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SrjBsrJOWWrr PAGE TWO ROCKLAND COUNTY EVENING JOURNAL (Nyack Evenliii J otum I) WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1929 pay for thf' privilege. I wrr opeP* atlpR my cob there /or lomc time and puddonly ■ the ^ park poo^e pUced an Injunction upon me^ utop me from operatinrf my taxi buplnc!5s there, but I waa told that I might operate if I would pay $26 to a iortnin man In Havcpalraw, I could operate my cab to the land- ing. ” This Town road I* al*o com ­ plained of, the claim-being mad* oORtrucied by the that the rnid onli Park outhonlies with pilea of lum ­ ber, pll< ' of coal and machinery littered along the rood, and in. the summer tirhe there are alwaya a number of Bear Mountain trucks •<* meeting yeaterdiy Nyack Pre-School Group Hears Helpful Talks At Meet Yesterday The flrat flve-minute ttflk on Na ­ ture Studyr which will form a part of each program given by the Ny ­ ack Pre-School Atsociation in car ­ rying out the luggeatlon offered by the State organization in a dcaire to link human life and the life of animaU and planti in closer asso ­ ciation, was presented by Mrs, Ed ­ ward T. Lovatt, vice-president of the-local group at Ihe well-attend- in the * blockng this rr.idway to the Ineon- ...veniepce of taxi operators, and that their complaints had been Ig ­ nored by the Park pec*ple. A foreman, formerly employed by the Bear Mountain Parkf said -yesterday that his men had been rng^ted in unloading matcriiil at this point not lon/T »go» when an ­ other nmn — of imp*ortance In the town had also been trucking his own material on this rood, and that the foreman's orders had been “ Be anre you don't have any of the ‘ pork material blocking the road while old man So-and-so Is work- ifljg there, or he'll raise the devil about it\ ^ Macfilnerjr Blocks Roiui A chcck-up c.f- this roadway y^tferday revcoled many piles of srtdndar and of coal, strewn about sides of this roadway, os well Jffcat deal of machtneiy which eras atanding on the rood and nar- wwed the space considerably. TWa. road is in the Town of ' iRcny Point, and while there has lot of (rumblinc unong the ^^'taxinieh, no compUint hu been to any ofllcial of the Town and,' so' far os the ob~ r of this rosd Is concern' jipdp Supervisor E. L. Allison repor- ^'W.thls nioniins that nothing had f-soid ter him, or to the board natta r. — 1 know that there ii a lot of piled along this rood\ raid \but 1 was up there one ^ summer and found it pos- Whether or not theM> pilea r or any of tho Bear Mountain ^;,Vl^din|s encroach upon tho right- \'-uMrsjr cannot be laid until it Is cbeked up with the maps.*' Liberty Street school. Mrs. Lovatt selected for her talk the topic of Winter birds of this vicinity and discussed dhe type of food and feeding stations which Say P ’ rmont Rock Co., Is To Start Work Next Spring Skatsburg ’ s New Board I P^HoWs Sf^n JTsHid^ (Continued from Pag* 1.) *-li® the water district into Upper . ffhiutihiirg and outlying sections wail be an expenso nlnaing into thousands of dollars, the return in Increoied property valuce and the ''reduction in inaurapee rates will :-|lo~a great deal toward reducing ^ actual cost to residents of the '' ytlligifc Plans are sStd to~t>e on feot also for the purchase of Arc •piurotun BO soon os the water has been put through. Many feel that 'tile iiwediate purchase of appora- - tus -would be foolish in view of (he .fact that more than half of the wltege is at present without water 'ntalna. EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL FOR THE CAR AUTO ELECTRIC CO. S Cedar St. Phone 1313 NyecL PIERMONT, Nov. 13. The Standard Trap Rock Company here is prsporing to start work next Spring by continuing the work of Installing machinery. It was said that even if the de cislon of the United States Su ­ preme Court On whether the com ­ pany can hold the property or sctl it to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission is handed down within a few days, the Ti^ Rock com ­ pany will not start blasting the mountain until Spring, it was said today. Confident that the decision of the court will be in the company's favor, the firm is not only installing new machinery, but has a large force of men at work cleaning away debris and preparing, before Winter sets in, the quarry in or ­ der that there win be no delay in getting into the full swing of oper ­ ations next Spring. Although the rock company has owned the mountain for about two years, there has not been a single blast set of to date, tho operations being confined*to preparing for the time when they^swing into opera ­ tion. The action of the Palisades In- chose thw meunti^ fy hs figure irtich the rock^compimy felvdid not nearly cover expenses, held up the work for a long period and the site was deserted for a long time. When the court decided that the price the commission offered was too low, the company began the work it is doing at present, pre ­ paring to quarry, but is being held up until the United States Supreme Court hands down a decision on tho appqat mado by the commis ­ sion. Charm Ghren Credit For Escape When Axle Snaps (Continued from Pago 1.) crltlciied for placing the credit where I think it belongs.” Kearsey also stated that the oC' cident to the auto spoiled an air ­ plane trip which he was to make up the State. The flight will be mode, however, as soon on the axel ia repaired and he is able to travel to the airfield. would be of great help to the vlsl- tora when snow coyera the ground. Mrs. txivatt also presided as chair ­ man in the absence of the presi ­ dent', Mrs. Bradford M. Johnson. Mra. Bradford Blauvelt ’ s safety jingles, each of whirff put across in a terse, jolly fashion a lesson that~chlldren would be likely to te- member, were very much enjoyed by the women. Mra. W. H. Thompson told a story mamorised from the Child Welfare Mogaxine which related to Nutrition, a topic which will be taken up at two coming lectures by rapresentativea of the State Department of Health. Mra. Thompson ’ s story, wiia re ­ garded as being especially valuable aa an introduction to a wider dia- cuaalon of the subject. The first lecture\ to be given on nutrition will be delivered to the Nyack | Pre-School Association on Decem- Orangeburg Folk Anxious Over |load Building Plan ORANGEBURG, Nov. 13. — Re­ sidents dlonjf*the Greonbush Rond here arc anxiouMy awaitihi; the nr- rivnl of the State surveyors to stake 'out the lines of the new Stnie Highway, Is scheduled for construction next yctlr. Because of the report that the new road is to be four lanes wide, many are c*f the belief that they will have no lawm left when the road ia built, while others fear that their houses may have to be moved to mtkd way for the proposed highway. There is also a report that In nlT probability, the new road'w\Il de ­ viate in many places from the pre ­ sent Grtcnbush road, to eliminate curves and will go through swamps and open Acids. This has, led some of the home-owners to be ­ lieve that the road miiy pass through their backyards. Strawtown Man Held As Attacker of Small Boy (Continued from Page 1.) bility that the road may go , , _ thrc. ’ Jgh the back yard or directly ber 10 and the second on January ... ' ■- front of the front door, the rc- 1-4, the names of the speakers will be announced prior to their ap ­ pearance. Mra. C. H. Greene, in a graphic style, related to the women of the local group, the many treats she enjoyed at the recent Troy State Cqnventlon of the Parent-Teacher Convention and'the Pre-School As ­ sociation and In which she secured much interesting material to aid her in further activities as State Pre-School Association chairman. Mra. Charles Millapaugh gave a greatly appreciated musical recita ­ tion acoemponied at the piano by Mra. Lovatt. The selection dis ­ cussed the ills of a boy who scarce ­ ly could climb the stairs to school but hod no difficulty sliding down the .banistera and rioutously cele ­ brating releaae from the onerous tasks of the classroom. Mrs. Millspaugh also read- a drill on Parliamentary Procedure to assist the Women in business sessions of the group. sidents sre anxious to determine which report, if either, is true. Rockland L & P. Gfoup Meets In Nyack Y.M.C A Obituary M rs ! E. C. BALDWIN Mrs, xthel Camp^ll Baldwin, $ he must be fed And t)w boot U none too good .', . OnaguVa White Moun­ tain Butter Crisp U mode from the meet nutritious ingredienU and will help to Icaop him •turdy . . . CUMken thriye.m|> it fpr'xaany yearn a .resident .pf Ny ock, died yesterday evening at her homo 1149 Brooklyn Ave., Brook ­ lyn, after a lingering illness. Mrs. Baldwin was born on Nov ­ ember second, 1878, at Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and wu the daughter of the late John L. Camp ­ bell, D. D., who was for many years the pastor of the First Bap ­ tist Church of Nyack. She was educated- at..Adclphi Academy in Brooklyn, and at Putgers Female College in New York City. She was a member of the Thursday Reading Class of f(yack and of the Nyack Garden Club. Mrs. Baldwin was married, on October twenty- third, 1896, to Wilbur Hutchins -Baldwin, son of the late Mr. and Mra. William H. Baldwin of Nyack. She whs a resi ­ dent of Nyack until October, 1926, when she went to New York City to moke her home with her son and brother. For tho past year she has made her home with her son at 1149 Brooklyn Ave., Brook ­ lyn. Although Mrs. Baldwin bad been an invalid for many years, her passing was peaceful and happy, and wu attended by all the mem ­ bers of her family. She is surviv ­ ed by her son Raymond Campbell Baldwin and her brother. Dr. Ernest A. Campbell. • Funeral services will be held at her late residence 1149 in.Brook,- lyji, on Friday morning at ten o' ­ clock. Interment will be at Oak Hill Cemetary, Nyack at about two o-'crOck. The didicatlon in the Reverend John L. Campbell's book \T h e Bible Uiider Fire ” , the second edition of which was published in December 1929, is a just and well deserved tribute to Mrs. Baldwin ’ s character. \To my beloved daugh ­ ter, Ethel Campbell Baldw-jn, whose patient courage and Chris ­ tian heroism in long continued Ill ­ ness hu been a blouing and an in-, spiration, this book it affectionate ­ ly and tenderly dedicated. ” Taira Iham to the Tee Room- ABRAM k COLE The body of the late Abram I. Cole, B former resident of Haver straw, was brought to Haverstraw from Albany yesterday for inter ­ ment jn the family plot. Rev. Charles Ackerman conducted tho committal service at the grayc. Mr. Cole, who wu a brother-in- law of Richard pidfield, of Hud- ter, Ulsi-JiMo Cole. at fifty ceiiu. mittec of the Rockland Light and Power Company met last night in the Hbstes?. Room of the Nyack Y. M.C.A. for the monthly meeting. Miss Helen O ’ Brien, chairman, pre ­ sided. Robert E. Rew, os guest .speak ­ er, spo'ke interestingly and help ­ fully on \Investments. ” His talk wu thoroughly enjoyed by every ­ one present. Questions asked by those present added further to the interest of Rew ’ s talk. Mrs. Beatrice Johnston, of Uie Nyack office, discussed improve ­ ments on appliances now on the nurket. The Misses Shirley Dailey and Jeannette Hilton reviewed cur rent topics, and an cntcrtainmc. 1 t in the form of fortune telling pro ­ vided much novel amusement. Dainty refreshments were served by the Misses Edna Cantwell and Ethel Tice.- * belonging to Alfred DeDlli Veneri, dog-catcher of - Strawtown road, and driven by one of Venerl ’ s em ­ ploye*, JohnTrusan, 24, pulled up alongside of him. The lad wu asked if he wanted a ride, and thinking that Truson wu the parent of one of his school chums, Johnny climbed into the truck, in the belief that he was going to ^t a ride horae, ScAams Frighten Driver Such was not the case, however, and before they had gone very far, Truson is allei^ to have attempt ­ ed to assault the youngster. The screams Johtmy made frightened him, apaprently; and he stopped the truck and released the boy, who ran home, crying, to tell his mother of what had happened. When Dr. Goebel wu told of the ipident by his son, he realixed but Shea decL-ircd that the. Rock ­ land Light and Power Company would not move- them, and that the vHlagc bc.ird would do noth ­ ing in the (natter. ... . Offorod to Pay lor Polod \Wc offered to pay for the re ­ moval of the ’ old poles, and the erecting of good [ones, ” Shea de ­ clared, “ -But the ^oant said . that they did not thlfik thit\thc tax ­ payers would cc.-iSent to pay for the eytra light which -thdy would receive, ” Schmitt then predicted that “ five years from now Nyack will lose its business. It is falling too far back. Other villages arc springing up about us, and beauti ­ fying' themselves, but wc arc sound asleep, and let the moss grow over the sldcwnlks while we are asleep. ” The dust-earvored .chairs of the village hall were also noticed by Schmitt, iwho declared that they were characteristic ot the village [Hoolwr ’ s Ruling Favord I Congers Children ByfirraealsSsitm,! Have Close Call (Continued from IVigc 1.) Arcs over n widely distributed front because of the f^encral inar- ccsaibility ex«a>t-^n foot to beat dut the flomcff. As Hay Tumbles CONGERS, Nov. 13~Ten ir. twelve bales of hay, tumblinjj from People from outside tho villnpro'^n overloaded truck which wis have made voluntary contributions ' hauling them from the local r» tt- to the support of the rocoT siding hn the Goebel fana on some of which have been largo, [ the New City road, narrowly and it is thought that these pooplc ed falling upon seveta! small rhil- will no^ feel they are being im- dren who were about to crosr Uio posed upon when the $25 fee levied. Chief Thompson said he expected the firemen would get a \panning\ when they asked for the guarantee before responding •or failing to turn out when tho sum wa.s not forthcoming, but Mayor Hooper said that a ready response would come from him if ^ there was cntlci^T r~ 1 West Shore track.s near Noimeyrr ’ s store yesterday afternoon. The hay Inul been cTnloadc 1 frmn a carload which stood on the I; ing. The driver Of ihij truck, it. is said, believed they would.be able to save themselves another trip by piling pn thf remaining hales wh c'.x were more than a load for the f.l- san to the aherifTa office where he was arrest^. ... .. u I, 1 .. . ^<^ady filled truck, and yit wh»cb other i-illages apend a lot of jj^a i “ , one! onfeSlir I JJ'Xe an^extrl'trio money-to make themselves attrac- those who supnort — mvAuem. ujf iiiB »w»»f asiraia-aswi — ----- * ----- ----------- ' iiu viiustj WHO sUPDO/C Quir.€jDin«*«i “ ---TiT ’ • ’ .Jiri't_ whoTnvwthat hod picked up'thpl^ww'pwififwsmn* (hat; .Ifi'!. ”\'\ lad, and going down to DoIIi Van- eri ’ s, dragged the cowering Tru- When arraigned before Judge Schmersahl, Trusan is s%jd to have admitted what he had tried to do, and was locked up to await the action of the January Grand Jury, being held without bail. The fact that he understood that things were wrong ia all that saved Johnny from the aaeault. When Trusan attempted the as ­ sault, Johnny said, he screamed so loudly that Trusan put him off the lingers ill the van. according to ; formation of a ' lire ’ distri^^^ dizzily acro.s.H th'q Ih would solve the problem ot a .small- , 'f ^ ‘ ‘ \y ,''\P; It was tho opinion of both I cr cost to individuals of sections Schmitt and Shea that the people i formerly protected by the kinll- K»toi had gone up, .\ group truck and rode away. leavlng-the- find that they would increase their sobbing little youngster to find his way home alone. The quick action in the case was commended this morning, inas ­ much as only a few hours after the alleged attempt at an assault had been made Trusan was locked securely in jail awaiting the Grand Jury action. Warning Sounded To Nyack Bnsbess Men By Schmitt — (CenUmied from page 1) asked the organization what they intended to do abcHit the light poles on the south side of Main street.- There was considerable talk, with Schmitt and Shea.agree ­ ing with each other that the poles of school ehildroii who had lx en hohl on'the w ’ cst -t. -.u !.-,. - while tlic train wna in tho sl it ion starto.l to cros.s juiit a- the linck moved out upon thd? cro.^s^ing. Suddenly tho halos began to tumble dowm from Ihcir procanou-i i position, and before this tumbling , ________ days. The biggciit oh- - out the path cJ cooperation for ,taclc yet to be overcome was pul which purpose the Business Mcn ’.i i their path today by the tri.i-' ” \'* fo' H'\ P''' ’ - of Nyack were indifferent in the ' nesa of the village vamps, extreme, sitting back and w'niting | p _____ I HofsfaHer May Conlinue thing, there is no one left to do , At CoUUty AttOmev ’ S Jofa anythlng,'and nothing gets done. * ■ ~ ^ consequently. | Shea remarked last night that it j (Continued from Pc.ge 1.) the merchants would only followltjj^j ^ *, . , , , . ‘ uiCAx- uuvn Louay oy me kii J* ^oclatvoivwas formed, they would j„y who says there ’ s nothing doing. “ \I' sales and their profits over 20 per cent yearly, j As far as the Tax ­ payers ’ Ass^iation goes, Schmitt has been trying to hammcrVit ’ 'lnt*j the heads of the mcmt>er8 that if^ they band together, and -work for the common weal, they will get sidewalks, curbs, sowers, or what ­ ever they want, Avith much more ease than if they ask for them as individuals. AdvtM* Chang* who po.*iscssed a whistU* which he A prominent Republican said to-1 day that with the change in thei' ” \ ’ '' makeup of the Board of Siiperiis-i ® kiddies were hurl, ors there should automaticn'ly be a however, and the truckm.ni wi rc- change-in-the appointive ol'lres .so|/ “ ' ‘ ‘ '« ‘ l-the fallen bules lo that min can be placed on the job ° f^he road iiml leiivi who will follow out the principles ‘''cm until they could i-eturn after of the party in power. If the nem- ! loaded truck.' ocrats have the ruling majority on ' the Board of Superx ’ isors, tho man [who is put In the office of CDU.Uy I Attorney should bo one w'ho isi i strictly in accord with their piir McMANlS TRIAL NOV. 18 COURTROOM, New-York, N»v. 13. (UP). — The effort to. try Rig George McManus on a charge of* Say Water In Sp: Valley Brook Is Now PoDuted i should be removed, | bringing his ship to earth. Gamerviile Kids Wait , . . ..... . . ....... , .... Almal'of War Acel'^p'\ hi»- R-rthatem em munter^l obslaclea yesterday and I that come before that body, 'this • Republican said; o'clock this afternoon if the \ The Democrats wil have to ‘ ■oek weather permits, and he has prom-1 outside advice on important qjcR-jone of the picturesque gamblers ised hia friend that he will execute tioiia n^lli U W a^ tepubJican bo PUlprtpecUd afflflhg tTTTarra? oT “ wIl- several trick Hying stunts before I in that office as their legal advisor, j nesses, caused the postponement. (Continued from Page l.> yesterday and was ordered postponed until No ­ vember 18 aher one juror was •swpm. ifiness of \Titanic Thompson, ” i.thls man continued. ' He is in a New York hospital. SPRING VALLEY, Nov, 13. — It was reported today that town offi ­ cials'have received numerous com ­ plaints since the raid made on tho brewery on the Hungry Hollow road after its discovery by John w. Miller that the brook running through the Dr. Rosenthal prop ­ erty has been polluted. It is sa^d that the mash used for the brew was dumped into the creek, and the suds destined for schoonerA has given to the stream the appearance of soap suds. Tho pollution of the water, it is believed, will kill all the fish now in the stream, 'and while the trout and eels are not large, local sportsiikn decry the disposition of the mash in this manner. Both Sides Agree To Make Up In Ainnont Church (Continued from Page 1.) it la thought that the pre.ient con- troveray haa had ita effect on hia health. With the aettling of tho diffcrcncca among the membera it la believed that hia recovery from hia preaent indiapoaition will bt rapid. The Rev. Jonea ia at preaent con ­ ducting tervlcea to the beat of hia ability, but he waa not able to be preaent at the aeaaion Uat night, which wound up with a mutual agreement on the part of both aldca to drop their differentea. Peraon. al grudgea, it waa oaaerted, never entered the diapute. BURKE ASKS FOR JOB WEST HAVERSTRAW, Nov. 18 — Forty-five yeara a ataunch aup- porter of the Democratic party in the Town of Haveratraw, and in all thoaa yeara having aaked no favors white Ver .from hia parly leoderti Michael Burkei well-known resi ­ dent of this community, has re ­ quested thq appointment of Over ­ seer of the Poor when the newly elected Town' Board takes office on the first o} the -coming year. PLAN BRIDGE PARTY SPRING VALLEY, Nov. 18. — Athelylanc^jLodgi,. K. and A. Mv, are planning for a bridge and pinochle, party at the lodge rooms on November 29. Pritta will be rordod and TofreahmentH aervod son aVenuc, la auiTtved b> a dalUhiilii the plxysn. Admiishm lut-t lieen More time to play . .You can always find people to tell you that the country is going to the dogs because we ’ re doing so much playing. ., \When did your grandmother find any time to play? There was a woman for you! ” No doubt. Just the same, we ’ d like to have given her a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, electric lights, running hot water, a telephone, baker ’ s bread, delicious canned foods, an automobile apd a set of golf clubs. Can you picture grandfather ’ s face? . . . \Gone to the country club. Look in the ice-box. ” Through advertising, science is giving us more and more time to playl Advertising is knockng minutes off every phase of household work from cooking to shop ­ ping, to give us leisure hours. , » ... and we ’ re just using them as grandmother would have if she ’ d had the chance. ReaB the advertising here in yoiir paper, It will bring you more time to play . iiisik

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