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«v, all I ._ V.’ W % A . ‘ . % % D . _v - “ V 24‘ ' ‘ 5\‘ ;:‘ i I’ I’ \i b. ,0 1 ,_ ‘ ‘ ’ ,$:;.\ ~, .., I‘ > ; , 1 : 9, :3‘. 0 I _1°9.1a. , vo LUM E v,:. .,NUMBE..Re 3113 1711!“: ;0.lI.7 ‘FIELDS. ;o.Ln puN1.s~Wl:r'n {NEW mus. A\u1:c cm. CHRISTHASIIDE-. Christmas hath zi datk lznnxgnni ‘l‘),cp6§jAtjsA,_,iin A11‘ Earl! 15? . ‘ . thc.WL-md:\“ » x :_l II.ited Stités? l,l.o‘1’.ouj,r‘t.x._I;‘qn_‘t of A_s‘I-is I cu‘l,t,u[r¢~ »WI.i';'n,_s; ngjm-s. No Cause of Acjiqn, tho‘VVe,n_-dict in a Slit! .A§a_i,ns,t the Town. ’ “ S.npezrv;(sor Mulligan and the other membqrs of the Town Board, was via- Brighter than the blazing'“ moon; Christmas bath a. chilliness Warmer than a; heart.\ of June; Christmas hath ahgautv A _ Ldvelier than the wéozxldécan show. ' -——,Cbrist,ina Rossetti. ‘F~liéi5C§l¢Br§ti0ii?’«i§f‘ the ‘FeAStEiIv§l=I%1a oft Anc‘ie.'nti Therevare n;a.nyfiuimensfe,'1'y ,pr‘Qdiuc-‘ oijl ‘ir_‘1‘_ nhie? ‘ vké”o:_-.1;1‘ i‘u¢1'd§1ig§ ihose {or Pa.-sia~,.L Egybn,V%1'.nai-ai% .im]s.1;‘ 'Bi.> 5 Bélaitfively few ‘or :th;é’ gne §.;ccg1;mi;‘1at1_6n§,f\ih all l‘i,kéf1 ihQQd§. §5E_a.‘Vé.~’ Ay.eI;Y‘r&)eer1_‘_<>_’p.ene:‘_;<'1* by the t1‘_i?i‘E);”9f,‘n(:1;_ '§. theory is. widely held: '::;~1j:*ac.=' napnre Á Lméthbd foféix. Jmahut.-mum .i_s.‘.;:ja..:é_(:,'<’)rT1’.-': lni'n'u\ous~ pr'dcess.4 -gaing on. no v;v..a.s ;x1p.u.:s$1§l1$; S§s§'iE‘Tevén ‘did. \ ~ V fro preveno cigizexis from being\ Wiaken “in.” -by misleading advertise-= ments the Uujined .Sbases Depgrumenn (Qt Agriculture p,ub\1 a: statement .ab,oup mo dld: piants whiclun~e Aex.cen,- s a‘dv'ert.'isTedT under new names. Depa;rn;n,e‘p.t.. refutes she ,3; «;Cg1;1:r;ét~n1a;s: ,h«_a:s 1_,><:_come ,a, day:-<>‘f;~ .g1.y1n~g‘ and-' ;r§c‘e1v.xn_g,\;9f .go.c_>d: :1j ;.=fg£e}f1ng;7‘ a.i;<i ;e@j5.s[3s<T:i%1;f.i.:;1i131;y ‘ 'fi.sf’%V.‘<31‘1i‘e:.;<_>f’ VréIiigi‘o%u§.g jL13;u‘t: {i:;:l;;ya4sT min} for a ;xun3ibé:p£c13;;is'tmasf : 4 i3i$h;éiit;snr.v:i‘va1~V 1“iL.'e.$-‘v€1.,.é..€'5:f31'-’.§:I,'f5t‘Z_}jag1;t}1.e§?1QgY;?* -*V£7§héh:v:It‘~h¢ ‘1i1;oVt;Iie'fr; I; it-i‘)\ 1 :;;‘anfy_fp1d; ;.<}:,15>/s'érv,aix1_¢;es; :gf7 ‘,»té5Ii%ein‘ .tf‘_’heyf ’1i than the~§'rt¢s*;\°f'7\f1‘¢?-éhiircli: 7;. > : T:% ‘_%rL1e.u:s 1i:tj%c}:airEe3%.étt;zofi.i7tf~: ! ' toriouVs{ixi\§5~§cLion’abL law at, Iuhaéa last. week, the jury bringing in the vex-dict; of -“No Cause of Action.” Cobb, Cobb; Me Allister 65 _Fein1_)e'rg' were attorneys for’ the p]aim,i the atmorney fdr t.l_;e defendant was Sen'at.or John. F. Murbaugh df Elmira. ‘The Ithaca Jouxnal of December 17th, stated as follows of the case: i . V f Heap on more wood! The wind is (shill; ‘But, let; in wliisbleas it. will, ’ V We’ll keep our Qhz-ist.ma§ merry still-. —- Walter ‘Scotti. »»4_$];aiims of _excep!.i’ona1‘ value made for plagys ‘and. explaigs to eiitléhp thes‘e_ nlanns hav,é been Ring‘ out, ye crystal ‘spheres! Onge bless, our human ears, ‘ If ye have power to touch our-sengesso, And let, your silver chime move in“ me- - lbqfous time. ‘ ‘ ' _And let the bass of heaven's - deep > qrgan blow, . Idany es'Iex_:'t;j,Arzat711_t-e hgzs‘ a Ii}ier:zz'1'—.proVision of thié-. ‘fuel Ias: 't;,hou_gh. in lggd been :fo:-esfkeen than time to come goil 'co.u1'd.. b‘e uS3d to\ gx-e:i.t;iei-_ ad_;fv'a;utagé gthaq fcoa.l.'f ‘Rs: vaiue-1'o:j1;1ari_pi;ne uses is. now‘ 'ap,p.t1eN.-: .¢iaté'd; ~is;‘ !IfJf0re easily» ‘ha'ndl\e(i;‘ 1‘g§'ves~ t;nc_)r‘é. xj~.o.o.m: Ifor freight‘, 'n1j akés ships Not .1958‘ ‘baggage .po‘ssib1:é; and }3l‘0 increases the ,sue2-ming radius of\. cemin. classes ‘of vessels ;s0I2_iebh3n.<:» l.i‘l<_<.a,'» fort?! ;D.9l'f.£‘«9l.1!J'- -E¢r- i h_3i5S' t_he”!.'e ‘ate 200 ‘Bniliishr s.hfi’ps.. Libs» .(:l‘iiditxg- torbedo bDal:$ which _bum -;oil}., O‘t._}:xe‘t*\-na|{iop also d,t'.eJbni,1ding; \t. sand. it Lye cogstsf of ;1:ej;o;;t_inepss wéremiugéd -wfi‘t,h dqaling sta‘t.i‘on’s~,_ ‘-the. .liq’u'i§1 fujél‘ i§_1i)u1c1'7\5.Eiu_1§3 'int._o_ use. f2‘1‘s .-fast. as sbeametgs could be adapted to‘ burnin. ' . A.qon'sidezfed vdlqable after l_ong use The Department séys: 5§3\There has rece been a eon,s‘i‘d‘4 4“e'r§'k)’Ie arnouneof advertising, by the .1$§ess aiad’ Otherwise, 0‘r',t.wo beans for \highly extravagant claims are -1i_ ! .tb'e seed at whieh exor- ‘bftant pviees are ‘being; asked. One of _t§_ése ise‘beingtgadver\tisedi under the of. the Shanna‘ pea; with the ab- sijgd el,ai:n.~ that one three and onevbalf was this plant produced: 70 ti/ons__of and 350 husihélse of seed‘. . Shahon pezitis ngthingj more or tbzmtlie ‘plant tiroperly known as t;hi_5 Asparagus’ been or Ya bean. I a -ciose relative of the c.owpe‘a.~t-—i_n feet, by most: botanists Vconsidered a ‘mere variety. In experimental» tests‘ with of 20 varieties of Aspara-‘ g'u,s.-bean this,.d.ep’artm‘6nt_ reached the co9e'1ns'ion none of. them‘ could possibly compete with. the‘. ‘better varieties of eowpeas est a forage-ci'~op_., Thelstems, is; a. 13110, are much more slender and vining-, and nhe.1ong pods. which lie on the: groimd, cannot} be harvested by machinery. None. of these 20 varieties is‘ as productive. either._in herbage or in pods, as the better varieties of cowpeas. ~'l1he--nove1~defei?se»~that———a he swarm of bees was primarily responsible for the injuries sustained by Clark Grant while driving’ along a country road in August, 1912, will be advanced by the attorney for the defendant in the action brought by Grant against‘ the town of Hector, Schuyler County, now on trial in Supreme Court before Jus- ticeeAlber,t -H\. Sewell. \ ‘ . Trial ‘at the action opened ar.“1‘o':'3o o’clock Tuesday morning. -According to the complaint. Grant was driving along one of the roads in the town of Hector with a team attached to a load of straw ,upon which he was riding‘. ,The plaintitf \contends that the condition of the highway was such. that the load was overturned, throwing him into a pile of stones at the side of the highway. Grant’s left’ wrist was broken and he was otherwise in- iured as a result of the accident. He‘ b_rought suit against the town to re- cover $10,000 damages, claiming that his injury was due to negligence on the part of the town officials. The defense claims that the‘)-cad whe_re;the accident occurred is just I the .1ny.t1hb1‘égy%idf7}f§¢4 £$‘€.1‘X:'».<‘2.I,’1’_‘s;f‘L’aé1-.:‘1d4%'«~.\e'i:1‘.' 6:,’agpdition ‘j»i‘x:1i¢.r;i;ta_x:ic;;=,V to-.day-‘T \-fCs>_i1.s17pii¢1;€>ii§Ii zthem La;e;'..tj1i1e- +\1;>’_117r‘t'f11i:.‘x1:g.'.; \1<.>g‘:.2i17I‘j1;<i‘l'j :t&:h¢% .a1“1;I%t~I1g;i'ngA.of the. mist1fe;toe;. b.61I1g1i~. And with Tyour ninefold harmony makm up full consort. , ‘ To t;b‘e“£1'i;ge1icAsymphony.- -—John Milt.on; It is the Chrisbmas time. _ Q _, And up and down; _’mvixt., heaven and earth , ‘ _ V In glorious grief and sofemrx t The shining angels clit W, ‘ ——-D. M. Mulock Cxf'8.i'k. ~‘ejz:1_l w11g_ Acelvf - day, it has‘ been ;one. _._for; *éi'i:t‘i7i1t§;,’-’i5;sfijfx*,~;’in‘g;%-::1:;s1sdénci»1ig;and~Jtterrime of all‘ ki Indged‘ f 1113.4 pf the fcllurch égaihs; -the ’n1anx1ef' of: fbssgiwanceeryaéi %svp[if'1:ti,1,%a1.1; 1nAefani-i1;g “mo o‘ft'_¢ti‘A‘f6fr gQ;tté-n iijzigi ’ 3 L ' Shepherds at. the grgange ' Where the Babe was born Sang with many a change Christmas carols until morn. . —Henry W. L0ngf,e1lo’.w‘. ‘._' v_' { What. nag; been ,ap£‘1‘;yj \cal\-1'ef(_i’ ‘“'a . beétiztiful .phasg Tin .‘ A’P°.Pu-'1a‘ri .S1.2,i-j.:)é1fSti;f‘;;i(;)11:,‘g’ ’*\e1 x ’ibe'1ie‘:1f,¥ was; that a11_3, 'tBe?povqer§f‘of lev1f lay V’ 5<1_6r111eipt1.9§tLdI héfmlggs‘-on. ChrVi'Sft;'mI;;¢s \cock crowed t’11roug;H f.i}ifhe1.i’S_ie1oxigv n“ig11t11;o.¢(1}rivei a1I;.ev_i_I S;pi«r=i’tS‘a.way;' .t'1_1e;. bees _séuig ixi *\thei1:' wi_nter“hives;'7f1i.e ~¢att1e.,_h‘eiT'f human at @151 times,‘ ‘became ;who11jyv3?sbTaf ;r_f1idn_ight £1-nd :ta‘1lo:e‘d like human‘ being_s'.. r Indeed, ' ;’ther€r‘7were;‘_n1_uh.1*K1érs in the 7days when‘ S'atur‘na1ia reigned over even the Roniah emperors, but they were ‘not Ii1’e'ce'sSa,ri1y' off‘ the f C]:n;~istmé1_s..ti»me.' _ ‘The love for_masq_uerade is al1:i1b1st‘a's‘o1d..és‘the‘ Jhuman‘ Eaee itself. ' _ T _ ii ‘ , ; ‘A ,- ‘ L The fes1;i'vit,ies thaj: dis (;}1'r'i'st'mas. e_x’istedT ‘I9 ‘Christia'Iti_:ty,_ and a god-.-o_Lf goeid [cheer 9:1:)/ as; the personi ’ 'ca“tioIf1 offhe 1:_>e‘x;iodfrOIhsthe éarliélf‘ pag_-an times. - Ndw Vt5h_e 5Sant‘a \C1‘a31sf of to-day is simply that old jlolllyjgod sobered nip, washed _aiid. puti . The‘ .Dion.js;iaTMbnfmffiewéreeks, t e:. Sat-urna_‘1a ('3 ._.te‘ ~.Romja,ns.,; 1_tr11.¢ '1.I‘we1v‘e~..;I.\Tigh_ts of the’ old .NQrsje1nen and ‘of the A'l‘“e1i.tons,al-1ece1eT>rated: the cbmihg vthe wipter’ solstice._ People ’\.(heVn_:ga=v’e. themselves [so a1_?I:spr§:s‘=.o.f_ »:eve1._r;y;;a11,g1Mexeess, In the ~ Dionysia, the-‘re _whs riO.tf_the young. Dibny'._su‘s-'o'r ' Baeéhus; but the aged, echleery ~a'nd'disrepu'tab1e -Si'1enus,A the chief of-. the Sat.yrs'a_nd the god of drunkards. In [the Saturna1ia'it Was- ‘ Saturn; in t1‘1‘e-Germanic feasts it was Thor, both lbng bearded and white haired gods like Silepus. T;__ Q The star which Vbhey saw in the East; Went. before them bill it came and Stood over where the young Child was. . —-Ma.t;t,he.w.. T-h.e Mexican and C_arihb'ea.n V; oil are believed to be the richest.‘ yet found, and the nheapness wichl which this fuel ‘can he. laid down .,a1aj Pa.n9,iniz—'-a=bo‘uf. half we cost; of ‘<:'og1,.;-,.~ will-‘contribute go; make that watqervs-ay= the greatest artery.» of commerce in‘ the” ew.oz_-'ld._~ Doubpless there will be oil. e‘niough for t;he~uSe.S. of all the nations, yébi is not L0’ be wondered v.t.ha.tl the United Suites, England and eGet*.manyl =are,--all \reaching our. for sources of suppl7y'.as~ near as possible to the éanal‘, The present; total output; of crude -91; is: est.i’mat.ed an million: tons\ia year’-,. ofawhich ma. ,.miJ1:i'orL..tons will (he. ‘demanded eat\. an early day to meet. Htzhe fl3jr~iAt.ish nva_“eds:.-.»H_e.!.19;e;,ghe_. innexes 9L; than ‘Govexnmenn in vlaord Cowdt:a‘y‘sJ oil concessions in Mexico and the '1-ights,he is seeking in Venezuela,‘ Columbia. and Ecuador‘. Hence“ also, the vital interest of our own country» in oil near» to the Panama Canal. ~-Rochester Post Express. W T l ‘ “Merry Christm§.s,\’ hear them say _ As the. east is gx lighter. - May the joy of Christmas day Make your whole year gladder, * brighter. -—V-lvlargarét. Deland. Again at Christmas did we weave The hollyround the Christmas hearth. ——A1fred Tennyson. ‘ Si~ng\‘€BETsong of great joy that the - angels began; Si-ng of g‘Io'x;-1y‘-E6~£‘rodf~aad~of~go(;t}~WilL to man. A - '3‘-The: ‘Asparagus 'bean~ derives its name from the fact that the young green nqds. wh,e'n.. used as a« vegetable. have rsomewhat t’he asparagus. A”é,~5t ve‘geta,ble the Asparagus bean may come i'nto»somewhat more general use than it has in the past, but as a; forage crop it has. but little merit. Seed of the Shahon pea‘, which‘ appar- ently is the commo.‘ne_st variety of As- paragus bean—name1y, that having‘ pixfkish-bu seeds——-is offered by the advertisers at $5 per pound. The same variety is offered by seedsmen in_ France, where the bean is less conn- monly grown, for 25 centsa pound. “Another plant which has been thor- oughly‘ tested, both by the department and the experiment stations~—namely, the. Jack bean—-i_s also being extrava- gantly advertised under the \name of the Giant Stock Pod bean, _or the Wataka bean, the seed being‘ quoted at $15 per bushel. This bean has been fully treated of in Bureau of- Plant In- dustry Circular No. 110, which can be obtained from the Department -free upon request. While- the Jack bean produces an enormous amount of beans per acr'el.they— are not relished by stock, and no satisfactory means of utilizing them has yet been discovered. t.he.”S2,iE1e as any o_p_Hé?‘ country roz_a._T_, and bhab the ‘accident. was not caused bymhe faulty coydition of the highway butrby a’. swarm of ‘bees attacking the horses that. Grant‘, was driving, causing the animals to become unmanageable. —-.Tohn,G,~ Whittier. CHRISTHASIN OTHER LANDS. A few years ago in England in was the cuétom after the Christmas dinner to pull bonbon crackers and to wear the grotesque caps and masks that’ came wit.h.t,hem. \In _other ways the celebration is very much as with us. Gobd cheer is the\ rule in Ireland, Fatal Auto Accident. A fatal auto acéident. of most ter- rible details occurred on the highway about four miles east of Owego, during the mominb’ /vvurs of D'é‘cember 17, 1913. . . Now, although the central of the AChistian.festi*va1»is‘1:he—- ‘ Child God, -the Christ Ki'ndlein,' thein of long pagan custom‘ ‘was \too strong within the breasts of the ea1:ly=Chri_stians to be easily ‘ supers_eded..- The‘ tradition of hoary age ‘as. the true representative of the dying year and its attend'ant jolli remained isxnfoldering under the ashes of tgh,ge,_pas_t.g I}; _bu§st into new\ ! . ~.when¢tl1e past; was too far back\ to _be looked upon with‘-the‘ fear' alnd arxtagogistn of-the church and there seemed no longer. any danger of a ‘relapse into _paga'ni'sm._ At however, the more dignifiedgregresentative was chosen as more in keeping with the occasion. ‘Sat was gnconsciously rebaptized as St. Nicholas, ~fh‘e~ name ‘of the saint wh'ose_festival occursin Decenz and who as the patfonéofg young people: is especially for the patronage of Report on. I-‘loridh. The State of Florida forms a part of the geological province of the United States known as the Coastal Plain—a broad tract of relatively low land which extends from New York to Mexico, rising‘ gradually from the coast to a height of a few hundred feet and for the most part apparently flat or gently rolling‘. A comprehensive report ‘on Floridahas ilist been issued by the United States Geological Survey. in. ‘Wa.ter4Supply ‘ Paper 319-'-“Geology and Ground’ Waters’ of F‘lori‘da~”—by George C. Matson and Samuel Sanford, p_r_epared in co-operation between the Federal Suryey and the Florida. Geo- logical Survey. - Hart 1 of the 1-eport-is devoted to the geography of the State. the natureLof the country, the relief; the drainage, lakes, rivers‘ and swamps of the upland or lake region, the underground. drain- ageland‘_A§_p_rings, the -Everglades and cypress swamps of the lfsoutherh part of the peninsula; and the coral reefs, sounds,’ inlets and keys of the coast. The origin and character of the soils are also.discuSs‘ed. Part II__ discusses the geologic formations, including phos- phate rock-, which, next to water, is the‘ _Stat'e’s‘ greatest natural mineral ’res'ou_rce,, ;a.nd~~Pa‘.rt III deals in consid- erable 'detail with the underground ‘waters. Part IV ¢0mptiSe§:.3'd§ScripF tion‘ of each of. \the; .52, counties. under the headings general features, geology, water supply. source.. “quality and development. Included in this part is a detailed description of a large num- ber of swells, with information at. what depth and in what rock forziiation water may be obtained in the ditférent local-~ ities. Water-Supply Paper 319 contains .450 .pa._ges, is accompanied by a general topographicv and‘geol'ogic. map of the -State of Florida, and is further illus- trated by diagrams. and photo9:rap_hs. A‘ copy of this valuable report may be _obtained free of-charge on application to the Director ‘of’ the United States \Geological Survey, Washington, D. C. George H. Baker. only son of Frank M. Baker formerly 9. Railroad Com- missioner of the .State, and partner with his father in the hardware busi- ness at Oweko; was returning from Binghaimton where his wife was visit- ing his sister, when his car went over the edge of an ‘eight-foot embankment along the highway. He had left -the city at about 2 a. m., and was riding alone. The car swerved from its course and ran some eighty feet before it was overturned. ' . and holly and ivy are seen on every hand. A midnight. mass is celebrated, and masses follow through the night. and morning, all of which are largely attended. The religious element. pz-ea dominates. Rich and poor alike have goose for their Christmas dinner. In Holland Santa—Gla.us pays his an- nual visit to all goodphildren twenty days before he comes to this country. December 5 is the Feast. Day of St. gligholas, alias Santa. Claus. TI-Iehas nothing whatever to do Christmas, a.nd_his visib there is an Anglo-Saxon Some teamsters at daylight found the frame of a car at the bottom o£..the_ embankment, everything combustible about its structure having been burn- ’ed away. Beneath the wreck, were the charred bones of a man, with some keys. some ‘coins, and a gold ring upon- a. finger bone. A Coroner’s jnvestiga- tion disclosed that the remains were thibse of Mr. Baker. and it was the‘ opinion that death had resulted from a fracture oi\the skull, rather than from the ! in the burning of the car. He was forty-one years of age, and one of the most popular men in Owego. His parents, his sister, his wife, his sone.nd'his,daugbter, have their deep sorrow shared by many others. T the festival which has come to be looked’ upon as especially that of the young; At ‘St. Nicholas did not supersede the Christ - Child, but aecfotmpaniied him i-n his Christmas‘; travels as\ indeed, he still does in ‘certain ruraI\'i1eighborhqods of Europe where the modern spirit has been least felt; j . ‘ ' M; ~ ‘ \ ofi,the cer1‘turies‘iu regard to the date of the Nativity in year and mgnthemay never be c1ea_re<i up. Studen-ts’ of the subject hai/eistated that. it mugt haveoceurred‘ four gears before the beginning of current; chronology and “that it is bprobabulie the event befell at \some other tinie in the y:ear.tl_1an a few days after. ' the’. winter s'o1s-tiee. Thewreason for th'e‘\‘c:ou ‘aésertion is.‘ the iaécertairtiing of the fact that:,'I-Iero_d died about four\yea‘rs. B} C.- fi .basi$ o'f_ this supposition is th i'111e‘of'the “bi,r.th of Christ “there were shepherds abiding in the watching” TA,theixr+ \ \ ‘T t1:eJ.ati,h_1_,d,e' of ,'iBeth1eirem_~n€ai the shortest day;.'- That is the height of thiie rainy ‘seasoxi J<u‘deia, and the'c_1étef does uot.,appear.to ‘ha_v.e be‘er1.obse'rv'ed‘ _get1eral'1jy b.e‘fot“e the century.‘ Frem‘ this it ‘Would seem. to .,fo_1_i1ow' .t11§t Christ _wgsr thiirty_-\eighth years old‘ kit the ‘time of the 'i<;rif1ei and this wou1d‘:vin‘d.i_ca;te the sagaci'ty of‘ the Jewish _'doe'tdi's who af ! that he was not ye't: yearS_old. “ It ‘i‘sAre't§r1ar‘ked.,. too,» thazt the”s'priug of_ the ‘same year -there was .a -,tri_p1'e conjunctioni of plane-ts+=-Sa;turnA,.Jupiter and Mars, A ‘ ‘ A -« V , ‘M21-n'y ‘stuc1.ents_ of-j Bi.b11ic.a1.’histor.y‘.~ha«ve' rarguédjt-hat. t.he.‘story anachronism. As their panron saint, chi’dren were caught. so look no Nicholas, T .. .- Th]: New Ovid’ Street Bridge. The plans for the new bridge across the Barge Canal ‘§E6'vv_Th5.t its loca- tion=-,w‘ill- be a. considerable distance east of the present bridges. This will necessitate the removal of all the bu'ildi‘ng‘s on the east side of the street, including‘ the; Me Keon Hardware Store and the Gould Building between the canal and river as they now are. V ' > In Spain in is the cusLom't;o1et.oub of prison many of the short, pime pris- oners on Christmas eve, also to permit. furlough. Only blood relations eat: in Lhe»l_1_ous'e on Christmas eve or Chriss- The new structure will be much higher than the present. roadway and its: center will be its _highesu point. The north end of Ovid Street. will be utilized as a. driveway no reach the new street. which will be opened in the rear of stores and business places on the south side of Fall Street. The massive *.conci‘et,e wall to be on the north side .0f.l3he Barge Can'al_ will be- comeaparb of the new roadway‘, alndv doubtless imilized as_r.he terminal from which“boa,t.s on the canal will be loaded and -ulnloadd‘. The location of the new .bvidg.e_ arj Ovid Stmeeb will change‘ entirely Vibe \appearance and :vv'idtb. of the screen, r'endering‘ir, far there convenient for the passing of sLreet.c4a.rs and trat of _all kinds.»- Seueca Falljs Reveilile; T _ma.s day. 1:. is a. general belief that ere midnight, on Chrisnmas eve .Lhe_SZi1:gin comes, bearing-a blessing. There is a midnight, _m_a_ss in the churches, an'd Flying Boat on Lake lieulia. other masses follow. While there are few civilized coun- tries in which the plan o£«7g=i.¢ing—p'g:es_- ents as Christmas time is non alémqgp unis‘/érsal nowadays, this was not al- ways the case.\ Indeed, the world has At. a. height. of 3.000 feet, Francis Wildman. the well known aviator, with Lieub. H. L. Smith, U. S. M. 0., and Ensign G. Chevalier, U. S. N ., the last We being naval observers, flew from Hammondsport. LO‘ Penn Yan and return in the first. duration in one of the new boats purchased by the United States government. The fastest. _mile they‘ made ‘was in 54 secondsfnr an the rate of 67 miles an hggr. '1‘he' vIlyi1rI_£.' boar. passed the required tests .and' is one ‘of-the‘ four that will be delivered tothe United States Navy in the next. three weeks. Captain Chambers, who has been making experiments with 9. gy_rasc_opic ‘stahleizer annached Lo. Cumss boats, for -the purpose of helping‘ the aviator’ control we machine, in his -annual 2.-e_'por‘r: said than the longest. Iligtmmade with the ! stable- vizer waspenween Hathmondsporu and \Penn Yan and retitinn, ‘:9. di‘smnce\of more than forty miles. The trip was made by Lieut. Ball-inger‘ in decidedly :'squa1ly weather. but the. aviator found that the stableizer reliesied him of the —neg:essiby not operabill any but: direc-' uional. c’c‘>ntrols.. Trials are new being tjnndg. with the mechanism actuating 'lon§itni1l and‘ lateral controls.-— Penn Yam Express. . , acq many of the customs now in vogue. at. Lhis period of the year from. lié Germatis, w‘b'0“pay moré“':m:e'm.ioh“ to Christmas than ‘the ‘people (if. any other nation. It. is to -them p'erha;‘)“sA than we owe the inauguration of the gifp giving as well as the beautiful institution of the Christmas nree. about £116 Star ‘of, Bethlehexn _points~ to a date for the Nativity not Tater than1'Mé1y—L ;8, B. C. '6. . On :t>11;at“d'ate the planets Vexfus -:a‘nd ;_T(ipi,te1j were s<‘)gc1os‘eI’y in conjunction ‘as geenwi fronlz the: earth that the apparent c between théxn was» equai onI:y to -t_fh;e: ‘b_read“th A Terri Blast. No place in all the world‘ has a‘. greater interest id the Christmas season than Bethlehem. The ‘normal popula- tion of the town whet-é Christ; was born is -less than 5.000’, bur. duriéiig Christmas week it; becomes 9; gr-iean cosmopolitan center or 50,000 or 60,000 souls. all eager to pay homage bofhe place hallowed \by! the Savionfs bir't.h_._f In Bethiehem people are b.roug'ht.- face to face with the wonderful‘ \scenes ‘which are \but feebly known so the .r\e3t at the world. Here they my ago: she ‘piace where the tghreg ‘wise men‘ of the East. halted nicer their ‘long journey. Hem they jvorshipthe shrine incloomg -the manger in which Christ. was One of the most ‘terri blasts in the \hisboory of the local Barge Canal »onera‘bions' ~occ'u:-r‘e‘d Saturday after- “noon_‘, near Washington oSt.r'eet... Fully‘ 409 tons. of rock were Iifced by the“ tremendous, force; of the blast, shaking’ buildings ]zen.erall‘y-‘ t.hroug‘hout._ £hér village and landing‘ a any pound rock on me» roof of the, Lux Hotel. The -rock pierced the roof of the hotel and landgd on the door of one -of the bedrooms. F0rt.un‘a.t.el,y,- no one wuiu ch_';c rodni at. the] time. '1?he.u.n- expected uphegval is said to. be. due‘ to the 29!; condition; of‘ 133:5 of‘ ihe nnderminecirbod.-Sonbcll of ‘t11e.fi;1l moon. ,T1}ése p17anet§_ were’ -{then vis‘ibI\«s'~..i‘r1 f:h,eLeast, a c'ou_p1e ef -houjrs‘ fbefore s'u_‘nri_‘s¢ and? must have produced_-. -a strikingly A Imophetic ‘Dream. One of the mosnizxexplicable forms of dréa'.m‘s\ is the prophétic one-'-insnancesé of which abound: The late Lord Duf- 'ferin-, whe in Paris, dreamed; ‘one’ night that he: was in 8., hearse en roucg for the cémetery. A dixy ‘or so later he was [ent;ering\’tl1“e‘1'ift3i1t.aMhote1 when he. recognized the ‘uptendanh. its the driver of thdhéarse? in his dream, ‘He. éteppeél Tgack‘ and the lift ‘ascended vvithoub him-.7 ‘As it netted the ‘top iox broke and in crinhed ‘tn the. ‘batman’ thin, killing ev;e‘ry.onQ~ in. it.- L0ndon‘Ch'r'm‘tic_1e. v ' A A Bta セ one object, ‘That f was about days Tess} than two years ‘before. the death of_ Herod}. i 9'.‘ fact which liarmbnizes wfe11‘w\ig}lEi.“dther% conditions of the ‘na_r rative, for it gifQha;b1eA‘t11a't tbg ma.n'd’a'te' fo'r*=i slaughter of all the ch‘i1‘d_ren two years old \and “ur1de1:‘ was issued _sbme months before 3., de¢easé:,V and the ‘limit: of two years Would\ ‘leave an L§.mp'Ie' :‘nhrgii1~V£or any uncertainty\ as, to ghe time .of t1'1e”atpp”earan*c'e of the ‘ stagggas _;;-é1‘at.ed; _b}{ the tiiagii‘; .a1so there were no pascbal fu1I;moog§ 4 omit ;£«‘rig143'~betw¢eq the years .1?» C; 6 and A-.» D, 33, and‘ nor ot\her’ ‘ following that till A..~vD‘..6o. “ V - T . .

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