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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, January 04, 1968, Image 5

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■■'4? I'} . '^j- . .-, V . ; . /:fr. ■- •: ' , ' V\* ' * - i.. Tiling ■^'■i!W'''.'t'^.;iii<LM’u ij)).',!i.irtyjpsy \ I ' I p> *Vs-t ii i.,t. ' -M I ___ L n‘ v I * ^ T ^7. V P. -f* • — —Arthur gapey > J f.., £iit,er- taine,d.a gro,up of friend^ at.hiis home Ntftv Years' eve. * —Robert Warren, spent last week, in Staten Island visiting James il'h o d e s and' Harry Gregor. ' ; . . . : • —Sgt. and Mrs. Emmet Prit- chard*of Plattsburgh., visited her parents, Rev. and Mrs.• Lewis N. Powell, during the holidays. —Airman and Mrs. James Ed-, ward Walker of North mouth, Mass., visitecTlirs' mother. Edward E-r n. Mrs.’ James Walker,..recently, —Miss Dale’ Bat<|jelder _ of State' university^ :# O | i ^ d 0 jwa spent’ the ,tto li^ s £ ,m W ‘ w$- pif^nts,- tyte •' and^'jfis. f'Alfeest - F;atfhelderT : ^' ^ - —Peter 1}ead^3if 5 ,tndeM: at.} Miss Rol>in Lyri Liijendpll of Hope cpilege, .Ho|ai\d, West Giens^alls spent the week gan, ?peflt t h e T R ^ t o vaeafij^ entf with her unele aiid aunt T‘!‘ lip:.: 4 jid Mrs. .' - ' “ist ‘ \ ' -rEijgar S. Baker, a former • Greenwich resident, will .ejj- serve his 88 th birthday Monday, January 8 , Mr. Baker nowlives with- his daughter at R.D., Balls- }<?n §pa. . ■ „ > —Miss Jariis F^enan has re­ turned to;.lVIas.sena to resume her' practice •• teaching after speeding the holidays with her rat${i\s, JVlr. and Mrs. Christo- -jjnerFeenan..\. ! * —Mr. and Mi*s. Jarvis Stevens ,and family'returned, last Thurs- liay to.*4heip home , at Lake Katrine • after spending a few slays \vith his mother, Mrs.- Ray­ mond\'^.' -Stevens. —^5P6 DavM J[. McFarl,and re­ turned Monday to Fort Mon- mouth, N. J., after spending the holdiays with his wife here. with his parents, Harry E. Rfead. \ —Mrs”. E p ’s: . Augusta,- .Ss>e., J s :# ||ln g son-in-law ’ arid .daughter. and Mrs. Jolm fcoliihibus, ‘ daiishter,':Kyle. —Miss Jaftice - S a u-nd ersir daughter oFjM-r. .and (^trs. rill S 3 undeps, tias a two :^arat^)0p,3ii;ipleSa-, pe ke. Vii’gijlia.' !.: •.; '■• •' •M's. Caartriey^HBryarit' of W nrnville, Pk>;sp e;n t a few: dr • H t w \sek^£h h,<?r b r $ & . er r. lew and sigtei!, ,;Mr.. ana , .Special and Mrs. McFarland. —Miss Irene ’Berry of Louis­ ville, /jgftntucky, c a m e last Tlinrsday to s visit Er. a n d Mrs. Ejchaxd' g. .Tefft and family- i^esday Miss Berry and Culver 'Xeilt flew to Fulton, Missouri, wliere ■ attends Wjijiam iVpods C 01 .Je|e- ancl he aitertds \V-e?ti 0 aipsJ;ijr e.ollegc. - . ;—r,rji 6 Misses Ellyn and Lila lIowlett, JWho spent tKeir Christ­ inas vacation with their parents, Mr. and Jlrs. Lyndon J. IIow- le tt Jr., in Brentwood, Md., have returned to the home of Mr. i and Mrs. .William Wade Hayden in Johnsonville where they are residing this year, •Mr. and. Mrs. James Harvey Mr .. Gordon O. Whitaker Sr. - - \ 7 r. and Mrs. -Tliom-as' Bar- bur and family Qf Fayetteville were guests'for Christmas and w ^ a . ««*uua « « * » « . . 4 - i%„ ; th? week end qf^-hls .parents, tand Mn} Dana, of Tivoli spent *\2 Mr. and Mrs. HaroldtBarbur, - [the Christmas week end with C- Morehoixse +Jr., oE tee Argyle -M r , and Mrs. AlfrejJ W^ite \hsr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- fte bt\J% ?? H a s G a m e o f a O # Women's ,Ni«ht „ Team Wen lo s t Reps Wolf Pack 3'5: . .17 : 4 i Towne’s Service .A 33 ',19, ‘ Greenwich Inn 32 2Qf U 'B and • Carton - -- _ 31 21 Carmody’ F o r d p U s , 29 . 23 Kens.Fireside ----- 29 23 Smiths Sunoco ^6 -• GoofeTs -L_— -§ 2 ■ -25 ^ Central Lunch 26 26 standar.d .Pack __..C 25Va 26% ,Kejjiry M o tors' ------ 24' 28 Hol’^yorth V a s e ___ 21^ 30% ;®ie Fives ___ 2iy 2 30% Creep Variety SuJJi’S' frippery il-Jay Ladies S.ii>gi§s<Tr?Pl«s=- yn,4a. Haryey _ . -: r [ina .^lalesky ----- -- Thesliiia-Carey _H ----- TIelen • St. CJaire’.... _ Gerry -Mann 22 S E C . A —JPA C rl 5 204 199 191 187 180 MeQuade ----- - 1,80 Sally T e f f t ________ Celia Mother ----- .Joyce Woodward ...^ ^.ijia . Duket — ----- v. Catherine Bain Linda ..Grimes _____ JlureT-Ierriiigtoii . . . High Team— Towne Service Reps WOlf Pack __.J Greenwich Inn ,,31 #1%S 35 ^r.,,8ad.J\jFSvgfpaiir.ffl|lpaui,lt,*<)f 15>/2 36Va ( 5re?flwich .^annonqeed tbe ® § |§ w e » t of .tje.ix iaughte=r, .U^da,. l,o Mipisa.ol P ,; .J*., 471 soft of Mr-. .ajrd JSrs, jBlijhaer B?. . ;^r., Gibeatilf,-.a g^adyate ,# • filieep- 478 wich. central school, is,epip|Qypd 474: With the N e w ^ ^ rk ,^#,1^9,©? 48 d ; cftwpany i t t ^ a i a f e g a ^ l a - ^ l ^ , ! tr.al. schqol, is serYrag'Wil^'tbe i.gl'.iS. .navy, . i t ; # ^ t ' i-ftyeneme,- Jfex ^d-ate -Ji^s I b ^ , !s?.tf fer,.^_e •sye^jf 179 174 t69 • m I.61- 101 £61 851* 2313 §39 2352 815 2288 | white pompons and holly, .tied MisS- § u s a n l l o r ^ o u j e , ^ ^ ^ v e t ^ b t e n / Gontpibutions j o C h i l d r e n ^ F e n d R ^ c d v ^ d The' Washington county Chil- ' dren’s committee wishes tn '»#>- knowledge with thanks contri- ! buttons to its drive foi fuuas L ^ g i p n ftA e « t > b j e r « A - t t « r K l ^ M e e t i n g ^n rappeal\|o all members of Liberiy post, American Legion, to attend the January 9th meet­ ing of the post is made by Com- gander 'Thomas T. Senior. This ygar, Qo.flxniander Senior points, put, xijarks an important mile­ stone in the military history of tlie nation and the Legion, and tlie post will have special ob­ servances during the year. At next Tuesday’s meeting a ;program, .Let Your Voipe Be Hfeard, will be inaugurated to discuss the events under con­ sideration for 1968 by the . post. '^ifeVjfitet wfil .he ^erved ^follow- k g r w e meethig, ’ * -m M ffl fT^e^post igteejing, ape held the Tuesday eve- fflij 3 .gs;:off^ach pipnth. m m 'Wrv>i,Pf* fthe 'jRwra.Hsin Wrs.' - Mvrphy^'s C^owdler? ,£ev<?nty guests attended the d i r i n ' thg nast week fro-n the ’ iaski- Victory Mills. receptioa in the church rooms, j f o n Z n ^ r i e r s L ' ..................... .Titeft^ljie.s Matured, jeiitgrpieces j _• n ' g f -\yMte candles sa^rouixded by ! Easton; Messrs. a n d Mos- the. ikary Mctnel^aai. hospital has reported the following a«l- missions and discharges -for tine week ending Pecember 31: I Admitted arid. QlsjchaF^l | ’Nellie Beadle, M il® e l B. 'TJecker; Grtjentwteii. — - ----- —-— , Eve’yn F. Bra^me*, Roboat * | ems we solve . . . . But mak- W. Hart, 'Joseph A. Iforrisoal, * * , -iSafem,- ........... - ; rm ! E’ Bi'ishn^. QBibrMgrc. gs • L. Ann.Mornsogi, Jill E. -I oom W ,VVe,don't know , . . BUT WE CAN REMOVe-THE CHQWPER! Yeti'Urbe surprised at tbe prob- .. i I- Admitted ! Bernice M. Brovsvif, Cossayunsi 1 i i i s t / A s k :,SIrs. v ^ r p l i y ! Through Sik Dteadet - Th®. GhdltircSif _ America's Loveiiel* Brldas Also Keepsake Wedding Rinas Powell’s Jewelry “Greenwich N*w York Convenient To'ms Affartged LeonV'^TWipHl,' GaiBSBJ'ort. K c - k r air force ,base, B ilo^ BaT(Uck Mr_ and Mrs. B. Wi .wore ,a .iuiis .'c - ^ Cormgw, Frapk E. Moy, M!SS'- ■ \ H W i , Mr. and Mrs Rayjnoad A .rf . f . -W; B?I1 $r.„ Jo»» arowaell; , r •Bartle andl Mr. and Mrs. Robert '* ^ m m k o n S i ^ , Mrs Be; tha H. Briggs^ S fct *1 » lgroom-’s„another was;dressed Jji B. W.eihng( Dr. and Mrs.. Philip ? C,S - J S 11 M s . -.•Hair.ol'd. t . ^ , j ^ tte^ o ? l vw d ^ J^d £< m - , J r - S ’agar and .Spice (| - ^berw. M a ir J. T^mdaJe, .L?na.-E. jGornoau,, pasfifea 4 0 Lyons arid family, ^Mrs. Eredric W. Fr.ost and ,JJr. and Mrs. Hugh Gunnison -grand^nother,p^^d-^|a- 'lSa'g'e ,p£ ^ariiations. .The ' -ertjtertataed during the week \I :,1.?” ”1 S , e f bride’s ^raiafmo^ier was pre-; ’ Greenw.'ch: Messrs, aad /Mes- [em ?zynski -5c^uyHev^lilie \ end to celebrate Mrs. Frost’s ckwrch was decoTated ;\vith . 5ented with a cdriage of white dames Walter Skeliie, M. C. Wr-tMnv n.c vupII as fho Nf>w c a r t e s and baskets of wtate nprnst^n<! Lindsay Sr., John Ross, Gera'd ik,.Q«fnwlclr birthday as well as the New .year \holiday. Present were Mr. -'Slacioli. - _ and Mrs.-Fredric W. Frost Jr. ' M ss Nancy Monehouse was 3f~ Chapsaaua, M is.s Patricia *heT sister’s maid of houior, and Frost of Matnaroneck, Mr. and Mis?.. Peggy Crozier oi Green­ e r s . Fredric W. Frost n and wich was bridesmaid. Edward tiiFee chUdren Conn., Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Gun- best man. Guests v&re sealed in carijstions. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington left *• Bulger; M i-,s s Zilj>]ia M on a ‘wedding trip; off un.ais- ' Thomas; Knights of epiumrbus,_l _ . , . closed destinatiori after the re - : Greenwich Variety. . | s -s e “ | • 1 Qrace M. Col)«m, IFest Rin-' 5ratt, Naiicy tjiaivait, Vietooj-l' Mills. , I .^CominSito.Us] ception. The bride wore fjr • Donations - may still be sent ..-!} n fJfPAn’ vplvftt A.linPifr* Mrc . Peri* 1 , r o -iu-^- 1 . rr»,t • traveling a green velvet A-line Ho Mrs. William Young, chair of Ridgefield, V^Jla. of S.wffi^GJctas F(ills,vvas j Pess vvith long sleeves and lace_tjpn for Greenwich, or Jdrs^. AI- ; s.neckline jinfl cuffs Inadft*- ? ah -Pnn.'WQefA^ » nison and two sons of Canton the church by George JIarring' and Miss Jane Flatjey. ,. * George M. - McCarty, Green' at the .neckline i n d cuffs Inade'T en BVHand for Easton, by h e r mot3ierf..H&r. corsage was . »• ' f e 'bf?thw ;w h ite mi-jiiature carnations and Mrke Morehouse, brother of the ! llolly. H er coat, green with Jiride. / ' i black accessories. ■Thei bride, giveji in aiarriage ; B.oth;Mr. and;-Mrs. Harrington —Mr, and Mrs. Peter Filion -by her father, wire -a floor-; are gr<idontes of ^ r €enwrich ccn- Births Today Is ; Someone’s Birthday or W e d d i n g A t i u l t e t s i a K j SEND A CARD '■aI , fllr.ii.'., are parents of a daughter born Monday, January 1, at the Mary McClellan hospital in Cam­ bridge. Teams fTp Play Torijghl .Greenwich's senjj.p r 0 basket- detachable shoulder train. Lace appliques were througJhout the -------------- ---------------------------_gom and touches of miniature CAllD OF THANKS “pearls. She had th ciovpn of I would like to thank my Peai'l. with a shouWer veil of classmates, neighbors, friends ,-Freneh illusion. I£er colonial and relatives for cards, gifts boiiquet of white pompous had and sunshine baskets While I velvet streamers and lace. Ian hns- □'lie attendants ^'ora similar leQgth gown of, saEin peau. I t , tral scltool. Mrs. Harrington, will j ball team will play^its second J had - a scoop neckiine, _ 3 o^n g . graduate from Adirondack Com- game of the season this Thurs- ‘ po-inted sleeves, A-liart skirt and munity college ifi ^ijune. . Mr. | day evening a t 8 o’clock on the HarnSgton attsnded Adirson -1 Greenwich htsh schont cou'rt dack Community college and is when they will meet the Ghee <a member of-the,tJ. S. naval | Chees of Hudson Falls. The reserve. He is employed at the Chee Chees have a 1-1 record General Electric company in ■ while Greenwich has played Hudson Falls. . only one game, and won it. • James E, McCarty, Eso<!ine J*, Mar?h, Marjorie Scag'i«)iL:e, Cann‘ bridge. ' IIS E 3 CAIBiS . . < » k w O A R S AT SACLEMT * N.Y: Griffim Bmlhers * (518) 854-7815 was in the Mary McClellan hos­ pital, and the doctors and nurses at the hospital for their kiird care. Sandra White CARD OF THANKS The family of the late O. L. Butcher wishes to thank all of th e nurses aides, and doctors for the care given him during his recent illness. Especially we wish to thank Drs. Krunldieck. MONSMY, JANUARY . 3—Cam! Amick, Pender ami Oestreicher Browrtsll, Kev^n. a d d Julral and the nurses who kept con- Gay VanW?e5e‘. * slant watch at the bedside. ‘We TUSSDAY, JA N U.4 R.Y 9. —-| als° ^a^t to express our heart- Franlln L. Kefdhuin‘,.<lraliam, felt thanks to all of the friends, TefFf. . . neighbors ancl relatives who V/SDMESDAY, JANMARY 10— , vtfith so many acts,of kindness C awn Wa ts, Ann, Lyons, Haze!. ne*ped during o ur loss People to Be ftemember.ed Nfcxf Week Include fh* P.cllowing: BIRTHDAYS SUMDAY, JANUARY 7r-T fie resa flL F^lt^ JaBiiS-lH. JRob, crtson go-wns of ruby velvet fashioned with scoop- neckline and slim skirt trimmed with satin bows. They, had matching headpieces and shoulder length ve ils. They carried colonial b«ni(£ucts of Miss Nancf Handf David Sisrens to Wed in Sumrsier T 6 :niinron, Clifford V/hitaker, Timoihy Tefft, Loran- Sheri­ dan, Shirley Manrtey. TH.1RSCAY, JANUARY 11 — K.enr^th Hill Sr., Richard hi. Mrs. O. L. Butcher Harold Huggins CARD OF THANKS I wou’d like to express my n ^ : appreciation for the care of Dr. ^£e '; Hardy and hosp’tal personnel while I was in the hospital. I also w'sh to thanli .the Cat'iolic aughters for their sbiritual bouquet; and the Home Bureau, relatives and friends who re­ membered me wjth £ cards. Alice Gillis. FR DAY, JANUARY 12—Efirie i-'ne 'Pfeiffer, Doro? hsa Rich- jrdson. ' SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 — C ordo,n Abbott/ Itill Buell, K ilby Dtf^tve, Mrs, • Haro'd kuddcck. Aaron Allen Hand and Mrs. William D. White have a n ­ nounced t h e engagement of I h e i r daughter. NJ ehcv Allen Hand to David F.dvarcL Siefens of Ferkeley, Calif., son nf Mr*. Harold P.ert'rh of Sin Francis- to a n d Fdvvard Siercns of Ulriah, C?lif. Miss Hand and Sir. Sierens are students at the College of Fn-v;rovn?nt3l Design of th e University of California at Berk­ eley. Mirs Ilnnd was fnradinted from Saint Mary's-in-t^ie-SToun- tains in Litt’eton, M. H. She is th e pranddauehteE -cf Mrs. well ' ^l?cn P- F'nd of Gi'i^en’wieli and thti late Mr. Ilrnd ami the 1• : te ANNIVERSARIES Anna M. Bulger CARD Or THANKS wou .14 Iiks.Jo thank the SUWDAY,. AflyY 3*7—-T/Sgt. many f lends who-remembered- r ^- 'snd Mrs. Jj.o.na.ld i*lfr\.'ier. fAOMD.AY, JANUARY ,8 — Mr. and. Mrs. Eimesf5At Skellie. TUEECiA^, Mrs. W 11 It arnl* e I tier \JrT^ ' W~DMESOAY,' JANUARY 10— „ . Mr, end Mrs. ',Tb 3 jn 4 s *B.r,Mc- * ’T h u r s d a y ; ;M tiu4itV ii —^ - Nit, fiM'.'Mrs; f!Pet4, teys, fAr. eryl -•Mrs. filbert ' __ Rwddoclj;.—— - —h:— — — - . J o u r n a l ' jSlaijtenefs The H ^ |eS J^ew&room Donohue’s:, r ' Holmes .^h^maGy- , Send jr» irifi ANNIVERS^RY^jDfffes x>f Your to UsffTiftit*. . me -wiihv cards while - 1 was in ffie' hospital and since my re­ turn home. ’Z ...FLoyd .Morfihouse Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Wiliiant Eatyllodge of Toronto, Canada. Ths couple plan to be married' next sum­ mer. 1 Cho^aliers GU& mm At ciub Meeting' Th’isC l^ h e fl ^ n e w ” M m M -hooic Thft PacrooM nf wrac t ‘ • '• lf / ® e n v m j i . e - 'jm g . :, 18$: CARD OF THANKS S The ClsifOnas was ! f - lghbT ! « » d at im - December ! - tii mai?yJ lcts -meeting of the Sakm Wpman'^ 0 kjadpess ,tlus .Blessed Hoji- ^ by' tl ^ i ^ n U c a d - ! day season. - rhnraliers. (iireeted' b v ! - Mrs.. -Rosifia--ta:uq«ietfee-.: -T^a-j ■ clitiQiisJly this group* .of singe-rs ■ nt- fit? (Jhristm-as meet­ ing of,thp club, , -f ^ttfep e ytif&a f?f ..SJiusha^, ’ wSo\'ma.kes frames tar paintings [ ■ ; iti musetnns and by art collectors, gave a deanosistra- tioa-of the many processes in­ v o lv e d 4 a f&waes*' 'Sjr. ^ W im ti is afeo (a ‘j ^ B e r of nole. , ..Mfs. ,0oiiald ftanlc.s and, %&.- - 'Charles Spigtier weife hostesses i.^titK^ m eeting; HajoldMc- MchFon c'ohdiictfed (Jie Itusiness This gleaming;, modem kitchen'beitan as ,ai IDEA in theEniritl, of;a Sioinermaker. It didn’t really fcegin .to -fhotigh; 4miil *fioaaejb sdy $ 0 -ftfeoBl .it! Wliiat was cJojcte was^o-<)|je 1 i a stavjng:s account .with,tite 4 gecipe objective cf tiarn.bg this idea into a, reality, With each r§g^iliy^ele4|^ejl.4^pij ^ ^ t p f e s t ) _ ti&- fcbtatls lept gixoyiuig. .JJChe kitchen, too, Mg*rew ijp1’ •. . . from just real 'mu* iy B m v i c E j ^ HtSf MATIONAL MNK ' - ©f OreenwicK/ N. If. ■ Locally Owned' t Open ^Friday sEyeninij^fiiS A-

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