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The Greenwich journal and Salem press. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1969-1978, October 21, 1976, Image 13

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, , :t Fifflirtey, Maty E .j 36 Lower Oak, LB, House Unc, 92 x 88. Bd. N '& E h y Havens, S by SchuyletfSt., W . by Oak St. $226.01 . Hamilton, Wesley; 2 Eliz S&L, 75x100. Bd. S bj K B Line, E by :Matthews, S by Hamilton, W \ by St, $511,05 , \ Hamilton, Wesley; 7460 Eliz St„ Trlr,Pk, 75xlOO.Bd. Nby -Hamilton; E by Matthews, S by Meader, W.by St. $717.39 Hobbs, Hermann D, & Flossle A.'f 17 Hunt Ave., H L, 50x400. Bd. N-& E by Meader, • S by-Gordon-, W by Sukala. $196,54 Holmquist, Glen E. & Jessie L:; 27 L, Oak St., H L Shed, 150x50, Bd. N by Lundgren, E by St.,IS by Varney, W by ' Belden. $206.39 Howard, Clifton F. Sr. & Cora; 33Wright St,7390, H L/2 & S', -66,165. Bd. N by •White, E by Havens, S by LaBombarde, W by St, $412.77 Hmniston, Earl; Ft. Miller E. Rd„ HLGT, 1 A. Bd. N, S & W by Rasman, E by Rd. $329,38 Keiuser, Janies; River Rd., H L, 79x55. Bd. N, E & S by Aronson, W by Road. $116.24 LatterelU Hubert E. & Janet; Lott St., L, 60 x 66. Bd. N by ‘Cronquist, E by Dickinson, S by St., W by Lynch. $127.75 Ledda, Florence; 10 & 12 Thomas Ave., DHL, 100x150. Bd. N tsy St., E by Havens, S by Inglee, W by Larowe. $157,28 1 Mosoir, Philip, Mrs.; 93 H H Hudson St., V L, 45x120. Bd. by-Williams, W by Street. $19.67 ( McQuain, Lloyd E. & Beattlccf- 8 Olive St, H L S, 50x150. Bd. N by Yarter, E by St., S b y Gunn, W by Bronk. S324.2& ■ Oddy, Ernest T.; 3 Eliz. St, H L, 110x50. Bd. N by Meiiiex, Eby St., S & W by AiWnitr5275.18 /d Pertyj. Cerievifivej ‘A 32 ft 34 KlASefa St.r H I & D G, 123x50. -M. N by Edgerly, E byD&HyS by Jpnes Bennett, W--by'St.S343._95 ‘ Randall, Thomas & 'Ger­ trude; Burgoyne Ave., L & H Unc, 125x220x75. Bd. N by Bbycr, E.by-Rdttetti, S by-St., W by CoWn/Ffsh. $226.01 Simpson,' Margaret'S.; 7457 JdhriSt. Brf./WL G, 75 x 200. Bd. N & W Is ^ f lh f lin . Eby SI., AlleW.-KS4.8r''' ^Stolr&v’Ift^ifi <!, ^ 'B x r 1 ba»;-Ft. Mllfep MK)n,Jff .5 A,'Sd.-N&'Tfe by Carpenter, S & W by Road. $249.50 ‘ ■ Tucfcef; ‘Petty;- ‘Port Miller e : Rd.. land' H-Unc.. 13 Bd. M by Tuhk^r, E hy Sanders, S by Road, W by Bardin $293.85 j\ Varney,- Ekrtbthyl Durkee- towtiRd./Fafffi, $.5 A. Bd. N byiu«Mcci?fE bV Wfefcsj Sfby MacCaulcy, W by Rbird. sra.ig . - \ • ' v Wltlfcup, Cecit D. & Thelma; 30 Wight St 7393, H- L G, 125x50. Bd. N & W by Meader. E by St., S by Walklip. 5206.39 Walkup,' Cecil D. & Thelma B.; 30% Wright St., Cellar & L; 58 x 125. Bd, Nby Walkup. E by St.. S by Sweet, W by Meader. 598.25 Whaley, Barbara E.; 2 Thomas Ave.. 890, D H _L G, 57x1-15. Bd. N by St., E by Whaley. s,5 by Inglee, W by Peterson. $275iljB Whaley, Barbara E.; 4 Thomas Ave. V L, 56x128. Bd. N by St., E by LaRowe, S by Inglee, W by Whaley. $29.48 White*. Mary; River Rd., Res. Ld. til., .5 A. B'd. N by Sute, - E by, Road, S by McLaren, W by River. $622.13 LEGALNOTICE VILLAGE OF GRANVILLE inthe TOWN OF GRANVILLE Andrusi JohnHolmes Etal; Mettowee St., Apt., 2 7/8 A. Bd. N & E b y St., Sby River, W by Braymer. $2063.23 Andrus, John Holmes Etal; Rte 22, lot, .25 A.' Bd. N by Starks, E & S by River, W by St. 5(53.87 Andros, John Holmes, Etal; Mettowee St., tot & Apts, Vs A^ Bd. N by St.\ & S by Berkowi.tz, W by River. $1955,14 Bernardo, Etnest; 2 Potter Ave’.,,Res., SO x 60. Bd. N & E by. St„ S & W by Bernardo. $269,19%. Cary, Gary L, & Jessie; 48 Mormon Ave.,Res., 60 x 90. Bd. N-&' W' ty St., E by Fragfibli, S by Sttich. $109.34 Forcuccl, , Joseph A.j 65 ChuteVTtes/Lot 5&9, 120 x 200. Bd. N by Forcuccl, E by Kasuba, Paul M . & Gladis; 25 FartW 'Sfci Res., 80x128 Irr. !Bdl ^ by River, Eby D&H RR/Sby Scbtt, W bySmetno. m .h ^ -v ' , ’ ■ „ Lewis, 'Raymond J.; 32 Pottet Ave., Res., 50 x 200. Bd. by St., E & S by Lewis, W by Hicks. $355.66 Murphy, Mrs. James P.; Montray, T.S Lots, 190 X 100. Bd; N by Lewis, E & S.by School, W by Everts. $42,25 O'Brien,James E.; 14 North St., Res„ lQO x lOflJBd. N by Munson, Etoy Williams, S by Bro'die, W by St. $474.55 Randell, Kenneth P. & Nellie Raye; 52 Church St., Restaurant, 70 x 100, Bd. N & W by Bernardo, E by St., S by School,$366s47. Shevil, Gabriel; 4 Burtis Ave., Res., 60 x 100. Bd. N by St., E by Shevil, S by Corp N, W by Dwyer $139.52 Troy, James P.; Montray Blk, 5 Lots <34, 35, 36, 37, 4 Lots, 25 x 110 Each. Bd. N by Jones, E by St., S by Everets, W by Parks*; $193.55 Tug Development Corn; 23/25/27 Male, Res., 70 x 140. Bd. N by Street, E & S by School, W by Street. $334.05 Tug Development Corp; 7/9 Pacific, Res., 70 x 120. Bd. N & E by Rathbun, S by Street, W by Hughes. $344.87 Tug Hill Development Corp; 61 North St., Res., 50x100. Bd. N by Eiwell, E by St., S by Troy, Wby D & H RR. $113.33 Tuttle, Wayne W. & Joan M.; 3 Rogers, Res., 60 x 100. Bd. N by Barrett, E & S by St., W by Cathcart. $323.24 Van Guilder, Ernest L. & Ernest E.; 18/20 Glen Ave., Gar. & Shop, 100 x 40. Bd. N by Murphy, E by River, S by Gotta, W by St. $117.90 Verny Properties; 54/56 Main St., Block, 36 FF. Bd. N by Race, E by Barrows, S by St.. W by Allen. S288.43 Waters, Kenneth A. & Linda; 9 Pearl St., Res., 60 x & H RR, S by Lalbus, W by St. $236.78 Watters, Clarence & Flor­ ence; 4 Court St., .Res., 60 x 120. Bd. N & E by Van Derminden, S by Rathbun, W by Court. $193.55 Woodell, Patrick H. Bar­ bara; 6 Pofter Ave., Res., 50 x 165. Bd. N by St., E by Hace, S by Swaninger, W by Woodell $280.03 LEGAL NOTICE < TOWN QF GRANVILLE ' Mien, Arthur; Sylboro, Lot, 240x175.^Nby Road, Eby Schoctibrod. S by Campbell, W by Petty. S4Q.95 '\Ambef Inc.; North Gtan- vijle, tot, 4.5 A, Bd. N by Atidrus, ’E by Diestel, S by byBwkMr,%w,Oftre>, S'by SneeidyT w by Roid. 596.10 'AndrUs Ins. inc.; Slyboro Rd., Lotf, 24 A. Bd. N by Andrus, E ’by Road, S by Wiliams, W by Tyson. $112.98 Ahdrus Insurance Agency Inc.: Truthville, Farm, 20 A. Bd.N, E & S'by Road, Wby Fleming. $243.64 Andrus Insilfance Agency Inc.; No. Granv., Lot, 135 t 168. Bd, N by Stone, E & S by Andrus, W by Loomis. $48.80 Armer, Clarence; Brookside Acres, Lot 24, .69 A. Bd. N by Road, E by Andrus, S by Potter, W by ‘Rd. $48.80 Bennett, Charles R. Jr.; Slyboro, Tra., .5 A. Bd. N by Road, E by Winchell, S by Taylor, W by McHenry. $241.92 Bickford, Robert W. & Fay A.; Hartford State Road, Res., 240x260. Bd. N, E & W by Dodge, E by Road. $188.43 Burch, Philip C. & Betty A.; Slyboro, Res. & Land' .75 A. Bd. N & W by Road, E by Clark, S by McHenry. $267.72 Cadillac Acres Inc.; Hart­ ford Cross Rd., Land, 85 A. Bd. N by Nichols, E by Ely, S by Road, W by Van Guilder. ,$86.44 Cadillac Acres Inc.; Middle­ town Road, Land, 1.74 Acres. Bd. N by Liebig, E by Road, S & W by Craine. $48.10 Campbell, Daniel J. ID & Gitta; Back Road Md G., Res. & Land, 8 A. Bd. N.S&Wby McHenry, E by Road. $461.14 Camith, Floyd IE. & Pauline E.; Whitehall Rd., Res., 215 x 440. Bd. N by Rdad, E, S & W by DeKalb. $399.54 Crandall, James & Amelia; Middle Granville Road, Res. & Greenh., 10 A. Bd. N by Sweeti E by Road* S & W by Farmer, $1376.57 Crosby, Goodwin; Brookside Acres, Ttes/Lot, 1.06 A. Bd.<N by Road, E, S & W by Andrus. $594.38 Crosby, Gbodwin E.; Truth- ville, Lot 12, Land, 1.3 A. Bd. N by Paddbck, E & W by Andrus, S by Road. $552.55 Crosby, Gbodwin E.; Brook­ side Acres, Lot, lot 21, 1.20 A. Bd. N & W hy Andrus, E by Evergreen Rd., S by Crosby. $48.80 Crosby, Gbodwin E.; Brook­ side Acres, Lot, Lot 28,1.09 A. Bd. N &' S by <|rosby; E by EvereteenRd;, W byAndrus. m s m 7-- ■ side Acres, Lot, Lot 29,1.15 A. Bd, N & S by Crosby, E by Evergreen Rd., W by Afldtus. $48.80 Crosby, Goodwin E.; Brodk- side Acres., Lot, Lot 30, 1.25 A. Bd. N by Crosby, E by Evergreen Rd., S & W by Andrus. $48.80 Curtis, Myrtle; No. Gran- s, ville, Res. & Lot, 140 x 80. Bd. N by Felt, E by Van Guilder, S by Road, W by Martin. $315.92 ' Curtis, James D. & Joan E.; Truthville, Tra,, .75 A. Bd. N by Road, E by Paddock; S by Brook, W by Martindale. $211.95 DeVeechi, Josephine; No. Granville, Res., .‘25 A, Bd. N by Road, E by Purcell', S by Steves, W by Austin. $378.15 DeLuise, Robert F. & Michaele; Taylor Hill, VL, 12.3 A. Bd. N by Lee, E & S by High Pastures, W by Road. $164.02 Devino, Kenneth Jr.; Tra., 2 A. Bd. N by Rd., E, S & W by Mattison. $193.67 Devino, Marvin F.; Pond Rd., Tra.,400 x 126. Bd. N, E & S by. Matteson, W by Rd. $193.67 Entholt, Hazel; Truthville, Res., 1 A. Bd. Nby Elec Co., E by Jones, S by McCuilen, W by Road. $266.76 Ferrara, Anthony & Do­ lores; Conety Rd., LD, 9.0 A, Bd. N by Sherman, E by Oatman, S by Andrus, W by Road. $392.85 Florentine Properties Inc.; Racevilie, Res., 30 A. Bd. N by Ely, E by Hatch, S by Smith, W by Butler. $2227.57 Granville Recreational Cen­ ter Inc.; Mid Granville, Lot, 278 x 342. Bd. N by Hulett, E by D & H RR, S by Texaco Oil Co. W by Rd. $3426.71 —Granville-Realty Iinr; North Bend, Land, 12 A. Bd. N by David, E&Wby DeKalb, Sby Road. $282-59 Graves, G. Benjamin; Truthville Lot 14, L6t, 1.3 A. Bd. N by Paddock, E & W by Andrus, S by Road. $34.47 Hall, Willard M. & Alta M.; W. Gtanviile, Res., 1 A. Bd. N by Road, E by Starks, S&W by Mack. $227.79 Havens, Lawrence & Wayne L.; West Granville, Res.. 2 A. Bd. N by Juckett, E by Sherman, S & W by Road. $487.02 Hayward. Russell; Slyboro Road, Farm, 173 A. Bd, N by Taylor, E&S by Liebig, W by Shaw. $564.28 Helenski, Mona; Truthville, Tra, %HelensH, .5 A. Bd. N by Road, E&Sby Paddock, W i>y Fleming. $175.84 Hill, Elmer ■& Martha; Lot, 100 x I77.,Bd. N by Road, E by long, Sby Tyler, W by B& W Sawmill. $669.44 Hill Top Slate Co.; North Bend, Ballard .Tra., 1,0 A. Bd. N & E by River, S by Hadeka, W by Road. $298.06 Holcomb, Geo. R, Jr. & Ann R.; Lilly Pond Rd., Trau, 433 x 315. Bd. N by Hulett^ E by Road St, W by Matteson. $300.92 Hyatt, Walter E. & Lorraine F.; Middle Granville, Res., 1 A. Bd. N by Fish, Eby Road, S by Tatko, W by Prouty. $396.64 Jones. Jeanne; Stoddard Rd., Tra., 200x250. Bd. N, S & W by Hatch, E by Road. $203.26 Jones, Philip R. Marion J.; Brookside Acres, Lot, 1.02 Acres. Bd. N by Stell, E by Potter, S & W by Road. $43.21 Kelly. Edward: No. Gran­ ville, Res., 100x150. Bd. N by Road, E by Bronson, S & W by Tyler. $517.53 Latteral, Merile &. Elisa; Middle Granville, Tra,, 1 A.- Bd. N by Johnson, E by Parker, S by Road, W by D&H RR. $202.99 Lee Bradley; Lee District, Res., 102x125. Bd. N.E.& S by Lee, W by Road. $150.16 Loomis, Janies K. & Hoop­ er, Colleen; Conety Road, Par 1 W. Land, 3.21 A. Bd. N by Quasimodo, E by Road, S. by Straub, W by Andrus. $63.21 Matteo, Henry J. Jr.; West Granville, Lot, 2 A, Bd. N by Sheehan, E by Shaw, S by Road, W by Rathbun. $22.17 Matteson, Edward; Lilly Pond Road, Farm, 120 A. Bd. N by Hulett, E by Halterman, S by Bender, W by Sherman. $400.29 McIntyre, Geo. L. & Wihsk J.; Racevilie, Res., 150 x 125. Bd. N, & E by Baker, S by Road, W by Hall. $216.12 McCuilen, Richard; Race- ville, Lot, 3 A. Bd. N by Road, E by Buder, S by Morse, W by Lee. $448.23 McFarren, Frank; DeKalb Rd., Tra., 100x1 OO.Bd.N & W by McFarren, E & S by Bassett. $118.40 McFarren, Stewart; DeKalb Road, Tra., 100x100. Bd. Nby Road, E by Bassett, S by McFarren, W by Road/Mc- Farren. $204.70 JMcFarren‘,t Warren; DeKalb Rd., Tra., 100x100. Bd. N by , Road. E Meiftewse Valley Corf>.f North Granville, Lot, .5A. Bd. N by Road, E by Amber Lot 10, S by Perry, W by Anber. $48.10 LEGAL NOTICE Morehouse, Gary M.^Hart- ford State Road, R.es,,,„M A. Bd, N by Road, E by Smithi/S & W by Johnson. $213.94^ Mulhall, Donald &£.Anita; Hatch Hill, Res., ,5 A‘. Bd/Ni E & S by Lyman, W by-Road. $204.70 • . Nadalin, John J,f North Granville, Lot, 1.10 A. ,84, N by Amber Inc., E by Diestaii S by Steves, Juckett. $74.80 ^ Nadalin, John J.j - .No. Granville, Land, .55 A.,Bd.,N by Amber Inc., E by Diestal,1 S by Steves, W by Juckett. $74.80 i Nadalin, John J.; I'lorth Granville, Farm, 41 A, Bd. N by Amber Inc., E & SiJjy Steves, W by Juckett, $126;75 Nadalin, John J.; North Granville, Lot, 1.10 A. Bd. N by Norman, E, S k W by Nadalin. $74.80 Potter, Jonathan; Brook- sidD, Lot 37, 0.88 A. Bd. N by Honeysuckle, E by Potter,\S by Andrus, W by Oconnor. $74.80 Potter, Jonathan; jBrook- side, Lot 35, 0.9 A. Bd. N.by Rradt E by Armer, S ; by Andrus, W by Potter. $74.80 Potter, Jonathan; Brookside \Acres Lot 36,0.8 A. Bd, N by Honeysuckle, E & W 'by Potter, S by Andrus. $74,80. Potter, Jonathan; Brook­ side, Lot 34, 206 x 175. Bd. N by Evergreen Dr., E by Jones, S by Honeysuckle, W by Rd. $74.80 Printy, John & EHen; North Granville, Res., 2 A. Bd, N’by Tyler, E by Reed, S by Road, W by Pauquette. $330.60 Reitnauger, William; Coa- A. Bd. N by Freschi, .E’by Karlson, S by Buckner Jr., W by Road. S254.96 Rice, Jr. Dale 1 ft. Janet; Taylor Hill, Land, 8.0 Acres. Bd. N by Sufried, E by Rakowski, S by Rigbtaway, W by Right of Way. S98.80;. i, Rivers, Donald G. & Sylyia M.; Truthville, Land, 1G0 x 161. Bd. N by Andxus, E by , Knowles-, S by Roadr W ter Tyler. S48.80 . X Rivers,'Donald & Sylvia M.; Truthville, Res., 1 A.Bd, N& E by Roberts, S & W by Road! $243.64 Roberts, James; Dublin Rd„ Trailer, 100x150. Bd. N, E!& S by Monty, W by Roadf, $204.70 > ! Rockwell, Priscilla; North qranville, Tra., 125 x 80. Bd, N & Eby Felt, S by Road, % by JLoomis. $^5.43 J ^ ^ Shaw, jSteven: Slyboro; Land, 100 x 130. Bd. N by Winterbum»i E & W^-by.Shaw, S by Road. $48.52 Silver, ‘ Kathdrlnt;; Truth­ ville, Trailer, lOOx SO. Bd. N 5 & W by Castro, fe by Road. $96.10 ‘ • Skelly, Harley J.; Middle Granville, Res., .5 A, Bd. N & Wby Steves, Eby Darius. S by Road. $317.40 Smith, George Edwin; W Granville, Farm, 37 A. Bd. N by Crouch, E by Read, S by Water Dist., W by Church. $Ji56,65 Snyder, William A. & Patricia; Fox Rd., Eot, 470 x 220. Bd. N by County Rd. 25, E by Fox Rd., S & W by White. $74.32 Stell, Renato & Vittorio, Stell; Brsckside Acres, Lot 21. 3.36 A, Bd. N by Sullivan, E by Brookside Rd., S by Andrus. W by Crosby. $352.65 Straw, Warren; Hartford State Road, Farm, 317 A. Bd. N & W by Road, E by Smith, S by Johnson. $628.56 Sylvester, Raymond & Eliz­ abeth; North Granville, Res., .75 A. Bd. N by Rathbun, E by Hussey, S & W by Road. $408.55 Taylor, Warren L. & John W.;Truthville, Woodlot, 10 A. Bd. N by Holcomb, 1, S & w by Fredette. $22.80 Tumselewicz, John P. & Ruth E.; Slyboro Road, Trail­ er, 100 x 200. Bd. N & E by Burnham, S by Aldous, W by Road. $52.29 Vacationland Dev. Club Inc.; Van Guilder Rd., Vac Ld., 8 A. Bd. N by Whitmey, E 6 S by Rd., W by VanGuilder. $71.45 Ward, Hiram & Chauncey; Slyboro, Land, 4 A- Bd. N by Appollo, E by Road, S by McClure, W by Dtinn. $74.80 Ward, Thomas AX: Middle Granville, Wciodldt, 23A- Bd. N & E .by Aldous, S by Hides, W by McHenry. $35,63 White, Roger T. & Shirley A.; Middle Granville, Res., .5 A. Bd. N & E by Williams, S by Road, W by Woodard. $128.33 Williams, Francis E. & Audrey; Wtisf Granville, Res., Wilson, Steven R. & Bar­ bara; Truthville, Res., .5 A. Bd. N by Allen, E, S & W by Road. $22.72 LEGAL N0nCE : , VILLAGE OF GREENWICH fit the TOWN OF GREENWICH Bodenstab, Otto J, Jr.; 10 Washington, , H &.L, 50 x 100 Ft. Bd. N by Washington.St., E by Karp, S by Green, W by Elbow St. $410.94 7. Bodenstab,. Otto, jf.; 40 John, H L G , 60x 151 h r. Bd. N by John St., E by Bowles, S by Cooke, W by Snell, $673.20 Brown, Howard; 9 Main, Lot/Rest., 90 x 100 Ft. Bd. N by Sfeapiro, E & S by Bittman, W by Main St. $549,78 Brown, Richard L.;99 Main, Block, 65 x 60. Bd. N by Champoux, E by Flynn, S by Nulty, W by Main St.,, $1,244.02 Felt, Leland T. & Beatrice; Prospect, H L & G, 59xl55x- 128x59. Bd. Nby Russell, Eby Highland St., S by Cooper St., W by McCarty. $318.37 • Fifield, Wayne M. & Peggy ' J.; 32 Hill, H L & B, 69 x 200. Bd. N by Hill St., E by Rutledge, S by Quinn, W by Lesson. $472.66 • Garrett Funeral Home; 143 Main, H L B , 125 x 50 Ft. Bd. N by St, Pauls Par., E by Powell, S by Skiff, W by Main St. $858.34 Lauictoire, Dominick Jr. & Blair,- Irene E.; 24 Washing­ ton, H&L, 150 x 35Ft. Bd. N by Wash. St., Eby Moriarty, S & W by G. & J. $187.26 Murtha, Wesley R'. & Marion G.; 38 Washington, H & L, 100 x 4 0 .Bd. Nby Wash. St.. E by Wheeldon, S by R.R., W by Duan^. $248.96 TOWN OF GREENWICH Ash, Rpger; River Road, H &T, .li> A. Bd. N &TV by Hudson Rv 6 by Old River Rd., S by Coffin. $142.98 Bonenfant, George A. & Joann K.; Cottrell Rd. 1973- 700 Farm, 207 A- Bd. N by Meek/Wilson, E by Smith/ Jabeault, S by Jabeault, W by Kapas/Baip. $354.39 Brown, Felix; Bald M t Edward/Fort Miller Rd., H & L. 1 A. Bd. N, E & W by Hway. S by' fish. *82.34 Brown, Richard L.; Lick Rd., Land. 2.75. A 1. B d N & E by Adams, S by PinkertonVW by Hwy. $114.17 Brown, 'Ricffard L.; Main Rd. W/Middle Falls, H L & G. 1 A. Bd. Sf by Burch, E by Hway. S b y . Mother, W by Johnson. $383.33 Brown! ''Richard L.'; Lick Spring Rd., Land, 12 A. Bd. N by Palmar, 'Sby ^eatheWfix, 5 |>y f^t)bt.^M'l\ck,R6id. S{57.66 . . dullard, Arthur; Lowber Rd . Lot & Tra. -50 A. Bd..^ by Wilbur, E by Adam&, S by S is m y<:^ ^ ^ nnh8- -a*Us, Oarbli'Abfeef Ave.', L 6 Tra3 G, 50 x 1SGT. Bd. N by Lyttle-,;Eby VlPLind‘/Pratt, S by fhaiipil W by Abed! AVe. $670.7® ■1 ■ f Coogan, James & Agnes D.; SkellieflRd., VL. V4 A. Bd. N & 5 by Sears, E by Hwy. W by Coldwell. S23.34 CoVert Enterpriser LTD; East Greenwich, Farm. 90 A. Bd. *N- & W by Iwin, E by Abrahamson/Reed, S by Blanchard. 5203.01 Cullen, Thomas P. & Ruth H.; Ryan Rd.. V L, 500 x 270. Bd. N by Dewey, E & S by Highway, W by Pechtel. $43,62 Dalton, Thonjas J. & Bar­ bara A.; North Rd., Farm, i 12 A. Bd. N by Anderson, E by Hway, S by Reid, W by Watchen. $280.07 DSfabio, Frank Jr.; East Greenwich, H & L, 1 A. Bd. N by Hway, E by Wilbarg, S by Btnkill, W by McComb. $183.70 Dewey, Hugh & Barbara L.; Ryan Rd., Farm, 75 A. Bd. N 6 ''E ' by Robertson, S by Barbur, Wby Connell. $444.60 - Dunham, William E. & Donna Louise; Cossayuna, H&L, .29 A. Bd. Nby Pratt, E &-.W-by Richards, S by Hway. $288i®6 , -Ephraim, Norman M. & Patricia; No. Greenwich Rd., H3.&-Bams,3A. Bd. N, E& S by GrigieS, W by Highway. $427.23 Eiolich, Florence; Anthony Rd/Bald Mt. H.& L & Pool, 130.x 262. Bd. N by Wheldon, E by Hway, S by Harrington, W by,-Taylor. $357.64 Fish, Walter H. Jr. & Robin LTj S’ & T Hwy, Res., 250 x 250. Bd. N, E & S by Rogers, W b y Hwy. $490.82 Goodman, John Jr., & Jeanne; North Greenwich Rd., H &?JLand-, 54 A . Bd. N by Edgerly, E by Highway, S by Johnson, W by Film. $531.56 ^jptanmond, Edward/ Est.; CoSsayjina/H & L , 80x140 Irr. Bd. N.&^W by Johnson, E by Cojle. iS ‘by Hway. $122.88 Holcomb, Richard R. & Nancy j,.; Lowber Rd., Tra & Lfit, 50;x 150 Ft. Bd. N by Hwy, , E b y : Palmer, S by w by Stnurphat, Holmes, Fred & Ida; Fort Miller Rd. E/Bald Mt. HLG, 1 A. Bd. Nby Wilbur, E & S by Ffendot, W by Hway. $270.70 legal ^ tice Hutehinsoif; v.Cora Stearns Est.; Salem Road, Lot, 40 x lOO. Bd, Nby Highway, E& S by Battenkill, W by Kennedy. $27.21 Karlson, Karl Jr. Jt Vir­ ginia; No. Greenwich Road, H &L, 150 s 140 Ft. Bd. N & E by Hway, S by Grange Hall, W by Hutchens. $218.51 Kellogg, Jean D.; Salem Rd. Rte 29, H & L , .50 A. Bd. N by Bouiids, E& S by Rissue, W by Hway. $114.17 Krikorian, Robert\ & Ann; Kilburn Rd., H & L , 10 A. Bd. N by Highway, E & S by Kilburn, W by Krikorian. $757.63 Krikorian, Robert & Ann; Salem Town Line, Farm, 3 Tra, 75 A. Bd. N by Sears, E & W by Bemis, S by Burnett Est. $1,070.65 MacNeil, Sandra; Fort Mill­ er, 175x240, .48A.Bd. N & E by Hunter, Sby Corbet, W by Peters. $400.34 Major, Sharon K. & Roger W.; Spraguetown Rd., Lot & Tra.’, 10 A. Bd. N by Grimes, E by Watcher, S by Geignor, W by Hwy. $409.82 Maple Slope Farms Inc.; No. Green, to Argyle, Farm 185 A. Bd. N by Webber/ Miller, E by Skellie, S by Barbur, W by Morehouse. $531.56 Moore, Benjamin; Argyle Rd., Bam/Tra., 1 A. Bd. N by Petteys, S & E by Talmadge, W by Hway 40. $383.75 Rems&n, Amos; Battenville, HL, 120x90 Ft. Bd, N & W by SkeUie, E by Hway, S by Stoops, $235.92 • Ryan, Augustine; Meader B jL * M T e u 2 A B s L N & W by Keys, E by Becker, S by Highway. $96.79 Sebast, Wm. Jr. & Janey M.;Battenville, H & L , .50A. Bd. N by Kenyon, E by Green. Sav., S by Ingalls, W by Hway. $288.06 Sullivan, Roger & Ethel; County Road, Lot & H, .25 A. Bd.N& W by Weidman, Eby U. ^Brd. & ‘Car., S by Hway. $34t 10 J ■ TOWN OF HAMPTON Andrus, W. Otis & E. J. Bernardo; Hills Eand, Pro- posediT Rdi, 1 - A. Bd. N by Armour, E by Hills Pond, S by Road, W by Ritchie. $189.65 • Ashlioe, .Wesley A. & Edith; Va?. Lof, 6 A. Bd. N by Breen, E by Marino,-Si by Highway, W by Knowles. $47.45 Kerb M. Frederick; W Co Rd.,'TAgr., reO A.'Bd.iN by1 Mas&ak, j is ^bj»' Starkf S' bjr Ballard, W by Whltfe. $788.94 Krall, Walter J. Anne, Emma L. & Daniell L. Dufham;’22 A, 'Agr B & L', 295 Ai ffid. N & W by Roberts, E by River, S by Mashilk. $1,028.66 Lamreaux, Joseph Est; W Co Rd, Wood Lot, 50 A. Bd. N by Supemaiint,' E & S by Kestler, W by Wt. Line. 585,07 Mallory, CHarles & Mar­ garet; US 4, Meadow & H, 13 A. Bd. <N by D & H, E by Allen, S by Bristol, W by Lukaxis. $111.75 Murray, Richard & Mary; So Rd, H & L . 2 A. Bd. Nby Printy, E by Daily, S by Smith, W by Jones. $309.50 Powolls, John A. &.D,qris L,; So Road, Lot, 26 A. Bd. N & E by Lopez, S & W by.Hway. $123.87 Procopiow, Dolores A. Etal; No Rd, 5 & L, lO A .B d .N & E by C V PS, S by Hway, W by Bunker. $307.84 Smith, Wm. G. Jr. & Marion E.; US 4, H& Lot, 3 A. Bd. N by Sbardella, E by Hway, S by Leonard, W by Chapman. $158.84 Smolinski, Frank & Dolores; US 4, Restaurant, 4 A. Bd. N by Ramey, E by Hwy, S & W by Douglas. $2,542.89 Therrieft, Raymond L. & Joyce; Hills Pond, Lot 17,1 A. Bd. N by Andrus Ins., E by Hills. Pond, S by Andrus/ Bernardo, W by Ritchie. $369.42 LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF HARTFORD Barker, H.E.; South Hart­ ford, Lot, 1/16 to 1/12 Acre. Bd. N by Road, E, S & W by Gibson. $12.94 Bennett, Bernard R. Jr. & Linette; West Hartford, H&L, VA Acres. Bd. N by Mallory, E by Jakway, S by Castaro, W by Rd. $510,80 Bernardo, Ernest J.; Sky High Drive, Lot, 1 Acre. Bd, N by Battease, E & S by Andrus, W by Sky High Dr, $105.03 Bjtsh, Leonard L. & Phyllis M. & Alvin L. & Betty L.; To Smiths Basin, Pasture, 221 Acres. Bd. N by Riley Rd., E by Bush, S by Rogers, W by Riley Rd/K. Line. $552.21 Bush, Leonard L. & Phyllis M. & Alvin.L, & Betty L.; To Smiths Basin* Fatm/Tra.**i67 Acres. Bd. N by Road. E by Reynolds Land* S by Rogers^ W by Bush. $2,77^.37 . . 7 ’; Bush, Reginald L, & Cheryl A.; To Argyle, H & Lot, 150’ x 250’. Bd. N by Stewart, E by Road, S & W by Well? GREENWICH JOURNAL Thursday, October 21,1976 SALEMPRESS Page 13 $868.65 LEGAL NOTICE Caprood, James W. & Lillian; Warren Rd., H & Lot, 4 Acres. Bd. N & E by Boisvenue, S by Roa.d, W by Woodell. $582.38 Casey, Patrick J. & Ruth A.; To Smiths Basin, H & L, 19 A. Bd. N, E & S by Cook, W by Road. $868.65 Chapman, Robert; To Belcher, 2 H & L, 15 Acres. . Bd. N & S by Mercure, E by Road, S by Rickert. $599.35 Dowmont, Robert & Diana; To AdamsviHe, H&L 2,1 Acre. Bd. N by Moore, E by Rojcewicz, S by Jones, W by Road. $439.25 Forrest, David E. & Jessica C.; To Fort Ann, Lot, 200 Acres. Bd. N by F.A. Line, E by Ward, S by Jakway, W by Verny. $476.83 Gilbert, Christopher & Bonnie; Hartford, H & L, 1 Acre. Bd. N by Potter, E by Road, S by Bardin, W by Battease. $439.25 Hoffer, Joanne K.; Wright Rd., Lot, 1 Acre. Bd. N & W by Armstrong, E by Chapin, S by Road. $868.65 James, Eugene R. & Lucy; ’ Hartford, H & L , V j Acre. Bd. N & Eby Cem, S by Hood, W by Road. $543.73 James, Eugene R. & Lucy ML; Hartford, Lot, Vt Acre. Bd. N& Eby Road, S & W by Chapin. $47.77 Janssen, William G. Jr. & OraL.; McDougalRd., H&L, 2.42 A. Bd. N by Rd., E & S by Stevens, W by Anderson. $1,098.07 Luedders, Henry H. W , & Gertrude; To West Granville, Farm, 89 Acres. Bd. N & E by Hamilton, S & W by Durkee. $320.10 Mallory, Samuel S. & Ellen E.; West Hartford, H & L , ’/« Acre. Bd. N by Road, E by Jakway, S & W by Plude. $582.38 Morse, Willis J. & Irene E.; To Fort Ann, Farm, 95 Acres. Bd. N & W by Graham, E by Stoddard, S by Road. $1.010.53 Mumblo, Robert & Barbara; To AdamsviHe, H & L, 200’ x 750’. Bd. N by Boros, E by Mnmblo, S by Rte. 196, W by AHen. $797.07 Neddo, Thomas R. & Carol J.; To Ft. Ann, Lot/Tra., 10 A. Bd. N by Road, E, S & W by Kokurewicz. $367.67 “Nutfttig, Stott E.fTo West Swinvfflet •Farm, 140 Acres. Bd. N by Knapp, IS & S by Road, W by W o o d e ll. SI ,584.33 Penn, George W.; Blood St.. Lot/T ri;' 1 A. Bd. N by MacDonald, E by Blood St., S by Borden, W by Andrus. $253.16 Reynolds, Frank Andrew; To Smith’s Basin, ’'Fartn, 5 ■ Acres. Bd. N & E by Killian, S by Elms, W by Road. $367.67 SiCketts, Harold; Blood St., Res/R, 4 Acres. Bd; N by St. Louis, E by McDonough, S by Ricketts, W by Road. $90.50 Picketts, Harold R. & Mae Wade; Blood St., H & Lot, 5 A. Bd. N by Ricketts, E & S by Shefcdy. W by Road. $582.38 Russell, Phyllis; Gilchrist HHl Rd., H & Lot, 8 Acres. Bd. N & W by Sheldon, E by Harrington, F/Gust./Frazer, S by Rd. $653.95 Shaw, Walter & Phyllis; Baldwins Corners Rd., Lot/ Tra., 3 Acres. Bd. N & W by Jakway. E by Cadotte, S by Road. $324.73 * Shields, Ralph & Frances; South Hartford, H & L, 1 Acre. Bd. N & E by Road, S by Lundy, W by Eastman. $676.84 Snow, Gerald J.; To Ft. Ann, Tra. Lot, 2 A. Bd. N by Road. E by Ward, S & W by Neddo. $276.69 St. Louis, Zenova & Robert; Blood St., H & L , Vi Acre. Bd. N by Larich, E & S by Ricketts, W by Road. $224.54 Tug Hill Development Corp; To Fort Ann, Lot, 14 Acres. Bd. N, E.S&WbyTug HHl. $103.22 . Valyer, Louis; Blood St., H & Lot, 40 Acres. Bd. N by Ricketts, E by McDonald, S by Jones, W by Road. $233.22 Van Guilder, Ann Marie; Rte. 196, Lot/Store, 150 x 200. B d .N & W b y Road, E& S b y Woodcock. $310.41 Vermont Viewpoint Inc.; Rowe Hill, Bldg. Lots, 65 Acres. Bd. N & E by Battease, 5 & W by Road. $1154.91 Webster, William & Ger­ trude; To AdamsviHe, H & L , 10 Acres, by Breason, J DuFore. $468.35 Woodcock, Wm. R.;ftt. 196, H & Lot, 3 Acres. Bd. N by Road, E & S by Lavin, W by Tucker. $1054.73 Woodcock, Wm. Richard; To Adamsvilfe, H & L, 150’ x , 2se\ A D B A Cofp; Pittterson HiB, Wood Lot, 45 A, Bd. N by Scott, E by Cfosiet, S & W by Campbell. $125.58 LEGAL NOTICE Baker, Pauline; North He­ bron Rte, 31, Trailer, 1 A. Bd. N, S & W by Burch, E by Hwy. $279.03 ,! Bardin, Robert; Patter?^ Hill R d., Land, 2.4 A. Bd. N& W by Bardin, E by Travis, S,by Hwy. $139.57 Bardin, Robert; Pattergpn Hill Rd., Land, 117.A. Bd. N & W by Barkley, E by Worthing­ ton, S by Campbell. $217.39 Bates, Chas & Betty; Belcher, Res., 1/8 A. Bd. N,i& W by Toomey, E by Hway, S by Day. $217.39 Beebe, Willis R.; Higgn Road, Tra., 5 A. Bd. N & E by Beebe, S by Higgins, W by Hwy. $182.20 Boice, Chas. & Lois Ann; Callaway Rd., Land/Trailer, 3 A. Bd. N by Callaway Rd., E by McNeil, S by Clark, W by Harrison. $223.96 .■) Burch, Jay; Liebig Rd,, Tra., 1 A. Bd. Nby Hwy, E ,5 & W by Burch. $332.87 Burch, Jay; North Hebron Rte 31, Land, 2 A. Bd. N, S & W by Burch, E by Bak$r. $36.74 , Burns, Patrick Owen & Barbara H.; Pine Hill Rdi. Farm, 15 A. Bd. N by Dacosta, E by Nelson, S by Myers, W by Shaw. $413.63 Chapman, Bruce & Julie; Callaway Rd., Land/Trailer,'3 A. Bd.N&W by McNeil, Eby Hebron/Ar Line, S by Hwy. $299.11 Delaney, John & Relid; Higgin Road, Farm/Tra, 22 A. Bd. N by Beebe, E by Higgili, S & W liy HiggTns. $3D5'.94'' Emery, Bernard & Beverly; Higgin Rd., Res., Vi A. Bd. K, E & W by Longacker, S by Hwy. $386.71 Fox, Charles W. & Virginia E.; Middle Road, Land & Tra, 1 A. Bd. N by Hwy, E, S & W by Nelson. $321.19 Getty, Stanly & Phyllfs; Crosier Rd.,' Land, 3 A. Bd. N by Montgomery, E by Dutelt- er. S by Hway, W by Clarl. $137.80 Goodspeed, Catherine Bi; Rt.22, Res., lh A. Bd. N, S, k W by Giovinco, E by Hwy. $144,44 Gould, J. Lawrence k Linda; Lang Hill Rd., Farm, 265 A. Bd. N by Hall, E by Liebig, S by Nelson, W by Craig. $1624.95 Hattison, Arthur R. & Anne Maris; Rte31, Land, 30 A. Bd1. Kby Bitterly, >B by Hwy, S k W by Peller. $103.52 Johnson, Clyde; Chamberlin Mill Rd., Res., 8 A. Bd. N by Rogers, E by Crosier, S by Hwy, W by Cemetery. $269129 Koster, Klass; Rte 22, Farm, 170 A. Bd. N & W by Durham, E by Bromley, S by Wilson. $1307.11 ' Koster, Klass; Rte 22, Landl 40 A. Bd. N & E by Hubert, S by Center, W by Hwy. $113.63 Koster, Klass; Rte 22, Land, flS A. Bd. Nby Bromley, Eby Hwy, S by Sherman, W by Center. $308.22 Kutjaka, Walt J.; Higgtii Rd., Laild, 50 A. Bd. N by Shaw, E by Vt. Line, S by Rupowski, W by Ricketts. $252.13 Lombardi, Ralph J. &! Gloria; West Hebron, Res,,' 1 % A. Bd. N & E by Crosier, S by Tarling, W by Hwy/ $466.81 Martin, Howard; Wood Loi,1 4 A. Bd. N & E by Hill, S by Liebig, W by Rogers. $63.67' Martindale, Ruth I.; Res., t A. Bd. N by McCoy, E & S by Dutcher, W by Hwy. $279,031 Matteson, Harold & Ethrf A.; W. Hebron, Res., 3 A. Bd' N by Hway, E & W by Barkley, 5 by Wenea. $332.40 >■ Mattison, John; Scott RdJ Farm/2 Tr., 147 A. Bd. N by* Roberts, E by Yanger, S by White, W by Barnes. $1126.96> Mattison, John; Scott Rd,. Land, 52 A. Bd. N & S by Scott, E & W by Hway.. $157.89 ! Mattison, John; Scott Rd.,- Farm, 119 A. Bd. N by Whitteniote, Eby Sharpe, S k W by Temple. $682.82 ?> Mitschke, Fred H. &Nan$ R.; Big Burch Hill. Land, 30 A. Bd. N by Welch, E & W tiy: Burch, S by Hwy. $210.60 ^ Needes, Ronald R. il Hildgard L.; Rte. 30 W, Hebron, Store, Vt A. Bd. N E by Hway, S by Ferguson, W, by Wever. $439.36 Schanborger, Donald; Few . gu£oftJid.,Farm, 112 A. Bd. Hi li® ^ , Eby Crosier, Si . W by Hwy. $399r03 i> Sherman, Eugene; Wooff* Lot, 60 A. Bd. N by Smith, fi* by Swift, S by Rogers, W bj^ Nelson. $48.76 ' Vermont Viewpoint; Castle^ ' ';|,j2£7'A. Bd. “ *%!;$ by’; vGjes Vettrj^ifV%wpo8»t'I(ic.; Rte 28, M f r m . Bd. N by Roberts, E by Hwy, S by White, W by Liebig. $305.94 C

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