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MEMBER Akm C* (Aidit Boraan ol clrnUlIoai) COUNTY (NTACK BVENINO JOOKNAL) Vol. 42 No. 262 A Politically Independent Newspaper NYACK, N. y., TUESD,\Y, NOVEMB^ 6, 1929 Haverstraw Board Scored for CIRCULATION Week Ending Nov. 2, 5^37, Average Net PaidL-PRICE 2 CENT3| nfTBlDE OP, COnSTT. « - -■ - ...... Water Row tMILUON TO GO TO STATE POLLS TODAY New York City Selects Mayor Todfiy , Parly Leaders Predict Vic ­ tories For Their Respec ­ tive Can^dates. ALHANY, N. V. Nov. 5. (UP). — More than 4,000,000 voters go to the polls in New York State today to register their cholco of a state assembly, one state senator ra con ­ gressman, frve supreme court jus ­ tices and 52 mayors. democratic state leaders hoped to be able to cut dowm the ma«. jority Republican party ’ s seats in the assembly, but few expected ; that the Republicans ’ working ' margin would be threatened scri- { ouidy.i One of the most determ- { ined bids for a footing in the | strong Republican counties in | western and northern New York, | and the sb-callcd southcni tier i counties, was made this year by < the I^mocrats. I I^eaders Forecast Succeu ! M. William Bray, chairman of| the Democratic state committee, at his home in Utica, and William J. ! Major, Republican state chairman, ' at his home in Seneca Palls, is- j sued Htaiementa forecasting suc ­ cess for their rcsjiectivc parties ’ candidates. . Bray <lid not go so far as to claim a Democratic assembly, stat ­ ing that inequitable apportion ­ ment of representatives, dehying greater New York a rightful share, ^ would tend to preserv'e Republican control. .vw.;,- , As a_ivsult of protests last ye ar when ' inmates of the American I^egion Hospital for disabled World W'ar veterans at Tapper Lake, were barred from voting, the voters will decide whether inmates of Govern ­ ment hospitals are entitled to use the absentee ballot. Another amendment to the Con ­ stitution aiTccting disabled veter ­ ans of all wars, would give them civil service preference, their qualifications being equal, over civilians. This preference now is jimited to Civil War veteiTins. Other Amendments Other 0 consHtdtionhl a m e !i d- ments which will be voted upon ^ would permit a chan^ in the form . of government for Westchester aqd Nassau . Counties; permit the state to raise ftinds by bond issue for the control of forest fires, and the last would permit towns to join together in criminal Jurisdic ­ tion districts to repTace Justice of OH, RAIS! IS BOARDS VH ONRAISIORy Expected To Win 'Tl \ ♦ t , a \W S' jResidents May Ask AGeountiiig, Trustees Hear Dutcher, Then Reserve Derision On Complaint O^Brien, King of Hoboes, Ends ^^Campaign For Mayor of Netv York, Retires ” to Nyack HEAVY VOTE WORTEDIN N.Y.C1TY ^ His “ Platform ” Included no Carfare, no Money, Plenty of Shade Trees, a Good Supply of New I Jokes, etc — ^Was Graduated From University of Hard Knocks, . Became Vagabond at 11 and Has Btceh a Bum Since, Writer Says of \King ” . Tammany Claims 500,000 For Walker, 1 0. P., 200,- 000 For LaGuardia, * Conceding the election of Mayor Walker in today ’ s voting in I New York City, Daniel T. O ’ Brien, King of the Hobon, and candidate ion IhftHobo ticket fer mayor, closed his campaign last Saturday night and like the Arab, folded his tenC and quietly stole away. O’ Brien, bolter kno\Mi as “ Dan' to the wandering fraternity, ar rived in Nyack late -yesterday af-1 temoon and his arrival was char -1 actcrized by the lack of whistle I blowing and scarsity of a ticker i NEW YORK. Nov. 6. (AP). — , New York Oiy gave indicationa confetti storm, the ap- this forenoon of mustering a heayy | Proved method of the metropolin vof* ht its . 'mayuralty cont«Bt'^®r welcoming great men and hc- wherein four iMdfng capdidatea ! — are ronning. Early voting was re- [ Mayor KbWT Not On HanT ----- COUNTY OUT INFULL Tl E Rats, rats, rats: Oh, rats! This was the Bcntimcnt of the Nyack Board of Health last night, as ­ sembled to take action on the complaint of Mife. Maty Ohligcr that her home at 178 North Broad ­ way, Nyack, was overrun Sy rats, and that two complainCs to the landlord, Tunis S. Dutcher, had been unproductive of results. Dutches who lives at 107 South Broadv'ay, appeared before the Board of Health last night to pre ­ sent his side of the case, saying that she had signed aleaae for the house on May 1, hpt had lived there before, and in acoordanco with her letter, had been bothered w ’ ith rats for six or seven months. “ This would mean that she haj them before she signed the lei Dutcher said, “ And if thlsyr^ the case why,did she sign? Danias Odory/^'^Utad He doclBrcd,4iiat the Woman ’ s allegation Upstthc rat poison which she had^daced around had killed rats add created a smell, was not inasmuch '08 he.went to the 'closed up house yesterday, (Mrs. Ohliger broke her lease and moved the first of No%'ember„ and said he smelled nothing at all. He declared that she had told his wife that her son, 'triio ' waa Of Mayor Cook Want to Know Why Nothing H^s^een Done SinccT Last Admirtistration Starteu Work on Establish­ ing Municipal Watei>'System — Mayor Cook, in : . Statement, Dcfemk^Course, Declares he '\iVill Study Problcm^refully Before Spending $50di-' 000 of Pepfrie ’ s Money — No Delay, he Says. FRED o. MARKS Democratic catididet* for Suptr- .vlecf for Stony Point. HAVERSTRAW, Nov. 5. — Criticism of the Ville^ic Board waa I heard tojfay for what residenU call its inactivity in settling the water Pearl The River/ icue of ig Valley! “ We ’ re going .back to nature! ” This was the cry of Fred Stock- meyer, Monroe- Katt and Peter Heldcr, when they left Spring Valley early lapt W ’ ednesday morn ­ ing on a hunting trip to .Pallns- villc, in the Catskills^ “ Nature will meet all .of our demands. Na ­ ture will feed us! ” Under this belief, the trio left without any- provisions, depending on their marksmanship and luck to get food, believing that they would ha^'c plenty. Well, that was last Wednesday. Sunday, when Robert Horr, Louis living with her, had hehted rbouaa. *»*id Armand Herschel; of p«rt«d orderiy sn.i hMvy. Police, TO Disorder Anywhere and Polline Places Are in South Nyack, and that ahe couid not-iitay thero^-alone,-thoeefotv, Dutcher intimated that ’ it appeared that the woman had uaed the rat excuse to break her lease. Pearl Itlvcr, motored up to see t hem, they w^re set upon by the “ back to nature ” trio, who dragged them out of the car, and Dr. Charles D. Kline, health of- «<>nicthiitK to eat ^ . ficcr, told the board that he had Fairly Crowded. I gone up to the house when he read in the form of a lunch which the Pearl Riverites had brought with of the case in the newjpapeni. and ‘ h® ‘ >'®y «*- ' ( Continued on Page 2.) ,ere under emet»ency duty orders, (here again Nyack failed to ap- ^ in the early mommg there had j „„„ ^^o ' Been no nj^ for them beyond | Mayor. «o»el normal polling place son-icc. . ... , c .u Machine vpting was , w®* \owherp to be found. So the throughout the city. : freedom of the city was I>an ________ ______________ _ _______ Claim 500,000 for W'alker i unofficially. * . . , * had been Uken all through it hv ! P***^^** Tammany claimed lU sUndard been received in regal W.th a steady stream of voter, ohV« dec X tot hi ' ‘^ “ 1' “ ‘ “ P- bdafer. Mayor. Walker, would win f«»bion, and run out of better | coming m at .1 ,»II, in the ,«^ ren^lned una^fedT any ......................... . cAAAAA ____ 1 J inWnii thAii this O’ Brien took the - county since six o ’ clock this mom- , **, remamra unassaiien ny any by 600,000 or more plurality; and ‘ b*\ » «'*\ '°®' ‘ »\® .. . , . „ ^ ^ odors, and tot during a long in- it was generally agreed that he «n®b w,th soci. good grace the lar«rt “ P®® ‘ >®\ ho had found no rtta or held the lead position. Rep. nor-l B®\ i« not a panhandler, in.^ould be one of tne largest votes although there were olio UGuardia-s managers, how-j the sense of to word, but a writ- ) ‘ '^rjxcorted for to county to^^ ^ which itm. dvsr, insisted the Republicans j er of poetry and essays. Ho | Ohliger had told him that the r.U would come off with around 200,- 1 had his writings printed in a book- 1 E ^ j ^ ^ ^ j had gnawed 0«0 plurality. I let called the Hobo, Magazine and r^J^ throughout th. county Th« <le®i®ion of the board, there- there was no confusion, evidenced, *®r«. W«s reserved, inasmuch as dispu^r'which has been going on now for scvK'rnrmonth.i pn:;t. Tha* Uppublicaii (water commlssioneni c«f the lari .'ulministrution started the ; all rolling toward the establishment ^/ a municipal water system, and the assertion 'is now made that with the change in office, marking timo has be en , th e-only sign-of motion. ' ^ ■ ■■ . .......... ... . .. .... <1 It is asserted that the only. Un* gibic thing the present board ilone is to decide that water ci missioners could not handle thq HAPPYDRUNK ’ I SEITI TO JAIL FOR 30 DAYS proposilioii. Complainrs coiitinui; to bo made of the <iunlity .«f..Uffia water anil the smcill supply aViiil.f.^ able. _______ ■ May Ask Accounting Residents have become agrisveil at the lack of interest shown the present villcf^fo\boanl accortU^/( ■' • J ing to reports and the mayor,pnU ‘ ,j Haverstraw Man ’ s Traffic ‘ ru.stccs are to be asked for an ft a J. J t D* ' 'A IS claimed tot if tn^j; vase AdjOUmeu in ricr- board does not intend to tako 1^'-:^ inOnt Court , to -fight some one in the yilb ' ought to do it. The Roanl ! been told that it is doing less ' , the problem than the Board PIERMONT, Nov. 6. — “ Wch' you in an Inebriated condition in ■ Tp'^intcdi a public pl«®e on to morning of.^y the Republican AdministnrtiiWiS november 3rd?\ asked Bollce Jus- , i„ Now. ' C. Bertram I^tncr of Paul , Servirk Cwrpomion «®Y''.'®®i ing-ah^d wft#.th«**A^#f additional 'pipe,' putting up ' seiwe pressuro tank dH Hi bewildered. “ No avenue, and in other ways'! wilhiak'llgned to answer do that diarge.- -------- - Paul looked turned the auto inside Out. unUl y*r»t®B.' ’ ho muttered, ‘ 'What you ■ light of the alleged halM Little betting was evident., Such | through the sale of these he earns as there was concerned itself with ; his daily bread. site of pluralitiea ,and there were some bets-, that Norman ’ piomas. Socialist and former pastor, would have 100,000 or 200,000 votes com ­ pared with the 39,000 he received (Continued on page two.) May Have Been Whiskey, But Negro Wouldn4 Take Chance Sampling It Emost Johnson, 29-yeaf-old J Oflicer Miko Burke with the negro of 134 Bard street, Ky>cl<, | whiskey in his possession, and was , . ...... ______ _ _________ ®njoyed, a pleasant little tilt with arraigned before the judge last j education, radio, avia^on Judge Benj^in Levison in Nyack I night charged with disorderly con- police court ladt night over a half j duct. gallon jug of whiskey, but his grin I \What ’ s in this jug? ” asked faded when he was fined $15, or 15 j Judge Levison. dsy*. { \Ah guess it ’ s whlsksy, ” John- Johnson wss arrested Sunday by I son replied. . . - ------- — ______________ \Where did you get it? ” After giving the town the up and down, he drifted into the Journal office where he introduced himself and made it plain that he sought no favors. His callj' he added, was purely a professional one, untying a bundle he presented the writer with a copy of his booklcL Dan ’ s \Platform ” Angled into a conversation, Dan told of his campaign in the may ­ oralty race and of his platform of fourteen planks whieh included such rfiforms as: no carefares,' crime, unequal suffrage, money, shade and although there was a steady j ‘ I)' '»°n'®' ’ has left the house and stream of voters, the stream wws j\P®'^ ‘ he health oflketwas not an exceptionally heavy one. i ''®K»t'' ’ ®. In Nyack at half pasi nine there had-been 85 votes cast, and this number was about duplicated In Haverstraw and Spring ’ Valley. I CONGERS, Nov. 5. The char- The voting machines handled framework of the body of the WRECK DRAWS CROWD REAP THE BENEFITS — At harvest time the farmer reaps the rewards of a summor of hard and laborious work. Effort and patience are cashed — both fanner and consumer benefit. \\ So jt is with classified adver ­ tising — Hard work and effort, to ­ gether with A complete county- wide circulation, has ihade the classified columns of the Rock ­ land County Evening Journal the greatest medium for bring ­ ing buyer and seller together. Both benefit — This service is available to. you at a surprisingly small cost. Phone NYACK 2200 for courteous help In writing your classified ad. ROCKLAND COUNTY EVENING JOURNAL This stumped the negro, and he hemmed and hawed for some time,' finally saying that there was a gang of boys playing around and tot they had moved away and left the whiskey on the ground. Although the' judge told him I that he did not believe the story, : Johnson stuck to it, saying he had I merely picked, the jug up, out of curiosity, ' j \What kind of whiskey is It? ” I the judge usk'ed. I \Dunno jedge. ” I \Do you want to aampio it? ” ! “ No. suh; Ah ’ s more particler I than that! ” 'j Although the judge urged him to .try it, Johnson remained adamant, ; and would not amell of it. At • this juncture \M»ta ” Thomson, . another well-known tibgro of Ny- vocebuiaryj i '« Continued on Page BA i ^ trecfii relifrion, no political bosses, new jokes, prohibition and reduc ­ tion of taxes. “ It is a conspiciouB honor to be mayor of New Ybrk City, ” he said. “ It is bettef than being Prdsidont Our mayor and police commission ­ er al\^'ay8 talk things' over with Europe ’ s rulers beToro President Hoover gets a chance at them.^* “ I am a irreat lover of nature,\ he added. “ The open road casts a spoil over me. Philosophy, art, and science are necessary to the feeding of my well-being. 1 de ­ mand much humor and would walk a mile to hear a .joke. But; to ex ­ perience all these things 1 -cannot be too tied down. 1 cannot be a slave to work — or a money slave. ” Looking For “ Sally ” Dropping the conversatoia of poH^cf, literature, etc., and turn ­ ing to things demanding immediate attention, he agked where he might find “ Sally. ” Not wishing to dis ­ play our ignorat\cs,of the hobo ’ s e did some quick thinking and associated “ Sally ” with the Salvation Army — and the votes in a rapid njanner, and “ 'fP'®\® which was consumed by. even tonight when there will un- ® “ ®'' ‘ *.® P'®\® ‘ >\1 croahed at doubtcdly be a rush of last minota j* ’ ® New City airport last Satur- voters it is not expected that there ; ^ ^ which had almost cost the , will be any great confusion any-j\'^®* PHot and passenger,! where in the county. brought to a garage here yes-; The voters were of serious piicii, afternoon, where it has j and apparently werq fully aware' “ magnet holding the wrapt of just whom to ywero going to { ®^*®''^®''i many people, vote for when they entered the plane to have figured polling places,, casting their vote * major air misfortune, its without hesitation and walking out ■ l ’ l®®ltencd, a 1 u «n i n u m. skeleton again. twisted by the searing >heat of the The watchers at the polls looked * ’ !®*® which destoryed it, is a bea- While they stood amazedly by, the trio of hunters, (in embryo), devoured the lunch, and then look ­ ed shamefacedly up to their com ­ panions. Somebody must have been before them, because gamo was scarce, and what there wss of it was Very adept, jumping easily out of the way of the bullets sent to dispatch it. However, forti ­ fied by the lunch which their friends had brought up, the throe intrepid hunters reiterated their stand that Nature would furnish them with food if they waited long enough, and remained in the great woods, whero mdh arc men and deer arc elusive. but Sosth Nyack CoDects $41,803.07 la 1929 Tues I mean? ” ; efforts made by the village _ \Were you drunk In front of the to stop,* a. verdict In its fr police booth yesterday morning? ” ; * court 'action, should it Judge Lcitner explained. ' ceyic. ^ “ Oh. yah. I guess so ” , I ’ aul ad-- Snk. To Improvo System mitted without a bit of evident re-! It is claimed that the New. Vi ihonic. \Annyvay I vas happy. I ; Water Service. Corporation is had free four drinks mebbe. 1; ing an effort to better Its feel good, but drunk? No, I not; of mains through the village drunk. Guilty? Oh, yah. I vas , residents say that the effect, '« guilty. Sure. ” \I far made include only pipe-ksyini Thereupon and forthwith. Judge j to carry additional water fiwo, Leltner pronounced sentence. I Hillside avenue stand pipe, \ThU is the second time youl®laimed tot if the easp d< have been before me, ” he said, ('\f® court, the water com] \And I ’ m sentencing you to thirty! will explain that the past year days in the County jail. . You ’ re 1 1*®®® improving .lines old enough to know better, and I ” ®'' reason the villaga. don't like to do it, but I ’ m tired of! ». ®®w wwtor having you drunk on the street! P®®^ necessity, every Friday and Saturday night. ! Mayor Co«< who Mhi'UlKtO,: Furthermore, when you get out of jail, if you continue to ‘ get tight during the week-ends, you're going to be told to get out of town and (Continued on page two.) 1 been bearing tiie brunt of barmge fired by the tpwnsp came out today with tho foliowls statement. Cook ’ . Statommt “ Tho pre-sent board is not. South Nyack ’ s assessment rolls for the year 1930 are already com- plettxl, according to Vjllago Clerk John J. Dobbin, and that tax col- lectiona for 1929 have been tpmed in to the amount of $41,803.07, leaving a balance of uncollectod Plenty of Red Fire and Noise At Last ^ Rally of Democrats, In Haverstra HAVE,RSTRAW, Nov. 6. — ^This the Rousevelt-liehman Club, ^ __ ______ taxes amounting to $2,217.61 were forward to a hard day, inasmuch ®®'' **>®® ‘ whkh about every child | reported at last nights meeting'of town congregated gazing in | the board. (Continued on Page 2.) awad ailence. Be Sure To Get Journal — Nov. 6! mum On Wednesday, Nov.' 6,. (he Evening Joumah will publish the election returns in full, giving the number of votes cast in every-ctection district all over the county, from Assembly' and Supervisor, down to Constublc and SOhool Director. Last year the Evening Journal.was the-only newspaper in the County that published the election returns, complete, from I ’ residont down. So tremendous was the interest in the final outcome of the fi^t, that every copy of to Journal of the day after eloction was gobbled up. ^veral thousand more could have been sold and many of our readen were disappointed in securing a copy, ... This year the eloetion fight Is even more interostingl in th.|t'it is intensely. local in character, llte ‘ voters will want to know how each district “ went ” for each of tlie numSrous offices to be filled. Indications are, therefore, than copies of the Evening Journal of WedneKlay, ov. 6, will be at a prem ­ ium. ... X® mole sure that you will get your copy, speak to your local dealer today about it. Order your copy now! Arthur T. Kipp consulted (vith the boani in reganf to arranging for a light signal in the police bootii to notify tho policemsr when there is a rail. This light w^ll re ­ main buhilhg until tho telephone is answereil, and wilt thus notify tho po.lico who might not be in the immadiats vicinity of the village hall or the police booth, when the call is originally received. Bills to the amount of $2,896.44 were scrutinized and ordered paid, and the short meeting was brought to a close. PARENTS OF. SON village wound up last night the last day of to campaign, with plenty, of noise and fun. A parade, mass meetings at political head ­ quarters, and a dance at Washing ­ ton HplI finished off one of the most lively campaigns Democrats say they have hod in years. Every ­ one was out to try to get a slant on the possible outcome of the fight. -- , In the early evening Morgan De- , p*arancc to the marest, To*vn Traffic Officer, sur- ! jancers. Fred H. Horn; priseiUthe residents by staging his j for Member of Assembly, own parade, manned by about fifty i appearance during the kids from all parts'bf the town.] was met with applauita Sighs of \Vote'to Shankey ” werej jt u declared today carried.by the paraders, and aachtwill 1^ a. swtepiilff boy was supplied with a hapdfull j Democrat* in Hey4«itt*3^:i of Roman candlea artd red flares, line. A dnim was hfbught from • The .Republieaii* were there were several hundred present, it was the tast af_ the campaign andc load pressed their admiration organization displayoiT. - At. about io o ’ clock thSi! party retired to jt donee | the Democrats at Wasluiil Hall. The place wss TWl maL ' ^ Throughout the evening theif didates fur office madn (h^d diniff th* apectatora | were and Mrs. J. L. Lindquist, of 89 Main street, are rejoicing over the I birth of a ten pountj son. Both n\other and baby are doing well at this writing. Dr. L. H. Goldberg wss the attending physician. in tt-otidennent ka the “ gani^^ ^ How J tins i)s way up the street with the blare of horns and the. yelling of the naines of the catulidito in real old-time fashion. Later on in to cveninj; th* Democratic CommittM 'laat rijf' » •Msiow 'at th* K. or^&Hall US ’ ! day. They am expteted t*;j a good ' to ' ttxlRB***'* Janiss Tiemty and Vlneimt irawtidfft — * fee. ‘ Sup Town Clark

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