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SCHUYLER ~ ‘CHRQN’ICfI3.E..,< -18; = '*1913., ms PB!MAR.YAl.i LE1ZT1Q2I. ..C.HUY,LE R. COUNTY CHRONICLE > wltkl Nu Y‘u_ - A CLEAN: CAMPAIGN. BfUSl'N,.E,SS.. ».. The Campaign that is now opening in Schuyler County, is to be a clean .andlc1ear..cut. presentation of the ques- tions at issue. It is to.. be ‘conducted along the lines of fair play in political methods, and good will to opposing‘ candidates. ' The primaries have been heldiin peace, and there is no evidence that the harmony of action will not prevail until Election Day. Henry S. Howard, the Progressive and Republican nominee for Member of Assembly, clearly sets forth his political views in. this issue of the Chronicle. There is no evasion in the presentation of his ideas. He stands ! for honesty in public service. and expresses unmistakable faith in the right inclinations of the people. His declaration of principles, .will. receive. the hearty approval of all non-partisan voters. ' The _Primary E1ecti0.n~.. in S_c,h'uI'y1er Cou on Sept. 16, I913, -I.!es,ul,c.ed_,as given below. ‘In studying the ma it will be interesting as ,z_:.w<;o_'1T11pa,ris.q5 to refer no the vo.beon.G0vem.0 let‘ in 1912, as follows: _ _ William Sulzer, Dem..._---,-..-,.;1,,;3'65 Job E. Hedges, Rep._;,_-_-__._:.»._,;i1,?722 Oscar S. Sbraus, Pfbg.--_____g.____,,;___415 T. A. Ma.cNio_ho11, 1‘-”‘roh.--,.....:f._”..v._..i15 Pnbiishnd 'On¢;_oI Wgck by tho » ’ ;s;j<:il=I‘uv1;I-:Tn, GO“U’NTY‘c‘H.‘RO’N‘l‘Cl:E‘ , _ A$SQC_lAT‘|O;N,_. \ J\II Corbgtt, -Editor and Manager. Cubgcrlptloh Ratg, $1 per Year. _ successor to the Use Mdli Gas! for light- ing and coyking. ~ .- I’ ' Missouri; Pe_:11nsy1‘x/atgia and _Ameri<;an Grain Drills; ' _E.~R. L0vE‘& Son. E1¢.ctric %Wia:in;ig,4.a11,6c1%;Supp1f?1es; VI1’1iates and 4RLai1ges,% 7F.¢,:¢1era;1VPh¢n¢ Isa I -11.. 8:‘ V. ;J0RG1§19ISE;x; '-Twatkffinjs; N. Y: T--Enexmsmgns %T _Vc.=t.>1]~,\='.r.1t.A.c'.I»“<’>.1:é~ _‘S,i3_I\1’”IJ._?‘-D1‘3A1T¢1’«7'liS.;-h APPLE ‘PICKERS Vwaniged at once. En'¢1uire'a,tgth_is O Watkins Dgmocrat, Founded 1865 Enteréd in the Posto at Watkins. N. 31.. as 21111 matter of the class, Jan. 6, 2908. Threshing Co?aV1—\Th‘e Famous Lump Coal for Threshing.__ -. ij. j§,pARwIr¢.D. KENT‘. .M Dem. Rep. Prog. Prob. Cauharine 1---.‘ 7 16 ‘ - _ 4 \ 2---- 6‘ 8 _ ‘V2 Ca.yut,a---______ 8 18 5 ‘ Dix 1-_._-_--___16 18 . , “ 2__________2,3 15 _1 \ “ 3-___-_____5 .16 ' “ 4'4-_-__-__.._ 4 10. ' Hector 1_._'_--_- 8 12 1 “ 2.....---.__ 7 12 .. . .. “ 3-_-_--_25 17 < ~ ‘~ T “ _ 4-__-___ 8 14 ‘ ‘ . “ 5-__-___ 3 6 _, Montour 1__-__21 22 , _ 1 ' 4 \ 2-____22 12 .\ 2. Orange -_ _~_ -__-12 13 “ Reading 1.__-__11 19 ’ ‘ 1' ‘ _ PRIMARY RESULTS. IF~YOU'1_B.UY‘ ‘Y3.01TR PROGRESSIVE NOHINAIIONS. For J usbices of the Supreme Court, ALF_‘RED HAYES. HUBERT c. STRATTON. NewSee’d“9.» 1_.ly'e,A 'Wi.nt,er~ Vetcli and ’.I‘im'othy-Seed, V ' C. Vat'.1.A.1.len. t_11_py7 ‘be right. vYo.u‘ cé‘1n g1‘s(9 : g e_t‘ yi§_u 1‘.:: For Member of Assembly, HENRY S. HOWARD. Fresh F1:uits.—-A full line every day' at the Star, Restaurant, _Ii‘ra_1‘1_k1i‘n Stre‘et,_. Watkins, N. Y. C..M. BROWN. EYES i and your ARBPAIRING ,i.n;, thé. v3!5I.:zs;t...fiT_.P+to-date- JMa:n‘m;T ‘ For Coroner, N. H. KIRBY. M. D. Good Government is the desideraturn of the majority of the people of‘ this County, of the State and of the Nation. The great movements of mankind, all tend to better things upon a higher plane of action. The country is emerg- ing from_ an era of reprehensible methods arising from‘ a. low political standard. The day has dawned when integrity in public service is a. demand of‘ the citizenship. which win prevail until the evils of governmental corrup- tion are relegated to the past. _ ’“FJ6i§5;&'15\——a [2-Rseels Sea, \Story; scene_s»1»aic1'i_n ‘Ireland’. pleasihgé Picture ‘ that touches _ the heart- at the Glen Theatre Friday night. L J*ewe.|,er, - % \ r Ccntury zrpimneia’-;oL1>A _i§EiiIABI;E. 'sTo1<B. w;AiKfNs; f CURRENT COMMENT. Supreme Court; Justice Chester on September 13r,h, denied an application by attorneys for Samuel A. Fowler of Rensselaer, fora writ, in a. taxpayers‘ acbionAdesigned’1ao prohibit the im- peachment. trial of Governor Sulzer. The Best Wood. “ 2______13 17 '2 Tyrone --__ ____15 14 ' Let us prove to you that‘ w'e hjavé Ztbe best Wo‘od in town. Coal and Wood in any quantities. DARWIN D. KENT. Tot;a.1’s_-_-___?1; 33$-9. M‘ Sugetv 0117 Bonds. The Italian Colony of Eritrea. has just. adopted sbandard‘ time of the meridian 45 degrees easyof Greenwich. has time will thus be an hour in ad- vance of that. in use in Egypt, Portu- gese East; Africa and South Africa. Surety on bonds, Amer-ican,SuretyCo. C. M. WOQDWARD;-, A A Watkins, N. Y; 5‘ WILLIAM J. GAYNOR. William J. Gaynor, Mayor {of New York, died of heart, trouble while at sea, on a trip to Europe, Sept. 10,_-1913. The cause of his death was the~bu1]e1s wound which he received in..t.h.e« at- tempt upon his life of August 9,1910. _ The Mayor had accepted an inde- pendent renomination, at3'.a gfrea meeting‘ held in City Hall Park, just previous to his departure on his. ocean voyage. He was sixty‘-two ‘years of age, his birth occuring in Whibeeboro, Oneida County. He his»edjuca- tion in Boston, where he taught school and studied law. He lo'ca.Led in Brook- lyn in 187-3. and was admitted co't.he bar in 1875. He soon entered u'pon' his public career,‘ which was even charac- terized by etforts for good government. THE PRIMARY ELECTION. The Primary Election of Tuesday, Sept, 16, 1913, was more than a. farce; it. [was an imposition. Not. two-thirds of theregisbered electors were enrolled. and less than one-fifth of those enrolled cast; their ballots. All Perso'ns' are Hereby Forbidden from’ Hunting_ or Trapping on My Pram.- ises in Reading, undgr Penalty 9f the Law. ' ~M. F. SPROWLS. The latest. estimates of the value of the exports and imports of the ten leading ports of the world, show that New York now stands at. the head of the list, with an advantage of nearly .tv'vo hundred million dollars over London. -. The Committees designated the can- didates, and the vote at the primary made them the‘ party nominees. The caucus and convention system of the recent past, was a preferable arrange- ment to this, and gave the citizens a. greater opportunity to express their will. The‘ bosses of the Republican party thwarted Goverhor Hughes in his efforts to enact an eifective primary law, and the bosses of the Democratic party have foisted and perpetuated the present fraud upon the people. A breech-loading‘ Shot Gun, of the best make, and_‘ix'1 cdnditibn. Call at home, First Street, Watkins, N. Y; _ W. J. BECKWITH. The Harbor of Pompeii for which search has been made for centuries, has been discovered by the sculptor Lorenzo Corra, who has for years con- tinued the investigation. It. is 1,200 yards inland from the beach, and 700 yards from the gate of Pompeii. Girls Wanted. Six Girls .over- Sixteen, to learn\ to Sew on Pov_verMach'n . rDivision and Franklin Streets, Watki ,_ . THE L. BRIDGMAN COANY. \ Cl’carancc% ésailc: ‘- Culebra. .Cut during the night of September 11th, presented an unusual spectacle. Hundreds of piles of old ties from the railroad tracks were in ! The time between now and October 5th, will be utilized in 9. gen- eral cleaning up of the entirenine-mile section. ' Report of the Condition of the Watkins State Bank at the close~of business on the 9th day of September, 1913. Resources. Stocks and bonds viz: Pub- ‘ lie’ securities, market value.$ 50,552.70 Other securities, market value l2;850.75 Real estate ‘owned .. .’;'00.00 Mortgages owned . . . . . . . . . . . 62,698.00 Loans and discounts secured by bond and mortgage, deed V 6 or other rea1'estate collatx V V era] 8,604.50 Loans and discounts secured. * by other collateral l3,671.]_,6~ Loans and discounts without collateral . .. . . . . . . . .. 134,584.94 Overclrafts ... . . .. . . . .. ‘ 3451.25- Due from trust companies, banks and bankers 35,686.73 Specie 4,516.57 Legal tender notes and notes of National banks 13,997.00 Cash items 590.84 Other assets, viz: - F\11'i1it111'e & $1525.63 Accrued interest not entered .. 2800.00 4,325.63 farm \Implements. - Three Kinds of Bean Harves_térs, Mis- souri Dri1_1s,' John Dee‘: Two-Way Sulky‘ Plows‘. Can gTve ybu better terms ‘that; ever. Come and s‘eje”me -before yoii buy. Wat1'<_in_s, R-. D. N. Y. -H. M. SMITH. The Sulzer-Impeachment Trial begins at Albany to-day, Thursday, Septem- ber 18th, to drag its tedious length through weary weeks, while the of business of the Empire State of the Union, remains in a state of chaos. Tammany Hall is at the bottom of the whole demoralization, for Murphy is its leader, and Sulzer until he became Governor, was ever itshetgchrnan. ’ Bargaizzs 1'11 all .depar%t1’11e11»t$ pa:-“I2 I-'2 GINGHAMS for only 9c 25cFi'enchGingI1a_tI1$ only - - 15c SILK WAISTS, $2.750 values, for $I.98 $5.00 yaluga Waists;_ foxy — . 532,98 White Lawn Waists for 39c, 59c, 79c, 98c 5 ‘Good values. » New York now has a Republican Mayor in Adolph L. Kline, who suc- ceeds Lo the ot byethe death of Mayor Gaynor, and who will so ‘act. until January 1st. He was the Re- bublican Alderman from the Fifty- District of Broooklyn. He is ň ans! a. native of New Jersey. Carload of Timothy, Clover, Alsike, Alfalfa, Red Top and other Grasses re- ceived this week, bought at the lowest price. You will save money ‘and get ‘the ‘best seed by calling of us. . ' . ~ ' RUSSELL & ‘Co; SILK MUIlLSa. popglar Tde\-' signs. 59!; values for —- —’g 39:: 25cya1u‘es for ‘ - .- -., 17c HOUSE DRESSES,_ $1.19 values, -890 $2.5o values fog - _ - -. “ $t~.9§ xx‘ _ u _ K F .' . $1,391‘ “ “ - - . - $1.00 RIBBONS, Spécial sale ‘of 25c and Ripbong to close out, for only 5c and 15c A All‘ colors. _ _ Falcon and Hope Islandsof nhe Tong-o Group in the South Paci have disappeared in the sea._ Several hundred natives and some white men were engulfed in the catastrophe, which is bhoughp to have occurred at the time of 9. recent; earthquake, in- dxcatsed by instruments of the naval station of Sydney, Australia, as taking place about 2,000 miles to the north- east.» _ E § ,- 13on’t fail to see ‘»‘From,the_ Top‘ of N ew York,’?—¥-’cl;e most thri11_ing .Pictu_re ever made—at the .G1e1'_1 Theatre Thursday afternoon :a‘n‘d evening‘. ~ ~ According to information which ap- pears in the press of Italy, the Italian War Department has been engaged in 8. series of interesting trials with power wagons in the Tripoli Region, and these proved such a. success that the Army is going very largely into the use of power wagons in the near future. LAWNS, I';; _r-'2c and 15c Lawnsfor 9_c -25c values, silk striped, for’ -« 17c INGRAIN CARPETS, '. _ 0, 7oc values for--55c T. H. ABBEY & C0., Watkins, N. Y. Grass Seed and Implements. Buy your Grass Seed, Seed Oats, Bar- ley, Ferltilizer. etc.,‘ or E. R. LOVE & SON. ’ We also carry a complete line of Farm Machinery and Tillage Imple- ments._ Will be pleased to shdw you our line. _ $343,120.07 The ‘Assembly Board of Managers for the impeachment of Governor Sulzer‘; announced on September 13th, that a. salesman allied with the brewery inLerests,'testi privately that he had collected nearly $50,000 fgr Sulzer-'s campaign. which was not accounted for by. the Governor in his statement of campaign contributions. Even the strongest adherents of the Governor are having misgivings‘ as to the put- cofne of his impeachment ‘trial. Liabilities £11 £3 Supreme Court. Justice Hasbrouck on Sept. 11th, decided that. Governor Sulzer was regularly impeached, and wvhile awaiting trial was divested of the right, to exercise his executive functions, including the power to par- don. The quesbion of the legality of the impeachment. came up over the Governor’s accion concerning Robin, the banker convict. Capital ‘stock . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 50,000.00 Sl11‘pl_11S, inclggding all undivid- ed pro 10,991.44 Preferred Deposits, (Postal Savings) 14,276.85 Deposits not preferred . .. 145,708.09 Due trust companies, banks and bankers 400.13 Certi of deposit 111,280.81 Total Deposits 271,663.88 Ce.shier’s checks outstanding. , 62.75 “Accrued interest ‘entered 1,400.00 We have ready to_~ Show a. full line of Vacuum Cleaners. TEAM HARNESS an STRAP WUBK Hovsxs WIVES! Do not take up your carpets to dust’ them. For 50 cents per hour, I will furnish machine and mah and boy to 1-unit. which will thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstered fur- niture in short order.’ Also the Arm- strong Glen‘ Vacuum; Cleaners f9r.Sa1e, at $6 each. Phone C. ‘N. \Cole's Furniture store or call at 405 East Fourth Street Watkins, N. Y. A E. M. MORSE. Collars, Pads, Jockey. Yokes, etc., and on a1 o_ur ;ha1j;11e‘ss‘ Wga fully, guarantee every ?The longest arch in reinforced con- crete is now being‘ built at Langwiez, Switzerland, on the Chur-Arosa Rail- way. The arch will have 160 feet rise and a. clear length between abutments of 330 feet. This will be the largest .structure of its kind in existence, be- ing about two feet longer and 130 feet higher than the Risorgimento Arch over the Tiber at Rome, Italy. :;‘.a;a'.‘. aa.;a.i2za$3433120i07 State of New York, County of Schuy- ler, sax: v ' At the close of August water was turned into the Miratiores Locks to test the‘ watertightness of the gates, which proved to be quite satisfactory. Ail the opening of September the last of the earth dykes holding out the waters of the Paci were removed, and the tide entered the Panama. Canal to Mira The last dredging from the railway has ‘been completed, and the waterway is now to be by the excavations of dredges. C. M. Durland, President, and W. S. George, Cashier’ of Watkins State Bank, a bank located and doing business at No. 313, Franklin street, in the Village of Watkins, in said county, being duly sworn, each for himself, says that the foregoing report is true and correct in all respects, to the best of his knowl- edge and belief, and they -further say that the ‘usual business of said bank has been transacted at the location required by the —ABanking Law -(Chap. '2 of_ the Consolidated Laws as“ amended), and not elsewhere; and that the above report is in the ‘form prescribed by the Superin-_ ‘tendent of Banks, and is made in com‘- pliance with an of notice received, from him designating‘~ the 9th day of September, 1913, as the day of w‘hich such report shall be made. Il1ere- by certify that at the present time ‘when I _sig-ned my name hereto, the No‘ tary‘ Public whose name ‘is-attached to the certi hereinbelow contained asked me the question, “.Do you solemnly swear that the statements contained; in the foregoing report are true?” and I replied,_“I d,o.’’, _ ‘ e .‘ - C. l\,I.lDURLA1,\1'l), President.~ W. S- GEORGE, Cashier. V ‘ Stlate of New York, Coujhty» .o£ Schuy‘-4 El‘, SSA , V p , ‘ ‘. o. Also a new line of ENT’S LEAN OAL GUOK’S LINDLEUM UP THE“ LATEST PATTERNS The worst, of the many disasters which have overtaken Germa.ny’s air- ship took place on September 9th, when the new naval Zeppelin ship was wrecked in a gale on a voyage from lane‘ mainland to Heligoland. twenty-eight miles away, and thirteen of the crew of twenty were drowned. This is the twelfth accident. to befall t._hé~ Zeppelin airships, but. the first. to be accompanied with loss of life. W00dWa‘1'd c % «Stouffer, Watkins, 7Y. Secretary Daniels is determined to bend every etfort towards bringing up our Navy a to its proper standard of strength. He will recommend to Congress that appropriations be devot- ed more completely than ever to the construction of battleship destroyers, submarine tenders and colliers. He holds that., the -next. ..a.ppr:opriation should be for four battleships. in order‘ to compensate for the one battleship program of the two preceding years. The plan ‘of carrying on systematic Watk1°,11s',. New‘, ark. upper-air observations with kites and ——4bz§1~loo’ns, at. stations surrounding the North Polar Basin, in “connection with similar observations .than are to be made by bbe Amundsen and Stefansson . _ .Po1a.r*Ex'pedit.ions, has now reached a de stage of progress. An Inner’- na.tion‘a‘.17Cogn'mi'ssoion has» been organiz- ed to direct the undertaking, and in is;reco,mq1endedvch.9.t all work at the various poinizs, begin simultaneously in the summer of 1914. Capital 'R9'.ili~oad' employees instead of rail- road officials have been held responsible forxthe New Haven wreck on ‘Septem- be1'2nd. as the result of the coroner’s investigation. The men named are Eng-ieneer Millet\ of the White Mouns tain Express, and Conductor Adams and Flagman Murray of the Bar Harbor Train. It is alleged that the \Rules of the roafd” were not observed. The New Haven System with its death dealing‘ record, appears to be greatly in need of a. revislo‘n'of methods. which doubtless could improve even the “‘Ru.1.es of the road.” 1. George\ Burrell, :1. Notary Public, in- and for the county ‘above namei1', do hereby qertify that,Vor1» the 13th day of September, I913, t11e1'e appeared-before me 0. M. Durlzmd, \\\rhose_ 'sjgmLt1uje is appended to the statemen_t‘}1ereinabov<:> co11t:Linedja’n('i‘, at the ‘time ]1e4s'ign’e’t1 such stntexnent, I; asked him, “Do you solemnly s‘1'v'ea;1‘ tllat the statements con-' tamed in the foregoing report are t1\pe‘?” and he replied. 4“I <10.” _ ' GEORGE Km. _13URRELL, _ Notary Public.. Stlate of-New‘ Yo:-k, County of _Sc_I.1u”y-' G1‘, 553.; H ' ‘ _ 1; George B11‘r1‘elL a. ‘Notary’ Public,’ in and for the gounty‘ above named, do hereby certify that on the 13th day of September, 1913,‘ 1_;l1em; appeanzd ‘before’ me W. S. George, whose signature ,-1'5: ‘appended to thé statement her_eiI111boj7e_ contained and, at the same time he signed such statement, I asked him; f‘~‘Do you solemnly swear tlmf: the st$.teihe11 contair’1ed‘in the foregoing‘ report» are true ?j’_ and he re 1iet1,_f‘I doj.” [- * GEOREJE W4 EURRELL. Notary Public; . 5 _r-'\ _ I ~ w K \_jS'_HfU.R-()”N ‘ Tnattentiqn to ’1itt1e ey'e1 defects leads \to Big Eye Defects, t0”.;O0O ‘Q ‘QFI':‘ICERS , 0. ..1)~UR’LAND. 1V’1'¢S1\clent‘ Cashier % W. N. ‘WISE, V1‘¢ePres. 5 G. W.BI_J1aREI;1;. ASs1\s’t’Cas1I1“ie . A ' DIRECTORS - ‘ ,W'.yS'. G:e<;rg-e_ F. Sa S.‘VV1\ck ‘ W. wise f~W*“:-*.iEI:-1.%a:2r‘“'A“\“2i¥:*‘1%‘:r*'Ro1>si;n-\ “‘Big‘.‘Tim\’ Sui-Iivan. then New York politician who .ros'e from newsboy no congresslnannnder the in of. zi:nachineApelit.ics,‘was hit; by a brain at Pelham Pa‘.rk,way on \August 3151:, and after the \body had lain for ‘thir- tseenl days in a local morgue, ib. was recognized, and kept from-burial in l'Jhe_Pobt§'r-’s Field.‘ Sullivan was born in a Leontardf Street. tenement. in 1863, samd all his life‘ resided in the down- town sec of New York. He ‘went _t4o.%l’t1f1<.‘3 Aésembly; when ‘to the State Senate, and then to Congress. Ask for 'TORRIC LENSES in ~« % SHUR’-QN ,Mounting,. Aopti¢a1AWo”rk é;Specia1_ty‘ The Shaunessy Construction Com- pany is completing. the three mfles of highway between Canisl:eo- and Jasper. It is made with a ! cement hop 6:: as stone sub-bayse, wish an inch top of -crushed lime shone, which is saiz make an ideal» road that will stand. any bra‘E that. comes. The patro1z$Z9.v0f:i_11€ P_l1.1111c 1'5‘ solicited along _tIie lines of conservative ban;k'1'njg;.. ‘ _ \' , - ‘_ Interest paid on t1‘medepos1‘ts, foptometrjstv &: .Jewe1er. 1 Money tb loan‘-o'n choice sgcurities ‘either real estate or personal. ‘ * . ~ _ .: _ I» _% A 00 »1rn_a1:1in st. 4 ~ -9 Cgsithiy item: 3 car. '1‘.h_ird. _ 1{ntkinI.!(..Y. RUYBE; BROTHERS, Furnituirc and % Franklin. Street; % dy. Ὴ

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