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i I H Q ^ r , 'Of Eastpn; tel) named one of four outv |fng:$o.piig fuiners Ln ihe; Bjpfjon. This Future Farmers of An^rics' citation carries with-it' . cseh »w|rfd, and • $smu •'.•41. ^ndicl'ate with. tfife otjefe three regional winners for the Star Farmer of America award and a $1,000 cash;prize.: The three other young men who ha\e been named outstand- . ing yoiing' farmers in America . $tr« ‘William T. Roberts. of.Ha- Era, (*a.; William F. Falls of '■ Stetf> Mo,.; and Tt. A. Kuiftmel® of Deer Park, Wash. £ Film of Farm Operations A movie fllm has been'made' of David's dairy farm operation/ aiid it will be premiered a t ’the national FFA convention4 in, Kansas City, Mo„ October 12i when the Star Farmer jof Amer-*, ica will be announced.* ’ * The movie was made a couplp weeks ago. bp Venard Organiza­ tion of Peoria, 111., for the FFA.’ llfr, and'Mrs. Venard and Gary Smith vy^re at the Mosher farm every cra^ for about a week tak­ ing colored movies. The day they arrived David was having his registered Holstein herd classified, so that was, photo­ graphed, a‘s well as the dozens of farm operations such as plow­ ing, fertilizing, planting, spray­ ing, bal|ng, and of course milk- - ing. This film will be,edited by the Venaxd' organization and shown at Kansas City. David will re­ ceive f,.copy ol the film and it: \vilj be, dist<ii)Uted by the l£FA for shewing at: agricaltiinl scho'ols,..%d to farm organiza­ tions. .. , Ofliirs in Movie. . The gtory of the Mosher farm . oa filni includes ,a numt>er of .Ibcijf po6p|e , in '1 'addition to fiavid. Among those who no- pear are Jus mother, Mrs, John Masher; his FFA advisor, \Bruce W. Emanuel; Stan Anderson of thie soil conservation district; . and^DQglal^vjianks,; Harold Sic- fagHron, ahd Walter Marstialse.a of Salfunf\. George Calloway bf .Atfgyle; Leslie Nufler of Eudsoo FaJI|, and TI T, JBuckley of Cam| bciclge who were among those hcuriofred, together with David. ■ as ^Brlcultufal leader?! oi the , county Jby tfie.W 3 shington comi­ ty- jpard of Supervisors iij 1966. JLike all movies, there was. a staj)i-Jn» and Allan Wilbur, 12-, . ie«^d-so«V ,of m and Wiia. JoBiph'• Wtityii* “of Bald, TMoiin*- taniwas selected, Allah had the ^ rlgh? qualifications ',3—; a.\blond „ i'OUtig ,l4d Wholbolis a lot lake ~ tiavid ’.did i t . that'age. Allan; was posed \by the pasture fonce, . to ^provide a developing story , for ihe Win. * Started if T4 , , David, wto is now only ■ 19, wasii’t jnucn older. than AUaa Whetf he tbolc over the, epera- tfon of thfe^l-8-acre family; farm ott. tHe <3tefi'rrwieh and Johnson- vifle road,/Ke wasil4, a iresh- maii in hlg^schogl, when his 'fitlie r dfed,'and together- with Ills 'mother * fee kept the farm |oirig, continued to:go to school, and too-k^part in class and FFA activities’ t After Mr;| Stbsher’s death the y spld] most of the dairy and F o r t Ed w a rd A d v e r tise r VOL. 125-t-KO. 46 GREENWICH, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, AOTHTST 10, 1967 10c A. COPY Ctozier Miss Luanne ffcozier, a senior ■ft New York ptate university of arts! and science at ftattsburgh, is lone of two stu­ dents who has Seen selected to student teach 1$ Tunis, Tudisia, North'Africa, ,fe David, His Mother and His fPlliLdvisoi^ Briice Emanuel at the Mosher T ip i ;m IJaston For Greenwich District Set September will be the month for paying taxes in Greenwich central school district, and the tax rates have been amiounced by the board of education. Mrs. Elsie P. Skiff* school tax collec­ tor, will collect from September 1 through 30 at the town clerk’s office in Greenwich. The amount to be raised by tax in, the district this year is, §248,000, compared to §235,921 last year. , The tax rate in the district, based on true value, is up a bit this year, $14.72 per $1,000 compared to $14.25 in 1966, and $14.10 in 1965. The taxes that property owners pay, however, are based on assessed valuation, and the ratio of assessed to true value Varies’ in the'eight towns: with properties in the school district assessed from a high of 46 per cent of true value in the town of Cambridge to 29 per cent in th e ' town of Fort Ed­ ward. . . ' . Herd, and Bavid, in partnership witll -by ^mother, started farm­ ing with three cows, one; heifer and two calves, all registered itt the 196$ WuMn^tou tJavid \Ufa* pae of K« Vpited thfi 1 Holsteins. Now, five\ years later', he has a herd of 37 cows, 13 heifers and 16 calves; .. Dfclry Records Outstanding The records of his Holsteins are outstanding. Last year, for .the 27 registered Holsteins the reeord was 17,014 pounds of 3.6 milk and 614 pounds o>f butter- fat pn a 305 days twice a day milking. The herd average for 34 cows in DHIA wxs 16,255 pounds of 3,9 milk witli 642 po-uatls of f a t - * : The production records, of the Mosher Holsteins is so widely recognized that David iias sold one bull from a registered Hoi stein rated excellent for export to Argentina, tad has also sold sorae bulls to area dairymen. At the present time hfe has two cows undear cbhtfacV to Eastern Artificial Bredders association for stud, 1C jhey produce bulls. Qth»r 'Mbteor*'*-; - David ras borh and brought up on tfao f arm he now operates, a farm that Was operated be­ fore hinh by Jits father, and his grandfather. As a he had polio, toil he completely reeov ered, and heljjied' out : with the farming IcOns'the tlfee lie was able to ruri -around' the: yard. The' honor - of 'being Selected one of fourlifetasn^ing Vqung farm­ ers in Hhc nitl&tt is itot the first; recognition ' ;ha$received: While in' high. sehoQl he was chosen Dairy ;Star Farmer of America and\ Eastern States Star Fajni-erl •.. The satise year that he took oyer operation \ o'f- the family farm he entered the vocational agriculture .4 e p a r t m e n t at Greenwich central school. Un­ der guidance of \his advisor; Mi-. Emanuel.laehasmadeoulstand Ing achievements in hpth leader­ ship and his supervised farming program. In the Greenwich FFA he served as cjj^pter president, and he been president of the Tri-Coanty Junior Holstein- Friesian club. David graduated from Greenf|.cji ceiitral school in 1966* tojtf, dtiring his four years in tiigli school he was president o f liis^cl.ass'each year. Now he devotes his full time to his fainn ojieiration, his only helper belag a' school boy part time, and « f e’Sujifie his family. In October when,\ the national FFA conventa^rt.' will be held and the \Star' Farmer o'f Amer­ ica announced .. ....... er, and s|si:ei Miss Crozieriand Miss Betsy Merchant of Rooses Point, also a senior at flattsburgh, will work in -the American Embassy school in Tuni| for the fall se­ mester , f r'on\* Stypteiriber 5 : through the 4nd of January. These girls wi^l represent the college and the' Glens Falls city school in the exchange program. Luanne, the daughter .of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Crozier Jr., graduated from-. Greenwich cen-: ttal school . in.i96t. Ai Platts- The tax rates for properties lows.- The skyrocketing, costs ,M Medicaid in Washington county have brought aboiit; jthe expect­ ed—-the need tb horror mone^ to see the county through the current fiscal year. to January 1, 1968. Today at the board of super­ visors meeting, in Fort Edward, Joseph- L. Randles Jr. of Argyle, chairman of the finance commit;- tee, is. intirp4uqij|g avr^solutibii. authorizing the, bo^rovlng, of $350,000 on a .budget note, and the supervisors',~:h^ve little choice but to appirove. What Medicaid costs, what it is likely to cost next year, and what the effect wfil' be on the county budget' anti the county taxpayer are well pointed up by 'Mr. Randles in a statement he is making today at the board meeting, /in introducing the $350,000 budget note resolu­ tion. ■ ' • . , ’ Randlat' Rtmafk* Mr. Randles’ stateinent fol- in the eight towns in the dis­ trict for this year are given here, together with the rates for 19.66 for eomparison. Town 1966 1 W , Greenwich . . . $39,604 $40,893 •Eiistnn . . . 1.. _ 36f§S?'' 36:80? Cambridge — 30.993 32.004 Jackson 43.304 43.299 Argyle ______ 45.993 47.486 Hebron 38,577 40.847 Salem ....... 39.429 39.686: Fort Edward _ 41.191 52.563 burgh she~is a feeiaber of Kap- pa Delta Pi,' serwed for a year MEXICAN ART EXHIBIT ahd a half i s Secretary to th^j A special exhibition' of post- S t u d e n t ass'ociation finance, revolutionary Biexican art op- board and scrVed as Macomb eacd at the Albany institute of hall academic foninnittee chair- history and art yesterday. The man. . She is; an honor student exhibit consists of about 40 Mex- and rail hayejj cornpleted hdr; lean works by such. affcists as studies at Plattsburgh in Janu- Orozco, Rivera, Tamayo, Siqei- ary, upon the Completion of the ros.-.Monenegro, Goitia, Covar- student teaching-Assignment. ’ '■ * Mating District ' EE>A Is rubias' and- others- . t' \ ' Mr. Chairnian: '/\> As you will remember, sis early as last Apfcil the finance committee and.ti|6 ^dlfare com­ mittee drew our attention to the jreatly. increased .expenditure of money for the medical aid. program kriown as (Medicaid. It was noted then that the appro­ priation in the' 1967 budget would not be'anywhere nearly adequate. ; ; ' ft is interesting ' to aote that the 1966 Washington county budget allotted $^fp]00tt to med­ ical aid and this was sufficient. In the 1967 budget this budget item was increased by over one- half million dollars:^? $75ptQ0ty ifl’ anticipation'tof ;the Medicaid program that\ was nftydated' by the le^slature. \ , ea pavid, » f ujad|,. v (iv, ' his moth- wili attend the corcveBtioj^ ; / |t will be a brief tFip^i^Oulhj for David likes to olose eye on that fcolstelnfhierd and on the homte T i m e l l f 5' ' ries : Saturdajr\ is the' final day for JBjing entry blanks for exhibiting itf :^oth the open class and ju^ffr' departments at the* Wastinjgtfei 1 county fair, which will- .opefj August 22. Mrs. Fred 1, Fort Ed­ ward, entry secretary, inast re­ ceive the entry blanks bv that \ - The. Eastern Adirondack Eco­ nomic Development district held< its first business ineeting with its new officers and directors July 25, at the Wairen county- municipal center.- Dr. Charles Clark, supervisor, from Cambridge, and president of the new district organization, said that the organization was* formed for the purpose of uni­ fied action among areas wit! similar economic problems. He acknowledged with thanks the assistance provided by the New York state department of com­ merce and the jNorth Country Economic and Cultural council in organizing the district. The district is composed of five bounties, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren and ’ Wash­ ington with a total population' of 215,680. . Edman Gleed, senior program officer from the EOA Washing­ ton office, was present to assist: iii budget preparation. He ex­ plained that approximately 75 per cent of the budget would be supplied bv EDA^O per cent by the contributions Of office space, equipment, etc. and: five per cent by cash contribution from each Of the five counties in the district. 1 - Karl Hofmann, formerly ex­ ecutive director of the Essex county development corporation, was appointed executive direc­ tor of the district. President Clark said that the district hoped to be operating with an office and staff in Sep­ tember and that every effort would be made to implement the programs presented in the\ districts’s OEDP. ’ Lottery Tickets on A t County Fail* State lottery tickets will be on sale at the Washington coun­ ty fair this year. This county fair will be the first one in the seven-county upstate New York area to have lottery tifckets for sale, '• ,, - • ' 'v The Washington county fair board, at a special meeting Mon­ day evening, approved the sale of state lottery tickets and Tues­ day J. Walter Fitzpatrick''met with officials of the state tax commission in Albany to com­ plete arrangements. Hie fair date. ,L-r ■ Hew Cests Rise i;o illustrate I will give our : Medicaid expenses for the flr$t six months of 1967 as follows: January -- --------------- $ 75,000 February _ _____ ____ 94,0Q0 Mdrch 117,000' April ___ ______ ..... 146,000 May ---------- ------- 122,000 Ju n e .......... ................ J 153,000 for a total of about $707,000 for the first six months. In addition to this the county , welfare department must ad­ minister this program and this has necessitated hiring four more staff members so' far. Tlie welfare committee tells me the department is processing about 100 applications per week reg­ ularly. So far about 10,000 have been processed and it is esti­ mated that over half of our county population is eligible. ^000,800 Ntxt Year ; Today the finance committee in conjunction with the welfare . committee is recommending this : resolution which calls for the county to borrow on a budget ijote the amount of $350,000 to meet the continually rising costs of Medicaid. This money ; will have to be paid back in the 1968' budget out of 1968 rev- . enues., This means that a t the rate of $150,000 per month that we are now spending we will have to budget in 1968 $1,800,• 000 for 1968 alone in addition to the $350,000 to be paid back This w ill,mean a total of well over $2,000,000 to be raised ftom taxpayers in 1968 for >Med- icaid. * Coif fo Taxpiyir This is niore than the whole cotirity budget was just a few years ago. Since about one-third of this total must be paid by local real estate taxes, the aver­ age |ajc bita for -Medicaid in\ Waslungton ' county will be about. $15 per $1,000 of assessed\ > valtiatipp. is' dittoulP ' to predict with any accuracy tlie ainount of money needed to fin* ish the 1967 Medicaid program hut it is the opinion of the two committees involved that the ainount of this note will be enough, therefore they recom­ mend passage of this resolution to pfo*?ide funds as required by state law. Les Nuffer, cooperative-extension agent; CHfetles Wilbur, host dairyman; and Dr. Carl Cappockt CorneU exteb^iQii specialist,: discuss ftllihg a trench: sdlo. They are standing ori wQted alfalfa silage in Wfl'bur’s trench, ih ls structure 'has a fconcpete floor .and holds apfroxitoately 1,000 tens of silage when filled. ’ ^ - A; Hand’s silo is a bunker with a cOncretfev|l^ and ply -wood wall lining, There had been serious deterioration of the left wall in this structure. John MacDonald, agricultural field representative of the American Plywood association examined this structufe and felt that interior plywood had b&ett substituted for the exterior grade, which is recommended for this application. A number of silos with exterior type plywood liiiirip ^ave proved successful for at least ten years. , Washington county dairymen recently visited the farms of Charles Wilbur, Cambridge; O. 51. Borden and Sons, Inc. and A? A. Hand, both of Easton. All of these farms featured low cost horizontal slltfs. The tour gave dairymen the opportunity to see the -struc­ tures, hear how they were built, bow they perfoYm, and their relative costs, I)r! Carl Cappoek of the Cornell dairy science de­ partment explained-some of the advantages of higH corn feed­ ing, and other uses, for what] 100 Broadway, Fc appears to be a bumper corn, wide selection pf. held .by the agricultural divi­ sion of the Washi|ifton county extension service apociation in response to the ni^hy requests received concerning' .horizontal storage structure^' ffcarly 10 b county dairymen topic advantage of the tour to ’Me’lhe; structures and to ask questjpp» Jand opin­ ions of the colleg'^ specialists, the host farmers, the agents. Dairymen who i t i consider­ ing horizontal silo structures are advised to cbh|tlct the Co­ operative ExtensiOhwAgents it - Edward. A \'is for both will provide a boothi to th^ 'stVte *rop. '! hunker.and I where'tWkets will Jbe sr*ila1>le. j «he M r was organized and ; able on request^, :• ■ : .■ Kenneth William Knapp, 21, of R. D. 3, Greenwich, is being held in Saratoga ?ounty jail in lieu of $5,000 bail on charges of robbery, first, degree. Knapp al­ legedly beat and robbed Michael Welch, 77, a farm hand of Cam­ bridge, August 2. Knapp was arrested last Thursday by Sara­ toga Sheriff Irving Althouse. . According to police Welch told them he left the White Swan hotel about, 3 aim. last Wednesday and was Offered a ride to Saratoga Springs by a man and woman. He accepted the ride and claimed the couple drove him to Rowland street in Saratoga where he was^ pushed put of the car, beaten and his money, about $180, was taken. He went to the home of Walter Moore nearby who called the . sheriff’s department. Welch was admitted to Bene­ dict Memorial hospital, Ballstoil Spa where he is being treated. Water Carnival ? Be Held at on Sunday This coming Sunday, August 13, at 1:30 p.m. a water carnival will „be held at the Greenwich community beach on the Batten- kill, and boys and girls who have taken swimming lessons this summer or are residents of the Greenwich central school district may enter, by signing up at the beach by this Satur­ day. There will be races for the different swimming groups and demonstration^ different skills learned by students. All first, second and third place dinners will receive ribbon awards. - This year’s swimming program has been directed by Miss Sata Skiff, assisted by Paul Getty, Bonnie Hoag, Gr-acie Snell and Rae Merrill. The town of Green­ wich Youth committee invites the public to attend the carnival. The rain date for the carnival is the following Sunday, August 20. ■ I -?l [ \ -'^1 ■;,‘4 VcJ

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