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SCHUYLEI; QHRO%1sIiCILE;V‘¢SEPTEMBERA 4, T 1.943;.‘ '”'\ muses or V§Tse*‘m sc”n'uv_LEn’ c'o_u.N'rY CHRONICLE Moroccan wives have a most elubov rate recipe for- winning back the affec- tions or an unfaithful husband. First. the deserted or suspicions wife. draws a straight line in pure honey from the middle or her forehead down to her chin and collects the vdrippings in a spoon. Then’ she rubs the tip of her tongue with 9.‘ fig le]z_1f till it bleeds and soaks seven grains of salt in the blood. This she mixes with the honey. adds more salt which has been carried for a day and a night in a tiny lnci~ sion in the skin‘betWeen her eyebrows and adds a plnch.o_t' earth from the print of her bare right foot on the ground. The dosle -is then. put into .the. erring husband's food and. according ‘ to Moroccan tradition. never fails to restore him to his allegiance. Conductqd by wlohri CO.I‘b°tt. Asucclnlor to the \ Juahsupnose For a Mom9I5t_‘Tha't ‘Thoyi All Turned to F§_0.,3j.. I ‘ No situation is more di't1ig:_iilt,_to deal With than that in Whltihe qf of speech becomes val met. ‘,l_f\.~ha_ean that when we have been using .3» phrase _truly. but in its general me_ta_phor- 108.1 sense. We are !uth§F'3?l¥lbl1l‘tassed than othen lse it we ti,n'd;,tha't itiis true. even strict‘ a'nd.‘lljter.al'sense. There does ; ot seem \to ‘befnnythlng more to say. suppose youfheard in family remark casually, \.ii;§s:_inadness in papa to go to'NOrWay-!”._fAnd_ sup- -—~pose~the- .next..ins,tant. .papn_;.sp’rjang into the room through a smashed» window, with straws in his hair ‘and }i1.'eanving knife and howled alolidzi .“1U‘T._)!£)l_lb‘l_)‘00! I'm going to Norway!\ fI,‘h'e7inciden.t would be disconcerting.’ It would not be easy to pursue the subject; . ' Or suppose we said ‘to some stately. silver haired woman who was an« noyed. “I think it childish 91.’, you to take offense so easily.\ And suppose she sat down suddenly on the floor and began to scream..for her doll and her skipping rope. We would be at a loss. Words suited to the qsi—tuatio_n would not easily suggest themselves. Of if a wife said to her husband. apropos '01‘ a luxurious friend‘ to Whom he gave expensive dinner's~,~ h“He\s sim- ply robbing you,” her remarks would be cut short rather than fiwther en- couraged by the sight of the friend climbing out of the window with the silver teapot under his arm. The wife would have the extremely unpleasant sensation of ‘having said the worst thing she could and having nothing more to say- Cases. offcourse.-could be multiplied inde as the case of one who. enterlugma lodging house. should say “Ratsl\ in disparagement of its praises and find himself instantly ‘;sun‘ounded by those animals, _or one whot.;shou1d remark. \Uncle Joseph has lost; his head ‘over this.\ and should tind_ him decapitated in the garden.--Illustrated London News. The End Game with a\ Rujlhowlidntgho» Gold “Voila ‘Vanished, ‘ Far from the railroad and: more than iorty miles away .from- 'tI1e.n.¢’arest white tenldenn hidden in the wild; or- one oi’ the month <pl ! parls of the provliute oi‘ Ontario. Canada, spec- ter like. standsj the d-eseIf‘_ted“vl'llag‘e. of 8a1w,bill.- once a [mstllng mining camp where several hundred men were‘ern- played. , - . Q The end came suddenly. ‘Pools were dropped where workmen were install- ing a dynamo; dighés and furniture and h.ouseho,ld.l.goo<_l‘s were left as they were when the word came that the mine had’ closed. The baokeend on July 31-. 1901. The store ‘Was left‘ With ‘its stoc_k- of goods on the sh,elves~. the hotel closed its doors, its contents. in- tact. and the‘ postoi ceased to be.’ Only a watchman» wa_s.le£t.; Sawbill grew out of gold strike._ The ledge, reported’ fabulously rich. quickly gave out when ‘real mining was attempted. A road was ‘built through the Wilderness. a power house was erected. .a forty stamp mill went up along with a hotel. store; posto sglid many buildings for the employees. On Aug. 15. 1899. the electric lights were turned on. VT-he telephone line was opened. '.l‘he.vva,ter rushed through the huge ! across the lake. the giant? turbine revolved. the\ dynamo 'l1u'mlned. and the power for operating the miue'_s machinery was at hand. But the. $200 per ton output of the‘ little mill first installed provedlto \he\ only a deceptive lure for all the dol- lars thnt were-'poured‘i:nto' t_he-.--ent.er- prise. When» .the big. mill dldf‘ru'Ii the greatest amount of gold obtained per ton was said never ‘to have exceeded 51:87, The shafts were sunk deeper. new ones were opened. but the‘ ‘wide veins: of o_re._:w,hich «showed on or near the. surface narro.vved to. thin. ribbons. or to nothing at all. The gold ob- tained could not begin to pay the oper- ating‘ expenses. * I The -mill and its machinery. theypow- er plant and its equipment. stand as though waiting for the whist-le-\am nouncing the beginning of a .day's work. though the last evidences of the half .m1lii0h spent at Sawbill a_re dis- appearing before inevitable decay and the encircling and encroaching rarest..- Robert E. Pinkerton in Ontario Globe. % Watkins Democrat, Egtabllshod, 1865. ._:\_ 3 -A'r\r’oi=im:v AT LAW, Stone Block. Watkins, N. Y. 4. C. woonwnm, Justice of the Peace. O with S. P; Rous« neau. E. 0. 8: E. c. BARKMZAN, Attorneys at Law, Surety Bonds, Insurance‘ Real Estate. O over Irish’s News Room. Franklin Street. Watkins, N. Y. GEORGE M2. VELIE. Attorney and Counselor at law. U in the Baldwin Block, Watkins, N’. Y. Hit Both Ways. Mr. Bulliou—] wish that elder son of mine would get married and set- tle dowu. But. confound It. the young fellows of today don‘t seem to have any 1'egax'd for the marriagze relation at all. LEWIS H. WATKINS Attorney and Counselor at law. O on sec- ond of Odd Fellows’ Block, Watkins, N. Y. J. B. nvnnrs. Friend—-’1‘hz1t‘s right. By the way. how is the younger son doing. Mr. Bullion—-Rotten! It just cost me $50,000 to have his marriage an- nulled. and I had the toughest job of my life doing it.-—Puck. Notary Publc arid Qenbgrapher. Of on second floor. No. I Shelton Block. Watkins. N. Y. C. M. WOODWARD, Attorney and Counselor at law, O in Odd Fellows’ Block. opposite the Jetfersou House, Watkins, N. Y. \ _ -~ %%%prepare;jt%%by»him fog qver'30\y§3‘_a*xfs.j* voum. give“ vow: baby me 355? sum 01-‘ mzw voxx INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Albany, June 12, 1913. FRANK JOHNSON. DISTRICT ATTORN EY. AIIOTDCY and Counselor at law. Omce over Postof Mouton: Falls, N. Y. — \‘.’x-.=...r;.\s, nu: United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, located at Baltimore, in the State of Mary- land, has in this otfice a sworn statement by the proper officers thereof showing its condition and business and has ‘complied in all respects with the laws of this State relat- ing to Casualty Insurance Companies incorh porated by other States of the United States: Now, THERE!-‘ORE, ‘In pursuance of law, I William T. Emmet, Superintendent of Insur-. ance of the State at New ‘York, do hereby certify that said Company is hereby authorized to transact its ap business of Cas- ualty insurance In this State in accordance with law, dunhg the current year. The‘ con- dition and btxsixfess of said Company at the date of such statement (December 31. .1912), is shown as foilowsz 3% .-Yo‘ur,Physician Knows Fletchefs Cas17or§a.% SHERIFF'S NOTICE. Said only in.oV_n‘e siz¢T‘bot’t_l¢f:, n'e_v¢i,‘ ti) proteat The office of the Sheri county of Schuy- 14:: will heremer be held at the Jailex County Jail Building, in the village of Watkins, until further notice. Business hours from 83.. in. till 6 p. tn. H. J. MITCHELL. sheri babies. E. A. DUNHAH 8: CO., Bankers, llontout Falla. N. Y. Are fully equipped for every kind o_f legitimate Banking, and solicit the accounts of private individuals, merchants. manufacturers. corpora- tions and business \ generally. Issue certi cates 'with interest. Safety deposit boxes for rent. V , ELI A. DUNHAM. FRED J. Dummu. The Centaur ‘Company. Aggregate amount of admitted As- sets .........................$7,250,488.6S Aggregate amount. of Liabilities _(excep_t (,ap_ital and Surplus) ' 1 including re-insurance ........ 4,179_,645'.99 Amti of actual paid-up‘ Capital 2,000,000.00‘ Surplus over all liabilities....... 1,078,842.66 Amount of Income for the year 5,712,283.12 Amount of Disbursements for the , }_'eaxj__......._._._........:.:....: 5,059,069.6_7 LINED wrrH e,oLD. Notice to C1-edztors. Alaska's Enormous Deposit: Will List a Thousand‘ Year's. Sclluylcr Chmniclc Pursuant to an order of Hon‘. Olin T. Nye. Sur- rogate of Schuyler County. New York. Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Oilver P. Hurd. late of the town of Dix, in said County. deceased. to present the samewith the vouchers thereol to the undersigned Ex- eculrix of the estate of said deceased. at her residence in Watkins. N. Y.. on 01: before the xst day of November. 1913. Dated. Watkins. N. Y.. April to. 1913. ’Lo,uxsr: 0.. Hum). Executrix In Wm-m-zss \Vm:n£os, I have hereunto sub- scribed my name and caused the seal of my office to be affixed the day and year above written. Like a tale out of the “Arabian Nights” is the opinion given recently by an expert on the futu_re=ot Alaskan gold mining, only this expert bases his opinion on. facts. wh‘er.eas;tb.e».onientai story teller specialized in fancy. But the testimony given by Falcom Joslin‘ is doubly interesting because it exceeds the imagination of the wildest fancy while being based on the facts in the case. ‘ ” \ ’ — — —— w. '1‘. EMMET. [SEAL] Supt. of Insurance. Lewis B; Watkins, Agent, Successor -to The Watkins. Democrat. -»A.~Cl.TY IN -A come. THE POSTAL’ REGULATIONS. Watkins, N. Y. The First View -of La Paz ls Startling The Postal Regulations that wentinto e Jan. 1, I908, re.- quire that subscriptiops to a Weekly publication must be renewed. Within one year, in order that the proprietor of .a, newspaper may retain the privilege of the postage rate of I ce ppund. _ to the Tourist.\ Did You Know INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Albany. Tune 2, 1913, STATE OF NEW YORK James Bryce in’ his book \South America\ gives a picturesque descrip- tion 011 the approach to La Puz, Bolivia. He tells’ how the traveler who ‘nears La Paz has a surprise in front of him if he ls coming /from Lake Titlcaca. the u‘sua.l route from the coast: At a point 13.000 feet above sea level the railway from Guayaquil meets the rail- way from Antofagasta. 400 miles away to the south. \l«‘ro1n this point, called Viacha.‘ the route turns eastward to- ward the Cordillera. the line climbing slowly in wide sweeps over the dusty and shrubless plateau on whose thin grass sheep are browsing. There ls not 21 house ‘visible. and the smooth slope seems to run right up against the mountain wall beyond. Where can La Paz be? asks the traveler. That. the Chronicle has the most mod- ern, up-t.o—dat;e and complete equipment; in Schuyler County for the production of Fine Job Printing? Try us with your next, order. and be éonvinced. Wm-:kr.As. Tm: Fidelity and Deposit Company, located at Baltimore. in the State of Mary- land, has filed in this office-a sworn statement by the proper ...olficers thereof showing its LUlldl[l0l'l and business and has complied in all respects with the laws of this State relat- ing to Casualty Insurance Companies incor- porated by other States of the United States: l\'ow, '1‘zn:iu:rox::, In pursuance of law, 1 William Tr Emimzt, Superintendent ‘of Insur- ance of the State of New York, do hereby certify that said Company is hereby authorized to transact its appropriate business of Cas~ ‘ualty insurance in this State in accordance with law, during the current year. The‘con- dxtion and business of said Company at the date of such statement (December 31, 1912), is shown as follows: Aggregate amount of admitted As- sets .........................$8,113,940.43 Ag-,;regaIe amount of Liabilities '3 (exce t Capital and Surplus)‘ including re-insurance 3,949,842.95 Amount of actual paid-up capital 2,000,000.00 Surplus over ‘all liabilitic-s....... 2,164,097.48 Amount of income [or the year.. 5,076,895.63 Amount of Disbursements for the year 4,621,750.41 Ix \Vrr.~u-;ss Wnsnxaor, I have hereunto sub- scribed my name and caused the seal of my .olIice to be affixed the day and year above written. “In my judgment,” says Mr. Joslln. “the placer mining industry in Alaska will last a thousand years. the area suitable for placer mining is so enor- mous. What vve are working there now is only the gravels that Will carry from $3 to $10 a yard. You cannot work gravels that carry less than that, but once we have transportation there and can work gravels such as they do incalifornia. which carry 7 cents a, yard, we have got so nearly an unlim- ited area of it that no man can foresee the end of that industry in Alaska. “One great thing is that nearly,the Whole area of Alaska is gold hearing. There are placers and quartz. It has been said. and l believe the statistics and explorations of the geological sur- vey show it. that you could go from the extreme southeast of Alaska at Ketchikan, where there are important mines. along this route by way of Hains clear out to Nome, a distance 0'7 2,000 miles in a straight line. andvthaz in every twenty mile section along that route you could develop’ gold mines. it is infinitely greater than any other a 01‘ gold country that has ever been found in the world.”- Engineering and Mining Journal. The publishers of all weekly newépapers have had notice; to collect old accounts and adjust their subscription lists to the new’ conditions of postal jmatters. . A11 long unpaid papers must be dropped from therlist, or ifrpontinued, sent through the mails at, I cent eéch ‘per issue. . - K. Seneca Lake Steamers.; STEAMER \ 1VIANHA'l\1‘AN‘. ” ‘Glen Steamboat Line, H. M. Brown, Managing Owner. ' ‘ - THE CHRONICLE SUBSCRIPTION LIST. Going North Wat1;ius__-___________ _-_- -__--__-Io:oo Glen Eldridge (Flag)__-__- -___ -__. 10:15 Glenora _--___________ _-__-_____-_Io:3o North Hector___-_-___ ____-__.-____II:0o Lodi Landiug____ Willard ______________ ‘ The Editor of the CHRONICLE took the ‘Watkins Democrat list as it‘ stood at the date of sale. That is, he agreecf to ‘continue the paper to all subscribers paid in advance, expecting to get his com- pensation for so doing, by the receipts for unpaid subscriptions -Irom those in arrears. ,s Geneva. Arrive_-___-_.__-._______ 1:20 ,_,_,T ______ _Q1:jrgg South. p. m. “Presently. however. he perceives strings of llamas and donkeys and waytarers on foot moving Mqng the slope toward a point where they all suddenly vanish and are no more seen. Then a spot is reached where the rail- way itself seems to end between a few sheds. He gets out and walks a few yards to the east and then suddenly pulls up, with a start. on the edge or a yawning abyss. “Right beneath him. 1.500 feet be- _low. a gray. red roofed city the bottom of the gorge and climbs up, its sides on both banks of the torrent that foams through it. Every- street and square. every yard and garden. is laid out under the eye as if on a map. and one almost seems to hear the rattle of vehicles over stony pavements coming faintly up through the thin air.\ Thus far there has been a satisfactory response to. collection ai ਇ list has had a steady and ‘satisfactory growth. If any person has not heretofore had proper credit for_ subscription paid, the matter will be adjusted by the present man- agement. If any person in arrears will pay $1 for the CHRONICLE to _]'an., I9II, the old account may be settled at a liberal rate of discount. V Lodi Landing ._-- _-----_--_---_-- 5:50 North Hector-_-___-_____.___-___.... 6:20 Gleuora __--__- ____--;____1.-__ -__- 6:45 Glen Eldridge (F1ag)---___ -..__ -__- 7:05 Watkins, ‘An-ive___‘__-____-___---- 7:20 Sundays, One Hour Later North. Lunches Served. W. T. EMMET, Supt. of Insurance. W. M. Pellet, Agent, Watkins, N. Y. Watkins, N. Y., January I, _-I910. JOHN CORBETT. STATE OF NEW YORK INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Albany, May 26. 1913. I The Tribune Farmer. _ _ The New Yiirk Tribune Farmer is a farm paper which greatly interests and bene every person engaged in‘ ,.stock.rai$ing_0.11_&g£iQD.ll9BF - _It gives information on horses. cattle, sheep, swine, horticulture, dairy, science and mechanics, woman’s page, short stories, etc. Its price ~is‘$1.00‘per ,yea.r. The Chronicle‘ offers it in con’- neation with this paper for $1.50 ‘per year, paid in advance. Take advantage of this offer. ~ - STEAMER “COLONIAL.” Wusueas, HAIR GOODS! _ Mrs. Z. A. Jones, . 145 South Monroe Street. Manufaqtyrer of HUMAN HAIR G0-ODS Switches Made to Order, ‘Pr1’ces'ReasonabIe, ‘ Work done Promptly. Phone ‘98 c. Wa.tkins,_N.~ Y. D. Mickley. General Passenger Agent. Going South. a. m. American Bonding Company, located at Baltimore, in the State of Mary- land, has in this office ‘a sworn statement by the proper o thereof showing its condition and business and has complied in all respects with the laws of this State relat- ing to Casualty Insurance Companies ‘incor- porated by other States of the United States: Now, T3!-ZREPORE. In pursuance of law, 1 William T. Emmet, Superintendent of Insur- ance of the State of New York, do hereby certify that said Company is hereby authorized to transact its appropriate business of Cas- ualty insurance in this State in accordance with law, during the current car. The con- dition and business of said (gompany at the date of such statement (December 31. 1912). is shown as follows: - -~ 2: -~ ' Nicp For tho Lady. Quite regularly a certain London school teacher invited two miserable little girls to spend Saturday afternoon at her house. Knowing how overbur- dened with work the mother was and how much the children's moral educa- tion was neglected at home, a settle-. ment worker ventured to congratulgte the parent. . Geneva____-_----..-____-._____-_-__ 8:40 Wmara -_ --__ -___ -_-_ -_-_ _-_- -___ ro:15 Lodi Landing- -..-- .--..._-- .-..- __--Io:5o North Hector-_______ _____-_______‘t1:25 Watkins, Arrive-_--__._-_--______I2:3o Going North. p. m.. _ 3:oo Sc‘o1:chman'a Sad Lon, “A15 the waifer élaid down _my, ‘pence chang'e.\ writes O. M. in the Glasgow News. \I noticed that the top- most -coin was not or British currency. w_a;s_.>jg fact, a French penny. I at- tracted his attention. therefore. with a motion of my fore and indicated the pile of coins with a wave of my hand; which was meant to say ‘What isjthis, you have given me?‘ The wait- er ébentgmcefully royward. ‘scooped up mi’ change with a‘ practiced hand and with a polite ‘1 thank you, sir.’ moved swiftly away. Next time 1’ll. give the iax'1gu‘age—ot signs ja-Lmiss;'~' - Watkins _- ___- ___- _--_-___ ____ ___ Lodi Landing- Willard \Wha_t a great advan_'tage for them 1\ she said. \How exceedingly kind of her!” -. _- --. -.-----_- -——- 4155 ______________,__--- :20 - - s ~ 2 ' '--.---____;:-_;_-_-_ 6:45 Sundays. One Hour Later North’. Watkins. I-Iighlauch, Flag Station. -' Lunches Served. ‘ se'*s .........................$2.852.777;64 \L'nzrv.-gate amount of 1.iabi1itie5 (except Capital and Sumlus) including re-insurance . . . . . . . l,367.642.74 Amount of actual paid-up Capital 750,000.00 Surplua over all liabilities. . . . . . . 745,134.90 \moun ' ‘of Income for the year.. 1,591,905.71 .\mount of Disbursements for the ‘ year 1,454,492.12 I3: Wu-mass Wnmzos, I have hereunto sub- scrxbed my name and caused the seal of, my office to be affixed the \day and year ‘above wnttcn. W. T. E1\«[M1§1‘, [SEAL] Supt. of 1115111‘ ncc. “No doubt she’s glad o comp complacently returned the mother.- London Telegraph. . The Use of English. ON LY $1.50 or the 80.000 English. words avail- able _for conversation purposes only} 400 are said to hem. common use. If these were ‘carefully selected there would be little cause for complaint,; since this combinations they make possible should provide innumerable shades of variation. Caretul word’ Fae- lection is something t'hat?s‘hould- be en- couraged in n.nd‘ out of the schools.-e Chrlstian Séiénoe‘Mon1tor'.- ~ x Road Closure. A communication from Albany of date of May 27. 1913, states than for the convenience of all persons who use the highways, and especially the auto- mobilis who may not be acquainted with the local conditions, John N. Oaflislé,‘ 'COm\ Highways, has announced the closure of the fol- lowing road in Schuyler-T County: 8ymVpafl:}1efio. ’ “Don?t..you e'v,‘er ‘find it: hard to be a ,1'r‘eal:?\ asked tbe.s‘t‘outish.- tightly -laced woman who had stopped. to coxiverse with the fat‘]u'dy.~‘ . “ «:Ij1_9.- not a bit,\ Was. the re'pTy. ‘\1 ottén ,féEf sox:ry“foi* ‘game or you people : who} seem to gt: so mrrd n\ot~_t<'>. be ; _t);'eaks.-'’--ChicagoV Record-E.lerald.« _ STATE mt NEW mkx _ INSURANCE DEPARTMENT -\lb:mv, Tune 23. 1913 \Vm=uz:.\s, -nu: Union Central Life Insurcmce Company, . hc:nt<-d at Cincinnati, in the. State or rm». has med in this c\icc a sworn statement m- H~c pm-g>r:r.r‘wv::s. mrsrenf showing izs COT?’ Iiition nri I_1~'v~v z nnd has complied in «L I'.“Sr.cx‘t:a v uh me u» -2 of this Suns rcL.'rinr- tr) [.ifr- I\~-vr\:x- ‘ ( \v -‘ N i“ -wpc/rfued 1',‘ «her F’:.'-'-=. of 12:»: l‘*.‘.‘i ‘. ’v'*.~: N-)\\'. 'I11¢\'>'»e-.~ :1 vi luv ' ..;lli:.m_\\. I-«.».«. ~ - é ~ ...' «.--~» 1'1\’: (If tho 5'‘ -I. 2' ! '-‘U . ‘-1 vcrx3\ certify 1117:‘. 513:1 _L'm‘ 1 xs n.~r.‘!.v nu‘!-or \ed to l::m.~.'u;t t‘: I I‘ 'u'.~‘*- cf uf: zrs-':'.'i'!\c~ 1') (Ms §~\atc In ..u * 4' e: wnlx l'\':. -'=v\n'. t‘-e Lu-.c-1t yen 'lm.- C1 'iH'~.1 zuut 1.1.1-2 xtcss of sari Cr:\']7mv a9 we date oi cur‘ «mxomrnl (1)'z.t'niter 31. 171.1). is s‘xrm'n as fniimvsz From the four cornérs known as De- wiws’ Corners at, what is known as North. S’ebt;lemem; to‘ the innersection of the ‘Catharine Road at. the Hinman Station\ of ‘the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Detzour.--\.Durn at De\vit.t’s Gor- nersto -aha Catharine Road, nheni east. no Amine By way 91’ Hinman Station, ‘or ‘straight east: to Owego or Ithaca. 'Stri¢tA Economy, “Nothing Is. lost here but the squeaJ,?' déclaretl tI1e‘por1<jp:'zcker._ \Are you as; économical in conducting your busi- ness?\ » ' , ‘ ‘ \More so.\ .%1nswered«the visitor, \I'm in the lumber \business.\ We don;’i:. waste even the b'ark.\'—Ph'1Iadélpbia Ledger. . , V A-Woman state at 1'1 re(~ent,11'1quest tl1at_“her _lm,sb;uxd\s Christian‘ names were \James. ‘Jonathan; or mnathan James, she did not know for sure. which. *-You see.\ she explained. “he one or ‘tmxis, and they got: mixizcl up ‘a «biI:.”—-ILondoxj1 Standard; THE VVATKINS -HBURDETT R'0A.D. Not Like Real Life’. The jstaue Highway .Depar.tmenb un- _der;da‘.tg \of Jujnb 9', -1913, announces the closure of t.he_-Watkins‘-Bur’det.1; Road ‘as follows; ' .\::_$zri:::?ttc amount of admitted _ Assets ..............,.......s93.ns4.o3934 :\::zrcz:.le mnounr oi Li'»b12‘tEes (except Capital and Sm-plus) , _ inclurl ng rc-insurance .... 90.2-15.321_.4'. Amount of actual mic!-up Capital ‘Surplus over all 1i':1}:'L1ilic.’~‘~...... 2.309.71;7.9-I Amount of Iitconw for the ;mr 17.289,6v'.\2.3L Amount of Disbursements for , _ _ the year .—.......a....a.,....,11,S19,1SS,3i 1;}! WL'mr;ss' Wmzxrov, I h'a\'e hereunto sub scrgbgd my‘ name and mused the seal of my n to be affixed in day and year‘ above- Wu en. “I like nov‘els.\' uWhy.?’i1 f \Although the plot\ may thicken, t}é1e‘;-n heroine, always. remains bea-udfulfyi thin.\- Washington Herald. A Trade urm. Ella (spiftefully)-'—Their-marriage was. nothing but a. trade union. ’So'phle-.-A t1°ad6~uni0nf-’5 Flllav-‘-Yrea: nine traded her money for his’ .3“lD.h« .f . . < Road Ifi'oJ;5295':—‘-.='Fr'om. the cQrpo‘ra~ _t.ion line of the village of Watkins 60 the‘ south corboratitm. line of the vil.-A .1'age of Burdenm Decour:—South from Burdetiz on the Mom-.ouz~ Fallg. road so <)1in;t‘ead’s comm. ,tb_.en wean down the hill to Watkins; _ iievblutiohary. \Miss Do Bunk, insists that ‘she is 8- daughter bf‘ Lhe revolution.\ “ ‘T ' K , '1‘ , on “Her and is; a grindstone maker.“- Indianapolis Star. . ‘ : V fworw: véziatever my .[b¢' ms source. “w\eu'ken§ Vftjgkeq. (away ‘com-a¢o~ mid Iliortéxfu life. \ ‘ W. T. EMMET. Suph of lusufaticea “BY 4:, iLEcEN’1‘_ARRl_.'NfGE_1Ii3N'r w:5.r -I’;Uf;B’LI_s1:_;'1?.~x:s was; 42:; _ i 4.‘ + '.;n1a'=:A‘ra o;1::,¢ 1:=:;Ri'}‘(I;n( > Q E K. 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V ‘H V’. »“:‘_’._.‘ ~- V‘ . ., T he Tnbune Farm er, One ¢Y,ear $1.00 Thes_Sc~h:uy.lMe,r Co.%ChromcIe,One Ema. . Bo. FOF§ $1.50 ’

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