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'7- -GREENWICH, NEW YORK - THURSDAY, JUNÉ'Ì7 1977. 20 CENTS concert, How can Three show set mind eoiild fint ajty fâutT the weather of the past week, ». Sunny, mild, à touch of rain: it- wag perfection, The thermometer at the weather station manned by the sheriffs depart­ ment in Salem broke one morning, so thé 'high went nnfieeorded? The other extremes were: e A commputy cpnc^- will fag |eid Ih.thie pal!fc.: next tp St. Paul-? ; cop^ churchy. Main street». Greenwich fiiesdsty. ,7 p.m, TPeter Piou4 .music May 24 May 25 >y26 May .2,7 May 28 May 29 '■»♦•May 30 84 -84 74 76 84 75, 57 53 42 48 38 40 42 teacher at GÇStivilÎ lead a band, of high sehópr. seniors and community members at the free concert. Persons who wish to play id the ban<$ a®‘ asked to attend a.'.. re­ hearsal Monday át 7 p.m. at the high school music rooih. In conjunction with the- musical program, the Lions club will offer fresh strg^berry treats Begin­ ning at 6:30 p.m. Tickets fbr ijie strawberry festival inay! be purchased in advance at Mesick's In- ;'stance, agency, Pratt’s Clothing store, orrftsm any lions club niemberr They, will also be available at the festival. Should it rain, the concert and strawberry festival will be held ^Wednesday at 7 P-m. Those planning to at­ tend may wish to take chairs or blankets, as seating will not be pro­ vided. woman Arvilla, ah intimate portraitof alocal 64-year- old woman farmer facing insurmountable odds in a field dominated by men, will be ^televised on channel 17 Sunday, June 6 at 8:30 p.m. ' Frail-looking but tough and stubborn, Arvilla lives in the old slaughi£rhouso;., on O’Donnell hiUr-iack- son. She’is portrayed )» a film by Michael Marion of Buskirk, producer of thè film Stonewall Joe. With Arvilla narrating the program., Mr. Marton offers an unusual and penetrating look at the' status of women in rural America. Arvilla’s herd consists^ of 32 Jerseys and Guem-V seys which she milks with a milking machine, a process which takes her two Hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. Since she owns •no other machinery and no land, she is forced to buy grain in the open market, Her mills is sold according to strictly regulated fed­ eral guidelines. Squeezed between inflationary pres­ sures and lowered milk prices, the financial side of her existence has worsened steadily. She has .had to borrow money very often at exorbitant interest rates. “I couldn’t go in a bank and borrow five cents,\ -she explains. “I am too small for one thing; ! am not big. I am too old lor another thing and I Km a woman and I think that has an awM lot to do with it.” AmlJa-GresbedLhad a sheltered chiidhood as th$ daughter of a wealthy factory owner. She at­ tended college, married ‘ and held several secre­ tarial positions, before, the birth of her son and her subsequent^ divorce. Fol­ lowing her father’s death, the family estate was wiped out by the depres- 'sioitr'anct with- the-little- money she received,.she investecji in a farm. Her son, George, had become interested in rais­ ing a few cows and heifers and Arvilla felt that the purchase of the farm was the start he needed, But George was drafted, #^--lieans~wlth \¿¿ter 'Stijte Denim, ’n Dairy days , will be p resented at - Aviation mall in Glens Falls, Monday, June 6 through Saturday, June. 11. An annual salute to the dairy industry, the event is staged hy Wash­ ington county Farm Bur­ eau in cooperation with. Washington county Ex­ tension service. Displays will -open. Monday- with.. . live activities'scheduled Thursday through Sat­ urday. Thursday evening» June 9 square dance music wilt echo through the mall. Featured performers will ’ include the Merry Mo- chine, commercial fer- . tilizerdisplayy model famr and a nutrition booth. The committee _.in charge includes: Brenda Seacord and Eleanor Inline, co-chairmen, Rita Thygesen, Carolyn Beaty, Jim McCIay and Peggy Wento. Salem dies in William and 'Valerie Morrison of Salem were killed m a fiery head-on collision Sunday night on route 5«, town of Fine, S€. Lawrence county. m a y get * help on homes married, and left the area “It was1 up to me to either go on or sell out,” says Arvilla, \but by that time 1 had fallen in love with the cows.’* After \several years of “working the farm alone, she was unable to keep up the payments to the hanks and_ cattle . dealers, and she lost thefarm. She kept the cows, however, and rented bams “ to park her cattle” in order to sell Selleck and the_ Country Squares and the Square- B-Cats under the direction of George Kelly. A Friday ,evening high- ' light will be a strolling fashion show with Wash­ ington county 4-H mdjte, Saturday afternoon w S p.m., area celebrities will be initiated into the fine art of milking hy county agent, Pete Harrington. Two events are planned their mUfe,“her öBly^öurce— for ehildïêH. A live cow -of income. She has had to ' and calves flanked, by wffl! move several times during the years which put an enormous financial and physical stroin-oa her. _ “I couldn’t Begin to tell you all I ’ve gone through/’ she says. I mean it’s fantastic and you look at me and you say, ‘What are you? A moron? -or -what?!’ To think that any human being would be so — I don’t know what they call it — stubborn!” Michael Marton spent two years making this sensitive documentary. Much of his time was spent working with Arvilla in the barns and fields and talking with her about her work, her cows, her financial problems as well as politics, the economy, -and-books,- Mr.. Marton found his portable video­ tape equipment an asset as he could record Arvilla at work, on a one-to-one basis, the camera follows her as she goes about her back-breaking chores, caresior the animals she loves, and seeks help to survive. a live goat and kids will be »week end mall guests. Fantasy land, an intrigu- - ing- walk-through^a-milk- carton, will be a week long exhibit. Farm Bureau women will serve cow shakes and offer cheese samples to shoppers fh y r s d a y through Saturday Ex­ hibits during the week will include a milking ma- The Washington county energy conservation, and ...winterization project- is seeking applicants who will have weaiherization work done on their homes. Weatherization work may involve installing home insulation* storm windows and doors,, re­ pairing, refitting or re- placing of broken win­ dows. ' Project directives re­ quire that highest prior­ ities he given to persons over 60 years of age. However* anyone may apply. All applicants are subject to income eligibil­ ity requirements 'estab­ lished by community sendees . administration. Gross income of all household members’ is considered for eligibility purposes regardless of the source of income. There is nd financial obligation- on the part of eligible appli», cants. ■ All applications and inquires, are welcome, Project1 employes .are work&g t o . service as many homes as possible before the 1977-78 heating ’ season. Persons interested in applying for project serv­ ices may write or tele­ phone Washington county—- Economic Opportunity Council, Inc. 122 Main street, Hudson Falls. improved? Merchants and other individuals involved in business in the village of Greenwich have been invited to an informal .-dinner meeting with the mayor and board of - trustees Monday at Bernie’s Greenwich Inn. The get-together will begin at 6 p.m. Reserva­ tions are to be made by tomorrow, June 3, with Cecil Chambers, village clerk. The future -oK-Green- ' wieh is the topic.of the meeting. Mayor Samuel Starteri-, and the board, hope to hear ideas on ‘ improving the village. couple crash Also dead is Donald D. Pledger, 32, of Water­ town, driver of the other vehicle. According to state police, Mr. Pledger’s car swerved off the right side of route ‘58, crossed back over into the left-hand lane, and struck the Morrison vehicle head-on. The Morrisons’ four- wheel drive vehicle burst into flame. They were trapped inside, and ap­ parently died of severe bums. Five Irish- wolfhounds were -in a fiberglass camper attached to the couple’s vehicle. Two of the dogs died. The other three .were taken by a witness of the, accident, who planned to return them to the Morrisons’ relatives. The Salem Footlighters will present Deadwood Dick tomorrow. night, June 3, and Saturday night, June 4 at 8 p.m., and Sunday afternoon, June 5 at 2:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Salem central school. Tonight, Thursday, June 2, the Salem Senior Citizens axe invited to attend a .dress rehearsal performance. Music for the play will be furnished by the Salem Sound, Jack Abrams, Dick Campbell, Bob Potter, and Mary Emma Camp­ bell, who also appears as Piano Annie in the play. Refreshments ^ill be on sale ghiring the intermis­ sions, in charge of newly- crowned junior prom queen, Stacey Fraser.' A- large, pumber of people work in the pro­ duction of any—play, besides those'Whom the audience sees on stage,. Curtain, and lights for Deadwood Dick will be operated by Scott Durkin and Chris Fraser. Makeup and hair styles will be done by Lura Dunigan and Bpriiadette Banks, who will also.appear on stage as a Hatcheteer. The set, designed by the director, Robert Merriman,. and built by Jim Sheldon and a talented hard-working crew. It has special painting effects done by Don Trachte, who also appears on stage as the sheriff. Mr. Merriman, the assistant director, Marie Buck, and the technical director, Kay Tontasi, coordinated' the show. Ç. i i # - “ f - Í has new historic display ncliide nkhite; ity His- Where in it? Cards of Thanks Churches ........ ......... Classifieds ........ « — Editorial Features ,., 4-H News.. Letters. . . . . Sports . V icin itie s - ArClidale . 14 ..9 ,16 .. 9 . . i l .............11 0 .. 12 & 13 12 & 12 14 15 15 ...... io .10 & 11 Bald Mountain .. Cambridge..... Cossayuna Eâstott:— . . East Greenwich . Fort Edward.,.. Greenwich ., 2-3-4-5-11 Rupert_..^ .... 14 Salem ^.... 6, -7 & 11 Sehüylervillé . . ......... 12 Shushan.... ' ......... M “Sôiîthreambîidge . . 1 2 WestHebroii,. — Iß There is a new addition to the foyer at the Washington county office . building in Port Edward* A display case has been placed there’ by the department of informa- tiori, tourism and historic . preservation. The case will be used tò display items relating to -thè culture and history of Washington county, The firàt exhibit-is being shownnow and is entitled Factory‘abd HandWpven, ‘ Blankets ' andrCoverlets^ from Washington county. Several items of parr ticular interest include a blanket woven at- the- Eagleville Woolen- ttÉT and another from the Cossayuna Blanket fac­ tory; linen towelsr multi­ colored coverlets; check -a candlewick and weavers’ .tools, i, Exhibitors include James E. Croi Washington county torian Mildred Southardr- Shushan Covered Bridge , museum; Stella Bain, and Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Brillon. This exhibit will remain until July S.-The advisory council on historic preser­ vation will plan future exhibits; suggestions to them would fee appre- hiatoicfcal soéietiëàÿ and collectors are invited to exhibit their itenis îôr’ & six week period. Future exhibitors : may contact Sally Brillon, di­ rector öl the Washington coûnty departmënt of in­ formation, tourisrn and reserve au=space-*on the calendar, Four men sentenced 8» in court Four area men received jail sentences in Wash­ ington county court last Wednesday. Terry LaMay, 28, was sentenced to ten months- in jaü in connection with a larceny at the home of William Morehouse in Hartford on March 28 and 29 Mr. LaMay pled guilty to a felony charge of burglary, third degree, and petty larceny, Warren C|ccotter Salem, was sentenced 60 days in the county jail in the sainé case? He was ' also given-two years’, ten months’ probation. John; J. Scott, 26, of “pled guilty to driving while .ñnto^i- cated¿ a felony. He was given five years' pro­ bation, during which timé he will not be allowed to drive. ^ Raymond Magee, 19, of Hadley,' w # gfven Jive months in jail -for grand third degree,. & felony* _Mf, Magef^pled^^.gntfty to a toceay v - the YMCA: camp ;in Fort Ann last November. Apparently, both Wil­ liam, 30, and Valerie, 29, worked at Some Place Else restaurant in Green­ wich. They were not related toother Morrisons in the area. It is'believed that Valerie had an uncle who owned a camp in Gouverneur, near the site of the accident. -The- couple also had relatives in Syracuse. Miss Danforth’s painting shown Miss Élizabeth Dan- forth, a student at Wash­ ington Academy, Salem, is shown with her paint­ ing; Dânforth Homestead, Houte 30,-Vermont, which was hung recently with a selected exhibition in -Albaay-. -- - ------- The painting was part of the New .York state high school arts display which was shown in thé legis­ lative building, Empire State plaza. The picture now hangs in the school showcase» Eîlizabeth, a senior, is -the -daughter of Mr^and Mrs. Clifford Danforth of East Rupert, Vt. Unemployment Down Unèm^îjôyment coa*, tinueÿ* leí decline in WashttfioîHïotintÿv It- was 9i5 per cent in April,*», down from lO.SJta March; Sheriff Clyde M. Cook announces that Wash­ ington county has been accepted ift a state pro­ gram which wift..hglp_Ws • departmenV aixange. new -' services at the county jail, A grant from the state commission of correction will pay for the program. ..It includes training ses- siona'in Albany for local officials. Undersheriff Thomas Durkin and Jail Superintendent Harold Spiezio Jr. are shown, at right, at â recent session. Stephen C.hinlund, “Tïhairnàan of the correc­ tions commission,'and Nancy Sheldon, an advisor who is. working with local personnel, are~~ also sholvn. • •' Ms. Sheldon wilt assist in starting new. services . • \< and programs at the Salem jail, and will help de-velop community awareness of jail oper­ ations.. Specific plans were formulated at a recent two-day session in Al­ bany. . ' Education? recreation and vocation programs at the jail will be improved through the grant. - .

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