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4775 .‘.'t‘ 4‘/ . ,g‘,» -M4‘ 5.,’ .. \-‘Q. V,‘ A\ V .;,- I \ «.u,»\‘f % SCHUYLER%vC.OUN’J.‘Sf cL;H‘1zo NICLE-5, 4; ‘F u‘a- IGHUYLER COUNTY CHRONICLE 5 wman-. -N. Y. Pu,hlif:h.e_d Once a Week by the SGHUYLER COUNTY CHRONICLE ' ASSOCIATION. ' . THE IRIHARY ELECTION. RAH-‘RQAD ‘W‘R.EC‘l!S. . B”U‘$'I2.N .’E$S-’ The Primary Election of September 16th will con the nominations of many new men for the Assembly at New York State, and it is ezident that the people are to decree that the old order of a at Albany is to pass away. Men of independence who are ! grounded in the belief in good government, have been designated as candidates for the Legislature, and such men are to be chosen for the dis- charge of official duties at the General Election of November 4th. The Party Machines of the Empire State are responsible for the chaos now prevailing in its governmental affairs, The Departments are demor~ alized in every branch, and there is no con \in the sincerity of official purpose, from the Governor down to the least responsible appointee. The present administration-is a demonstra- tion of the spoils system gone to seed. That system was sown in the wind and ripened underyRepublican boss rule, and it is being reapt in the whirlwind of Democratic misrule. Raihoad wrecks; of Vsimi~lgr~ ghafacuep seem Ksometaimes to. occur‘ i The daily press dispatches ofgSep'témAb.'er 2nd, .ibo.r,e .2.:c_co1_1.,nLs _-9.I. mar,-;4.a..2.1.o't.1i< ,;:d1,’Ijs,tqns, both in England and A~_nie’I'1i¢.8..-,T ' At. Kirby-Stephen, C\<)l.1).J_byV\9_f West- more'1and.~Engl_and, Septembe half a. score of people were ki11ed=_a,xfid.th_irty injured in'a-. collision of_t,w‘O Seighions of the London-Scotland Ex*pr*es'$a 3 ' Both were northbound, and the ;second section dashed into the rear of ‘ the telescoping severa1.c0.80hes which burst; into ! ‘Use Ma_i1ufa¢tuxed~Gas I for fight- ing‘ and cooking. . V V‘: - ,. y! .‘''x Missouri,‘Pénnsy1y’ania American‘ Grain .Dri1]_s. E. R. LOVE SON. * E1e.ct1:'i¢. and plates‘ gmajiizégnigee; nqiierai rhoin-.; xsfa ‘ : II. 4:: “wJ9RGTENsE;N; V ~W'atkin§5 Y, ‘ENG;-HEERS 4 V V <‘=<'>41,~u*i.1zi%4%.s;¢..~°1$<‘>;f1’_z.s.“ 7 _' ,:»su1;rrmr nmnnn§.1:. John Corbctt, Editor and Manager. Subscription Ra_te, $1 per Year. Successor to the Us: Manufactured G88 1‘ It d‘0‘ejs not spoil wall‘ paper. * Watkins, Democrat, Founded 1865 Entered in the Posto at Watkins. N.‘ Y., as nuil matter of the second class, Jan. 6, 1908. 11:61:’ ‘13UY‘v'YifO For Sale by the Bax‘?-e1’ or the Galloh Watkins I_1himi:nating and Powezj Com pany. ' . CU RRENT COM MENT-, A _g* Germany has a. gold surplus! the im- ports over exports in 1913, having amounted to $44,250,000. Near -New Haven on the _zn'dr.ni’ng' of September 2nd,_ the Whice..M0untain Express bound ‘for New Yonka inboenhe rear end of she secondfsecbion of the Bar Harbor Express, ibearing sojourners from Maine Sl1E_11I:_fiv'e_x‘-~;1':es,Qrr,s. The collision ‘occu‘rred‘ on‘*:;’1‘xc$;;1§I:esv York, New Haven and Ha.rt;f_or_d-Rai1- road, and a. block signal veiled» in a thick fog‘, is claimed no be the cahse by the engineer of the Whine Mountain Express, which plowed igs Way through two sleepers of the Bar Harbor Ex- press. Twentay-six were killed, and nearly injured, a number of whom may die. ' Threshing Coa~1—-The Famous Lump Coal for Threshi _ ‘ , DARWIN D. KENT.‘ fat ‘C07VV§.1 N‘¢§S“'§j.$1ié§t,wi11.1°¢A1558731?--i_ fen c:§.x1L_g«;t.y‘.;<ini_.'r Aand = your Postmaster) General Bur-leson has asked for sealed proposals for furnish~ ing the four billion postal cards that. will be required by the Post Ot Department during the next. four years. New S.ee.dS,, Rye, Winter Vetch and Timothy Seed. ‘, . A ' . ~ 5 C. Van Allen.’ EYES :i’nE<fhe' Mést Up;-t04d%ateA ,Ma';11i’ér-. Fresh F'ruits——A full line every day- at» the Star Restaurant, Franklin Street, .'Watkins,‘ N. Y. ' C. M. BROWN. The Conference of Governors of the United States at Colorado Springs on August? 28th, named Madison, Wis., as the ne-xbplace of meeting, the time of which was lefb to the Executive Com- mitbee. Century ’p1,1oné-= Special Sale--Colonial Glass Water Pitcher and twelve Glasses for $.39, at L. H. 4DURLAND, Son & Co’s. That Good Government is yet to prevail in all the affairs of New York State, is as certain as that time is to endure. ‘That day wiil come when party machines are things of the evil past. The hour is‘ at hand when the people in their supreme right, will put a stop to the baneful in at work at Albany and at Manhattan. This is to be done at the ballot box. Quietly and in order, the change from the control of the corruptionists to the discharge of duties by patriots and statesmen, is to occur in this great commonwealth. and throughont the Union. The better citizenship is in the great majority in this Republic, and the Empire State—a. leader in all things—is to lead in the full establish- ment of Good Goverment. Harrows, Cultivators, Reversible hat-A row-tooth points, and everything in the 1'i’n‘e“of—harveSting*~and—1: ! # - ments.- E. R. LOVE & SON. The _ \ ’ i%eq t1iSii’;e 11's _1's Y, I \ . - ’ “ V »An explosion on a. tow-boat in the Ohio River near Pittsburgh on August 30th, caused the death of the captain and pilot and six of the crew, includ- ing a woman employee. One of the boilers was thrown fully .1,600 feet away. A Proceedings of the Board of 11rx;sze¢s.. The Board of Trustees met. in regular session August: 25, 1913, in rdoms in Engine House with the following members present: C. E. Hammer, Pres- ident; in the chair. and Trustees George E. Hoare, C. S. Wickham and Frank L. Milleu. ' ‘ The Best Wood. The best .1\ed_ \are ‘the healthiest and'12ap-$_ piest, notably S0 W.'l1QI1 the element of extra‘ expense is entirely‘ eliminated. - ~ _ \ Let us prove to you that ‘we have the best Wood in tov¢n‘. -Coal and Wood, in any quantities. DARWIN D. KENT. » Suretv on Bonds; Surety on bonds, American Surety Co C. M. Woonwum, Attorney; Watkins. N. Y. An Italian engineer is reported to have devised a. method of exploding sub—marine mines at. 8. distance of several miles by means of wireless im- pulses. . If this information is correct, then the day of the end of warfare is drawing nearer. . Minutes of last; meeting read and approved. . On motion the following bills were audited and ordered paid: _' Our \cu .11_'Ve Ijetter for less money thazxj those that t‘ra'de.‘e1se—wI1er'c. D. F. Thompson, street acct---....--....._----$ 39 60 John Ran-rick, “ ~—---—,----..‘.... 17 oo Geo, Rowe. “ -_--.,.-_--..---- :5 00 John Lloyd, “ -_------....----- .14 17 c. Allen,’ - -- --_-_--_--_---_ 9 80 Fred White. \ --------------.. x 75 Frank Grover. “ --___------..—..~.; —-43700 Thos.Chambers, sprinkling----------...._- 7 50 Wm. McIntyre. ‘ “ ---..---....---- 61 so D. F. Thompson. \ —_--—----——-——— .35 50 C. S. & C. H. Frost. street acct_-.._--____-_.. 9 20 John Conway, village property_........_.'_ 10 oo L: C. Peck, street acct---_---..._-----_I......... '16 oo W. E.‘_‘Snow, contingent-..--_..-..-..----_-..-- 1 00 D. D. Berry, police------..-__---_----....__-- 2 oo Emmett Preston. police----__--_---_--_-.._... 2_ oo Two bills of D. F. Thompson laid on table. . % A11_ Persons are Hexyeby Forbidden fron_1 Hunting or Trapping on My Prem- ises in Reading, under Pnltv .of- the : % G 01} TR Y’SL .- The total western receipts of wheat; for the crop year to August 30th, were 74,221,000 bushels against. 41,763,771 a year ago. The total exports of wheat. included 'for the crop year to date. are 36,058,506 bushels compared with 13,336,908 in 1912. _ ASSEMBLY DESIGNAIIUNS. Girls Wanted. Bot ‘ _P’I1\ones”._ Your orders-.w1‘11 be appreciated. The Assembly Designations in Schuy- ler and adjoining: counties are as follows: . Six ‘Girls over Sixteen, to learn to Sew on Power. Machines. Corner Division and Franklin Streets, V\'a kins, N. Y. Schuy1er—-Henry S. Howard, Progres- sive and Republican; John W. Gurnet.t.- Democrat. V THE L. M. BRIDGMAN COMPANY The lnberior Department. has author- ized the opening of 12,000 acres of Osage Indian land near Pawbuska, to be leased to the highest; bidder. Oil has been discovered upon the lands, several wells having a. daily of frbm 500 to’ 1,000 barrels. %.1913— July Clearance Salt: ‘1913’. Farm Implements. Tompkins—-John W. Preswick. Re- publican and Progressive; Frank A. Begenb, Democrat. Yates--Edward C. Gilletm. Republi- can; Samuel I. Thayer, Democrat; No Candidate, Progressives. , Seneca——Wi1Iiam J. Maier, Republi- can; Frank L. Schotb, Democrat. ’I‘ioga.——Wi1son S. Moore, Republican; 0. O. Seabring, Democrat: Gilbert. E. Purple, Progressive. Chemung—Dr. Robert. P. Bush, Dem- ocrat; Mr. Andrews,’ Fusion, declined to run. , Three Kinds of Bean Harvesters, Mis- souri Driils, John Deer Two-Way Sulky Plows. Can give you better terms than ever. Cot and‘ see me before you buy. Watkins, R. ‘D. N. Y. \H. M. SM1_'r.H. Ba1'g»ai11s in all d'epél1't111ents. Communication from F. N. Whiping in relation to tax on $1,000, Western Union Telegraph Co., was on motion refemfed to Attorney B. W..Nwe. Motion made by F. L. Millen second- ed by C. Wickham, that, the amounts of $1,475, amount; of Adams & 00., be deposited on bid for $29,500 bond, returned to them. Carried. —~Tbe Afaleling of a. meteor into the Seaconebb River on the night. of Au- gust. 27, 1913, is reported as having occurred near Tiver-ton, R. I. The phenomenon occurred during an elec- tric storm, and the crash was heard for a. distance of twenty miles. 0111' I2 I-QGINGHAMS. for only 9c 25c French Ginghams only - - 15c SILK WAISTS, $2.50 values, for $598 $5.00 valug Waists, for - - -. $2.98 White Lawn Waists for 39c, 59c, 79c. 980 Good values. _ Carload ‘of Timothy, Clbver, Alsike, Alfalfa, Red Top and other Grasses re- ceived-this week; bought at the lowest price. You will sqye money and get the-A-best seed by calling on us. A SILK MULLS, popular de- signs, 59c values for - - 39c 25c values for - -1 - I7c HOUSE DRESSES, $1.19 values, ~89c $2.50 values for — — - $1.98 $4 so “ “ -V - $3.75 $1.33 u u __ ._ _ $Lo° Motion made that B. W. Nye be in- structed to communicate with Doug1a‘s's“ Fenwick & Co., in relation to the sale of the bonds. Carried. RIBBONS, Special sale of 25c and 40c R_ibbons to. close out, for only 5c and *’;5c ' A11 coIors.- T The Board of Trade statistics of the trolley lihes of Great. Britain during 1912, show that. over three billion pas- sengers were carried on 2,642 miles of track in less than 13,000 cars. There were yet. 1,500 horses employed in haul- ing street‘. cars during the year. St.euben—-1st. District, C. A. Brewster, Democrat; T. P. McGanno.n, Republi- can; 2nd Dist.rict.. J. L. Seely, Jr., Democrat. . Roo and General Repairing and Painting of Roo 'All kinds except steel, laid in the best possible manner. Satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay. Beaver Dams, R. F,‘ D. 2. Roo and. Repairing; T. .W. Mr.:Anarney, committee on license. burned in receipt. of Treasurer Norman for $2 for license. LAWNS, I2 I-2C and I5c_Lawns for .9c 25¢ vaiues, silk striped, for’ ~ 17c INGRAIN CARPETS, . _ _ 70¢ values for 55¢ The Chautauqua as a business getter for local merchants was a decided failure. As a purveyor of pleasing entertainments it was 3. success. The full quota of season tickets for next year has been\ subscribed for here.- Penn Yan Democrat. » Dr. Barnes, health officer, reported that numerous complaints had been made to him about, hogs being kept; in the village by various persons. (Aug.-7w4) GEORGE J. SILLIMAN. Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo has apportioned nearly all of the $50,- 000,000 fund, otfered to the banks in the South, West and Southwest, to facilitate the general crop movement incident to the harvest. The money is on deposit at 2 per cent, and is all to be returned notjater than April. -7‘ Grass Seed ax_1d,Imp‘1ements. - H Buy your Grass Seed, Seed Oats, Bar-2 ley, Fertilizer, etc., or E.‘ R. LOVE &. SON. We also éarry 3 complete line of Farm Machinery and Tillage Imple- ments. Will. be pleased to show ybu our line. , T. H. ABBEY ,& COQ, Watkins, N. Y. Motion made and car!-ied that ‘a notice be served on all persons keeping hogs in the village to remove them ouLside‘t.he village limits at once. On motion the following Ordinance No. 81 was adopted. ' On motion adjourned. H. S. ABBEY, Village Clerk. The Tari Talk bids fair to _ dry up in the Senate this week. The leaders have agreed that the disposal of the first reading of the bill has brought. passage of the measure into view. Any action is- better for the business in- terests of the country than prolonged uncertainty, and the people will ex- perienceafeeling of relief when the debaters reach final decision. We have ready to show a full line of To furnish laborers for the Western New York fruit growers, Commissioner of Agriculture Huson is now prepared to receive requests from farmers, for which the department will .furnish printed blanks upon appfication, by addressing the New York State De- partment of Agricultur. Albany, N. Y. Vacuum cleaners. TEAM HARNESS and STRAP WURK HOUSE WIVES! Do not take up your carpets to dust them. For 50 cents per hour, _I will furnish machine and. man and boy to run it. which will thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstered fur- niture in short order. Also the Arm- strong Glen Vacuum Cleaners for sale, at’ $6 each. Phone C. N. _Cole’s Furniture st‘ore.or call at 405 East Fourth Street Watkins, .N. Y. E. M. MORSE. The Board of Trustees of the Village of Watkins, in the County of Schuyler and State of New York. at a. regular meeting of said Board, held at the rooms of said Board. of Trustees on the 25th day of August, 1913, there being present, G. Edward Hammer, President of said Board, and Trustees Geo. E. Hoare. C. S. Wickham and F. L. Millen. do enact and ordain as follows: Collar-s.,j Pads, Jockey Yokes, ‘étc., ahd on all our harness we. fully guarantggevery Also a new line \of ' ‘ Reports of forest from the States with which the Federal Govern- ment-is cooperating, show that there has been a general lack of unusual fire danger this year. Contrary to popular belief, forest seldom travel more than two or three miles an hour. Even in extreme cases it is questionable whether they burn at a rate of more than six to ten miles an hour. The Public Service Commission has approved an agreement. with the In~ terborough Rapid Transit. Company, for the 'neconsr.rucbion of the tunnel which crosses beneath the East River from Forty-Second Street, Manhabtan, to“ Long Island City. It. was built. several years ago at a cost of $10,000,000. GUUKT LINULEUM OF THE LATEST PATTERNS E NTT’S ~ .LEAN\ .. Q,,,A,-;L ORDINANCE NO. 81 Every structure in the village of Wat- kins used for human lmbitatiori _or oc- cupancy shall, when such structure is situated so as to be within access of a, public sewer and public water ‘service, be provided with at Ieast one water closet for every two families. In all cases, however, at least one water closet shall be provided for every per- sons and every sink, water closet and other receptacle for waste water on such premises or in the building or‘ ‘buildings thereon shall connect to the public sewer and water service if so ordered by the Board of Health. _ Every outside vault, privy or cess pool on such premises shall be thor- oughly cleuned out, properly deodorized, up and abandoned. Every building as herein included‘ shall lmve an independent sewer and every sewer shall have 8. trap. Over pipes from must in every lease be connected on the inlet side of‘ the trap. The drain pipe from a refrigerator‘ in any building shall not be directly’ con- nected with soil or waste pipe or with drain or sewer; Woodward cé Sta uffezg; A band of 150 gypsies recently at.- Isacked the inhabitants of the town of Lunet in'Fz-zmce with guns and revol- vers, owing to a. gii between the gypsiee and the townspeople. Gend- armies ehgaged the former, and a. pitched battle ensued in which a. gend- arme was killed and three badly wounded. The steamship Imperator. t.he1‘argest. vessel a; was damaged by on August. 28th as she lay at. the dock in Hoboken, with her crew and 1,131 sneerage passengers aboard. The din- ing saloon of the second cabin was wrecked. The second o was suffo- cated by the names which broke out. during the early morning hours. A panic among the passengers was nar- rowly averted as they rushed‘ from ‘ship to pier. ' T State The Legislature adjourned on Au- gust. 29th to September 17th, the day preceding than upon which Governor Sulzer’s trial will begin. The charges against Tammany leaders by Ex-‘Judge Arnold wereeunsusnained, District. Ab- torney Whitman of New‘ York not. considering them supported sut to commence criminal’ proceedings. WatI‘<1'11s,: New Y1)_1'k. A great. feat. of railroad building was achieved jointly -‘by the Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley Railroads, in the rebuilding of over a mile of two-track bridge across Newark Bay, which was burned the night, of June 14th. The bridge, 5,663 feet long, included a draw 264 feet. long. In the reconstruc- tion eadh road built. one track, the Lehigh force suarbing from the west. and the Pennsylvania gang working from the east end. - Capital fmattejation to I+ittIe‘eye defects- '1e,a<_1s to -Big Eye Defecgs. to,0_OO Two attempts t'.o\swim the English Channel last week, failed of accom- 'pli‘shmeub.~ é}':Ienr.y F. Sullivan of Lowell, .M-a;s‘s.—, scarsed from the French coasb,'and:swam for ten miles. Jabez Wolffewf England, swam from-its coast, for twenty miles before giving up. Capt. Matthew Webb swam across the ‘Cha.nnel‘ in 1875, and William T. '.B1_irgess*in19I1.4 . H . } . OFFICERS % * DVUREAND, Pr,es1‘dc11t., C-\a'SI11'er \ W. N. WISE;.Vicj¢ P1-;es.‘ G1,W. .1?URREL1}_,Assfs’}t 0a'.shiez* No sediment pipe from IL boiler‘ shall be con_necte<1_\vith a sewer. N-_o cellar drain shall be connectedf with the house drain unless a. gate or back pressure valve is ‘used. Any person vi‘olat‘ing or failing to comply with any of _the provisions of this ordinance shall forfeit and pay a ‘penalty of dollars for eacli offense. Any\ and’ all ordinances inconsistent herewith are »here1iy‘frepeaLed’. , This ordinance s‘ha.I1- take e Sep* tember 15th, 1913. V I hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing ordinance adoptéd by‘ this ‘Board of Trustees of» Watkins, N. Y:, August, 25th, 1913, with the original amlo that the same_ is :9; cqtrect transcript th¢j=.refrom and the who1e‘o£ said origi.-‘ na. ' 6 » j A 1)112Ec:v:o1zs*‘ » % M} D Jazi1e§'I?. Vbck :l)f..’Hq1iowe11 W. G.éorge“ _ 1?‘-:. Séntway S. Wiclgziam‘ w.N; mac IL Fox 21.4 F..12bbsb2z ’ Ask for TORRICV ‘LENSES in SHUR-‘ON imountng. ~ V Charging that. -not ‘more than.-a. score ‘offeather'dea1lnp,‘~ in New’ York City form the §ole- interest. opposing the adoption by the Senate of thie- House '1‘avi'lf Bill Amendmentr protect.- in‘,<,r wild birds from btibchery for their plumage, leaders of’ the National As- sociation of Audoban Societies‘ issued from New York on August. 3031;, a call to all American Nature lovers to make a ‘last; stand against these power» ful commercial interests. The Twelfth International Congress -of\ Geology I‘eS111bedin.the detaiiing to an committee the work of a ‘monograph o‘n_bhe coal resources of the world; '.1‘his;_pub1icaui’on will rep- ‘re‘senjn.t.fhe: most.-morough investigation .evez'- made of the distribution of any mineral éxcgpb iron. which was bhé subject of as research carried out under similar; -auspices three‘ years ago. ,Op'tical-. ‘W:'o1‘k-a- Spgcialty .T11¢ patranégé‘ o ft11‘e pub11c\1‘s s_o11‘c'1't_ed a1on§4*the_[,1Tnes. otV‘A«¢“:o1zser‘\2'a4t‘1'1>*_.e,’b7ai1'i§k_1'L1I.::;. .. %. v « ' _ In'terest1- paid’ on de ' %. T § . Optometrist‘ 8:. j‘ewe1er,.. Dated. wv'atkins.'N. 32., August '25“: 1 ' . ' Money to loan on choice securities either real estate or ,p;¢rso1}a1. .- '..‘ 300% €3:?§§‘?.€‘‘ , $v°:gx€3_u.§§;°§f H. s.'A13BE.Y, /Village. oierk. RUYGE BROTHERS, Furniture and% { Undcrtak;ing.. .~ Franklin Street,,

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