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Plattsburgh press-Republican. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1942-1966, April 22, 1955, Image 16

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$$*;-••'.••'•'••• **?•>.; PLATTSBUROH PRISS-REPUBUCAN—FRIDAY, APRIL 22,1931 • >• •• '. • :iy wait a minute! don't make JH± another marketing IMiDLyM \ --s&M ^ ..: •'-'- ?' - S& •(r,*!;-*-. . I-- ^ iff C13S' !STO M^COK^» rftect^r^dS'^ 1 COME SEE COME SAVE AT A&P! A good because_^ a ior ie»» 3-^^ svn^-;;,,^ \ save every U ge you; A&P ^ ^ey. TbJ^ RefU lt. ^ ^ tyin , ^ «o cotft* ^^^Sl^^-^ e \' e :e»T» °-SeW*» cotn» gave •tore - -- t c \oc^or\tt •'' I^AAVK RE^LT „ Avenue, ^L-ATIOl?^8J?fS^-^ f II# Your Total Food BUI with the Many Low Prices on A&P*s Super-Right Meats! Are the meats you've been buying dependably flavorful, tender and juicy--are they always carefully cut and trimmed to give you full value?lf not, they're, no bargains . . regardless of price! Try \\Super-Right\--.discover the difference -v specialty selected by experts from the best meets available --guaranteed to give you complete 'satisfaction or your money back. Remember - - it's not the price per pound.but the total cost of good eating that counts. SUNSHIN[ LtBBY'S 25 c 29 c C 18\ HEAVY DUTY HOLIDAY ASS'T. MEGOWEN EDUCATOR PKG VIENNA FINGERS SUNSHINE PKG 39 c DIAL SOAP 2 T£* 29 DIAL SOAP 2^ 35 c APPIAN WAY PIZZA MIX ^o oz 39 KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP 49 CRAX MEGOWEN EDUCATOR KRISPY CRACKERS CORNED BEEF HASH REYNOLDS WRAP REYNOLDS WRAP DOG FOOD KTN-^AHON 3«NS43 DRIED BEEF SUNNYFIELD JAR 29 c HEINZ CHILI SAUCE E? 33 B&M STEW IAMB or CHICKEN CAN 57 c CHICKEN SPREAD SWANSON'S CAN 19 c HEINZ SWEET GHERKINS 35 BAKER'S COCOANUT 2 ' 35 BAKER'S VANILLA 37 ARMOUR'S PIGS FEET JAR Z 31 c PILLSBURY HOT ROLL MIX 26 Bell's Seasoning 2,\X 21 c Tongue JEX, ™« 14 c Deviled Ham L1BBrs 2 C 3 A ° N Z S 37 c Spread JAR LB AAC PKG WW LB PKG LB CAN ROLL 53 ROLL 2# C DEVIUO ARMOUR'S SANDWICH HEUMAN'S 3'i OZ CAN 8 0Z JAR 24 c CALIFORNIA Asparagus TENDER, GREEN SPEARS LB 19 SEEDLESS BANANAS FLORIDA CORN GRAPEFRUIT MUSHROOMS ICEBERG LETTUCE WESTERN CARROTS NEW CABBAGE NEW TEXAS ONIONS CALIFORNIA U.S. NO. 1 2 LBS 29 4 EARS 33 3 FOR 25 B 45 c HEAD 19 2 \PKGS 19 2 LBS 19 C 5 LBS 39 / Q,Frtctt thaw* I\ IMl 14 l<j*rMl«d ihni Saturday, ktuU 33 and tff«1* In U<<< town. BRILLIANT NEW WHITENESS THREE LITTLE KJTTENS Cot Food 2IJ^:AW^7 C LIQUID SHORTENING QT BOT 70t Wesson Oil 36 UNDERWOOD'S I VA OZ CANS 37t Deviled Ham 'V: 33 LIBERTY MARASCHINO - PLAIN Cherries «M»OTUE29 C WAXW-KITCHEN CHARM Paper 2 ,UFTR0US 49 C NOW CONTAINS BLEACH 2 gt tlzt 35* Bab-O 2\ SS,ZE 25 C ANGEl SOFT - WHITE or RAINBOW TissueSJ\'\ 2 PKCS OM0 ° 43 c DASH HAND Dog Food I CAN 1 5 C ARMOUR'S LUNCHEON MEAT Treet i.wu»4i c / : •*H- , >c?? st^i tt& s Heavy Corn-Fed Western Steer Beef-7-INCH SHORT CUT RIB ROAST 59 * SUPER-RIGHT FRANKFORTS MADE ONLY FROM LEAN MEAT I. SPICES Skinless-All Meat \49' Skinless-All Beef \49* Regular-All Meat \ 65' Regular—Ail Beef u 65* Jumbo Size-All Beef '49' Baby Size-All Meat »\33* BELTSVIILE, 6 TO 8 LBS READY-TO-COOK HEAVY CORNrFED STEER BEEF BONE IN - BLOCK STYLE Heavy Corn-fed Steer Beef POT ROAST HEAVY WESTERN CORN-FfD STEER BEEP TOP ROUND OR TOP SIRLOIN •>$• AlP BUYS NO. i GRADE FISH IXCLUSIVELYI 8& Broilers or Fryers Broiler Turkeys Chuck Roast Boneless Chuck Roasts Boneless Stew Beef Lean Ham Veal Cutlets Center Pork Chops SUPER-RIGHT MEATS- ONE LOW PRICE ONLY FRESH NATIV1 READY-TO-COOK Super-Right Bacon All Good Bacon Smoked Picnics FANCY SLICED TOP QUALITY LB FANCY SLICED TOP QUALITY RJPER-RIGHT SHORT SHANK 55 c lB 49 c u,39 c m ;«« QUALITY FISH & SEAFOOD1 WIDE VARIETYI LB 34c 3 Fresh Haddock Fillets Cod Fillets Flounder Fillets FRESHLY HtOHN FRESHLY FROZEN ,.37' ^35 c „55 c CUT FROM TENDER, YOUNG, SOFT-MEATED, MILK-FED VEAL BEST CUTS AS ADVERTISED! NO ITEMS PRICED HIGHER AT AtP HERE'S WHY FRESH COFFEE Freshly Ground • • • Freshly Made REALLY TASTES LIKE COFFEE! FIRST CHOICE FOR SECOND HELPINGS! You can't fool real donut fam about flavor, lightness and downright goodness ... you get all three to the greatest degree with these Jane Parker favoritesl Donuts Mild i M»How Custom Ground AfcP. Coffee it premium-quality coffee .. . every bean, every time. If s roasted to peak of perfection ... kept in the nature-sealed bean until you buy ..,- then Custom Ground exactly right for your coffeemaker. And it's guaranteed to please you . . . or you get your money back! Re- member, there'i no finer coffee in any package at any price! Rhubarb Pie Sunshine Ring Delight Layer JANE PAPKER JANE PARSER GOLDEN PLAIN, SUGAR, CINNAMON, COMBINATION EA 39 C PKG OF 12 19 «39 c 49 = JANE PARKER EA English Muffins JANEPARKER S 0 4 23 WHITE BREAD JANE PARSER- 4% 1 LB 1 QZ 0% #%C SLICED A lOAVES : 29 EIGHT O'CLOCK 79* JAM: BAG (left t F*A-to<**4 RED CIRCLE l-LB. QA, BAG Ow % 3-Lb. Bag *2.43 34b. Bag •2.31 Vlgoro** t Wfa«r Make A&P your headquarters for \dairy-fresh\ fine quality dairy foods in wide variety. You'll find many big buys like .. . Vi B G 85c 3-Lb. Bog '2.49 Mel-O-Bit Cheddar Cheese 10 $ N H G 7G E D LB 63 C Kraft's AMERICAN GRATED' 2 CANS 27 c Kraft's Parmesan ft ,, ;i° z 19 c Gr»t«d CAN AMERICAN or SWISS Ched-O-Bit Borden's Chateau Baby Edam Cheese y 2 LB PKG Kraft's Coon Cheese lB 69 c Swiss Cheese RINDLES5 27 c 2 lB 70 c r 3o c 7V> OZ 39 lB 69 c Refreshing, rich in fine flavor ANM PAGE A&P TOMATO JUICE 2^° 47 An _A&P_Exclusive! An Outstanding Value! 1QT14 0Z CANS PUTB BLACKBERRY JAM or JELLY rourt CHOICE 2 noz MQ { JARS m WW BA^fER-'S- FROZEN FFelichTfies Strawberries Lemonade im r$nouH Snow Crop Peas Raspberries Cauliflower PKGS 10 OZ LIBBY'S FROZEN PKG 29 c 2 6OZ l%Mt CANS A** 2 10OZ PKGS 1QOZ t%t AGEN FROZEN PKG 2 10OZ PKGS AGEN FROZEN 35 •flTereVTOrTB—beTtef at\any^TTceTl^eaTT6r' every milk use . . . see recipes on the label! tVAP.MILKE:4^49 c *MHItA't FOtlMOtT MOB MUllll... UNCI 111* uper Markets IM tun AIWIJIIC a MCINC IIA tomrttiv Summer's juiccst blackberriei, ripe and flavorful, are used iii mafting it the fineS^fastirig Jam ,0f Jelly yW' ever spread on bread or toastl Such good eating . . . such BIG VALUE! Sparkle Gelatin Spaghetti Sauce Tomato Soup Spaghetti ANN PAGf- ANN PAGE IT 2 8 0Z A£C CANS «\>J '.PKGS ANN PAGE ANN PAGE PREPARED* CANS 4 101/j OZ CANS 1 LB4V3 0Z CANS ZT 33 c Great big tender-skinned, flavorful favorites Green Giant Peas u c% oz 20 c Tender golden kernels of corn-on-the-cob' without the cobl NibletsCorn S 20Z, ' C CAN 16 Tender kernels of com with sweet greeft and red peppers. Niblets Mexicorn 2 39 u I T \ *• 'V'Vi' 1 ' '\•'.• V ''• •••'\':&

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