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«Vf* •'•'Kigfiëst o f all ¡a LeaveningPbwer.- Latest Ü. S. Gov*t Report A b m l u t e i y p u r e COUNTY NEWS. SCHUYLERV1L.LE. —IIorton Havens of Albany was in ] town -ThuradayT' t —J. T. Mason Sailth of Bingham­ ton is home for a few days. —Charles \ HTornibrook was the gUAst of friends over Sunday. — S--B.- Howiarid will, soon open a a di 11 g storeiu-t-he Cmiuer bkfdi. —ifayhew Carpenter of Williams oolit'j'e is home for a short- vacation. —1>, A, Billiard. xiud, made a visit with near friends last week in New York- , -^Mrs. Emma S. Bart of Broad street has been quite ill for a week P«i 8 t. —Mies Mabel'Harria of the Platts- burg Normal school was home c Sunday. —Liewig Teffr has moved into his lions© on Broadway after living, on . Ms farm a few years. —Isaac Whitman, who has b^en very ill for the past two weeks, lies in $ precarious condition. , —M. P. Quaokenhush of Rondou^ was in town last week. Mr. Quack enbash was formerly \in business in this place. ----- —Charles Bordwell, a veteran who has been very ill for a week.past, died Wednesday afternoon,. aged ? about 60 years, ■ B e leaves a -wife, two sons and two daughters;. —William Fonson has purchased the DeRidder farm aoross the river frfta. this village. The farm oontains 170 »Qtssi,priacL paid <3,500. Mr. De Ridder a few years ago refused an oiler of $ 12,000 for tlie- same premises. -'The contract work on the canal, which was stopped by the oolc weath’er a couple of months ago, was resumed Saturday. It will require <l.uite a largo, p-anir of men to com­ plete the work in time for the usual opening of navigation. —Jiiss Sylvia Seeley, who was stricken with paralysis about two weeks ago, died Thursday morning, aged 77 years. Sho was a sister of iAe late Sidney Seeley, and was one of tho old aad respooted residents,. 0 ,| ' the plaoe. * \ CAnBRlOQE. —Farmers began the season plowing last week, hUlsides facing . tlie east and south being selected. ___ —Henry E. Carter and wife are re -joeiwin# congratulations on the birth , of a daughter, —The property recently purchased by JFred LaG-rys has been fitted op and will be used by A. J. ofauther -as a barber shop. ^~M«~£Salyitr Sims of Trov hns been iii attendance upon her sick cousin, Mrs. tieorge Sherman, who is now upon the rond to recovery. —At the annual meeting of St Luke’s church last week the mem bera of the vestry elected Were ■Wardens; H. 0. Day aud Rober. Pavist Vestrymen, Thomas Lettrys. Samel. Iioxbury, John Money penny. J, H , Davis aud Robert s. Davis* — -«-That-the^ people of this village and vicinity were interested in the union school prize speaking-contest •was proven by Hubbard hall being filled Friday night. ■ For amateurs the speaking was exeeUe&t--au4-'-re­ flected great credit upon their teach- jer, Hiss tiracB Whipple, who ha» been assiduous in her work with the yonng people for several weeks. The TnedlTls'gtven as prizes were of solid Q * A> R. THE STATE HEADQUARTERS ALBA-NY. AT State Liquor Commissioner Lyman’s War Record -CandlUates for Department Offices —The Case of Cenerai Hiles—Pension Ex- ttrnslons—Statuesaml /lontiments. GRANVILLE. -—■Rev. L. T. GifBn has accepted a call to Officiate at thé Baptist church at Truthful, holding services there Sundays at 1:80 p. ni. A telegram was received bv Post­ master Williams Friday aunouucing the birth of a. son to Rev. and Mrs. Johu S. Warren of Sclienevus. The death- of Charles Le wis, only ni of . Edgar Lewis of Fort Ann, oc- ounrexl at \his home Thursday even ing of consumption. Deceased was a RcMiHiu of Mrs. W . E. Roberta of this i liage. The ea'.ico party given at Norton hall Thursday -evening under the auspices of Trinity Aid society was a brilliant social gathering. About 300 persons were present. \Dancing was enjoyed for several hours. ■The funer.al of Mrs. William J. Potter was held Friday from her home-aad largely atf ende'eL'Thëser­ vices Were conducted by Rev. L. T. Q-iffin. The musical selections were rendered by a quartette fçom the Baptist church. Interment was in the Quaker street burying ground. At the \Welsh Congregational church {he first quarterly meeting of the present year of the Sunday school occurred Sunday. At- the morûing Service addresses were given by Rich­ ard 0. Griffiths, Wm. T. Williams and Rev, Mr. Davies, a newly or­ dained minister, who reoently came from Wales and located üp this vil­ lage, Thé evening service included an Easter coneerttor the children FORT EDWARD. —The board of water aommiaslon- efs met and organized Monday eve nine, - \ —Ex-Postmaster James H. Harris, who ia now residing in Albany, was in town Saturday. —There is now’good fishing in the riyer and creek. On Saturday James Kennedy, a ten-year-old lad, caught a pickerel above the dam weighing ten and one-half pounds. The big fish was purchased by Thomas Gairi- f?an. SALEM. —The social given by the Marion Hose company at the village hall Friday evening was a success. Dan­ cing was indulged in until past mid­ night. The supper was gotten tip and served by the KiDg’s Daughters. It was pronounced excellent, and gave much satisfaction. If eve'r a son of Massachusetts de­ served a statue,\ it is Fighting Joe Hooker, and it id. bo ordered. A bili appropriating $50,000 for a, Statue of General Butler, before the Massachusetts legislature, has awak­ ened vigorous opposition. The G. A. R. headquarters for this state are now permanently fixed a.t. the capito! in Albany. Formerly th.y were fixed at the place of resi­ dence of the~\ commander, but it lias been found much more convenient to have it at Albany, where the ad jutant getienil must liv-e ami attend to busi» news. We-supposed the next, department (¡oumiandership had been settled, in fayor of Graham, at Rochester; but the Albany Argus says: The name of John Kohler, of Utica, the.pres­ ent junior vise commander-of thè de­ partment, -lias been mentioned for the next state aouimander, also the name of John W , Maxwell, of Ams­ terdam, for juaye advocate, ___ At a meeting in Richmond, Va., of the Jefferson Davis' monument Board, General J. B. Gordon of Geor­ gia, was elected chief marshal of the parade of confederate veterans on the ocoassion of laying the corner­ stone of the monument on July 2. The grand lodge of Masons of Vir­ ginia will lay the cornerstone. The house committee on invalid pensions has ordered a favorable re­ port on a bill extending the provis­ ions of exiatiag pension law*, to the officers apd. priyatea, their widows, children, dependent mothers and fatherB, of all militia men raised in the several state during the years 1881 to 1S85, who performed military service in the Union ar jay. Henry H / Lyman, the state com- misalonetr to execute the Raines law, enlisted as a private ia the 147th New York volunteers and served until the close of the war, being successively promoted to lieutenant and adjutant and breveted major. He patticipat, ed in the battles of second Fredericks­ burg, Ohanoelloravllle, Mine Ran, Gettysburg, the Wilderness and oth­ er engagements. At Gettysburg- he was in command of his regiment. Nothwithstandiiig .Secretary Dan Lamont’s disapproval of it, it rests with congress, after all, to decide whether the rank of lieutenant gen 4eral shall be revived for General Miles on the aotive list or not. It might work well to establish, as a permanency, the lieutenant general­ ship. to be hind bytlie Officer who: so far as the organized obstruction of the staff department? at Washington will permit, shall command the army. DR. TALMAOE AS AN EXPLORER. Nearly two years ago RevJttr. Tal- mage, the celebrated preacher and lecturer, started; on his-¡now famous ! tour of the world, for the purpose, as he declared at the time,' of study­ ing all, the religious beliefs of the different races of mánkindj and if he could find a better one than Chris­ tianity, embracing it* This was a startling^ declaration to begin with, and his- discoveries and revelations appear to bejnone the less startling::' In facfethe Doctor has added to his reputation as the greatest liying re­ ligious orator, that of a famous ex^ ploren as well. His discoveries and adventures ai» fully as interesting us those of Stanley or Livingstone, and equally as valuable, because they re­ late to diff erent races of people aud other }>arts of the world, and throw a wonderful light upop the moot im­ portant subjects that come within the raDge of man's investigation. His route led hiui fl-r-«t across the continent from New York to San Francisco, thence to Samoa ^and the Sandwich Islands, the islands of the Pacific, Australia, Borneo, India viithalHts wonder» and mysteries. Egypt and up the Nile to the borders of ajscient Ethiopia, Syria, Pal^stiae, over St, PaffTs Mediterranean Sea voyage, Greeoe, Italy, Spain, Europe, the British Isles, Russian,, and across the Atlantic to the place of starting. Throughout this tremendous jour­ ney be was accompanied by his secre­ tary and well supplied frith the most approved photographic apparatus, by which means he was enabled to desoribeand photograph'the people, scenery, historical plaoes.' and other subjeots of universal interest at the time and as he saw' them. His .new hook, giving an account of nia travels, adventures investigations and dia- MTHtX^RLwrr5?,Tr THE T ? v ) t ^ T A M t>5 E v £ f \ y T E 5 T . ^BËSSEt ^ 3037 hayalabenearn/J if) nafije.at/’ac^ed \ to eacfy garment f H E B E S S E M E R S ^ ’ - {- * /S TO B £ A ¿ .L W O O ¿ ~ WfPDVBl£KN£-£S ASXATS' W£AAf*Q/r*TS. Above represents the Boys and Childrens' Suits, of which we keep a complete assort­ ment, I cordially invite mothers tG ias|)ect ^ Ohiidrea's^Bd Boy’s Suit Department be- gold, engraved in front with the •words “Prize Speaking. 1808,” and . on the reverse side, “Given by Ernest E. Smith.” These are suspended by two chains to a gold bar, on which 'the word “ GambrOdjte ” is engraved. .. These prizes were awarded to Miss '.Lftfla E. Kiug.aad James E. Boland. The school orchestra and Glee clubs, under the direction of Miss Essie Moore, reeeivpcl mui'h applause, and the teacher, as well as natural ability 0 i ¿ e pupils. ; - sand Y hill . ^-Surrogate and Mrs. G. M. Ingrals- he have returned from New York. -¿-iThe fpnerai of M-s. Jane I)aVis took tilaee Monday at t wo o'clock __ Mrs. W . A. HuppuCh and, son, Milton, have returned from New fork. — —M ibb Picliard. of Fon Ann, has been visiting Mrs. U. M. Ingalsbe tlie past week. ‘ —Milton Tyler, of Granville, fjs in town for a few days, tfie giiPPt of Jerptne Howe. „ Father HcOratli, of Sara­ toga, officiated at the Sunday service akSt, Mary’s church Sunday. - -McMillau & Brver have opened their jewelry store in Clements' block. Thi§ -store .-lias undergone exteusive improvements, and now presents an ■ attracti ve appi>am nee. “ Patterson conductPrt Origin of ¿-Porterhouse Steaks.” ; F f in, tlie Biistoin Ttan,icru>l. As to the name of' porterhouse sU-ak, a oorrespond^nr repent« -to the Listener the story which Mrs. Lincoln *ol‘d in one of her lectures on house- iiole eeonomics atthe mechanics' fair. In the old coaehiug'days there wa* a raveru in New York, kept by a man named Porter, famous for its steaks, 'o which house oue Saturday night there arrived a, traveler who called for if i-feak. Not one. was .left, but the hungry traveler called and called again for a steak. Finally the inn­ keeper. in hia diatreeg, took from his larder a large piece of sirloin, put there for roasting, and cut from *it a piece to broil. It“ was fontld so de­ licious that the same piece was often called for after that, and was cWlW tened after the house and its proprie­ tor, “Porterhouse steak,\...Up 'to ■Hi49-ttme-+hi»-i»eo^-&f-me'at-haid-be«‘i used for roasting only, and the dis covery of its virtues for broiling may be said tohave been quite accidental. The Listener tells the“tale as *tis told to him. --------- S ^ Reception to Rev,, J. W . Thompson. The reception and banquet given to Rev. I)r. J. W. Thompson at the Windsor hotel, GloversVilie. last Fri­ day evening were attended By'about 100 citizens of (■>lo versville aud Johus- town. iCs-Mayor H. (i. Dewey pre­ sided and District Attorney William G. Mills acted as toastmaster. The toasts given were: “Our City, comifelor Jfrowe Esrelstjn; “Our Country,\ Hou. J. Keck: \Our State, counselor A, J. Nellis: “Our Honored Gtiest.\ Recorder William A. Me- Donald ; “+Juf ZvartVoBr\ Sflf. Dr W. Thompson; “Our Sister City, j Hon. Philip Keck; “Our Newspapers,\ | editor A. E. Blnnck: ' ' W Party,': j Hon. A. D. L. Baker; “ The Rest of j the World,” Rev. Dr. William E, | The Road Offended By Hornets. Rk'tini'Hvl Durati-li. August.2-3, our command, the Ninth Virginia Cavalry. Rieh- moud Light lufaniry Blues Britrade, Wrtiinni H I-' rttvtflDir ti?n?rnt Wade Huuiptou in oomuiand. movt-d out, of camp in front of Major lla- ion'es resideuee and crossed Ruwanty creek to'varj the Pt?ler?burg aud Weiilon railroad. In a field abutting on the railroad 1 we were ordered to di.suiount and advance on foot as. iu- iatitry. ■ Just as the head of the col­ umn came near the field, where a fence had been pulled down by\ the videttes, the captain of my company pulled off his hat and Fude as rapidly aoross the field as his horse could carry him. He was observed strik‘ ing himself aad horse with his _haL coveries has jast been published, an- der the appropriate , title oi “T h b E a r t h G ir d l e d ,” and the author deolarefTtn an autograph letter to bis publishers; that he considera it the most vigorous work of his life. It is illustrated with over 400 photographic views,-the uwsi carious and wonder=- fnl, doubtless, that ever appeared in a boob. Eight of these photographs have been produced in natural polors, which add greatly to their interest and beauty. “T h k E a . r t h G i r d l k d ” will be oir- culated eiolusivety by means of can vassers, and it certainly, affords an extraordinary opportunity to all who desire paying employment. See pub­ lishers' announcement in another column of this paper. ■ Richly-Deserved. --- Pillsbury, the champion chess I player of America, is possessed of a fund of quaint humor, as a Londott policeman kuows to his cost, I n- reply to the American’s quwy, tHow can I _ reach King William, 'street?” the policeman said, “ You can take a tia-b, or you can take a bus, or, as it Is only 200 yards from here, you can walk.” Oh.” satd Pillsbury, with one of his best smiles. “ I Icnow I can walk, but what I want to know is the way.” After being instructed Pillsbury pnt his hati*l ttrlii* pocket, a“ if to produce tiie tii'ce-sary <l‘>tic» ur. and asked. “Will you take a drink?\ Hubert, having expressed his hearty willinguess, Pills'bury went ou •‘Weil, you had better go and get one, and you can either pay for it yourself, get som_e-oue else to pay for it or take it without paying for it.“ fore making their selection elsewhere j as we keep the assortment and our prices are way.; down. * ' , ...... a. S O T Bloek, Qreenwieb, ïï- T. and the head of t he column stopped. tienera! Beale, seeing this, rode iti advance of us, but all at once he, too, left us in the same abrupt manner. ing this with astonishment, rode to the front, asking what was the mat- Aer and why the column did not ad­ vance. They soon found out, as their.horses began to kickaud plunge about, and then they rapidly joined our captain Beale. This was the first time the Bloody Ninth had ever seen flieir brave.Jeadars behave in .such a. manner. We thought they might have »truck a hornet's uei4, which proved to-be a faet: Til *5 vi­ dettes, iu puilitig d.tivD the fence; had upnet a uest. and the little fiends defended the road so well that we liad to c juntermarcu to euter the field. Quick At Figures. A man went, into a shop the other day and asked to see some patent gair burners.- TI ip shopkeeper showed him some. Picking up one. the man asked what it would do. ‘nib,” staid the shopkeeper, ‘-that will sa.ve half tbe^ass.” “Then,\ suiu tlfti man. “if you p.ut Park. The mayor, members of the Common Council, city officials and luauy leading Methodists of f-HOvers ville were present. me two iu 1 shan't have any sjiias bill to pay. his farewell service at the Methodist r-le path twenty/ft ve tii Episcopyl church SuudSy uiorning- Ballston „The exercises >vere interest iiig ,,ath \vere largely attended. four teetr-wjao. Bicycle Path, The prospects are good for- a bH’.y \ tiiiles long from yiîi 8 avat 0 f»a path «'ill probably be A ^oming Prophet. Mrs. feha-sh— I shrfFl not Pe in the lòasl ilSWiir-hFilirJohncy devPiops-clair- voyaut powers. .. Mr-. Jarl-Hofi-Parke— Indeed? ' ‘ ‘ Y bs . H e L-. the son of a seventh hus­ band, yon kno w .” — Indianapolis Jour­ nal. » A Railroad Company Incorporated. Tt.“ Cpper Hudson \Railroad rrom pauy was incorporated Friday to operate a railroad, t wen:y miles long, between Corinth aud South Glens Fails. The capital iis $ 200 ,noo. divided into lOi) sharei. The dSreators are Warner Miller of Herkimer. Warren Curtis and Theodore Elixmann, of \ .vil>'»,giqrf-pHgPTnm»'trm»r\ aua A. Pagenstecher. jr., of New York city, Louis Vindmuller and Kennedy Fullerton, of New York city. John B.-trieasoa oi N~r-Yur 1 \ oity and U. G. Burieigh of Whitehall. Tne com­ pany's prinoipl office will be at Cor­ inth. GO TO. F O R Y O U R -J HOUSE PAINTS, Family Paints, Enamel Paints, Boiled andf Varnish Raw Oil, and Turpentiiie. A’-o head'i'iirten fjr Crock- Fritter B >wls, Wash Boards» e Brushes. The) keep a full line of Tiints ir.d <\>¡ 1 ;, ery, Tin.GtassanJ Wojden Ware, Tubs, Pails Cloihfia Bus, Step Liiders, Scrub, ¿io\e a iJ S!i. - f jo Grain Bags cheap for cash C02XENS’ BiCOK, STREET, IRJ y I ODONDER Is th«‘ bi'st ami safest ac^nt for the painless esivarti'â o{ tewh. It is tMsih- nppli\«! to thf* nnjl nny trtmWof tr* tli niav lict^Ktrní ivil wjtii* «»ut rniri «u* «îanè^r vvhil»». t.h«* patient is vs i le- awake un i iu full p »“•-e-Mou O D O N D 3 R i* usttl only in onr.of- i ry tí oto ,.ut wiiDt‘ exiracted Our. opér­ ai- i* .vie »‘<1 nñd í'ürí'f 1. La-ly àttPtiflant. T'x:r.icliittr . . ■ • ...............; • * * 2 ?^* W ith ( »âs 01 iVl.m.lt i . . . . . . . . . . .'. 5 ^ ’ . ( ‘ Ir n u in j». . ................................................ 75 ^- ’ ...................... ... rsr ij *'1 ru.ii';* - atc -rtling to si;e. I M \ V life r Il.K T I I ,.' .................... ...S 8 t t n v u nti'l iîrliltçe W o r k a Speclalt'/. N’T RUB OFF. Wall Paper Is Unsanitary. Kalsomine is tern- liorary, rots, rubs off and ScalBS. ^ THE DwTOR—\ Cnn la^tr of * H I Jft n « n * f l I I P 1 pacer is bad ettouo\yoii ¡¡(two j ALAdAo 11NL « a s ? - ™ ’ri < forms a pure aitd-permanerit coaiing and doefi j 1 not rrquir^ tobr*tak«,rt off tore-ncw'froiti t h n e l totirue. Is aclry p w d i r, Tlie latest bi'incr nclapted to mix, ready for use. .witin ' Cold W a t e r . Can be easily brnshedonby anyl one. M a d e in wliiti'and twelve fashionablei tints. A L A B A S T I N E is adapted to all styles] of plain and relief decorating. - FOR SALE BY ftU. FIRST-CLASS PAINT DEALERS, - -- 55Tf'Y0UR PSrarffESLER F0R C5RD DFTlt ) MANUFACTURED ONLY BY A L .A B A S T I N E C O ., G R A N D R A P I D S , M IC H ,{ C A D Y ' d e n t a i : C O M P A N Y , Cor.-Fourth and Fulton Streets, T ROY. 30 N. Pearl Street, ■ ALBA N T . - • MONEY FOUND by buying ft dm as. If yf?u want fir<t-cia.s^ Fruit Treés, Roses, Shrubs, kc. write ns for oar 1890 Cat iló.n i<* i Do it now. i It» lull o ! all tli 3 choi.îe kinds. G io t e N ursery Ç o ,, 80, WlO. • Eoehe^r¡,N. T. C. J. WILLIim & VSES HORSE FOOT L E V E L E R , The only correct way of leveling, th¿ Féb.n.1- feeM^hoisoB, ‘\i ..

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