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S e ncc little Wesley want , the place seems all so strange and Rtil— Wy 1 mu a bis yffll o ' \Oraa ' papl\ as I'd miss the iv iiip ji envill] \:i. l to tLiuk I ust to scold hiin fcr his everlastln ' noise , WJim I oo ' y rieko l lect blm ai tho test o ' Utile boys! I uujii a hundred times a day ' a t he ' d com* trompin ' in . And all the uo:s» lie ever made was ttric ' t as loua -»E 'i n - It * u\l seem li!;e soma soft music played on corns fine instalment , 'Lon p >ide o ' this loud lonesomenes s , senco little Wesley » ent! Of course the . r loek don 't tick no louder than It u - st to tlu— Tit now they \ s lime it, \ pears like it ' u 'd bu ' st It- self iu two ! And , let a l o o . - ter , s uddent like , crow sora ' er s clos ' t aro und . And seems \ s ef . mighty nigh it , it ' u 'd lift rao oil tbe ground! And s a nie Willi all the cattle when they baw l around 1!il- bars , in the red o ' nirly mornin ' , cr tho dusk and dew e nd rtar. - * . When the nei g hbors ' boys ' a t passes never stop, but jest £ o on , A-whistlin ' kind o ' to th t irso ' v ' s—sence little Wes- ley ' s cone ! And then , o nights when mother ' s s cltin ' up o a - oomraon hit s . A bilui ' pears cr somcpln , and I set and smoke and wait , Tel the moon out through the winder don 't loo i bi ££er ' n a dime . And thinps keep gittia ' s tiller—stiller—s tiller all the tiaie— Vva ket o heJ mys c ' f a wisliiii ' like—as I chimb on the encer To wind the clock , as I hev done ter more \ n f ifty year ' -— A wishiu ' ' at the time hod como fer us to go to bed . With our la rt prayers , and our last tears , s ence litt le Wesley ' s dead! —Ja x nci Wh i tcomb Riley in Tho Century. UTTL£ WESLEY. A VERY YOUNG THIEF. Gloriously bri ght rqje the sun one June morning years ago. Long, warm rays shon e a cross the spotless floor and touched the rows ot shining-dishes on the dresser in Mrs. Prime ' s cozy k itchen. The little maid who stood at the open window was thinking of something far less p leasant than tho peaceful scene before her . Her cheeks were pale and her eyes swollen with weep ing as she stood there looking lan guidly out. Onl y yesterday she had thought herself the happ iest g irl it< the world , when out there under the lilacs she had promised to be Robin Moore ' s wi fe. Today she was tbe most miserable , for she was accused of a crime and was about to lose her onl y means o f support. Yes , she , Moll y Gowen , whose character bad always been the best , was accused of the ft by the emp lo yer whom she had ser ved faithfully these four years. It came abo ut in this wise: The day be- fore our story opens Capt. P rime brough t home thirty silver dollars and p laced them away in the desk that stood in one corner of the keep ing room. Before do- ing so , however , he showed them to his wi fe and Molly, and allo wed little Hitty to p lay with them awhile. In the after- noon he went to the neighboring village , lea ving the desk unlocked , as he of ten did. It was sunset when he returne d , and just as he entered the house he saw Molly como out of the keep ing room . She started and turned pale at si g ht of her master , who asked her with a smile: ' •Did I frig hten you , Moll y?' 1 Moll y laug hed nervously as she . re p itted: \Ye s , si r; I did not hear you coma in , and you startled me. \ The captain thought no more of the oc- currence then , though it surprised him to see Miss Moll y so nervous. Presently Mrs. Prime came In with Hitty in her arms. \Oh , it was your voice that woke me , \ she said to her husband. \I had one of my headaches this afternoon , and I think Hitt y and I both have slept nearly t wo hours. \ In the evening, after her work was done , Molly came in , dressed for a wa lk , and asked permission to visit a friend who w o r ked f or a neig hboring famil y. It was granted , and Moll y starfed out , but had not gone far before she met Robin , and instead of visiting her friend she strolled down by the river with him. Shor tly after the captain came in and went to \ the desk for something. On opening the drawer , he found that his money was not -where lie left it in the morn ing. He searched each drawer in turn, then called his -wife- \Hannah , ha ve you moved my money r \ \Why no , \ responded Mrs. Prime , coming to the door and looking in. Again they searched the desk , but with the same result. \Call Molly, \ said the captain. ''She lia s gone over to Mr. Ford' s to see Eunice , \ responded his wife. \Has any one been here today? - ' ' ¦I fa, I asked Moll y that question when I woke up, and she said she had not seen an y one this afternoon. \ \What was she doing in the keeping room today when I came home?\ Mrs. Prime looked surprised. \I did not kno w she was in there , \ she rep lied. The captain then told his wife of Molly ' s con fusion that afternoon. \But , Ezra , \ she rep lied , \ you surely don 't suspect Moll y? Wh y, I would as soon think of Hitty as of her. \ \What e lse can have become of the money ?\ he queried. This was a problem that Mrs. Prime coul d not solve , so she remained silent. Just then Moll y came in , looking flushed and tired from her rap id walk. \Where have ^ you \beenT r demanded the captain. ¦ ' ¦-- Molly looked confused. She was not used to being asked such a question , and the captain ' s manner was so stern it f rightened her. She could not tell him about Robin- so she remained-silent. The capta i n ' s brow grew stem. If Molly had answered him frankly he would have believed her , but her silence strengthened his suspicions. \Ha ve you been to see Eunice?\ he continued. Molly bung her head and answered faintly, \No. \ \What were you doing in the keeping room this afternoon?\ There was such a lump in Molly ' s throat that she could not answer at first , but after a moment she said: \I went in to see if it needed dusting. \ \It took you some time to make the answer , \ said the ca ptain sarcastically. \It is of no use , Moll y, you may as well tell me at once where my money is!\ Molly turned p ale and looked helplessl y at him. Even Mis. Prime ' s faith began to waver , and she said gently: \Tell him , dear. He won 't b p bard on yon. '' This was too much for the poor girl , who burst ink> t*_r « And cried out re- hementl y: \I don 't know anything a bout your money! What do you mean?\ \Come , come!\ said the capta in , an- grily, \this won 't do , for you see you are found out. I wouldn ' t have believed it of yoi i l J would : havo trusted you anywheres -1 suppose I oug ht to send you to jail; but I won 't on your mother ' s account. ! If you will restore the money ' ¦ Til forgi -r e yon; but it you do not I s hall-- send you home without , your pay, and everybody e ha Q know why, so that they v may not g« deceived in you as I have. \ ' Poor Molly crept off to bed with a bursting heart and wept through the long ho o ri of the night Not only the thoughts of her -disgrace , which, wig ter- rible to the proud girl , kept her ri eeples s ; but the thought* of her mother kad aster , who were dependent upon her fee sup- port How would they live now? ' As Molly turned from the windowllrs . Prime came in. Her mother ' s heart was filled with p ity at si ght of the girl' s pallid face , and taking her cold hand the said , \Keep up good courage, child. I believe in ' your , innocence , and some time the Qv - tfey will be found; I am sure. \ Tears sprang in Holly ' s eyes at the kind words. One at least believed in her and trusted her stfli How the thought com- forted her. . ' , V o ^ ** \\ ;? \ ' A < : ' ' \ \ ' * ¦ K r v - s*- v *- * * 5- -;•*- ^ ' $ - - ^ 3 is ^ . -^^^^ l That night , when a ll her preparations wece made for leaving, she took Hi tty u p to kiss her good-by. The child was Tery dear to Molly, who took a great deal of care of her; but Hitty struggled angrily, crying out : \Go ' way I Oo s ' an touch me 1 Go ' s a bad , wicked g irl , for my daddy says sol\ A hard , rebellious feeling crept into Molly ' s heart as s he set the child down and took up her bundle. She found Mrs. Pr ime waiting for her in the hall and t he gentle woman kissed her cheek and pressed s ometlu ' ng into her hand. \Don 't give up, Moll y, \ she whis- pered ; \ remem ber I trust you. \ \God bl es s you for that!\ said Moll }' fervently as she turned a way to hide the falling tears. W hen she had reached tho hi g hway, she opened her hand , and the re lay two shining gold dollars , her month' s wages. Somehow , the littie gol d p ieces warmed the g irl' s heart and as sured her again that the whole world was not aga inst her. Ho w merril y she had trip ped along this road a week ago , sing ing as she went ; but now she walked with lagg ing steps , drea ding to tell the folks at home he r trouble , yet longing for their sym- pathy. The air was filled with tho melody o f the birds , and tho sound of d istant water at the mill , but Molly heedc-d not the sweet sounds , nor saw the blue hills penciled against the summer sy k. The great rose bush beside her mother ' s door was flaming wi th red roses , and a li ght breeze scattered the petals all around her as she went up the path. Little Betty w ont out to mee t her , crying joy - fully, \Oh , Molly ! have you como home to make a visit? How g lad I am!\ Moll y could not answer , but tak ing her sister ' s hand in hers , she went into the room where h er mother tat. What a feel ing of comfort and rest her mother ' s presence gave t ho poor g irl; slio had one friend at least who would love and trust her , como what mi g ht. Without a word stio threw herself down at her mother ' s feet , and burying her face in her lap, burst into tears. Mrs. Go wen stroked her daughter ' s hair silentl y and wait. d for her to gro w calme r. At leng th slw told her story, m uch to her mother ' s indi gnation. \D id they not know you better than t hat?'' s he asked. \You who have worked for them so long and so well! Don 't be afraid , Molly ! God is with the innocent and he will overrule this for your good , child. 'Behind a frowning Providence , God hides a smiling face. ' \ \And , oh mother , \ continued Molly, '•I was so hap py before this happened , for I ha d promised Kobin Moore to marry him; but now I never can unless that money is found , for people shan ' t say Robin has marr ied a thief. \ The news of Moll y s disgrace spread like wildfire. Those who envied her her pretty face and the marked preference which handsome Robin Moore showed for her , pretended to believe her guilty, and treated he r with coldness when they met , but the majority o f her nei ghbors were very indignant , and pronounced Capt. Primea \ purseproud old Pharisee. \ T hese sympathizing friends gave many proofs of their good will , and helped Jlolly in every w ay they could, \One thi ng I am learning, mother , \ she sa id with a smile , \ and that is to kno w my friends. \ T he next evening after Moll y ' s dis- missal , Robin camo to see her and wa s very hitter towards Capt. Prime , whom Molly d efended stanchly. \Ci rcum- stances were all against me , \ she said , \ and it is no wonder he thou ght so. If ever the tru th is known he will feel badly enough , for he is a jus t man. '' Robin ur ged a s perdy marriage , but Molly would not bear of it. \No \ she rep lied , \I will never marry you till this is cleared , \ In vain ho protested ; she remained firm nnd ho was forced to sub- mit , vowing vengeance , however , when the truth would be known. Drea rily the weeks crept by, and st ill Mo lly was without work. Day after day she Bou ght emp loyment , but tho scandal outran her and she was looked upon with susp icion. If any one did hire her for a day, she had the mortification of know- ing she was watched. She kept all these t ilings from her mot h er ' s knowledge ; bu t they weighed on her proud sp irit and she gre w pale and thin. Their little hoard o f money was all gone , and tho meal was getting low , so poor Moll y ' s re- flectio ns were gloomy enouglnas she sat b y the window one afternoon kn itting and watchin g the dusky road. Suddenly she dropped her work , crying: \Oh , mother ! Capt. Prime is coming up the lane. What if—oh , can it be ho has found his money V \Very - likel y ho has , \ replied her mother calml y. Tho captain rode up to the door , and springing from his horse rapped loudly. \Please go to the door , mother , \ said Molly faintly; \I can 't. \ Mrs. Go wen opened tho door nnd greeted her visitor with quiet di gnity , lie asked for Moll y and was invited in. Going strai g ht to the trembling g irl , he took both her hands in his and began: \Moll y, the real thief is found, Wil l you forg ive me for unjustly accusing you?\ For ' a moment Molly fe lt as if the solid earth were sli pping from beneath her feet , and she would have fallen if he had not caught her. She revived immedi- atel y and cried out : \Thank God ! Oh , thank God!\ Thou her te nder heart went out toward the real cul prit. \A re you quite sure this time , sir?\ she asked , earnest l y. \ Quite sure , \ ho answered , \for she has confessed. \ \Oh , sir, \ said Molly, \don 't bo hard on herl Tliink of all she has suffered , for if I who am innocent , have suffered so kneel y, what must , the guilty one have endured?\ Capt. P rune wad deeply touched by this appea l , t hough he answered li ghtly ; \Oh I shan 't hurt her , thoug h I don 't think her crime has cost her much sor- row; but you haven 't said you forg ive me , Molly. Do you?\ \Free ly!\ she replied , \ you are so good yoursel f that it makes yon angry with wrong doers, \ The captain winced. \Say rather I was too uncharitable and harsh ; but I have learned a le sson I shall not forget. Why don 't you as k me who the thief is?\ \I would like to know if you wish to tell me , \ she repl ied simp ly . \Well then , it was no other than Hi tty. Yesterday I had occasion to go into the pa rlor , which, as you know , Mrs. Prime o pens onl y on great days. Hitty was with me , and she ran up to tho sofa and said , 'Don 't touch my moneys , dadd y 1' 'Where are your moneys , daughter?' I asked. 'In here , ' said Hitty, crawling under the so fa, I looked under , and there in tho dark corner was my money in three neat p iles. As nearly as I can find out , Hitty took the money from the drawer some time that after- noon and carried it into the parlor , where she played with it awhile and then hid it under tho sofa and forgot all about it till she went into the room with mo yester- day. So you see , my own daug hter was the thief after all. \ - . \I . remember finding her in there , now , \ responded Moll y, \thoug h I had forgotten it-before. u \Well , Molly, \ said tho captain , ris- ing, \Mrs. Prime misses her swift hand- maiden. When will you come back?\ \Never!\ said a new voice , and Robin , who had entered unobserved , came for- ward and stood beside the blushing g irl. \She is going to be married ns soon as she gets her wedding finery made. \ - \Oho!\ laug he d the captain , \that is the way the wind blows , is it f > Well , welll I shall give you a wedding present when the time comes. \ And with these words and a bow to Mrs. Gowen , he left the house. Robin would take no denial this time , so Moll y consented to be married on the first of the following December , and in spite of what he had said , she went bank to. her work ,. the following day, Mnu .Jj \ ~M % „ # i ' \ \ ¦ \ /•--? 5 5-'~;' . ^&J _ » ¦ ' • « ^ « £ V : Mii i« i i; - j . ¦ t Prime and Hitty were o verjoyed to see her, and she was ha ppy once more. When , in November , she finished work and went homo to get re ad y for tho wed- d ing, M rs. Prime gave her a gold eag le besides her wages , then cal ling her into the keep ing room showed her a beautiful silk dress l y ing on tho table. \There , dear , \ said she , \is your wed- din g d ress. \ Moll y gazed at it for a moment in s peechless admiration , then turning to her mistress with swimming eyes she cried out: \Oh , Mrs. Prime ! how good you all arc to me 1 This is too lovel y I\ \Notliing is too good for 3 - ou , Moll y, \ said Mrs. Prime , fondl y. The wedding day da wned bright and fa ir. Capt. and Mrs. Prime were pres- ent , and a fter tho ceremony the captair. put a slip of paper into Molly ' s hand , say ing: \Here ' s your wedding present , my dear. \ Tho pape r proved to lie a check for $300 , a great fo rtune for tho simp le g irl. Mol l y often visited her friends , the Primes , and in a few years a little girl named Hannah went with her. Hitty grew up to be a good woman , and al- ways lo ved Molly dearl y. —Dora Anni s Chase in Boston Bud get. A \Special\ Artist Under Tire. In the Ashantee war o f 1S73 , Mr. Prior ' s fi rst field work , occurred one of those fortunate events which brave men ascri be to luck aud fair men to p luck. The Forty-seco nd regulars were attack- ing the Ashantees in tho bush. Pr ior , right in the thick of it , made a hasty sketch , s howing the gleam of bayonets through tho rifle smoke , tho flash of the blacks ' guns from the undergrowth , tho tips of British muskets emerg ing hero and t here from the fiery vapor of battle , the assail ants firing in all sort s of atti- tudes , some running to the front , others l y ing under a protecting tree , others sti ll kneeling by the horses from whie.li they had just dismounted. These were the hazy outlines or bold dashes of an artist soldier under fire. There was no time to make a p icture before tho mail left for the coast. So he for warded tlie sketch, still reeking with rifle smoke , to the home office , with a hasty note asking The Illustrated News to work it up info a finished cartoon. But the home ofi' i c e did nothing of tho sort. Instead , they published the ske tch just as it left his penc il. And it is conceded to this day to bo one o f tho greatest triumphs of a special' s work under d ifficulties , and one of the most thrilling battle pictures ever seen, —John Paul Bocock in New York W orld ¦VA ' IK A D VKHTIS EM F .ST.: Chas . W. Putnam , Li censed Pharmacist , SAYVILLE , L. I. D ealer in Pure Drug's , Medi- cines , Chemical s , Fancy and Toilet A rticles , P e rfum e , etc. Pre sc ri ptions ca refull y and ac- curatel y comp o u n d e d . Sund a y hour s from 9 t: i 10 A. M. ] 2 t o l and 4 to o P. M . NIGHT BELL . J. S OUIRESr Manufact urer of tho Leading Brands ri t ie Ci gars and dealer in Havana , Sumatra , and S e e d Leaf Tobacco. Factory at H olbrook , L. I. M otels. PEARL HOUSE , I \ U. S;:;-; x x:: Proprietor SAYVILLE. • ' . ¦ : :.:!¦:. • . Xr:: t . u\ t s n - r -in s. Moderates rate s : . ;!. - . : .: . . - .: rv . - i -•: :. Tr:i :. -! e : :t aud pelmaiieut i . . . : ; tv < < • ' . : .;:. t i. S:. . ¦ ¦ _ :; ! - ;.;... v::miOthi tions foi - . . ¦' . - ¦ . -;.. :l \ Cl_ -i__ : f FOSTE R H O USE , l Maix S treet , j SAYVILLE , L. L , J AS. F- HORSE- • -Lessee, j GFRAYESTO N ES . —AT— GOLDSMITH'S , ! WEST PATCHOGUE. I Assessor ' s Notice. T_c £uar u of Assessors of Hie To - .ui of Isli i wi ll convene dnriii i r Hie inuntlis ol June an j -li ly, ii-ss . at Jo ' cltH - k . f. M., on Tuesdajs aud I rridavs hi eai - i i week, at i Union Hall In Hie Village of lsli]i . T own of Is ip. Any persdu deeimug Ui e msvl v e s aggrieved » \av j irc- s eiittueir c rievanc c s iu u -riliiij j to any member ot Hie Board, or appear in person at anv re g ular meeting. Any taxpayer who has toad-* any transfer or purcha se of pro r-eity dnnng the past vear will router . - . favor on Hie Bo:ird by m dvising llieni of t he same. — Hated .lime I j tli , is si! . W . H . Vki-so r , 1 V. 11. Hi i.se , - Ass essors. I. s . ssKi t n - o n , Jn. 1 KENSINGTON HOTEL , SAYVILLE , L. I. W. H. HAWS , - - Manager . Fii<:-r \ ;a * 5_ n vs: K ! - da;:pr. t Ki. - ard parlorXH* K ' . -J l u.ra. HAMPTON HOUSE , EDV. ' AUD 1\ STOK U , Peop. Bridg e Hampton' , L. I- GANOE PLACE INN. CA NOE PLA C E , L. I. Chas. W . Conklin , Proprietor. CENTRAL HOTEL , H. CLAY LOSEE , Prop. = a! a;\- .St;:z:-:- . i ' . -.7CH oe uz , L. L S vic lz l fl ?. ' «: ' t (* is to Commercial Tra rt U-rs and Transien t Guf tU. Gcorl SfrJ >Ir.< attached to the Hotel - £0HTEPQBT HOTEL , \ XoriL poyL L. I. G x - d Ttl ' V Airv Rooms. Billiard ! P-r l er connect:T! - r. ! I>. Iu IiAY K on , Proprietor. } . l LG 1 \ G ISLAND HOTEL; ; J ulius C. Bishop, P roprietor , ; Cz ^ TEn MO K CH Z 5 , Sit tols Co., N. Y I HOARD BY THE DAY OE | WEEK. ! i ACCOMMODATION S FOK SPOBTSME5 j A SPECULTT. | TERMS SEASO N ABLE. ; . _ — WM. N. SPUEGE , ! R IVE R SID E P BT Eli , ; S M ITHTOW X . L. I. I . , . i THEODORE MUELLER; i THE BATVIEW ; ' OYSTER BAY , LONG ISLA N D \ Msa s lo a Ho use , j EOSLY X , L. I. i Ar.r_ r ?. Hamblen- , - - Peo?si_tob. j WRIGHTS HOTEL. : Amityville , L. I., T. Weigh t , - - - - Psopbietob MM GSD HOTEL , ! SEAFOKD , L. I , Capt. E . Wooden , Prop NASSAU HOUSE , SAC-HARBOR, N. Y. R.J. POWER , - - - Proprietor. TEE BIJOU HOTEL Iim §ma PUtfl. Main St.. S£ » Harbor , X. T. H . Bx POSTl H Prqp. Bj ip TJ Sea Wonders ei rt in y> o __m_ i H H ro1 t<yr a s - tut are - i ---T- s - ;ed b >' t h e Alill ir-irre l s of inver s ion. Those who are In n e-rd ol prof ta * ' ' e -work ili a t c_n l»e done •»¦ __ ¦ « livin g at home sh s uld _t once se i id their a ddre?-:o Ha2U - tt & Co. . 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DISCOY XT DAY—SATCttDAY DIRECTORS: E. M. Montgomery, Ed t v ' d. 15 .1 ' liderb ill T. o. Smith. 11. D Brewster. - . l i ' siah Ko!>bins , E. J. Eeil l ngtou , Win. Nic. ' .il . J II. IVi s ee . Slums J. Terry, Jose p ' j ^ YcKxl , E. M. Ra ven. OPEN FOR BUSINESS TUESDAY. JAN . 3 . 1 8SS. ¥T!0RY -MAKES- SUCCESS Wholly unlike artificial systems- Cure of mind wanderin g - Any ! > oiik learned in one reading. i C l ass e- ; of 10S7 at Baltimore . 1 005 at Detroit ; lVO _t I' uiladeJpl i ia , 1150 Washi n g ton , lares I classes of C o lumbia I-aw students , at Y ' ala. I We i Wey, Ol - er l i u . University of F enn .. Michi- 1 gan Yniversltv . C hauta u qua . &c. &c. Endorse d ! tiv Kirn um Puoitok. the Scientist. Hons. W. ; W. ast \K . .Iiiu ah i ' . 1SK N JA.MIX . Ju dze GlB- ; soy . Hr- Hkc ¦ ¦ « •>¦ . E. H. Cook . Principal N. Y. I State Normal Colle g e , &c The j ystem Is per- l fc-ctiy tauslit l>y correspondence . Praspeetui : Post k bek from. : pEO F. i - OI S ETT F , 231 Fifth Avenue Xeir Torfc BAYPORT NCRSERY , CHARLES LECLUSE , Proprietor . Trees of all kinds , Orn amen- | tal and Fruit Trees , Ev er Green s Runni n g Roses , Gr a pe ! Vines and hardy flowering : shrubs always on hand. Lay- \ ing out of ground s attended to- 133m3 | GEORGE PA I .LISER , I Architect , J ^ Senior member late firm Palliser , Pall iser-t Co.) ; If von are v. \ .out t o h uihl or make any improve- : ir.riits in riiher city or country, ix will pay you to _ iw me a call and t:< t my terms , meth od and \ references , etc. H i »\ks on Architecture , and I KUliser ' s i ii i lilica t ions. 27 years of practical e x - i j i eririic - ? eual'l e s me to g uarantee the best 1 pract ical result * , at the most economical outlay I offices : Cor. Park Ave. -fc -»2d St.. ! Oi ws i t e Depot . NEW YOKK CITY L KV l. HOWARD PLACE , j Oiled Clothing AND RUBBER GOODS I J Y - ME! fJ l IF QRMS j A Specialty. I 162 SOUTH ST., NEW TOEK , i Opposite Pier 27 , E . B. j TERRY'S STAGE LINE ! Patchogue and Port Jefferson, Fare from Medfohd to PtJefferson 75 CE N TS. CHANGE OF TIME. CHANGE OF TIME. L eave Patchogue at 8;t2 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday arriving at Med f ord 9:30. Lea ve Port Jefferson at 2 p. M M connect with 5 ^ 3 for Sag Harbor. A. D. TEBBY , Proprietor. STOVES, RANGE S HEATERS. Tin - Ware of Ail Kinds . PRACTICAL PLUMBERS. Joseph. Jedlicka & Son Smith' s Block , Main Street , SAYVILLE. We nave on ha nd s large stock and goo4 i ss ortment of ranees , heaters , stoves , also n ev and improved ofl- s to r es. Tinware of i r ery description kept in stock and mad* to •rc t ac Give ns a call— -va can ra it y oa. THE WTMDME , GEEE N PO ET , L. I . C. C. WRIGHT , Pr o p rietor. Mm r mvcm M ouse 0 MATTITUCK , L.L GEO. M. BETTS Prop. Ij re ij Stable attac hed, SoutliolcL Hotel , Cox. Uam _ & - , an dBauroad a- T * --, SOUXHOLVD. lb I. iOSS SZBPHB&lk P« 0* aU*T-5aV ADVERTISE IN AND SUBCRIBE FOR The Me ws, IT IS THE BEST MEDIUM. H. E. A S MUS , Offers all kinds of REAL ESTATE For sale and io let. MONEY TO LOAN On Bond and Mortgage. FIRE BAND LIFE INS - OR AN ' : CB Pla ced Id Orst-class companies. —AIS » — GENERAL AUCTIONEER, ! CRAYO N Portraits !! j j To iiiiroduM more evtens lve l v to tde public my I Crav o u Portraits . I li:«« concluded lo make a : limi ted number for Si 2.00. lor tuis price I Rive :ui ele g ant massive deep gilt or • bronze frame , live to six iucues wide. These I frames l i ositivelv canno t l>e bou g ht for lessthau ! S T.00 in any frame store. Tlie reason I ask my i la l r ons In bin/ a frame from l n e is: as a frame is I a great item in disp laying a portrait it should be i seclecicd Willi creat <*are and taste. My exi>eri- ! ence enables me to do it successfully. As previ- ously mentioned, my object istocirculateasmneli : as possible my portraits that your friends and ac- ?uaiutauees may see them; therefore m framin s desire that they show to the Pest advantage iu I your home- Specimens of my work can be seen ' at the Tost Office. Sayville . where all nifornia j lion will be carefully n ' t ven , whether you leave I an order or hoi. Or H yon perfer you may send ! your picture tome by mail , have fliem enlarged j and sent C. O. D. with priviled u e of inspection : before paying. Kenieinuer a perfectly natural likeness can be obtai n ed from any kind ol i picture, no matter how old and if any alteration i in appearance be desired—a hat left off or haii 1 or dra]K - ry rearranged , it can be done without ! extra cost. Bear in mind that this rare induce- i meiit is for a short time only, a fter which I re- ; store them to my former prices. Fine Pastel. Oil and Water Color Portraits at less than au j X e t v York prices , an d as good as the best. JAMES T. POOL , Ap.tis t. Amityville. Lorg Island. 131U | CHARLES W. KLEBISCH , | ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW ; So. '237 Broadway, New \V' ork City. | Be s idence , Holbrook , L. L 130T1. J. B. SWEZEY , offers a large list of property about the Island. Se nd for catalo g ue , special inducements In Life Insurance Fire Insurance at low rates. For any information on the above call on or ad- d ress. J. II. SWEZF.V . ; Eeal Estate and Insurance Agent. Patchogue , L. l.N. Y. 125« Y\ li \ S - LO S GKSECKKR , srj SGEON AND ~ ~ ME C H A NICAL — l a E ns rTxsT- Of the well-known firm- - o f Ixm s enecker Bros Sly Fulton avenue , ami Dr. .1. H, LonpenecBer & Son s . -V. \ > and -jot Fulton St.. Brookl yn , re- si-rti f ii l ly informs the citizens of Amitvville and vic inity, that he fias opened first-class dental rooms in the block of Jl r. Charles Wood , near the railroad Depot . The Doctor has all the modern improvements appertaining to dentist ry. by prom p t aud i- kil l ed workm anship, and reasonable prices , lie hopes to gain your patron- age. Nitrous Oxide or Laughing t i as , alwavs Ir esli for Ihe painless extraction of teeth. In preserving the teeth , correctnnj deformit y , and m good substantial Idling, invariably warrant- ed , we cann ot he excelled . Consultation and ad- vice free. Artificial teeth inserted on all known materials , that ar e good , and wilh all the recent improvements. No charge forextraetli ie when artificial teeth are o rdered, ( l ood work and mode rate charges. Please call and see us. Will show you what we can and will do to improve- your mout h for looks , comfort and health . Of- fice hours from S a. m. to 5 p. si. Mondays and Tuesd i y s only. Fine Oold Filling a Specl alf . lanl tfuoe d WM . STIENS , Who sale - Si Retail dea ler in SUPERIOR ICE ! P.ayport , 1.. V. Orders may lie left at \ John White ' s meat market and Klaassen ' s • Drug store , in Sa . vville. Ice fur- ! nished iu large or small quantities jat reasonable rates and on short notice. Thanking my- many cus- tomers for past favors during my l many years dealing with them , I j respectfully solict a continuance of j their patronage. j Wm. Stiexs , 142ml Ice dealer. i LADIES ? ^ Da Tour Oyrn D ye in g , n * Home. T!i y < ri-1 dre everythin \ . TUcy ore sold every- where. Pri r e lOc n pnekaie. They have noequi l for Stren ^i h , BrightscB , Amount in Package! n r for F:i s tn,-sa of Color, or non-failing Qualities. They <l ouGt croc5; orsn n it ; - t Ocolor s . ForEale by A. P. VatiDeinse & Co Dru g oists. Sav- viile. 5 000 Book Agents wanted to Mil ¦ v -fas UTS _ • , • ! > PUBLIC SESYICX9 OT mr * . -ta _ ^H^MB _a-- _ - ^^ - u * _fla ^ a ^ a ^ Ha ^ a ^ a ^ a ^ a ^ a ^ aiaK ^ _ ^ _ ^ _ ^ _H_ B d' ^ a_ ^ _ ^ _ ^ B__ 9 ----B ^ _ B _ ^ __ ^a _ ^a _ B ^ ! (rover Clevelan d j Full and complete froa h-s boy hood to his no mination la ! St- X_o--is . with v -e— j -nal retr .im« \ c n c «, incident s and a nec- j dotes . Profuse ly illustrate:! with steel portraits and wood esrwr inzt. The i-cv i ; a '* . - , contains a luperh rortratta-i (t a full and crmp l ete LIFE OT MBS. CLZVELAH TJ . : to f - elher *-rith a co r r. pl ete t io r -ra fi hy of th e candidate ) Jot t lie Yiee-x ^ c-Bidency. This is the only autlun . | tic Life. Don ' t l-e i-uduccd to ret any other. There will i t- ~A ahly be r-nautho riied Liies. but thi s is the ri j-ht erne. | X>istance no hinderance as we pay all frei ght cha nces. j Send 53 ce a ts in it. stamps and be the first in tit-- flead . ' and ties reap the colden harvest. W rite for full p a rtic a - I lars and Special Terms sent free to all. Add rc— ¦ ! WINTER & CO., ft*-, Sp ringfield- MlM. 1^- e eiilerf - .riain o adceiiiser proves thai tu xender: iands hoic io biry, because in adver. iish.J he knows hr 'i- to sell. AX I > T U E ILL f STP.IO C S PEOPLE OF AMEEICA. | A> a powerfu l nerve nutriment for ii ve i- ias a - w l and nerve-weary peop le , or old failin g per son s , Jud ge Brewster of the Supreme Court speaks of it in ' ihe hi g hest terms , and uses it constant- l y. Col. Dennett , the famous Philadel- p hia , millionaire srys: \It saved me when I wa s a su pposed hopeless wreck fro m ten years heavy husiness labor. I sha ll build a monument to it For insufficiency of the heart and nervous system af ter along overt. t skt ; d business life , or a broken constitution from any hind of excessive ahti-e. the world has no tain j j T on its markets that can eom- paie -vi:h it or n 'll i.s p lace. I believe it will len gthen the lives of « . - l. l people very much. \ Eleanor R. Care}- , the tragic actress , say s , after it had restor- ed her from utter prostration from beavv aetin t': DR. \ Tni . « Hr >ox-V y D r arSir ; I have to thank von for tli - - \ .M n xie Nerve Koort which you sent ine throti; ' .! the recommendation of a friend. It ' !:i- .l - c*n ' oI th* s reale. -t material benefit in s «s- t.tia in ^ mv nervous > tr -- n g l_ which was entirely e v haa-i t eti in mv actins of the heavy role of ¦•l «. - , ! -i r,-i . \ I shal l c: - .t;ii::eto u>e ii as I nnd It t.> he the onlv thiuc ol its character which Rives the desired result - - \ ith \ut reaction. Yours very truly El. ~A \ ' OK R Carev - l \ he-.:u ' _! M- O ti t r ru li»u- -e , i'lii!adel ]<hla. This food wiil l>e sent to any address , frei g h t prepaid , for §5 per ca-e of 12 <juart bottles. It is the finest beverage in the United States aud will restore a ner vous wreck in a few days , without barm or losin g its effect more than oiher food. Ad d ress , Jloxie Nerve Food Co.. Lowell , Mass. Ask your dru ggist for it. For sale at Gerber ' s. M ox le. Iiik Hi:. st b.u. vi - : in the world for Cnts , Hruise s. Bores, Ule e rs . Ball llhcum. Fev er Bores, Teller , Chap j ied Han ds , (Jhillilains Corns , and all Bkin Erup- tions , and positivel y cures Files , or no pay required. It is guarant eed to g ive perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cunts per box . For sale by 0 J. Klaassen. lvtf. I.uc - h leii ' s Arnica S it lvc. THE W HITE HOUSE , Water Island , ^' d i v open for the reception of l ufitiliu s Parties aid Permanent Boarders. E . O. RYDER , Prop . CXTJ L TT02S T THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE of New York. To Hiram (. ' . I.ane , Char les N. Lane , Caroline 1' skinner , Marv M curwiii , ChailoKe Ueeve Ann Amelia Walters , William II. Lane I lowai'il Lane . Frederick A - Hulm , Lou isa M. llateiiian, .luseph II. Oxlev. ICdwani M. Ox li ' V , Claiv u ce A. Oxley And all [ i-rsons interested in tile estate of Ilaniel Lane late of the town of Islip, iu tlie eonnly ot Hull ' o lk. deceased , as creditors , k'Halees , next of Uin. or otherwise . ( I reet ' niK: Yon and each ol you are hereby cited and re- quired personally to be and appear before our siirrii K i itH of the County ol Suffolk, at Urn Surro- gate ' s oilice . at liiverliead , in suid county. on the Tweulv-tliinl day of July isss , a t one o ' clock 1' , M., thou and llu -i e to allend the judicial settle- mem of the accounts ol Emory K. Lane as ad- ministrator with the will annexed of said Daniel Lane , deceased , and that if any of the persons Interested be under the age of twenty-one years , they are required to appear by their guardian , if the y have oue , or if they have none , that they appear and apply for one. to he appointed , or in the. event of their ne g lect or failure lo do so , u KUardia n will he app ointed by Ihe Surroeato lo represent and act lor them in the )>roceeiliii f, r . Iu Testimony Whereof , We hav e caused the sea l of oilice of said .Surro g ate , to he hereunto aflixed. Witu es- i , Ja.VKS II. TL'liin.i. . SiiiTn s ate of our said enmity at Kiv erheail , in Suffolk county, [r - .s.]the Uth. day of .luue in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and elKhty-e l K l it. J. II. Tutuiix. Surro g ate. PKTTIT & Wood , Attorneys of Administrator , Kc \ l Broadway, New York, I43\v« G. M. AiHB Y , Cabinet Maker , STAIR BUILDING , Mantles, Etc. Repairing promptl y and sat > isf ac tor a il y d one. Estimates furnish ed and all work exe- cut e d at r eas onable prices . Shop—Green Avenue. Rear of News office , Sayvill e , L. I. Wm. Al l m e Mimger , BOOTS AND SHOES , Made to Order. Repairing neatly and reasonably done. Custom work a specialty. Satisfaction Guar&n teed. I study to please everybody. Orders attended to at short notice. Shop , Candee ;Ave. Sayville, L. I. near Main 8t Amityville Business. M Q RKELL ' S -AND- 'Co m fectioHery Saloon. MANUFACTURER OF ICE CREAM , SNOW CREAM AND COLORED ICES. SATISFACTION ' (iUA U AN ' TKEir. None but pure material used. Main Street , Say v ille , L. 1. O . L. RAYNOR , GENERAL Furnishing Undertaker. PRACTICA L EMBALM EE. SAYVILLE , L. I. Z ~ Allrernic B t s for F UXEIiAL , COFFINS. CAS KETS , BURfAI, CASES, C HAIHH , CAKltlAGES . Eta., ! Promptly Fundehcd at Hea n onable Hates. A c enfor all - kinds of Tomb Stone ° 13' . lTl IMPORTING RETAILERS F t FIION S X ^fell KAiB Ayi i B ROOK LY N. The system of selling every article at a small profit, but oi* a thorough- ly reliable \ quality, is a ruling princi p le of this linn. IT IS BEYOND QUESTION th a t Br oo kl yn is more accessible than New York to residents of L ong Island towns for shopp ing purposes. It is also be- y o nd question that we can offer more advantages to custo- mers than can be found in any other store either in York or Brookl yn , because we possess superior facilities for getting the newe st and best of everything at the lowest prices. Our forei gn offices and home organization keep us constantl y sup- p lied with the mo st desirable goods. We divide with our customers the advantages we have obtained , b y s e lling them g oods cheaper than they can be purchased anywhere else . W e make it a point neve r to permit any misrepresentation as t o a nything o ff e r e d b y us , eith e r in o ur a d v erti s ements o r over the counter Our new store has no equal in either New York or Brook- l yn , it being the largest , li g htest , an d most convenient and best ventil ated establishment of its kind. It is nearer to the L o ng Island Railroad depot than any other large store, and i s therefore sooner reached b y Long Island peop le. New goods , including many novelties not obtainable else- where , are added dail y to our alread y unequaled assortments- Vi sitors to our establishment should not fail to see every department . Broad aisles vender it an easy matter to pass around , and four large elevators are always read y to convey persons from floor to floor. On the first floor will be found L aces , Embr o ideries , Silk s , Velvets , Dress Goods , Bl a ck G oo ds , Cloths , Domestics , Fl an- nels , Fine White Goods , Fancy Goods , Gloves , Hosiery, Hats , Handker c hi e f s , J ewelry, Linen s , L e ather Good s , Men ' s Fur . ni s hi n g Goods , Millin ery, C o llar s , Cuff' s. Ruchings. Merino Underw ea r , Parasols , Umbrellas , Prints , Ribb o n s , Silverw a r e St ationery, N o ti o ns , Buttons , Pattern s , Trimming s , Toil e t Arti cles. On the second floor , Art Goods , Boy s ' , Cl o thing, Ladie- Cloak s , Corsets , Children ' s Cloaks , Fur s , Inf a nt ' s Outfitting , Trimmed H ats , Shawls , Suits , Mu slin Underwear , Worsted s Ladies ' Waiting Room. On th e third fl o or , Furniture Curtain s , Rugs , U p h olstory [F ourth floor , Offi ces.] On the fifth floor , the largest and most comp lete Dress , making D epartment in this country . In th e Basem e nt , Trunk s , Bab y Carriages , Willow \Ware Hammo c k s , Roller Skates , L aw n T e nnisand Cr o quet Set s , etc- LIG HTNING . \ Protection for All, PROF . K. T. HUM Wishes to inform the public that he ia pre- pared to protect from lightning any and all who will have his m u fpietic Electric Cable Conductors placed upon thi - irbnildings. As a demonstration of this fact , SO YEA R S' n ?I j I A .L Of the same without a failure is sufficient. Thousands of buildiugs here on Long Island have been protected with the cables, and an proof we havo hundreds of sample points and rods that have been fused or melted off from one inch to ten feet; besides I have written testimonials from the parties , that had it not been for the rods their dwellin g s and perhaps their lives would have been de- stro y ed; and it gi ves me pleasure to show both the testimonials and samples of tho melted points and rods. My improved Pat- ent Cable is really two rods in one;— it consists of u copper cable within a galvanized iron one , niak i u u The Strongest Conduct That can posssibly be obtained. It has :' , ¦< inches conducting surface , being the l a ree r- t caliber of any rod now manufactured, lie- sides we obviate all the trouble of joints and liabilities of disconnections , wherein mo s t of the trouble arises with all jointed rnds , to say nothing of the rust , paint and oxidation which all help to decrease their conductin g power. All orders promptly attended to. Address R. T. HU IT S TN , Baby lon, L- I , Send for Circulars. T OST- ^ FIFTY CENTS—BY BE \ - ' J turning the abov e amount , the finder will be liberall y rewarded with a clean shave , hair cut and shampoon b y ilAi: i :r F. tliLDKiii i ANri x . at hi s ton- sorial parlor , Main street , Sayville. Ul ii l M li l l i g 4- 12 and 444 Fulton St., opp. Bridge St., Bro oklyn. WE MEAN BUSINESS. NO GHOST STOEIES - Look out for Announcement Next Week.

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