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TH E LONG ISLAND TRAVELER S. H. S. Defeats Bridgehampton For Second LeagueVictory Winning Streak Stopped at Three as Greenport Triumphs In a closely fought contcst all the way. Southold H i g h School Anally came through with a victory over Bridgehampton on the latter's home court last Friday evening by a Bcore of 26-22. The win was a sweet one for Southold for it was the first time in four long seasons that the local boys had triumphed over the \Brldg- les.\ Again It was team play that stood out and not the work of any one Individual. Every member of this year's squad is a good shot and that is the reason for the increased ef- fectiveness of the team on the of- fense, and why each game finds the •••»•»•»•» • f t Sports Spotlight Southold Bowling League SOUTHOLD YACHT CLUB Bennett-Mullen Combination Teddy's Sweet Sh«p Stops I. M. Young Winning Streak Phil Mullen was the sensation of the sweepstakes at Recreation Center, Oreenport, on Sunday. Averaging 178 for five games (33 pins over his sea- son's mark) he beat out Jimmie Oagen by 96 pins to cop first prize. His team- mate, Charlie Bennett had dropped 883 pins in the afternoon to fall 85 pins scoring of points divided up between a^ar^^S^, ^ \ S l S mark for the tournament. Jmmie Oa- Phil Weckesser Trio Shows Marked Improvement all of the players. Skwara again starred on the defense, breaking up plays under \the enemy basket and expertly handling the ball. Southold again proved itself a second half team as it did in the Hampton Bays game. The score at the quarter was tied at six all and at the half Bridgehampton held the advantage 14 to 10. Southold's second half spurt accounted for 16 points while holding the opposition to 8. Saturday night's game at Oreenport was a dilTcrent story. Suffering a let- down after their hard game of the night before the \First Settlers\ never really got going and were easy prey for a fighting Oreenport quintet. The final score was 32 to 18. Oreenport had previously been beaten by Bridge- hampton by a one-sided score. South- The I. M. Young boys had a golden gen had an average of 159 with one opportunity last week to climb within 201 game thrown in but Phil kept his striking distance of the RepubUcan steady pace and refused to have a club, who has been leading the league poor game, bowling over 889 pins to for many \moons but after a wln- glve his team a combined average of njng streak of 10 games last year's l''\'- champions were stopped cold by the The race for third money was Just rejuvenated Teddy's Sweet Shop. BUI as exciting. In the afternoon, A. Raflford had boasted what he would Blaschach had rolled 858, \Hummer\ jj^ against the great I. M. Young team Prince 881 and \Possum\ Thompson and Bill was as good as his word for 839. Teddy Parashes was \ ^ o ' s \ ^e dropped 528 pins to give his team partner and everyone looked for the the first two games of the match. If number, one bowler of the Southold captain Teddy, whose first two games Bowling League to come through. He igo and 194, had not fallen down fell down, however, as did Bill Rafford m the final game, the I. M. Young who was \Hummer s teammate and boys would have suffered a three game Oeorge Stelzer who was teamed with setback, for they only won by the \Possum\ averaged 170 to insure his n,atter of three pins. Teddy. In the team the third place money. BUI fl^al game, only bowled 137. Shelter Island, 2701; ! Southold, 2694 ' The score tells the story. The first,vv Smlth°\ 160 Shelter Island-Southold bowling fracas q Cochran 147 of the season was one of the most exciting matches in which these two teams have engaged At the close of 150 frames rolled by each team only seven pins separated the two combl- J. Bednoski 141 nations. Southold won the first game L. Kroeski 153 by 22 pins, lost the second by five F. Thompson 149 and lost the final game by 24 pins.' The winner was not assured until the two anchor men had bowled their fi- nal frames. ^ Teddy Manlkas of Shelter Island 141 168 171 434 BENNY'S TAVERN 480 452 174 ISO 106 443 430 I. M. YOUNO Sr. CO. 165 Greenport High Loses to Riverhead O. stelzer 158 struck out from the\ sev7nth\fram\e in Oagen 155 Westhamjj^ton at Greenport Friday the final game to give his team the necessary edge. Bill McDonald of the winners was the big pin packer for the eveniryg with a plnfall of 585. Charlie Bennett held up his end for Southold to average 190 for the match and have the high plnfall for the losers. This match was a tough one to lose and now puts the two teams on even Another even split was gained by terms for the series of games they O. H. S. by its own victory over South- have bowled. The match was rolled old 32-18 and 28-9 on Saturday after on the Sunrise Alleys, which Is really losing two to Riverhead 30-19 and Shelter Island's home alleys. The next 30-13 the previous night.- Oreenport match In the series will be bowled kept on even terms with the fast Thursday evening of this week at Re- stepping Blue and White quintet for creation Center and the Southold boys three periods but Bob Bums and Jeff feel that with the added advantage of Czernowski shoved four through the being \at home.\ they will turn the hoop in rapid succession at this point, tables this time, to give the league leaders an edge it' never lost. |HELTER S ISLAND In spite of its losses in its first C. Bennett 174 158 151 Riverhead Choral to Present jj^ \H. M.S. Pinafore\ 174 Following the success of the pcrfoi- 170 mance of the Mikado prcscntod la«t year by the Riverhead Choral Society, the Junior Oarden Club Is ftgftln spon- soring this group in a Oilbcrt niW Sullivan production The choicc fa» jgj this year's presentation is Pinafore, oTie of Oilbert and Sullivan's most popular 410 operettas. Tills year, as last, the per- formance will be under the dlrcctfon 170 of Edna Kaler Wilson, who has al- 165 ready shown her remarkable capabih- ties. The production will be staged n> 487 474 TEDDY'S SWEET SHOP W. Rafford 202 139 P. Mullen 144 157 T. Parashes 180 194 ord\iTtum nosed'out'^BridgeiiampT^^^^' on, yoi;;ig:\a7 a\resuIt\\of' thls 'los^' yet in Saturday's game Oreenport had two games behind the Republicans. no troubleiuuuiu in11 stoppingji.v/t/H\i5 Southold.-^uvi.,.,,^. J u . i . -Dill.- The Postal Department, which has in saying t h a t ^ u t h o l d was \not il^ been coming through with their share } to snuff,\ we are not taking any-i i.™ \Jf \ j . ^ ' \ .\\Ji of wins in the past few weeks, kept nr»»r,n/^rf In thMr bowlcd In the aftemoon, had one of „ „ thing away from Oreenport in their i'o'vc'ITnH \P « the victory march with a two out well deseired victory S^though the . of three win over the Phil Weckesser win column of Coach Tuthlll's boys iplo in the match last Wednesday eve- Is not Impressive, they have been the ^f^'Phl mnnL\^ r h / ^ L Although Phil's boys lost the victim of many tough breaks this sea- J\®\®/' match, they showed a marked mprove- son, which, if they had gone the other .K-v it VP w ment in their bowling and should be way, would have told a different story. \ causing plenty of trouble from now on. southold plays at MattltucTc on Frl- u thl With the substitution of Alec Blasch- day night of this week In the third T^tn ach on the team, they have a bowler ' next one, which will be held at the „. _ ...,,, .' _ ^ two league games, Greenport is far from out of the chase, for now it returns to its home court and, unless we're wrong, watch them go! West- hampton plays in the Port gym this Friday—next Friday Sag Harbor. Two games In two nights were a bit too much for the \gym-less\ Southold quintet, who were somewhat weary from their spectacular victory over O. Dickinson 184 W. McDonald 193 J. Plcozzl 154 T. Manlkas 143 W. Treadway 145 159 202 181 164 182 203 190 115 202 184 819 SOUTHOLD 133 E Dlller 193 888 894 Bridgehampton on Friday. No doubt C. Bennett 180 the return game will be a closer con- L. Dlckerson 168 league game of the season needs to win this one to stay in their i lofty perch at the top of the league standing which they now hold. Al-, though Southold has won its two ^ league starts so far the boys don't want, to view their spurt with any undue | overconfidence for the championship | Is by no means \in the bag,\ nor Is Southold favored to win the mythical title. It Is a long jump from \Just anoth( r team\ to the top of the heap, but If the boys will just go on playing the game they are capable of, recog- ' nltion and proper ranking will natu- rally follow. SOimiOLD end of the season I C. Bennett 883 P. Mullen 889 II 1772 C. Montgomery 968 J. Oagen 793 III 1761 P. Thompson 839 O. Stelzer 851 who will never stop trying, no matter what the score, and will give plenty of encouragement to the team. The Yacht Club - Benny's Tavern match was nothing to rave about as the scores on both teams were not up to par. The Yacht Club trio came through with a two out of three vic- tory and stayed tied with Teddy's Sweet Shop for sixth place with 19 wins and 26 losses. Benny's Tavern are now at the 500 mark with 21 vic- tories and 21 defeats. « O. F. P. H. Booth, rf . 1 0 2 P. Ostroski, If 2 2 6 J. Ostroski. c 3 2 8 A. Dlckerson. rg 3 0 6 E. Skwara. Ig 1 2 4 10 6 26 BRIDGEHAMPTON G. P. P. L. Cavagnaro, rf . 2 2 6 L. Grubb, If 2 2 6| J. Robinson, If 1 0 C. Stewart.c 3 0 6l T. Fahy, rg 0 0 0 P. Brennon, Ig 0 0 0 G. Greene. Ig 1 0 2 9 4 22 1 OREENPORT H Clark, rf 4 1 9 R. Wells, rf 1 0 2 R, Amott, If 2 0 C Dimon. c 4 0 8', J. Buckin, rg 2 0 4, F. Messollne, Ig 2 1 D. Pemberton. Ig 0 0 15 2 32 SOUT'. jLD 1 H. Booth, rf 1 0 2 . P. Ostroski, If 0 0 C. Grattan, If 1 0 J. Ostroski, c 3 1 7l A. Dlckerson, rg 1 1 3l E. Skwara, Ig , , 2 0 4 8 2 18 1 IV 1690. H. Oagen 783 W. Smith 902 1685 ^ Industrial Bowling League SUNRISE ALLEYS, GREENPORT BUSINESS MEN G. Oing 153 V. Oaffga 138 H. Thornhiil 191 169 144 135 188 172 157 F. Prince 881 W. Rafford 801 I 1682 VI A. Blaschach 858 T. Parashes 818 482 448 517 EAOLE HOSE CO. S. Rouse 149 201 151 J. Nockelin 166 206 167 M. Price 168 190 139 test. The box score: OREENPORT O. P. P. Amott 1 2 4 Clark 3 0 6 Dimon 1. 0 2 Buckin 1 0 2 Messollne 1y 1 3 Don Pemberton 0 0 0 Doug Pemberton . 1 0 2 8 3 19 RIVERHEAD Czernowski 3 0 6 Washick 0e 1 1 Bergen 3 2 8 Burns 51 1 1 Kobyllnkl 2 0 4 Conklln 0s 0 0 13 4 30 T. Parashes 167 163 178 180 180 182 151 166 211 161 1 8 1 526 490 POSTAL DEPARTMENT C. Oagen 150 148 A Oagen 140 149 W. Williams 182 153 472 450 PHIL WECKESSER J. Shlpuleskl 143 140 A. Blaschach 150 171 J. Oagen 142 185 435 496 430 LEAGUE STANDING W. Republican Club 31 I. M. Young & Co 29 Postal Department 26 L. I. Traveler 25 Benny's Tavern 21 Southold Yacht Club 19 Teddy's Sweet Shop 19 Phil Wecke.sser 7 841 883 870 INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE STANDING ! W...L. R and H. Brewery 33 3 Budweiser 29 10 Variet Trio 27 12 Ooldln Furniture Co 27 15 Bee Sandwich Bar 25 13 Esso Oas 26 13 Eagle Hose Co 24 15 Yanks 24 18 Business Men 22 20 Thre Clubs 19 23 i Nick's Barber Shop 18 21 | Socony Oil No. 1 14 25 A. and P. Tea Co 11 33 i Three Spade 90 3 Socony Oil No. 2 633 . | Three Duces 63 3 i Southold Bowling League Highest Individual Score for one Oame F. Thompson and C. Cochran —237 Highest Individual Average T. Parashes — 175 Second Highest Individual Average C. Cochran —168 Highest Team Score for One Game I. M. Young & Co. — 640 .. . the Riverhead High School Auditorium on February 11. The success of Pinafore and its pop- 187 ularity are well deserved for It con- 149 tains some of Gilbert's most clever 137 sallies of wit and some of Sullivan'e most sparkling m e l o d i e s . Certainly 473 wherever the English language is spoil- en it is one of the most popular c4 182 comic operas. 168 The performance of the Mlk^, 121 which was so gratlfyingly received last year was given In concert form. How- 471 ever, as Pinafore has a comparatively brief score and as the delightful dla- J34 logue adds so much to the enjoyment 151 of the plot as well as Ita delightful 145 melodies, it will be given in Its entirety. At the time Pinafore waa written enlistment in the British Navy war considered a great honor and carrlM with it considerable dignity. For Gil- bert and Sullivan to dare to compose opera whose hero was a \lowly sailor,\ whose heroine an \exalted captalra's daughter.\ at the same time pokirtg fun at the Commander of her \ l a j e s t y ^ ship Pinafore practically involved lese ma- jesty. The rollcking sea dttties which are sung by Little Buttercup, the Cap- tan. Sir Joseph Porter, Dek Deade'yt. the other members of the cast and thf chorus have been heard and will I* recalled and enjoyed by everyone L. 14 16 19 20 21 26 26 35 Bowl For Your Health -At- RECREATION CENTER Front St. ' GREENPORl TeL 695 JULIUS SCHIAVONI. Prop. JOHN H. MORELL Dodge • Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Cor. Sonth and First Sts. GREENPORT, N. T. TeL Greenport 86 CONSISTENTLY f o o d COFFEE 1676 VII L. Davison 812 A. Oagen 835 1647 VIII C. Oagen 787 W. William 826 1613 IX F. Robinson 700 L. Dlckerson 839 1539 E. DUler 819 J. Shlpuleskl 661 1480 MAT-EITUCK TRIMS SHELTER ISLAND Mattltuck High School's basketball 'squad inaugurated the league season EASTERN SUNRISE Friday night at Shelter Island by BASKETBALL LEAGUE winning two games. The varsity de- feated the Shelter Island H. S. first Weekly Schedule January 21 Southampton at Sag Harbor January 23 Mattltuck at Bridgehampton East Hampton at Westhampton 483 597 NICK'S BARBER SHOP N. Martocclo 150 150 J. Dlller 128 136 H. Bubb 182 179 460 465 BEE SANDWICH BAR , F. Barth 150 150 Ed Macomber 173 172 E. Dlller 125 201 455 150 164 124 438 150 I 155 I 170 1 448 523 R. & H. BREWERY W. Hudson 175 W. Blnkis 157 A. Binkis 175 167 172 152 475 i 175 124; 184 I 507 491 483' YANKS R. Foster 140 E. Baker 122 B. Mullen 186 141 127 190 171 209 185 ! team in a nip-and-tuck contest by a I score of 32 to 28. The Mattltuck \sec- londs\ ran away with their opponents 122 to 3. Tomorrow (Friday) night, the .Southold H. S. squad goes to Mattl- tuck for a league contest. 448 BUDWEISER R.-MacAslan 148 I. Barth 146 J. MacAslan 178 458 565 219 158 130 14T 2431 212 \Bowl for Your Health\ Four of Best Alleys on East End of Long Island Open for Clubst Parties, or Team Play Recreation Center JULIUS SCHIAVONI 310 Front St. Tel. 695 GREENPORT Home Alleys of the SOUTHOLD BOWLING LEAGUE JAN. 25 7:30 L. I. Traveler vs. Phil Weckesser 9:00 RepubUcan Club vs. Postal Department JAN. 26 7:30 I. M. Young & Co. vs; Benny's Tavern 9:00 Teddy's Sweet Shop vs. Southold Yacht Club 472 ESSO OAS T. Flore 163 E. Macomber 150 J. Oagen 158 508 602 104 150 178 160; 150; 140 471 THREE CLUBS L. Pollock -. 215 O. Hudson 150 C. Bumble 172 512 450 THE SAME DELICIOUS COFFEE EVERY DAY—MORNING, NOON OR NIGHT. THIS NEW Automatic ELECTRIC COFFEE ROBOT GUARANTEES ITS RESULTS. Not just another coffee maker but a fully automatic coffee machine that can'f fail in making clear, uniform coffee every time. See it today at our nearest office. 134 177 178 157 17S 185 537 A. & P. TEA CO. H. Pirillo '-63 T. Orosbour 154 W. Foster 159 489 520 130 171 181 476 482 GOLDIN FURNITUaE CO. O. Goldin 150 ISO J. Kaplan 168 142 A. Ooldln 175 151 151 1S« 163 470 150 159 138 4S4 443 SOCONY OIL NO. 2 M. Litter 100 W. Harris 121 B. Watson 103 100 115 103 104 73 no 333 376 330 1. Put cold wittr in tn«(«l urn bafor* con- nocfing cur< rtnt 2. Put coff** in top bewl. C<r. opirito with rogulfr ground or drip coffet. ). Cloi* vtiv* in back of Urn. ^ PARIIRWAIII ^OBO r DOES THE REST LONG ISLAND LIGHTING COMPANY

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