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GREEN WICHJOURNAi - SALEM'PRESS Page 14 . Thursday, September 8,197? farmers sell atí|iiÉÍgt; Vi* •^ëverW arëa reàidènts-^ j .farmers ^cReï^teiniT actively ;'P#> '•• #*vepB were a pari of thr i ihW fìlftria _ market -when it^&^ustte- JiçipatijigJiL ..j- ;-'T?rwiat>tJT)r>t>'»v,Tnnn> , Men and wo^en iiow empldyraenl^«dsered; ■ by ' social security should lie , benefits are intended to ■ be only a'partial replice- f meht . of ; p ^ “retirement : earnings, John Whelan, ^ district; tta^ag# for ¡social ■ security» announces! 0 I'oi' e&ampte> Social 1 seciifit^jf^reiiient ,beii^ ^fiia Will replace libbiit 44 ' per cent of the pre-retire» _• ment earnings of a 65- year-old worker who has had avei-age: darnings of , about i&,000 a year. If this worlier has a 65-year-old , wife, theft their combined retirement benefits will amount to - about two- thirds of~pr6-retirement earnings, Mr. Whelan added-.- - ' . •. . The replacement rate' for higher paid workers is somewhat less, while the replacement rate for lower paid workers is higher than that for workers with median earnings,. To assure sufficient • income to maintain • a person's ' pre-retirement . standard of living* the worker should plan well in advance of retirement to supplement his social ' This can ~»be._ done - exempr- amount, for 1977. ; ' ■■ Additional information . about social security cán Be obtained at the Glen?. Pal&äocial security office; ' located at Quaker Villàge, Glens Fallsi fails > ■narkety i John' McKernon hasn’t missed %;MmU felling a: trpcl|i loád c»f known Gopse Island po- _ tatbfes. Bill Stevens Butternut Ridge farm, and Étanld Roíase both take in a variety of produce, and arepllasedat the demand for it; •' VA offers loans , the planning Stages*. The' ; ¡npait-pf agnb^s^essmett* ; lie {hem was ipvaluable insetting up the organiza- ¿ JRóuseíjoiüpd. during the summer of 1976, and has been an entbusiasiSei^ipporteir ever-smce ■t .. ' , Community service wili, be the ^ GleiÄ E^s Fa^èr’s market on .September TO. Area or- gànizatiôns and clubs be special discoufttt and feature items for all senior —citizensuthat day r--— «- Brenda Ferrie will demonstrate the art -of making wreaths, gar­ lands, and centerpieces from ¿ones. Randy Rose will provide live music.' Produce continues to be plentiful, /- no waiting : i^fe^fsflàheï’is zharket 'is located on the Exchange street mall, rigbt äciöss from. W oolworth’s 'and s Falls/ It operates Greenwich, :sÄ '‘iö^WGS^ ----- < T^ftesidents I of Washing­ ton county who are at least 60 years of age, and their spouses1, regardless of ages are invited to attend lunches sponsored by the Nutrition for the Elderly of * -Washington^' ^jS|nty \ ^ 0 ^' grain. ;T. ,V--'' '•! $ NEWCfQ #aeafe are served at 12jStJp.ni. lithe follow ing locations: Button hall, Salem, Mon­ day and Tuesdays; Argyle iiesbyterian church .on m e n u s \ %tter Ins, I m t t Ä ^ s s h e d W jW fr., ' kés&Sèpteiriber 13 ¿lfced ..>í*k ,tomato ^th; mftÿiônnEuse, 'Wednesdays, St. house, Thursdays muffin, lemon pu&^o », ^ ^ e d j > $ » n g . - ■ W ednesday, September chini, sca llo p e d potato ru g r a t in r \ d iiiireir rollr c h e e s e / turke^ s a i | i , orange, jello with oran- buttered p eas and carrots, gettps. ; cranberry juicey-w h o le M e n u s su b j e c t to wheat bread, spice-raisin change. . Veterans seeking loans to meet higher education , expenses this fall will get a new deal from the veterans administration if they act quickly, VA Administrator Max Cle- l^nd, has’ announced. Mr.- Cleland moved to streamline VA’s student loan, procedures by order- ■ ing.-the preprocessing of loan, applications from veterans. ■\ ,-v But, he said, “ the key to making sure the stu­ dent receives his loan promptly is the veteran himself.” * VA will make loans of up to SI,500 each aca­ demic year to qualified veteran students. The agency“ hopes to eliminate the usual 30-day. as soon as ,the school tells us the student »S in . class.” Two conditions must be present in order for a ■ veteranto-qualify-fGM -VÀ- studenit loan: —The veteran must demonstrate that bis es-, sential ,expenses during the school year will be greater than his income, and, —He must have been turned dovm. by the banks in the area, or- the school must certify- that area, banks .are hot making • student loans. Veterans who plan to apply for a loan may cohtaict the nearest yA «P- ..................... about their ..programs, what they offer, and how the* public :;ca£ benefit from them. There, will also into-Óètoberv No closmg date has been set- fet,. since it ;^i|l depend on the amount oï produce available pnd the weather.. • — i;Réáervátions-I¿re-r&\ - questíid. .They may be made by calling the site, Mpday* Septexnber 12 Beef .átew with- fresh carrots, potatoes, onions, IW p i B rr I» the futute, ion-powered rockets might travel ! 100,000 m.p.h. I, A n n o u n c e m e n t s WE WOLL BE C1UDSE» for Vacation September 22 through October 2, Journal Stationers, 108 Main Street, Greenwich. F o r S a l e DOUBLE SNOWMOBILE W a k M S e r v i c e s through savings, invest- waiting nerind b y process-, __ _ fn. __ — - mmnni ___ —TRAIlER-for-Sale, 9 - -Eock . -^lofficier-or-tKeir campiir- . . . ,, . m e n ts, insurance, and Other income protection .plans..Income from these other sources wi0 have no effect on benefit pay- ments, Whelan stressed. Only, income from work ing a veteran's ‘loan application as soon as ft is received and. prior to notification from the school' that^the student Uniy, m alfêcts has, in fact, enrolled for classes. , “Under the new pro- cedure,* ’ Mr, Cleland said, “we wiB be ready to issue the loan papers m s m m m & m m otPueitd Ried m S*Hiu*n VrBili W dly o f San ¿tun was originally named Puerto Rico, benéfit payments and then only if the . v?orl<er*s earnings- exceed thè- annual earnings T s s ä h i ta s i ■ PHOTOGRAPHY BY felLL GALLAGHER Grit 5x7 99* Offer expires. Sept. 30th M*tyP«îsh ofSáraíog* Springs Hours 5 to 4 Closed Suns. - For information cat! 602-7021 BERNlE’S GREENWICH INN Í$-Maíft-St,r— ----------- 6r«*nwiGh, H .Í. THE ANNEX Open dally for lunch. Available for four small banquets, showers, Call 692-9167 for reservations. financial aid officer with any questions about the VA student loan program. Early applications are essential • if the student wishes to have the loan available without delay once school starts. Fair winners named Animals,, bicycles and fire extinguishers were among the prizes awarded to area individuals at the Washington county fair tibisjear^ Imcky recipients included: Randy North, Argyle, who won a calf feem- Eastern Artificial Insemination cooperative; 1*. Kaiser of Lake i&zeme, an Appaloose colt, from the junior horse depart­ ment, and Betsy Quinn, Williamstown, “ Mass., who won the pig given to benefit the poultry bvuld- Hmg fund. William Sebasfc of '.East -Greenmcli do- isated the ; ! ■ ’fir' c#RIEZIR NessleBrosrM ROUNDS OF SEEF • 50-65 lb. Ave, (Roasts, Steaks, Ground Round & u S fe w B « !) < .9 9 l b . LOINS OF BEEF - 6 0 -75 lb. (Sirloin, Porterhouse, T-Bone Steaks, Hamburg) U.19 lb. RIBS OF BEEF - 401b. : (Rib Steak, Rib Roast. Short Ribs, Hamburg) J g J _ CHUCKS OF BEEF - 50 lb. ht. ‘ 7 (Chuckt. S & Roasts, v Ground Chuck) Sjgjj It). \Xocated 5 Mi. South of — , ^--iGreettwich^ ^on County Route 74 _ ©penB-5 Mon. —• Sat. Call 1924311 Fri TilS .Awards made on chil­ dren's day were! bicycles, Kyle Stewart, Kory Karp and Sherry Greene, Greenwich, and Taylor rndsrstm , Esstinrr aalsrKenaeth- Way, Argyle; Debbie Meyers, Shushan; Kelsey Karp1___ and Stacey Greaves, Greenwich. v-. * * The state police gave a bicycle to Gregg Wood, -Fort-Ann.-A ehaigii- given lefit-thfr- farm-mU\ seum, went to \jean well table, sav^ 4' spike tooth drags, trultivators on wheels. J,D. dump trailer (All for Garden tractor). Call 592-2392. J()HN DEERE 34 Corn Chop­ per for -Sale — tike new. Robertson Brothers, North Road, R.D, 2, Greenwich. Fhftne 632-7630, , SMALL PLATFORM Scale for Sale. \Weighs up to _ 450 pounds. SSO. Schtieible. 692-7960. OUR-MEN’S '•Bsttsiin Shoes in UheJasettiCTt SaH\ Is still going ott. A good Wellfg^ibti Boot bfWolycrini w*s^2i,SS, now S 14.95, is a Very good buy- Other discontinued styles in casual or dress. Pratr's in. 'Greenwich. SELECT SEASONED ftARB* WOODS, Oak,- maple, beech, hickory, etc. Sgllt and round wood mixed. 16\ or 24'* lengths. Priced from S|§,95 per fatjfe ¡cord, in quantity. Please call 753*4402 for pur location and details. CHRISTMAS M S ARE f t Come and make your selesctlon&iarly. Western Auto Store, 8t Main Street. Green­ wich. 692-7042. STRUCrilRAL STEEL ~ 3/8*‘ 1 1/2” reiflforfing rods. Stone Bridge Iron & Steel, Gansevoott, N.Y . Phone -69S-375&-------- -- - — A L m n ™ . 4 . y i i m , ING *- Stotm windows aid doors. Over 20 years exper­ ience. Free' estimates. C#U George,fitfist, Schuylerville, N.Y. 69S4566,. FAS1ILY TRIE CI1ASTS, I7” x22’% S3,00 plus tax and postage if mailed.„Journal Stationers, IQ8 Main Street, FßMALE KOOMMATE Wanted to share: a 3-bedrbom A frame in Lake George area* Two batbs/ twa-car* garage. Fully furnished. Call John Robertson, 792-1147,9 a.m. to S p.m, for appointment. A u t o m o t i v e 1970 PLYMOUTH FURY HI convertible coupe for Sale. 2 door, 318 V8, automatic; power steering, power brakes, AM radio, new battery, good show tires. Good condition, S375. Will dicker. Call 692- 9481. 1969 BODGE Heavy duty % ton power wagon- lor Sale. Four-wheel drive with plow. Air conditioning, AM radio. Very good condition, sum . war dicker, cwt 692^9481. R e a l E s t a t e HOUSE AND 4 ACRES of Uj\d for Sale, Cali 854-3182. BEAL ESTATE When selling .or buying see Bernice B. Rich, Broket* Salem, N.Y. 5i8-8$4-3361. HOUSE FOR SALE — 35 Cottage Street, Greenwich. Living . room with fireplace, “\dining room, den, sun porch and kitchen., down. Three bedrooms and full bath up. Two-car garage. Call 692*2995 w 692-7964 for evening viewings, , Household F lo r e n c e co m b in a t io n Kitchen Range for Sale. Gas and oil, with oil barrel,-holder and approximately 30 gal. kerosene. Very reasonable. Call .692-2526. DOUBLE BED wfth frame and headboard for Safe. Antique LOST 10-week old male kitten-. Dark grey with .white feet, white around nose and mouth.-twQ-vvhite-spots—on underside. Wandered from 22 Hill Street,, Greenwich on August 30. Reward. A FRAMED PICTURE bf a Saratoga racing \scene was accidentally left at the Green­ wich car wash Saturday', August 27. The picture means a Jot to me only because jt was a gift. -Call collect anytime, Cindy Reynolds, 212-758-0505. . Reward. W o r k o r H e l p CARPENTER or Subcontrac­ tor Wanted; Contact H, LaVeme Davis, Cambridge, N.Y. 677-2722, f ' Part Time. The Schtiyler Dairy Bar. 695-9276 or 695*3001. »O0KATOY* GIF! PARTY Genen»» Hoateaa Awards DEMONSTRATORS ALSO NEEDED, 0ver400newc*ttao»t. wantedltem« For farther tnfomutlon, write SANTA'S PARTIES BoxP, Avon,Conn. 060Û1 OR Call Toll Free l.SöOf.243-7606“ F o r R e n t TRAILER FOR RENT - Teacher preferred, 2 bedroom, completely furnished.-Call week ends 854-9380. FOR KENT - In Greenwich, front apartment, first floor, three rooms and bath. Heat and hot water. Elderly people preferred. Harry Howard, Tel. Salem §54-3588. FOR RENT — In Greenwich, 2 bedroom duplex, VA baths, w/w carpeting. Refrigerator DANCE AT THE STUDIO, 89 Main Street, Greenwich. Creative Movement for young —chi Idrenv'BaHet/Pointe, -Modern/Improvisation, Jazz, Tap, Daricerise. Also Tae Kwoft-Do, Judo, Yoga Classes, Open house/Registration/ Performances: Saturday, Sep­ tember 10. 1:00-5:00. Free -Performance in Mowry Park, Greenwich at 3:00. Phone 692-2727. EXCAVATION, Bulldozer, Dump Truck and Loader work. Pond atid Cellars dug. Roads, land cleared, and demolition. Phone 692-2014. ‘ CEMETERY MEMORIALS - SEALMARK ROCK OP AGES monuments, markers or letter­ ing. Robert C. Norton, 3 Vifljisii W l , fliiiPllft, N.?, Phone &92*287f, Repre* senting H.G. Gafhtll Memorials. FURNITURE STRIPPING ~ Calf 692-2778 week days after 3 p.m. Week ends anytime. Attic Treasures Antiques, Middle Falis, N.Y. BRING YOUR HIM? to Us — Prompt, professipnal service by Cap-Tan Color Inc. Journal Stationers, 108 Main Street, Greenwich. CHAUFFEUR'S LICENSE PICTURES Taken. S^rry, no passports.. On Premises only. Call Journal Stationers, 692-9290 between 9 and 5 daily. OPEN — Jack and Jill Nursery School, Thursday and Friday, starting • September 15. Kenyon Hill^Road. Call Caro­ lyn LeGrys, 677-2721. TORN -FREE HOURS into ready cash and do your —ehristmas shopping whole­ sale. Call 692-7239 for more information. FREE ESTIMATE on forced air *or hot water heating systems. Stop in or call .692*2291, Agway Petroleum, coper Route 29 and 40, Greenwich, PLUMBING & HEAttNG Service. William Smith, 5 Rock Street, Greenwich. Call 692-2888. WEDDING INVITATIONS and ' Announcements r— Everything you1!! need in stationery for ihe wedding, the reception or the anniversary party. JoaififiT Stationers, 1 # Main Street, Greenwich. 692*9290. Complete llneofdozer, backlwe and damp track work. Septic. ayit«mi Installed. Gravel,'sawd, topsoir, fill and cement gravel delivered. John t Pitts * Contractor Black Creek Hoad, . Salem, N. Y, 854-3039 tireenwich, 692-9290. N.Y. 12834. e Sales PENNY PINCHERS LAWN SAIE r— Sat. & Sun., Sept. 10 & 11« Ï0-5, Rain or shine. .Meader Roadr -Jrd house on ripvf^' Between K g N plaza arid Agw'ay Petroleum. Some- • ihiagiM — Skellie, East Greenwich. something for. everyone* Prize’s ¿.from the Tri- county Fite Protection organization included fire extinguishers for Jane 'Webster änd Mrs. John Armstrong of Hudson Falls, and a. 16-foot firê ladder to Griffith Thomas, Granville. -Y •. Special awards,went to Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon J. Hewlett Jr., for outstand­ ing service to the fair, and to Henry Robertson of lEast Greenwich, -who saved his eouain’s life earlier this summer,. The Howletts were given a plaque and a lifetime membership in the Fancy Feather Breeders club. A certificate and cash award, were given to the Hobert- son boy.' . f YARD SALE — Saturday and Sunday* 10th and 1 Ith. 10 to 5. 49 Washington Street, Green­ wich. Baby item’s, clothes, dishes, tools and much more# GARAGE SALE — Friday, (Saturday, Sunday, 9 to 6.HaIe maple table with six chairs, square oak table with server,. ' stands, oak chairs, miscel­ laneous. Cast iron pqt belly. stove.' Take 372 3 miles out; of Greenwich. Watch for signs at 14-corner house. Corner Cambridge-Battenville Road attd Old Cambridge Road.; RIDICULOUS garage sa l e - 5^ - to -$5.ijr Saturdays,: Sept. 10. .Nothing, over $5J10- . Everything must go. Double' bed frarrie; linoleum, dishes, tools., sleeping bag, bird cagix^electrlc motoi; for , circulating water in swimmihg. pool, 5 gal. cans, records, hooks, much more. East Greenwich. t single bea with frame, metal typewriter’ table, Wall mirror. Call 692-9319.. BLUE LUSTRE Rinse-N-Vac now available at Town and Country Stores, Main Street, Greenwich ror Maitj Street, Cambridge, L.P. GAS' APPLIANCES *- ' Sales' and Installation, Ranges, ' Wjter. Heaters, Dryers. Agw'ay Petroleum Corp., Jet. Rts. 29 & 40, Greenwich. 692,2291, TV & RADIO Sales, Service, Parts — Zenith TVs, Radios, Record-Players, Tape Record­ ers. Also Records, Acces­ sories. Peltier's Radio Shop, ‘ 83 Main Street, Greenwich, 692-7033._ r EARLY YICTpRIAN Mahog- any4'drawerChest of drawers. Matching ihirrdt. $100, Schneible, 692-7960. aini'Tftnve inulùd«dr tJafam-- ished. $170 a month. Security déposit required. Available September II Call 692-9302. VILLAGE OF GREENWICH — 6 roam hoijlse for Rent, 4 bedroonjs, large living room. Stove, refrigerator, electric heat. $300 -a month -plus utilities. Security deposit. Schneible, 692-7960. 2 NEWLY REDECORATED single apartments in Village of Greenwich forHenU Available after September 1. Adults, no pets, References required. 692-7401. • _ APARTMENTS - • Salem Vil­ lage. 3 bedroom, * heat. 1 bedroom, all utilities. 854-7800 evenings. MODERN 4-BEDROOM Ranch style, housè for Rent- Overlooking thè Battertkill. Donald Skellie, 692-7339. ‘ BuckhoeWotk Sm*il Boxer Work Septic Tanks Cleuied andlnatalled Bolldlng k)ts for S*le Dump Truck Delivery of Gravel, Concrete Gravel Fill, Top Soli R O N A L ' r G r s r a r 692*7401. WEDDING PHOTOfiRÄPHT ^ . ANDRICK STUDIO Callrfowfóryour apprintment »6 yofrcan get the finest In wedding pictures, Hooslck Falls 686*4561 Hotpoint Appliances Sales & Service Rt, 40 North Éeénwicli 6á2-228l à Modern3-Bedroom All-Electric Kitchen — One Mtie from Greenwich , GREENWICH ASSOCIATED . CRAFTSMEN, INC. Professional Craftsmen : 74 Hill St. , 692-2405, Greenwich Custom Homes - Restoration - Commerctal RuHding CompIéteRemodeling Service ; Poured ConcreteFoundations . Specializing inFIreplaces, StoneandBrlck Masonry CONVERTING YOUR HOUSE TO APARTMENTS?: X - CONTACT T H | t ) t K R I S One Contractor For Complete Construction 692-7962 .

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