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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, June 09, 1890, Image 4

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m m * S « * 4 % % toTtto W H a i m * pad* meettat ihiwii ‘it vff 1 ^ - r r \ - lag wouldhav# great weight It mean# eosothingto BMP who a** boking for ’of Prince* Sophin opuodTOitMmPiclae; dMktlPB. , mm-VtfOxUOmxg* Whyte, P p m r of Doctor*- ‘iJoit Af TiitWiMndHm. V jaW-PentUof TUomw Pejne, u tt w t of “A«e Of So*ton;” ton>lT87« J8U—Denth «( Mr*. Siddooo, omloMt actraa; ■ bor«1756. 1 jsa-rintdeeth from obotem in JUnoricn; di* «mo renppotred in 'U, >«. Wt ’P Wd « . JMJ—D««U» of Andrew Jackson; born tfW. 18S-B»ttlo of Tampico, Xexioo; TTnltod 8t»U* mao-of-warSt. Jkty'a doatroys thetorta op- poaUe that city. 28BO—Xapotaooaad Victor Imwnxi ontor Milan Ifthe laboring man erf Oawego detoe to protect their iatareeta and help Oiw*. go they should say so ha the most em­ phatic way—aad that way b through m - - ip> pm * of Own tern, V*. TJnkw low. *0; CX»f*deral«,4Sr, MW—Vrwtfc Jomphpt Jbatria become* kinj of BUacarraad wWhth* omprona k crowMd . pp^CtapUoa Wtaoa make* her W *PP*ar- ■■ a m la Bat PhjMtr* tb**wei,Loodou, aa toCopPAdaaktooaUeteldW^ kmftom TaloncU baytoHwirt'k Oou OSWBOO AND THH MoEXKUTr \ b il l . A paper In thk city h blabbering and wMningHkea boy tor with lb* coiio becauae the BiuudMCithn* 1 * « telling too people bow to* McKinley hill will injure Oiwego’i commercial tatototo to ope it become* a tow. It eayi Oewtgo ha*rivah*»dth*y reed thee* artktae aad gloat over them. Perhaps that h so, hutit » 1 U not deter thePAUU-MUM froen toowtog to to# people of Oawepo wha*a toto totareta* to# in peril asd Who ptaoedthemtoperiL W**tato**tog. itior poUtioal effect, u to charged, say more tout State Senator Bkna to works, TM b Bdto in History—Jimfr 9, *m-Fetoot to»ed fdr-ebeoot- • • tmj of Georgia, charter imiodandOcietbtrpn^ado tog for polMoel efteot when hpjmee^to K lW p O llW m W talf W lfft w r-htogto- tooppoee toe poky of Ue .irWregwdtogtoetadir. -*»*«•*> tog for toe totereetaof Oewego and eo to toe PAUJJOpf, If to* greet totefeeta of toe tow* weep to Jeopardy.*! toe hande of a teaKatfo Ooogrom, *• pne—TwrieoaM^eattl— eel of Penope Vrthe Uee^Jado^MEmU Oen. ShWUeat Pea. — pafcUe. Ye, Onion lee*, ^ .P it OpJedewK KWH jseimiys m m pnuwi u Tjpioaio^toaro^ftodtogtoU . m ,toe (7 rival vwoldffltat over the ottpto poedtoletoeet Iftowoulddomohn toto* an toijgweptpaMto would lik*ly oKpe pptoetoetitottokand run iteediuwoert of tow*. A m toe matter etandi it xnekee a ■afaVmJ-ff etolbkko of luoontaetwur. totopi the PAUAWOJf awonneed 4 *e ettpr day that i t wrodd tot iie nezt tonaa ehowhowtoelfdCnlerhaiwoeddefleet Otwepo’ehunber Intereeta, oar cnaliae jooay began to baetiritoelf and j p l* t- edtotarviewa with to* lp»dto«,“ k“ t men of toeokrou toe wm» toattha pAiiAMtm did. fto told toe paper ptoetaaMally v tol topy “ ;toe Rtzutarac. ” Poeii, tot iaomu.T>niNK%iM«. n l ^ n r is g a m m u m . dd*ta »*tae Senator George BJtoe» bed pmatoWeehtoptontaoppaeetoepaaMffi of toalMPal^mitoitai i MitatoiHii, Xteayelt tdevii tooetotaeoeatn tap ] thnt it oppoeto toaaw Hr. n v vum jnnnsrsw^MPiwta w« wfee fnpNad. Smatae; fltapa wlli r dee^ tone he vltoed I Ttottaffirr —. —■ advanced ground In to oOevt Governor BUI that theyooold pot TPeir etoenipt to dleotpUne S e t e Barton in to* cencusk weU roinefcMud, but he wae not wUtiBff to eaOrifttahd* personal honor gad oonvlctfon*c W Pad 8 iven hie word to the BeBo* Miom League that he would eupport to* opmpromiee bUl tad be kept it, and hie partr tseo- ctateeooulddo nothing tot* ^hto vote with him. ip our 'Whtaetapta iontem- petaryaaye, \hie purpqta ^jphigh and flrnoly adhered to tommiMtapy difflcul- tip\ ThetpoUemen wfilfled it& 3 dif- fiouU to kill Mr. Sextan ae it Je to kiU Xr. Jhh.’ Ineteadof betoff politicaUy dead, they tre both very twt from It. HIS TASK PIHBSHMD. Governor Hill bee oomptpedlhe taek left for bb* by the Legbtator* and hae ao*edoa.totS70 bills left to bk band*, utohor am left ttneigp^ todnding iff which toaOld Voluptata firemen of flewi®* w*r* intartatal.; ttar-biU- to P t o v t o a t o p . t o h t a ^ « » * * » W » * th# propoeed ep»»»W«P*. jMttale.VI. of toe donattattopi'relaBv* to ndditkmal Jnotkee of too Suprema Coprt, ftib to haoome a law.aPdth* goodUBrfeuffident mppkw given by toe Cknrmpr for not gtwh^lt ^ hpproval taa jrfaH in an- otater ooluutn. yrm to*- tap hill too Ooremor See « mfmeraadpm which (xpnptetelyknoeke cut toe oltkn of econ­ omy on the part oftoe Bapubfcan Leg* WaUure. Bp* I* aho peintadt <>n oor eeoocdpage. TH]5 OeW*GK> FALLS MttiLS. The meet important news ftem of oatarday wee toe apntpnosppit made exderfvedr iatoeBJOUAMWPftoe eale of toe OsWrgo Falle factories The an andOawego fall* and although tomdred* of e x trw were eeot there, the espfjy w e eihauetadinafewmomepta, The porchaaen of toe progaepr wire the PAiusniK that they haw* pat yet do- tormlaad whether the atatowStbe^p eratadornot,but w* think ftatok every raaem for Onoosregeme**.' * H * A*eo> ■hoald be let etose f«to*t to* dbaot cfleot inOawcgo wc * raryaaya baa baastato*.. ----------- t tanaa taC, tell It to*t to* ItaKUay “woekl peratj-* to* toefais of __ber hapatto* kte*1*. Mr. a H. :Xo*d taldit thstMwetod “gmottpBy \ \ m«portofmtrf tottolrtaatahta knpertanot is * Ikt of l|d It would be .rutnoae to Obwogo rttuead to.o*ataltadoew ta^ takar. dheru taaa a eimUpr yean ago, hU^tofBtahPP to United Stataa wae not futthw dapled la thought a aimilar ooureo wUI bp taken haedgnofl to* httl giving fSC.OOO a year ■alary to I ______ .leriff, I*,500 to each Deputy and fl ,000 to each Awektent Deputy. Wear* pleaaad.to weltome tb* krlghP “Give, and Take” column of to* »ta»W ooal beavart of Montreel^araoO * atrik^ Itu too ho* weather to haveooaU ■age they will beheaviageiph* for *r feb batata loug- of bower* tagrit 4 / B R ( g f r > . toatthe milk at Ptovitee* were aleo tadoded it the deal and to*»takoywlU rpnngulariy. OepHelkta d* tot inveet their amsey M oxpeneiv* fc>gi»inwitk no idea uf mautag them andto*ckancea acatbebig mllle in Oewego Malle will ■oou baka operatioa. IT* hove eo, at Tbe » r . r bill pemed to* Borneo/Rep- ruastotfvea Saturday by a wa^fof 115 yuaato 110 Miya. Onto* fkaej t a—ga O^tof ttoBepnbiioan. votodtoto to* Democrat, againk the W . ilut ou* Demoomt, Wflpta of JSeeosd, voted Plto toeBepuhlkaae tor th* p seep* of toakiB. Ibebfllpeoridmfor Pa pur- ohacevrf ♦fWW.OOO worth of aOaorpor ““ ■ redeaoiaMu in Thera k great rejoicto* ia til* New * Sherttk offlce now toatGow.HIll THIS AND THAT. iprildBulgat, ■ to M toantl, mhieoruiw 1 ■ip ■ m : * -TH jlT w d o u S a turday and M o n d ay| ARE SPECIAL BARGAIN DATS AT O S T E R H O U T S . Suils of Fine Clothing in Twenty diflerent Patterns are #i reserved specially for those days. C«Hmnd see thsm. ! | They are elegant in quality and I — tr. i 18W SUBPBISINOLT CHEAP. flrii .9 A G r e a t e r C o m m o t l o i i ! A J > « e p e p S e n s a t i o n ! A S t a r t l i n g B r e a k I T J h e G r e a t e s t O f t e r i u g i n % TbeaBvar tbaeada ere la my hair, o s e is a s s t s i^ ^ - Atoyto W abeaM Ietoaf ^jsrwsrlS^si.. J V E I I L . I L i l l S r E R f ' Ladies’, H en and Children Firiii CMs ait Hi toU . 13 > « t i sasr A.esebycuatoeg'MtcM, % aurelytaaa eaulieeoatoi* roaaAVm^ S S ^ L Monday. June 1 b s for Ha n*-' T PUBUD < » m o x . A. R. SAWYER, Band 1 Anal,

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