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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, February 09, 1967, Image 9

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v w m m M a, w & l Will Be Observed Tomorrow When millions pf persons in 1 countries, including those il| this area, unite in prayer on tliip same day, it is a remark­ able fvent. This occasion, World .$*}?' of Prayer, will take place on SViday, February lOr spon­ sored by ITnited Church Women. ' in Greenwich there will be two services Friday, both at the Centenary Methodist church. At i p.m. there will be a serv­ ice for children under the direc­ tion of Mrs, Robert Morehouse. At p.m. there will be a serv­ ice for adults. /The Cambridge service will bis heldat 8 p.m. at the Coify United Presbyterian church, aiiuL the, speaker will be Mrs. Ilonald Hanks of Salem. ' , In the Salem area there will be_ two services. One will be atf‘2 p.m. at the East Green­ wich U n ite d Presbyterian church; the second will be at 8 p.m. at the Shushan United Presbyterian church. ‘Written iby a South Sea island queen, a Christian woman- who kn'eyv she had only a few months to live, the prayer serv­ ice is abound to fill a need for e^eiy Christian woman, for it epatbraces praise and thanks- jiving, supplication for forgive­ ness, aiid entreaty for God’s help for all ‘who suffer and for all ,who are working toward making a ‘better world. • •iNo'ijarpiers of race, denomi­ nation, or culture are recog­ nized\ when women come to­ gether fc>r this prayer day,^ which has a \history of nearly 8 jJ‘ years. ~|Nor do the women stop at supplication. They p re s e n t rjipnetary gifts to help sup­ port Christian interdenomina­ tional colleges and literature and literacy programs iannafiy countries abroad and to support national projects such as educa­ tional, recreational, and child­ care help for migrant workers and services to Indian youth. More than a program, World Day of Prayer is planned pri­ marily for the piirpose of lead­ ing the participants into an active experience of prayer. It is . always observed on the first Friday of Lent and each year extends beyond still more na­ tional and religious lines in concern for the needs of all people for the message of the Christian gospel. 100 Methodist Meet Together The winter rally of the Dow- bury Sub-district MYF was held recently at Valley Falls Meth­ odist church with about 100 members present. Miss Eileen McGowan Of Easton was chair­ man of the meeting with Rev. David Hubbard as counselor for the youth. Other area pastors present were: Rev„ John Colum­ bus, Greenwich; Rev. Joseph Rickert, Cambridge; Rev. Oscar Muller, -North Hoosick;” Rev, Gordon M. Clark, Johnsonville; and Rev. Percy J. Lambert, Val­ ley Falls. The pi'ogram included recrea­ tion led by the &roup from Greenwich, a religious tape.re­ cording. by Don Lonei given by Mr, Hubbard and worship led by youth from South Cambridge. Hiss JMcGowan, reported that the Sub-district would be en­ larged and would include groups from Berlin and Grafton, Peters­ burg and North-Petersburg at ►the -next—rally which will be held in Greenwich in March. Crusade Is ■>‘&U, . • AAetlodlsts The ’ iTroy\ conference of the Methodist e3rarch has begdn a three-yea* Jcrusgfle, - This Hour, the purpose of which , israjii. to‘solicit fu»ds for carrying out a threep«!nt prograin: The hitjldftag of a senior citi­ zens’ retLreoient center. The extension, improvement and -buildltag of youth^'and family KteMps. Suburban and inner city churcli extension.: S I C . B —P A & E 1 8 *. Rev. P. A. Morning Evening d ay, Tuesd . Station *-.1 CatM&c . . OSA,I?astor Schedule 7:j)0 a.m daily. 7 p_m., Mon- , Sitiday. t^Mss.Wednes- Chriitian Science Chiarch . i, j; •• i , Sunday m m ® .at=i:l ;a.p. Subject ^of It , Last TPMih 8 -. pTeistirA^^n^e^Ngr r Radio programgJPrqtyer arid. OfficersPiclced ©fel'f n^rly organoid 'Wask in^ton County Pony elite met Saturday. evening at th» Jfctid-dle ‘MTMrffee house,- iand~pfeaneect «ctivoitde(&-. for the:' e-oraijng 5 Youngsters Will Bowl in State tourney • | Arthur. Dawes, chairman, of 'youth activities ccwnrnitt^ of Greenwich Elks lodge. 2223. has t'Thei'e ‘.i^iU ' 'i 'be' -twor special . meetings an»i;the y. wexfc -*wo announced thact the ledge w ill in£.tlb« (flub be represented Iby a team in, the Elks’ nortlieast -district junior bov/iiijg -touawnent to ibe held-, on the Heftdriek ICudson ihowi- iitg panes' -Saturday ‘afternoon,; piddle-; February 11 ; Jittdsm F E B . X I O W G N S-C Q R N l_N C F i b e r g l a s PANELS ........... 15c Sq. Ft. 10 x 12 Room Less than $30 Bring Vs Your Room Size CURTIS CASH & CARRY Saratoga Street. - ScEuylerville Phone 695-3242 composed. oii the following: Mr. and Mrs. John Gillis, general ehalrnian and co-chajr- man; Sirs:. George Kelly, solicU tation cteairman; 'Mrs. Robloe Miller, tr-aiiting chairman; Mrs. Kenneth F«pod, clerical chair­ man; Misy Evelyn Barbur, pro­ motional dairxnan. Coirunifctce members: M rs. William Tl Wilson, Miss Char­ lotte . WSlcwc, Philip Barber, Stanley.MSeelc, Stanley Brownell, Donald ^VIEbur, Richard Wil­ liams . Jr. A conamittee meeting was held \Wednesday evening, Feb- Tuaxy 1, at,'the home of Mr. and Mrs. frallis; Nine naeiQhexs, including the pastor, IUev. John JB, Columbus, attended sub-district crusade rally Frldo evening, Febru­ ary 3, at the E3mbury Methodist church .iin... Canabridge. Dx» Lawrence Larrowe, Troy confer­ ence dislrtdfc superintendent, presided at the meeting, which was folloiwtd 'by training ses­ sions, The crmisfcde pulpit exchange took plated Sunday. Rev. Percy stations W Bm , -1370, cat -9 p,m.^ WPTR, 1540, . at 8rl5 a,m.; .WBZA, Glens FMis,.14aiO at 9:L5 Th* u|)itM Chuarehi Rev. Walter Sgholtev Minister Sunday sfervi^e’s^:- 9:3Q a.m. ^nday sehoiol, 10:30 -aiaifl. ; MwninE worship. Sermon: Abi^ham Iinco=ln. t - ’ * FriandsMeetinp Routh 40, .jfeath EasEon Sunday serviie— 11 a.m. Worship. St. Paulas Episcopal Cburch Rev. Janies Xdwe^ fe/ Thursday, 10 ia.m. Hol^ Com­ munion. > Friday, S p.m. WorSd Day of iPrayer.’ Methodist charcli. Sunday serviies— • \8 'a;ffl. Ho^'Eacharist- 9:l&<a.m. Choir. 10:3(F' a.m. MornitLg Prayer and sermon. . Tuesday: 5:15 p.m. Holy Com- munion-. ■Halls'fine house iand April 15» at: :-fiher^’#«sMn 0 on' -couiitr fair, grouwds; vboth at S' p.ms. .elul) w1!!! award a- yesarldng ShetlJut# stalliott from -h.« t Claf*. ford ^h^ldiOB pony Sarat, on June 24. J - T . J. Alexis, Nadeau of Fort 303d-! ward is president of the- clni-o; Kenneth' Wilbur, EasfcoiL, pice. presiden?t; Joanne Forbes^ Hlud- son Falls, secretary; aad Cath­ erine Herrington, Greemwid* is treasurer. - The county has heera tivided into six districts wiitha^ direetor from ea-ch district, ffae direc­ tors, ani the sections toy repre­ sent are: Georg© Fleming, Sra»vt31e: Putnam, Dx\esden Whitehall and Fort'Ann. ' 'r - Kennefth • Wihitney, GraawQIe: Hamptoa, EOaiitford, .G-aromville. WdlHaln •“ -\G^fjie , Ilufcon Falls: Kiaigsburyi. i- Ausftiite. Clark, Fort Edward: Argyle and Fort Edward- : Bert-. Morois, jSalem: iKebron', Salem and Greenwich. T MartitFtribbonsrWli'ifoCrfeeTcr Easton, (MmMdge, F'h lte . Creek. The direotors have aipp^>iiKte4 the -following committee chair­ men!: Racing, Neal Rea,' Jack- Bejresenting Greenwich Elks’ loidge aiid'' their, averages are: Dafia -.•Clark: Ig3,. William Bariggs, i55,* David t^oe 123, Ed- \vard Lamb 159, Guy IVIoy 149. This junior 'bowlitejg. tourna:- msent .will Ibe <cqp4ucted under time auspices <of; Hudison Eik$ lo^dge 787. All competitors must be under 13 years of age and Hfcust have 'bowled at .least nine games in regutar league play to qualify for averages. All junior bowling league’jiiles-and regu­ lations will ibe followed. . Trophies -will be awarded for single and high triple as wsell as for winning team. ' Memhecs of the local lodge ace invited to attend the tourna- mt-ent as spectators. a ROOMS BRA N D m W riX R U IT T JE E • 8 Pc. LIVING ROOM GROUP Sofabttd ~ <h«ir. , . Rocker 3 Walnut Tables 2 Table Lamps • 7 Pc. KEDHOOM GROUP Full Sice Bed Chest Dreiser & Mirror Inticrspring NUH pms Box Spring 2 Bw doir Lamps • 5 Pc. DIMETTE SET FREE D lllVERY Open Daily 9- f# 9 iW P E E IA L . JU O f lT U iR E Lower Warren St. Glens Fslis, N. Y, , . .preaching-service, at tee Sap J, Lanmtejrt, -pastor of the Valley' tist church ‘ s Falls ‘iletlwdist church, was Thursday, 10 «.m. HoijCom- Wednesday, 8 p.m_ Lenten son; racing, Jeanne Sweet, Sa- ^uest preatrlher at the Centen­ ary thuwch here, and -Mr. Co- lum'bos p»icached at the Easton church. March IS is designated as crusade Suibday, and will begin the week of solicitation .1 St. Paul's Plans House M e e tings As -a result of training in the Apostolafefl of the Lai$ for area jparish.es,s_a--i(art <>f the Second vi. ^ ^ • mon*’ The. Message of .<Ccntt|Ery of ,|he OBpis- copal dtocose^f Albany, a series of house -meetings will begin in St. Paiul's- pacisli during .the sea­ son of Leait 'Tiiese meetings are under M b general chairmanship church, of Eric Scolt. Their purpose is . to' focus- osn i:he renewal of ; Chmrch parish HEo such that the Chris- ®ev- N. Powell, IPastor tian commuKilty may draw more Sunday services—■ persons tao ffliyist in small group ‘ 10 aan. Sunday sclieol. _«neou-nteE\ | 11 a.nt. Morning worshnp t services and sermon: Measuring PLAM COOPERATE PROGRAM Up. Union co-llege and General I 6:30 p.m. .Youth fellowship. Electric •coiapany have agreed = Wednesday, 8 p.an, Unio-n that GE ivlU-teach nearly half. Lenten service. Rev_ Elichard the coxlrsges for a Union degree Patterson, guest minister. ■of mastor (»f science in indus-j Jrial adi»l|pstration. The ar- ■ - xangexnenttwill extend through-' IH T © r “, l C II T f l out thte. eowapany’s plants. The i a program -would place an e m - ; I A K l j l l l T I O ploye-stuc3cM in. a series of lec-j * * V J I i l C ll I l ’U ill 1 6 ■tures for 0*6 year and then in a manufeotairing project the next,-- -c len»; pulling, George Amderson, food boo>th, Muriel Nad«aa, Font Edward. 4-H Activi tfes W O R SEM ASTEKS The Horsemasiters ^-HI (dub started itihe year in Octobesr rath 13 members. They held tfhe an­ nual parents night at the h»me ■o^ their leader, Mrs. CymiL Saiun- ders. Tana Wiheeldon gave a Saturday, i p.m. A(Eult= choir .1 report on the 1965-66 year. G*ary Sunday seTvices— 9:45 a.JQi ChUrch sc3iool. 11 ajn. \Worship sorvl«e. mumoiL » Church of. th* Open Bible Rev^Rog^ V, Seacoi’d, Fastor ; Sunday services— 11 a.m. Morning worsihip. 12 Jtt. Bible school, Centenary AAtfhodist Church Rev. JoBn ‘Coluir\biJs, P\astor Brand i Office of NCVILLE OPTICIANS OPEN:- TUESDAYS front 12 3\oon to 7 PM WHITE SWAN HOTEL Washinstom Squir* Greenwich Dial 492-2861 (Henvill* Phone EXpress 9-450 SeT- Saunders; received tiie (dub challenge trophy f-or ) ids ■work in the club, tho o>reseiata- IlKConcLl- tion being made by 'Comnte Wjl- ■ _ ____ ijur, last year's winnop_ J 7 p.m. .TVTVT'-'TVP j In ■NoV'eoniber the clufa decided” Tuesday, 8 jp.m. \WSCS siudy 'to make uniforms; Oatlty ’Me-] group. Vicker became a club iii«em3)er Wednesday, 8 p.na, Fnio-n and maaiy members re»ceiwed Lenten service, Bottskill Baptist awards amd* pins at aohJoremtent New Visitors night at Hudson Falls. Tli±e dub held a Christmas party in De­ cember at the home .of Seott •and Tinia’ Wheeldon. H«ml»ers received -arm patches to* foe w«rn •with tiheir club uniforrms, and identification cards f*or tiaeir horses and themselves. Lyndon Hewlett, coumty agent, attended, the February lieeetdng to judge the business pjroeedare, and he showed slides -on h»rse judging, After the me*etl*ig -tlia clUib held a surprise fathdiay | party for Mike Galvin nvlao was 10 years: old. The next meeting -wiLl 'b»e Iteld Saturday. March 4, at the hornie of Susan Barber with S^usan and Gerry Bainr serving om tUhe re­ freshment committee. __ —Copnic IVObitr . W e Can Help Yog! # S a v in g s P la n s L-» • S tu d e n t L o a n s • M o n e y O r d e r s • M o rtgages • R e f in a n c in g Greenwich Sw in g s &. (.Otin Assoc. T7® MAIN ST. ■ ’BailaG g ' Hoars 9 GREENWICH — 692-2233 to 5 Weekdays Closed Saturdays and excitiag: r Annual Sale WALUBS! y. ■ '—beautiful Astro-SiJniQ Ciolo.r Stereo Theatres froqn » l^ajsna- d^rt^fr/iiTi ;^3§8.50^• Xstrd-Sonic Stereo l|)gh Fidelity tei(jr $5?7®50 4 S[g-Scrisieti Wprtobhrbme TVfrom-$154.90 • Sofia^Stat^Sterieo ^orisbfes', fr% n3g.5G;*.$olid-State TV from $109,90 «;f’6i\:abf&;T'/ ftafti\ • Solid-State Stereo Portable Phonographs frdrn $64^0® • §eil)ci*$tat0 Tape Recorders from $44.90 • Solid-Stgte Radios from' $3.95 BUDGET TERMS COMPLETE SERVICE DEPARTMENT 1 4 4 G L I N S T . -:v OPEN EVERY EVENING TILL pM M & s P.M. IS, Y. , Stevie Gef High Tripl es Week Enders vwotis lost M 4=7 33 €=5^ 34% A meetdhg of ithe 3iiUer-faith Women’s group was held at the parlore of the United chuirch o-n. January 23, at 8 p.m. Mrs. Dorothy Skiff p--resided at this meeting and op*en«ed tlte meeting with a prayer, | .•< Reports from the 'visitations . ‘ w° Shows that the proje-ct was ^ '’XigJitnin^ Bugs' i — 50 complete success. i Crazy CL-am-pitts — New groups formeS to visit ....... ........ . in February, March an* April ^?Ic - ............... fjT S 'are as follows: , BlI^ s ........... - « ^ _ . ,, . . . ... _ ■enope P Tarm s --- t l 3S ■ To individuals, Ahce MagneLl, Misfits _ S7 43 chairman, Bess Lansing; Salty BD 43 Nul_ty, Martha 44 Russell, Cecile PollacL, Sally M & M ___________ 34 ; fe 45 % Yandow, Ora Waters, Nos _________4S% To Washington Couatp Home Cozy fo u r ________ 3*0 5© for-Women; 'Ajla Tefft, chair­ man, M ia McMillan., Sffildred Wood, Alice Owens. To Salem and Sdnuylerville, nursing homes: Ethel P«emaiclc, chairman, G lad y„s IVhiiteside, Gladfe’s.Reid, Eletodr ElObertson, .Rena Fitzpatrick.'' ' ' ' i f Plans-for a sunrise -s 1 1 1 1 TRACTORS 2 TO 5 PLO W PO W E R SEVERAL USED TRACTORS • V .• T 640, 1957 lo r d Tractor 196B Fo r d 4000 In d u s trial T racto r w ith Backko^and Loader Massey-Ferg^isoa Model 65 Dies«l 402 Kfasaey-l'eTgTisott w ith. Backlaoe and L tftd & r” ----- Us Now For Your Needs BROWN'S GARAGE C ropseyvitle. N . ford Parts and Service 279-3477 or 279-9967 20a 242 226 m ids 183 109 192 18^ 18H 575 S60 552- 541 S25 525 S08 -17© m . 182 160 160 153 456 156 477 461 Singles-T riples— Walt Roberson --- Jim Bro*ckway --- Dick iMcC-uire — Bruce Belair --- - B ill Falte________i. Hoger* IFoyle ----- m m . IVTethodist - church; wes^-: made .Dennis--Wo'odard ' ^rangingtheser^cearlh'Ed^he g e £ S — I \ Humplwey, chairman^; assisted o ^ i\^ T mQ7VA b y M m Hungerfowi; fiiiees f S ^ S S n ? Kuzmich; \Millie Sha% 'Sally ^hMpv-Bmc^av •' han Gilhs., ' - = ' ^ (polly McGuire ____ , In April, Bert Zwarfc, tiie AFS Kay Linendoll ___ _ student from jaollana, -whip is Janice Bsrockway' making hts home with -jfes. \Vera Irene Palm er _____ Beckefj is fo be Sp»ak*er, tiie Betsy Doyle - _____ diate and place will be- anrarlged: ' to suit his schedule, this is for MONIES DISTRIBUTED all women of the comnnumity. |- The distribution' of SK3.831,- A homimating comiaittee was 050 for the month of February appointed .with the achairrriiaii, to the: 64 public'welfare- districts iUice Owens, her Kelpe-rs • are,' in the state has been anoiomced, CeCfte PoUoek, Ora Waters, Zil- These monies represent ap»proxi- pha Thomas, Barbara ZRympli mately SO per cent of ,th«»£ed:^ and Mary Marchalanfc aew of- eral and state share ~x>f ilie anti-| ficers to bake over at fne'Alpril cipated welfare expendituE'os by meeting, hits. Skiff suggested the localities. Washington coim- that a -Ti&e-chairffian benchosen ty >recei\?ed $77,28S; Saratoga, as well as chairman aswi-- seci’e- $83^920; Rensselaer, ^372,530; iary. Refteshmefiff^^weee m , BUT We Are Now Delivering WINTER ‘CONCRETE •> and Additives Setting N d u0pd to interrupt or delay your building prograxn. We'll get the Concrete to you .when m d where you need it9 — ik spite of winter coffl — i r DOES NEED PROPER CAHE IN SE¥EBE 'WEATHER. Owr Trucks Radio Dispatched GreeriWich Ready-Mixr Inc. R. TRACY, Pres. &te..2d, Beiiweeii E a s t Greenwich. & B&tteaviUe Phone 69*2-7200

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