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The Greenwich journal and Salem press. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1969-1978, February 05, 1976, Image 10

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GItEENfpCH JOURNAL SALEM PRESS received met ... ........................ ness,adm^|fai^F^QiSt^-... j ^ladoij'^pe^P'M lie^d.. .I4N& Bwmg - ,^i*^ess .., t#? ’ raeetlngi'.;Mrs. ;'Eawfrd ' donation; 6 f ^ . ^ j i n m Alig^fem> pjttjgctoiMQ the Sq^GoV a u t h o i f z l d vT N y ^ * ^ to $ jilj# th e ' <??%$' ■• the^aaajfelaa^ tOi new l^)tilfeMt§^4hgt ** j ' f l ^ ^ H t O , K O ^ R O N Y , A igyle c o f r e s p p | e t a t ^ j | ^ ■”•. * ■ ^Jr®'1® V j 1 * '\' :’;. ■ fir &■ It Was- ;:anni ported at the ,.of-the . „ „„ l$ $ r y bo#d of tcuste.es that a total of $.709 ha§ been receive^ to * O' V ‘» ,J\ .V * “-' / r . . ,- V i V • V 4 - t M . ''jil&s*.. curtains for the stage area. *• -:■*■■-'-]\■■■•• III?. Ronald Kuba and Mrs/Rob&^^lrtcfef wejie nainfii.to thelii&j^ai&g committee /and,_ will pre­ sent a slate of officers sat Mrs. Leonard Simpson and Mrs. pary Kennedy „ volunteered to serve''on the TouthFair committee and Mrs.- Augstein will chairthecommittee, Mrs, Marion-CMk-repoii^d-thatr the l,K.A,. 3has expressed a willingnesstoassist and Marcli- 8 was set’ as a planning date.' ~ ' Mrs.- Kuta-and'-Mrs.— Simpson volunteered as a committee to plan the wimtflr - sponts-equipraent exchange program.' • Mrs. Kuba announced that there atfe still a .few more comm^inoijatJye plates unsold apd it~was LEGAL NOTICE- , . NOTICE O F ARGYLE ' ViLlAGECAIlGfeS •Nollce is hereby given thala caucus of, ,A I 1 £ qualified; Republican 1 ■voterss.of the Village o f Argyle, New York are urged to come on. Tuesday, February 24,1976'to theOffick. of the Ullage Clerk inArgyle at 8 : 00 -Jmiu and place in. nomination jour nominees for the following 'Village offices: - Mayor YijtegehJusttee — TwoTruste.es All forjth? term of two years Reraemtjer, yotir;. nomina­ tions wOf,be,-voted 'o(n at- the Village eJeeSwas to be held on thcr- 16th <Jiy*cf Mjurclh,..j976. Dated! F#j)rii«ry 2,~1976 Village of^rgyle” Republican Committee Riclmrd fiodtke, Chairman Maty Gfettllng Fred Sttilti 2-5 fUlid was ex- pressgdto all the patrons ^t^y'eofttrituted to the driW. It 'was also noted donations are welcome; throughout the volunteers in thelibrary have decresfs^d' with only one a6tive':PTSA member still working, She said she had enjoyed working with the volunteers and would welcome more. ' -* JEW went to Mrs. Connie Copeland’s first grade. A p p l i c a t i o n s still available Appointments' to- the -town’s board of- review and the Planning- board will be made at the February town board meeting. Anyone Inter­ ested in serving on either board may obtain an application form at the towii ‘clerk’s office. Junior prom court royal court: left to right, third aft^d^nt£.'§tev:# Reid; second, Andy Grant;: first, Brad TWopci;, ‘&6m feeder, Tonya Brennan; king, Rodney Saunders; queen, Shelley MQht&o; cfownbearer, i)qnny Whaley; ' fir^’ girl attendant, Lori Pollock; second, Donna McWhorter; third, 'Susan Durrum. > - - - __ ^annual report of Mrs. Donald Evans, treas- u r ^ showed a January 1, 1^75 balance .on hand of f85'4.40;' receipts of $4,317.%, expenditures pf , S4;_715,.Q6, and a balance ais of January 1, 1976 of, — $456x75. ‘ .Jifrs. ‘ John Huggins, librarian, reported that the 1975 toted circulation was 11,217; 10,164 books, 754 magazines, 38 films, 254 ; recordings, 15 art prims, and 30 cassette tapes. The^,libra|y borrowed - 716 ^ 00 ^ i04 recordings, 12 art prints, and 38 films % d a ^ Libfjuy sysfejn, part ' of TOiiS^ 'were filled by tlie by-laws, the Jurffe\ beef Improvement ' associa­ tion’s annual summer book sale ;i#nd children’s craft progra^i, At ..the organizational meeting -whi^h followed, Mrs. Evans (ana^Irs.’ Reid were re-ejfected . to the board, and the Mlowing officeus we|e re-ete^t,ed: president;,' ^rsf-iaFKence Reid; vice president,' Mrs. I. JacfcGMtSQtfMf$$; IWrs. Johh Reid:, treasurer, Mrs.- Donalq Evan/. The boardv\accepted with much , re|ret V the resignation of \Mrsi: Lau­ rence Hay and acknowl­ edged her many years of faithful service.- Thi& now leaves a vacancy on the board and anyone inter­ ested may contact.Mrs. Lawrence Reid or .Mrs, ■ Guzi. V Students to plan for ninth gyade OES plans V a le n tine reviewed high­ lights of th.e year which included an updating of V e man ( Parents of eighth grade - students at ACS ate invited to attend the parent-student orientation night to be \held ; on Wednesday, February 11 •from 7:30-to-.9: p.n3iv -High School teachers will be present to answer- ques­ tions regarding specific ’ -‘ subjeeisf^tliom as Smith, - s iy^'K^wfcprincjpal, and , lE^indi SWton^ guidance director, #gfe all parents and eighth graders to attend,. Registration for ninth grade courses will- take We will, have a special sale of ^ n e n tiretierd of. “ 100 for mir sale Wednesday, February 11 to at P.M. herd consists of fresh and springing cows« place afethat time and the school feels it is essential that parents and students understan:d~'the high . school graduationjequire-' ments and the availability of electiye-programs.' An opportunity will be provided for general ques­ tions as' well as those pertaimng'to s3pecific sub- l^areasmffltereiwill be allowihg pebple to come at any time 'between 7:30 and 9. Adequate time should be planned for meeting with the teachers and filling out the neces­ sary registration forms. Obituary MRS. KENNETHL. SQUIRES - -Mrs. - Doris Potter Squires, 60, of Camillus died Friday; January 30, at State University hos­ pitaler Syracuse. Funeral services were conduced Tuesday at the John C. Tindall\ Funeral home in Syracuse._ _ . w A. native of -Argylg, Mrs. Squires had lived in Camillus the past 13 years. She was a member r^“1ind‘ past Jinatron of \ the U T il6£ u i iii&SbBIU Dtoxj - Crown Stai- chapter in V ^ B s to J?S ii: gathering^ Emmerson chapter 447, ~OESc will meet on Thurs­ day,'February 12 fer a Valentine’s party. Re­ freshment ^ommittfee me^Bers jare Mrs] Roses Sweet, and' Mrs! Shirley , Adams/ w* tThe^- Jj ___ _ wiU^ppii in lo T § d ^ | 4 % a n n u a i visitalibh^bf fli'e^district officers has beexuset for May-13. ’ { 5 - Mr. Combs in Alabama -.hospital Nelson Combs, who resided for many years in -Argyle with his wife, Norma, and their daugh­ ter, Charlene, before mov­ ing to -Florida, has been serioiisly ill for sometime A n d js in a Veterans* hospital in-Alabama. He' will^stion undergo surgery and his family- has statedS that 'Ofie of his greatest t enjoyments now is re- ceiving mail. _ ‘ Nelson would greatly enjoy hearing from K5T Mends m the atea and by Indians IVIrs. McEachron to speak o» old schools The Merry ' ’Makers Home Economics club will meet on Monday. evening; February 9 at 7:45 ^t the home of Mrs.. Paul Taber. Mrs. Eva Brayiner will be co-hostess. . . Mrs. Gordon M.cEach- ron will be t&e speaker aiid will show slides to illustrate her talk on the old district schoslr r A ■'* © 1974^tllmifk Cartta-lnc.’ ' Trea 5 iireg'#eeting hooHete a¥e peffeefcways Big N W a za^re^nw lclr r Sti^vmg $re hei htis-‘ btodi'Keafiettti/. Sqnfr 6 s,' a dauglitejrj Miss IMda of Caaflltisf a sister, Mrs. Mdhsf 4 - i. Garetaer 'o! Whitesbbrio. ‘ >. CbStMb!iti6ii& ajfltfy be made Jo -- the Arthj&is foundation,ija mettioryT 8 f ^ s . Sipires. . . -• >?£EGAI,NOnCE , NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN , that thg. Assessors of . :|^e ,^ij|ag^ of Argyle have cpihplefeid the Assessment Rdtffor Village of Argyle, Washingti>n / County, New York, for the 1976 -Village assessments atids a copy of such roll is on file with the ^agfe it -fliay . -s^ej-jajta^'iex^^ed :By - any until.- fiiij-yiat-oii that day tlie Villlge Board will .. meet to heat complaints in ••e^ti 4 9 M;to assessmenfs St the ■jz yillag'efelerk \ *l)ate#Jamiaty l6, V3%: . ' greetmgs may address them to: Nelson Combs, Veterans' hospital, 700 19th avenue, South; Sixth floor, north; Bed 4, Birmingham, Alabama 35205. GOODSTUPENT Kathlefen Saftfprd, daughter of'JMr, rata 'Mrs. Everett W, Safford of R.D. 2, Argyle,, was named to the president^ list at Potsdahi v stafci utiiversitrcbj^^icjt |iav- a ''•<d€S Activities t^r_be feeld at ACS thetlm^dejrMJljdl week and S x t includ^r- ’ .- lW sday^'-^yR^afe-Qf ,education\ in<eetin:g,'i’| S p .m, j ^ls'\basketb’s ’ game at- P#s-’ School Lunches Lunishes to be served in the ACS cafeteria next • week are:. ’ Monday Hot meat­ ball. sandwich, buttered greenbeanSffriiit.' Tuesday —' Barbecue beef on bun, buttered-- peas, fruited jello. Wednesday. — Spa­ ghetti with meat • sauce, tossed .salad, bread and butter, ie<e cream. Thursday Turkey andi gravy, paaslied potatoes, buttered com,; cranberry sau#, Srlad apid bjittei, .*pahtee of the Argyy'-patent, wa^ also ^ ' Jflntil a missipiiaiy gained Kirklftiid was ’ the owner and captain of the sthip ‘able to purchasej hhn* for $^ 006 . . He : Calefiftaia, which carried maiiy'of th^,.t - : 'agreed to stay ^ th Priest JCirfcl^nd to His deed., ^ ,3mtil he had worked; dtl£ the money. ■ to “lott one twentee seven’’ wasmade ;;|However, a man m the nei^hborhobd, ,piit **Baniel SmitB, J 6 armer,i‘ K§fe r':;lv fieing drafted, ag^efed ito„ %ork out ; ■ ■ptk ^ pfty,>JSthoughhe,came ^rii^naHy ^ . jS^^*s term “vWlb'Mest Kirklaiid if • ^bm : Glasgow. He settled Ms land would , \• dated ; , ’fie was m.the Jlevolutioflai^ ariny l5f UTC 5 and f e}()nged ,te th^ . i.' tor thtee years and at the end of the ' 4 ft^fc-Cfiiaity MHlitiai.' ' ; returned hbine to the farm in _Albany- county became in i772 Argyle. He married Margaret Tinkey. -•' and the mention • . . .;;He,^s^i?e, anflspnSeh^ who serve,d ^ -i.Nprth^Argyle^eefnete^. ■ ' Gillis Taylqf s daughter, v - ; Spjue- the '■M-K M ic ^ e ^ ^ i^ 'O f Fort 'tbree' -chfldreh wepi nights- to the 'foreclosed for faxes'in7'1922. Sfetttiey 3 E t a d . ■; fe^atith:'Collin;-^-oif;.dllfas-.jNill^has a *je is .fai&Wn that their second sdfl, ';f^atihi|jer of- artifacts th&t‘Beldnged to JpM, went during that period with •' sj* A© nisii to cai^r-water'iron), the. ^< ;>dal^ 4 oftia’s woodeh lahteim; pictured; - • • - ’ v \ ... P h ..... . __ ‘ . . . . ^ V; m . «lmici repoit-crnmsisstied to all students; basketball . game hosting; JohrisbUrg, 6:4B p.m. Saturday — F.H.A. •Sweetheart ‘ball, 8 to 11 p.m.; junior high basket­ ball at Johnsburg, 10 a.m. , Monday —. Girls bas­ ketball hasting Hartford, 4 p.m. \ : Tuesday Sophomore Visitation to 'BOCES center. Wednesday ^ ' Eighth grade orientation night, 7:30 to 9. Friday - Bas'ketball game hosting North -War- - sen - at- 6^i5j - last -home game of the season. f! . Friday — Orange juice, totoSto soup, fish slack oh , -Air- mllk.v. toi-^hlef of >8Js^athe/C%dMia'.‘Bte alsb'ihas.an decided.^{t^keep1 i . '^Id feotstove iised'fo phe^s ieet oa.tSs^j^itt8 ';%• ^ a rra itt chtochk jpair^f'^ee each side df% i i ’i^kles WsdSr'qf .......... ^'ho^tH he ‘ In ^S^eMverantqiflai^^; jqffNW rtlfESIDE -slW S j'tdc^- MU1& BridgeStrcfts ^ Greenwich include 4 ‘Mr:s\ W.#aldo Williaihs Hi 'Thel; s& Sweetheart held this'.J: rua'r^'\’? , '. cafetpriiMi, be, furiiish< p.m. 'Hie - ball is An Love Song, semi-forma Those,att will receiv their admis which they for the kfe The corori held at JO: tion tickets the door. I and queen, Marilyn crown the i Crownbea Heidi Wic Clark, thi dents at'-,A During t high schoc all school havebeen choices as represent groups, * This yei are: fres Theresa Ernie Lidd! Cindy 1 of Mr. ai Deyoe, hi of her ac State Uni York at / munity < Falls. Sh< the draf Cindy is £ yearbook planiung the senioi past me F.H.A- i Athletic s Fori k VALENTIN J c Sta # s i

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