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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, June 29, 1967, Image 2

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29, July 1, Yehudi Mentihin and iBath July 3. 4 —^ Festival July 7, - 8 ,9 ~?rNew i^Vwfc-City -RiBllet, Jtewelg CurWn> d:30 PiM. \ ? . V f.y i-S-' , Dorref Playhouse 1 / ;„r June 29, 30, July 1, 2 - Juj^ #-9 ^ Y^st^rifeiy Spa Sommer Theatre FUm Fe«tival Saratoga Springs Jan 2 20 — Rudolph .Valentino's The JEagle, Charlie Chaplin’s j The Tramp, Mack Sennett Comedy , \ , . July 2-4 — fluster Keaton in The Great Chase • July 5-6 — The Italian Straw Hat July 7-8 — Cb$i$e Chaplin Features V ; • Two Performances Nightly Starting at 7:30 ' * ‘ 1 Southern Vermont Art Center . Manchester, Vermont July 9 -r-r Vermont State Symphony Orchestra Curtain*; 41:30 P.M. The Art Gallery is open daily, except Mondays, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., .and from-to 5 P.M. . , fer-- During the 'Supinler Months W e W ill ;Bje CLOSED From SATJUfljl>AY .NOON Until MONDiW MORNING Beginning JU L Y 1 91 t East. Main W S H A fiLORIST St; 4 7 7 4 2 # Cambridge _ _ - i' I . _ ' j:^ __ _ ___ . _ _ fhe Garbage Collection WEDNESDAY, JULY 5 ‘ ' - - - ' ' < ! I Vjllfigg of Greenwich Dept, of Public Works M- . - i. r* ’ ' ,V ‘ \ ^ e W m WCafk the 19lst Anniversary ■> ~„of.In4epeiidenceJQay.L , by Closing- AllDay TUESDAY, JU L Y 4 - • -- . -K\: . * - Open as Usual Wednesday, July 5 GREENWICH SAVIN G S & LOAN ASSO C IATIO N .'vTa^SSEr--j-' s e a t s , , , t t o t Who«i**flippyFpleaf« tlKki? : Hat fN if yotfaar ia-tha^iww, ti»Mf»r. Ye# aeed : trim-tapered, go-anfirliere casual itycks that nmrwedlnminr. $acks likette iiew peiinaiiMt frest Lee-Pra$t Lee Leew.Carved lean ’n tow ami in tt* shades that a« tHa mast far all yeursWrtsand v sweaters.Lee-FrestLee teens. -:- y . *■ / Tan, Light • Blue, Green ind BliiFiftV ' * 1 •. , PRATT'S in I??1 Easton New#' n o o n o r - may-tee ae: |>y ConsidwwWe aid kl-prt^W ed today t b local gow rm h eht thr««*ta ttje* fode^lly-4«d s*$at«- Aided Urban' Plahntti' . Assif* tance program, first , provided for in .the :Fe&ral3$raing|*<* of 1049, and1 ainrt then .con­ siderably augmentedi a n d ex- teaded. . • This program, commonly re­ ferred toas “701” after the sec­ tion of tfoe original housing act providing for the assistance, makes funds'^available to pre- pare local compreb^iaiive plans ?s was discussed lastweek. gral' aid, amountiilg % most pases to two-Qi|his qf the proj^ pet costs, is furnished to tjbe tageiyjy which, afets administrator of the projBtam. The remaining one-third .of the costs are jpljt between the )o- eal government and the state? ■In plain talk then, the loc^ government when enrolled- in the program wijl have to, put up ontsix|h: of ^e-,cost .of the en' tire program, * ' , The 4fffce ?6i planning ‘co^i idination, New .THwk’s Jtdi^ini^, iering agency, is ;aljle .'to en­ courage sounder local planning, .thtii might o%4rW;i'i.te, b?: achieved. Good professional leadership 4 n plapnijig 4 f a t y tal jocal r need. As. stated’ felt week, a consulting firm works with the local ‘planning Tjoard :ancLiaadditi0nrlralne4BlwnCTSr from the- state agency are, avail-, able to tlie local' government for a period of two years during which the plan is eydived. Dur- jag -these w o years, and while M rs. F ryer Gives Review a t Club Mrs. George Gallagher and Mrs. Frank Moy -Were. co.-hostj esses to the Easton ^ Book club at .Mrs. Moy's iiome 'on Wednes-. day afternoon, June 21. For the- day’s review Mrs. Henry Fryer chose Everyone ih Thir Bouse Makes Babies, a book' Written by Sheila Solbmort SiDla^s.' -y- •' x. This is a saga of life expert enced by a young American couple on the island of Trini­ dad. Before, during and after the birth of their first child they found themselves over- whelmed by me lffleriflly^aavfce amd interference of neighbor's who were stepped in, alien customs and superstitions;- The narrative is both interesting and amusing. • . v Personals —Mr. and Mrs.* Charles Hill of Largo,v Fla., spent Monday with Mr. aiid Mrs. Welling pells. —Mrs. William Conning of AveriU, Hark spent Wfidnesday. afternoon with Miss Kathryn Thompson. • . ’. —Miss Joanne Agopovich of Speigletown spent Thursday afternoon with Miss Kathryn- •Thompson, —Several Easton people at­ tended the Commencejnent at the Greenwich high school Sas­ hay afternoon. ^ ) —The Easton Methodist church Will Jhold a chicken bar- ibecue at the Stillwater Rod and Gun club Wednesday,, July 5, ?at 6:30 p.m. ' —Mr. and Mrs. Ronald New­ ton and sons of New s Baltimore 'and Mrs.. Alfred Krass and sons of Ghana spent Wednesday With Mr. and Mrs. Forrest 'Pratt. The -.WSCS afternoon- circle will meet with’.Mrs. David Liv« .ingstone with a picnic Wediies- ,day, July 12, at 1:30 p.m. Mem* bers note the change in date. The WSCS evening circle will; not hold a meeting, in July. —Vacation Church school will be held in the Easton Methodist church Wednesday, July 5-5%i- day, July 14, for ages 3-l2, from 9 «;mi to 11:30 a.m. All chil- df|nTTtf ' the cofflitiun^ 18*881 afge group''^e welcome to ati teiid - ' lo*d plan U.being c«nt ««hk^de~ fjttaintas ' -li ven the 'local board menrtxer- p*y tJhe c»iisultant and tl» , estate . pl^piwr assigned, AJsoftlon,’ regidar .meetings w .held>,with tM 4wd^»v«mnn>*|t |aptfwps ;by Ae .planning tiwrd, tbe(^tate r«re- sfcntati^. fbis .jenjes ,*0 .#c- quaint 'citwns. and the polite*! leadership wtth ithe ptamlag; process and'4n partki|lar the recoHuaendations 4h*t are being developed, so that wh^n the time comes for impJemen* tation, .the - necessary u hder- standing apd support will exist, liext w^ek-^-What lifis ifte Easton t o w n planning been doing siijfte formatioa? aplfr^ipy£^»dnejrfj>y, *<jpirsoHn- ,la\» ’and daughtet,'*t»‘: and Mrs. - Emm*. Nt^asr ^nd Jixs. iaond Nippes, of Tsoy ; axd their Ion and. dfwghter-iirtaw, Mr. N m »4 ' and 'fchildm * ! ^ m«kl aMi of Red Hook. Chsrles Hutobens and Bertha Pratt were pastor cft“ the’ Sbuth' Argyle PmihSleiiaji‘\eJh'u rfc h. Vheyitesided ih ^otsaytua until yfa&Amr-jtmif -to Cwe*i*»cli Jto ‘ 'frete hdous: -Th^y i»ve,a,* 9 #, Clwr4es ;ir.,-.,a -dawghter, -^s.’ Ktr^aret Nitres, and five graatehiMreii- all of me car* of my .... appreci. also wish to thaink , all the toachera for their paUenie and iir U e lp a i r through schooIT ElBwetnTtlchanasoii CARD OF THANKS ’ My Mncere tiwnks t o th e tors/ianH^es, nurses aides, stu- itont p ir s e s aod ^att show ~ p«*so«»el for th e e a r e g iy e n White a’ p atient tn th e hospital. !ft»e gifts! ;;#>wers,! cards aiid ■ CARb'OFWAIWlS The family of the late -Ifrs'- Paijl \lioriarty. its- thanfe! ;f«r ’the -mams' wets bt kindness at the tim« of its ]>ereayeineht. ^ . calls ,received from my friend^, apd neighbors was . greatly ap­ preciated. ' ... • >} ,|SstharG«rmai<i CARD Of THANKS I wish to thank friends, rel­ atives aad neighbors for the ^ards, gifts and visits while in the hospital and since my re­ tu r n ‘hoise. Also the -doctors, f u rses, >WKaes aides: and -tech- fid a n s forttheir wonderfui c a re d kindnegs, ;and -thoB* who ve k ^ t my tarm operating. It is deeply apipej^iattd. 'iCarl 'Hiom as at. ttie ....... ...... . Satur- . Mi'. -and Mrs. George' C, i »i|ousert jfc. Iteld a family pieni(| at thefr home in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary also oft June 23. • —Mr. attd Mrs. Jay Kellogg of Hudson Falls and Slir^and Mrs.' Howard Boyce of Hamilton, Can­ ada, were Saturday guests of Jkfrs. Madline Fischer of -Fort Edward and Mr. and Mrs. George Hendricks - and family South Glens <FallS .were-Sah^ day guests of Mr. and Mrs. El­ mer Murray. ■ . Ninety or .more of every 100 ^orast fires that break out In New York state are caused by human beings. <ARD4>F'T**NKS The family of the iarte Vyn- ter IBnrdick exprejJses its thanks jio neighbors'; friends end rela­ tives cfor their expressions of ,at.. the tiin& of its iTOS»fel|t;^ •. , , ■/ ! I ^ ^ % ;|hank’'^itj* 6 r- &bwt kry, Mrs. William .P«ltler iand Mrs. Samuel 'McCtme for: the)r visitsland those ■ who hav.e sent cards to-me. in the'liQs^pital. - Mrs. Ann Ehrenr(ich Booin-407 % ^ . Sajnaritan Hospital. TWiy ’1 Christie ABC GRADUATE, ., Wright of Easton was , among tlie 308. young*men end .women graduated at the • i lOQtn ‘ icom- • mencement exercises ,oi 'the' Ai~ bany business cblle^e,' Saturday *iorning, June 24, at the Palape theatre, Albany. Miss daughter of Mr. andr!Mrs. ard G. Wright, raalbreEi‘in mar-; ketlng-retalling » ana '•business- adminStratitni; Sife ^ *■£. gfadu;'. ^te of >Stillwater ce'rit.ral School; • O b i t u f e WYNTERiPt.^BDTCK Call REPAIR SERVICE. ' a ■ on. >11 ' - J , Clocks. - Watches .. > *' .. , Electric Sfcavera . -1 f Jewdry : 1 ’ L & i y K jc w tf e r s )- Since 4 *51W. Main^CambTid&e,’N .Y t 'J -t- Fu- T ,, .. .. . _ . . , , , __ day afternoon at, the Garrett funeral Jiome by Rev: Lewis NJ Towellrpastor. of 'th& BOttskilt ‘Baptist churcl|£ Iptern^nt was •in Greenwjchvceme^ery. ' -Mr.^Burdick was born In’)the town of Easton Jane 10, 1880, son Of Orley and Matilda DilJoh Burdick. He had always lived on the Burdick farm,'which has been in the fanaily .since ’,1776* and was a part of .the Schuyler patent. A number of years -agd Mr. Burdick received a citation ,as owner of a century farm in the state. . ‘ Mr; (Burdick served as super- tvisor-of -the town of 3Baston-for three consecutive ternis. -He ,was a nietnber of the tiotfskill 'Baptist church. v %*' •Surviving are his iWifCj the j.former Edith PotterT-Vne-.Jfions' riCarrol Bilrdick of Eastoft;; Oner daughter, Mrs. Frank AiJams^of Shushan; two granddaughters, Mrs. Walton Chipperfield jr.' of il’orest HiUs and •irsvl^a^ld i sWard of Houston,» Texas; and three greatgrandchildren, MRS. -J C f N N i t H ^ Mrs. Mary- Babcock Slack, Wife of Kenneth A i Slack, of *lg Washington avenue, Colonie. died Saturday evening I in' Al: bany. The funeral was Tuesday Morniftg *at 11 o’clock’at' the rFrederick funeral home tin- Al­ bany* with Rev. Charles E. Rice, .pastor -of the Roesslevilie Pres­ byterian fchurqh, officiating. Ih- terment was in Albany Rural cemetery. , , . ! The former Mary Babcock was born in Greenwich August 5, 1909. She had been1 a* resi­ dent of Colohie over M years.; She was a ipetnbe* of Rbe^l^- ville',P#§sfcyterian .church, fH|$| i l t k t c i l 9 n E a & E E H ytt€09i*m aft*r 6 pM. *S. '■ • . o r ' _ ‘'«' Siratosa 544-l|®0 \ •*’ “ ‘ *---j A+..T - • - \ ■r-r *r. ;pi >the JEastpto Sjfecj.. a member of Cyrefie yfena^fes No. 18, Daughters.pf^the Nile; and past president of the^liadies auodliary *'of 'West Albany Fire .company No. 2; • Mrs.-; Slack is [‘survived ■ by her; husband and a sister, Mrs.; Marian Smith' of Barry town. READIES BOAT The Erie Main, a DPW qrew quarters boat being readied .by the New York state Council of the Arts on keeping with the theme of the Erte canal ses- quicentenflial celebration, 1817- 19$7.is nearing completifln.jit the state barge canal shops at Waterford. The boat will ,put in its first public appearance at ceremonies at Roriie on JUly i, then will tour Cities along the ifrie division af the JM oevcl canal, Its first miblic appfear- ahce in Waterford is expected* in September. 0 « f TfpalisiawlMu ar*' Radio* x T^rimilsttirt . ■ ReoopdPlta*r* Records Acc«|sorl 4 i ' AT ‘ PELTIER'S .^JIHAWKS;' wishes to ine.fltjo has given :; jg|per' drives dur- aeveral years. The Grange has discontinued its pa­ per driyes.„ ! I4JM9A!. {tQTICE ^NOT«€C TO-B*OD«RS 'yM. T<>ya.pwr%.f>t the Town Jrof G reenw ich, Washington Coanty, Estate ol New York,, hereby invites sealed bids qn a ttjsefl tractor-sftdvel. Bids will be received , in the office of the Town ;«Oerk, 136 Main Street, Greenwi**, tfew York unttl 4:00 P^l. .Wednesday, the 12th day Of Jidy, 1967. ilxese bids will be publicly opeiied and read at 8:00 P.M. Wednesday, July 12, 1967. Specifications may be ob­ tained at’ the Town Clerk’s of­ fice. The Board may reject any or all bids for the‘best interest of the Town. Dated: June ,.27, i967 ; ■ , Helen M.. Ruddock Town Clerk 6 -29 - Coss^Junq Volunteer Fi re Dept. ANNUAL CARNIVAL ■ * 1 ■ < * “ - • . ■ Thursday, Friday, Saturday J U L Y 6 , 7 , 8 A t I * u t ’s r— .Cossayuna Lake C M ^ S P E IZ C S — R E F R E S H M E N T S Make Us Headquarters for Your Supplies - Weddings — Parties -- Gala Occasions We Gater to Your Taste fhe \Be*t in ' Domestic and Imported 5:30 (M ff - 9:30 W Moti ffirougli Sat Free Delivery — Phone 692*2294 mi 4th of ln ly 'a t 9:30 A .M . * •>; ’ S .v 129-Main. S treet ‘Greenwich 124 Main . G^anwkh /v ■ Credit on NaiW Srti \ PENDER- The Tow-ly$hop Hudson Fatb „ « - . ■ t * Hun-wridcrfui1 Yo^r Summer faalions are here! - li- £ . . 4 gjiy g m y for yonr ©^Bry 4 me«d and occaadenl | ■» ' A U .A T L b DDCMSI PRIOBS! O - open evening F o r Four tli of July F u n at The Beach A ir Mattress Beach Balls Sw im Rings Masks - Goggles Sand Pails — *i Swim Pools 'r'-y 'y ! J 5 fita o 0 r ' Ja r t s — Sorsesshoes — Croquet Sets . Badniihtdlcf^ets >— S o ft B£^l & Baseball Equip- \ ment, E ic k ’B a il^ ' Tether BiaJlS and Volley Balls. FOSTER CHAMPOUX ^ Ife in Street Greenwich 692-2300 )P\Mf SUNNY DOLLARS m iso Ju s t drive in and get a SU N N Y D O L L A R S envelope. You -will find ihalf of a S U N N Y DOL­ LAR. printed on the inside with a dollar, de­ nomination — $1, $2, $5, $10, $100, $1000, *hown .o iiit. Jln d the O T H E R h a lf of a S U N N Y D O L L A R with the SAM E, d o llar denomination and you win that mftny dollars! SUNOCO 50 Main St. Graenwich, N. V. Cor. E. Main A |»i;rk SH. Cambridffe, N, Y,

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