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The Greenwich journal and Salem press. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1969-1978, February 05, 1976, Image 4

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JU ltfw fiC H JOURNAL ;® g e 4 SAK1MPRESS Thursday, February 5,1976 f o s t e r The raster, o f the Eas- ' ton-Greenjvich Rescue squad for next week is ,as 4 q 11 ov ? s ;.'!;:' i ' • 7 , Sunday, February 8 -* 6 ' a.m. to moon, ..Raymond , -McNeil. an<i 0avid\ “Har^ .l& ajV o ioBi^' 6 pan. ' Claude Christiana,. .John Garrett;. 6 p.m.. to. ipid- -night^fAi^uf; Adonis, a.m., ltibnald' McLeod, Aharon-—Er-be,— Jane Woods; noon to '6 p.m., Claude Christiana, Gjis .and Dorothy Elsworth; 6 ; Jo £ Tom • Butler,. Carolyn Hartwell, ^Charles Woods. “ -- Friday- — - 6; to noon., Meg Hughes, Ruth •Stewart, Helen Woods; •. noon to 6 p.m., Claude Christiana, Gus and Doro- thy Elsworth; 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., Douglas Burr, Glermen Woodward, Jo- —sephMiller;— — ■— -- — . Saturday — 6 a.m. to ■oon, n Herb Vedder,' Paula Sawyer, _ Eteie Roberts; noon to 6 p.m., -Claude Christiana, Paula Sawyer, Carolyn HarWell; 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., Arthur Adams, Edward Whiteside. £j$c&»V H.e^W®dderj. Bo­ leses $&b- «ro. ' Tuesday, r 6 a.in, to nopti, Beverly Connor, Patricia 1 Goman, John (Jarrett; nppn. to 6 p.m., Beverly Connor, \Patricia Goman, Ddnald McLeod; 6 p.m; to midnight, Raymond Goman Jr., Donald Shippey, Denise Miller; 1 midnight to 6 a.m,, Carol ,Batchelder, r_^n, ^ t Weatheifsmxr ^Mondl^ 4 a.®., to nopit; Herman' Dandrow, Janice Harsha; hoon to 6 p.m., Herman Dandrow, Clarissa Hughes; 6 p.m. to-midnight, Joseph Mill­ er, Dolores Knight,. Herb 3pbertsi midnight to'. 6 PERSONALS —Claire Davis, daugh­ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Eobert Davis, /was named to the president’s list at Potsdam state university college for the fall se­ mester, having attained a ood* Donald Shippey.;- * Wednesday ■ noon, Glennen’ ward, DoIcfreV rtvmgn.t> Shirley DeFoe; npbia to 6 p.m., John and Barbara Bailey; 6 p.m. to 6 a,m„ Raymond McNeil and David Harsha. Thursday — 6 a.m. to noon, Geraldine Brown, Ruth Stewart, Helen Today Is Someone’s Birthday or Wedding Anniversary . SEND A C A R D . i People toBeRe NestW^krnclljde Following u Birthdays SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8 — Debra Henley, George Barton, Faronte S, Barber, Linda Barnes, David ' Barnes, Judith 1. Sharp MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9 — Robert Duket, Robert Morehouse, David Mosher, Elizabeth P . Wilson, Edwin Frahauf, Calholne Bran, Cliattncey Perry Sr., Art Dawes T U E S D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 10 — Phyllis F i t z g e r a l d , M r s . Robert W o lff, C. Ernest W e e fo, Cindy Jordan - WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY. 11 - Lesley Liddell/ Olive Wllbor, Warren Beaty, Rita Bnane THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12 — Linda Feliler, “ JosTe Sobon, George Cole, Mary Jane Aadcrson, Daniel Batty FRIDAY1, FEBRUARY 13 — Frances Wheeldon, Susan Nolan, Peter Gray — \SAtURDAt FEBRUARY 14 — Thelma Legacy, Ira Becker, filrrj^ B rophy, Alma. Blanc lifield, JEhomas Harrington, Cindy Car- modj, < \Nancy Darfler, Donald Barber, Margaret Lewis, Elinor M . MartinelH, Dianne \Bym jph,A lina Morris, Mice Splezla • Anniversaries SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8 — Mr. and IMrs. Gerald Nash : M ON^tr^EBRtJARY^?-=- Mr. atid Mrs. Edward Whiteside, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Balia r WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 - Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield .Ctons.. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13 — Mr. and. Mrs. Vernon „C. Knapp J r . • SATURDAY\ FEBRUARY 14 — IMt. altd MrS. Gerald Thomasf Mr. and Mrs. | Raymond A. Felt (jian^f h ^ ' 4 l;”Mj)rrisvi]Die, \vhere he is an agricultural science majors - •^M rs. Theodore Pcfrell, who entered the Ellis hospital in Schenec­ tady last week for obser-' vaticfci, returned home yesterday.. - 1st. Lieut. Timothy Stewart, Mrs. Stewart, and their daughter, Mpmie-Jo have returned to Madrid, Spain, where Lieut. Stewart is stationed after spending ten days visiting hi? parents, Mr. -rind Mrs. Walton Stewart. -Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Russell returned home Saturday after spending the last four weeks in Gulfport, Fla. —S/Sgt. and Mrs. Niels spetictingsome time aFthe ■ ' home df her mother, Mrs. ' Marietta Brownell. -M a rina M a rtin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles ‘Martin, was named to. the dean’s list ‘ for the f§ll semester at Becker Junior college, Worcester, Mass. -Mrs. Gordon Petteys entered the Mary McClel­ lan hospital last Friday for observation and is ex­ pected home tomorrow. -Gary Mesick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ' Mesick, was named to the dean’s list for the fall . selftester at Castleton state cbllege, Castleton, Vt. — Mrs. Freds Bain of Center Falls, who entered the Mary McClellan hos­ pital on Friday for obser­ vation and’ treatment, returned home Tuesday. EXCLUSIVE BARGAINS IN HI-FI,RADIOS,KITS,PARTS, AND MUCH MORE! 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