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,. ' . : h. . . .. l. . ...., ~ . ; - . . .. \. . . . . \.. : P u~.A u:; Nottec.-o , ~. · · ~ ·' ·. · ~ . · · .. • ' • • 0 A 0 0 0 0: 0 • ' ' • 0 •• . ·JMarch 2, 1995 creditorS and.sueeesaors in interest and aeDenn; all per- sons having or claiming under, by or througll! said defendants who may be deceased,'by purehase, inheri- tance, lien or otherwise of 1995. SONNA F. GOLDSTEIN, ITAN LIFE INSURANCE Jle1eree. Jay L. Yacltow 3 E9q. COMPANY, Pltf. vs. BRIAN Attomey(s) for Plaintiff, 98 MEDVEC, et al Defts. Index CUtter Mill ~mad, ·Great Neck, 12986MS. Pursuant to judg·· NY 11021. ment of foreclosure and sale SCN,1'18M,M6,13-&'1.,9 dated Aug. 12,1994, I will sell any right, title or intetest in SVPREME COURT- COUNTY and to t;he real property OFSUFF0LKrrown of Islip described in, the complaint LOMAS MORTGAGE USA, ~~rein. WILFREDO AY~ INC., Plainti.ft'agaiost DAVID F'ERNANDO -CRUZ, TBt: R. PASSALACQUA, JR., et a1 UNITED STATES OF AMERI- Defendant(s). Pursuant to a CA, THE PEOPLB OF THE judgment of fmeclosure and STA,_ OF NEW YORK, AND sale entered herein and dated JOHN· DOE ONE THROUGH Januaey 18, 1995, I, the under- JOHN i>OE TEN,. mE LAST signed referee will sell at pub- TEN NAXES BEING FICTI- lie auction on the steps of the TIOUS AND UNKNOWN TO town Hall, Town of Islip. 655 PLAINTIFF~ SAID NAMES Main~ Islip, NY on the BEING INTENDED TO DES- 11th day of March, 1995 at IGNATE THE PERSONS OR 9:15A.M. premises PARTIES OR CORPORA- BEGINNING at a point on the 110NS, IF ANY, HAVING OR southedy side of VeJSa Place, CLAIMING AN IN'l\ERmT IN distant 262.94 feet westerly as OR LIEN UPON THE measmed along the southerly PREMISES DESCRmED IN side of Versa Place with the 111E OOMPLAINT, westerly side of Broadway Defendants. A~ being a plot 150 feet at public auction on the front steps of the ls!ip Town Hall, 655 Main St., Islip, NY on Mar. 20, 1995 at 9:30a.m. prem. lela 615 Wilson Blvd., Central Islip, NY. Said~ locat- ed Oli the easterly side Of W\d- son Blvd., 809.33 ft. north of the in1elsection of the easter- \y side ofW'IIson Blvd. and the northerly side of Locust St.; being a plot UO ft. x 204.26 ft. X 110 ft. X 203.38 ft. Approx. amL of judgment is $98,036.13 plus costs and interest. Sold subject to terms RJld condi- tions of filed judgment and tenns of sale. ZOE ZOLLO, Referee. FAYER & GREEN- BERGER, AtQs. for Pitt, 175 Fulton Ave., Hempstead, NY. G54 SC2{,1'M09,~23e311,9 -··-·-·-·- .. -···--·---···-··-X by 75 feet by 150 feet by 75 TO THE ABOVE NAMED feet, said premises blown as NO'I1CE OF SALE DEFENDAlfts: 330 Versa Placet SayVille, SUPREME COURT: SUF- YOU ARE HEBEBY SUM- New Yci:k. FOLK. COUNTY. FEDERAL MONED k» answer the eom- App!OXimate antount of lien HOME ,LOAN MORTGAGE plaint in this action •d to $102,76a51 plus interest and CORP4, Pltf. vs. JOSE YON- serve a CCJPY of JOUr answer, cosas. Premises Will be sold ~RO, et al, Defts. Index or, if the complaiDt is Dot ~ 1D .provisioas of filed 123687J93. Pursuant to judg- served with this S¥DililuU&, to judgment, Index Number ment of fon!dosuie and sale serve aDOtice of-~ 1288IM. Dated February l, datedJuJ.y'fl, 19M, I will sell on the Plaintifrs ·Attorney 1995. J. Stewut lfcl.aulhlin, at public auctioil ondle front withia 20. a,& after the ~r- Referee. Camtwell II. cant- steps of the Islip Town lla11 1 'Vi~ oltlds SUIIIinOns, exdu-- weD Attorney for Plaintiff. 65511ain St., Islip, NY on IIIIi'. sive of the dQ of Be! vice (or 3250 Sualiae Jli8hlft¥, East 20.1996&9:00 a.m. pl'eiiL Jrla within 30 dQs ~the Bel'· iaiip; NY ll130. . 4 Hiclroiy ·PW:e, a., Shore, vice is~ if tlds.sam- SCI!, l'J8!1.111!,11-.III, I NY. SUI Jllq)eltr located on lllOII8 ii :not perscaoMID,y deliY- '+. • the SOUihedy ~ of llidcory elM liD yoU withjn the Sl8te SUPREIIE OOlJil'l!- OXJNTY Place, 90ft. wests~,y 1rom the of New York or within 60 ()FStJII'IlOI.KI'lof.Jslip eomer formed by the inter- da.ys if 'lhe United States of THE. OQIE SAVINGS BANK sedion of the said southerly America); and ill c:aae of J'OIII' OF NEW·YORK, JlSB, Plwinliff side ofllidmly Place wilh the failme to appear or answer, apinitNEU.A.·POI.I..AK, etal west.ed,ysideoflmoom Blvd, judp!ent will be taken Defendant(s). PursuaRt to a bein& a plot 125 ft. x 90 ft. ....- JOU· b.J def'aiJt fol' the judglaeftt of forecloeure and Appmx. amt. of judgment is relief demanded in the com- Sl1e enll!led herein ad tilled $133,819.11 plus costs and plaint. · December 12, 1994, I, the inlm!llt. SoldSUiiect to terms 'l'be basis of venue desic- undasigned Jeferee will seD and ~ of filed judg- nated is that a jtadlment ia at public IUdim oodle Sep6 ment and terms of sale and this action would affect the of the town Ball, ToWR of the JiPt of the United Stales title to, or the poaneniOil, use Islip, 655 Main Sl1eet, Islip, of America 1D tedeem wi1hin or el\iOYment of Rill proper*& -NY on tbe 1'11h dii!r of~. . 120 tW.ys tJom the dale of S!81e sib.atecUp~QounQ'ofSUI'- ~; ·J.991)alt9;(10.~ . ' ~ proVia-.d.tiy 1~. JOHN · FOLIC.-. - . . -BEGINNING lita~oolhe F1NNERI'f, ~ FAYER NEAL S. FRIEDJIAN Easterly Side of PiH Drive, A GREENBERGER. AlQs. fol' Aur.ne.,'fc:.-Piaintilf dislant lfJO feet NOithelly a Pltf., 175 Fulton St., Hemp- '1'15 w_...Awrrue ~along the Easted.r sad. NY. F802 · W~.NewYGI'kll'IOO side of Pine Driveftom the SCN,.17818,MI,II-IIJ,9 ~ (616) 'l36-36G9 comer fonned by the int.er- Dated:-WaDt.111h.NewYork aedioa-oftheEaster~Jsideor ·SUPR~ME COURT: SUF- . ·~3.1985 - Pine Oriwe wilh the llodherJ.r FOLK COUNTY •. Cfi'IBANK, TO mE ABOVE NAilED side of Penataquit Drive, - N..A. DEnJQ)ANJ'S: The foJetO- bein1 apklllOO feet b.r 153.33 Plif. vs YAYDEAN MOSELEY iDI SamJrM-. i:l aerved apon feet bJ; 100-feet b7 152.33 feet, . and MARGARET SJm1l ~by )Rihlica1ioll j)U1811&D.t Slid. premiaes ·lmowa • 608 Defts.lncle& ~12582 Pur- 1D IJI\·Gder oftbe Bon.AJfled Pine DriVe, Brithtwaters, . samt II. Lama. a Justice. of the New YQrk. A.pprouma\e to Judgment of Foreclosure Supleme Court, Sutlblk Oouu.- uaount of liam $155,632.35 and S* dilled Dec. 5,.1994 I ty, dated J--. 19, 1996 •d plus interest and costs. will sell • publiC auclion on filed 'With the complaint ...t Pleniaes wiD be sold~ the front steps of tl\e Islip other papers in the $Utfollt 1D pro'Visioas ·Of filed judi- Town Ball, 665. Main .Sbeet, County aerk's OJiice, Rives'- mellt and tams of Sl1e.. Islip, N.Y. Oft Jlareh 21, 1996 head. N.Y. Theohjeetolthe. lidex~1900191 alO:QOAJI.·PJ:anisesJmown adioll is 10 foredoee ~man- w,Fe~JruuJ 16; 1886 Gel'- as m W'llaon Blvd., Celltral gcenconled in S!ddelelk's a Asher, E8fl.~ ae~e~ee·cer- Islip, N;Y. Bemg&the comel' oflice on. the 4th dar or Sep- tilmln 8alin MBa IIJman. formed -., the .illlelsedion or tember, 1991 in Jaer 16994 UP Aaoztieys 1br Jlls!in1iff 90 tlte westerly Side of Wilsbn )Nile 368.-eoverilll JIRRL· k/a Merrick A'Vell~.East llead- Blvd witb.the JlO,rtheit,J side 9251slip A~. Central Islip. owt NY 116M. . of~ Sbeet ~a par- ~.Y.,IJeinl•piCJt12$ft.xl60 SCN 1 17801,MI,IIeall,l cel138.?4ft. by84$Ht. by tt. DJiled: Feb. 7, llliiti. Nelli s. ·· . · iSi.SOU. u,.su a Fnedmaa,.AUiJ.foi'JII;f.GlfJl NOI'ICEOF$ALE. Sold subject to terms and D,l._,..,a.-.1 SUPREIIE COURT: SUF- eoaditioas of Jia.I Judgment · · · · FOLK COUNTY~ HOUSE- ud tenns ot Ale. Gustave SUPP.Ji!!!Eoomn'=OOIJMT! !!OW FI..N~NCE Jl£At.,TY Fisbellm! Referee. Rivkin. OF~Gfl;lip CORPORATION OF NEW Badler ... lc~ .. Attomer5 ROOSEYELTSAVINGSBANJ YORIC, Pitt vs. FRANCISCO for Plaintiff, EAB Piau, Plaintitr ._ LAWRENCE OOI.il.tUO. et aJ, Dells. Index UnioDdale, N.Y. F. zmELIIERGER et al IIM-19386. Pursuant tojucJa- &a\l'IBU.,WI&IS-111,1\ Dc!fendlllt(s). · Pulswmt to a ment of foll!dosme aDd sale judpteDt of .fon!closure and dated JaiL ft, 1996, ·-- sell Slle etdlend. herein and... • puYe audioa Gil the l'loot Jan--., 13, 1896. I. tJle uncler- steps of tile Jslip Town Ball, si~ed Referee will seD at 6&5 Jilin St., Islip. NY oollar. pUblic ..mo. Clll the steps of 16, 1996 • 10:00 a.m. pnmL 1he Town lid, Town of~ lrla 155 Wicks Rd., Breat;- 666 ... Stleet,lslip. NY on ~NY, &!Ill& Lot X.. 32, «he ~-oflllaJdl,199611t 33.34-35 CJR lllp No. 634 10:fDAM~ eatitled,.tiJtlllp ofPiljrim Pd BEGINNING .t the, Westedy F..a1111m. • mdlled in the Suf- eftdof a G1I'Ve ~the folk Coua\v Clerk's Ollice ·era Northerly side of Feldland Au&. 13, 1890. ~ .m. of Sl.net 'With the Wesfab' sicle judgment is $81.,008.13 plus ofArdc ~ft!tue. • wide.tled, costs md iiUrest. Sold sub- beiq a plot 138.78 feet by jed; to lelmS and eomtitioas 234.00 feet., 163.18 feet., offiled~-lelmsof 209.GG feet b~ 26 feet;--said sale. MlrolfiO SALVkRel'er- presnins~ •aoooAitic ee. RUBIN & ROTI:IIIAN. Aftlllle,Bohemia,N.Y. AU,s. hPitf., l187,,VeteiBUi Approximate amount of lien Bwy, Jslandja, NY. G102 $182,052.41 ptu mten=st and SOI,l~lllt,IS .. IIJ,I COsts. Premises will be sold suJQect· to pmvisiomJ oi filed judplent 1 lndf'JS JfUlllber 2187'1111. Daled:·~ 16, .•· NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: SUF- FOLlt OOUNTY. JIEI'IIOPOI.r Notice of Appli~tion for A~l¥ of CSAJI ASSOCI- ATES, L.P. a f .. lind~ partnership (LP). Appl. for Aulh.. ftlecl with 8eey. of SIE of St8 ~New York (fBNY) on 1213Cf94. LP oqaized under the laws of Delaware on 12121/M NY office toea- lion: Sufrolk.~,SSNY is de$illlated a&ent of the LP upon. whom process.-- it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any pnx:ess •••i•.t: the LP seued upon ~·to: c/o ILC Industries. Inc, AUn: Clilfold P. Lane, 106 Wilbur Place. Bohemia, New York 11716, the registered agebt of the LP upoa whom process tnl¥ be served. Oftice addRss of LP do ILC Indus-- tries, Inc., Attn: Clifford P. Lane, 105 Wilbur Pl., Bohemia, NY 11'116 Suffolk County News Name and address of each general paJtner avaiiMie from SSNY, Ctwpy of Cert. of LP is on file with Clift'ord P. Lane, c/o ILC Industries, Inc., 105 Wilbur PI~ Bohemia, NY. Purpose/character of .LP: k» act as all inveslment partner- ship which holds interests in other partnerships. corpora- tions an.d securities and other similar illstruments. SD\J,I&Z,MG,ZS-8,9,1&.Zl NOTICE'OFSALE SUPREliE COURT: SUF- FOLKOOUNIY CITIBANK. N.A., PLAINTIFF VS. BEfl R. HOUSE, E'f AL DEFENDANTS. ATI'ORNEY(S) FOR PLAIN- TIFF: MICHAEL F. KING, ESQ. 212 HICKS STREET, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11201 Pursuant to judgment of fore- closure and sale, entered hen9n aad dated Aug. 2. 195M, I will seD at Public Auction to the highest bidder at the foot of the Islip Town Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip, New York, _on the 16th claw of Mar., 1995 at 10!00 A.M. PREIIISFS in Fair Harbour, New YGrk md Described as Fbllows: ALL that certain plot. piece or parcel of land, witb the buildings and imprGvements thereon eftCted. situate, IJinl and beiDa It flre lslaDd Berch in 11\e 'nRm ofistip. C-oon- 1iJ of Suffolk and State of New York, Jmown and desigNIIed as Lets number' 627 and 628 OR &·certain map eali.tlecl ...... cl Fair Rubor Section 2• and file-d in the Office of the Clerk of Sutrolk County oo April 23, 1928 as Map NUII!ber866. PRENISES known as 86 BaN Walk, Fair Harbour, New York. Sold subject 1D all of the terms and conditions cCJn- tainecl iD said jadgmen~ pd tenris of sale. ~rosimate amount of .Judgment ,.;. $231,1.-.1-f plus intemst aild c:osts. lfiDEX NO. 18$56193 PERRYS REI<B, 'REFEREE SUCCESSFUL ltiDDER MUST HAVE I«* IN CASH OR CERTIFIED CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO REFER- EE. SOI.I.'l813,21li.D-·1 NancE OF SALE SUPREMECOURr: SUF- R)I.K (X)(JN'l'Y AVCO MORTGAGE COMPA- NY OF NEW YORK, INC., RAIN'11FF'VSJOIIN A. GOR- MAN, ET .AL DEtmiD.AN'I'S. Purs11Ult to Jlldpnf:nt of FOreclosDe and Sale, enteRd heleiR anddaled Dec. 8, 1994, I will se1l at Putilic Auction to the ltiglles& bidder, at the Islip Town Hall, 656 Main Sbeet, Islip, New YU'k, oo the 23m Da.Y of Mar., 1995, 81;9:00 A.M. PREJIISES in Ba.ysllo!e, New Vvrlt -.d C~:ihed es Fol- lows: All that certain plot, piece or pam!~ of land with the build- in&s- improvements there- on eA!Cted, situate. )Jing and being in the Town of Islip, Counq d'Sulfol~ and State of New York, known as and by the Lot. No. 134, on a ceJtain IMP ·eatitled, \Map of Lousyl Manot, Section 2, situated at Bq Sllore, Town of Islip. Suf- folk Count;,, New York• and filed in 1he OfJice of the Clerk of the County of August 29, 1956, ~Map No. 2612 PREMISES known as8 North- field Lane, Bayshore, New York. Sdd subject to all of the terms and conditions con- tained ia said judgment and terms of sale. Approximate amoullt of Judgment - $53,527.88 plus interest and costs. INDEX NO. 94-15185 WIUJAM D. WEXLER, REF- EREE . ATI'ORNEY {S) FOR PLAIN- ~ lAWRENCE K. GROSS, ESQ., 16 COURT STRE&T, SUITE 900, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11241 ' SO{, 1\1814. -311,9 IimlCE OF SAI·E SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF stJF'Ii'OLIC, New York CmBANK N.A., Plaintiff against DIGNA TINEO GONZALEZ, defendant(s). PURSUANT TO JUDGMENT OF FORECLOSURE AND SALE dated January 23, 1995, I will sell a public auction on~· 23, 1995 at 9:45 A.M. at the Steps of Islip Town Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip, New York, premises in SUFFOLK Coun~ ty, bounded and described as rolbws: DISTRICT: 0500 SECTION: 053.00 BLOCK: 02.00 LOT: 021.(103 BEGINNING at a point on the northerly side of Lexington Avenue where the same is intersected by the WESterly ead of a curve having a radius of 28 feet a length of 48.78 feet connecting the northerly side of Lexington Avenue with the westerly side of Caleb's Path; being a. plot 91.22 feet X 43.60 feet X 87.15 feet X 6i.90 feet X 120 feet X 78.3'1 feet x 48. \l8 feet oo the point or place of BEGIN- NING. SAID PREMIS~ beiDg also lcnown as and by 51-A LEXINGTON AVENUE, BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK 11111. Approximate amount of lien $!51.671.73 plus costs and in1elest. Pleulises will be sold subjed to provisions of ftled - j~ JJlde][ ••OOOMM. Parisi, Suric:o &: DeRose AtiiJnqs tor the PJaiRdff 213-44 38tb A'Veftue, BIQside, New York 11361. Uncle!' the direclioa of the ref- eree ROBERI\ J. CAV\* Esq. SO\I\ISUwlllf.D-B NO'DCE OF SAlE SUPREME COURT: SUF- FOLKCOUNTY MARTY ORMAN, etc., Plain- tiff v. ~URIE BOURGAL,. et. auo., Defendants, lndeJ[ No- ~ PursWmt to Judgment of Foredosure and Sale dated Februaly 1. 1995, 1 will sen at auction oil the front stqls of Islip Town Hall, 655 Main Str~et. Islip, Jilew York on March 13, 1995 at 9:30 AM- the premises known as 17 400\ Street.\ Islip, New Y«<c. Being at the c:omer fonned by the intersection of the westerly side of BrookriUe Avenue and the northed,J side of 40ih Street. Bemg a parcel 80 reet by 115 feet (JJTegU)ar) Amount due pel' juclgment $90,440.40, plus costs and allowances, all with interest ande~ Sold su)dect to lelmS and c:onditiODS of filed Judgment and terms of sale. LEONARD J. SHoRE. ESQ. Bef-ee NJDaA O-Brien, Esqs. Attorneys fer Plaintiff 138 Woodflelcl Road West llempst.ead, New Yond1562 (516) 538-6800 SCN, 1\1817 fllf.ZI-11.1, t SUPREME cotmOF'l11E fn'AT£ OF NEW YORK COUNTY OFStJni\'LK Index No. 219\11/!N SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS Plaintiff designales Suffolk as the pl8oe of trial Premises 412 Locust Ave~~~~e Oakdale New York Venue is basedupoo Countr in which premises are sit.ualled SECnON: 304.00 Jm:002.000 BLOCK: 02.00 ...... : ..... -.:..~·-·-·-·--··· ... ·········-·X THE DIME SAVINGS BANK OF NEW 'YORK, FSB, Plaintiff(s), -against- ROBER'I'J. BURGNER, WRRAINE BURGNER and if she be dead, an.v and all per- sons unknown to plaintiff, claiming, or who may claim to have an interest in, or general or specific lien upon the real property described in this action; such unknown per- sons being herein generally described and intended to be included in the foUowing des- ignation, namely: the wife, widow, husband; widower, heirs at law, next of kin, descendants, executors, administmtors, d.ivisees, lega- tees, creditors, trustees, com- mittees, lienors, and assignees of such deceased, any and all persons deriving interest in or lien upon, or tide tO said real prope1.1¥ by, through or under them, or either of them, and their respective wives, widows, husbands, windows, heirs at law, next of kin, descendants executors, administrators. devisees, legatees, creditDrs, trustees, committees, lienots and assigns, all or whom and whose names. exapt as stat- ed, are unknown to plaintiff: mE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, utm'ED STATES OF AMERI- CA, CHEMICAL BANK, •JOHN DOE •1• through \'JOHN DOE •12,• the last twehe names being fictiliouS and unlcnown.1D piPn'iC the persons or parties intended being the teDants, occupuiS, persons or corporations, if •:y. having or claiming an interest, in or lien upon the premises, described in the complaint, DEFENDANT(S). ·····-· .. ·-~~-· .. ·-·--···-·····-·-X To the above named Defen- dalds YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- MONED to answer the com- plaint in this action and to sene a eopy of your answer', or, if the complaint is not served with this summons, to sene a notice of app'earance on the Plaintitrs Attorney within 20 clap after the ser- vice of this $ummons. exclu-- sive of the day or service (or within 30 clays after the ser- vice is complete if this sum- mons is ROt personally deliv- ered to you within the State or New Yen); and in case of your failure to appear or answel', judgment will be tak- en apiRSt JOU by default for the relief demanded in the compbint. Dated: Garden City, New York DeeemiJer 19, 1994 To the above named defen- dants: The foregoing sum- mons is served upon you by publication pursuant to • order of the Bon. Alfred M. Lama a Justice of the Supreme Cou.tt of the State of New York, dated Janway 31, 1995 and ftlecl along with the supporting papers in the Suf- folk CGunt.v Ciak's Oftice. This is 1111 don to foreclose a me.~ BEGINNING at a locust stake set in the west side of Locust Aveaaue 2483 f~ swth m~ su.red aiong ihe west side f;f Locust Awnue from the point fonned by tbe intelsedioR of the south side of Sunrise Highw»¥ with tbe west side of Locust Avenue said parcel also beiDI a monument set at the intersection formed by the south side ofW\IChard Dri- ve and the west side of Loemlt Avenue. IJeing a plot 110 feet by 200 feet by 116 feet by 200 feet. Premises mown as 412 Locust A~ue, Oakdale, New York. Thomas E. Wynne Attorney for Plaintiff 1325 Franklin Avenue Garoen Cit¥, NY 11530 (516) 248-2600 SO\ 11818,1111.11-311, I STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT COUNTY OFSUFroi.K SUMMONS wrrt1 NO'ftCE IND'EX NO.«Jilfilm: ...... IUm to,..,,.,.

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