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Republicans Endorse Macy's Program For Water Protection ( Continued Irom Paprc 1) discussing tonight. Savings can be af- fected In a g r o w i n g county only through careful planning for the fu- ture. We can learn only by looking at counties similarly situated. West- chester Is now forced to go outside of Its territory for water. Westchester can get a supply elsewhere. We have the opportunity and advantage of con- serving our supply for our own and future use by taking advantage of the law. We can salvage our situation. There simply couldn't be a greater economy than looking after the future prudently. It can be done by careful action. \The Democrats want us to .succeed least. They set up the original water authority under a rather cumbrous law In order to sell water to New York City and transact business. They placed the Instrument in our hands. It Is curious that they should oppose It now. Lot of Drivel \We hear a lot of drivel against the water authority, and we know where it comes from. They say the Republi- cans shouldn't use the instrument that was given to them. Their strategy is to inflame Republican against Repub- lican in the hope that they will be able to divide our strength. \We all know that something con- structive must be done about disaster when It hits. There must be a gen- eral plan and guarantee by competent persons. Such a plan to restore the beaches was presented to the board which appropriated funds to obtain it. The plan came back, and finally with- out argument it was rejected by a vote of seven to three. \It Is not a queston of spending, but what you get for the money. Spending may result in great economies \Who is most Interested in us not meeting the crisis? The Democratic Party. Their strategy is to divide those upon who must devolve the care of the county's interests. It Is Just on a proposition of this kind that we can be weakened, that we can lose out. Committee's Duty \The county committee, as a whole, if In control of the Republican em- blem, the Eagle, In the entire county and in its subdivisions. Our commit- tee owes its allegiance in a party mat- ter of this kind. We only want to see the county progress. You elected me many years ago. I have served earnestly in m a t t e r s affecting the county. My interests lie here. I want to see the county progress \When opportunity came to obtain $3,000,000 to $3,500,000 In PWA aid, and the services of a competent consultant who said he could arrest the beach sit- uation, this aid was not accepted. The Republican Party has the ability to take care of the situation. It had the guarantees. Are we to fall in this matter? \On both questions there is not the slightest chance of our opponents tak- ing an open opposite position. If we don't perform they'll blame the Re- publican Party. They'll have the is- sues, and they'll ask that we be thrown out of authority.\ Will Lose Business Sheriff Jacob 8. Dreyer pleaded for favorable action toy the county board, and said that the big town of Brook- haven resented the action of one sup- ervisor who was elected in a town that had only as many voters as Brook- haven iMd in one election district out of 35. Brookhaven an^ Isllp will wo^:: ry about the loss of business If some- thing Isn't done about beach restora- tion, he said. While millions have been spent In other sections, not one dollar has been appropriated to make the c ^ u ^ U t n c e s of the people t>n the bTOche» hftDpter. \Another supervisor doesn't want the riff-raff from the city. The wealthy people have been getting the best %nd Of the taxation stick lor a long time. They are, however, willing to have the rlft^raff pay the taxes for the fine highways,\ he said. \We must see to it that tlie beaches are Improved and made tax-bearing. You can't hold the Atlantic by planting sand bags and pine trees. I'm afraid we'll get hurt from money that has already been spent. We say that the members of the county txmrd are county officials and that they must consider the wishes of all the people and of all sections of the county, and not only of their in- dividual townships.\ Others Speak County Judge L. Barron Hill, Dis- trict Attorney Fred J. Munder, Sur- rogate Richard W. Hawkins, Harry Prussner of Babylon, William L. Clay- ton of Smlthtown, and others spoke In support of Mr. Macy's efforts. Supervisor Sharp told of flying over the broken beaches. \Many object to; a roadway on the beach, but we don't,\ he said. \We want to see the beach developed with a parkway and a bridge at Smith's Point. It wouldn't be like the parkway on Jones Beach. This parkway would be under county con- trol. We lost 1,000 houses during the storm, many of them on the mainland shore, from water rushing across Mo- riches Bay. No better plan has been presented than the one by Mr. Moses. Wte hope the other towns will come to our help.\ East Hampton Opposes After stating that the committee- men of East Hampton met and dis- cussed the water and beach problems from every angle, Town Clerk Richard Gllmartln informed the meeting that a resolution was adopted opposing both and supporting Supervisor Perry B. Duryea. \We have a good many miles of ocean front, and we also were very hard hit,\ he said. \Montauk had more physical suffering than any oth- er part of the county. Now we find new high winds and water make It unwise to build again In some places. We are in sympathy with beach pres- ervation, but not with boulevards. \We are also In sympathy with con- serving our water resources, but we know that the State can seize It by right of eminent domain if we have, or If we don't have a water authority.\ Mr. Macy, in reply, told Mr Gllmart- ln he was glad to hear the objection and added that some of the officials should have consulted with him in or- der to have the opportunity of ob- taining an explanation. \Your posi- tion does not answer the question,\ he said, \and I believe East Hampton has not yet had the fullest opportun- ity.\ Southampton's Opinion Emerson Raynor, speaking for the Southampton members of the commit- tee, also declared that a meeting was held, at which time it was voted to support their Supervisor in his nega- tive vote on the problems. \I am not an engineer, but if we are to be subjected again to September 21 conditions,\ he said, \we may have to abandon at least part of our beach. We cater to the wealthy people, we gain our living from them. We must have protection and w e want our beaches back. We believe our county engineers are well equipped to restore our beaches, and build roads.\ CapiUlize on Action It was also pointed out that an art- cle in a newspaper telling about a threatened purge of supervisors who didn't go along with Mr Macy's Ideas, inflamed the townspeople. \Of course, the newspaper doesn't speak for the Republican Party,\ said Mr. Macy. \That is the sort pf thing I cauUoned you agahut. Their policy la to divide m rtrmgth. \On the other hand there Is the possibility of capitalizing on the re- cent hurricane. There was much un- favorable advertising as a result of it, but through a program of rehabilita- tion we can restore confidence in ouf Caches.\ Water Question tJounty Attorney Edgar F ftazleton wa;s called upon to explain the situ- ation regarding the water authority and told of Its being the great Issue In 1935 when a record Republican Board of supervisors was elected after Democrats had attempted to sell wa- ter to New York City by means of their Water authority. He said he was called to East Hampton and ev- ery other township to speak on the question. East Hampton elected Sup- ervisor Duryea, who admitted the Im- portant part it played In his election. He also told of the Republican board creating a new authority for the pur- pose of protecting water for present | and future use of the county. \What happened?\ he asked. \The next thing we knew our water author- ity was hamstrung. \Under Amendment No. 1 of the recent constitutional changes any wa- ter authority will be prevented from functioning unless It has the funds to operate. If we don't get funds by 1, there will be no barrier the city from .seizing our January to keep water.\ City's Steps The county attorney related four steps which prove the city's Intent with regard to Suffolk County water. \First , they prohibited additional pumping In Queens County; second, they bought out the Jamaica Water Company, which has lines in Nassau County, from where it would be a simple matter to tap into Suffolk; third, Nassau County asked Suffolk County to cooperate with It against city aggression In this respect; fourth, the fact that the State Water Com- mission has actually advocated the en- trance of the city into Suffolk for ad- ditional water.\ At the conclusion of the discussion Mr. Macy told the committeemen that he is perfectly willing to fight Demo- crats but that he should not be called upon to battle Democratic arguments within the Republican Party. Resolution Adopted. Mr. Clayton, leader of Smlthtown, offered the resolution calling for en- dorsement of the two proposals and of Mir. Macy's leadership. The resolution was seconded by Harry Prus-sner, lead- er of Babylon. The following vote was recorded: Brookhaven, 70 votes in favor; Baby- lon, 40 votes in favor; Riverhead, 18 votes in favor; Isllp, 58 votes In favor; Smlthtown, 14 votes in favor; East Hampton, 16. not voting; Shelter Isl- and, two, not voting; Southampton, 28 votes against; Southold, two votes in favor, 24 absent; Huntington. 18 votes In favor, 34 absent. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Locust Posts for sale. Any length or size. John H. Conway, Southold. 12-22 FOR SALE:—Five Varieties of Cab- bage; also Turnips, Table Beets and Carrots. Julius ZebroskI, Peconic. 12-15-2t* FOR SALE:—Christmas Trees, Price $1 up—no deliveries. C. W. Booth. 12-8-3t FOR SAiLE:—Rhode Island Red Cockerels, 5 and J lbs. F. T. Wells, Southold, Telephme 3814. ufn For Sale:—Poles, piling, cord wood, fireplace and stove lengths: sawed, split and delivered on order. Howard M. Terry, Southold, N. Y., Tel 3402. 12-l-38-8t* Let us build you a home in Norwold on a 5-year plan. 3 M.> % interest, small monthly payments less than rent. Dickinson Real Estate, South- old and Cutchogue. ll-24-4t* WANTED >VANTED—Warm room, and board for an eld«rly lady. Address B, M. C., care Traveler Office. 12-l6-2t WANTED—All kinds of tractor work, sawing wood and removing fallen trees. Frank J. Miller, Peconic, Tel 3757 3et-lM0-3a' We still have plenty of toys, tree ornaments, Mazda tree sets; also gifts for all your friends and relatives Hochhttiser^s Main Strett GREENPORT DO YOU WANT LUXURIOUS COMFORT QUICKER HEAT CLEANER HEAT STEADIER HEAT NO FURNACE WORRIES LOWER FUEL BILL LESS ASHES GREATER CONVENIENCE MORE HEALTHFUL HOME UNIFORM QUALITY FUEL Let us prove to you that LOST LOST—Wallet containing large sum of money. Reward offered. Joseph Gradowski, Peconic, L. I. 12-22-lt* [OPPERS :OKE JOHN H. MORELL Dodge - Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Oor. Boath and r i n t Stt. OEBINPORT, N. T. TaL OrecBport 86 Joieph L. Richey Speaker at Custer Mr. Joseph L. Richey, an official of the Amorican Telephone & Telegraph Company, was the speaker at the meeting of Custer Institute, which was held at the Institute quarters on Sat- urday evening. Mr. Richey has been a member of the Institute for several years, but has been unable to attend recently for the reason that he has been delivering a series of lectures for the past two years, and his travels on this mission have taken him far from his home office in New York. Realizing that Mr. Rlchey's paper would be of exceptional Interest, the Institute had as guests for the eve- ning a large group of the officials of the Radio Corporation of America from the great Riverhead Station. Mr. Richey discussel in great de- tail the analysis of sound, illustrating his remarks with sound films and with excellent phonograph records of ex- periments with sound. With the same facilities he demonstrated some of the difficulties which have to be overcome in long distance transmission of speech and of radio programs, mentioning in particular the greatly increased ob- stacles presented by musical programs. He explained at length the necessity for booster stations employed on long transmlssslon lines and demonstrated the method of arresting the sounds which travel rapidly so as to keep them in step with the slower moving sounds. The paper was an excellent discus- sion of a highly Involved aspect of our great radio broadcasting Industry. Following a delicious duck d i n n e r which was served to members and guests, the Institute gave an enthusi- astic and unanimous vote of thanks to Mr. Richey for his valuable con- tribution. GEO. H. RILEY JAS. M. 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