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i ' i. CHRONICLE-EXPRESS Pa ge Fi ft.een Quick Relief for RHEUM A T ICS 9 O' » * i Local D ruggists S e ll R h e u m a on M o n e y -B a c k P lan. If you suffer from torturing rheuma- , tic pains, swollen, twisted joints, and 1 suffer intensely because your system ! is full of I hat dangerous poison that f makes thousands helpless and kills j thousands years before their time, i Mien you need Rheuma, and need it I now. Start taking it today. Rheuma acts at once on kidneys, liver, stomach and blood, and you can sincerely exclaim: “Mood riddance to bad rubbish.\ Many people, the most skeptical of skeptics right in this city and in the country hereabouts, bless the day when BordwelVs Drug Store and other druggists offered Rheuma to the af­ flicted at a small price and guaran­ teed money refunded if not, satisfied, if you have rheumatism gel. a hot lie of Rheuma today. i 9 1 9 PENN YAN LOCAL NEWS \ 9 I >v -O' I «♦% T H E G R E A T E M A N C I P A T O R The House Bible Club will meet with Mrs. Willet Hail, 53d Liberty t>t., Thursday, February 11th. ------- * ------- John Beard has purchased the Fred Chapman house on Liberty Street, re­ cently owned by Miss Ella Hunt. - ------ ♦ ------- A Hock of starlings was seen in Penn Van Sunday feeding on the apples that still remained on some of the trees in the village. A L L tlirough the o r d in a r ily slack winter m o n ths, Buick factories have been straining at peak capac­ ity to meet the dem a n d for Better Buicks. Public preference has created a tremendous market for this better m otor car. Buick’s volum e o f sales has. in­ creased all over Am e rica. Greater value and the greater satisfaction which every Buick ow n e r know s have sold, in six months, m o re than 120,000 Better Buicks. Come in and see the Better Buick. Exam ine its outstand­ ing quality and luxury. See for yourself the m o d e rn and exclusive features o f design and perform ance w h ich dis­ tinguish it— 75 horsepower, “Sealed Chassis,” “Triple Sealed” Valve-in-H e a d engine, Controllable Beam H e a d ­ lights and many others. Order early to be sure o f delivery at the time you want your Better13uick. B U I C K M O T O R C O M P A N Y , F L I N T , M I C H I G A N Division of General Motors Corporation Better Buick Six Cylinder Valvedn'Head motor cars range in price from $ 112 5 to $1995, f. o. b. Bm'c/c factories . Among the Buie/; open and closed models there is one that will meet your desires exactly* THE BETTER BUICK V e r d i B tirtch R e lates C u rious T r a p p in g E x p e riences. i (C o n tinued fro m page nine.) Bird i JOHN McELLIGOTT P E N N V A N , N. Y. th e Hollo w e l l & W ise Co. Special Limited Time Offer WrAR-EVER > ALUMINUM >x Six TRADE MARK REti.U.&.PAT.OFF. .4.. . lx lit* ...... II •I W3 ! V •r, Lit u. V II Ti*' i* td Mill• > ■ If ‘l| 1|J W e a r G r id d le a n d S t e a k B r o i l e r V E R Y B O D Y lik e s g r id d le ideal breakfast A u t u m n an d W i n t e r mornings. * Get one o f these new “ Wear-Ever” Griddles today and treat your family to griddle cakes Regular Price $2,00 S p e c i a l P r i c e morning. You can make them without grease or smoke on the“W ear-Ever” Griddle and Steak Broiler. S a l e f r o m F e b . 1 0 t h to 1 3 t h t'L 1 April 24, Song Sparrow No. 83121 was taken in trap \A\, the same trap and set in the very same place where it was handed August 7, 1923, and where it was caught again 25 limes from April 10 to June 30, 1924. The next day its mate, No. 17910, was tak­ en in Miis same trap and this bird was * banded at this same place August 1, i 1922. : It was taken again with its mate April 3 6, 3924, and repeated 20 ttimes to May 21. Many of the Song j and Swamp Sparrows were in the trap j two to four times a day and I came i to know the individual birds by their j actions. Swamp Sparrow No. 1.58250 was. banded July 20 and; was in the trap a total of 40 times to Sept. 8th. Although Robins and Red-wing Blackbirds are very common birds, they have been hard to trap and very few were taken until this year. A ne;v style of trap, very simple and in the form of a three leaf clover, with 1 throe openings, one in each of the | angles between the leaves, has partly i solved the problem and; my catch of 51 Red-wings, while way behind the Son*r and Swamp Sparrows, was third in the number taken. The clover leaf trap was also suc­ cessful in catching many of the shy and wary water birds and 1 had many a thrill when one of these timid birds was found in it. One would scarce ex­ pect to'catch a bird so retiring and seldom seen as, a Florida Gallinule, in a trap, baited with pieces of bread, but five of them were taken in this trap and one of them was liberated from i it no less than three times. As I near­ ed the trap the morning of July 19 1 could see that it held a beautiful Vir­ ginia Rail and two downy black young. The young were so small and slender that they pushed through the one inch mesh and escaped but the old bird was in the trap again the very next morn­ ing. Another interesting catch was a Wilson Snipe. Another Snipe was running around the trap as I ap­ proached, seeming to know that the other bird was in distress and making frantic efforts to release it. But my presence was too much for it and flew and lit a short distance away. The bird in the trap was banded and when released stood on my hand about 15 seconds, then flew away uttering its Scaipe note as it flew. The other bird joined it and both alighted in the cat­ tails about 20 rods away. My second record of a southern bird, the Carolina Wren, was establish­ ed August 7th when I found one in one of my traps. It was not seen again, though my friend, Rev. Carey F. Gregory, heard one about this time singing around his cottage which is over across the lake. Rev. Gregory is thoroughly familiar with the song of this wren as they are common in his home town, Morgantown, N. C. A male Red-winged Blackbird, No. 3.56736, that I banded July 18 was shot in southwestern New Jersey at West­ mont, near Philadelphia, October 1925. I would have expected it to have followed the Susquehanna Val­ ley to the Chespeake Bay instead of going so far to the eastward. I could site many more interesting experiences with individual birds but fear this is already too long. The main interest in bird banding is in the returns and the recovery of birds at a point other than that where they were banded. A friend who lives in Demurest, N. J., has just written me that a Junco is starting his fifth winter with him. the sixth since he was banded. He skipped the first after banding. Also that on January !)th he took from a trap a Junco that was banded at Crystal Bay, Minn., October 13, 1923. Thus from bird banding many prob­ lems as to the migration and other movements of birds are bound to be worked out. VERDI BTTRTCTT. Thomas Rlnnehart is in the Knorr private sanitarium at Rochester for treatment, under the care of Dr. flames, a nerve specialist. Born February 12, 1809 \Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well-wisher to posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolu­ tion never to violate in the least particular the laws of the country anti never to tolerate their violation by others . . . . . . . Let every man remember that to violate the laws is to 1 1 ample on the blood of his father, and to tear the char­ ter of his own an (kins children’s liberty. Let reverence far the laws he breathed by every American mother to the lisping babe that prattles on. her lap; let it he taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges; let it be written in primers, spelling books, and almanacs; let. it; be preach­ ed from the pulpit, proclaimed in the legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. In short, let it. become (.he political religion of the Nation.\ Rev. G. Frank Johnson, director, is at I ending the conference for town and county ministers a,nd laymen at Cor­ nell University, Ithaca, this week. -- — ------ — The annual roast beef supper is be- in cr held ai. the Presbyterian church next week Monday evening. Sup­ per will be served at 6 p, m. Mrs. Hazel Ferguson was the din­ ner guest o.n Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pease, of Geneva, the oc­ casion being the birthday of the host.* ------ « ------ The Past Pocahontas Club will meet with Mrs. Susan Amsbury Thursday evening. Everybody bring some topic on the life of Lincoln; also thim­ bles. T o m o r r o w A l r i g h t A vegetable aperient, a tide tone and vigor to the digestive and eliminative system, improves the appe­ tite, relieves Sick Headache and Bil­ iousness, corrects Constipation. Vscd for o v er arS w.. <r ts™ Get • a 5* box *Jv. N* A $ £§£! * 3* Y 'S A- u X< UHi ¥ The Russell Carr farm on FI a I street belonging to Roscoo, Robeson is wit li­ mit a tenant. Mr. and Mrs. John Foley, who formerly lived there, are moving to Elmira. The Rochester Herald of Monday contained a picture of Miss Edith B. Taylor, daughter of Mrs. E. R. Taylor, of this village. Miss Taylor is active in the Rochester Woman’s City Club. \ — ♦ — —— ■ The W. C. T. U. will hold an eve­ ning meeting with Mrs. S. G. Hough­ ton at the parsonage on Fridav - eve­ ning at 7:30. The subiect is \Women of Vision.\ Music and a social hour will follow. St. Valentine’s Day comes on Sun­ day this year, February 14th. Mrs. Robert Jolley, of Main street, gave a luncheon at Alley’s Inn Satur­ day. ------- « ------- Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks entertain­ ed at dinner Friday night in honor of Mrs. F. -Clark. Mrs. Germaine Hyatt Iras been teaching in the Penn Van Academy during the past week in the absence of Miss Kennedy, who has been ill at her home in Manlius. Mrs. Jennie Everett will open her restaurant on East Elm street Satur­ day, February 27th. The place will be closed on the previous Saturday and will be thoroughly redecorated and renovated. Wilbur Collender, of Seattle, Wash., is now helping Charles Lake at the Market. Basket. Keuka Lodge, No. 149, I. O. O. F., will hold their regular meeting next Monday evening at 7:30 when the ini­ tiatory degree will be conferred on a large class of candidates. Mrs. Maude Garrison Wilson, of Rivera, Calif., has sent her mother, Mrs. Jennie Everett, samples of Cali­ fornia lemons and naval oranges. Some of the latter measure 12 inches in circumference. Chips o f f ihe Old Block to J U N IO R S -L iftto to s One-third tho regular dose* Made of same ingredients, then candy Coated. For children and adults. SOLD BY YOUti DRUGGIST * B O R D W E L L ’S, IN C . Real Estate For S a le! Houses a t all prices and in all parts of th e to w n . Farm s , vineyards, cot­ tages and b e a u tiful sum m e r homes. If it is an y th in g in real estate we- have It, . C. V I N A L L 216 E lm St. Phone 538-J Penn V a n , N. Y . Nelson C. Reynolds, A g t. 'M 39w t! Mrs. Charles Geoghegan entertain­ ed on last Wednesday evening at her home.on, East. Main street. Mrs. O. E. Newman has been a re- i cent hostess at a series of luncheons : at. her home on Main street. A. T. Angell, collector for the town of Milo, reports that he collected $87,- 000 at one per cent. The total bud­ get was $96,000. --------- * --------- Food for pheasants is being given away at the, Wilkins and Ellis sport­ ing good’s store to anyone who will make good use of the same. ------ ♦ -- ------ Mrs. F. Clark was hostess at an aft­ ernoon bridge and tea at Alley’s Inn last Thursday for Mrs. John Brooks, at whose home she is a guest. i , Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Christensen, who have occupied the Mason Baldwin : farm in Benton for the past twelve ! years, have purchased the Emma A. El­ liott house and lot on Myrtle Avenue, and expect to move there in the spring. | ------ -------- The Misses Marguerite Larch and ; Angelina Hollowell gave a variety shower and luncheon at the home of the former in honor of Miss Grace Schofield whose marriage is to take place soon. About 16 guests were present. - ■ - ♦ ------- About 40 members of the Milo Lodge attended the concluding service last Thursday night of the special series held in the Presbyterian church. Dr. , J. G. Newman left for his home and j work in Philadelphia following this ! service. The Tru.mansburg Baptist Church - has been holding evangelistic services ; for two weeks, under the leadership of i Dr. Jones, of Keuka Park. He gave ; many excellent sermons, and Avon many friends there. The next regular meeting of Phil Sheridan Circle, Ladies of the G. A. ! R., will be held on Wednesday after­ noon, February 17th. Picnic supper served at close of meeting. Comrades : are invited to supper. Sec. The Waterloo town board has pur­ chased a tractor and snow plow at a cost o f $2,650 for use on the roads in that town both Avinter and summer. Last Aveek Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Norris gave a dinner and bridge, in.honor of Mrs. F. Clark, T. J. Reynolds, L L. Yetter, Mrs. Mayme Flaherty and Miss Desdamona Yetter, all of the L oavd Dry Goods Store, of this village, left the first part of this week for New York City, Avhere they are purchasing a stock of goods for the coming season. guest of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brooks. The neAV office rooms being built a.ljn the rear of the Sam Fybush tailor 1 o io The public service commission has granted the Hammondsport Electric Company permission to transfer its franchise, plant and assets to the NeAV York Central Electric Corporation for $59,000. The corporation is author­ ized to issue $15,300 per value 7 per : shop over Prouty & Rapalee’s drug ; store Avill be occupied around the : first of next month by Dr. H. B. T oavd - ' sent and not by Dr. Orlo Pacuilli as stated in this paper last week. Tuesday evening about fifty of the neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. John Beard gathered at their home near WIII oav Grove and gave them a fareA v e ll party. The middle of March they will move to their r>e\v home on Liberty Street in Penn Yan. ♦ ---- Mrs. Mae Owen, now part owner of the Lake Keuka Floral Co., has been at her former home in Rochester dur­ ing the nast I aato weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Oxven will move to this village in the near future, occupying the home form­ erly used by Mrs. L oav I s J. Brundago. — ----- ♦- ------ The Civil Service * Nomination for applicants to posts as game protectors will be held this week Friday in the Court House instead of today (Wed-; noptiav). as originally scheduled. Sher­ iff Milton Rnpalee waG notified of the shift in a letter from Albany last week. iETNA-XZED means insured in the strongest Multi­ ple-Line Insurance Organization in the Avorkl, WM. T. SEAGER, Agt. Phone 205-W U n iversal Bldg. Penn Yan, N. Y. •Ilf 1885 IN S U R E 1925 Y o u r A u tom o b iles, A c c ident, F ire, L ife and any o th e r of the m a n y kinds w ith N. S. D A ILEY, Agent O ffice, Room 1, Low n B u ilding P E N N Y A N , N . Y. Phone j O ffice 228, Residence 826- 16tf , IB. T * M A L L O R Y F ir e , Tornado and-A u tom o b ile insurance W&rm p r o p e r ty and tornado Inear- tn e e a special fe a tu r e In this agency. Room 18, A rcade B lk., Penn Y a n , N . Y , D r. C. ML B A N C R O F T O s teopath Sogers Block P e m u Y a n . I f . Y, Christie Briggs is representing the PIolloAvell & Wise I-Iardware Store, and Theodore Vann the Hoiton-Vann Hard- cent cumulative non-voting preferred i wave Store at the 24th annual state stock and $46,000 of 54/k per cent first 1 mortgage bonds. — Hammondsport Herald. . Rev. W. H. Wheatley reports: “The results from the special meetings convention of the New York State Re- ■ tail HardAvare Association, Avhich is ; convening this week in Rochester. i The Frank McNiff Clothing Store in Penn Yan Avas crowded all day last The office of ihe Penn Yen Print­ ing C q „ Inc., publishers of this paper, has been moved next door into Ihe store formerly occupied by the Amer­ ican Railway Express Co. The hew location is on 1he corner of Main and Water streets, opposite the Birkett Mills. Avere most gratifying to both cooperat- j Saturday during the special sale which i <y oc Th tx ( ai d I n 1 1 m nP‘ 1 fir ! .. . , ___ _ i_ _ _ ___*______ The H o llow e ll W ise BRAKES RELINED MACHIN a M o d e rn m e thods outclass th e h a m m e r and chisel and crude w a y riveting lin in g s to bands. O u r m e thods em p lo y in g th e tu b u la r riv e t w it h each head co u n ter­ sunk to an evenness w h ich only precision m a c h in e r y can accom p lish, together w ith th e use of ' J t i . RAYBESTOS LINING of the proper size, w ill g ive you resu lts such as you n e v e r have had. Bring yo u r bands to us w it h th e old lin in g strip p e d fro m bands. W e w ill apply lin in g w h ile you w a i t by th e m o d e rn re lin in g process in onc-quarter th e t im e it u s u a lly ta k e s . L a b o r is g r a tis . T h e e n tire cost w ill b e 'a b o u t th e sam e p rice you o r d in a r ily w o u ld pay fo r the lining alone. P IL E SUFFERERS C a n You A n s w e r T h e s e Q u e s tions? Do you knoAV why ointments do not gi>e you quick and lasting relief? Why cutting and operations fail? Do you know the cause of piles is internal? That there is stagnation of blood in the lower bowel? Do you know that there Is a harm­ less internal remedy discovered by Dr. Leonhardt and knoAvn as HEM- ROID, noAv sold by BordwelVs Drug Store and druggists everywhere, that is guaranteed? mg churches. The total number of cards signed was 340, of these 21 were signed for churches out of to\\rn, 42 reconsecrations, seven undesignated as to church preference, 28 for trans­ fer of letters and 244 iioav decisions. The finance committee will have a complete report to make next Sunday. ------- 1 ------- Henry L. Werley has been confined to bis home during-the past week by a torn ligament in the left hip. Mr. Werley is employed by the village at the municipal power plant and pump si at ion along the lake. Last Aveek Monday while wheeling into the boiler room one of the load-s of coal, which weigh between 300 and 40.0 pounds, he felt.a stitch in his side. . Later in the evening the torn tendon forced him to stop working and to go under the doctor’s care. continues throughout the coming Aveelc. 1 Mr. McNiff had seven clerks to take ; care of the customers. A frozen Ava- | ter pipe burst on the top floor over I this store a Aveek ago, partially damag- i ing some of the stock. Dr. John Hatch Avent to Geneva on Tuesday night to lead a discussion be­ fore the Geneva Aendenw of Medicine on the \Medical Point of View\ Other sneakers at this meetin<r of Geneva nhysicians were Dr. E. F. Butler, of Snvre. nt)(] Dr. Fred W. Lester, of Sen­ eca Falls. T u e s d a y and F r id a y only, 9 to 11 — - - ... - --- rii -- i ■ i~- C A L I2 DAVID M ILO L ft F o r a ll klmJu o f IN S U R A N C E A N D B O N D S P h o n e 499 141! George Hinder, who conducts a cigar store in the Arcade building, will move on April 1st. Mr. Hinder has been in this location for about 34 years. 1-Ie dtoes not knoAv as yet where lie will go. Frank Deckerman will rent the place where Mr. Hinder is now located and will conduct a •cigar, store and newsstand.—Demo­ crat. The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joseph W. Hen­ dricks, pastor of St. Francis de Sales church, of Geneva, has an invitation to the 28th International Eucharistic Con­ gress of the Catholic church in. Chi­ cago next June. Monsignor Hendricks is entitled to a leading place in the ceremonies because of his office as Domestic Prelate of the Pope. He was The employees of the traffic depart­ ment of the New York Telephone Co. entertained at the home of Mrs. Ed­ ward Lee on Friday afternoon at a variety shower and ! The hearing of Arthur J. Neil sen. charged with assault in the third de­ gree. which was to have been held last 1 xveck Fridav aflerno^n before Jusiiee of the Peace Ondlle F. Randolph, was adiourned for the second time. The date of the hearing has been set; for the coming Friday at 2 o’clock. ------ * ------ About 60 people if tended the tractor school held in thn TTorton-Vn^n Hard­ ware Store last Thursday. This was the largest attendance that this store has had in the three years that it has been conducting tlmse schools. An in- HONEYSENE and HONEYSENE OIL (K. i<r h* U. s. Pat. Office) d dinner in honor of ! Emotive moving picture was shown Mrs. Doris Scott Tom ion, whose mar-1 f mnft heTi m o scheme of pink and white Avas carried t JJ10 iron :1 t,ie min s ^ out in the decorations. Mrs. Tomion ! completed machine. received many useful gifts. and beautiful TT^M POTD haniQhoQ niioQ hv remnv an attendant, at a similar congress HLM-KOID bamshes pilesi by remov- hcld in Montreal. It is anticipated that a million people av IU attend* the congress, one of the features of which is to bo singing by 50,000 school chil­ dren. ing the cause, by freeing blood circu- i lation in the lower bowel. This sim- ! pie home treatment has an almost ! unbelievable record for sure, safe and lasting relief to thousands of pile-sick sufferers, and saves the needless pain and expense of an operation. Don’t delay. Try HEM-ROID today. I t Avill do the same for you. fiwl Mrs. Charles P. Williams left for : NeAV York on Monday evening, where Several Epworth Leagues in Yates| she will attend the c^nvention of the County are planning to send large: ^ F e d e r a t e d Chibs at the Ma- delegations to the Penn Yan Metho-1 m New^ \ o r C ity. Mi s. dist church next week Friday night, i Williams was electeu a delegate to at- is a Family Remedy which ought to he in the homes :it; all times. We are all liable to CUTS, BfJRNS, BRUISES, COT.-US, CROUP, SORE THROAT, etc., etc. HONEYSENE is the INFLAMMA­ TION KILLER; reduce the inflamma­ tion and nature av i 11 do the rest. HONEYSENE OIL is far more ef­ fective Ilian Camphorated Oil, as it \ h very strongly medicated Avith Cam­ phor and contains many antiseptic and healing drugs. R e tailed by A ll Druggists and G e n e ral Stores W h o lesaled fo r me by PROUTY & RAPALEE The Eex&ll Store E. BEN KNIGHT, Mfr. Penn Yan, N. Y. 31 f QUIT GETTING UP NIGHTS * - M . c l u i v i i v i Prompt Service Lowest Prices KLEVER-KRAFT RUG WORKS M a n u fa c tu r e r s of Rag Rugs, Fluff Rugs from Old Carpet, Porch Pillows, Shopping Bags, Portieres W E SOLICIT YOUR PATRO NAG E .4 .H e a lthy B lad d e r A r t s D u r in g the D a y , C. N. Shuman. Republic, Ohio, says: “Before taking Lithiated Buchu (Kel­ ler Formula) had to get up six or seven times each night. Now T do not g*et up at all. You may use my name if it would benefit -anyone with bladder ! trouble.” Be careful not to take drugs that check the action of the bladder. Y <)11 may have to continue its use. LiUiialod Buchu (Keller Formula) in­ creases the action during the day. It cleanses the bladder as epsom salts do the bowels driving out foreign matter, neutralizing excess acids, thereby re­ lieving the irritation which causes “Getting Up Nights.*’ The tablets cost | two cents each at all drug stores or ; Keller Laboratory, Medianicsburg, O/ Locally at BordwelVs. Inc. MRS. ED NA COYLE ►ranchport, N. Y. (I w 1 * A d d i s o n MeCandless X FUNERAL DIRECTOR 134 E L M S T R E E T F U N E R A L H O M E L A D Y A S S IS T A N T P H O N E 279 D a y or N ig h t I-Tarrie L. Smith, former deputy col­ lector of internal revenue at Mt. Mor­ ris, pleaded guilty in\federal court in Elmira to a charge of converting in­ come tax money to his oavd use. Judge Hazel sentenced him to serve seven months in the Monroe county peniten­ tiary. William J. Flynn, attorney for Smith, claimed the defendant made restitution. -♦ — ■ It was a happy Ne>v Year for pa­ tients of Dr. Richard H. McCarthy at Saratoga, The physician observed his birthday and New Year’s simultane­ ously bv crossing off the books all un­ paid bills due him and so announced to th e public, i Last uveek a house party of sixteen Penn Yan people made merry for three days at the home of Robert P. McGilliard at Wall Springs, on the Gulf, near Lakeland, Fla. A long boat ride along a narroAv, winding, scenic river, a wonderful lunch, a big pine bonfire and many snapshots furnished a delightful day of real fun, a day Avhich ended- in a glorious sunset on the Gulf. Another day was spent en­ joying a deep sea fish barbecue, Avhen the sun Avas really very warm. H oav - ever, none of these good people *:vere too far aAvay from home to forget what sub-zero Aveather and deep snow mean. The folloAving week tAventy friends completely surprised E. C. Gillett ou the evening of his birthday.—Lake­ land (Fla.) cor. ------- # ------- What Avas formerly known as the Short Electric Manufacturing Co., lo­ cated at the corner of Central avenue and Seneca street in Penn Yan, Avas re-incorporated the middle of January under the I havs of New York state as the Non-Metallic Pliaduct, Inc., with officers and stockholders as follOAvs: A, Hall Berry, of NeAV York City, president; H. M. Short, of Penn Yan, vice-president; F. X. Creary, of N gav York Citv, secretary and treasurer, and S. E. Short, of Penn Yan, man­ ager. Mr. Berry is general sales man­ ager for all United States having had long and av i die experience in sales or­ ganization handling this same line of products. The new corporation is capitalized at $100,000 and uses the name “Pliaduct\ Avhich has been un­ der a copyright in past years held by the Short Electric M fg , Co, Lyons Republican. Bellona will be guests of the Penn Yan l EpAvorth Leaguers on that night. A &a counties. fine program has been arranged. The ,, , supper will be served at 6:45 p. m. At a recent meeting of the Gu-ya-no- _____ » _____ ; ga Chapter, Daughters of the Amen- Bernard and Harry Flynn, of Milo j Revolution, Mrs. Fra.nkie Griifin Station, have purchased the milk route in Penn Yan of the BellvieAV Farms, taking possession Monday morning of this Aveek. The deal was consummated last Friday and includes only the dis­ tributing end of the business. The BellvieAV Farms and the modern sani­ tary milk station at Himrod will be conducted as in the past by Nelson Jones. This dairy business has been in operation only a little more than a year and in that time has built up a good business in Himrod, Glenora, Dun­ dee and Penn Yan. Merson, one of the faculty of Keuka College, read an interesting article A\Thich she had prepared on \Historic Places Supported by the National So­ ciety of the Daughters of the Ameri­ can Revolution.” Mrs. Merson sug­ gested that the local Daughters see to it during the present year that if there are any of these in Yates Coun­ ty, they be named or marked. If any­ one in this locality knows of any buildings Avhich have any historical significance or of any trees, Avhich are of unusual size, Gu-ya-no-ga Chapter will be glad to hear from them. S a w F i l i n g General Wood Working Located in the shop known as G. B. . Wheeler 24 Maiden Lane Joe McDermott, Jr. 4 If 1 W* The Yates County delegates to the State Grange Convention Avhich met last Aveek in Watertown have returned home reporting that the largest class ot candidates in history received the 6th, or State Grange, degree at this gather­ ing. There Avere 3076 in this class. The drill team numbered 72. Later a second drill team of 48 was combined Avith this first and the tAvo worked together. , There were some 3,000 peo­ ple crowded into the armory on Thurs­ day night to Avitness this degree Avork. Fred J. Freestone, of Interlaken, was re-elected overseer. Those attending the conclave from this county as offi­ cial delegates were; Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. OAven, of Penn Yan; Mr. and Mrs. James Truesdell, of Benton; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Peterson, of Barring­ ton, arid Mrs. William Rex, of Rush- Ville. Rev. Fred Vreeland, Jr., son of Evangelist Fred Vreeland, of Keuka Park, has accepted a call to become pastor of the Community church of Wales Center, N. Y. The parish has just completed a $5,000 residence for its neAV pastor. On February 22nd, Rev. Mr. Vreeland will be married to Miss Elsie Taylor, of Springfield Gar­ dens, Long Island. Miss Taylor has been a teacher in the New York schools and is a director of girls’ ac­ tivities. Mr. Vreeland goes to Wales Center direct from Colgate University from which he will receive a degree in June. During the past summer Mr. Vreeland supplied the Central Park church of Manhattan and the King’s Highway church of Brooklyn. He was principal of I lie Daily Vacat ion Bible School in the former. Herald, Used Auto Parts Tires, Batteries, Etc. Parts for Ford, Chevro­ let, Dodge and many other makes Will pay Cash for Used Cars Armstrong—Aufo Parts O p p o s ite Sam p s o n T h e a tr e 2tf W a n ted — Clean, light-colored rags, free from buttons, snaps, etc. Will Rochester | pay fie per pound. Penn Yan Printing | Co., Main Street Bridge, 4tf N 1 s

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