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É Â ÿ l is still án undecided artiçle; bui our new stock óf ■ JD E B Ö A E D S -Jhere-is -reason some sideboards are âïjÿïfèttèr than others: gôod ma teHilf'-oareful construction.' ^ f '^ n d 1 a knowledge of tbe .‘¿ÿïiflts . o f the ■ up to date fQom. , ' • 0 n^;géltet¿-fevv ás i i W . » a l a ? S * i e e f ateûot lare -ìower -fean iSg~ôîiï'sirîës;.; selling re- -e à f- pri- so' called- _________ MUI Closed/ shank mill was shut down last L p a t ia another boiler. -, I t is ^ r u n n in g oh fullttiKng, I“./'.' - trfâ»! rtartìW» ' . l i . F , Sba-îv^ returned to her lin N e w YorlcHaturd&y §tet*n Herbert has-returiiedfrom l i t e r ’s a t Melrose. ' aliool clos'd last' ^W-opfiQ Monday morning, Jah .4 yiittle'ones Beem to be enjoying ¿vacation. ’ - fGfeorge Austin had tho bad lack Dee one of his team horses last . iy. It was taken violently siek i colic ifed died before relief oouid. Drooared. |yred P a r k e r is spending the holi- t Iu town w ith his parents. ggie Jones of Granville is in r vigitijjgjTrtonds. JTolin Calhoun a n d wife and Chas. oon of Gopsayqna visited rela- nn town Christmas, pfranfc Simpson of S o h u jt e v ille lattlng hia grandparents in tuis I, M. MansQoldstarted for Now- is^li. Y., in the laterest o f the Oiiil located .there. . Rogers and: wife of Brooklyn ¿neats oi Mrs.-L. S. Teffit, let Christinas tree a t Mrs. Jf. L. etlnsiton’a was a pleasant affair I off «red much pleasure Ho those \i»nt ' [M. -Sydtiuy Bnnaett was of |«ylUrvHle Saturday and ‘ Sunday. NORTH CAnBRiDGf-. Tuie« Are Lower, rmefs say t.hoLr taies are a ■ this “year than last. trifle ------------ A further Setion should be made to be iu Lwith the price of farm land and OuQOtSi • >ont forget to date yonr tuanu- 1 1887; ■ hWm. | f , Kenyon visited Troy on ‘“••day, >r. Selfriflge went to Pougbkeep- t Thursday. .\ - ■ lenry Marshall of Hartford: Ct., iling his parents. ■: \ Allen Crandeiljs in Bingham p- •iting bis slater who.is very ill. m n ers and pMasnre seekers are in« for'enough o f the beautiful i to make sleighing, frank Galloway, wife and moth- BeUfc Christmas with Lp-wis Bonr- g * and wife a t their home in Viy Ira. Carrie Barnard of 01-een^ land Mrs. J . Telford and daugfi.- Gam bridge- »peat Ohrist- ®* Kenyon and wife. & 8 jt the request of tbe officers of |gbnroh Dr. Eaton will Igcture in ^u roli Tfcurriday evening of this m T?*5' dow n ed Prince'” be h is third lecture given in “fcttrob during the past y ear and ** . |uarteriy conference of M. E. ■ w as.held on S a turday at the r: Jo e o f M rs. S tew a rt, Y ly Surn- g r f W d i n g Elder D r. T. A . Grff- UTroy district was present-\and iSM fik. 2 fiaBiEa. 0 B..fiL.Bsfe. a a s secretary, len ry B. Crowell, the travel- seretary of tbe Y. M:. G. A., who fatly occupied the M. E church % w e .w isbio note, tbe Bible dis- i which he gave with spirit and Sense c a p tivated his hear-ers. He Ja raoetve a most hearty welcome [should yisit the cbarch again. ; $ * in g to the sudden. changes in ‘ aosphere quite a number of ens have heen added to the t. M rs. E lijah '-W aters is tened with pneumonia. Mrs. piV- p a ird ig-con'fitaed to the house. “ 1 G(;reen'has quinsy a n d is unaer refttinent, o f Dr. Lew is of Cani- ffce Christinas tree festivities B o y the-Mv E . church on Christ- Was asUccesS iti every - par- -Prominent among the l'ule Tidô” festivities in ohr m!dst wits the Xiuias. ' ^Kliï,V\ajr. we.re 'preiiènt, and., p jrtook of thS ¡generous hospitality of flie \host and, 'hôstWST: 2 ?The' ■large -’'and:.;ele'i>ant ls- •iufcnisfiea .patVoTg -wore- ‘ tastefullj^ decorated-with hoily and evergi-eena..’ A tree beaiitifnlly ;ar 4 '».n^ed .with oi'baine.ntB and candles, stood in tho large parlor: This was the centré of attraction for 'tlje little folks,, ana. it .was aü,attr.action in everv ^«¡nse -of- tlie *ord- Elegant and pretty gifsc .coyered the tree while uiahy xve.re arrfea^3 - -on- t4ie fl<i<a^ -_SiLvei-aI. beautifal prescrits -\were noticed, .vliich' were sent by Ralph and -Ruth Binghain, of Philadelï)hift, to thnir Easton friends. Santa Claus called iu.at-ejeven o’clock, and wade him? st'lf useful in giving out the presents, • 1 ’lie '. -ipper servL'd; ivas replete in tèiûpting ajid dainty viands, \-and sweet îueiuts.. As the slock, tolled in ■he-g-rf»»*1,\ of Otiiistmay ” was heard fronu all sides. Indeed,-it-, was am e r r jr t i i u e . E x i/ressloPB of j oyircrtrld f)e ’ heasci -frbin ■•he bps of thé giiests as they dejiar red for their homes.' ’ . ' > _Àn Old Resident Bead. . . . Fbe funeral of Patrick O’Neil oo cyrrcd â f S t . Jtrtin’.s -eliareh. Sehagb- tfoake, ' oh Moiiday. - \Tffr. ^U’iieià s de it tli occu'n-ed ver^ suddenly, • at hiS late reataeijue in this ylaoe, on Satur* d iy moi'ning oï .last week»- H e had btien in failing health for the past yuar,' but continued'’ to' keep about his fart# until heart d.%ease suddenly cut;-hiui“ do\rfi\.;;.'M ï.- O^e»!—batf reached tbe alloted peM o a^oflifg;' and was am n d u striousand respected fasîdéîüly of Easfou. Ifa-/ reargd .. a family of sj^c- children, • ' who are a cT.odit to bimself and wife.;’ Mr. O’Neil was an unusually active and“ intelligent man for one sa aged, and Tross'e^F<rTa~kiird~B;rrd\gwnte|-nutvire7 ,Pea.eased..ta_&iir_vi?ad hy-avwife, font sons, two of them, Ed ward and John, a hifET' position at Nafcley, N. J., Michael, who has charge of 'the honae farm, and two daughters, Mag­ gie and -Minnie. Newsy Notes, ~ * •Singing o!as=, Jan , Stli, a t Mar­ shall Seminary. J . - —Miss F lora Cooper of Ballston îb visïtiiiîi her friends-m-town. ■Fred Butler is able to go about the streets, after a severe illness., —The condition of Win. Murry re­ mains unchanged, axcept & gradual falling. - •' . —Miss Helen • Morgan, of Fort Ed­ ward, is visiting friends £a town this Wttelvr SeaU Y L E R -V l-LLE and GREENW ICH. ■ ■Miss Sophia Gifford i c ander the care of Dr, Mosher She ia fapidly iiuproving. ‘ -M rs. ijessie Bloottm lva? returned from Vestal, N. Y , where she has been visiting. * —William Dixon aud G e o rge .Hall weiit a-banting recently, and came home with-three rabbits, -tbree-'greys aud-aix partridges. ■ ------- —The m ercury registeied twelve' and thirteen degrees below zero at this id a a e ,jast week. • < < —IkilphJEhom p sanJs-apfyidrne. h is vacation with his mother a t Kortli Eusibn. Mr, Thompson jb attending Snll<in1 itt. Pfmltni^y, V» Tlie regolar meeting i>(jthe Eas-‘ ton ty. <3. T. Ù.' will bó held a t C.*E. Wilburs on Thursday, ~Jan, % afi'l o’oloote. It ig Crusnde .mooting: and a special program lb arranged. Every- body invited. —The annual meeting -of the nieui- lieraof the Easton Mutual Tire In­ surance company, for the election pf directors, the receipt of 'reptirts of the officers and suoh other business as pprtains to the, interest'\of the coiuriany, wili be held Tuesday, Jan. 5 . 1S07, a t 1 o’clock p. u).r a t Herring­ ton’s wagon shop, North Eastob. ■Fj H. Hillman starts for New York city, .Monday of next week, where he will, reside -the .balance of the Winter. Mr. Bilim aa will act as commission merchant forgartles who' wist to shi.i potatoes and., apples. Mr. Hillman has a number o f large 4nv«iee9-of ^oodfr t-o-eeU-oa his arival at tbe Metropolis. As- Edward Shearer and wife were decending the Coakllng Jhill, on Thursday night of J a s t week, they mot a rig: containing tw o meh‘, A large package was In vie<w.‘ There is a supposition that the occupants over the ones who rob bed the store of Mike Sonn, at Gréenwitìh, a,nd the horse and wajfòn» the property th a t . was stolen \from Auiós tfritìn. —The annual meeting of the Eas­ ton Fre.p Library Association wiji be iield at Marshall SelniDary. oil Wed­ nesday evening, Jan u a r y 6 ; 189?,\fo r ofHeers, and suoh ocher business > a\s r^ciuired oy the rules of the associ- at -.>u. _ A soci.ai will bo held at the buine time and p'lade, to-‘ latse funds for .the library. —Waldo Wicks and wife celebrated- Xmas eve by giving a party -at'their home. • T b eir friends from different parts of the- town wer?i --present. Dancing was the ordeiv and merrily did our » colored friends “ ahake 'it down.” Charles Mosher is-an adept at arranging a jolly good time, and this-affair was' under his supervision. Charlie experiencea some diiQculty m f{i*iting his best girl totéd around. Sim resides at Port‘-Edward, and it i-nqnires just three days tp do .the job Up„ brown.'. —T i e case pf civil action between Daniel- Reynolds, plaintiff, and Isaac W ìntó Goods, aecKin order -i 1 ' * * * this^wB' will give á discount- '.v' - •. . : ’ 1 -.. »\• . • * . • m salo. Come and secure Bargains m Ovcrcoa,tP3 Suits. Grloves. - Shoes, Ilats. Oaps^jaad everything for Men were presented with an elegant din­ ner set, as a remembrance o f Xiuas. E. R. Willard and wife had a fatnily Ktttheiing, which wa^-inost p*]easant. Several ‘ guests Were present a t the home of Mr. and Mrs., James Sber man, Trom Pittstown.' -The ootsnsion was replete itt sooibality and flood will. Mrs.- M atiaEddy, anddaughter Mary, gave a family reunion, in wliioh abounded in sodal chat* and dainty viands. —A pleasant ObristmaB-tide enter­ tainm e n t w a s' held a t the Presby-; terian church on F r id a y evening. A tree was a rranged in front o f the pulpit, and wai_ laden with “frttit\ whioh, whun p lucked and distributed,, ■cgused Joy in m any hearts. \ Rem arks «ominemorative of the Yule-title sea­ son were made by F . W. Borden, F . ' O. Ives, J. E. Hpap). and Ralph ’Thompson. De'elaihations 'vei.o g iyen hy young ladies. Th e choir rendered vbrfstm a s carols. R e v . Schaul ^ and wife were presented with two nice’ com fortables, made b y the lady uietn- .b-ers of the church-. A fter ejtihnng- in g ’best wishes for tb e day, t b e 'k r g e audience rt?pairfed^—tS)—their—hotn eH feeling well paid far' their evening’s pleasure. ARCH DALE. Chicken Thieves. Chicken thieves are going through out neighborhood and taking ‘ what chickens we Jiave succeeded: tn .raia- iHg by hard work, and we think they had better be on t|»i lookout for themselves, a s traps ai'ij being set for them .. - ’■ vt%i ^ \ • —7 — ’ ^ r • -iJtSrUic*- u-ovuuiut*. UUU ABUUtU f’i ?e f BT*imerJ 3 ^Borden, defendant, was tried before It would take considerable of .TiMtfno Rnniriiiir hn iUAn/iatf «+. w ___ considerable of í«üe anct-Space to name the'many ft til ill things t'hai were di^tribu-. A progratb of exercises was also ^ft. consisting o f speakings recita- w d song.- Atf did creditably A veirp..prótty solo-'wag stthg Jss M aryKenyon in& sweettone ■ice. The peace waS ëntitied, “ A- •oh for Öanta Claus.\ Mr. B. F. ¡era,ln costume, acted the part of Ä Glaus aña gave away tbe pres- He caused much merriment »ótólgí&n,- f i;r : t ó i t t e T 0 S í : |r-The marriage oi Frederick War- to of thi* town tend Misb Gertrude [night of Pawlet, Vt., is announced ótake-piace at the bride’s home fao. 6 . ...... ^ ~ \ ‘- Justice Buckley on Monday, a t N. B. Welling’s hotel, North Bastonf. 6 ^o.' R. Salitebtiry of Sohi>ylerville ap­ peared fo r the defendant, and F . H. ThoS. A. Harrington -and wife entertained a. nnmber o f 't h e ir rela­ tives' on Christinas day, and passed the day vçfy pleasantlyJiégjfEter. —The Christinas tree.at the church passed, offi very pleasantly. I t w a s heavily'laden with presents of every description for- all-,: both olcL. a n d yoting, aiid we th in k it w a s on.joyed by all present. , ‘ —A n y Ohe wishing to procure their ice foç the coming season, will j i o well t o call on R . J . L.yons. ^vho has the privilege of ¡sotting, and selling the ice from thé reservoir owned > y tb e Greenwich vW a ter W orks Co. M any-who.got ice there last year sav it was the clearest and nicest they ever stored, aad we call i t equally as goo’d à t the présent time as last year, and if the w e a ther Tieeps favorable be intends to commence cutting at 5UUSHAN. *\ - Demise of V. ft I. Sinnllev. —Fletcher M. Sm alley, who has suffered greatly the past, two weeks of a complication, of - .diseases,- died F r id a y morning in the 64th year of his age. T h e funeral, -oacurred' Sun­ d a y morning at 10:30 o’clock from the house a n d a t 1 1 o'clock from th e B a p ­ tist church, R e v . E . Cooper offlciat- ed. The deceased is survived by a widow, a m other and i>ne sister, Mrs. M illington, wlf^ of Rev. Sir. Milling­ ton of Keeseville, N. Y . Interm ent was in Woodlawn ceuietery, Cam­ bridge. ' - —The cantata of ’ ‘Santa Claus and Fam ily*” presented b y the young people of the B a p tist church Christ- ,uias eve in the opera house, was a decided success. Arthur J . Bentley and Mrs. Fran k H. Vail, a s J ilr. and Mrs. Santa .Clans, were sim ply iin~ mense, as were nlstji tbe parents of the Earth fam ily, Mr. a n d Mrs. H. D. Qaa. The .beautiful solo sung bv Miss Florence Yiiil, as- little- Dot, -drew forth great applause,- - -Freder­ ick J v W aite and Miss Id a Bos worth rendered m aterial aid in bringim? the. m u sical part of the- programme up to the standard. There were Tsn|g tableaux of much interest, t he first representing “ M ary a n d the Ini, fant in the Manger,” with Joseph standing b v staring in amazement at the presence and worship of m e Wise men. Tho secopd tableau was “ Cast TIiy Bread U pou tnu Waters. fliriste Nobody k n-'o w- s hardly what - to buy. You .\)Vony your\~l!fe * out nearly, ab.out one thing or another. fay-orai ¿ f your mess -Look ,ouf stQpk Make this ydur liase br'Christmas supplies\ and you ean’t go wrong.. • { ^ '2 ' \ ■ ' h- i . ovar. canu-enumèrate ill of oar gp'ods. fixed than other Fores ia this. iegard We telf.you siniply that we You'will find it io when >ou come here. Vi Just, to-encouragè seäSibl^gift -giving añtiV tp-advertisè'our Linen trajde at- -this- t^ftê,, we-' cat a generous slice from Linens- -price’s frotri. v ^ ^ now until Christmas. -A handsome Table doth;».a dozen Napkins, or both, make estimable Christmas presents. A :Pai f ; ; of'EiD\y,els)^a single handlcer.9hief, \(jr a half dozen of each a,re Sensible taketisj ....' When it eonnes to 'China, V-e can safely say we are;. % at bo|U^ “This year we. have outdone ourselvfes'|i}VO^f> display^ . C hina.' Gh'fte fifpisr Europe, China from America, in* everj ; concei'v^ - ab)e“shap6f^Anci^&y tH'e'\vray7^h^t ln ^ e s “any handsomer gift than.al,.0iece . o f /' Chiiia oT Glassware^ You wilt'find it herein great varie^. ’ “ . '. . ' . 'Wßtm - ' o p ( 3 0 0 1 ) S t-m wmu \ mm- — es, Ladies' Toilet Sets, Dolts, ¡Collar and Caff Box- t - s • ' • ' Slippers, Handkerchi e f (imtnense stoct); jianicure Sets, Leather Goods, Lamps, both Vace ^lad fearKjuet,' Tetfr-a-tetc-Scls a Ice-Cream- Os’clock Tea Sets, Salad Dishes, Celerj- Trays* Lem­ onade Sets, W^ter Sets, Berry Dishes, Fruit'D ish' es, Elegant line of-Purses, Celluloid Goods, Tosv- ets, Napkins and Table Linen, Medallions. Greenwich. SdmylerviVe. .MjBrra.lL-of -thiS-plaoe-foi-the plainfciffv o n c e .- : Tbe jurym en draw n were Patrick -Z e r o ---- jurym en ___ Wolsh,. M artin M cHugh, . Frank Brown'eil, Howard Cornell and Israel Brenenstnhi. Reynolds • sues to re- cóvfei- wages f o r services dtìting ~tpi years \Si ’95 .and ’96,. ® h e ju r y dis­ agreed, a new p anel was drawn, ^nd the case 'adjdurned^uhtJl J a n . 18. Christm as passed off merrily i weather thé past week. .... _ ____ __ __ ___ ________ As tìnto These, Uoto Me,” was a sud scene of p o v e rty within a cheerless room, while outâidè u a lady laden with presents, and even hangs à tur­ key on the door for the needÿfamily. The third and last tableau was en­ titled, “ No Cross, No Crown.” . The Opera bougé was comfortably seated, and yountt and old, after redqiying. their .presents from the hands of Mtój Santa. Glatis? .went home rejoicing. . W EST CAMBRIDGE. ^ — -Fills The Bill. . —The compulsory school law is fill­ ing . our schoo'l-liouses with 'pupils. In çome caseR the school room is far too small either for. the health of the pupils or the convenience of the teacher. District'No. 7 for instance. Our school is closed, during holi­ day wéeki — Last Friday, was our first “ White Chrisimas’JLittléyeral. years. Som e M o r e H o liday A n d S o m e N e w A r r iv a ls oi Holiday Qoods. Last .we«lt we iuviled the people of tliiB vicinity to come to Greemviiiii 'to' tray tbeil Christmas Gilts. Some coiue and suine.. didii’L - But more will come, of\that we itre con­ fi itint, be-ciiuse they cannot afford to- miss c« miug as there are Barhams on every batf.I. * We are just opening Many \in this neighborhood are suffering with sevère còids. ' • x,fniK K. Rathbún and Wife; enter. Gained friends-on Chr-ÍBtmas dav. ‘ — Mrs. Mary A. Waters, of ‘Greens wich, has been in this place recently visiting relatives and friends. - ------ .- -1 -Mr'Sn-EH jah-Water&T-istbreatened . among- th e - E a stonites __ Among, the4-™th._.p-neMmQPià; . ajgo, b e r mother. -díññers^givenrwas<>në-afc-the'faome~of~[ Mr8.-W-mr-Baird ,--lies -ve^y--loy--wi-' Russel Robinson, T ir^ eiteemed hatctjelor a lw a y s e n teftaihs bís guests in.. a royal w a y . Mr, a M Mi-«. An­ drew aklqf ty * e n teriaiaèd Sam u el Thompson’s fam ily and A lbert Law- u 'ñh<a »«il i” »own __ coupla la grippe. * —ih e f c were noHservieeü in the church last SabbàïhT ëXceiit rabbath school a id prayer meeting, on ac­ count of ¿quarterly mfietfaiig -at ■fia#’ ton. ~ t~ ''' tit' “■ Jam e s.S^Clague a n d wife left on Monday, for their. hou»e in.Cólorado. ^Jen n ie Freuch 6 f Greenwich is visTting.John H. Brownell and wife. Jauies.S. Harrington spent Christ mas a t the borne of his grandfather, JacokiFort^ Valley F alls, —On Sunday lkst the congregation at ¿he Whiteside church -lisfeened t o the preaching of Rev. Mr. Schaul of he inaiy fayor us again. — , —Charles H. Brownell and John Hilattd went to QTartville last ' week to, purchase eowsr b u t -finding the . f-.price-quite'as high a s ¡B-^his vicmit j i ”they'returned without b u ying. Some- pine In Cups and Saucers, China tea GD^ee- ^ Ci,^ee- ' &o., at prices at 25 per cent, lower than last year. A Lot Of ■At- ; 40 C. 50 c, 75 c. Art Medallions. sucn sabjects as. Faith, St. Cecilia, Neater My G J to Thee, Lydia. &c. These are selling ast, can’t get enough of the in.- Sew Books.* Bj.all the best authurs that has bee* recently published, in nice bindings, .suitable for gifts, at prices from 75c, to $2.00 In this line we endeavor to give you good service, and' will' obta.it* -¿nythlng lot you that we don’t have. In usèful every daÿ- är t i C-l e -s s u r t a b l e r f o r Some More New Silver . Plated Ware. and also sotae navetués presents. ~~ C a len d a r s . A beautiful lot of Calen­ dars of the real useful* Kinct. iarge'Tigures TcTFfang bn the wall, or set on mantel, table or shelf! ’ ' , i j | S t e r lin g quantity of Forks, ¿Pre* S i l v e r Spoons, Sugar .Shells-, . Butter Knives, and tea ahd S Table Spoons; ,al> new goods, bought at the lowest prices prevailing this sea- j ¿on, and s o li accordingly. ........... .... ^ 4» — . **b' ' ' • , * - G. MEALMTy Prop*, ' Qfeemmch. ,Æ Yt > - H

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