Yon knew, ifltk s p tflu ia that way long, ad ths hflrtlODa wuold be drowned; yet yon hadiM appnfaaisitomftwyoo.rcns her the B o w of F hm ^ pslBtsd uu cloud in BoMi'etiBis, lolfaeflorifiod have hat t o look to M m gMh around OiwiasSfea la awsaia.''' As a rule old nmo donot ra rt.BiSgsim. , Qirt day, tea rainbows ' ' ‘ )g« of Ufa .Oita-. IbiekiyMOtthbv^ir — «i» fiitabbfad -wings si a d . _ _____ _ ___ .urn n o w On earthy the dsbige of. sin « the tops of t)m hl^i^m o u is M ii heard fat Alpb® guide, amid tka eridenoes of God’spt tio e d i n d a i ^ iscitrirt Ceremony, The orfauatoiT bmntibil Uttle trid ld ^ , the emmatioh itself fa ooudneted wttb an aheolnfai freedom firm i(W«tytfahtg tlfatfaxepuMv«andshoe{drfa<—Baokst. m i ^ i « 4 a s t s . h a b « u : m j S s S S ' f c l M W o l f f s f l j j J ^ E B I a c k i n g « J T S t t s i & i m attended tbsMumges in th e bygitolo condition of tb« l a ^ rithw sfadtmmSi The Ihikaof Jforihumberttridif i dembib the gfcefart landownw in Xk land. HeownsmiomtlianfiOlO,i h a s r “ \ - -------- - , ^ £ £ been a great reader. Qt2,?59 ducfafottgWinJfadyduririg teyen years, 1,141 termburted b y fcrt^ Wm. hyra.Sfa Iba duals : ^ e audlntlfawM ry 'fa w h m d ^ y o n m a k s i t y^bninniM S . tooflowyoortyihf ‘ “^w b Oto n oflowyooriyihfprtnrtionastnihooex, m a t n n e ^ d the w ^ h l f To tbs editor h t after years, w b some inanly ^ * taan-fa given now a man—fa gil uenilup in the store bScahse be bas'jnst, brought Imme somebody rise's daughter -dsetbpa ' -paneabiblfabment * “ am to whom do , woddbig present, bride’s coke, and to wb forthaf complete dfacrii teresting event, down to thear, lb Andrew^ ^ appeal that secured wdtli the orchard; yon,personallyeshiWt ihe mans, : s k f , r S S l t « . S S * e i l B l , O i t i i M k . l a f c r a 1 , .......................................... 9 . 5 { „ ^ W v ! S a f i S ! l 5 . 4 K K f i i S s S i a i i i i t e r ' iption of the in« , _ _ ____ town to the last pickle fork and faidiyidnal salt, ' wbich,*^onoe * ^ d when trouble camee far the ! ' maddtoy< ‘ ‘ by small subscriptions, so th a t evoty lov^ of the poet may oOTitribnte^ and thus make tbo monument n t'Wbrdswcwth, bom®, (tbatdeeo- I cemetery, ............. , itm doesn’t seem ■ shine just as it used to, and.there’s t flatter of crape a t the door Sbd the Odor Of the tube rom in the front parlor, 6,SS:^ ' tic'iwr\^— ~~**^»*5S£ mmgHui, tuiui ux U4V JUl4I]^4jr.CAYUJZSIII0| M ^tbe west. ■ dapmses® bfabers ehar« iMNiriy all ol tbo .exposed snifimes of a. nfanfa bead. They shavo tbo ows, til® le of the nos®, tbo ej'e- growu to be a p a rt of yours, and whose sympathy and good deeds to others h a re ’* ’ known and teoogni^, if. 1 ? outride m>d inside kept constantly ou tbo rntor bydjpidiig i t into fart water. A remarkable occurrence fareported by a notivn Japfaieee newspaper. ^eroad. Aud sU thorn y e a n you’ve advertised .. . ---------- and d(mowhat; Scientists tOfaga Its cause to vaenum ■due to atm o ^ e r iq change!^ wbilotbe viUagets thbrk it to.be th® work o f dev- ifa. Tb® circumstances a reas follows; A rnan suddenly M is do'fbi while walfc- mg in the opim air or in a bonso, when a slit in the flesh from one inch to or • ' . ptaoepribc ” , the anicipal sod county matters, and raged bun as ho baa worked to ip the town and bring bnsinem to Howfait? H&vsyob? Som e Paper fl>r Homo Adverttscra What is i t in sH of ,ns that giyre sticb agUttersnd b eauiym tbatwhichfaafar off, faMl sneb a sombernessund tameness to lire near by? X t f a nrtslttgether, o t s l t t j ^ e r , nOr s a r A S ’. s 'd i s s r * Iclt^ b u t b ^ ah pain, facreoBes as the blood r a the better se* iscfth® flow, TboW Otanasaroa^-to’v ^ d f l - ficulttocure. A XsWThilst ntMoyeteS. \ is tiia s w e e t s flower I oyer Slias BroWbag, the w<fll ____ , - , The foliage leaves on violrt are longfa than th® Ordinary wild me cnltivat<^ yiedst, TheflowW leaves <4 the, n e w vioiet are n Icdt whits, strijped or mottled with % b t and dark pnrplc., XTnliks th e otbex culti­ vated vWets, tfa» new one fa A ringfe violet All ilM - cnitimited VkMs bay® Mlherto, witiioutmmeption, bee^ donM®. S b ij^ violett 'until ibis di® covc*y«f lift Oummlng’s, bavn been Without perfume, bat tbo Bykesvill# cultivated ribgie Vidlet h a s a wealrti of rich jMsflame wUeb cannot be Mm itfullyj^eet plenH near by? XI very ranch, wo esa tl defects on scconnt of the diose ■ ject; woshqrid be able to see th« mer- better, too. XX fa tho diq^orifaonio tmderralna the ffatrilfar, the cOmmotk- pface, th a t besets ns, How.iskeaoer^ ta b class ofadverffams. TheyWiUhnnt ' allatound for s medium that isfar away, tpiite overioolfag tbs psph^ at faase, wilcb they could us® With » resolt mnob more profitable, in many cases, than th® one chosen. O rtheywiH^vid«''dodg* em* and ‘'guttersnipes’* that uhbody ‘^loritsatf • — - •• \ snobs fat®as thfa bttt ths nesr-by newspaper i t tbam®. dium thstoni^tfarbsfls^ Itis i n r i d persowil sagnabrtMios p f sVMyman.in tbs, commanitv. fte vote® is ffanUifa and tfsteasd Im. Its staiemeirts afa . ____ ..TSiots wondctfuHysweet i4a»fa, DaphiMi Odors smd Ole® BragrtfaS, do not gias off m ow debgbtfnl odors then Bfaw vloisfe--BaBimor®Btm. kribr fatu i& itinc. . lU d k ik Butfalo fsuiiiy wssmioving the paafim suddenly mlssod the baly. Tb® f b ^ e o a M be board ciyfaif, aiid sieto'beiw asrved Ml ssfa ths Iasi solos swefa fit b is mm® asbe sibml the doll tn m M e d t t S of rdn dfaifas IS le st I w M ^ o C j f a t t i , o r a r lb e to |i of the Idehertmonirtsfai Beveage, drunkenness, fan^ ------ - . - - ^ pew p w iiw lnto the waste besket, editons thxow aU E n £ ! ? w ! 3 t i i a t e i M s fined L B e * Yoskis downed — --------- ...jdfaW M d inltjJkatriu fa d m iM d in it, Irtttdoe fa dxowiled in lOie Bortonis (the Borton poetefa, ooM t^^H fafiaiw o f tbfam b n t mwm - ^ Itfapwfoaad'fa i : • 1, i M I | - S i i S b . ^

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