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m t m t-.1 r: f- iv!S, . ¥v:V • f t ' ^ r * . _ • f W P W t o p r T - By Area' lndastrial Dt<|iors There: w ere .only five pints o f ' blood licft in tlie northeastern New Y^rk regional bloed bank center in Albany last week Tuesday morning to .supply\'the 26 hosjpitals in the area. The A special meeting of the states Putnam, together with Edmond board of social services was ’ McV3orris, clerk of the board, held the first part of this week j-attc»d*ed an inter-county meet- in Albany, and cnc of the recom-. ing rtu discuss problems cf Medi- j blood bank program was at' a mendations it received w a s ( caid e arlier la s t w«ek at Lake [ critical paipt, and there was the potential danger that the supply mobile center -at the Legion ho*tne in .Stijt^lferville, * iri sub- zewp vveatlie|,|i 3 iid volunteered, tu. give blood,pipiere were 153 uiLits of blqojT collected, thus, restoring tixq Hood bank center sujply. C e rt& ly lives were and vvi J1 be $a\ed.by this resgonse. \T.he Sc h ujyliprvilie -Grce nwich would be exha usted with pa- ' hlQodaioblle l'Isit last .week put ticnts’ lives in tlie balance. special enipMafe on industries. f.: That was the day that the ( Ev?i;fy { iria.i^|j6 area had, been Red Cross bloociinobfle was iji ( asjkpd to ,copppraU;. Employes C* a U i «« * « l l / x A n #1 « a n .« ■ n _ ____? i t ' _ . ______ - - . —. U JS * . J from the Washington county GeOM-ge. board of .supervisors regarding1 This .group, at which there Mcdicaid. j were reprCTentatives from Sara- This county's legislators rec- toga and Warren counties, as omniended to the social services | well as 'Washington, discussed board that the eligibility level | the need for deductibles, such ’ Sihuylerville ancl workers in six..' comimitte.es ,jw,e r e or.gainizedj for Medica/cl.be red uced 'at least' as a .$3(]e6 deductible before any Industries in the Sclfl^ylervilie- j q(LoMk%'-i^e’l^iigEied e a c h in­ to the federal level of $5,400:[ payme nt £s made under Medi-[ Greenwich area had been en: ( j u i s t r y , , j g o ^ l —^LCi) pints for a family cf four, and indi- caid^and also the possibility of \listed to help the blood bank- of blood. The goal was far ex- ;.cated that fiQOO level was m o re! enacrtoent of the compulsory p rogram . • , . corded, » . realistic, §t least for this county.; insoime* -program proposed by They di<|-^156 ineri and woto.-, jg c ajj^6 at-every JjIpa<lmo.bile The supervisors, meeting last1 the governor. en Plu^ ! vigil so^e peegle \vli« -ofcfer tq Thursday, took this action after , There will be a public hear- 28 other people ErQiji the two -; .*v . 1 j.., \* . , A5semhl-yniin I nwronce E Cor- ing before the joint legislative' commumities' west to ‘the bioQcl> (Cehtinugdl ojj Page,,2, Sec. A) hett j r reported the state board camcmUtee on the problems of., - - - of social .services would be public health, Medicare a nd_ j meeting Monday and Tuesday, ■ Med icaid on January 30 in A l-' and that this board had th e ' banv, a n d the inter-county authority tu set the eligibility ' tjroiap appointed a committee;, level, rather than tlie state legis inclaiil ing Mr. Clark and Mr. An- lature \ drews to draft the veiws of the T h e -t;.te receives assi‘tance j>ro«p to present at the hear- from the federal government, which set the eligibility level on a graduated scale. I t was $6,0QP last year; it is $5,400 this year; it • will drop to $5,240 in Jan­ uary, 1-96&; to $5,07G in Jan­ uary, 1970; and to $5.€00 there­ after. These are the levels for eligibility f o r Medicaid on which the federal government will share the costs. iog. L*srs|pa»ioit Prapflssed. All across the state there is <lisc«on tent w i t h the present; Med-icaid program both because of itts cost and\ because the lo­ cal gowernment has no a u thority in ffiio matter. Senator J a i n e s H. Donovan, Eopmiltrlican, from the 44th sen­ atorial] district, Oneida county, The federal government does lias Introfliicci a bill in the not recognize an adjustment in eligibility for various economic areas, so although the Washing­ ton county board of supervis­ ors feels that there should be an adjustment in eligibility for upstate counties, 1he~stste board of social services lias no control over this, without jeopardizing board o f supervisors would •senate to amend the social serv­ ices law to make it permissive, afte»*uly 1, 19-69, for local gov- erniaif. bodies, such as county boards of supervisors, to estab­ lish tluoir own Medicaid eligibil­ ity t-crel s This the \Washington county the federal assistance Medicaid program. Inter-County Meeting in the favo-r, for one oi the- great objec­ tions *o the Medicaid- program and its cost that the local legis- ’Washington coi)nty is' n o t ' latovs lias voiced is that the alflae (p vpaftfing reductions in proErium is • mandated 'f r o m the Medicaid eligibility—limits. Three of its members, Chair- jn,an CJ^rlc^Ii-.. Clark o/.Cnm- -fcfi^rence Andrews ■ of abowc—that isrthe state and fed­ eral I'ovcrnineHts—and it is left tc» U iis couii-tifis^ to ‘ foot a big shjirc!.o^; tte-%ilfe ••• -witfiout'any; GrianviUe \and Frank Moqre of j say in the matter. y Standing Committees Named For 1968 by Chairman Clark •Dr. Charles R. Clark of Cam-i, M c n 4a 1 health: JVIartucci, bridge, chairman of the Wash-1 f e n ks-, Tillotson. ington county board of super-1 Prrlifcters: McLenithan, Burch, visors, has announced standing | Tillotsiora. committees of the board for' 1968 as follows: GOLDEN jpLEEGE P\LED.&E - TEAfA The Gol'den Md^ce’, according ( q H a ro lf Sn'ow. reside nt man­ ager, formed a. pledge team of ten atnployos for t i e bloo<l donor drive. These team .members mad(!.. sure that - every employe at both ttee Greenwich arid Battenvilfle mill?. bad an opportunity to pledge. In addition, where necessary, time oil iroitnycrli and transportation provided, As a result of ’the hard vork of the temm, Golden Fleece had 63 pUcdges apd 46 donors. The team mojmbers, left to rEght, are: Back row, Harold Snow-, Priest, Harold Brady, Ltloyd CrttfF. Front rosv, Bella Griffin,^ Florence Kirk, Louis Horwuth, Gerald Kelly. Missing from tike picture ‘a te Robert Steveits and; Itobert Harding. Prub3ic buildings: Cook, Mc- ' l/cnatban. Boss, Randles, Rogers, Bounties^ Howard Burch of Kail ks, Cullinan. Hartford, Frank Martueci of j PuliQic health: Supervisors Whitehall, William Sherin of Tillots-om and Cook; William 'Easton. Auditing. Laurence Andrews' ot Granville, Clyde Cook .of Fort Ann, Clifford Rogers of Hebron, Frank Moore of Putnam. Bovine tuberculosis: Malcolm1 Douglas of Hampton, Burch, Leon Layden of Kingsbury. Civil defense: Sherin, Rogers, Douglas. Civil service: Leo Boss of Dfesden, John Fullerton of Greenwich, Donald Hanks of Salem. Communications: Fullerton, Dr. B. C. Tillotson of Fort Ed­ ward, Andrews. Community college: Fuller­ ton, Tillotson, Sherin. Compensation insurance: Mar- tucci, Rogers, Stuart Cullinan of White Creek. Conservation: Moore, Joseph Raiidles of Argyle, Martucci, Boss, Douglas. Correction and reformation: Fullerton, Moore, Burch. County clerk: Rogers, Moore, Burch. County'officers and compensa­ tion: \Hanks Boss.^ Cook, Mar­ tucci and Tillotson. County treasurer: Boss, Ran­ dles, Tillotson. Elections.: Cook, Burch, Lay­ den. ■ Equalization and finance: An­ drews, Cook, Rogers, Moore’, Randles, Martucci, Fullerton. ■ ,Fire ladwisory board,: Cullinan, Mdrtucci,, Sb'uglM* % F o r e s t standard practices; Siapefyisdr1 Moore, Theodore T. Buckley and Raymond Hathb^ti. Highway: Moore, Emerson McLenithan of Jackson, Rogers, Martucci and Cook. I n s u r a n c e : ' McLenithan, Moore, Sogers, • Judicial and b^r: Supervisor' Layden, Hanks, Cook and Ed­ ward F, Layden, president Of the • Bar association;, -John J. O’fimen, county judge;— ------ — La-boratories: Tillotsofn'. Legislative: Andrews, Fuller-, ton, Cullinan. ' ' ' j , On Dairying A meeting at which the sit­ uation of daiiy farming in gen­ eral will be looked into and dis­ cussed will lie held\ in Green­ wich 'next week Monday eve- ' Tiing. The dafry commodity com- HUDSON PtILP & PAPER TEAM, ’ I mittee of the Washington coun- The Hudson Putp and Paper company had a team of nine | ^ Farm Bureau is sponsoring employes who were in charge of pre-registering employes fo r , e meeting and all dairy^ far™* The Wreckage After Schuylerville’s Fire 1 tiiLexploded Tanks, Being' Filled Wlieii’ ?ire Started* Show in the (Jenter of the Pioture —Photo by A. B- Oornell P .. Ten people were made home­ less last Friday when a one- story home and a three-story apartment bi*ilding on the cor­ ner of 'Broad and Ferry streets in Schuylerville were destroyed, following an explosion. The fire broke out at 11:15 a.fn. while a propane gas truck was making a delivery at the one-story home of Mrs. Belle Foster. . Thoro was a muffled explosion and almost instantly the house secmetf. to disinte­ grate and flames engulfed it. Quickly the (ire spread to the adjoining apartment building owned by Charles Skiff. It was through the dlForts of firemen that the home of Nicholas Scuirba, 15 feet away, was saved. , Only- tlie siding on the house ,,was scorched _ ■ Firemen fought the' flames in sub-zero yveatheT and ^fter six Experts Will hours, nothing remained but rubble and ice clinging to the burned buildings and on the h i g h w a y . Fire departments from Greenwich, Victory Mills, Quaker Springs, Mechanicville and Ballston Spa were called through mutual aid to assist the Schuylerville firemen. Mrs. Foster, at whose home the explosion occurred, was not home at the time. In the Skiff apartment house lived Mr. and Mrs. Skiff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drew and sonL Mrs. Kose Almy, her daughter Marion, her $otr Willis, her granddaughter Tammy* On the. ground floor ubs a real estate office operated by •GejaW Galvin of Greenwich, arad a vacant store formerly used by Blr. Skiff as a grocery and cna rke:t. > Mrs: Almy, an IravaDId,. was carried to safety t o Bremen and <lU .others in the bmiMjiag a t j j ie time the fire broke out escaped Unharmed. However, nothing was saved in the wajy o»f house­ hold possessions. So-nie articles in Mr. Galvin's oific-e were burned and the rest were dam­ aged by w&tor. Ironically Mr. D*iw fis assist­ ant fire chief of the Schuyler ilose company. He saw the fire just as it started aitd nvas one of the first on tluo aceae with fireftghting equipimeiat. BfS Rel(3, Fort Edward; Dr. A. G. Barret t, Granville; Dr. Charles Cole:, Cambridge; Percy Carpen- _ _ . „ t&r, Hudson Palls; Dr! Robert | the blo«d donor driv'e in Echuylervdlle last week. With a quota W, Uosnter, Hudson Falls. Pciblicdty, public and conunu- nlty relations:'Roger's, Fullerton antt. C'oak, x ^ . PcibSic: welfare: Andrews, Me* Leiialtaan, Cook. Resoiurces development and planrnl ng: Sandies, McLenithan, Han ks. - Sheep appraisal: Burch, Culli­ nan a*ict Boss. v Sheriff: Hanks, McLenithan, Ran«dles. Sail and W ater Conservation District board: Supervisors Mc- Lenatban and Randles; Ben Eng­ lish, Cambridge; Arthur Stod- of 29 dHorcors, the mill had almost three times that number of volunteers, 76. This picture shcrfevs the team nrtmbers who enlisted! volunteers. Lefit to right, back row: Kenneth DeRagon, William Butz, Plant Manager George Jepson, Lewis Stewart, Jaines Coleman. First raw: Anthony Brancato, Tini-othy Jjaloney, Marcella Bar­ rett, Rachard Smith. 2 Mew Teachers Will Join Greenwich Faculty February 1 Two new teachers were ap­ pointed by the hoard of educa­ tion Monday evening to fill va­ cancies on the Greenwich cen- daix9, ~Grarvilfe'' Thomas Keys, i tral scl*ooJ fac“Ity- Mark Wells j sosnnel on any matters ...wMah Sale=ni ■ ' ’ j of Riverhead, L.. I., will be in- j may arise. The board adopted a state­ ment of policy which deals with the manner of negotiating with teaching and -non-teaching per Tax 1-and: Randles, Douglas, Layclem. T a m s : Boss, Randles, Culli-* nan_ Veterans: Cullinan, Tillotson, Shearim, Washington County Extension association: Randles, Hanks. Wildlife ^ MTanagement act: Mpoire ;' Lincoln Stone, Hudson ^3«lLs; Frank Adams, Shushan. To Subscribers of The Journal. Edpctive February 1, the, pricc of a year’s subscription to The Greenwich Journal will .be incrctased to S5.00. C oiLtributing\ to this decision hav*e been four major postal rate: increases, the advancing I>fiee o f newsprint and nr- cxeased production costs. ' Siubsscribers to The Journal map extend , their subscriptions ■for tone year at the present' rate, $4,00 a year, until two weesks? frroitl today, February 1, wiser, tie' new rate goes into • ’ >. 'Hife news stand price • of single copies of The Journal sti'uctor in shop, succeeding William LaPolt, who resigne'd to beeome a dairy farmer. Harry Lomasney of Ballston Spa will teach social studies and reading in junior high School, replacing Mrs. Katherine To- tnasi tif Salem, who aecepted a half-year appointment in the fall to fill a vacancy. Both new teachers are gradu­ ating Q is month from college, Mr. Wells from states college at Osweg»; Mr,- JLomasney from Castleton,; Vermont, teachers college^ 'They will assume their teaching positions here Febru­ ary 1. \The board appointed Mrs. Mrg3r*et _Perkins cf • Greenwich to a clerical position in the school \business office. This new position was' authorized by the District Principal Edgar F. Smyder reported th |t the ditch­ ing project to drain the swampy ar«ea at the northern boundaries of the school property was in its: final stages and should soon be completed, weather per­ mitting. j V business meeting of the bwrd will be held Jaauary 29 to consider matters pertaining to the school building program. Jajnes Rourke, formerly of Greenwich, who is an associate to the director of business man­ agement of the state education' deapartment, will| <liscu_ss with th«e board the \$1 bond issue the. district authorized to cojistruct an addition to the high school and renovations to th«e middle grade buildings. Mr. Rourke will make recormnenda- board earlier in the school year. | tions on when the bonds should Homer t)earlcve, district su- j be- placed on the market. ■ perirttMitferrt;,-iras-at—Monday’s ParRe-r -Bodge, school archi- ineeting to discuss the voca- J tc.ct, and others from his ofifice, tional education program of the wkll with'the board the board of .cooperative , educa-ffiraal Business details foi taking tional s e r v i c e s which has 1 bids for the construction pro-. schools at North Argyle and Warretisburg and favors -build-' ing another vociational school in the - -Ifedscix\ l^lts=(jleiis:-^pails- area. ' Mr, psai'love discussed the, need for i gram. Bids-will be received ne;Kt .Rext ■ 'Monday- evening riiem- besrs of' tlie board of. education ex-pect to attend the ineeting of jj-gani ,-ilE risiriai n uhchanged, 10 cents! ?chool with the local board ' tqai; leottnty school boards ^sso- - I maiiters,' 1 . / • - | elation -at Mariiord. ,, ers in the county are invited to attend. The meeting will be held in the elementary school at Greenwich Monday, January 22, at 8 o’clock. The influence of imitation milk and filled railfe to-fehe dairy industry in this section will be discussed, as will the current federal milk marketing orders. Three speakers will have parts in th e program: Prof. Fred Webster of the University of Vermont, an authority on prob­ lems of the dairy farmer; John Slatier, president of the New York division of the American Dairy association and the Dairy Cduncil of ffaew York; and Carl Hedin, manager of thq Ameri­ can Dairy association in New England. Members of. t h e Vermont Farm Bureau and the Farm Bureaus in Saratoga and Rens­ selaer counties have been in­ vited to attend the meeting. _.Members of the dairy com­ modity committee are: James Black, Argyl-e, chairman; \Wal­ ter Perry, Hampton; Douglas Jolly, Salem; Nathan Dickinson Jr., Kingsbury; Warren Skellie, Jackson; and Raymond John­ son, Easton. State Officers of Legion, Auxiliary To Visit County Edward %. Delehanty, Newj \Washington cou nts' b ail, t-wo speakers on.the prograai a t the 136th annual meeting of tlie New York State M.grficnltiural speiety in Albany lastt \week. They were Donald D». Hanks of Salem and David J. Mosher of Easton, and they uvetre the only active farmers on the three- session program. Mr. Hanks spoke in t&e after­ noon describing tlw changes that have occurr-ed im dairy farming in the 25 .years he has «pfrated his farm in Salem. During this time farming has undergone the gre atest changes ever, the gasoline eng ine and electricity having irorolmtionlzed the method's of farming. c Mr. Hanks poimted out that the way of life on a farm is ome of its greatest Howards. During his talk Mrs. Hanks showed pictures o*f their farm Operations and innprowements, • . .'V i of their family at work and on WOUNDED IN ^ lE T N A /^M r. -vacation, and of t lie fields and and, Mrs. Alfrec}. 'Waite of Mid- hills that surroun d the Hanks die Falls recelve'd a‘ telegram1 homestead. Saturday that their son, Pfc. I Mr. Mosher was a speaker at Alfred E. Waite, Serving with i the evening session of the so- the United States marines in i ctety and was honored as an out- Vietnam, had been wounded on standing New York state agri- January 7 by hostile -mortar fire. Tuesday Mr. and Jlrs. Waite re­ ceived a letter from their son telling them he had been Mis in the left leg, had been treated and had returned- to duty. The' letter was written the day after he had been wounded. a. Thi rd Session on P!csnning.rWiII Be Held Wednesday The third session of the com- culturist. Mr. Moshe-r, nvho was selected- this fall »s national Star Farmer of Amea-lca tjy the Future Farmers of A. me rica, de­ scribed his farm Sjpei^ati -or since he took over manageiaiecnt -of fris farm five years ago* r h e n he was 14 years old, and spoke of his faith in the future o»f dairy farming. His mother, M rs, J o h n , Mosher, with whdran h e «operates tli£ farm, was ihtrwdetce-d. Other speakers at the all-day meeting included Gowermor Nel­ son _ A. Rockefell«rr;._Efayard -H. muiiity planning -seminar series j Smith, director of cooperative w ill. ,be held on Wednesday, Jaftltra'j' at the JGrfeenwich central, high school study^ _ h^ll, - Th^oddre, Weigie Jr. and his staff of the. Albany .disrtrict office of New. York state planning coordination will 1 extension of New Vorlk state; R. -R. Billings, chaiirrnan of the state commission oik preserva­ tion of agricultural la»dj and Edmund H. FaDon, general manager of Agwaf, kne,. Solons Will Meet York department commander of! discuss zoning. Ten new regis- r l j i T U . . w , J - . 1P the American Laegion, and Mx-s. tranls attended ffle last session, I I I I I Cl I l i U r b V i C i y S Bernard Kennedy, department'.! an<d i t is expected' more will at-, . The Washington couniiy -board, president of^ [he American Le-|^en^ th e ^ speakers. ( of supervisors has ehawged Its gion auxiliary,' will make their j John Hoss, diHetor of adult j regular meeting 'date-. For quite official v i s i t to ■ Washington, education, aniloiinces s om e a few. years now Lhe board has county Friday evening, Janu-1 classes for the winter-spring se-, met pn the seconds 'ThuH'sdiay. of ary 26. .j mesler Will begin next week, the month\. Starting im February The county Legion and; aux-, The light exercis^ for men h a s , the meetings will be held the iliary will .entertain the depart-, been changed to Tuesday nights third Thursday of each, month, ment officials at dinner at th e ( and the hea^y exercise class has , This is done so that a ll monthly Hotel Cambridge at 7:30 p.m. been changed to .Wednesday . bills can be approv?edL by? the de- Members of tie Legion and, nights. ’ • partments, -audi-te d by the thS, aujdliary are invited to atr. The class on,\ preparing\ in-1 board’s auditing coijianiLtee, ajnd the ,-djjiner.. .Tickets are come tax returns had its first paid promptly. So_ the next available from local posts and, session last Tuesday and, more; board meeting’ wiLl fee on' Feb* auxiliafy. units,. \ | people are to atteni.. i raary 15.

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