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'O . , —Mi^P^rofKy Randall spent;Iasi week in ; Syra­ cuse'viri^ EKsahftt.h -.V^oS^Php Cteibfidge Val •—j^rs, ' Charles ; ley Hescsne \squad will - Anton hay returned horefe fltave a spaghetti si^pjier at1*': McClellan g g ^ g j g j g g - . — >■-•• ■- fibber ';'2$i's $«|rvrag will; % egip afc ana contiiwe \SiSI alHare\ served, Sary Gillis is in -: charge of -the supper; The public isixjviteMdtosupport jthe' Eckels '’.aw?. vffeing soi<a;:in>advpc^and:. I'will ■also - fce'.availabie ai Mrs, Walter R. Adams is a patient at the cCtellan hospital. rA'xneeting of Cam- F&AM, will he1 M d on Monday -evening at 7:30 p.m. - -at - fehe present?' Masonic temple. George E. Posterwillpreside. The Entered Apprentice de­ gree will be conferred on a class of candidates. C a m br idg e MRS. KENNETH A.GOTTRY, CnmBflagecorrespaafent > Telephone Cambridge 67^3281 A -< D r . B i i r d i e k to s f$te door 'mat' ; i ;; * —3Mr,=aiHi Mrs, Charles Estramomte aaid children have iscsvetf here from Willow, Cal,, antTKSve been starring with their mother, Mrs, James Estranmte. They plan to operates, business-in the area. \ ’ ~ —A ItockrtEff dance will. be held on Triday eve­ ning:, October 22, at the Cambridge central,scho()l Miss Grace Stafford and friend, Miss Edna from 7 to ' 10:30 P ^ - ~ Srn“ith^^gT Old Orchard sponsored bjr the Senior Beach, Mam^called last Girl Scoiils, Music of-the _ Saturday on John Brown­ ell. Miss Stafford is a niece of Mr. Brownell, who she hasn’t seen for ’ years. ** ■ • \ —Mr, ahd Mrs. Isaac Jaclcson visited Mrs. aGhe^ai)d-fam%- ’50’s will be provided hy John Woodruff- Some senior scouts are planning to participate in the Hudson Valley Council Europe \37 trip, and each ’ * lie. trip must. raise $1,000. A cancer teaching day, co-spdnsored by the Mary' McClellan hospital itr Cambridge, and the Washington county unit, -American Cancer- society,^ will be presented tomor- row, October’ 22 at thi Cambridge hotel. Thysi- cians, nurses, nursing and medical students and members of allied profes­ sions are invited. Regis-_ tration at 9 a-ni. is free.' The subject to be dis­ cussed .is breast eapcer. The program will cover pre and post-operative aspects surgery, nurs­ ing and rehabilitation. Speaking cm an over­ view of the breast cancer problem wfll be Daniel Burdick, M.D., clinical I f e i j e d F t t n d d r i v e u n d e r w a y S t e p U p n i g h t . x Cam bridge V alley M chapter OES will meet at 8 ; p.m. on Wednesday ever ning, Q < ^ b e ^ a t # e present .Masonic .Temple. Step Up Night will be M c L a i f g l l l m ‘ observed, and Mrs. • Mary Purdy, associate matron., and Raymond Purdy, associate patron, wiH pre­ side during the. opening and closing ‘ ceremonies. Mrs. Frances Voermaa, matron; will conduct the business meeting \wlien there will he a discussion on the new temple and the chapter’s part in the building. working in Saudi Arabia - J. Patrick McLaughlin .arrived in Saudi Arabia hast week, after a short stay irParis. He has taken an engin­ eering1 position with Fluor Arabia, Ltd., in the petroleum industry, and S I W s be served. ing, division of oncc Albany Medical- college, REPAJDR S E O I C E ■ ■ . ijl all ;• ■'( Clocks-Wc&fcs--- - Electric Shavers Jewelry - LeG rys Jew e lers srr <v ( ^ sa«e . FRANCIS A fe iy saw. Klin, , CnEnbrKgo.ft.Y, last week in Winchester, Va. They also went to West Virginia where they- went through the Senepa Glass factory in Morgan­ town aridspent somelime at Jffarpers Terry, —Gregory Lyons spent last week end in Morris- ville with friends. V —A family 'night beirig Cambridge church on November 6, Everyone is welcome to go and enjoy the fellowship. ©pstatgf * Iftedicd; Sinter, charge. p t t f e Syracuse. t' Dr: Bxirdicki . Medical Center hospital; shown Here, has held staff iiurse,' ’Westbrook appointments as attend- Community hqpsital, ing surgeon at 'state Westbrook, Me.; assistant unfv^rM fy hoepitfl, .; instructor,; Bfedi- Crohse Erang Memorial tal}, center^ school $ hiatal* ^d.Comnaum$-. and‘nu$mg ca|e G6;%§ra|':jLOspit^Kf aiid 'rftf^twal v|>rea$ surgery * consultant for cancer „Albany Veterans hospital.’ Medical college, -There He is a member of the will be films and panel geons. Hei is chairman, New Yorkj state liaison fellow, program in cancer. Hey has Served as a member of the ** cancer committee, Medical so-, ‘-ciety, state of New York; past pres dent, cancer hospital. The topic, After Mastectomy?, Will be dis­ cussed by Mrs. William Gottung, a volunteer for the1 Reach to Recovery program of the Saratoga county unit, 'American Cancersofciety. Mrs. Grots- Shejiea.-, and has been a member of the board and executive committee, New York state division, American Cancer society from 1953 to the- present, having been elected its president for . the 1365-66 term. He has been chairman of the divisloh's subcommittee 1967 and is a-member of the National American .Cancer society snb-com-' mittee on rehabilitation of the cancer patient. Dr. Burdick is scheduled to speak at 9:30 a.m. The program will con­ tinue.with Janet Barkley, R.N.yapeakingon rehabil- itatton of the breast cancer patient. 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She has been active in their public education and re­ habilitation committees, having conducted stop smoking tBnics and smok- -ing -educatiott -programs t and participating ih the visitors program for mas­ tectomies. * A film bn breast self examination, and a panel discussion will he open to the public, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Supper, dance for trip Garden club meets today The annual meeting of t he—G*mb-ridge—Are-a - branch of the Woman’s National Fsurm and Gar­ den dub will be held this afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Town' hall v'in Center Camirtdge.Mrs. Anthony R. -Turi will ’conduct the meeting. New officers will be elected. Mrs. Bernard J, Stinner wittjfeserit a mini brief on birds, and Mrs. Samuel No-well, one on house plants. Items of food and fall produce as well as planfk~ will be on the market table which vrill be open at 1:30 p.m, Eefreshmenta wall be served by Mrs. Seth C. Craig and her committee, . .Mrs. ’Thomas Cuite, Mrs. JHarry Dempsey, Mrs. Stephen Waite and Mrs. Margarets Meyers. for orientation. Mr. McLaughlin is a graduate of Deerfield academy and Princeton .university, and is the son of Lt. Colonel and Mrs. William S. McLaughlin of West Cambridge. School Lunches Menus for the week of October 25-29 ,ai the Cambridge central school will he as,follows:,.,, >, MondayChicken and jgravy, mashed, potatoes, shuttered carrots, roll and ^ruit. fuesdajf r7('Chi^|?n 4 vegetable\ soup, sliced turkey or peanut, bujtter andjelly 8^h^wiqh,pheepe -i- Spa- k id meat, sauce, buttered ^beans,* Italian bread and ice^reara.,, ^ ^ y .T r jfe t ^ u ig - Plans ,,foi the aniiual Cambridge IttstrifetlMted dri.vefi for the re- mainder of ^tktober were ihade a ricent meeting gf iihe 6f directors. The goal; Jwas\ set at $10,000 and the agencies %e s^a«| as usual with one-^K^ptifn, the Wash- ington-Wari|en county Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Ojther agencies, all of whom receive funds in,the spring hom the drive, are: Boy’Scouts,[ Girl Scouts, Senior Citizens, Youth commission, American Hed:Gross, '^fomen’s aux­ iliary ofthe Mary McClel­ lan .hospital,'. Lions club Sight and Hearing Con­ servation, Hei 3 (rt Fund and Medical services. The latter fund Replaces the American Csajicer society and the money is ex- pended under .direction of the medical staff of the hospital. It was noted that these agencies may) have sales and other projects to raise additional funds hut may not''solicit as kuch. Mrs. Edwin Levine and Mrs. ArthurE. Center Jr. were named .co-chailrmen'of the drive, and |hey have enlisted man;y solicitors door-to-door- canvass' m the .pillage, and area covered by the Cambridge central school. Those who wish may mafee pledges to the fund arlid pay the donation over a period of , time.. ... Atvthe tended .by - mond&horf, Pi«l Gruber, Mrs. James S. Xieone, Mrs. \Myron CoUamer. , members, il^ctod tog, at- iost hoard cers were ows: AJB. president: el^ctod as. f< Vyadsworthi Mrs. itJoseph, Q secrestaryi/fapd ..Lavarijiway, tre^su^er .Board (ineml!>e?s ,in ,;B^rs, Mrs; ^m ton,' Walter 0. Kinnin Rheumatism ts actually a group of diseases which produce an Ufbrattiatlon of body tisane. Rheumatic diseases are not one o f the newer afflictions of roan- kind. As a matter of fact, the Java man, who lived some five hundred thou­ sand years ago, and the Neanderthal man, of some twenty-five; thousand yeap ! pastj were both -vlctirtja of arthritis. The Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation says: ‘‘More* thin ‘ten children, -in ,>the; Ujsitwl Stags ’ soffeV firom some form of artliritta or rheu­ matic dfsease.1' Hallmaik • greeting catfls, RtxsicU Stever Candie'safe alway».*pproptiate giftsfer my pojurfon and *M9N- fflN'SPHABMAGY»7SE. Wal^ •w? !° chooie .(rom.^Oor photo him, shredded \lettuce with! dressing and ^faiit, ite^r^P-aulD^iElftldo, i Lyw ^W hi^e^^rsn p?y- 9i! I shorn s»t$ yniwimao •ttTihlnjjii I* r'g0od hUMOr.\ ’ ■ *-< ' TMomifcihif^fson .il! • .-i - .,,-1 The Poinsetta Rebekah lodge 458 of Cambridge Will sponsor a spaghetti dinner from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, October 31 at the Canibridge American Le­ gion building. The dinner will be for the benefit of the Girl Scout troop 243- European trip. Reserva- . tions for the dinner may be made with Mrs. Vir- -gmia~Waite-of Cambridge- _ _ . Political Advertisem'eiit “ , ttf94f1 1 • nw fwf (flt, j inf? /. T“' * •« * ‘ • I 9 -¥ 9 9 - 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Mercure REPU B L i d v j * C A N D I D A T E F O R W A S H I N G T O N C O U N T Y D IS T R IC T A T T O R N E Y W H V [IICT MCRCURl} J I Glens Falls Post Star September 29,1976 or Mrs. Harold Petty of Greenwichi, The lodge is also sponsoring a dance to be held from 7 to 10 p.m.- Friday, October 22 at the Cambridge central school. Dancing -wili be to tapes of songs clothe-1 1950’s provided by John Wood- -i.|U#^'dfI|C.£tobiMig§. Pro-, )4le«||;^:p;tO'-tr^g 243. . giri^- efiMng.1, ' moflef for their trip to Europe in the iiiimmer of . 1977, willbe cottducting a doo# fo dd6iH«aij<^ sale in Greenwich, 9 9 9 9 BenevolentAssn., i dorsed the candidacy . . -- ----------- /jVlorcure has done an exc«ll*nt {ob as First Assistant District A ttorney and th a t he Is w«ll qUallf|*d f o t th # lob its Dfctfici A ttorney. He is jaxtremely dedicated, concerned and sympathetic to th« problems of jkdlic6.v I Granville Sentinel October 14,1976 A l Sgogliohe, President of the Police Conference of NeW York, Inc., which represents 206 P.B.A. Iocdls comprising a membership oT4$,000 prof•i»io_nal Police O ff icers throughout th e State of New York indicated that the Executive Council Of th e tP.C .N .Y.) uhaniiniously endorsed Tom Attorney. Sgaglione said, ''Ttbm M s rcare has had a close relationship w ith police departm ents in W;ashington County and Toro M e rcure has assisted police officers on aip individual basis.\ * * . ' r t. Row B Take cheese out of the refrig-1 orator for 20 minutes to one hour to bring out the flavor and texture. ro..cutor Paid f o * % Ifie Washington Co unty Republican t o M M & t o r i!-- • ■ t l # H* lS i * deli^¥ry itetvice. P h o n e Mon.-E^.)8A*W.*?®.M. . :. .. e o i r * . ^l!-p«ptfsi this fortBula fot the deinest'iTlEidaws'in tom. fwwwvwiiwvwMtfiWww V# i A#itirt be held t Camblidgf for area 3 eatgd in classed .w: threi',W< nin’g^; Ot vemblr 3 it, from ' Thef cl taughtby who has yeacs]pii towhofCa a graduat< colleg&,a] articl^w! published, springint The worh sored,by 1 ers End, Ur of the. Art and here i the three The, fjr deal with ing. Thos attend are Lord is' to] of F i ' The I Cambridj sponsorin. wich lunc held, at Thursday, th&* librai valtbe'C CamoHd^ about 'k then te® works; Si hook colli publishes zine. Them Those ,at taketheii brief; ,bu prior to J E l W OH 32C|Cor .v i ^ t

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