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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, August 03, 1967, Image 5

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y. *■ v* w'' - f m V K V Q V S flim ^ W aSt^. ‘',l• ' % - ; !£tfw E S I Q f t E g H ^ ^ uimiiiiuinjiMiL-l-iil|i U.J-— .il. L#SS j3E 3 8 S S SEO. A.—PA.BE 5 ’.*1 r $ o n m M —Bruce Colbjr spent Wednes­ day -with Heary Bobertaon. —Thomas Lltt* « f Arlington, Va,, spent ttee -we»k end with hLs mother, -M*. Albert Little. —*fr. and Mrs, George St. Mary spent the day recently witli Mr*. Chari*! Connolly of Sehajghticoke. -4HKT SS3” ters, Henry Jef- foTds and faniiily are vacation­ ing this week a t a cottage at . Summit lake, f —Diiiailfi II. L-lfflton of River > Edtfei}?.' J., sgeiat the week end sister,Mrs. Doris Davis, ■ ';JiiMrs. 'Ljlliati. Foster is vis­ iting Jier son-inlaw and daugh­ ter, Mr. * and M s . KToert Fester*, in Moravia. —Mr.. and fats. Dudley F. Ju<dl and daughter, Cynthia, of Tajrytown are visiting her par­ ents, Mr. and Mars. K. W. Van­ Ness. - ' —Gary Mesick, Soil of Mr. and Mrs. -Robert Mesick, is spending four wwjefes at Camp 3e«kei, a YMCA. cam|> St Bec- iefc, Blass. - —Mrs. Victor Brinkman of Mayvrood, N. J., bias teen spend­ ing i fp\w days with lier brotli- er-anilav and ‘sister, Mr. ahd • lies.' Harold MSjansli —JflM. Merriit. E. boeschef :jia s . returned f j o in Latham she .spent' several days , ’wlth her son-in-law and daugh- . ter, Mr. and M«- Pilon J , Bea-: dies, jtnd sons. V ; ? .^JfT,;-:,.a 5 :d-s'lF 8 ,'; lichard 'J. Croitey and; three daughters re- i turned last week Tuesday from —Rjfiv. and M s . Charles Rohr insen and Mrs, Aiina Bell of Giiawun, Vt., arc visiting Rev. and Mrs- L CL Ifcobinson. John Towme of Crom Point also., Is .a guest cf the'ltiobaisons. ; '. —D-onald Kutlite. withi his tWo sonts and daughter, has returned to his home Ln ik s t Lansing, Mleh., after a 'v/B-ek’s visit with feiis urtcle and a*in*,Hr. :and Mrs. Quintus Lobecfe. at Elgh Hope farm in Easton, M . Kuhn is a gra<luate of Cr-eeawicli high ; sciwooL , ipniiiMMi]iitiiii[[iiHmrmiiiiitiBi;j»3iiiiiEiyiiiiTiiiiimiiiiiariii!ii Today Is S o n i e o i i e f s B i r M a y w b e d d i n g JA a n iv « r s a r y ' - .... ’ ..... ■' ' - -- -— ---^ S E N D / C A R D - tut -R«iiMit»*»r*d Next , V/«tlc Include lb* Sallowing: BIRTHDAY'S SUNDAY*, AUGUST 6 —Willard : tCeld, H«rber*Rcb*rts, Lester W all«r, Ma»|i*rl* Whipple, i Jankt Atwell, ■* > MON&AV, AUfOllSr 7 — Tim Mc(Sr«uty, DavW P * rk I n*, f C;liriJia Hujrhw, Lynn Haw* ■ !aH, £U»nor Slrowiwll, J&dy E^oth, y .\TUESDA.'Y AW iipr 8 — Ad« ; &lilr, Carrie* Mpor»« Donna SatlKlft* Su*i»i W/(M>ds, Albert ' 'Chirron, Glmrli. Clirk. WEOMESDAY, LIJCUST 9 — S^mlth Ann M«jrphyr, L«*. Ryan, > Jahni l-yrtl«, Oay3d Garrett, Niifilyn Braphp, THKiftSOAy, A UfCUST 10 — Jahn F. Hughd,, Oaor^ge Limit ■ Jir.) Kiihy Suilvt, Morton. FRIDAYr AU&IJK7 11 — Deb- 1 ;, bsl* \V/aifr K«»irt ^<nmg. ■ AsU-C-US .T 12 KTalhryii' M cLiKri L«i$ Gray, | S-ylrii 'Woodard-. > a n n iv e r s a r ie s ' ifWeDWESDAY, AUGUST 9—Mr. • m l Xrt. E1M Howland. THURSDAY, AUGUST 10—Mr. !i and Mfcri, Jerry Gronlti, Mr. $ and' Mrj, Edw/ird Clark Sr. FRIDAY, AUGUST VI—Mr. and Mru W illiam M irry Marley, ’'J Mr. and Mr*. Paul Bangle. | • • • f D(HH»3iiie’* P h a r m a c y .• S o l m e s J ^ a H a a c y Journftl S&«taoneni ^ Tie Hughes liewaroom. ' S*nd In th« BfRrHDAY and ■ANNIVERSARY Dihei of Your •iFiiinllr Mid FrihwiH>^« Want fo L itt Them. ; . .C. , - JMaii-»- Card-to --- D»pt. BA, f>,». Boxc 185 Gr««nwich, N. Y. 12834 —Lansing Pattee, sen of Mr. and Mrs. Orliss Pattee, -was named to the dean’s' list for scholastic excellence for the last semester at the State miversity agricultural tod technical col­ lege at Cobleskill. —Two residents of Green wich, David A. Baker, afld Miss Biana R. Norton, have Jbeen named to the dean’s list at the University of Rochester fo r scholastic excellence during: tfte se.cond semester. —Mesdames Robert Lansing, J o h n Columbus, Samiel Me* Ctme and George St._ Mary at­ tended the T r o y conference WSCS School of Missions at Castleton state college, ’ Castle- ton, Vt., July 17-21. —Mrs. George Binger had as Week end guests her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. IV'ilsOn Binger, and son, \Wilson Jr., a n d daughter, Ikry, oi ^happaqua, and' Miss Caro Peta- berton of New York city. ' —Mrs. John Fisher attd son,; Christopher, who spent a month # t h her parents; Mr. an<d Mrs. Robert Foster, returned Monday to t h e i r home in Jackson Heights with Mr.Fislierr who; was here for the week er,d. Dast Thursday, Rev. a n d MEs, Sbaroi^ iScholteji a nd; daughters, Jacqueline an-d Vic­ toria, ;of Kingport, N. J., 'visited his parents,'Rev. and Mrs. Wal­ ter- A, Scholten, then w«ent to Silver Bay oh Lake Creorge to spend a month. and Mrs, De\vey % Me-, spent several days Jast camping at White' lake, •iSF, H. Their campsite m s- iiear those of. theix son and .daugh­ ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, Alien: McNail ^nd children, and MrsJ Mary Martin of Troy. Mrs. Guy Keefer ani sons, Greg and Jeff, of Loudonviile aife spending a few days with her parents, \Mr and Mrs. lo»uis F. Marchaland. MiSs Cynthia Moore of Baltimore is spending three weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. MarchalaiKl. ’ —Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wall: of New York city will leave August i l for 10 days iii \Rome Italy, where they \vill visit their daughter, Sister David Maria, who has been teaching in Italy for the past year. Mrs., Wall Is the former Nina Gilchrist of Battenville. , —-Captain Philip J. Gillen, who hasT been with the- first in­ fantry, U. S. arnay, in 'VLetaairi for the past 12 months, is home on lea.Ve with his wife', tiie ffdr- mer Anne Chase, and f.am.ily. After a 30-day leave he- and Ws:pectedly family wiil move to Balllmore, Md., where Tie will be staSoaed. V —Mrs. Harold Ruddocfe- and her cousin, Miss Marjorie. Gif­ ford of Cambridge, lelfe this ihorning for East Lansiag, Mich., to visit her cousin, RotaiL-d Gif- fprd,fand family. Saturday they will attend the wedding oi.,31r.- Gifford’s son, Charles, and Miss Kaierr Heber, atSagina-w, III ch. * —Kev. ahd tm . Waite? A.- Scholten had as guests io r a few days recently their daugh­ ters, Mrs. D. EL Oochato and children, Carol and Billy, of Milbrook, and Mrs. Donald Rinkirs and daitghter, Robin, of 6ran.dtMe, Mich. Mrs. * jCoch- tan returned later iorf\ iier daughter, Denise, who h o i beent spending some time witii her grandparents. 'u.-. Rodlo end ■Oor repair services are right and reliable Radios, • Tranairtors Record Players Records . Acceistiries AT PELTIER'S Cradit on New Sets S&RVICE CAjW MITCHGLL-SCULLY at <»e hiame ^IwM aotlier, Mt& '*#* ^ uU*r' 'Ernest Brohsvejid, Mr, jB«apeir»-> who is iti the ,tJ. S^. seabees, nuptial mass celebrated by Rey. left Tuwttay to ^yejolji his bat- j^mes H. Griffin, OSA, ;«t St. tahon at Gulfport, and will be T > . , . ^ . r leaving Soen% rs- Vietnam, Joseph's- -church ^ n o o n ^ Baker will remain with her day, July 22. Mrs.. Mi mother.- T Flower presided^t the .orgjai. — S/Sgt. and<|i4rs, James W. The altar was derated Wiih Stewart and. twoaona cawe^Sat- vrIIow and nciittS cinriiniuB dlrdSy fro® Ah®Tora*et -Alaska, ' -.* t ,^ T ' to visit tttdf l&elits, Mr. Wd Miss Scu liy ^ th e datfpbi* Mrs. Walton . Sfewaife aad Mr. of Sirs. ^orge. McjCtoiy and Mrs; Atythe the tate- ifeonwa H. scu U ^ # . S ^ t S v ^ e l l is the s^n of ' \ ' go-to Limestone, Mame, wnere » . j . • , Sgta Ste\wrt Will be stationed at an^ Mrs- Mart‘n Loring air force base. of Amsterdam. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morri, The . bride was given irt. son spent the week end with riaep hv her steo-fatbur < Tvi^ their son and daughter-in-law, *?*»® steP*»the r ^ :a« Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morrison McCarty. She was dressed, }i Jr., and family at Mohegan f fla^etogtli- Arlme Lake. T3ieix granddaughters, silk crepe with aj, Bonnie a®|d Denise 1 Coombs, a^- neckline and bell elb 6 w-li compariied Mr. and Mrs, Morrl- sleeves which . were cwij. _ son and remained for a visit with clusters of. whHe wiih their uncle and aunt. Her elbow-lengfeh veil fell- fi?am -M iss m to r ia A; Gorsky fias^ been named to-the deatt^ list «*W*. % 'for the -spnng term af State a p p h q u e d f l ^ . university college at Platts- ned a cascade bouquet of whjte burgh. Mias Gorsky, daughter of and yellow centered Mr. and MrsT. Alexander aorsky. ^ e ^lsies with a shower of is a: junio^ at. plaltsbwgii nia- *vyi ,5 ’ . joring in secondary education The niaid of hongr was with a specialisation in mathe- Lima Tucker, cousin ' of matics. She is a graduate of the bride., The briiaesmaids were Greenwich central schooL 'Mrs; James Haught <>t Syracuse, —Miss Frances Einkus of Mrs. Philip Moore of Deerfield, Grandville, Mich., granddaugh- Mass., and Mrs. Daniel Stubbs ter of Rev. hnd Mrs.' Walter A, o f .. wdre Scholten^ is studying piano at floor-length A-line .dresses of the National Music camp at In* Ji>«e greeh wHh. !matching head terlaken, Mich., for eight weeks bows and carrief colbnial bou- this summer. Miss Mnkus, who Qitets of .white eaisjes aftd -yel- has completed her junior, year low carnations. C in Grandville high school, was Kevin Mitchell of Alexandria, awarded a scholarship to the Va., brother of the bridegroom,, music caitipi was' the' best inatt; Ushers yrt/eti —A/lc I^eslie G. Foss, son of Martin Mitchdl of Waterford, Mr. and Mrs. Cliftw A, Foss, brother of the bridegroom; Jo* wiU leave Sunday, August 6, «p h Brennan of Mineville and for a 12 month tour of duty at Robert Netter of Kingston. DaNang air base,.'Vietnain. Air^ The reception was held at man Foss attended Greenwich Wallie’s restaurant-with Steve central sclool. He is married to Anthoiiy!s orchestra f providing the former Larali Hunt ai\d they music for dancing, to receive have four children, Kim, Kevin, her guests, .the mother 'o f the Jim ancU-Judi- His new address bride wore a iloor-length gown will be A /lc Leslie G. Foss, oi pale pink brocade with match- AF1253151f>, 366 Combat Sup- ing pillbox hat and a corsage of port Group, PACAF, APO San garnet sweetheart roses. Assist- Francisco, Calif. 86337. . Ling Mrs. McCarty in the receiv­ ing line was Mr* Durwod De- Groft of Amstercjam, sister of _______ ______ _____ t the hridegrooni. She wore a MISS WINNOGENE L. C ROM IE f peacock 52,',I>!!iViCM^rtflIiU mnlr^no,ient Robcrt Tucker, tfrtiidmother ot Monday. morning a t , the bride> was dre^ed itt pink her hpme. FuneraJ serviced wlU with a p{nJ{ ^ white rose eor- be held this Thursday at 2 p.m. ' sarfe . -/ , at the J. T. Still funeral home; * ■■ : . _ . «. in Schuylerville by Rev. Charles ] ‘ ? l f graduate ijf C. Anker, pastor of the fo rt ! Miller Reformed, church. In-: terment will be in Prospect Hill !i.T p 5 ^ t cemetery in Schuylerville. ^ w v „ „ I graduate of St. Mary’s academy r H i 1 m i e, w h o nvas a ^ Amsterdam, received a_SBA fourth grade teacher at Green- i rt>m Ganisius college, served wich central school, was bom in {hre& year5 with the United Victory Mills and had always Army in- GErmany ^ hf £ the^ She-was a n iem h er^jjg graduated tills June frOm of the Old Saratoga Reformed Albany Law school* church oJ Schuylerville and ) organist of the .church for many 1 j i* years. She was a member and v J a lG S T G r T O O t T l f i y S past matron of Star of the ITud- - - - ’ ARONSONLfDptlL Thj; marriage of M l^ ^oann (an liojpital, Oainbridge Carol: U t o ^at^hter . o M fc.; v ^ m enteTed tht aad U rs. Herbert E ijld e ll o f Eas- aiern Falls hospital Wednesday ton, to D r. M ark David-Aipnsbn, |or surgery, soil Of llr . ami itrs.- Irtm e y , Admissions and discharges ^ tor the week ending Ju ly 30 as lan^,- tent p l^ e at \ “ftwiifont Reported 'by the Maxy McClellan telty^*, .Kronx, Sunday, Ju ly 23. h«spital are as follows: H # b p e ^ o rp ;a street length WWte rifcbed batiste dress with \ ’ “ T * * 1, ft ■wd slrirt - Mrs. Colleen E ly , Mrs. Bu4h Her headpiece was ot Seira n Stover, Schuylerville. * lace a^id net. She carried a bou® Mrs, Florence M. fiodirey, J i '^fifite daisies. . Ckreenwich. ; • '' ,. Miss Jill LdddeliCwfe washer Mrs; Sally A, Smitii, Sliush^n. si<telf§l a i i d of hMc®, ^ o re an . ^ Lmian E.' Woodcock, A-line; miflt green with bonded cimbridee white ’lace 'dress axid carried a A J , , \ boiiqiiet of pastel’ pink earna- tions. ’ , ; . . j Chester J. Bullion, Schuyler- The^best man was Harry Sloan vllle. > Oi Bollis Woods. j ■ Hertry Euler, Mis. -Rita‘‘A ‘ ^ e | r e # t i 0 h was'heM ^ tth e Rogers, Salem* \ S : - p a tr ic| M u rphy.C a adlelight Harold A., Hubbard^ Mr s. restaurant in .Yonkers. T h e Kelen H, Laiiglois, Greenwich. Wothef of; the bride wore a MrS, Eeba p. Sheffield, Eaist heigeJexNred hneii J ress and ^ e n w i c h . ' ' . the bridegroom s niother^ chose Mrs> JaQeV L Watkins, Cam- a-w h # s#t. -Each had .a white bridee . T. i . ,.: 6 rclhid|co^ge. . s .' , ’ _ .- ^ , ) r ,/• - . ^ e l b r i d e is *a, graifjiate. of P-hchirjxnl; : . f ^ ;Gr^n%ich.£l centa'ai school-* ^ d / Mrs. -Mathilda F. Cass, West jS^ciise University school^ of jRaipei't,. Vt, . ■ . ? - •hurMn|, She is employed as % Mrs, Luetta. H. H^ton, Mrs. ,reg|ste|e^htifse in thfl ^ychiar rIaez. Wilday, saieftt. ; , tri^ division of the ^Moottefiore Douglas Maxwell, Cambridge, ‘“yf'.'fs*:-:; .■■ J ; *» . ;.& |M ropQn ti-.-shmJ ' . . ^ r r JawaieS high school, Queens, a / k , . a n i Wkst^rft; Reserve iittivefsity, < Ohio,|'and* a 1966 gra4iiate of. Upstate college of medicine iii Obituaries son. chapter, OES. Surviving are one sister, Mrs, inie of Victoo'y H o n o redat Party Mr, and Mrs. Chester Toomey Winston Trindle of Charlton; | were guests of honor Satutdiy arid one brother, Russell E. Gro- evening, July 22, at a surprite p a r t y g iv e n b y ir ie jid s a f th e home of Mr. and Mrs. Hait; Brophy. Mr. and Mrs. .Tooihe; MRS. GEORGE McMURRAY . „ . 7 _ Mrs. Laura McMurray, 80^ a celebr|ite _their 5Qth resident .of. Middle Fills idr ^ ? . g anmversary Auguj more tharaSO' yeais, died sud- ' were ^given « purse ef denly Sunday afternoon at lier m?nejf a n ® Mta. Too^ey_^fe- home. Tbe funeral was held « m d a corsage and Mr. Tod- Wednesday afternoon at her j mey a houtonmere. home, and interment was ih —- • ■■■■-. ^ * - . , 1 ; Greenwich cemetery. ’ j Mrs. McMurray, wife of the late George McMurray, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was a member of Centenary Methodist church of Greenwich and the Woman’s auxiliary of the Middle Falls fire depart­ ment. - , \ , ; Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Sidney O’Donnell and Miss Ruth McMurray, both of Middle Falls; five sons, Edward of Saratoga Springs, Herbert and William of Middle Falls, Wesley of Schenectady, and Harold of South Glens Falls; three grand­ children, , and grandchilfeetj. Also survivin are three brothers, Hans Han­ sen and George Hansen of Ifcay- mertown, and Marinus Hansen of Middletown. , > Hebron Church Plans Barbecue A chicken barbecue will be served to the public at the East Hebron Presbyterian church lo­ cated on route 22 , seven miles north of S,alem on Saturday, August 5. Serving will begin at 5 and continue until 7:30 p.m. Tables will be available on the church lawn or in the church dining room, Those desiring tickets in advance may contact Cliff Rogers, Ken Parker, or Harold Garrity or Ervin Wilson. RADIO STATION SOLD ~ Radio station WIPS in Ticott- deroga has been sold to the Community Service Broadcast­ ing corporation of Amsterdam, Bernard Pelser, present owner has announced. The sale price was reported- at* $128,906. GREENWICH *92-7292 or r . v - ■••• . SfW^oSa S8448M; Th0, cotiple Will reside in the Bronx a t 34U Wayne avenue. A pre-nuptial party and show­ er /was given the bride by her friends and co-workers, in the Mont^fioie hospital. A t BxlctatSltower Miis Colleen iTefft was guest of Tiinor.' at. ^ linen shower held a t ; the home oi Mrs, Panels M>irj|by -‘Wediiesijay, .fu ly , 28. H<®t|sse® werfi' MWflbies Al* b a t I Charron,' Harry Brophy, FHliijp Bergin an^.Francis Mur­ phy. IA colon: scheme of pirtlc and wnitfe’ was carried out in the decorations which featured it defeofated.umbrella crea te r ed-} around the gift table. Uefresh- m e if t s included a decorated calce: Friends and neighbors of Mfts'TfeBt ,attetided the shower. M&sfTtfft, daughter cf 'llr. and Mrs.'Ge<5rge H. Tefft, will lie married August 12 to James T. Carhon of Vineland, U. J. - . • / ■ • ■ M iss Donohue W ill Be Brici0 of Mr. McLoughlin and t o . ‘William J. Don- ohiiet Sr. announce, the engage­ ment of* their daughtei, Mar­ garet J»ne, to John \W. Me- Lou|hlia, soii of Mr.* and Mrs. EM I McLoughli(i , 0 Trdy. , Mils Donohue is. * graduate of.Gteenwich central School, at-: tended SONY at Cortland- aftd wis Igraduated from- tlie Mil- dredi- Eiley Secretarial school. She .is i secretary.in.the .New Yorl? state conservation depart­ ment. - v , f . , : Mi. IC&Loughlin ij a graduate Oft Gatholie .central higk school oi) ftojr, aM : ef,,;^lie Ceneral^ EleiSric* Appretitrde scfaool JitJ Schenectady. ISe is enapWyed a t ; Behr-Manning in -Watervliet. 1 TOe ^eddinfe i n t a k e ®la<» i n , lateVAtiiust.' ' Bpttiklll Baptlrt Rev. Lewis N. Powell, Pastor .. , . Serviees will be resumed SUn- I h r ee great- September 3 . : ^miiiiiiwiiiiiriiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiMiiirMiiiiiitinniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ... . .......................... . ........ . ................... . ................................... . 24-Hour Service on Black & White Service on Centenary M*tfw«!ist Rev. John Columbus, Pastor Suhday services—^ • , , , 10 a.m. Morning worship. Ser- iii!iiHiiiiiiiiniii!|m mom Widen Vour Hearts! 1< Saturday, August 12, annual p “cMckeit'barbecue.. • on 110, 127, <20, 35MM. 828, 126 If 8 or more print* coma out jj I Tht* United Churth 1 Rev. Donald R. McLeod, Pastor I Sunday services— t i 10:30 asm. Morning worship. 1 Sermon: An Undertaking Mind. fi j St. Paul's Episcopal I Rev. James Lowery Jr., Rector 1 H O t lV f f iS PHARMACY ^ r t t k A z m a ie r , b .S., Prop. Gratnwich 128 Maln Str#*t ife2M 4 universal PHOTO SERVIC1! Schenectady nnvnifiitiififiiiniitiiiHilitiiiiniirvTnj Sunday, Transfiguration f 8 Holy Eucharist. 10:30 a.m. Family Eucharist. 1 Monday, 9 a.m. Community vacation cshurch school begins. Third grade at St. Paul's parish house. , friends Matting Route 40, Easton Ila m 7 'Worship.' St, Jo*H>h-» GiitlNU< Rev, P. A. Lynch, 'OSA, sPastor Masses— ' . V-w', .Daily,'7:30 a.na. : ' Fir,st..Friday, J l 'M - a.m^ -afad- nM -QM ,' ■■■' ! \-y ’ Sunday, 8:30 and 10:30 a,i$' Holy days, 7:30 a.ml and V:S 0 p - m . ■■■ • u : • ■■ > 4 Christian Sclo^o Society! Greenwich ’ J Sunday service itt 11 »i*n. Subv ject of lesson-serimon: ;S.pirlt. ‘ ! iSujldajr School .-for -pirpilsjto the age of 20 conyeites during the ttoiaang sei^ice. 'Last Wednesday Of th® month, 8 p.m. Testimony meeting. Reading room -open Saturday 2 4o ip .m Pujjli? invited, , Radio prograAiii ^Youtb’s ,,0p WBTN, 1370, at » a;ni.; 1540 At 8:15 a,m.; W»ZA, Glens Falls, 1410, at 9:15 a.rt. ~ Church of #h* 0|»«h ftlbla Kev.;Jtog6jf Vi. Seac6rd,J?asjt<jr Sunday services— 11 a.m. Morning worslrio. 12 mi - Bibie schobi retjr'iDii luU ^eryiciB Look ^hfit* we :can do fot you! money eafns nuore money with.Sav> ing^s Accounts ^uidl Ssnrings Oettificates. Oiir low-rate Bank ZiOans come to your aid in time of financial need,. Checkiiig Ac­ counts keep your money handy, safe. Sound financial advnc*, %ased on our years of experienco, is alwa-js at your command. Start your worry-ftee tanking here, to- , ________ TULL SERVICE SANxnra fjlcilities NEW CAR LOANS Ltew Inferast rates and h i / monthly repaymtft't, regularly *• . .. sav« .ni\ HdMi IMPRdVlEMlNlt lOANS Lew cost loans to better your living. 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