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NEWS FBOU ALL SUCTIO N S—BOIL ED DOWS TO SUIT EVERYBODY. Rlv « rh « ad. Mrs . Ly d i a Griffin is beyond recov- ery. Her di sease is incurable... .The ¦ew so ciety called Swedenborgian have secured the Rev. Geo. M. Davidson for the ensuing ye ar. ...The fence which surrounds the c emetery is being re- moved and anoth e r n e w one will be substitut ed.... Dr. Lamed formerl y of this place has moved to Centre Morich- es from Baby lon . ...The team of J Pishel & Son ran away last week. They got caug h t in a tree in Bailey ' s yard , upsetting the wagon and cutting the hor se* ' le gs quite badly. Long Island City, Mr. M. E. K ell y the scul ptor left for Sarato ga on Wednesdey, to superin- ten d the erection of a monument worth $7 , 500....Patrick J.D al y was over- come b y the heat , while superintend- ing the unloadin g of a boat at the foot of Seventh street , Monday afternoon. He was carried to his home , but m an- a ged to get out in the evening.... A young roug h named John Griffins quar- r ell e d with on e Kat e Kell y last Friday ni g ht on Borden, avenue , and stabbed her in th e face several times , and but for the as sistance of neig hbors would hav e murdered her. He cannot be found at present. Port Jefferson. Miss Carrie Fletcher has secured a position as operator on the L. I. Kail- road. She is at pr esent at 3 /inco!a act- ing as relief.... Mrs . H. L.H andell has been in Newark N. J., this week at- tending her brother ' s wife ' s funeral. — Sh e will remai n two weeks Mrs- Caroline Houns l ea , was buried from her late residenc e on Thursday of last week , Rev. S. A. Sands officiating. — Sh e was 84 years old Cap t. El mer W. Davis and wife have been visiting the Captain ' s father , Joel S. Davis , of Amityville the pas t week... . Professor Benn e tt , princi pal of the public school has a new rule to punish tardy schol- ars. If one scholar in any department is late the whole department have to remain after the usual hour for closing school. Isll*. Dr. Ma cDonald , th e head of the De- partment of Charities and Correction of New York has rented the Whitman Cotta ge. . , .N. It. Barto ' s cottage on Saxon ' s avenue has been taken b y Mr s. Dr. Ril ey for the summer.,. .F. Ash- bury Clock who has been in New York for the past week reports that his health i s improving continually.... Miss Riley presents some fine organ re» cital s and are much appreciated by all lovers of artistic mu sic. . ..The case of Ove rseer of Poor rs. J. C. Patry zy - kosky for alleged infraction of the ex- ci s e law wa s h oa rd on Thu rsd ay o f this week.... lsl i p now has a special deput y Sheriff , Thos . Richardson. Northport. The .vethodisfs will celebrate the 4th at Crozier ' s Grove. A good time is an- ti c i pated. .. .The gutters and sidewalks on Main Street are being cleaned and repair ed by Highway Commissioner , G eo. W. wheeler. This will be appre- ciated b y all The far ew a 'l reception tendered to Miss G ra.ee A. Brown b y th e C. L. S. C' s proved a success. About 80 w ere present. She will be much miss ed in this place.. ..Mr. Robt. M. Webb and Mrs. Sop hia E. Payne , r el- atives of R ev. '1 hos. M. Wibb have settled in North port and now occupy the house on Bayview avenue vacated b y Geo.W.Newiri s The cornet Band will p l ay at Crozier ' s Grov e 4th of Jul y aft ernoon and evening Assistant Postmaster M.F. Hammond is taking a. well earned rest. Southampton. A coi r espondent of The News re- centl y had o ccasion to visit the old h omestead of Franklin Jagger , a wel l- known and hi ghl y respected resident of t his town. Mr. Jagger is 82 years old and hi s hou s e is ov e r 200 y ears old. It was moved in 1782 to its present site , and w a s 10 0 years old or m o re at th at time. Mr. Jagger lias lived in it 75 y ears . On the premises are some grand old trees which have a history. Fifty years ago the ship Lewis Phillips from France , cam e ashore here. Sev- eral bunches of small trees washed ashore from the wreck. Mr. Ja gger buried the \ slips \ in a manure n eap in his barn yard. The trees came up, and w ere be-headed by the cattle , but not destr oyed. Mr. J. transplanted the m , and th e trees (apple , quince and pear), have grown to magnificent pro- portions. The house in which Mr. Ja gger was born was built in 1707. The date is on the man tle in mortar. It contains oak beams a foot square. The road in front of the house was orig inall y 16 rods wide , but it is now about 10. Mr. Jagger ' s farm consists of about sixt y acres . On the f o rm e r premises is Wind Mill Lane , laid out in 1660. . .There is ccmdrrabl o loud talk and bad conduct dis played on the streets ni g hts which should not b e tolerated b y th e peace-loving citizens of the vil- lag e Chas. U. Dimon was quite bad- l y injured recentl y. His horses star- ted suddenly while he was unhitching them and jammed him between the wheel of his wagon and his barn.... The sum of $15 , 000 was received at the bank on the opening day, the 12th inst.... An att empt has recentl y been made to effect an eatranc o into J. H. Hildretli ' s saloon and the store of L. Wick. Th ey were not successful how- ever Cant. Geo. G. White captured a ten pound bass and a twelve pound blue fish recentl y in Shinn ecock bay.. ..The North End School went for a p icnic to W est Neck last Saturday. — As soon as the East end dock is comp o s- ed , th e launch Pathfinder will make daily tri ps to this place. Hloksvill a . Mrs. Adrianne Pigott is very ill.... Rev. P. Jtf atschat married Miss Kitt y Kie s ling to Gu s tave Neuman last week W e dnesday Rev. E. Gutweiler greached in the Reformed Church on unday last. Subject \ Cou rage. \ .... A. F o urth of Jul y p icnic will be held on the Grand Central Hotel grounds. Bishop ' s string band will be present , and . there will be a disp lay of fi re- works . ...The public school closes on I tf iii MW* ,* LONG ISLAND IN A NUT- SHELL,. ing from her sudden illness of Sunday l ast.... Fred. W. Heitz is very ill.... Mrs. Lauck has opened an ice cream Earlor in this village... .The German utherau Sunday School of this placd are to have an excursion. Place ane time not decided upon as yet. •mltht o wn. ' The schools closed here last Friday and closing exercises was the order of the day.. ..Mr. Melville Brush's new house is bemg built and looks as though it would develop into a neat cotta ge when finish ed. Mr. Moir has the con- t ract.... Many city people were in town over Sunday Jas. Roe of Port Jeflierson , h as been visiting in town... J. O. Smith , autioneer , will sell J. S. Arthur ' s carriages and wagons... Miss Price who has been ill for so long, died last week Monday ni g ht....§35 was netted b y the Hel p ing Hand Society last week at their strawberry festival. ....Quite a numb er of peop le here went to Stony Brook to attend the Bazaar g iven in their Chapel\•• 'Mo- s es P. Mills and wife of Brookl yn have been visiting p lace. Q ra a nPort . T h e str a w b erry f estival for the ben- efit of Rev. Dekins was very succ ess- ful on W e dn e sday of last we e k Th e Win . Z. King ' s property was sold Mon- day to Wni . Albertson of SouthoW for $3 , 150 . ...Miss Franc Payne started on Wedne sday on her tri p t o the West . ... .On Friday l ast a little daughter of Wm. Hiers died from the effects of eat- ing two matches * • • • A large excursion train from New York broug ht the Schiller Societ y here on Sunday. There were 600 crossed the f erry to Shelter Island , and returned to New York at 8 o ' c lock The L a wn T en ni s Sho e Factory will co mmence operations ' in two w eeks... .Mr. Hovton will go on a yachting cruise to Newport and Mar- tha ' s Vineyard Saturday The El ec- tric Li ghts will be in readiness in a few w eeks.... A larg e number of boarders hav e come to town. Sag Harb a r. ! A cit y visitor , who had occasion to make a trip to Sag Harbor recentl y, says the toll- ga t es on the main roads leading into that v illa g e , \ are simply relics of b y gone day s and a disgrace to the p lace—not onl y retard- ing its growth , but p lacing a sti gma up on the enterpris e of its citizens. \ It appears that the toll-gates are a device to keep the road in repair , instead o f a taxation on the townspeople. The t oll is 4 cents each way, which is prin- ci p all y im posed on outsiders. It is alleged that some portions of the roads are in poor condition at that The Woman ' s Missionery Societ y held their conventi o n in this p lace on Wedn esday and Thursday of last week. The address delivered b y Mrs 1 . C ondict w as of an interesting nature.. ..Last Frid ay evening while Frank Meenan was working at the railroad yard an iron bar fell on his foot , and hurt it so badl y that amputation seems necessary. Huntington. Miss Retia Bryant a compositor on the Lung Islander , has left her position and taken another as bookceper in the offic e of Geo. W. Conklin....The Suf- folk Hot el is having the interior decor- ated in artistic st y le. Artist Rusco has been doing the work. Landlord Meriil is a progressive man and everything looks new and tast y... .Tho Four-in- hand stage belong ing to the Hunting- ton Co , with fo otman and driver looVe businesslike. T he; ,.. > • now 10 si , to meet trains which seems quite citi- fied....The enterprising barber P. F. A t aurer will remain in his present loca- tion and is making improvements. Everything denotes cleanliness... .The \Young Suffolk's \ base ball club p layed the N o rth ports at said p lace on Satur- day, but w ere beaten by the North p orts b y a score of 18 to 17. . ..The idea of remod e ling th e First P re s b yteri an Church has been abandoned Throe bicyclists underto o k to rid e 100 miles through Mineola , Hempstead , P atch- og te , lia b ylon and return on Sunday last. But one ,( Wesley Lock wood) ac- comp li shed the feat... .School closes on Friday of this week....A game of base ball will be played on the morn- ing of July 4between two p ick e d nines , c o m p osed o f m en who d o n o t p lay ball at all . Fun ahead . ' .. .Mr. Lay ton has p laced the \Starin \ - steamboat on a dai- ly rout e connecting with the cit y. The round tri p one dollar.., , The Mineola Fair was attend ed princi pall y by the s porting fraternit y... . Ex-School C om mis sioner Conklin fell from his bicycle l a st w ee k a n d is suff e ring in conse- quences from a bad f a ll , Misc e llaneous Notes. Mr. Edwin T. Penney, of Bay Shore who died last week was a member of the Suffolk C ounty Mutual Benefit As- soeiation , and his famil y received $ 1 , 000 . ,..W; Bedell , clerk in Goldier ' s drug stor e of Freeport , was marri e d t o Mi ss Laura Bro wn , of Brooklyn last week. They were married at Walertown , Ct., by the Rev.J.Howard Hand. Also Mr. Charles P. S eaman to .I/is s Jo-ie Pad- gett were ma rried at the same time and p lace.,, , Thc Long Island Railroad re- port shows an i ncrease in earnings fir th e month of M ay of $23 ,18.1.!..Re- port has it that Austin Corbin propos- es to build a largo an beautiful r e si- dence in Southamp t on. ...Fred.Smith , builder of Amit y ville , has the co n I met for buildin g cottages for Wui.Skiiiner. S. V. S pencer and Mr. E. W. Ilurd , of New York. E^ Prof. W. J. Ballar d , of Jamaica , is sending out a ver y elegant little pamp hl et , wi th illustrations of superior meri t , entitled \A Summer School for Teachers 1 , at Glen Falls , N. Y., begin- nin g Ju l y 25 , 1888. \ It con tains full particulars of the propos e d cou r se of in struction , andother matters on which information may be needed. B eside Professor Ballard the Faculty includes Prof. Sherman Williams of Glen Falls , formerl y of Flushing, and Prof. Wo od- hull of the New Paltz Noimal School and 9 other instructors in special class - K. The Class of 1887 includ ed Misses esate A. Bergen , Hester W. Boyd , Vic toria Hendry and Elizabe th A. Mein- ikheim of Jamaica : Miss Frances Bry- ant , of Seaford ; Miss Jennie M. New- ton , of Baitin g Hollow ; Miss Lucretia .1 . .. ~..- . X)3SA . a? B :3 . In Brookl yn , on 17th June , Ch as. A. H ayes , onl y son ot David and May Po st , aged 4 years and 4 months. • 'Of su ch is the King dom of Heav en. \ Wee p not , mother , for your child , Bo inuomit and undented . On Ida brow s » pure and fair , Tho immortal crown rests lightly there . Christ our Savior lie will see , An gels will his pla v imtes he , And , when this wear * 1 life Is past, Your darlin g you will meet at last. In a home of pure delight , f n a g arden wondrous bright . Where sweet flower * forever bloom And our love survives the tomb. Our darli ng boy we shall sadly miss , All Ids loving way mid !c:i<ler kiss . Hut is il saw the beauty of this priceless gem And removed It to spurlc l c in Ilia diadem. A. K. II. A Woman ' s Discovery. \Another wonderful discovery ha? been made and that too b y a lad y in this county . Disease fastened its clutch- es upon her and for seven years she- withstood its severest tests , but hor vi- tal or g ans were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coug h ed incessantl y a nd co u ld n o t sleep. She boug ht of us a bottle of Dr. King ' s New Discovery for Con- sum p tion and w as s o much re l ie v e d on taking the first dose that she slept all ni g ht and with one bottle has been mir aculousl y cured. Her name is Mrs. Luth er Lutz. \ Thus w rite W. C. Ham- rick & Co., of Shelby, N. C. G et a free t rial bottle at G. J. Klaassen ' s Dru g Store. Political Notes. A Far Western Ks ii orsf - Mcnt. — I his in the quaint and rugged way in which an Ari- zona Democratic iiapur approves U\l- nomi- nation of Mr- Tliun nim for Vie' , - - -P resident: \The next name on tho ticket is that of Al- len G Tiin rman , known all over the I' l i i o u us \th e Noblest Roman ot them All , \ and the ablest constituti onal lawyer , the pn, - < - t. politician in tho Repu blic , and tried and true friend of th e people , in all their en- counte rs with m o dopolist s , the faih ' T-m law of our former Governor K- C Mcfon niok. and the mail who was never know / i to blow into an ything save into his famous red ban- dana. In nominati n g these two ;, 'ood old cooks , th a S t. Loui s convent ion did we 'd. The y will sweep the country and make it cl eaner and t i c - tt- j r. \ The lou t; str uggle at Chica g o resulted yes- terday in tho nomination of a candidate who se capacit y cannot lio denied and who: e public record is free from reproach. Kx- So t iiitor Benjamin Harri son I i .i -j neither tho positive political stren g th nor the positive political weakne s s of either Blame or Sher- man: but this may prove to be in his favor rather than to his disadvan ta g e in the pre s- ent contest. It will he said of Mr. Harrison that he is nominated for his name: that if his g randfat her had not been President of tho Uni ted States and his greatgrandfat h er n signe r of the D e claration of I n de j .c i .d- ence ho would not have been tho eamlida ' o. Hut this is idle talk. Mr. Harrison is avail- able with out referenc e to the honorable positions occupied by his ancestors. In tho nrsl place , lie is a prominent citizen of a doubtful S tate and lie had the -apport of its dele g ates all but unanimousl y, lie has a good soldie r record , bavin;; ^ ' .>ue into tho war n Second Lieutenant o f volunteers ami havin g; come out of it a brevet Brigudier- Ge t ieral. He is a thorou g hly equipped law- yer and he has ex perience as a statesman , having served creditabl y for six years in tho United States Senate. He ha s always acted as a .strai g ht party mnn , and his ho:ie-t y has never been questioned. Moreover , he Ins alwa ys been a practical Civil Service Re- former and an extreme protectionist , and when iu Cong ress ho favored (ax reduction b y tho abolition of internal-revenue , duties. — World—D ^ m. We have no hesitation in recommend- ing Hull' s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re- uewer as a sure cute fur dundr i iii \ . and to restore the natural color of the hair. t' .neln n orlDg O p eration of Mlrd. t . A Now York paper speaks of u couplo of orioles that have built a nest in a tree at Central park . In order that no ani- mal ablo to climb a tree might reach their nest , they built their habitation nt tho extreme end of a li ght branch , and wiien the work was half c j pno they saw ¦ ' that the llttlo house was bending tho branch , so far toward tho earth that when tho houso was full of young ones it would bo so near the ground that dog a and cats mi g ht reach it. Hero is whero the reasoning power showed itself. The birds sat on tho branch stud ying their house for a time , and then flew oil in search of a string. They found some twine in the j kirk , and with it they united the too elastic bouglis to a sturdy branch overhead , ret - umin g their nest building after the string had been firmly woven . Tho branc , .n now e ag onl y to tho limits of thi s clever \ . , , contrived stay, and will not bond far enough toward tho earth to expose their young to danger from catd or other predatory animals. The re are brai t ks it) that engineering opera tion. —Hull' s Jour- nal of Heal th. To Keep Water Cool. An excellent device for keeping the c o ntents of tho water jug cool is to make a sack of e onic strong, c lose stuff , large enough to make n sp;ice of two inches under und around the jug, whi c h space i3 packed with sawdust. Put a string around the jug at the bottom. The length of this string, plus six inches , will bo tho proper measure of tho sack at that point. In the s aru o way the proper measure of the sack along tno curve of tho jug can bo obtained. Tho bottom of the e aok is cut by p lacing tho jug on tho cloth and cutting around , two and one- half inches from tho jug. The sides of the sack ore best made in four p ieces. Sew these p ieces to the bottom and to- gether for two or three inches. Then pack in tho sawdust as far as the p ieces aro sewed together , and make another sewing, eto. The sack must bo sewed close around the handle and the li ps of the jug. Water in this lug will bo cool after an exposure of six hours to the hot Mi n . *-Ati>erfcaa Agriculturist. t T to S u ffolk ( E o untit gte t w . Say v i ie , Town of Is i a - -4 L J VK J. OSH J ^ LAXJ - . /Ot \ A ' . V J Z» _ The Nkws is publish ^ .! every Saturday morn I ti c : :s c i iretul l v pr:al« * *i a l .d furnishes mos prc ^ta h l e . j - nici i i- i l ^ ::.i reliable inlennatieu. TER MS. 1. S' .:t< > c r:p: i. i n 51 r.) ; i- r year . invariaMv in k' .:va:i i? . S: a::!e copies j els. for sale at J. A. > ' :.i:r -r: ' > No i v.nH ' ii i . - ; Kcnr.ua 'i ee a; lhe r ' :-k of th* subscriber , n::lr>» mad- . - by re ^ :s;rre d h-nerorinouevurder. 3- Subscribe rs who desire to ciiaiu r e their P. O. a di l rrss wi' . i send bot h old and new address. 4. T!:j pait - r is >-i;i to subscribers un t - .l an r \ i' \ :! \ e : t o. -e.er is nvched for its di?eontinu:ince . a:: .; a:; payment oi arreara st-s is made as re- q uired bv lav. - . \ • . K e i av iu ber lha! the publisher imist b * no- t:l: - . - d by It- I Ter wh - . -u a sub > Tiber wishes his I > a;-cr s t op iM rd . All arrear ;u;e > ra u st tie paid. ! This pai*er studies lo please and labors zealously for the w-ople of Sa v ville . of Suff o lk county, arai of Leac; Island in general. It has S v:i£ i - ircuial i oii . aud a ^ wa s ; the best I\ e«ple . Job Prin ting. A' . 1 , ma r. -aer of Job I \ r :nt: c^ executed at low prices. S ri i d for estimate * . Address: ALBEKT 1- CHENEY. Editor and 1 ' ublisher , Sayville . Long Island . B rfes © sibr- g est. Soci ety Intel! igence. So;er.;: »e>.x-:e:y. President—«..T. Klaas sen: Vierl ' rrs. ' ie. 'i f— Kev . J. il. 1 ' re sc i UI ; S ecrctarv —A. P. v:,:; 1 > < ¦: : ><• M. I> .. - Tr. a<::rer-l>r. It. h ' . K ' ->;ers: M ent. - r— .K. s f j . b \\\K>.i Es -p : Trustee— K i. \v.« . ;ut> en. Sayville II.*.!; and I-ad c !erl > . W . N. It avnor Ior »: r.aii. Julias Hauser. S f - retarv . Meetin g s firs: Fri day :i: ^ r;i in tb * month. ^i vru i a n ik-uc v olea; b ecie t y. Meets once a jjiou t h. Say r i l le Lou se No. :;x\ I. O. o f O. E. Meets everv Wednes day ev e ning. Juliu s Hauser . N. ii- V. * . F. i >-elase. IVria a r ielit Si-cr . -tarv. Keso:::: rt .r> i !~ eX.. .r. -4 . 1. O . ti . T. Meets is « . ». ' J I r r ap l ar Hall ewrv Friiiav at 7.30. Ed- w ard u n rti.f. T. ; Mrs. F. V. l t ou ^ las , V. T.: \ V :: i . Y . l t v: ; ia:ui:i . S e c retary Ch urch Directory. M-tuo.hs: Epis' . v .pai Church. Kev.T. 1) . Liitle- w>\ i. !>as;..r. Su:;dav s e rvice 10.30 a. v. and7.: * l - . v. Sabbath Sell -Kit 2. M l: M. E. M. I' .niwa . Sap:- Yo ui.:; IV.'p l- js ' mc ct i:: : ; Suudav at 0. 13 in t:. - ' l. - . -et u re it ui'u;. • • •¦: u re - a::o::a ] Cbureli . ib -v. TS. I) . m»l. - is , p ^ s t .T. > ai:.ia > s, rv;. - .- s at !'¦ .« *. M., and 7.30 P. M. S unday Sc ' a. \>rj.r - a. m. Y. 1\ . C. F. S_. S- l. i l \ . M. Wedn e sday e ' .ea ii. ^ lu -aver nieetiu z ?. \ >' i - . . v . *: . Ann ' s Pro ^ estanT Ep: < e .pal Church. Kev. J. ii. l\ - . . s. ¦ ,,; : . i:, -. - t,. r. lews m ; ! i; , c hnrehare Jr~ e. il l are w-:c.>:;:e. Sau. l .r. s ervices at 10:45 A. M. aiai 7:41 ]\ . SI. S; ::. ::. v Sc. Vkd ' . < : ! ; ¦ \. M. !•• :: • •!. l :. - f..mi.- .!. i; r- . - r -: i i ' :. ' . , - . lu - v. ,1, - an S. Cr. - - .>a. - . : service :¦ \ .: » a. M. . J. ' • ¦> \: M. . in J b c I ' - ' .en ' .a n ^ .n. ^ . - - . e\c ' .. ' .n ; : 7 ::i E i^ ii-h. Su'adav £ - .:. \C- . \ -vss . - . -i j : .i\ To wn Officials. Ch:ir > s <;. Sands . Super - , is.i r. Is ' .ip. M' r a. F . l.e, . -; .;s. - . T ou ' ; : ( ¦ J er. -i . Say \ il l e. .T as t : - e- * - f the i ' eae-—Charles . T. S' .rou u . Sav- vi ll e. Cbar i -s C. Sv.r. ' .l:. ls ll p. Set h P.. ' Plait. K.y S!i..r- . ' t vo. F. Waller. P.r - ar wi - \ !. General. TR E ES ! TREE S ! Now is the time to make contracts for t rees. Do not wait until you aro read y to set them. L argest stock of Evergreens , Shade Trees , Shrubs and Vines within ioo miles of New York . E xtra large transp lated Map les , El ms and Evergreens , Silver Map le , 10 to 12 feet , 15 to 25 cents. Norway do 12 to 14 ft 50 cents. Elms 11 ft. 25 cents. All to be sold c heap to close up the busin ess. Farm for Sale. F. H. FOSTER , Bab ylon Margery, L . 1. The Kemarkal>le| Growth of tho Mox le Co. It w a s o nly two an d a h a lf years ago that this Central American p lant , Moxie Nerve Food , fi rst came into use. Now the country is studded with factori es , and its consump tion is marv ellous. At fi r st , c a utious p e o p le were inclined to l augh at its pretensions. Now it is the common beverage of the leading peo- p l e of the United States. To satisfy the public incredulity, the Company offered $5 , 000 if th e y c oul d n o t prove it had r e c o v e red h o p e less , hel p less cases 1 of old paral ysis; hel p l es s men und e r the liquor appetite; invalid women , c om- ' p letely broken with nervous exhaustion until utterl y wrecked ;—cases medicine could not help' That broke the ice. Then it was a flood. There are thou- sands of famili es that use it the year round. It has certainl y p roved to b e the most useful beverage ever p laced before the public , and a great favorite with females. Moxie is sold at Gerber ' s. To Rent , For Sale , Etc. For Sale. 5 acres of land situated on Lincoln ave. For particulars enquire . o f Rout. E. Hon sell , Say- ville , L. I. Wanted. A hostler. A pply to Pearl House , F. R. Sklnuer , Pro prietor, Sayville , I». 1. • For Sale. a quantity oi lone rye straw. 8. P. Onsen •a yviil B ,, ! . I. Take Notice. Tlds is to notify the inhabitants of R ayport Blue Point and vicinity that I. N. s tap R makes to rder. Ladles ' and Gents , ' Ro ys , * Misses ' and Children ' s b oots and shoes ol all kinds , durable and nea t at short notice. Repairin g ot all kinds with neatness and despatch. llubb»r boots heled «ud patched. In fact everything iwrtaln- in f c to the boot and shoe trade attended to. Don 't for u et , I. N. Stage, one.door cast of post office , B a vpor t , j„ i , N. I t. No trouble to call at residence to take measure or orders. Soda Water Apparatus. FOB SALE. —Complete ont-fit for ul»p « u»ing ao<U w» t « r , G enerator. Xubl t App t rat n a for ei ght Syrup. Two Fountains. Jiewly U o ad. All In good order. Will be K>1d reuonible to close out the tr i d a , Addras i • •cmxe \ S m w« . 8»jT Ule , L . I. Z Fire Island Fish Scrap ca n be had of COMSTOCK BROTHERS , who will in future keen a s tock stored In Say- vil le lor their many cash customers. For Sale Cheap. A good farm located among the Rerkshire hills in Massac husetts. Fine fannin) ? country. Good opportunity for the right man. Reason able terms to resjioiisible party. Mi ii ht exchange for pro perty in Bu B olk County. Address A. II. Wildkh , Huntin gton , Mass. » Notice. The Drug business heretofore cenducted by A. P. VauDelusc & Co., has been purchased bv Mr. C. W , Pu tnam , who will continue the saiiie at the old stand. Thanking our friends and c us- tomers for their pat ronage , we respectfully call the attention of those who have had a running acco i ut with us . to please settle same with Capt . U . E. As m u s , who will Ri ve receipt for same. A. P. VanUeinse & Co. Sayville , L. I. ROGERS ' Gillet te ' s Building Sayville , H. T ROGERS, Proprietor. Th » Ftn s st Restaurant In Suffolk Count*. C T FRED . JOHNSON , Fine grades of Timoth y H ay. A gent for the sale of PEAT MOSS BEDDING , Hard Heading and Pale Bricks , FROM THE ESTATE OP C. M. STEW ART , GAEDEN CITY , L. I. AGENT FOR ALSO, DRAIN PIPE , CHIMNEY TOPS , Etc., IN STOCK AT ADVANCE OFFICS, ^ Jt ^ J v Bayport and New York - ft«n« 5SS Sft. « SAYVILLE DRUG STORE. G. J. KL AASSEN , Drugg ist and Chemist Prescriptions carefull y con pound ed. News Dealer , Books , Stationery, and all kinds of Varieties , &c Before purchasing elsewhere , call and inspect our Goons. Mais Stkeet , - - Sattoxe , L. I. AOKEBLY'8 PALACE MEAT MARKET. Mam Street , Say r ille , L. I. PEIME CUTS OF BEEP AND ALL OTHER CHOICE MEATS IN THEIB SEASON. POULTRY AND GAME TO ORDER. Fresh Fish , Oysters and Vegetables. A foil line of Smoked Meats. i HENRY E. ASMUS , SAYVILLE , L. L O S ers lor sale FAEMS. VILLAGE PROPERTY and BXJILDISG MOTS on and neat THE GRE AT SOUTH BAT. U f SURAXCB EFFECTEDJN FIRST-CLASS COMPANIES AT LOWES1 RA TES. 3S T OT.A J E& 5 T P T T BI . IC . THE SATYILLE STEAM Moulding and Saw Mill. TERRY & RAYNOR , Pro pr ' s. (Successors to L H , Gux a , J a ..) A fall line of BUILDING MATERIALS and BUILDER'S HARD E t ARDWARE. White and Yellow Pino Lumber , Oak , Ash , Cypress and Spruce Planking and Timber. g ? \ S ash , Blinds , Doors , B rackets and Mouldings and other Turned Work. Tbose f ih o intend to build will find It to their adraotaee to give us a call. Yard and Mill , - . SAYVILLE , L. L I. r . mrtr. 125 - w. m. k a tx o b. R OBERT MILLS <fc SON , SAIL AND AWNING MAKER S , RIVER STREET , i FOOT MAIN STREET , PATCHOGUE , L.L I NORTHPORT , L. L E » H making ha our special attention. In this we permit no other to excel , either in th « e o t ttss, workmanship qr quality ot goods. We have on hand some second-bind sails which we w fl l sel l a t a reaso nable price . We have a number of sampl es of new and fancy d esign* of domestic and loreura awn ing stripes to select from. Also FLAGS MANUFACTURED TO ORDER. all work recei ve our ^ carerul and personal attention. We also most resp ectfully call your attention to a New Pro cess invented by us to render sails and awnings AB SOLU TELY PROOF AGAINST MILDEW. we wm c carsntee sails to which this process ot oars is appplied to last fro m on* *» thr ee y o aia loa g a r . Should yon sslre anything In our line , would be pleased to reeem actor. ROBMT MILLS A SON. flTTT\PlTmTnIT t as reTOlutlonlied the IN f nil I IIIN » o rJ < l durin g the last half 11 1 1 illl Hull century. Not least amone t he wonders of inventive progress Is a method and svstem of work that can be performed all over t !ie country -without separajln c the workers from t b elr workers from their homes, l ' ay lib e ral ; anvone can do the work ; either sex , voung or old ; no s i>ec!al ability r e quired. ^ 1' ^ la ! not needed: you are started free. Cut ffifi out and return to us and we will s eud you free , some thing of great value and importance to you . that will start tou in business , which will bring you in more money rig ht sway, than anything else in the waxld. Grni <mtfi free . AddreM True & Co. , Au g usts, Main. iZ7yi POTTER & PRICE, Bank Building, PATOHOGTJE Offer for sale and to rent, houses and lands of all de scription — also are p lacing loans on Western land at su p er cent—princi pal and inter est guaranteed by the Middle sex Banking Co., of Middle : town , Ct They a lso give re li able lira and Lift In su raaa Ifc lt i M tf i ii id M iiiiiii i _1 < I EXCELSIOK BOTTLING COMPANY , HAWKINS & WEEKS , Pr ops. BAYPORT , L, I. Manufacturers of Carbonated beverages , sne l as so o a , sarsa parilla , ginger ale and pear eldei All orders promptly exe a ted and goods delivere i free of char ge. In addition to the above w keep manufactured and fresh all po pular tali eral waters In si phons. C V Onr wagons run daily, and families hav only to leave orders with our drivers to ba y them promptly attended to. Private parties should order a little In advan t so as not to conflict with our re gular trade. CLKANIJNES8U , SPECIAL1T1 i i [ R . HOLMES , \ iLL ram or ' \ Rl ^ nlramit nin g and Jobbing, CAJU O AG* ASD WAQOK ttONH O AKD X1KIBHIHO. O BflE- a HOEI M AiPEGIairT. AH BO iI irO a S •¦** » •* am* «MaMlB M. KARSHICK, MERCHANT TAIL O R , G r c-t-i T- s Biodc. Si ijville. L. I, I am no w installed in my new s tore in tlie above block and am ready for busine ss. I respectfull y c a ll t he a tt en t ion o f t he public to tut full assortment of Spring and Sr u inmer Goods. S atisfaction Guaranteed. Sty lish j rarmems and lirst-class w orkmanshi p. h. MUELLER, PIANOS AND ORGANS , Repai r ed and Tuned , T ATCHOGUE , L. I. A \ ;v..rk in : :ir. ' -!iT. • • •!. On;-is !>y mail mil re cr:.r ; - ro!: ' .] ' ; ;iT: -- :j; :. - :i. My patrou -s indu ii etlie iM - i.; j» '.. j i ' . . - in ; his > ivii\n. ir»in whom I have r - i - f i V i ii t!if Ir.i:iif > t t o iimomals. Address L- ili LLti ;. l ^U-L . va c. L. I. \Prof. Maell e r ha ^ done all m ytniiingand re pairin g for mai:y year ? , to m y entire s atis- facti on. I have many I'iaao ? iu stock that a re rented con s tantly, all of 'which he keep? in vase. Shonld an y one • s i ~ h their piano or o r ^ sntaneJ. no lienor opportunity con 'd be ai f orJi-i than that offered by Pr of. Mueller. and I ha ve no hesitancy in recommending hini to all. Geo. M. Aceee t x , Music dealer , Pa t cho g ue , L. L n lew Go ads S E. E. & I. G. AlMn. Walclimali e rs and Jewelers , Aldfick Block , Main Street , Sayville L. I. We now have our store in comp lete running order. Our varied and lar g e assortment ol Watches , I Clocks , Jewelery, Silverware , Optical Goods , and Gun Mat erials , have been selected with es- pecial care and everything in s tock will he sol d at rea- sonable Prices. All silverware purchased of us will be en- graved free of charge . E ^ Kepairing in all branches. Satisfaction guaranteed. B. E. I I. C. AIM , N otice. ¦puTSuaat to resolu tion passed at Town Meet- iu g . tie crass oa the Islands and Beaci c s of the ts*n of lslip, wi U be said at public a netfo a , at the store oi Seth B. Clock , Bay Shore , o» S atcr - day, Ju c e 30 , Uit , at S o ' clock P. at. Terms ' g ^ aH\** l Chas. W, Putnam , Licensed Pharmacist , SAYVILLE , L. I. Dealer in Pure Drugs , Medi- cines , Chemicals , Fancy and Toilet Articles , Perfume , etc. Prescriptions carefull y and ac- curatel y compounded. Sunday hours from 9 to 10 A. M. 12 t o l and 4 to 5 P. M. NIGHT BELL. J. S QUIRES , Manufacturer of the Leading Brands Fine Ci gars and dealer iu Havana , Sumatra , and Seed Leaf Tobacco. Factory at Holbrook , L. I. THE WHITE HOUSE , Water Island , Now open for tlie reception of liM u Par lies and Permanent Boarders. E. O. RYDER , Prop. : COAL [_ CO ALT C. 3 S T : A liP j aiOBC * SXAXSB IK White , Bod-Ash and Lehi gh CoaL Fopulal prices rule. Coal and Wood del lr emd la any part ot the Tilla ge or town. - W tn i sawed and split when de a lred ' T w d a U Offlee Mate W., ¦ k TTlIl *. CIT - A-TXOISr * f f l HE PEO PLE OP THE STATE ' JL of Now York , 1 To Hiram O. Lane . O im rlos X- I«ino , Caroline P * Skinner . Man' M • ' or a i s i. Oiariottu Iteeve i. Ann Amelia W:il!cr s . William IL Lane Howard Lane. K n- . li'i - i - . - s \. Halm , I ^ >uisa U. Bateman , Jo ^ 'i > :i 11 Oiley. Edward II. e Oxlev, Clarence A. O s ley And a ll p e rsons interested in the estate of Daniel e Lane late of the town of l a ' .l p. iu the county of Buff o lk . deceased , as creditors , le gatees , next of kin. or otherwis e. Greetin g: * You an d each ot you are hereby cited and re- quired personally to be and appear before our . surro gate of the County ol Suffolk , at the Surro- . gate ' s office, a t Kiverbead , in said county.ou the Twenty-third day of Jul y 1888 , a t one o ' clock P. It , then and there to attend the judicial settle- men t of the accounts of Kmory p. Lane as ad- ~ jnlnistrator with the wi ll annexed of said Daniel Lane , deceased , and that If any of the persons Interested be under the age of twent y-one years , they are re quired to appear by their guardian , if they have one , or if they have none , t hat they a ppear and apply for one to be appointed , or ln the event of their neglect or failure to do so, a guardian will be appoi nted by the Surrogate to 1 represent and act for them in the proceeding. In Testimony Where of , We have caused the seal of office of said Surrog ate to be hereunto affixed. Witness , Ja j i x s H. Tu th t xx , Surrogate of our said county at Blverhea d , in Suffolk connty, [ t« s.] the Uth. day of June in the year of our * Lord one th o uiaad eight hundnd and Wgnry « «g*** m um ti ti UhM a u li Phelps ' New York and Brooklyn. Boarding Director y. Parties in Sayville and Vicinity desiring sum- mer Boarders can obtain B ame through above a gency. For particulars call on Hjua tY K. Asmus , a gent , Sayville, L. I. Hou s e keeper Wanted . . Central lslip . I 'roin our own Correspondent. Messrs . Hilled cfc Coffin are now oc- cupying their fine p lace. J/ oore & Trinble have a small gang of f ramers at work on ei g ht more houses. The smilin g f aces of T. J. Carlton ' s famil y, is once more welcome in our village. He has a very fine country place. M r. Brady ha s the tank raised that will supp l y the houses with water. — The tank and eng ine house will cost about §9 , 000. Henry Holmes , owing to the in- create of his trade in the dry goods and g rocery line , has to add one more clerk to his list. Me has a thrivin g business on the north and d outh side of the Island. His motto is: Good goods and u nall prolits. Mr. Velsor is rap idly pushin g his buildings along on theAsy luin grounds. He has live out of seven of his large buildings enclosed. Mr. Velsor has a 125 , 000 cont ra ct f o r the summer . which will be done in fi rst-class order. Ho is one of the Kin g of builders. Selden. t rom our own Correspondent. Mr. Roger s preached an able sermon l ast Sunday, takin g for his text \Lot ' s Wif e. \ j l/iss E. Horton , of Patchogue , has been visiting in this p lace for the past week . A strawberry and ice cream festival is to be held at the residence of A. H. Still Wednesday evening. The strawberry season is about end ed. Would had a much larger y ield if there had been more rain. A nice rain is much nee d ed , both for crops Blue Po int. from ouroivn Correspondent. Ca pt, E. G. Clemence htiR purchased nil the real cstuto of his father , Ur. George (Jlomonco , on Bluo Point avenue. A \jur y \ has been culled to seo ahout a road to Uny port depot, for Juuo 2S , between land belon g in g to Thomas Arthur and Ur. Dr. Geo , Clemcuco. At a s pecial meeting of tho Blue Point Ba ptist Church , II. \V. Pniue , formerly of Brookl yn , now a resid ent of l ' atcho y ue , was licensed to x >ron ch by tho members. • You can never know till y ou try, how quickl y a dose of Ayer ' s Pills will cure your sick headache. Your stomach and bowels need cleansing, and these p ills will occomp lish it more effectuall y and comfort abl y th an any other medi- cine you can find. East Setauket - L roin our own Correspondent. Captain Ben Jayne and famil y at o expected up this week for the season. The Rev. Roberts of Port Jefferson exchanged pul p its last Sunday wit ' Rev. Wm. L ittell. Mrs. Henry L yons has been very sick since her husband' s death , with the le- ver. Sh e is up and around again. M rs. Joseph Rowland has been hav- ing a new pump put upon iier premi- ses. A cistern is mt to be depended upon in these dry times. Young Master . l/c l\eon , son of James McK c on , of the well-known firm of Mo- Iveon & '[' odd , of Brookl yn , is at Dan. 13. H awkins ' for his vacation. Capt. Vincent llallock' s schooner is at the dock taking in a load of hav and iron. The latter article comes \ fro m the factory, being old machinery. Mrs. John K unn s reached our lit Co village last Saturday. She has been up the North River with her husband for the greater part of tlie winter. The village school clo s ed Friday . — The rising generation will now have a chance to gather health and >trength and store it up in readiness for anoth- er year ' s work. 'Jlie Principal , Mr. J. Edward s and wife left recentl y to vis- it relatives at Amitv ville. Th e factory is still cl o sed. Rumor says the m a c hin e ry is to start next .Mon- day. Time will tell , if such a report is correct. A number of the emp loyees have left for their homes and a few have found emp loyment elsewhere. — The village has lost some of its iioi.,e and bustle. The horse foot season is nearl y over , and it it well for the poor horse- feet that such is the ease. There were such a raid on the bay I began to think there would not be one left. The fac- tory being idle and school closed , the men and boy s .seemed to have nothing to do but look after horsofeet and ' eatc ' h clams. The strawbery season was of short duration. Xo sooner did we hear the cry of strawberries , nice ri pe straw- berries , and get our mouths all fixed for the luscious fruit than we were told they were all drying up. and it was on- ly b y a lucky chance thai we were en- abled to get a taste to carry over to thf next season. They were it\ ' : > o large nor so nice as thev f ftnera l lv are. La ke Grove. From our own corres pondent. The ladies of the M. E. Church will hold their annual fair and festival this year as usual. In addition to all the other good things. Addresses will be delivered in the afternoon by Hon. Chauncey Shaffer and Rev. A. C. More- house , of New York city. Come and enjoy a rich feast of good things. 1 . Saved— A fine family of children were all afflicted with scrofula. Two died earl y; the rest would soon liaye follower] , but for the timely and per- s evering use of A yer ' s Sarsaparilla , vhich built them up into a he a l th y and vigorous manh ood. 1 ¦ Holbrook- Ma rie Klebisdi has sold to Thos. Webster four lots fronting avenue E. 1 Look at m y fnco and my ha n da—not npimnlo Sach as you saw there some time a ^ o. S s e my fresh cheeks , and I' m getting a diin- l i le , I don 't look at nil like I used to , I know. Hy faoo wn a all blotches—com plexion like tallow ; No wonder the y thought me and called me a fri ght; No one need have pimples and skin gray and callow , If she'll take what I took , ev ' ry morn , noon , and night. I asked tho deli ghted youns woman what she referred to . aud she answered, Dr. Pierce ' ? Golden Medical Discover y. It is the best beautifler in the wo rld , because it pnriiieB the blood , and pure blood gives good health , and good health is alway s beautiful. £ 500 reward offered for an incura ble case b y the proprietors of Dr. Sago ' s Catarrh Rem- ed y.

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