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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, November 02, 1967, Image 5

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y* , 4-A- v * \4 \ • .V -\- h ■:« ? ■' { —Jr. and Mrs. Robert Skill tWo sons 'of Scotia visited t lends and relatives in town today, | ^ -f'SIrSi Harold Wilbur of-D*»l- t /toD, Mass. t was a guest 'i t her ? sister-tylaw, Mrs. Alice firophy, ^ last welft. ' p -and Mrs. Robert Hill­ man, who spent the summer at i Saratoga lake, have returned ,to theii* home here- . —-iir.' and' .Mrs. Ashton E. Wqodwifd returned Wednesday from a vacation trip* of several days to. the central part of the * state. —Miss Catherine Collins, -.^.daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis jeceBtly namei to t ' '1 ; ' t i £,*. - —F r a n c i s .Guthieit, passed the summer wit; in-law and daughter,* Mrs, Williain MeMaEi^'’;ismd|| family, has returned ;^'lp‘ home in Fort Lauderc!*!^ —Mrs. Bernard Mtr«ll-‘iBiflil^| Miss* Mary Coulee Phoenix, Arizona, ’Wetftte*drfy:::j to spend a week «itft= 'Iftfiigf Latrell’s son and daughter-Jitf-l -law, -Jftv -and>‘Mrsj > D o t f t l ^ l ^ l j trell, and family. bus service- Suadi^r, Bj*; the Centenary MStlto## at a receptiottinthe felloWshii center in hotter *f S e r v i c e ! j . A — P A G E 5 ■iyifci.'i i the honor list of Cutshing ai?ad-r «V ©iny, Ashburnham, Mass, F Alan HUg^l , q £ Br,i?owy#- Mrs.. H6nry Jeffords ~~­ re turned Sunday from fcrqcktoh, JJass., wjjere she visited her sfe- C Glare l^ieliola^, who is- # siirgipal- patient in tiie BtobltT >• ton hospital. —Christie J. lyttle has re- •. ceived - an- honorable discharge, from tfie United States navy after completing a-four-year en­ listment and has returned to his home here. . —Kdnneth McQaade and Miss • Mary McQuade sp«ht the week end with their brother and sister- in - law, Mr. * and Mrs • fhoma£ MSQiiade, and- faniily in Andover, Mass. , —Paul Getty $md John. Mo* han, students at Ithaca college, spent the weete ead* here with • fheir parents, Mr; - and Mrs, Meredith Getty and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mohan. 1 > —Gordon Pe-tteys/son. of • MrT and Mrsi -GMfdoftT fetters, recently received ‘ a prirodtfon . to Specialist 4th class in the . United States army. We and' -4iis wifo arc noy.iav Hamm. Ger­ many, wHfere he is assigned' radio operator with an artillery unit. : N O W O P E N J *• * ' ' , 4. U P T O W N -‘ * GREENWICH A R M Y & N A V Y Now located at 131 M A IN S T R E E T White Swan. Zffotel Bldg. Next to Xi^uor Store ♦+»+♦♦<»♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦»+ ♦»»»♦ Service •Oof repair n n t c t i ar»- . : right 4iH| VtflUbl* R*dfos • Transistor* ■; R«<»rd Player* Record* Accessaries' ' k * Af* - PELTIERS M4 Matn 692-7033 Greenwich ‘Credit on New Sets , . ALL- S£ttV:]CI CA5H|: :' was .'a , 40084 ; o f ‘ Mf. i i Harold Last from Tuesday. Saturday i Mr. aiid Ml'. and* Mi's. tW JJiRieftzo^lJpton Sf. Clemfent’s churcht.'.Safratoga *1 Springs. ;•'/ ■ .‘\ ' , —Mrs. Clarence Valentine <jf North Adams, Mass., spent- the week end with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs; John Kenyon, Satur­ day evening Mr. smd Slr^-^enf yoft and .Mrs. Valeittipe at­ tended the annual dinner of the Adirondack Mountain . club at the Sit’n Bull, Warrensiurg. . - -rTimothy Tefft, a^stydeftt at Middlebury college, . Middle- bury, Vermont, spent the week end with his parents, tyfr. and, Mrs* Biohard S. Teftt, Saturday Hr, -arid Mtrf. Tefff an it iimothy were at Darrow school in New Lebanon for Parents week Ond. Tabor Tefft is a student at J&arrow, - ■ ■ —A /lc Ro'ger Powell, who spent the past, year at the .Caiti- I^on ^ir force station ip Alaska, is spending ,a leave with his parents, Kev. arid Mrs. Lewis N ^OWeifl. ffls rtext assignment is, at the iVancis E. Warren air force base ia Wyoming. , Last week Airman Powell sfient. a few days in Plattsburgh with his brother-in-law; and sister, A /lc and Sirs.. 4Snihiet Rritch, ard. ■ —Mr. aiid S is. Martin Barber had as Saturday' girtSts Mrs. Stella Dewey of Ballston aiid Ernest Hopper''of Schenectady, Sunday dimier guests of Mr. and Mrs. Barber were Mrs. Beth .Golden and iier father; Herbert McDonald, _of Menands, ind.Mr. and Mrs. Francis Decatur and daughter, Sue Ellen, Tony Marra and Miss Mary Wells of Schenectady were Suhday after­ noon visitors. , ’ —Ernest Rothdreni of Cali­ fornia-spent last week with his aunt* Mrs. Archie: Seattle, Other recent visitors at the, (Beattie home havfe been her niece, Mrs. Ralph Parnum, Mr, Fartium and thrfie' sons, Ralph, David and Robert; . her nephew, Robert Thompson, Mrs. Thompson and daughter, Donna, of '^alem; her brother, Harrison Brpwn; Mrv and Mrs.'Claude GilBs, Mrs. Ir­ win Waite, Mrs. Leiddie Rich and “ Mrs. McComb - o f East Greenwich, Johtf Harrison of Gaston and s friend from New Jersey. ’ ■r*nhOffie*of ' GLENVILLE OPT iti A ns OFKK IUE8DAYS frotQ I2 Hoon W 7 * l i l WHif ESWAHrtq*EL ; Waihinsfen Sqwaic*- ' Phone \ G b tivim EXprtss Grtsnwich . Dial 692^2861 iite or S u n d a y 'A memorial service for Mrs.. \William Hollis, whose death oc- Jtiriiid: |%tembar .21 at Fail be helt^ Sun- TdfejtrNwember 5, at,2 p.in. iri' p&$otts}rill Baj>ti^cl%ifli. Mr. I P P s Member l^tWi’ ';’-i' - / . . \ \y'M d « e f ^ e flill f o cpnrfu<fed f her soft, ChiplfnS, Willtfun dils, ©SN, who 1feS0y'':'t& ned from an assignment in e Vietnam area and will leave again in a few weeks. He w il fefc^wsisted in*.' • for' Spife/Lewis Powftrllf^nd5' tW^ B&p- :'..tjst ^ chutich ■ choir.' ■•At heir te- •r^dxslkp friends' afre-o ■ iff ■0]tnit | flowerfc A 6 y., coiiitri^t}' .;, ticms in her memory, may be ' made to a children's project • ;<m, charity. ' ifli^A fter the serviceman' informal hour will be held to friends of the Hollis family fopporfunity .to greet them dur- • ,‘ing their brief visit to the com- l' jrnunity. I V F W T a k e s G i f t s j ^ - V A ^ H o s p i t o l ■ -:J ]•'{•. 5frs, Eli?a'beth Neiisbn, pyesi- ; 'dient of Greenwich ViFiyi?. auJCr iliary No. 729i, and her son, 4 Edwin; Past Presidents IVlrs. , s •. - .Uioesebftr MISS' S f 6V6NS IK G A ^ e I'',4* Mrs^, ISrig^s MacMillan;: C h a p-i»i ii Mrs, Stevens \0 <}reenwicli h?ive snntfunced {fije enlg^nden^,*#>f thfeir George Weldon and fri«ndr Mrsr, idaught^’Mis* AJiefa J lSigs SteV^hs otBostoj^ Loui^ Mae . Cottrell of fiew ^'drk, vis- Cullon of'^ Hrookliiiei WassW, sop! bf^^ ,«ld,the, ited the ,,yA hospitai in ftte^jlr. rCftllen-of Ne^'Kosj;^^w43*fbrd‘county, Irel«idi.'/; ; . ’ j bany 1-as't; Wedftesday, and ' ’' ‘ ' ' called' On George Weldon who is a^itieist ther¥ Tihey were ^ 6n a tour of the hospital 1 by a V.F.W. ausiiiarf represen- | tative, Mrs. MargafBlr Clark, _ . . . vjfho recently was given the' Harry Bissel^Of Hartfordi difc, hi^esi~V,F,W.- awards .the. God ttiot deputy* grand master of and America medal. The women the Washington Masonic dls- took to the ho^ital as gifts for som» Of the patients 29ft books, trtcf, Will make Ills ft»|cxal visit lft dozen, cookies, a pans of to- Ashlar lodge No. 5B4, i . & fudge, 24 ' poelcef ^ Mothers to The greemvich Journal DeSr Jatie, ' f'. am writing tlds letter to 16t tine Greenwich ■ Cull Scouts and their parents know ’what is being planned. Wer have* been- unable to organize this faff be­ cause bf a' lick of dexi naothers arid a pack committee. • > , ’■&. niftelteg is planned f o r next week Friday night,, ifovem- ber 10, at 7:30 at the Gfeenwrch elementary school cafeteria for all* boys M l wfio are . Gab' Scouts or are interested in Be- cominfg Ctrb Scoutsr and fheir parents. At this time , vre hope to 'rec^ it some, mothers who- would be willing, to sqrve this Winter as den movers. I f you want-your son to be a Cffi Scout won’t ydik please volunteeV for a deti mother? It involves one, weekly one hour' den? meeting at your conven­ ience plus the' monthly pack meeting at the schooL Yoir will' receive many aids to help with the; job plus the satisfaction th^t you wilt be helping some* nice young boys develop into real Cuja Sconts. /Tfie future of the CuB Scouts in Greenwich depends oh the interest of their, parents- at this time> Won’t you please get con- cerned? I am willing to give up ifly veiin6 to-hefp joatt soft be­ come a better citi*eii if yott witt I 1 Sincerely yoirrs; - : -,v • . . George ’S. Kdlly, * 1 , Cub Master C o n v e i i t i o n fS ®i atSardtoga ' Tie- WeW ; ‘^ r k -Hofr- sfttU-'Itiesia'tt- asso’ciatioh an-’ meeting- wilf \bew*6lf'*itf &ratoga Springs act the Holiday inn January 29^ 36 3It and c^inihitteeis fi?oitt tKe liiost cltifis, the 'Tri-Coun’ty. and Glinton‘-Es- sfex.' county clubsf sxk making plans for the three-day session expected to* We attended by some 300 Holstein breeders. Briihe Ciered 79^* 1I». Rounds 85c ib. LXT 6 S W e t b . C H U C K f 3 9 c l b . .. Slorfe Cteeese1' 8 9 c lb . Ceatejr Outs t t i . - m m D E L IV E R Y Phcfae 692-7400 ’ S B S i l S W i S S , , ’ Choice L i y » » L E G S - Shoulder. W i m&M. 59 d b . ■ ;K O A S T P O tt •O . * 1 hr * ■ r m* D i s t r i c f D e p t F t y ^ t d V i s i t A model grange meeting wilt he held for Washington coitntr gr*nges at Argyle grange halt Sbtttrday, ff«v«mber 4, at 8 p.xt.> Dejnily State Hjaster Ernest Cle- \(elahd and Jttnior Deputy Mis- Cleveland announce. The offi- <$rs of the county grange will In charge, y . , It is important that subordi­ nate leeturers junior matrons # d pdtTons and chairmen off ^rvice and hospitality commit- tikes attend as ijnportant infor- ihlition and literature will be §iVen out. Each fsmily atteri- in'g is disked' to' furnish .sail'- Niches. ' —Ella T. Quinn, Secretary ; ;; BOTTSKILL < At Bottskill grange’s Hallo­ ween party prizes were awarded for the best costumes. Mrs. Fan* nie : Munro ' and Miss Zilylia Thomas won first prize as a J r. ajnd Mrs. who were not identi­ fied until they unmasked. Mrs. Julia Doesciier and Mrs. Mywj Foster, as little old ladies, were second;\ and Mr. and Mrs. Mi win Fruhauf as an HawailiJi couple, took third. There was a grand march ior /all in costunie.- M[usioa! selM- tions were presented by Mrs. Donald Larmon and her . so*,' and Mrs. Janet Louder was a gypsy fortune teller. Ga mess- Were played, and - refreshmeals served by Master and Mrs. Clif­ ford Whitaker. , The next grange meeting will be Thursday, No'venaber 9 at S p.m. ■ - ■ . —-Ifazel Abbbtt - =.11 1 b e d S o l i c i t o r s V t o i s i n g F u n d s f o r l i c m c f o r A g e d : The annual drive for funds lor the Washington County B a n e for Aged Women in •Greenwich is well under way. tn the village the following jpeople are serving as solicitor^: . ifesdames Henry Mesick, Ray* 3ii»nd Ackner, Leonard Bradley, JFrsuik Scully, Gilbert Ruddock, Carol Henry, Leo Willette, Har­ ry Brophy, George Kelly, Sam­ uel MLcCune, Harold Abbott, Sid­ ney Hubbard, Merritt Doescher, John Eright, George Ives, John WMeside, George Hughes, Gor­ don MVhitaker Sr., Philip Stod- daxd, Willis Looker, Robert Ms- sic-k, Jack Odewalt, William : ihuarp Jr., George Mulligan. Ken- | neth lloon, James Lowery, Doug- i las Windsor, Charles Dolan, Da- i vid Chambers, John Garrett, Ar­ thur Raney, Mary Clark, and the Misses Narhirue McKyrratm, Donna Davis, Ethel Powell and Agnes Webster. ! In the town outside the vil- ■ lage the solicitors are.: . Mes- ! danies Paul Brophy, Richard , Williams, Robert Morehouse, Irl McCue, William Moshier, David | MJcCoittb,' Ifarry Karp, William ?! Sebast, Albert Hakala, Philip j Tefft, John Corscadden, -Helmer ; Tlivgesen, Joan Lapitsky, Caro* J lyni Jabaut; and the Misses Di­ vine Traoy, Cherie ' Harrington and Geraldine Robertson. \ : hiiiiiraiiuriiitniiiniuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiffl Today Is Someone’s Birthday or O b i t u a r i e s 'Wedding Anniversary \MS' & fudge, 24 pocket combs A, M„ Monday evening, Novem- some handkercliiefs. fc»er 6^ o’clock, Prior to ! thfe visitstion- a rcjast ^ p f din- ' W d V h & C d V r ‘ 1 $ ner #ilJ be s^rVe® Ifi |iie‘'lodge - ^ • ** . :jr . . cM .rd o t o a r > 3 0 ’ £> A ^ i S u p g r i f i ^ ^ cftaptct-(io.,i4T,«>: f i l s W f ' o f 2 L o c a l M i l l s m made with m b of- the lodge joirted fhe Gorden Fleece tissue officers at once, Mr. Bissell,- mills division a l the capacity of as immediate representative, of maintenance sdperintendent. Frank C. Staples, gr*in« muster! Jfe ,w^ responsible for, w/ii, ■ wllT Plai^ ^ direct the main- of Masons o f tho s t a t e d Now t^pancei; 'j,nci repairs at both York, has jurisdlctibn-over the Greenwich and Battehville 10 Masoftic lodges in: thd Wash- mills. ington district. Invitations- for j Mr. Garr is a graduate. of the this visitation have beea ex-. University of Western Michigan tended to all the district lodges . has a ^ degree in pulp « ^ ahd paper. He has previously as well .as the area Jorges and -worked for Haythorne Paper it’s expected that a large num- company and has spent several her of visitors will be in at- years with Black Clawsorf com- tendance to assist the Green-' F4fty of Middletown^ Ohiot ' Walter Ash, the {resent maintenance superinte n deii I, district deputy. [plans to retire December 'Si. 1^' « W Until bis tetifement htf will con- S e m n P CO T e a m tinue to- be aeting maintenance ^ # j superintendent at Greenwich Being Organized tandwork-wi®Mr.carr. • • *■', g . J : Mr* Carr, his wife Rosemarie, 111 G r e e n w i c h land two daughters, age 0 and -A semi-pro % aifceM t e t o , T ** sponsored by Lilierty post, soon as Possible from Ohio, American Legioii,. has been entered in -the league ‘in Hlld- sptt Falls for this whiter., Don Jennings, wlio is managing the . teiraJi reports thit games M l be Mairkhain S^. of 2, Green- played every Tltirsday evening wich, are parents bf a son, Ger- at tiie . <Sre.eftwich scfeool, a # afit George Jr., born JViday, there will fee w e game a week October 26, at the Mary McCiel- MRS, CHARLES E. TURGOWT Mrs. RuLtli .TurcQtt, 59,.vvifc of Charles E. 'Turcott of Itantell, died suddenly Saturday after­ noon while visiting art the hcacD of Floyd Morehouse - on the &r- ~gy!fe road. ^ — I Funeral services were con- 1 ducted Tuesday at I p.m. at. the Morehouse, residence T )f ■ the’ Rev., Lewis N. Powell, pastor of the Bottskill Baptist churcli., Interment was ire Greenwi; cli ! cemetery. Mrs, -Turcott was a native ol? Proctor, Minn., aad had resldEcC in Randall for the past L tv » yeSrs. Shte was a former - resi­ dent of Connecticut. ' Besides tier husband, surviv­ ing are one-daughter,-Mrs.. Ji«*h- ard Palestrf, Martinsville, PI: J., two granddaughters., the Misses Pamela afld Deborah Pafl'tPlfL, both of MartinsvElle; and.scv^cr- al cousins. SEND a c a rd People to Be Remembered Nexf Veek Include the Following: . BIRTHDAYS -Mr.' and Mrs. .Gerald G, REBUILT TRANSMISSIONS IN STOCK 58-61 rurho Glide 63 Olds Slim Jim 60-61 Plymouth, 6 . c$?l, 62-6'4 V 8 Kymoutli 58-64- Chevrolet V 8 - 60-62 Falcon, 2 speed 64-65 FoM 0-4 Crui&o- * m aMc 65-66 Ckewolet; on the, road. , (Special; attractions :-being ,jup. l^n hospital,. Cambridge. •A daughter, Wednesday GOOD GROOMING i*afiged,l'Mtr. JeflQiftgS' said; afe‘ Eee, was bdm Wednesday, Cto gaffi^-Mth the ^Ipihe Trotters,, ^tober IS, s t the Mary McClelfcnr the all-girls Red fifeads,t and an hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Ber- ariay' -teajn frqrii #drt IDWefts, |iard C. MfdOOfialii J&CaSS. A -wM&. disc iocfcey will also h'e.feafufed.'\f?* f l^unds. ikdwf fcefiig? raised for uBifOrnvs,. eqaipndient and in« suranec for the team. Tickets for contributions m a y ib e obtained ’at the White Swan hotel and Old Station inn. At the Legion’s Veterans day din­ ner November i l a television set will 'be awarded. . Mrs. Edcty Retires As ChoirDireetoi' ; ^ s . ftenajs & Edfd^ Sri, .dt. i fee - chioir- at lhe’ 0eh* tenar^ ^Eetho(Ust church for tlb jfytoi 3& years,’; fetired- day.. Memhers-.of the choir and o .t lier organizations .in the chihrchf presehted Mfesv Eddj^ -■iwitli' 1,*^; 'staniatic camera*' as tokens: of j; t^eir.-«apH;.eciatl»n, for’ hei -y ^ | . | of Service to 4lfce -church,s;.' ATLANTIC Transmission 2 A R G T L E SUNDAY/ NOVEMBER 5 Jam«s‘ Dewey Jr., Mrs. Alvld Brownell: Sr., Corky Hewlett, Sliaron McDonough, Francis Lcisor, Maureen MaHlnelH. MOMDAY, NOVEMBER 6— Isa­ bella Clark, Stiaron Kelly, Emily Anh We*v»r# Catherine VtlHistfi*, Lawrence Lauder. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 -r Ruth Ann Bowles, Edith Roberts . , WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 .—Roland' Dunkling, Peggy Johnson, Malcolm S I v e r f, Mrs. William Worth THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9— Amelia L. Bounds, William Hollis Sr:, William J. Peltier . leRiPiftY, NOVEMBER 10 —■ Mary Alice! Bowles, William I Worth Sr„ Keya Golllns SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11— .Thomas McLean | ANNIVERSARIES iMONDAY, - NOVEMBER «S—Mr. ! and Mrs. Oils Harrlngtno Jr. ItJESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 -4- Hr. and Mrs. Ralph IP. Gillis, JWr. and Mfs. Gerald* Connor FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10 - i Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Joyce The Hughes Newsroom Donohue’s Pharmacy Holmes Pharmacy- , Journal Statieners Send In the BIRTHDAY and ANNIVERSARY Dates of Your Family and Friends—W* Want I? List Them. Please Mail a Card fo Dept. BA, f .0. Box 185 Greenwich, N. Y. 12834 ik-is So W a te r io r In k Stains though cold water is usu­ a lly the Besf- fii-st aid lo t elothtog- spots' a M stains. VOTE Election Day “S t e i i i s l Never ag p ly. water to <. this type of staiit. i f you do, tKe. $faiit. may become . a ■'N'rP^en^ , fr'& ft: bf . yoOr wardrobe. It'i' juft lilt* the manufacturers presentation ' ^ s ffiad^ at' \mor-i^ng- - iservdces ’ hy-- ifoy^. -pssM & 0 L j& l the j'>dioig3 Mrs. fiddy ejects to leave tHj# week to sp6nd: tfie’ wdnter \yitt? ter sok iah#' ^4aghter-tn>law, Mr. and Sirs, Phonias A. i n MkKwalrf* M -3f^, fete, 7Rroud-has heea appointed the new dipeetofr. o f tfie efioir. , ISSUPERINrtNOENT .. The Journal misread a sign** ftte# m * lettej! fioint l^softird- B^adley in j * e'fe'mete#/ -last • wee%-.., S I , firadley is superintendent, notf se^fefary, 'of the a^eoM on. 'Charles Russell is t i e secretary, and Jo^n Maney the manager. - , -• *' ' ! Are Your Clothes Becoming .-Tiler', Be ’* Comiffa to Usi TUESDAY, * ‘A ll that is aeet^ssEtry for the forces of evil to win ia t ie world is for' enough good m e n to do nothing. ” EDMTJND B U R K B > A le it — K e e p Inform e d Please Anticipate Your Banking Needs Next Week We f i l Be Closed Election Day, Tuesday FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Greenwich, N. Y. Locally Owned Member of F.D.I.C. .m f:,>! ■.v; -

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