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2 1 SCI-IUYLERCOUNTY CHRONICLE: XJECEMBER 19, 11912. “HUYLER COUNTY CH'RONlC.L_E Watkins, N\. Y. TBE PEACE CONFERENCE- THE rnoansssxvizs. Employmant by the Year. Steam and I-I_otH Water.LI.-Iea_..tin_g, Sanitary Plumbing, Pneumatic Watersysteixxs, Pumps and Pipe Fitting; E.1e’c’.cric Blants. Wiring. Ei:st_ure§.and.$upp1ies, A ' .\\SUMM.I'1\\_ STOVEST AND ,R,AfNG1E.S . L The Peace Conference between the representatives of Turkey and the Balkan States ‘began ‘in Londo‘n\‘on. December 16, 1912, while on the same day a naval engagement -was in prog- ress just out of the Dardanelles, be- tween the “ creme “and” tl':ie' Turkish’ The Progressive Conference recently concluded at Chicago evidenced that the iiiov'étiié_nt for‘ Good Gove ‘iii this country, is yet, the leading issue with the -people. and will be uppermost in the campaign of 1916. That. aéésem-. ‘brags of ‘rei$i'é§\éfitéLt’i-323‘ men from ‘all sections of the Union, was demonstrative of the fact that the ‘spirit of nrogression is a potent living‘ force within this land. ' ’ Employment; by, the year will be given two men with families, who will take boarders. Houses furnished, and fuel, fruit; and other advantages arranged for-. No one, not. meaning to give adequate service for bgpod compensaLion,- need apply. Address, Cot-bent. and Gilbert, Watkins, N. Y. Published Once a Week by tl1_a SCHUYLER COUNTY CHRONICLE ASSOCIATION. Genuine Edison Mazda Tungsten Lamps, Greatest Light and} Savers, Gas »Ma.,.n,t1es and 'Supp1_i_es. éé Flectric -and Hand‘ VS;1ctio1;é.Swegp,eA:1:s3.‘ E1ect,_:ic; .Illumii1a’ted F.edera1l3l1911',e 13.8. _JORGENSEN,~ ~~—T~-Wa Y. ‘ENGINEERS ' . 2 cqnnucrons‘ * ‘ si1r1?Ia’sz‘nr;A;Lngjs. JI|‘|l'|‘C0l'bOt.t, Editor and Manager. Subscription Rate, 31 nor Year. Successor to the Watkins Democrn Founded 1865 Entered in the_ Posto at Watkins. N. Y., as mail matter of the second class. Jan. 6, x908. The Allies it is said, demand as the principal conditions of peace, the surrender of the fortresses of rScuta.ri,v Adrianople —and-Janinav, —to—- the garri- sons of which full military honors will be granted; the evacuation of Eastern Europe by Turkey as far as East Tchatalja; the cession to Greece of all the Aegean Islands; the annexa- tion \of Crete to Greece, and the pay- ment by Turkey of a war indemnity. The Delegates on the 17th, found it necessary to adjourn without effecting- any real business, and they will not ‘I I ' . ‘ I: ' I : ~_~'I‘he Progressive’ Party has never been a one-man atfafr, no matter‘ how much our friends of the opposition -press reiterate the assertion. Theodore Roosevelt is one of the foremost men, of the times, and an aggressive and fearless leader, but the movement which placed him in nomination in 1912, may a.ga.i~n make him the stand- a.rd~bearer in 1916, and then again it may be some other forceful character, a -. - mthe.peopleJ1ilLha1econ that he will accomplish as they will for him to do. CURRENT COMMENT. The Assouan Dam and other irriga- tion works in Egyypt. have cost. about $53,000,000; but. the increase in the value of land in the middle and lower provinces, has been from $955,000,000 to $2,440,000,000. . - Governor-elect Sulzer has sent. his to Governor Dix to take elfecn on December 31st. He has directed that his inauguration be made as simple and economical as possible. absence of Greece’s signature to the arxilistice protocol, was the cause of the delay in the proceedings, as it required that the Turkish represent- atives communicate-with their rulers at Constantinople. It would appear as if Greece was determined to delay negotiations, until it eoul<Lsweep~f~rem the seas the ships of the Ottoman Empire. THE COAL T-RUST. Beans---Three Quarts of Beans for 25 cents at WICKHAM’S. Congress is considering a bill pro- viding for the reduction of letter postage from two cents to one cent. Thi's”s‘H6i. Been‘ iacédm piishéd long ago, instead of devoting so much of the postal revenues to the increase of ipostmasters’ salaries. The Supreme Court. of the United States on December 17th, declared that the existence of the so-called Anthra- R. Love & ~ Good Priming‘ and Service Prompt: he-Qhxzonicleh - - I = u 01136 03. rust, [-8 not een proven by the Government. Meanwhile the coal stocks. of the local dealers are being exhausted, and the prices are going up to the consumers, while, the ...ines are under the control of million- Successors to Independent Feed, Coal 8c Lumber Co. Holiday Goods in full line ‘at Lea.ch’s Fair Store , THE ABHINISTRATION. The Russian Railways administra- tion is seriously occupied with the project of a tunnel of gigantic propor- tions through the Caucasus Mougtains. This tunnel would be the largest in the world, with a length of nearly sixteen and one-half miles. The Administratie that is drawing to a. close in this Nation, will be classed in history along with the incompetent. discharge of the a of government, that have characterized certain pre- ceding presidential terms. For Sa.1e~Pitch Pine Chunks for places. $4 for a double wagon box load» Watkins, N. Y. ‘ ‘ SCHUYLER CASS. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Meal,» BIPBS. (Bran, Middlings, Coal and Wood. Feed Grinding “every day. Lumber sawed to order. F1»-‘uit trays a s”pe.‘ci.al%ty The Democratic Platform was ‘em- phatic iuits declarations against the Trusts. The people look to the in-’ coming Democratic Administration’ to carry out its pledges in this respect. The people look to President Wilson to purge the Supreme Court of its -time-servers and agents of the In- terests. The Supreme Court of this land is the people, and its decisions are to be recorded in,,the ballot box. Leac11’s Fair Store! Candies 10 cents a pound; Toys, Doll Carriages, and a full line of Holiday Goods. - ‘ The President in his last estate is worse than in his first. He ente upon his term of-ofiice, with the Re- publican Party dominant throughout the Nation. He is closing his career, with the political organization that has followed him to folly. 9. wrecked and ruined thing. Yet he would if possible prolong the in of his discredited administration, and in his last hours of power. he is appointing wherever possible, his creatures, who were active as his henchmen during the late cam- paign. The plain people are beginning t<_>..k_n.<2w L11i§.l1D.§l11,,§-.5 he heshngiheegx known by his political associates. The Elgin Board of Trade, popular- ly known as the \Butter Trust,” and the American Association Creamery Butter Manufacturers were attacked by the Federal Government on De- cember 14th, in a civil anti-trust suit for the dissolution of both concerns. Prices right. Fair treatment: ’ Give us a %trial‘. Mill and O on°Second S‘t., gggfggrv Watkins, N. Y Good house and lot and vacantllot. Location terms easy; call and see; 107 Eleventh Street, Watkins, N. Y. ARTHUR C. WOODWARD. To Reform the Calendar. Santa Claus Headquarters! The Board of Estimate of New York urges the immediate construction of eight. new piers one thousand feet in length between Forty-Second Street and Sixty-Ninth Street, on the North ‘R1'ver;“ ‘I-t1's*1Jroposed*-to- ' keep’ within the present pier-head line, and obtain the necessary ‘length by excavating inshore. LEACH’S FAIR STORE. Christmas Candies. Christmas _Goods of all descriptions. _ It is surprising that such a conserva- tive body of men .as the International Congress of Chambers of Commerce ‘should go on record as unanimously izL:ay9_zggfwa_ reform of the calendar. Many suggestions of the sort have’ been made for many years, but we believe this is the first time that ‘en- dorsement has come from what may be called a representative body. Fortunately-the-plan-is-a~simple—one~ and calls for very slight readjustments. It is simply to drop New Year Day from~enumeration and call the 2d of January the 1st. This leaves four quarters of 91 days each, save in-- lea year: when ‘the odd day islalso ’to be omitted from enum_er_at_ig3;_a_nd; called simply “leap day._” It is pro- posed to make it come after the last day‘of Jun_eT‘ ” By this method there would be two months of thirty days and one of thirty-one days in each quarter. But the great. bene is in thekfact that in every year the same day of the month would fall on the same day of the year. This wouldpbe valued in holidays, although in the re- formed calendar the days might not fall exactly to suit all concerned. In business circles the plan is accepted with enthusiasm, because the present calendar entails an enormous amount of work in calculating interest. One thing that does not seem to be con- sidered is that inevitably there is to bealoss of Sundays. The week of the year- will be eight days long as will be one in June every four years. This is certain to upset the religious calendars, and from this source nolittle opposition may be ex- ‘”1)”éE:‘ seems’ to be to the -business world, much Bonds for Schools. The American Surety Co. furnishes bonds for school Treasurers and Collect- ors. Charles M. Woodward, Attorney, Watkins. N. Y. State Surveyors were in Bath last. Friday surveying‘ for the State Road to be constructed through this village. __ ,, __ __, Vacuum Clean ers. Prince Regent. Luicpold of Bavaria HOUSE WIVES! Do not take up your carpe o i1§f‘fli“eiii‘, use the R. Arm- strong Company Home Vacuum Clean- ers. Will Sell,' or Rent‘ for so cents a’ day or any part thereof, or will furnish man and machine fbr 30 cents an hour. 405 East Fourth Street, Watkins, N. Y., or, can at Is1ey’s Store for examination Of the implement. E. MORSE. ' at the age of 91 years. He was the oldest. ruler of Europe, having been born\March 12, 1821. He was nine years older than Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria, who was born August. 18. 1830. and has been on the throne for 64 years. Steuben and West Morris. Streets.’ It was generally understood that the new road would go through Liberty and up West Washington Street, so that the survey of last Friday has caused sor won§.e1fment.—Steuben Advocate. ' The hni1_mn_orga‘ni§m is, able to beat? degrees of heat and cold that are astonishing-., Sir George Name and those who’ accompanied him on his arctic travels. endured during forty- eight hours a temperature of seventy- nine degrees below zero. Fish, reptiles and insects may be frozen without evincing any signs of distress, provided\ that the change be effected gradually, and subsequently return to their normal existence without evincing any ‘ill effects. The immense sum of $41,000,000 rep- retents the value of the. total ship‘- ments of cut gems, mostly diamonds and pearls, to. .b1:_is.c<>.un.tr.y,hir1. 1911. which was not equaled but once\'in past years, in 1906. The present age is the wealthiest in all the annals of the world, and all corners of the earth are yielding up their riches for the hand of man. The Three Oaks Mill in Reading, to- getherwith lands as required up to ten acres. The Mill has a good custom of Feed Grinding and Sawing, and has been in operation about twelve years. Thlrty-horse-power engine, attrition grinder, and modern saw ‘equipment. Centrally located, one—half- mile of New York Central Station. Sold to settle an estate; terms reasonable. ‘ Mns. C. D. HILLERMAN, Executrix. With 9; conip‘lete line 'of Felt a1id‘Lea.’ther Slippers in all cdlors and styles for Ladies; Gganfs and~Chi1-dren. We invite your inspection. Whitelaw Reid, the American Am- bassador to Great: Britain since 1905, died as his London residence, Dor- chester House, December 15, 1912. He was in his seventy-sixth year, hav- ing been born October 27, 1837, in Xenia, Ohio. He became a newspaper man, and was editor-in-chief of the New York Tribune for many years, afterwards becoming its proprietor. His son, Ogden Mills Reid. is Manag- ing‘ Editor‘ ‘of the Tribune. ' Supreme Court Justice Clark has 'appointed William H. Nichols of Bath, ‘to investigate the Old Ladies’ Home in Seneca. Falls. This is the‘ institu- tion that was founded by the late Justin B. Johnson, whose widow built the Bellona. Memorial Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Johnsou’s will was con- tested in the Yates County Sun-qgate’s Court, but was sustained. Most of her estate was left to religious bodies. Two of the trustees of the Seneca Fallese home asked «for- <the——invest:ig9;tion. -«Penn Yan Democrat. New ‘line Trunks, Bags, Cases for Xmas Trade Shareholders’ Meeting. The annual meeting of the share- holders of the Glen National Bank of Watkins, N. Y., will be held at t-he banking hpuse, Tuesday, January 14, 1913, at 10 o’c1ock, a. m.. for the pur- pose of electing Directors to serve for the ensuing year, and for the transac- tion of such other business that may properly come before the meeting. WM. M. KIFT, Cashier. ‘ \*’Wat:kinsrN;*¥.;‘Decen1‘ner12;“19l2;~ 53; si 54% ‘ii 5:5! Furniture on Second Floor Consisting of Brass and‘ Iron Beds, Dressers, Bu China Closets, Coixches, Davenport Beds.‘ Kitchen Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, etc. All goods marked in plain and_at prices that will please you. “xi :31\ RUUNEY BRDTHERS, The Greeks and Turks were still engaged in wax~fa.,re last week. The first sea fight of the Balkan War was waged in the Aegean Sea. on Decem- ber 13th. A general otfensive move- ment along the whole line was begun December 11th. by the Greek zirtny operating in Epirus, the most westerly portion of the Balkan Peninsula. The Turks were routed, and much war material captured. There should be no peace till the Ottoman Empire is no-more. ._ . . —§ 255 . . » . . . lal IIFIIIIIIIIQIIIIIXWIDIllllllllIQIYIII§I|I'IIWIl!IlKVj|KIM|- IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIPIIIHIVQ IIIIGIIUVIIUIVDI lIjIf|i—IlHI|II _ ll__II|-I!l_IIlI!|__R_I4V‘_If?._I . - . . . , 1- ., , L . 5 . ._.- .w.==:;=:._.==..;.=:=.=.==.=._=;;=m.&=.:= 1:31:11».,=l«.:=....£-:'=LF:‘==:.’:.:..:_.'::!=::.“..=.;::::.=X: =..=.m.=.m=,;..=.,.=:=.-_._-.,- ..;.__. ISII-II-I1.I-IIZMUI$.IClIllI!&I—IFI—IlHI1IIlDII§%I|II-|IlI&-—IKIlllIlHI1I1CIlllI.|—Ii $CZZllIIll Work on the foundations of what is designed to be the greatest arch bridge in existence, is being actively prose- cuted at Hell Gate in the East River. The bridge will éontain a. four-track, steel span of one thqusand feet. It will be capable of carrying with a wide margin of safety, four of the heaviest of modern freight trains abreast at the same time. Including its approaches, the structure will be some three miles in length. It will connectthe New Haven and Pennsyl- vania Railway Systems. frictiori‘ SE \E_v3v”6uiTH’Hs7£7I5\\i ways, the world at. large is so con- servative that there is no reason to suppose that it. will be adopted until bhet-e is. a. very ditferent. snate of public opinion from that now exist.ing.—PhiIa.- delphia. Inquirer. GHBISTIHHS BUYERS An Abandoned I-‘arm. : : Do Your $hopping Early 3 The Tax Rolls of Hector for’ the past. twenty years have ‘c”onnained»x_1o» record of 80 acres of land, which for nearly that time seems to have escaped‘ all taxation for coiifmy; ‘T16€v’ purposes. The process by which this farm faded from bheview of the Hector Assessors, after investigation by Super- visor Mulligan, seems to have been as follows: . . T - .« The Ottoman Empire before the Balkan War a.nd“the preceding‘ one with Ital)‘. extended on three conti- nents. These possessions contained Albanian's,_, Arabs, Armenians. Bui- garians, Greeks, Kurds, Jews, Gypsies, Montin_egrins,:Se’rvizins, Syrians, Bou- ma‘nia;'n's and Turks. According to the census of 1912, the Empire contained 122 «towns, of‘ 10,000 ‘inhabitants and ro'ver;_ The popuiations of the six: chief -centers were: Constantinople, 1,200,000: Smyrna, 400,000; Damascus, 300,000; Bagdad, 225,-000;‘ Beirut, ’210,- -000, and Aie_ppo‘,. 200,000. _ Largest Stockin Schuyler. County. From many points in America and Europe come reports of an'unusua.1. «nurbidiitfy of the atmosphere. which began early last. summer‘ and 'st.i.11‘ con- 't.inu'e‘s. This is manifested in a mark- ed diminution of the intensity of solar radiation, a hazy appearance of’ the sky, and the presence ofirings around the sun. There seems to be every reason to attribute these phenomena to the presence in the ufiper atmosphere of an immense pail of dust, -arising from the explosive iet*upbion‘o£ Katmai Volcano in Alaska, last; June. DIAMONDS, There were two bodies of land owned by one p\~‘rson with the line between the‘ towns of Hector and Montour dividing them into portions. of 80'a¢res and 175 acres. Up to 1889, the 80 acres was assessed in Hector and the »-175 acres in, IvI6‘n.tour.' In 1,900_-under\ tghe. old law of a;ssessment.s._.b‘oth ~'pa.rce]s bei‘ng*_conbiguous‘ hands, were assessed as one .t;,r;'acb by the Assessors of 1vIbn~- nour. This continued for two years, and the‘ .80 acres was dropped -from the’ Montoui‘ ilzax Roll, bi1t.‘Ait faiied to be replaced on the Hector Tax R0115 ‘ of J FINE-Sf'1.‘ ASSVORTMENTT 1:5. thi Pins, ‘Lockets, ’ Fobs., Out? By Clocks, -etc; etc.,_jaIl at pr?i~c‘e‘s. HERE YOU withPR,OFIT\because of 0111'. intimate relation with sources of _s‘uppIy.» s secti‘onT of I_3.rac?e1¢ts, Riiags, Nécklaces, ..Br‘ooche%s,A -‘Hat totis, ‘Scarf _Pi;_ns,. Toilet Sets‘, ’SV'ha«v’ing Sets, B“rus‘he'sV, Pennsyvania‘far outmanks all‘ other States in bl1e‘v9{1ue' of its mineral 01117.4 put; In 19L1. this Stage Acon 'exc1usiv_e, ofpig iron, p‘e’x‘ cent or ’t;‘he'tot.aI,: mi\neg output of the United St.a,t;e.s'. The reaspu fov Pennsy1vax;ia’.s ~undisp1’1ted- '1e'&ide'r§hip ‘lies primatiii y, The grain blockade in Bu Har- ‘bor at. the close of last week was _Ll_1e» Iangest. in the history of transporta- uion on Lake Enieé. Three miles of giant freightens, .Uheitj' hulls with -millions of bushels of grain were rid- ing ab,anchor~ within the. breakwater of the ouberharbor. Fifny-three vessels ‘ixxtihe line carry ca.‘rgoés [aggregating 15,000,000 bushgls. of export. grain pra1.ctica11‘y ‘a_‘.1l at it/Being wheat. There is no question but. that the Barge Canal will have business to test. full capacity, when the waterway is room-. pieced. ~ ‘One-fo1;113jt11_ Karat l),iamoi:1d_R in=g;s $255.00» each. See our %Ig4Va1fge?Iy.?i11?e\ of ‘$500 »Bra¢.e:1ets; ‘A { according to nhé United States Geo. ’Iogi,ca”1iS’u_rvey. i“n ins greats. production. ‘ ‘ofVcoa'i~._ If» almosp exclusively the soujt-¢’eé 6fj a’.nthracit.e,é and produces over Voné-t;hirdjof the total Bituminous» % ouhput. Pennsyivania; ranks second, _nexb to New York, in the _via1ue‘ of ~ ins mahiI.fé.ctunas.1 and .soa.nds as. _ aimitieral Vtirodixcer in: cement, coal, ‘ _ *cO.k‘e',N ‘pig _iron‘; lime’, tminerul paints, and and gravel‘, and building stone. This farm of ‘S0 acres was~ -once devoted to fruit culoure, mad at; that. time was assessed at 9; valuation of over‘ $5.000.‘ Of late years it; has been 'us\a§d1 largely for pasture lands, and ‘having’ had no responsibi1.itiesT-of. Vtaxatgion, -in might. ‘properly be placed in she cate- gory of a‘b9:nd0ned fartns-'probab1y only one of its peculiar‘ class in Schuyi «ler County. V ‘ . .RErPU'1‘ATIO\N is aj potent facizortovbeco1iS3deIed, as it is‘ s?ynon‘ym‘o‘us with the Quality, ; ‘M‘efit and ‘Prices.-\ ' U ' % L_oC3Ié<1 OVER

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