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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, August 01, 1968, Image 5

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t ■C-, Hi :':i l rapRSDAY. t o a c r a r 1 , 1968 JOURNAL sect, a ~ m m f- 5 * ■if ' & vXis- *<■ ■v> ' i a Bits andPieces Abbotbur Town ( Twice in jfche-^gstyt^vp :Jyeeks we Jiave seen what we ’ take to be weasels. As we remember seeing only one. other weasel ever, v/e were interested to see two wllfa'in' sf‘shtfrt time:’ One1 of these animals we saw just south of Wright’s corners on the No‘*li Greenwich road,’ the other oa the road into the Bat- tenkiil Country club. .Research at the Greenwich Free library leads us tp believe v that tlie? animals we , saw were long $IIefl weasels. There are •two Srati-feties •of-fhe 'long taUed . weasel, apparently, and we hesi­ tate- to sgy„ whether we saw the Mustela frenata frenata (Lich- tensteiii> or the Mustela frenata - '“ncowbol'ace'nsrs -(Emmons). At 'this season of the year, weasels hereabouts have a white belly and dark b’row'n back and the ttp p{ the tail is black. As wintfri’ approaches they, turri white* (9-iJipletely, except for the tip of I lie tail, which remains black. The female may run. from 11 to 20 inches in length and. we ighs t h r e e to nine ounces, The male is somewhat ■biggeav 3,^3 inches long and 7-14 aoltc&s. ln -w'eight; ' The weasel’s diet is exclu­ sively iiEiimal, which it likes at blood lieat and still wiggling. It eats small rodent's, jaiice, rats, chipnauitks and young rabbits. It is not an expert climber-, but it \^i31 pursue ■chipmunks into trees. ‘ Wease-Is mate in July or Au* , gust, :l)iEt their young are not born until the- following, spring. A litter .averages five to eight young, but it ma.y number as many as M 'ldpzeiv. The'animtals have musk glands near tlis- base of the tail. When excited with rage, fear or tlie mating instinct the glands give off a powerful odor. To many people the odor is more often-' sive ®n(|* puseating than is that of a sklimki'- Human ’beings- haye no greit love for weasels. They have -oilier enemies .too, includ­ ing foxo'-s, raptorSaPflfads'; large snakes ntntl house cats. We I iqovv more about weasels how tliitn we ever did before. ■?-Hope cvaSve’ increased your knowledge too. r; JOURNAL STATIONERS 1 1 W hiteside Founder of M ini The Miami,' Horj«jl,-.H:etSW has carried!' a featwrb article\ and picture - on^a 'flew schopl of which $toMj4 ‘WM’te\\‘ side, formerly of <3re|nwich, i r one of the founders. Troe a’rficle5- sayse ih:'pa*t: “Anthony1 Cbrdova Retired - ais** a U. S. army major; after ,yg^rs.Jtf j the service.) Donald- ' WhifeeStde retired fronv his ca­ reer as a» insurance nfa». '• .“Mow they've really started-; <’ .y-brking at what is .|lesest'to '!• their hearts. : t “Both went back to(1schoorto ' get mastei-s’ degrees;'- »As'- part—: of their- teacfe6r'- -cQ?psv program < at the University Miami -they joined forces , to help set up a imnfrscfioSt lot —Mr, -and' iMfrs.. . Raymond' Go- have returned tiiwh-5 a -iracati-dn * at Cape Cod; and Mrs, Harold Itoss' |#N toir,v HfcSftJd Jr.; leffe.5 Safcijr- sp«hd“,twi). :Weete;'}6’ At-. ^ii*ie:'City'r‘I|gW' Jexsfey.'^vT-.,, , -GarafcyooWss were ^^y'Ol*'th^ii?<(jncle-raiid ;a«d M*sv Sidney daulibattp?Jv'; ■Mr, and;'- Mrs. Gori|||i*'0, ■ - — .drew - Whi(akfer' Jr.,-and sons, • and 1 David, • returned gf$tn% vacalibris in *Mainl|hs -Eileen ■a'-meni&ef of ' ^peiSt ‘the we^t df july . the 4-H camp Ut. Averill ^sirk. —Mrs. Francis Berg&ir: re- •uTs'ari- turned Mondaf to ter fiiome in '?•' I A f t * # ' afte* ’passing the week •jr*. f ' \ * murrt,-,! M disadvantagtd chil- « 4 » ^ p i g S S ^ p L ! . ' f . * 11 Mr»- Waiiam- -RiMlnS; drten, ‘The school, just- tw» ^ !l,Wand?M'is; fljiarles^V. Ee'chtel rooms at Dhrjst' MEethodist church, was opened * weeks- ago-, wtth a c 1 a -s s of B^ttsmSeanft Of Benniff&on* VH. ’ - • • mBr ttO0ew Mrs. Faxon White and- her aun«, - Mrs. Rosella R^o’se of Pou'ghkeepsie, spent tbe past week'with Mrs.. White’s Brother- in-law and sisferrMr. aiid;-3fe\s. Carjnine Despirito, of Union, ^ w . Jersey. [ , —Mrs; Philip Tefft aewf'ijEr, and Mrs. Ralph Reid, oi He-Jiro.n left last .^eelc Tuesday ,on. three-week grange tour o£4feu- rope. They will, yjgit.Tritahd, Germany, Scotland! SwitaeRlmd, England, Italy,' Holland, Spain and’ Belgium. , , —lance, Cpl. Alfred Ei. W^aite, TJSMC, has been ' dis-chaa'ged from St. Albans naval hospital .and recently spent a 15-day .leave with his parents, 31r. and Mrs. Alfred Waite, and family. He has been transferred to the Marijie schools at ^uat/ico, Virginia. •Rev, and Mrs. John Coiurn- Thomas McCain- returned •Thomas Waite, -who en- \ “ — \ t - t - JT- r. - --------- ,*• • \»• ( U 4 V i - f v m * i ' V i i , V - -1* ' . v j • , _ home because there- was tn •*“«:. W t e d where else.for them to go. Eastons -M ess ffe,chtel'is a grad- Sflites-' 'navy,, left Thursday /for language barrier coupled witli -uate of .the Greenwich • central takes naval--training cen- ret^EdatiOft . seemingly 'doionied^.'S^otfl^^ai^%i)’cna^ ^ ^ R M « . ; ' , . - _ . theiia-- from' ,realiziRg . a * d ‘ Mrs. Mered!®; levels they -might reach - Getty an^ tfdttghfeFs, Cajole and training.. Planned on a confinf nuisili*{;st^t'at^atiiam:i^ar»,'^ Miss’Kim- Young- have .Bing'* basisi the- school * CTtaEAed vacatiorf 4m the ally -hopes t6 accon!Mi»OjJ«|e^g;ft'i% , ; n V.: .tQ' ^ Children. • •. ^ 8 ;' & ■ “It’s- a ©ifot prograitt af tjlie Marjije-corps- their s&n- D.ade county'assoeiatiqii of ihm sel fo)f *the:lwed^S^:. • . - &>^Mw*”aM iaightex^ Mxi ^ and tally; retarded children: starteid . .' K . >,;,v • ;•_. Mist; DWdlejuF. Judd, and daugh- w i t i j b e :SMPPoyt of'thB'f.ehcisvi’ “ tian Community Service agencs,, an' organizatite' of' Protestant ' deijornination \which hopest to - open; more such mini-schoolS\ai other sites in the area.” . | Mr. Whitesid^ is a son of the 4 late Mr. and Mrs. John White­ side of' Greenwich--and; brother - of Edward Whiteside, He was ’ associated with- his family In . the John Whiteside’ and Son's business here ‘before, going into the insurance 4>ilsiness in Cali­ fornia. He continued his edu­ cation there before moviiig to Florida with jtis wife and - tv™ -] children, to study at the TTni- * versity of Miami. ‘5? O b ituaries ter, Cynthia, -of Tarrytown-. .—-Mr... and Mrsv Carroll Lang and daughter, Diane/,q£'Parlin, ;New -'J6rs:eyi are visiting his and' sister-inyaw, > Mr. 'and,,Mrs-.' Raymond Lang, and family. • 1 —Gary and Michael Mesick, -i sons -of Mr; and -Mrs. Robert Me- fsi6k,5 aate^spending*.the month of •(August1 at- Camp: Beckett, a . Y.' M., C. A. carrip at Becket, ’Massachusetts. ; —Mrr and* Mrs. Carl Adams . were? in-; PhiiadelTphia, Penn., Wednesday • to - attend the fu- ' neral-' .of - Mrs;0 Adams' mother, Hrs. Wiiliam Bullock, who died iW ihltadelphia. v, ,,i-4lr> and'*j^x& Eayl Lewth- ^aife* and (Jau'^hter, Mrs. Gail ■t'Beyeir, of Oratiell, New Jersey, spenf several days last week at _ tjie howe of >%. and Mrs. Earl \ iEfcwey and.-Mass* Evelyn Barbflr. O L IVER W ARD Oliver (Bill) Wafd bf R.D. 2, , - , i.tjewev'an(i:‘,M 3 ss.*i!<vervn uamur Greenwich^ died Sunday in the CitAOUATES' FKtW SPEN C Ilt ' —Mrs.'TYederick BashouT and Veterans’ Administration hos- ‘-^Miss-Theresa Joyce, daughter- daughter- Irene o£ ‘ Hartford jStfl/ in Ateaay- followiiig 4 cran.,'-3pWd^w«fik-eatf ‘with- u ''** July-.5irs-, Eashoufc!^father, Arthur — - ---------— r— '■»' - : ■ , Mi, m «•«* «, mv f.uwinisS^fj VSIfihluift and Mrs *VfiiIen- the Gamtt schoo^ SefceW^dy, a] tine^and r ffipher:in-Iaw a n d the M v . John CSoMitoajjf Spencer^she.maidEed In-vthe 44 s |ster - Mr.. ^nd,' Mrs. John thp. Cp-ntfinary..United Methpi;ist_ w eeck Ajexsaifiye iesrMaridB .* KenyOiv- ./ ___ church. Cremation foil owed, at cburseand.was one ofthe ment- __ ^ Bernard Kelley and fee 'Gardner Earl crematory in bersofthe.cla^who maintained fadr gr^^au^ter, Mrs. tor- Troy. anr avenge of ahoye 90iper cent: raine Hoictfnif, and daushter Mr, Ward was -born January for the year* The conimence- jjeidi SDeht last week Ttilsdav 15,1912,*in the town of Dartittie. mciit- banquet was held i t the anf} j„ «frOV w:tu He had re$ide,d here for tho: Golden Fox restaurant in 'Col- t JI jj daughter Mrc past 23 years. He' was a retired onie. -Thos^ attending were Mr. chfrW cih^i*rh * employe of AgWay, having been- and Mrs-.' J6*cC-Rfta, ah e f-m a T ,ejr ' ' ' ....... ■ .... with-the company f6r 30 years. and; Mrs. Hafoht Sheridan. Mr. Ward was a U. S. army vet­ eran of World War H and a 'member of Greenwich pdst. Vet­ erans of Foreign- Wars.. Survivors are his'1 parents, Mt. _ „ .............. and Mrs. Clarence Ward of f Leonardville; two sisters, Mrs. a^ ' ^ ^ 3 ^ 5 Hazel Conrad of fimes and Mrs. MUo f I f ’ ^ ^ •?V . a^, Earl J. Fake of Little Falls. Mary McClellan hospital m Cam- —Miss SasaA^^iheaf, daugh­ ter. of 'Mr, and Mr^'Bobert Bar* ber,' recer.tty'flev? Evansville, Ind., to speadji'th? month of August with1 her; uncle- and aunt , Df. and tes.'Rpb^r;|;Lk Britt; —-Mr. and • Sidney Hub­ bard,' Miss. (jhr|stl|^,Surch and hoiise guests,; ’ jvtrl'j-aind Mrs. Henry Burch; i Como* Florida, v^ere §ijeM#j Saturday of. Mr. and ISIrs^^lspie Burch and daughters, Karen, and Kel- Ity, of Troy at a reunion of the Burfeh faihjl^.-, '.',Alsb • present were Wayne Burch!s parents, Mr.; .ahd'-HwC I r v f e 4Buich,- of WilfnlngCoTi', ‘ —Mrs.'3lu,sseli':J^%^ton and her sister^ Mrs, Sayl .Braman of Palmyra, recently’ spent two weeks in Charlotte, North Caro­ lina,- with Mrs, iBraman’s son,in- law and daughter, Mr. and- Mrs; •bus and d-aughter, Kyle, Jav%j'Joel Tv -Turn.er,/ '?Rd: family. They retuxnedlasj: iy6ek to Pal­ myra and • Satyrday \Mis Edger- to-a, Mrs. 'Bi'aman and their sis- returned from spending *ai incnth visiting Mfs,. Columbus’ mother, Mrs. ,E. t; Hogan, in'North Au­ gusta, South Carolina,-and oilier relatives. ^ On their retmirn. trip tHey passed a.few d^ys at Ocean Grove, New Jersey, z —-Mr. and Mrs, George Mulli­ gan .. and sons, Alan an.d John, returned. Monday frpm a camp­ ing trip t o ' Golden Eeacb on Raquette Lake in the Adiron- ;dacks, . Alan and Jolin also spent a week at Beavej Cross, the Episcopal conferencc center a t S®rlngfleld Cente?> •. t. ' —^Trsr'Robert J. ICu|m of Voorheesville came Monday to spend' some time with her sister-, in-law, Mrs. Hebert - Thomas. Mrs.” George Stile? visited Irs, Thomas from Thursday to Sun­ day. Mr. and Mrs. Vsil lo-pp and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bqpp of Albany were Sunday callers of Mrs.. Thomas. —A/lc Edward C. Waite, (JSAF, has completed a-40-week course in electronics at Kees- 1 ler air force base and rcecmtly I spent a 42-day leave \will) his ‘ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Waite. He left Tuesday for Clark air force base in lhe Phil­ ippines where \he will be sta­ tioned for the next 18 rmonllts. —Visitors at the hom e o f Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Langdom (Enring the past week included Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carter of Syracuse, Mr. and Mrs. Murry Aancs and grandson, Bradley A bios , of Richfield Springs and Richard Reynders and Thomas HJlnar Jr. j of Albany. Mr. and Mrs. Ames ; also called on Mr. and Mrs.. Gkiy j Barber on the Salem ro»ad.\ ; —Mr. and Mrs.:LeRo^ Bailey j and duldreri, Rebecca and Da- | vidi of Schaghticoke, foroor residents of this village, Jiave ' .returned, from Fort RiH& JCan- [ sas, where they visited their i son, SP4 Wayne Bailer. ®f the communications , office at Fort Riley. While in Itaiusas they } visited other places of interest including President Elsenhow­ er’s home. • ter, Mrs. Irene Hill of Palmyra, came to Mrs', -Edgefton’s -home here. Monday Mr5.'Rraman and Mrs. • -Bail- retu?n<J%,tc(; Palmyra; Today Is Someone’s Birthday or Wedding Anniversary SEND A CARD Meet tlie • New S c o u t from International For A31 Eoads All Weather All Uses Rear WTieel Drive or All Wheel Drive at Natale Rambler Tel. Saratoga 584-5440’ / So. Broadway Saratoga OPEW EVENINGS People to Be Remembered Next Week Include the Following: BIRTHDAYS SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 — Lee Stevens, Linda Walker; Edna GravJrn, Douglas E' Skiff, Cathy Goon* MONDAY, AUGUST 5—Dorothy , ^ id , Joan Elaine' 6a3|a#-Rofc well'Barbur, David Lundberg, Edith Baker, Henry Dennings TUESDAY; AUGUST 6 — Wil- ' lard 'Reid, Herbert Rob«rt^ Lester W a I k e r, Marjoria Whipple, Janice Atwell WEDNESDAY, AUGUST, 7 — TimMcGrooty, David Perkins, Clarissa Hughes, Lynin How- left, Jody Reid THURSDAY, AUGUST 8 ~ Ada Blair, Carrie Moore,, Donria Skellie, ■ Susan Woods, Albert Charron, Gloria* Clark FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 — Smith Ann Murphy, Lee Ryan^ John Lyttle, David Garrett, Marilyn Brcphy SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 — John F. Hughes, Georg* Lamb Jr., Kathy Susan MorCow, John Manney ANNIVERSARIES MONDAY, AUGUST 5—Nir'. and Mrs., Theodore Powell FRIDAY, AUGUST 9—Mr, and Mrs. Elton Howland SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 — Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cronin, Mr, and*Mrs. Edward Clark Sr. 1 Donohue’s Pharcnaey Holmes Pharmacy Journal' Stationers The Hughes Newsroom Send h the BIRTHDAY an d ANNIVERSARY Dates of Ybur Family and Friends—We- Want lo List*them, Please Mail a Card fo Dept. BA, P.O. Box 185 Greenwich, N. Y. 12834 General Excavating and Conservation Work ROBERT SLATER - - *-- . Salem, N, Y. Have ‘977’ Bucket Loader Trucks of Various. Sires and Other Necessary Equipment. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. -Parker MRS. WILLIAM BULLOCK bridge! - . • A son, Keith William, wats Through Six Decades - i. The Choice 0 {f America's Loveliest Brides AIS6 ' Keepsake Wedding Rings - \T--' ’ • - -- Powell’s Jewelry G reenw leh N ew Y o rk C o n v e n ient T e r m s A r r a n g e d 4 ” s - 1 • m : The death of Mrs. William born to-Mr. aiid Mrs. Ralph E . , Bulloqk occurred Saturday, July, Slater Monday, July 22 , ’^t tise.' 27, in Philadelphia, Penn., fol- Mary McCFeitan hospifef, Cana-' lowing a long illness. . Funeral bcidge. services were held Wednesday ) ^d-'-|^f.'n1lfa)terv1|]RiqA9S at Philadelphia and interment nf of \RB. 2, Greenwi^H, are was tp Broomwall, Penn. | parents bf k ;Spn, Stephen\ James, Mrs. Bullock was a member born Monday; July 29, at th^e of the Presbyterian church of Glens Falls hospital. : . South West Philadelphia. f A son, Michael Ross, was born Surviving are her husband, to K 6 v. and tes. TWnald R? Me- William; three daughters, Mrs. Leod Wednesday, July 24, St Nancy Adams of R.D., Green- the Mary McClellan hospital,^ wieh, Mrs. Bertha Bonner of Cambridge, Philadelphia and Ma?$. Barbara Rogers of Woodbury, N, J., and: * . • • , • „ ave grandchildren. A C t l V l t i e ^ S --------------- - --------------------- —A broiler barheetife aaltibe * CARD OF THANKS- served at fche'MettiJd'fst' church The famiLy of Edna-S. Hay Saturday everiiiig, August 10, wishes to thank the friends, from -5:30 to 8 p:m.'Tickets-will relatives and neighbors fer the: be sold at the door or m ay be many acts of- kindness shown. members of thie during the illness and death o£ churcH, _ * their loved one. • „ V F ^ No. 7291« wiill ^ m eet' Thursday eveningi August' 1 , at - 8 ' o’clock. The food- conirhittee will be Mesdames Harriet Mullahy, Mil-' died? Osberg,' Betty • Neilson and Reta 0 5 CoiTnor; ' | ' M arty Kazm a ie r ; - ” . *-t ,,t Proprietor of the Engines# knowii'a 3 -' . \ ■ h W 0 r w - w ^ 128 Main Street . i m l d d f<» Or<Beawicli • a n n o u n c e d c h a n g ^ d t h e im m ^ - * ' , T h r t e f e Is ffie OMy Ghiiage - ■ STfee mine high stanWttrd' of quality •- -..• ». « y-t t ’» will be r%,‘ liioifl COMPLETED ASSESSMENT I RGity-'Wl^^^CtillS-. ‘ 1 , , After Grievwice; fkVyn -Nd'fiifa I tftak the-j?AsSessnient, |Rq11 fotf \ A m ® , t;p ' v' the pletedviby. thse«!-tJM«!Mfeiied -A4-, sessors', and a certified cop^ tthere|if “wa| -jfilell W the.. 0 Jfie»' Wiw$y$Mrkt 'otf ihfe^l^fe j» thfe ? same -will'- teiiiain. open*rtd thief.- tfdihii^ fe^<abnv6m<rf -'Ofetobtii? ‘ lst.'^ f' ■:i'' - Dated thi’s' 'Est day ; of August,. ig e d r - -'- Bernard • D&nafiB; Was to open a s&vifigs accoimt. w ith th^' specific objective of turning this 'id e i into a reality. ea©^regnIarlyrsch e M e d deposit (plu? interest) the to t il s kept growing. The kitchen, u p >1 vj0.y~.-i ■ T^#ft't-of-'Afkyle. h'i I I •Vv I ' from. just an idea to thefreal.thing '!1 > < M s r m x m H A x b a n k of Greenwich, N. Y . tocally Owiied Open Friday Evening 6-8 v •i ■ '■'l I ii ! 1 v-i

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