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The journal-news. (Nyack, N.Y.) 1932-1990, November 05, 1929, Image 9

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ROCKLAND COUNTY EVENING JOURNAL I (Nynck Evening Jotirna!) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER S, JsSs Coming to Broadway JOSEPH VA N RAALTE; 'NKVy Y c THK, ■ — dun^Siri}. ’ : diirir'-n; ffi front of a hasiani nt ^hnp of a ihor trin ’ N ‘ *j'ro coal ami ico poJiMcr in- Hnriu'.: , / ‘ For Sale — A Smfiil Safe/' A. I 08 to ashes ar^rt dnirt to a J«t, !f rrohib llon don ’ t L'**' > dv Policy must! DAWN OF A NFAV PO^T S i Tatihauso, stanon afrcni foi ’ u'y ’ g dslanil railroaif at \Vn<U ftic River, wrote a book oivpm-try sj^me time apo, calU'd \Rhymes of l^ie Sunrise Trail, ’ tloaliiiK- with 4ainJij?,rers, raterpillars. s u m fjo'vers, nioonli^i^t. Hrcain.^ I* */, picnic ants \and et rutru. ” Si jTot nis first'roynify ( ‘ ecK the Other day, look a itooii 'luii<. bok ^ it^iind f^rtHwftfi iTepped lof- r out of his blue J* It the ruin, who walks on ami. apita. at the skrj,. i' what'll jiappen.' Due of The V'ian breezed up: Fifth Avenue on a i^old and bine J jno ’ n'np trimmed and dazzling a.-'| I ho sunlight. A cop inTi tycncJ rii- re was some talk of trafUc vfo* lation. Six i*eet of blatant, blu.-' cotlxd authority. One hundtedi riOdr .^^^TTty-ftvo' ’ jonndif of iion-| chalaace, . Itago vj ppisc. , Tnen ! the cop utn^Fui an olRnsIvd foni- ' nu nt. Ami before any of th.P hun- d»«d8 of .p»rtator.i on the foiT «tre 't corner.' knew what bad her-j I e: ed y(»unK Mr. Motorist, wiHi the ton h'tl heir and hnyrhiii\ eyes, • luid rehch\(l out and smacked the' lu.'te out et lh< ‘ cop ’ s mout!:. - livv* » then, b''mn»^'4- in bv tb< .d-'ly of nmubers, buvldlinfr tini Brook To Portray Sherlock Holmt'^s At the Brc»aciw3v lUinmon Ris Aon, Roger (Phillips lloime!>), and Fend him in pur.iuit <>r Mo|an aiid llle puperr. j'lie ehiwe of Moran Icil Kog- ! i ahoaril'a tian.F-Atlantic ateam- djip oa wliieh Moi-nn^Fei'vcd a.s dortor. Mo;an ilrugg; i Uog- I- and ki.im'pped him ns thr'ship- luIeTI for. America via Chelbourgh. naao.f diBappeaiance ;■! Uie e!)-ii»elr '• ni Stitt;'.' today. tir^r l.i, I self to lie |■.•l)Orte|l ;■ jiernfor j 1.1. t • ■taei l;e had '.'.Ifi ■ SheidoV'l; 11111*1 t ml lo g'v I ..' \;Int Jiiiry ■ I l.y Clive Brooks, Berry I.iwford and 11. It. , v. ..-.Smith m jl'rom \Xhc Return of Sherlock Holm.'.\ which in lo la dl tin } way Aheftt»u?i Nyackj tomorrow, - uttoJ* th-*' 'nilmi S.T.' p .'.,.: sT 1 ,.., . , . , hank-' *|kn minutes lal'T hw fording Vro.i. towu wl. ’ t I k ^ j)i«m*rc(i lonn aiifl'fartiedly = ’ 'to big. red furry ear of r* ‘ *i'ior. W of whii'h Put Si h. '= b- to b-ick ii l.» the er' inc- ortev. He's getting- him^df a .'^iut 'o ch.ut* nil in fitcal Neck, r- n- ‘ i ili^'vou' oi I ’ linr. IitirJeer m . I per- ' .sou.*, of that type. A c«nipb' of i rs from now Si will probably 1 be we.Tni.g . pat-: and dre.^iiiny for '• thslance, not one cf uM .^nnnip the Broker lioil to her . had nofui to obey that Woods, pf \Hello. Sweeth\n mpulxj ami cheer. Hello Surkci ” fame, who i« thi ” k ♦ * * ^ ^ j iinr over a m w play called \O t 1 OP AY ’ S PUZZLE \ ; SU* pmy Term. ” . . . The wine tot Some one ' its just discovered inr in (Ireenwich Vinn.;o ^ire.'ltle* Jnl *ay: Irlverj NVvr York, on ever by lh<' Italian eoupl*.* who-. reqi Crt, 'vill l.'.jid tort lo cer-' ctmibiT-ed weililit is bOO poun.. :,du elubi v'here they nir; uu) < -sidp . . Ralph Bart' I iViiaphoneShows Golleen Mcoire .4s Charins^g lieml. •( ‘ dpi:: . iiaid “ hoc.Lesvcr*' — or to danev 'ihosu ntcurs d places!) r ■ they rn'dv encounter Wil<l obi .Mc!ntryf ’^ !T HAPPENS —BUT RARELY ''.Once in a wh.l : JoW'i ‘ l.e r«.id of the world coinoH .str-tling u^ d» vil-inay ca-'e younyyl-'i. vi- bra .t wiM life, r ckless ami i i* ). . But -wh<*n tin vith fb'* taxi men, ' ■ for money? F'hat HAVERSTRAW CAPITOL TONIGHT THE BOND PLAYERS Prcccnt Jane CowFs Pmy , SMILING THRU ” nEve. 7:45 Ivlat. Tue». Tickets on Sole in Advance All Seats Reserved- Phone Haverstraw 574 Fteniie.l jint., O!] play r. viewer for. ‘ ‘ l.ile heai'lf.d liegcar on ih\ .if The Library, held to ' th' i feiy |)in» . . . l ’ edl■o■.^ m w \rti oornil on SUhi .-In'I wi't- the Filver-panel nl. sky bine Wni;. fleekcd with g'1 1 and emi'. I- Mt-'ii; with nink roA l.nnyerr, lie 1 1 i Cnnwriy, titian-hi.ired hric'.ed-up fir place <'.nn ■ In nre V appearing with Fd.'ie Can engine red trimmvd with em v- i “ Whoopee,\ whoF- phi? ap- green and meney-oldrr blip- h'.t- on the. tnver of cuii' i, ’ . ner- and the irnrble mnnte! with rt Set. ” . . . 1 he ticker b-.ck the hiliom jardinier and (he lii'i I .... Id'- pi..-hi: till vhi.h ;,l Thealr ehld- TA- ’ ,I.OID TALFS ■d - v , l.ene;. a h.ve-lialh. I I'lxiuclion l.tk • ing la<ly at the \)W.]!'.., whi.ru Tilli. 1 K*!! off lianit wlictlv i.iTo which ij skcTs'crod : ing; ‘ Open Sundy* .-^fgn read- STRAND Vitaphone SPRING VALLEY! TODAY Ruth Chatterton POI ICF. NOTE • bim . p '••1 i f c Con !ulsaif»iiY* Wlnih-i-M 120 f':pulc_cups Inv bk-cn jn the jpb, i.u^ny of Golfiam ’ . binding Gigolo) have hi'/d thoni sfdc- s honce to prey on fnolt.4 yoai;:'. wonmn and their (lodilcrlu grau'Vmaj. Each of tbe “ Lnd rou.'' \ knows her jiu-jlt.-U cvi.i'v mother ’ s dau<,j^lUer of Ins a bicep bul70 bigg-'* knobs on a wrestler ’ s ‘ Charming Colk-cii .sing.-* :^e\ luiiiiK the unfoMir \:na:in ‘ , an.ong t ri*:!! K.yps,\ a biv ivhuh the uunr. Mns NIm i “ has aU-.: Sin musically im lim-d. ha\ i nudh'd both piano and voic» ‘ *1 ng her .school vlay.s with U k ‘ int< ion of going on the concert st Whori Producer John McCj '<•1. cted \Smilhig IrUh luT brst talking amk' ‘ ^inging | (h')!ltH*n begarfi her vo.-al • 1 by the ti lutiof^r^mmonccd on thi I i NaliiywiB Vitaphone sfM'cial s gooil vt>ice. 1 wiicn he i.-' i Not only does Colleen Fine .sev-| lien 1 hlur.\ ei-al melmiiea written e.Fpeeiiilly , fuini.in.\ ' f.ir the pieture, hiit the Viti.piione | last year to , Symphony Orchestra render.- .hem e<> > ’ ast'' ai iis part of an elabor.ate mu.-ieal aroutid oiff® arranged hy the cnndaclor, Louis Silvers. \Viliiaiti -A. Seiter directed “ Stnjling. Irish liyeF,\ I'd., hi rtun.'i* . ittional I'iilir sutned hi.' II — buckle. f- J .M St. J'lhn has more motion pietu; le- other, miition pictu .-t tant. He ha- lo-t ' tie. betwoen pieture.- oi TOH|Trrt-*hitTt- of the- murdpr Ilf his falhor. . Word of the death of Captain I oiigmme ivpchdd Sherlock 1 mimes, who lul l been living in iis* tirenienl for a numb. r of years. For the sake of Dr. Watson and ■M.ary''s Ti5T)prriet:iSi — Htrhiirs emrerg- . (I from hi- Feclu.sion to tike up the l;:;i, speedily solving the Wthod of Loiigmoie ’ s death and Roger ’ s i.pln.ipping. Aecompanied by Dr. Wal.-on and Mary, liolines overtook the ship. iii.-i-uiied a- a Hungarian violinift. - <1-, i, , iliilm..-' 'identified Mocan and 1,0',. . I!, ' ‘ i. M\ ’ , tho ship'.s ra lio oVer- :Ti ‘ ihfcT(i~n7Trt TTn* rr t ii i' , ~~ns~\memh er ii of MoriarVy a I,..,.,I , .ri-.ilniil pack, found Rogi-r ’ s hid- :-e it! 's,n,h.:i • mg |iluce and rescued him ju.-t in lime to prevent his murder, r.i 11 bih- airnn ' Moriarly hail established hi.s \1 bii'-fl, ..ua; lieadiiunrlcr.-i aboard the .shiji and ronUnued to lap the internirtionnl m telephone circuit, u.-ing the .info ’ -- .1 „ *, ,.f ’ ihalion for bis own benefit. H^ . ' ■ f''Vreled biin out and gaiumj-tmini.s- ,-i,in to hi- ;'tuleroom. WMte search ­ ing Monarty'a njprfUTS llolmi'.- •.'.■a-: di.-aoverciXnrful'h-ecogniied. A .-tr.uxo dinner was served, himteja<fnil hunted at Iasi had me'! ty sought lo kill Hplnies with a -.nail black box similar to tbnt clainiipl the life of in Captain Longnioro. Holmes through a ruse, sueeee.lcd in epdi- plptely deceiving the arch-crjprinal who was later capture.d. ill, Scl.emk bav- \'at- lade pictnies f.>r son were happily nr X and then Kdu- Thi.s show co^s tomorrow to where lie ' rc-^ the Broadway Oteatre and will he aiioii with -i.r- 'aJjcnefit perWrmnnee, Kleiinor Boardmun an -John Holland Xs Umy appear in a scciva from \She Goes to Wqiw a hich is the epTrent attraction at the Rock ­ land Theatre. T he ( H. Jie EVOLUTION of ; TELFkSC By Arthur D^. Carpenter Tlic rclicctipg telescope was the ! back, and today practically hold tho flcltL 51 odera . astronomy . Is chiefiy engagcti in photography of the heavens, .In this work reflect ­ ing telescope ha» great advantage. - BANKRUPTCIES DECREASE OSLO, Norw.'iy — (UP) — There 1 lie rcncciipg iciescoiie was me ’ , ,, .... / , were fewer bankruptcies in Nor- prevailing Xelcsedpe until 1B70, ; when N^on discovered the de- year than during any cor- comp^tion of light, which «*- rre,,,on,|i„g period for the last nine plaijKhd a difllculty attending n'' , ..pdri, ’ nervations with all rcftactors ■» ^o the latest official .■onsisting of interference color \ ■ • '1 th'-ir lead* statUtics on bankrupt estates, and •es^tes carried on under private 'arrangemcnti, the number of for- l&r rings,' chromatic aberration, ob ­ structing the vision. Then, re ­ flecting telescopes were Invented -n;--\ . j . 'roo ,g, and held away for IBO years ^8 the cause they did not prcluce color ■ displacement. In the lOth century ! ofil ''I'Kh in both ms ances is low- the refractor, again became pop- i than iVany year since 1920. At iilar, new scientific means having i the same tibm tho number of reg- liecn discovered; But in the 20th;ister«l claimsNj^Bve decreased cor- century reflecting tcle.s'copea ‘ came } respondingly. , Sinners ” 'Vhun the^(Tport went that, lluilyml Kipling wa-i jt Jl* Hlng y/'imiBiTig a word ’ for somi?*' i i- >h>^e was writing,' ...me Oxford \ith a v.ast 'n^'.'^hnk f&ents tried to kid him. Wiring ■lainM Jt'Bll m' tho lending mai. FUR lyitJFFS MAY RETURN PAJM'S, (UI ’ ). — Fashion cx- predict that fur muffs will back intu popularity among | omen'this w inter. Theii'belief | i so strong that' they arc taking the ri.sk of manufacturing muffs in ' ciime'iy /Ti'iiei large quantities and exclusive fur- Tom 5Iix im''H ’ ainl- riers in the Rue dc la I ’ aix are ] “ llclti), t^yciiiie.\ -how'ing them in their windows, j He al-o appeared In fsThe Ameri- They arc dainty and multi-colored, ran Ik-auty. ' ''The/pen Range, ” with a slightly jaisy effect «re- Jones\ iiXll a score of nled by the mixing of different WHERE THE SCREEN IS ALIVE \Casi olhvr big p/odu > colored furs. He^r Election Returns at the Broadway To-night --i TODAY — LAST TIMES -- TODAY Talking —Singir g — rDancing Tecnicolor

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