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/ )? solved 5 aside earn- ith be- me for s. ace to .oan j E RS the Bank s. They a “night ' s a day Dollars ia >u? don’t ar­ ts Bank dent er LE >U S E 7 ;■ List of Enactments Tliat Be­ came Operative July 1. AFFECT HV LINES Of ACTIVITY Motor Vehicles and Bus Line Legis­ lation—New Statutes, Dealing With Agriculture — Hurrying Distribu­ tion of. Bonus. •J V> I { i\- ice s Y. V, ’ & - i Agt, i Sf.r*» ’ ' i r Albany. — Thirty-three new laws^ went into effect July 1 as the result ol 1924 legislation. They cover a wide- group of subjects, ranging from ap­ propriations to amendments1 of exist­ ing statutes, important amendments change! the farms and markets law. motor Vehicle law, Ne\v .York city transit law-, prison law, workmen’s compensation law and tax law. New laws are: Chapter 77. Amending section 60 of the farms and markets law by provid­ ing that all ice cream sold stall con­ tain 8 per cent qillk fats and striking out provisions that ingredients of egg, fruits aird fruit juices may reduce the milk fat Contents to 6 per cent. Chapter 95. Amending the farms and markets fc® to prcliiDIt the use of the words ''butter,1' “creamery1’ or dfiiry or the nanie or representation of any breed of dairy cattle or any combination of such words or symbols commonly useiKln the -sale of butter in connection with the sale of substi­ tutes.' Chapter 140. The annual appropria­ tion bill. Chapter 154. Appropriating $25,000, for the Interstate Commerce Commis-' sion to plan development water source^'of the Delaware ri\ver. Chapter 185. Appropriating $2,500,- 000 for payment- of cattle which died of tuberculosis. Chapter 188. Amending the educa­ tion law by authorizing tho appoint- - ment of a specialist to inspect eyes ancUears. at a salary of $4.000 a year. - - Chapter 220. Empowering t lie court of special sessions in New Vork city to grant new trials on nowly discover­ ed evidence. * . Chapter 226. Establishing a bureau of appraisal and Claims In the depart­ ment of the attorney general to super­ cede a similar bureau maintained la the ofHce of the department of public- works. *“ Chapter 229. Increases tho salawes of members of the state police, appro­ priating $51,000 for that purpose Chapter 219. Amending the county law by authorizing supervisors to ap­ propriate money for the aujpport of junior oxtension work, for conducting: demonstration work in agriculture and home ee(ibo:i»us and for employing county club agents Chapter 206. Amending the wluca- tion law by granting cortaln > powers upon the state commissioner of educa­ tion in relation to Indian affairs Chapter 268. Authorizing tie state superintendent of purchases to desig­ nate a deputy j Increase the sale of prison made goods Chapter 317. Amending tho work­ men’s compensation law by Increasing the benefits for the loss- of an eye. Chapter 319. Amending the law by Increasing the basis of allowance from $125 to $150 a month. Chapter 320. Amending the law by increasing tlie compensation for the --loss, of a thumb. / Chapter 323. Amending the domes­ tic relations law in relation to adop­ tion. Chapter 332. Amending the tax law relating to payment of distribution of corporate franchise taxes and provid­ ing for the deposit of such taxes in the bank paying the highest rate of interest. ChapteT 357. Amending the law in relation to receipts for the payment of the transfer tax. phapter, 36ft. Amending the motor vehicle law. One of the most impor­ tant changes is that which provides for'Jail sentences and fines for oper­ ators of motor vehicles convicted for the second time for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. ChapteT 38* Amending the educa­ tion law In relation to the library of -the appellate division, fourth depart­ ment. Chapter 410. Amending the farms and markets law relative to t ie grad­ ing and pldking of apples. ChapteT 413. Constituting tlae state­ wide taxicab bonding law. Chapter 455.. Providing for a census of the .dogs and relative to the fee to he charged for each dog. Chapter 534. Amending tlae high- : way law relative to liability of owners r?ior negligent operatioi of motor ve- fefhicles In business. Chafctei 542. Amending the insur­ ance law in relation to mntttal auto­ mobile insurance companies. • ' Chapter §73. Amending tile Public • Service Commission law by establish­ ing a board of transportation for New Yorkcity to consist tft three members to be appointed by the mityor and- with . six yeaT terms of office*; . ChapteT 601. Amending th4 prison law by creating 'the office ot superin­ tendent of n'ison industries' and. In­ creasing upon the co-operative scale- of the rate of wages paid prisoners from the-profits of prison industries. - ChapteT 615. Appropriates 4250,000 tor the expenses of the Eooeevelt me­ morial. ■ ■' ChapteT 639. Establishing standard provisions for liability pol'lcles under i tlie‘'lrisnr<mce law. » ‘.v.Chaptai 644. - Amending tlie ofvil 0 exempting''clerks' of’ •.fdstlces «ffehe''Biijtfriw’'e:' ^ i ' ^ / ‘ Chapter 652: Amending the judiciary law etjy permitting appointment o| a confidential clerk or a confidential cleric an«3 deputy at a combined salary of o&e to the justice .of the supreme court, Fifth judicial district. New Taxi Law The a«w licensing find bonding law for automobiles and taxicabs used for hire is raow in effect. An explanation of thea.ct has beep prepareti tor the motor vehicle bonding companies and was. matSe pubiic by Ei. A.. Rollins, su­ perintendent of agencies The law extends'to every communi­ ty* in the state the provisions’ of the present Jaw, 'vhichjirslces compulsory the indemnifying of the .public against injury t»y taxis and other tired ve­ hicles. During the next Hscal year §60,0€0,000 in surety bonds and in­ surance policies will be written for public protection. Under the act any person injured in an a.ccident with a hired vehicle may recover a sum rp to $2,500 and up to 55-00 for property loss. If more than one person is injured the,per­ sonal Indemnity may be as high as $5,000 fund the property damages up to $1,000. } In $clt 268 of the first class taxicab operators must pay a premium of §20 a month or $2-j0 ..or a full year; pri­ vate livery operators pay $12 a month or JI20 lor a full year. In other sec­ tions the rate for both classes of ve­ hicles Is the same, §9 a month or 590 a year, in view of this extra^ cost of operation it is believed taxi EaVes will be raJflnd in many places. . Speed Jonus Blanks With employees in the sta.te bonus bureau <laily being urged to greater Bpeecl la handling applications for the state bonus, blanks for the federal bonus Insurance project are being is­ sued a« rapidly as possible in Albany.' The federal blanks are being issued at the American Red Cn ss headquarters in the county building and at the head­ quarters of the American Veterans of Foreign Wars in Columbia street. OflaclulB ot the state veterans' bu­ reau announced examination and ap­ proval oi the applications for the state bonus are being speeded One measure Ib a threat of dismissal for employees late for work Two “ “t i l l i m ' THREE ANDTHE WESTWAFDRQAD Miss Alexander’s Impressions rof Western Metropolis and • Incidents of Drive Through Wisconsin. ' 1 fioes on ''LaSalle streets, t&e ' Wall street of Chicago. And these? in turn, powerful as they may be, a*e afl in subjection to supply and demand. The cash buyers went^ abotnt among the sansple tables at\ the sid e of the room with a calm, methodical air, and consequently they seemed niuCh less important, though they are laying the foundation for the whole process. I ’d like to talk two columns about this market place but we’re headed for California. The ’93 World’s Pair grounds are now Jackson park, where a tew relics 7 at! ■' \ \ ....... ^ - r-T—-: ---- - -- - -- We^ dropped. Sack from Wisconsin at Lake Geneva to the Lincoln high­ way at Rochelle which is due west of Chicago to start on the long puK for Denver, Many people say Iowa Chicago, May 16.—Ten months to­ day the calendar *says since we took to the open road. It may be true. At any rate we said howdy to CHicago early in the morning, found a fair parking place at a forest preserve and started out to do the big town, I like the fine arts building are still or be done. It has come tfo^Ee the landing, though in rather a sorry most exhilarating sport to drop your- ptate. It was mighty comforting to self in the heart of a big city, get a f’nd that this spot didn’t Hook the few landmarks to start from and then least bit familiar. None of the other figure out what and where and how. passengers in the sight-seeing car at- The Marshal Field store happened to tended the fair—not old enough, be tlie first thing that had a familiar! The botanical garden has a collec- sound and it proved to be a good starting point.- Rather a big point too, but it seemed smaller than Wan- amaker’s in New York. It furnishes the public with anything from white rats to platinum jewelry. . If we had only known the names of the presidents and the books of the Bible instead of Argyle, Cambridge, Dresden, it would have been a great help. That is the presidents would for the “Loop” or downtown streets a r e named Washington, Madison, Monroe, etc. / Chicago is unique in that it is really four cities with one name, a financial center with the greatest grain market in the world, a manu­ facturing town with any number of great plants like the International Harvester, an educational center with two universities, art gallaries and mu- t inn of southern plants, especially palms and ferns, a few of them thriv­ ing in captivity since ’93. I managed tu conceal any undue exhibition of my winters acquaintance with them palm was the plant that produced sage f\r turkey dressing. That was too much, but when I inquired about his grandmother’s herb garden \the poor man didn’t know his grandmotheri Two women in the party, one from Xi'w Zealand and one from California, -it-med to thing grandmothers were another sort of plant. I didn’t dare {■•rp again, p sure enough trial. With decent weather one nnight see '■•■st 1 nf Chicago in a year-, but it ” '.ild take another year to t-ell about 'O this is as good a time as any '■■ >top. It is one more plaice, how- • • u t , that I shall see again. Wisconsin, May 26.—P u lM out of and Nebraska .are stjupid. drivings nothing to see, but it’s not true,, There \werti a lot of things to tatfe about the first chance there is to fec­ it. > ful, takes yoijij breath away, but in girls already have I sen dismissed, but j 8, ^ew *lours y°u begin to feel the one was reinstated Anothk’ measure touch of that wind from the lake that blows hustle and enthusiasm into every ChicAgian. Even the Negroes, thousands and thousands of them, have caught considerable hurry and seums, a summer resort with the lake 1 1 \htcago exactly four wee\k from shoce, countless parks and the forest Washington, but it took ferty-nine preserves, all held together by a l- iles of pulling to get thirty miles throbbing mass of just plain city. | - >irth, dodging heavy traffic. Chicago Everything movable is njoving on a i - ureiy has generous proportions, mad run, worse than New York, and ' The glimpses of Lake ^Michigan j Boston is a quiet couhtry town b y , f ..m the lake drive north toward, comparison. At first it’s a bit fright-t \l Iwaukee were enticing but the I • 1 was not. At Kenosha we de- ' Is surveillance of workers to-be sure that non e dawdles During the last month the veterans’ bureau las approved 20.514 appllca- tiong (oir the bonus It is expected . ... , , that double that many wUl bp approv- lost n\ the servility they brought up ed ln the present month and perhaps j from the south. even n greater number in each sue- | A fat darky woman occupied the ceeding month. center of a street car seat that had A rtisfci foi applications for the fed- j ample room for three. When T court- eral bon3is Insurance is BXpecled Tho „ . . _ . ,,, . . . ,. eously asKeu tier to move over she nlachinea-y for handling the federal bo- i .. . ,ir, . nus applications already has been set j repin'd. Deed, missus. I se feelin sick up la Washington by the waT depart- .today. I couldn t move nohow.'*' In ment. I Georgia she would have found herself Profiting by the experience of the I in the gutter in about a minute, but. state veterans’ bureau which was i*m told that a protest here w< uld th swampoed at the time of Us orpanlza- have started a small.race riot a* the l^rerroukir^irc'onsequ^m^r'inQnT 'cnloml P»Pu!ation has come to b,- a rles concerning the bonus applications, serious and powerful proposition, federal authorities have Issued a spe- The weather was so vile, cold , loit c--liege was gi ttmi; out t he week cial plea to veterans not to write to , abomnable rain every day but two ly newspaper in I-ake (ienev a villace the federal bonus commission for in- jn Chicago, that it prevented us from1 that week as part nf thiiir course. seeing a lot of things and visiting I They climbed all ■■vt-r our outfit and1 a number of friends. considered us freaks fromi heaven 1 The parks in Chicago are not simp-1to £>vc them a “human interest\ j ly beauty spots as in most places but 'story for their front pa ire Thf edi- ; actual playgrounds, scattered i n tor-owner appeared to hi enjoying every corner of the city, and all made ! the show and claimed t\ bi* making for use with spaces for all sorts of a good living? when »<■ n—ked our representatives of the Capitol distrlc* pames and gymnasium equipment. | usual round of quest;on«. Sn a llcity on the commission, returned to Alba- j not Q « jjeep 0f the Krass” sicn any- ! dailies may be gninir th. muntry ' where. Encircling the city a few weeklies a rup but in tw-ry state Mr. w inchester announced a sched- : „ , „ * __ __ .. ..lu- ule of aioetings had been arranged, ! mlles out are th« forest presen.es. so far we hnd that tht *U> the first three to.bi In New York city j hundreds of acres of woodland, bought a sphere of it this yoaa1, and the others at Buffalo, to furnish land for anbther chain of it® J°b well. Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Bing, hamtcn. The commission will mf'et monthly to advise with the state labor conunlis ioner A sub-committee was appointed to device a method of proeodurs_ and an­ other sit ib-committee was appointed to formation State Industrial Council Launched The aewly appointed stato indus­ trial conncil was organized In New York city, with Bernard L. Shlentag, stato cocnmissionet of labor, aB chair­ man. Cilarles M. Winchester of Alba­ ny and James M. O'Hanlon of Troy we advise with tbe commissioner of labor j act]v alike Hope on btadget expend Hums. Mr. ’Winches- , satjatpd with mountains. ter said. Architect Sussdorff Retires own and is doing Only two I'llntors out parks as the city grows to them °f the hundred or morr vtc have which apparently will not take lonj ^Iked with have been di- uruntled. Art gallaries and museums vary ir ant^ ^ey would have been punk anj- specia} interest of course in earh where. The file of all thc«i papers city, vet after a certain number r f , was w°rth keeping but it mnv so miles of walking they all look e\ cumbersome that it had tn go into don’t g.-t the discard. The out ■ The city engineer, a Mr. Skeel, 1 standing feature of the Art Instituf. shopped to talk when he saw our home and the Field museum was the num- towfi plates. His father w,as b>>rn Charles A. Sussdorff of Albany, for ■er b of studentPi o3d an{J yoanfri usjn_. at Whitehall and his wife’s name was Alexander. We liked him, and later 29 years connected with ttte depart- . , , ment ot the state architect, severed , them in their work, still I couldn his connection with the department on ) see why an artist should study n July 1 a_nd will open an office fn Al- [dead woodpecker instead of a li'' bany. Hi. Sussdorff is known through- : one. Chicago university confirmed ouUtaesi^ate. For many years he was ; the theories we began to formulate assistant, and fcxec'itlYe demts state - • architect. He entered the state serv- ' abont «ta«tton in the west at Colum- when he came back with so ft naple sugar straight from Venuemt, we 1 ice as an inspector of construction. Many- state buildings built in the past 15 yedrs were constructed .undeT his supervision. These structures Includ­ ed armories, agricultural jind normal schools, state fair buildings, the state education building aud smaller con­ tract*. Mr. Snssdorff served under State Architects Perry, Hines, Ware, Pil­ cher an® the present head of the de­ partment: of architects, Sullivan Jones. The position which Mr, Sussdorff has vacated 3ias not bten.ailed. Fire Island f'ark Leads Flre Island State Park has been inereasocl to 800 acres by transfer troiii tlie United'States lighthouse de­ partment: to New York state of GOO acres on the western end of the beach, State coancil of parks. The transfer was tinder authority of bills Introduced tli the last Congress by Senator James W. Wadsworth and Representative tvobert L. Bacon and passed in the sloslng hours. The addition makes Fife Island Park tlie largest beach tract on the Atlantic coast in public ownership, wifb elgJht mlleS of shore front, and will provide, under plans of tie coun tsil, an ottean resdrt with immense pos­ sibilities for recreation; ’ * •* • bus. It is a tremendous institutio: The Board of TYatie is the bigces- free show on earth next to the United States Senate, and it is not run almi-' ladies' missionary society lines 1 ik■ the -Senate. The madhouse at Panni mora was peaceful alonside of the pandemonium of shrieks, howl-, whistles, f^hat filled the halls and gallery- * | The “ Pits,” tiny stadiums, particu­ larly the wheat pit, were filled with men yelling madly and at the t-ame j (ime signaling with their hands as - if deaf and dumb. All absolutely I ridiculous till one gets a line-up on their technique, then a marvelously accurate -and systematic process. The LT f® fBroker indicates with the palm and back of the hand whether he wishc- to buy or sell and the position of each finger shows a change of one-eighth of a cent iii price> These broker* Who are only the small exposed whee)s of the great machine, fight bitterly over each fraction of a cent change in price, but they are only filling orders that come'in over the wjres,-frqrn the .controlling 1 wheels that • arp^moving leisurely in the of- Now That Exa ms Are Over T HIS is a good time to send your boy or girl in for an eyesight test. Know whether their rasion is all tliat it should bo. Between B’way and Stato “Service Station for Better Eyesight” T inley W ellington C o . ¥NC. O pt o m e t r ist s -O pticlans 4 5 3 r d STREET T R O Y N V ^ A , -•c ' * • ■ 0 :ed it was too cold to bo any fun 1 ■ I turned west for Lake Geneva, fv ':..>iha has always been a familiar ■.-ne i to me for several famiDies from l • •- town of Greenwich settLed there, a ireneration or two ago. IRobinson j vis the only one I could r«ememberj -\ looked them up in the telephone | 1 ■Vctory. There were abo ut fifty : P. .Kinsons lifted so I was no farther . -rig. | If Lake Geneva is a fair- sample •' the thousand and one lakes in \ Visconsin.it was a crime to miss1 ■em. . It is only nine nnles long, i out the color of the water, curves of ’ shore lie, and the woo-ded hills sun lunding make it as love3y as the Adir- ndack lakes. Th- class in journalism from Be- - “ BETTER THAN EVER ^ That’s what they say when mother starts using C L E V E L A N D 'S ^ SUPERIOR B a k i n g P o w d e r F oi it makes foods lighter, more delicious ami more healthful, because it is made from cream of tartar derived from grapes. Convince yourself by trying this cake. . . Everybody likes it I M ARBLECAKE (These measurements are level) Vi cup butter or other V* teaspoon salt shortening ^ cup milk 1V4 cups sugar 2 squares (2 ox.) 3 eggs unsweetened chocolate '1 teaspoon vanilla or cup cocoa 2V4 cups pastry or bread flour 3 teaspoons Cleveland’s Baking Powder Cream butter until light and fluffy; add sugar a little at a time, beating well; add beaten eggs and vanilla. Sift the flour with the baking powder and salt and add a little, mixing well;' add part of the milk, then the remainder of the flour and remainder of milk, mixing between each addition. •» Take'out one-half of batter and add the chocolate which has been melted; mix well and add one table­ spoon cold water, or if cocoa is used mix with the water and add. Grease and slightly flour one large loaf pan. Put the batter into pan by spoonfuls, alternating the light and dark. If a “streaky effect” is desired, mix slightly. Bake in moderate oven (350°) for about one hour. Cover top and sides with the following icing: 1 teaspoon butter 4 tablespoons h o t m ilk 3 cups confectioner’ s sugar 1 teaspoon va n illa extract Add butter to milk; cool and add sugar slowly to make right consistency to spread; add vanilla and spread on top and sides of cake. Cleveland’s Contains No Alum — Leaves No Bitter Taste m m '3 f f l ■dm ■ i l l ••-Cl1' li , 'W t V-T, ■ yt, NELSON’S R e fresh m e n t S t a n d N ow Open for the Season SPECIALIZING Home-made Ice Cream STATE ROAD Halfway Between Salem and Granville N E L S O N ’S Ui ■j BECAUSE JULY 4th comes on Friday, our store will close Thursday, the 3rd, at 6:00 o’clock, and not reopen until Monday, July 7th; thereby giving our employees an extra Holiday. Celebrate the Glorious FOURTH by pur­ chasing a Piano, Player Piano or Phono­ graph from us. t Convenient terms for those who da not wish to pay cash. CLUETT and SONS The One Price Piano House ■ « Troy Schenectady Glens Falls Albany •'.W; ■-’Ok i . ’ ■ N p : ' M M il m ;S?‘ ^ 1 *

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