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The Suffolk County news. (Sayville, N.Y.) 1888-current, December 05, 1952, Image 14

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LEGAL NOTICE KINGTON , ANN PILKINGTON , MARY PILKINGTON , And all persons interested in the estate of JOHN PILKINGTON late of Central Islip the town of Islip in the: County of Suffolk , deceased, ns creditors , legatees , next of kin , distributees , or otherwise , Greetings: Upon the petition of MICHAEL J. B'RENiNAN , residine at 13 West Irving: Street , Central Islip, New- York , _ ¦ ' - . ' . You. and each of you are hereby cited to show cause ;liefore our Sur- rogate of the County of Suffolk at the Surrogate ' s Office , at Riverhead , in said County , on the 15th day of December 1952 at One o ' clock P.M.. why the accounts of MICHAEL J. BRENNAN ** KS Executor of the will of JOHN PILKINGTON deceased, should not be judicially settled and allowed. IN TESTIMONY \WHEREOF , -WE have caused the Seal of the Surro- gate ' s Court of our said County of Suffolk to be hereunto affixed . WITNESS , HON\ . EDGAR F. HAZEBLTON . Surrogate of our said County at Riverhead , N. Y., this 3 day of November 1952 (L . S.) MERWIN S. WOODARD Clerk of thc Surrogate ' s Court (SEAL) This citation is served upon you as required by law , You are not obliged to appear in person. If you fail to appear it will be assumed thnt -you consent to the proceedings , unless you file written obpections thereto. You have n right to have an attorney-at-Iaw appear for you ALEXANDER W . KRAMER Attorney for Petitioner One Grant Avenue Islip. New York lt4 T'HE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF HEW YORK , BY THE GRACE OF GOD FREE AND INDEPEN- DENT, TO: HEIRS-AT-LAW and DIS- TFJIBUTEES , if Any. of GLADYS JACKSON , Deceased , late of the County of Queens , City ond Stato of Ncw York , all of whose names arid places o£ residences are un- known , Send GREETING: Upon the petition of JOSEPH A, JACKSON , residing nt 33-52 - 104th Street , Corona , In the County of Queens , City ancl State of New York , YOU AND . EACH OF YOU arc hereby cited to show cause before our said Surrogate ' s Court of the County of Suffolk at the Surrogate ' s office in the Tow n of Riverhead , on tho 15th day of December, 1952 , at 1 o ' clock in tho afternoon of thnt clay why a . decree should not bo mnde establishing the right of In- heritance of the petitioner to cer- tain real property described in the snld petition of which GLADYS JACKSON , deceased , who at tlie timo of her death resided at 33-52 - lOltli Street , in the Borough of Queens , County of Queens , City and State of New York , died seized ln fco of an undivided one-half in- terest, IN TESTIMONY WHEROF the scn3 of the SuiTORnte ' s Court of our snld County of Suffolk has been Hereunto affixed. WITNESS , HON, Edgar F . Hnzcl- ton , Surrogate) of our snld County of Suffolk , on tho sixth day of Novem- ber in tho yenr of our Lord one thousand nine hundred ancl fifty- two, Merwin S , \Woodnrd Clerk of SuaroBnte ' s Court llA Pui'Bimnt to nn Order of Hon. Bd f in r F. llar.lelon , Surrogate of tho Crwnty of Suffolk, NOTICE IS HEREBY- GIVEN to nil persons hnviii K clnlms nutiinst K ATE SHARP , n/k/n KATE F. SHARP , Into of \Brentwood , In nnld County, elecenscel , to present thu flume , with tho vouchers thereof, to the undersigned Administratrix of the goods , chattel s nnel credits of the snld deceased , nt tho Offices of her attorney, Leo Forrnnj, 271 North Avenue , Now Rocliclle , Now York , on or before thc Hist dny of May, 1063, Dnted : this 20lh dny of November , 1952 , Phyllis I mho]'/, Administratrix. 3 t2C Telafiiiroii to Raise Finances i m iPk Patchogue— In an effort to raise funds to help the 50, 000 adults and children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Suffolk County, and 11 affiliates of the United Cerebral Palsy Association have joined for- ces in sponsoring the \Celebrity Parade for Cerebral Palsy \ Telethon . The show goes on the air nl eight P. M. tomorrow over WJZ , Channel 7 , and continues for the nwet 18 hours , concluding at two p. m. on Sunday. During the time thc show is on the air , Suffolk residents are asked to cal] Selden 2-3511 to pledge their contributions. The calls will be transferred to the broadcasting studio and will be announced over the air. All monies pledged in Suffolk County will be spent in this area . This television marathon will pre- sent more than $1 , 250 , 000 in volun- teer talent , it was revealed this week by Robert M . Weitmnn and Yul Brynnei\ co-chairmen. Famous entertainers in television , xadio , stage and screen will . participate , including Jackie Gleason , Faye Em- erson , Skitch Henderson , Maury Amsterdam , Les Paul ancl Mary Ford , Ray Malone , Lanny Ross , Paul Whiteman , Jnn Pierce , Jane Pickens and 100 others. r ,— _—. , Cha& .W. H ufiite PIANO INSTRUCTION ® Elementary 9 Intermediate ® Advanced ** ' CALL EVENINGS \ SAVVILLE 4-1858 * i j i - * ~ Knife Attack Redoubles Police Hunt for KilBer Sag Harbor— A. 17-year-old rest- aurant handyman reported to State Police early on Sunday morning that he had been attacked *by a knife- carrying thief — and thus set in motion again the investigation of the recent knife slaying of an Amer- ican Legion steward in Southamp- ton, i ' . - : Peter \Mataldo said that a stran- ger grabbed him as lie left a local restaurant at , three a . m., pressed a knife in his back , demanded and got the keys to the place. Mataldo then broke away and notified police who could find no evidence of a burglary attempt. Mataldo had the slit in his heavy jacket to prove the knife story, however. On November 10th , Frank C. Aus- j tin , steward ¦ at the Legibn Hall in. Southampton , was slashed to death after leaving that place at an early hour on a Sunday morning. His throat was cut in his auto , found parked on a lonely road . PRICE CONTROLS All price con trp ls on clothing were lifted as of December.first. However , former Price Stauilizer Tighe Woods urged the continuation of price and wage controls when the present law expires. •The consumers ' , price index rose .1' of a point between September 15 and October 15 , according to a report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. PRICE INDEX ¦ A ^enfatTes $§f& vffl p \Listen , Ullcln lil .ll If VH M tlrlnle nn much of Southslile ' s. milk IIH I do , you wouldn 't intiili cold so. easy. If you ; won 't take my expert iv . ' . • iii ' »i uslc tlie doctor , Jle 'jj tell •\ .you, \ . . §irl Knocked Bown by AsitG , Escapes Infury A nine-year- old child darting from between two parked curs was struck by an auto and knocked to the ground on Sunday evening, on Main Street , Snyville. The child , Diana E. Peck , of Jones Drive , Sayville , was apparently not injured . The accident occurred when a car driven by ^.nthony J , Lorio , of Brooklyn , struck tlie girl as she ran from between two automobiles park- ed in; front of thc post office at a- bout 5:30 p. in. George H. Peck , the Girl' s father , snid she wns unhurt. THE SOUTH Industrial expansion in tlie South hns been stimulated by- the estab- lishmen t of-103 new laboratories of major research additions to plants there In thc past yenr , according to a recent industrial report. ngmHra ffln\ ia \ /Si * JBfflw,«™SMfflSlSs'S InHjMffifflffiiSS * __fifltoM$!rK§wftKE^ IvC^I-fcJ^^H * »»f^ll l ^li'!H'Mia H H HMHI PlfSSM iIS' i P^^ IwHH- ffffl ^ MR^ iJOSE- PfS'RdBERT fiRADY is the former Miss ; AU(3rey Alicia Jones , of New York , Ormond Beach , Fla., -; and Gape Cod. - They were married on Saturday in St. ; Patrick' s Cathedral in New York. The groom is the son ; of Mr .: and Mrs. Peter J. Grad y, of Sayville. y ¦ Z . ¦ (De Kane Studio , New York) Christmas Seal Will Be 47 Years QBd Sunday; Still FIglitStig Tuberculosis Riverhead— On Sunday the Christmas Seal will have been fight- ing tuberculosis in this country for :47 years. ' ¦ • ¦ - . i Dr . Frank S. Child , president pf the Suffolk County Tuberculosis \ and Public Health Association , said this week in commenting on this \ occa- sion , \As we commemorate ' the 47th birthday of the Christmas Seal tliis Sunday, , we must not for one mom- ent think that the job is done , that we can relax pur efforts a ' gaiist tuberculosis — which is still a lead- ing killer among cur young adults between 15 and 35 , TB ca \ n be cured j and can be prevented , and the I Christmas Seal must carry oh until it is eradicated. \ The 1952 Christmas ' Seal Sale , which opened on November nth and will continue until December 25th , Will finance the tuberculosis control program for the coming year of the Suffolk County Tuberculosis and Public Health \ ¦ Association . This program includes such activities as free chest X-ray surveys in cooper- ation with the County Department of Health , health education , reha- bilitation and school health * pro : grams. ¦ - , * .: \Since tlie first Christmas .Seal Sale in this country during, the holiday season of , 1907 , the bright little stamps have been strong weapons against one of the nation ' s most virulent publi^ health ene- mies \ , Dr. Child ' s tated . \When Miss Emily Bissell , a Wilmington , Del., welfare worker/ promoted the f irs t Seal Snle to raise funds for a few needy tuberculous patients , she could not have ' known \yhat . a great nationwide effort , she was starting. She knew * \ only, that there, was a job to be done in which she could have a part . \We can all have a part in the fight against tuberculosis \ , ,TJr. Child continued. ''Support pf , the Christmas , Seal Sale is one way in which all of us can share In raising the health standards of, this area , in making our. county a better place in whieli. to live \ . \ An exhibit of special interest to stamp collectors will be on display in the Huntington Library during the month of December . Tin ' s dis- play features a collection of Christ- mas Seals from the first issue of 1907 up to the present day and was presented to the Tuberculosis As- sociation by Dr. Wilbur Stakes, oi Patchogue. County libraries are also cooperating in the Christmas Seal Sale by inserting. Christmas Seal bookmarks in every outgoing book, reminding readers to buy ' Christmas Seals , Many libraries are also dis- playing recommended books and pamphlets on tuberculosis , supplied by the Suffolk County Tuberculosis and Public Health Association. Itfany of these can be obtained free of charge by writing to the Associ- ation. f *»_ TklI&f1£ , & Y^ Enioy old-fashioned goodness ISllHi^** *° \ of cronchy, flayorfw l nuts and ' __^*Tuni r* k tliV \ delicious fruits. It' s a wonderful FRUIT - tAKfl 1 way *o' top off ci gH ^oll • • ' 7 .... . ^ , * ^ / ^^e^eit^ew^f ¦ . \ ' ' . ¦ - ' ¦ *¦ *• • j . i - i ' ' - •ro. -k COMPILETEILY NEW ©UAE-STREAK STYMIE • NEW _L©NGEIt WIIEELI1ASE * EONGER , EOVELIEI& , ROOMIER HOME S • '' PONTIAC'S WONI&ERFUE NEW POWER STEERING* * NEW ONE-PIECE WINDSHIELD-WRAP-AROUND REAR . WINDOW * SPECTACULAR NEW OVER-AIX PERFORMANCE ¦¦w -t ' * 'A GF.NEKA L MOTORS tilASTFMl'WCEt SEE THIS NE W D UAL-STREA K BEA VVY IN OUR SHO WR O OMS TOMORRO W! Mitre JVew VvutuveH 1' ro viitff That Hollar tor Dollar You CauH Ileal a PoniltH,! Here , Jn the greatest Pontine ever built , fs the • New « o..,fo.'<nu.s<...- Hlil« * N„-v H.ioi.iy (;i «HN.Comi<ry l..iK«n«« Compartmont flnc 8 t » m 08t bonut,fu, i «\08t luxurious car that , New Parking .....1 Stcrlnrt K««« • Now Doepor ll».r Smmt C.. N I,I O .. H . ^ .^\l , \* ? T™ 8° Cl°SC l'° ^ ,OWe8t ' ' Tho New rauormiin-Vlo W ' _„H<r..m < »t r«nol • Now Cnrvo-Conlrol Vront Wheel Sui.pm.Hlon I^L I i« il . * k ^7^° ** COm P IetC, y «, *,. -. resiyica , inside and out. Ant It has Pnntlsir ' n • New Color Harmony InNlile nnd Oat • Now Wnny-Pnll ItanU Brake t™,1HlJ.nl ,in«nn,i,i «n, , * , * . _ . * . ¦ . - traditional tlependali i Ity and economy. Coma • !W CMeeMe O-r SI.Ht I.„vor V.t.ut K.ionoml.o r «««r Ahb ,n fw dmm i|t|c . proof thnt do„ar f() . ^ °™ • Www K«\y-<* jul (k AiiloiiinHii Slut ting • Your Clioloo of I' oiitlno ' H Two «r«nt I' owisr IM III K H can ' t lieut a Pontlnr ! .,. , , .H...I,. i unu.it : *Optlanal at extra cost, 252 EAST MAIN STREET PATCHOGUE , N. Y, ARD . ,SHELCON , : Notice of JtUTH SHELDON / PEOPLE OF THE : Sale Iri : ' STATE OF NEW Foreclosure YORK , and \RICH- • ARD ' ROE \ , the : name \Richard Roe \ : being fictitious , the : real name of the : defendant toeing unknown to this : Plaintiff , said fie- : tltious name being : intended to desig- : nate . the heirs-at- : law , devisees and : distributees , If any, : of Philip Ruelil , and : all persons claim- : ing through said : fhlllp Ruehl : Defendants. : PUBLIC NOTICE COUNTY COURT : SUFFOLK COUNTY * ' \\ \ » BAY \ SHORE : FEDERAL SAV- : INGS ^ AND LOAN : ASSOCIATION , a : savings , -7and loan : associa-tion , organ- : Ized and existing : uridSr ' -the laivs of : the United „ States : of Ameilca , \ : \ ' Plaintiff , : against- • ELLIS T . TER- . RY , Public Admin- . J str a tor and Administrator of the .Goods' ;!' Chattels and Credits which were of Philip Ruelil , de- : ceElsed , DORIS A . KEENE , ROBERT • H BAILEY , RICH- Referee ' s IN: PURSUANCE OF, A Judgment ofi Foreclosure and Sale, duly grant- ed- iii the abotf e entitled action , and entered In the Suffolk County Clerk' s Office on the 19th day of November , 1952 , I , LLOYD BAKER , ESQ. ' . i'the . undersigned , Referee -in said Judgment named , will sell at public , 'Suction in ' front of the Uni- ted States Post Office in Bay Shore , County of Suffolk , New York , on the ' 3rd day of January, 1953 , at ten 0 , ' clpck A . M. the premises de- scrififd . in said Judgment , as follows , viz. ' :r? - ' •- ' ¦¦ ¦ \ ALL'those certain lots or par- cels-of land , together with the build- ings!; and ' improvements thereon erected , situate , lying and being on the ^northerly side of Community Rqa-a , Bay Shore , Town of Islip, Suffolk-County , N. Y., more partic- ularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the nbrfjie ' rlj side of Community Road distant 911. 85 feet easterly from.the Village of Brightwaters , and run- nine thence North 23 degrees , ' 31 mhitites \West 150 feet to land of ^oriSi *ft5land . Railroad , Montauk Div- ision ; . thence along said land North 6G degrees , 23 minutes East 300 feet; thence South 23 degrees , 37 ihinutes East 150 feet to the northerly line of ¦ Community Road; thence wester- ly along the . northerly line cf Com- iriunitjf'Road 300 feet to the point or place \6f , beginning. BEING AND INTENDED TO BE Lots 46 , to GO inclusive on Map of property of Lawrance Farm Cor- poration , No. 1 , surveyed January, 1923 , by. Robert J . Bartley, C. E. and filed , in the Suffolk County Clerk' s Office-Moril 28 , 1923 , as Map No . 77C . TOGETHER with all the right, title arid , interest of the Mortgagor iri . and';t ' o \ t*he land In the bed of the streeti\ ,;or \ 'highway in front of the premises ' above described to the center--line thereof. TOGETHER with the appurten- ances ' and all the estate and rights of the; Mortgagor in and to said premises together with all fixtures , furnitu \ re ' ; and articles of personal property now or hereafter attached to or ' .used in connection with the premises , air of which are hereby included in this mortgage. \ Dated^at Bay Shore , New York this; *3dth day of Novoiriuer, 1952 . :. * .. LLOYD BAKER . . .f - ¦ Referee. WILLfAMi H. WESTERBEKE , Esq., Plaintiff' s Attorney 138 West Mnin Street , Bay Shore , New York. 2t7 THE PEOPLE OF . THB STATE OF NEW YORK TO CHURCH OF ST, JOHN OP GOD , \PLORENCE EAST , GLADYS EAST . ' .. . 'KENNETH EAST , JAMES PILKINGTON, CAROLINE PI L- M J»« * *#J«#N *J»^I**I**J**J« *Z**l*aZ**Z**Z*ala*l**%*»l+*Z, **\l M J»» * »* * J*»J

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