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SCHWUYLER COUNTY CHRONICLE; MAY 2.» 1§1zg MASSACHUSETTS. LIGHT 0131‘ OF A DARK éTRAG: EiD[Y. BUSIN.E.SS.- ICHUYLER COUNTY CHRONICLE wggklnu. N. Y. ‘V Published Ouch\ n Wgok by the ASSOCIATION. ‘ Massachusetts, the most contested battle-ground of the Taft-Roosevelt campaign. has spoken‘ at its primaries and_'the result is the most rema.rkabl’e in the history of presidential nominal..- tions. President Taft hasa. preferential majority of 3,605, in the total vote of the State, but Theodore Roosevelt his the eight De1eg'ates.at-Large, and thus each ea.ndid_ate will have eighteen De1‘egat,_es in the National Convention. Out of the necessarily confused‘ and contradictory stories of the \‘TiEfanic” disaster, told joyythq survivors,‘ jghére has shone, conspicuously. one Rt-easfsiljring fact, which has shed a. softenjpgf lights upon the unspeakable horro‘r*of the disaster. ' c_ook with“natuxn_1'2as. Vals PR'o,F. L_ ,:B%fADI.‘E¥, Optician, corner Decatura:nt1' '1‘e st'r‘éet's’;*‘ “ ‘ We are; showihg many Bf the Vn‘ewjth~in1gs for spring. L I ' ‘ 4 _ 0111' garliy .far;'i\.?.;§1f‘Is1.i)f 'EmbrOidéred' I¥‘lo1‘,1ncinVg§,V °A11'ove_rs; Swiss and .ot‘13e'r é are of_ i:'1ie.'ch.0ic¢st. You will W\fa1A1t‘ Seé the1I1_.fi' I A .' ' V‘ “ - John Corbett, Editor and Manager. lubscrlptlon. Rate, 31 per Year. . .suc¢,.e‘uor to the One Thousand Roée Bushes. for 19 cents each at ZBur.ch’s, Watkins, N, Y. [Watkins Domocrnt, F oundod 1865 ~-\Entered in the Posto at Watkins. N. Y.. is 'Ili!.il matter of the second class. Jan. 6. 1908. Supreme among the master motives of this. _c’om'p'1ica-ted human .n_ntJ1.1I'.‘€.3. of onr_s\‘ii§é itlie love of life and the i‘n,stinct to preserve it at whatever cost. -‘True it is that under certain conditions of iron discipline. or the contagious passion of the multitude, men have seemed‘ \to hold life 1essdear—-and so the roll of recorded heroism has grown with the passing years, I ' ' . d When the side of the ‘‘Titanic’’ was torn asunder, the rapid settling of the ship must soon have for-etold.,her doom to every thinking man aboa_rd;~ and early in the development of‘the.disastex- the terrifyingf fact was known that two «out of every three of that ship\s com; plement must go down in that iifev covered sea. . ' Yet in all the narrati-{res of’ those hours of agony there is practically ungsnimous testimony to the noble spirit of chivalry which prevailed. With ‘scarcely an exception the men stood aside.a.n_d surrendered the one chance oflifo for women and children,_ \until the safety, of every one of‘thes_e had ‘been assured. Then, with that“ calm resignation in the face of ‘certain »fc_1\ea..th which is- the mark of the ‘highest courage, and to the music of the bend (to ’whose'etei:nal honor be it‘ recorded) the majority awaitedl ‘the plunge. or themselves in a. last vain ‘hope into the dark wa.ters._ I ‘ For »S_a;‘l,e--Indian.R1mnéi'.D11ck‘Eggs for setting, . E. B-,R‘UssELI.;.. Wash FabficS' iiil Voile‘ (eLl1;tfints1)»2;111ii in the ‘.n‘;or,e staple iais, Perca1‘és;. —Ze15hyfs,. .Gihghé7; M;ad;rasj«ai;id \W‘hitAe; GoodsV1;:a1§é? Appi S Wiu'1.ted—W.i11 Pa” 75 cents a bushé1§‘\.for'_good applesp y ‘ ' ‘ -»C.[S. WICKHAM. CURRENT COMMENT. The New York State Agricultural Department is advertising 11,000 farms comprising 148,190 acres, for sale or rent. During -1910, ‘the Department sold land to the _va,lue of $6,200,000 to non-residents. Theodore Roosevelt has olfered to release the eight Delegates-at-Large, as to their obligation to yot.e‘for him, leaving each one free to act as he sees but this they have decided not ‘to do. They were elected _by th.e.-Repub- 1'iE££§3s Roosevelt men, and such -they must remain.. The result in the Old Bay State, settles the question of the availability of President Taft\ as 21. ca didate for renomination. This is al tacitly acknowledged by the partisaha ers, that were at the outset of the camphkigxso abusive of Roosevelt »in\their support ‘f Taft‘. The\Democ‘rats' c>f\~K\\l~§sachusetts pro- nounced\for~§peak‘er Cham Clark over Governor Woddr lw Wilsonktwo to one in the presidentijhrmerence contest. At the ‘same time Dele ! pledged to Governor Foss, were elected to attend the Baltimore Convention, though his name did not appear in the presidential preference column. Both the Republican and the. Democratic National Conventions promise to be free-for-alls as to candidates for Presi- dent, but out of the turmoil will emerge a winner, and he will beta man pledged to the Initiative, the Referendum and the Recall; the Revisionlof the Tariff, and the Elimination of the Trusts, ‘ l|:‘br Sb»V'£I‘.‘1.e“_-L»-SVa!:':_.ed.Oat:§, V‘afié.ty illinoié Central. Reading Center, N. Y. . _ W. T. D,1_z_.Axr,¢-., Ngw lines of R.11_g_'s-iii carpet and $m'a1-l‘siz_es‘j_'ust in\. ‘ S‘onije_ choice patterns to sé1ect'from§ % ‘ V '_ f V4 ~ Cust9m.Saw and P1api_ng3wgrk, at 208 Secondéstreet, Watkins, N. Y. I_‘N\-DEI FEED & COAL Co. Our Ladies’ ’l‘ai1‘_or,e_d_~Suit;s~ and Coats‘ will soon be here. ‘It is stated that much wheat was winter killed in -the West, : that hur ofzrcres are beitrgmflowed up in Kansas and adioining States, ad the ground sowed to\ oats, which ac- counts for the re'cen.t_ sharp advance in the market. VVan_te4d—'-.-Live Poultry and - Calvhes; highest cash price. E. P. YAPLE. Bell Ph_'0‘ne.‘ ‘ T. &% 130., ‘WaIAkiI1:S ,’ For '-Sa]‘e—.—-.A square Rosewood Piano, Cheap if taken at once. Enquire\ at Chronicle O ' Tin is one of the minerals To work- able deposits of which the Uiiibeg States is lacking. The production irf 1910 was valued at. only $23,447, ac- cording‘ to the Geological Survey, while the imporcabions were worth $33,913,255. Eggs for IIatching7Sing1e , Comb White Leghorn Eggs for Hatching. , Rock Stream, N_.. Y; W. H. SPENCER. _ Seed Potatoes. FOR SAI.E——Twenty Bushels of Seed Potatoes, Rock Stream, N.vY. . . ‘ L. J. BATES. Though the Titanic was the largest. vessel in the WOI‘]d,. a. larger ship is building for the Hamburg-American Line. It is called the Imperator, and is to be 900 feet long. Accom'tiioda.- tions will be provided for over 4,000 passengers, and the crew’ will number 1,000 men. ' Now is the time7to replace your win- ter-killer} Rose Bushes with new ones at 10 centsbaéh, at'Burch’s, Watkins, N. Y. To IRent—'-Front room‘ over. C. S. Wickhamls Grocery Store! with outside entrance, ‘recently used as, a law o at $4.99 a _m.ox;th.‘ V C. S. WICKH:’£M., The Commission created by the Legislature of\ 1912, to inquire ixito and report to the next Legislature. rules and regulations for operating the Barge Canal, has inaugurated its work ‘_by sending out circular letters inviting the aid and cooperation of all trans- poijtation interests. Twenty- of the latest varieties of hardy Rose Bushesjo be sold. at I0 cents each. “\ ‘ ‘JAMES BURCH. Watkins‘, N. Y. ' Let the pessimist who laments the debasing e of our modern civiliza- tion take note of this——the supreme triumph of the man in us over the brute, The ‘blOw_which proved‘ the “Titanic,” the supreme exhibit of our boa.sted‘skill and prowess, to he after all but a. fragile shell, served totdetnon-l strate the eternal strength and the eternal growth of those sublime qualities of heart and mind, which, after all, are the true _values and high-* est glory “of our human -life.-—Seien_til American. ' ' ' The American Suréty Co. ‘furnishes bonds for school Treasurers and Collect-_ ors. Charles M. Woodward, Attorney, Watkins. N, Y. . ‘ Bonds for Schools. -The United States Senate is consid- The-~'11i—tanic—disaster is causing many cancellations of steamship reservations at the present-ftime, and it is 1ike1y~to be a. lean year for the shipping trust, The sea tragedy will lead in time to better protection for the lives of pas- sengers, and in the meantime people can make plans to see the wonderful Great West, the Paci Coast, and the Panama Expositions at San Diego and San Francisco. . . . 5' .1 ii 4!! r°rng*—a—bii-I-*providin,<.>:—for+t:he——co:; sbruction of 1,000 miles of railroad in Alaska, under the direction of 9. Com- mission of members. The bill carries an appropriation of $1,000,000 for immediate use, the Government; to be reimbursed from bond sales. Roonc;y Bros. Have Youf We have just received a car of‘ Grass Seed, Timothy and Clover, purchased- before the late rise in price. We will sell this at very reasonable price for cash only. RUSSELL & C0. Size! If your 'fe.e1'-.. \are hard yo‘ then thatfs the best reason why you s.ho‘u-1d’-\lest us ‘ you to a‘-pa:i-r of our Farm Help. WA]NTED—One man with family and one single man; to‘ work for the season on my farms. House furnished to mar- ried man. Rock, [Stream R, ‘D. 21, N. Y., or enquire at Chronicle O ‘ M. F. SPRoWLs._ The London Times announces the.. discovery in Egypt of a papyrus volume containing the text of the greater part of Deuteronomy, the whole of Jonah, and nearly all of the Acts of the Apostles, which it describes as perhaps the most important of all the ex- oavations in the Land of the Nile. REEORPIERS. AND WADSWORTII. The*Reform Bulletin of April 26th, contains an open letter from O. R. Miller. State Snp’t of the New York Civic League, to William Barnes, Jr-., Chairman of the Republican State -Committee, warning him that 100,000 Christian Republicans will scratch their ticket it James W. Wadsworth, Jr., is nominated for \Governor. In this letter it says: ~ g “I speak from wide observation, as I have traveled extensively over the State within the past .few months. My correspondence has also been. largely with the ministers and prominent Christian laymen in all parts of the St‘ate._; and I- am satis that. the great mass of the Christian people‘ of this State will never stand for Mr. Wads- worth for Governor. Advance sp1:'mg_sty1es arriving. daily. All the latest‘ creations. in Style, Leathe_rs..and Colors. For your‘in-‘,<.-.. New York ranks as the first salt. producing State in the Union, with Miohiga §eToHfixi ’i:B_‘e3’1'i*st. The out- put of salt: in New York in 1910, says the Geological Survey reports, was 9,452,022 barrels or 1,323,283 tons, val- ued at. $2,231,262. .The total salt pro- duction in 1910 was 30,305,656 barrels, against only 979,306 barrels imported, valued at. $370,922. ‘Ab /the same time salt; was exported to the value of $320,926; . Farm Machinery. ‘Two-way Walking and Sidehi11P1o.ws, Kai-rows. Farmers’ Favorite, Superior and Buckeye Drills, Manure Spreaders; Sprayers, Gasoline Engine, Cream Sep- ax-ators—.—A1l Harvesting Mgchinery and Repairs for all machines.| ’ Watkins, N. Y.- AE. B. RUSSELL. Roo.ne_y;_B1:o.s.,_-T Canada is to construct the largest drydocl: in the world, while prepara- tions are underway to enlarge the St. Dawrence Canals. The works will increase the public debt of the Domin- ion. but they will render it possible to increase the commerce. and ‘make adequate competition with the Barge Canal of New York State. A Qi Watkins Undertaking Co. am i=°!= _; E230 .» Touring Car’. ‘ FOR. SAI.E—-Seven Passenger Touring Car. Tires and all machinery in class running order, Price one-quarter _of its original cost. Can be-seen‘. at Watkins.‘ Guaranteed, to burchaser.» Will tr'éde\’for r‘e2'1I estate, \or time given for payfnent. Enquire at this of for name of owner. ~ PRICES ::::..t:: ::2;;::ngMUcH CHEAPER Three Russian Exploring Expeditions visited Nova Zembla during\ the‘ sum- mer of 1911, chie with a view to discovering’ mineral deposits. One party made a complete circumnaviga- tion of the southern island in a motor boat, landed at many points’, and car- ried out geological investigations. On the south coast were found the re- mains of a Russia.n.sett1ement, the inhabitants of which probably suc-> cumbed to scurvy a century or more ago.’ Some traces of copper and naptha were discovered. than the}; have\‘been. for ‘the past two ofdthreté years, _and’ we will be nioré than pleased to quote you on I Wireless telegraphy §s~the greatest discovery of all the ages, and Ivlaveoni because of it outranks most of the master-minds and equals all of the great thinkers of history. Without its use not a. person on the Titanic would have lived to tell the tale of the disaster, and the fate of the monster ship would have been one of the ‘mys- teries of earth. “The New York Civic League will strongly oppose the election of Mr. Wadsworth if he is nominated. We do not care tobe put in such-9. position, but if you nominate Mr. Wadsworth we shall publish, as widely zis possible, his public record. in opposition to various rnoral reforms,- which will cause thousands of Republicans to vote against him. “Mr. Wadsworth opposed qovernor Hughes in most of his reforms, but especially did he oppose the Governor in the very important reform of direct primaries. Again Mr. Wadsworth, while Speaker, tried to prevent the passage of the Agnew\-Perkins anti; gambling bill, known as the‘ ‘directors’ liaibility law’-—the -law that broke up racetrackgambling in this State.” Residence‘ and one-half’ an acre of land; fruit of.a11 kind; including berries\. House of ten rooms and bath; new ‘hot ‘water heater. Locafed. on Lake View Avenue, overlooking miles of the shores of Seneca-Lake. Enqtgire o premises, Watkiiis, N. Y. H. 1,. Warm. Devoe Mixed Paints, ‘ ‘ % ‘ . Pittsburg Fence, , , - Alpha Portland Cement, _ ' ‘- ' D°iam\o'nd Wood Fibre Wa11‘_P1aste',i', , _ New Perfection Oil Stoves, , T > V _ Aluminum Ware, « ‘ 3 A Refrigerators, The-railway time from San Francisco to New’ York has been reduced to less than three and one—half days, within the past two years. The fact was re- cently brought into prominence by daily press notices of a. trip made by an Australian passenger, who left San Francisco at 10:40 p. m., March 2nd, and reached New York March 6th, in time to catch the itealnship sailing at noon the same day‘- or Europe. . I have in store a limited‘ amount .of large and medium Red C1over,MA1si_ke, Alfalfa, and Crimson Clqverrliimothy, Red Top, Blue Grass and Orchard Grass, Dwarf Esgex Rape, Ea Amber Corn, German Millet and all bf the ‘highest grade and pure. Farmers beware of low grade and impure seeds. Lots of it in circulation. CQr:g_c_t_pgi(_:eS. Three hundred and six bodies of the victims of the Titanic disaster were picked up at sea by -the cableship Mackay-Bennett, which sailed on re- turn to Halifax, N. S., April 25th. Of the number of identi dead, there were?-forty-three and consigned to the see, 116. A wireless dispatch stated the bodies were found in latitude 41.35 north, longitude 47.37 west, extending in a. sea. tract of many miles.‘ Medical opinionis that death was instantaneous in ‘all cases. owing to the pressure when the bodies were drawn down into the vortex. ‘and’ any other a'r“ti’c1¢s in our line o£\‘Genera1 Hardware; \ 3 Sto tzffer, ,4 Notice to Creditors. Watkins, N. Y.‘ In Seattle and Portland many bills have been leveled in the regrading of the streets and the general contour of the‘ cities. The work has been done by hydraulic power, great. streams of _w'a.t.er having been turned against the banks“ At. Portland electric power driving huge. centrifugal pumps, liiliéd water -from a.‘ lake uphill, for four ‘hundred feet, and hurled it. through 4% inch nozzles upon the great piles of’ dirt add .gra.vel. ' Pursuant to an order‘ of Hon. _01in 3'1‘. Nye, Sur- .rOg‘ate o_f Schuyler County, New ‘York’, Notice is hereby gxven to all ‘persons havingclaiins against Jerome‘Pem'1ey. late pfthe town‘ of Readmg. m. s‘ajd—County. deceased. to present the same wit h. thevouchers thereoj tq George‘N.,Penney. ad- minlstrguor of the ‘estate of said de_ceased._a_t his ,res1de;1ce in the ’lfo_wn of Reading, P. 0; Rock Stream, R. D.,.N. Y.. on or before the 9th day of November‘, ‘I912. _ ' Dated. Watkins. N. Ya May I‘, x‘912._ _ , , A G3onGnN.‘P1§NN;:Y, (May 2, 1gnw26*) Administzator.’ . \\ J winiam R. Compton. William R.~ Comption of Elmira, United States Marshal for the Western District of New York, died suddenly Sunday morning from an attack ofacube dilation of the heart, at the .a'.g'e of \ yéars. .. ‘ State Bank, The most; sensational babtle ever fought in: France between police and hunted criminals, occurred at Choisey Le Roi on April‘ e29t;h. Dubois, the world famous anarchist. and Bon__n_ot., the “demon chauffeur\ of the “pha;n- tom death car” of the automobile bandits, who have terrorized Paris for t;wo“*yea.'rs, were shot to death in a hand-no-hand encounter, after the garage in which they had caken their last‘: stand had been wrecked by two terri charges of dy}1ami1;e._, The affair was witnessed by a. crowd of more than ten thousgind persons. Watkins, _Ne_w York. B. mmsysuu He. was the_son of Norris Compton who. is yet living‘ and Mary Brigham Compton, who’ died‘ three oyearjs ago. :His birth obourred at ssullivanville. .Cbomupg‘ County‘ Apni18, 1860. Ho ;wa.s ‘married in . Watkins to :,M-iss Alice Forshee. Of their four’ children three su1;vvvi‘v_e': Loon--Compton _jof Sa.n'Francisco,_ Mrs. Miner‘ of Syracuse, and Fassett Compton of San Francisco. April 27,- 1899, he married in Elmira Miss Helen Tubbs, and their one child is William Randal-1 ‘Compton, Jr‘. ‘ President McKinley appointed. Mn.- Compton United'_States.:Marsha1 for the Ndrthérn District of Niew\York. July 17, 1898, and June 5, 1900, he ‘w‘a‘sA appointed M9.rsh‘9;’l of _the ‘Western District, and owas re-appointed by President Roosevelt in'.1904~ and 1909. He was a Mason got} an Elk. and 9.. member of the Elmira. City C1“ub,. n‘he« Century ‘Club and ‘thet Club, and a non-resident of the. Bu Club; [He was interested‘ In many \business. enterp'rises=a.lo'ngi real‘-estate lines, and was successful in this varied -under-V Capital A Civil War v‘et;eran in a communi- cation to the »Canan,dai,9:ua. Journal con-\V cerning the loss of the '1‘.ita'nic, calls attention so a. gr.-e_9._ta ‘vessel disastiexg. occu'rring' on t}he- Mississippi River about ten, miles above‘ Memophis‘ before daylight April 27, 1865. The boilers expioded, or the boas Sultana,» carrying Union Soldiers on return home from the prisons of the South, and of the 2,100 on boar-dA,'on1‘y 786' were able to reach the ‘shores a.],iIve. _ A ’ L'0,‘00O OFFICERS T ‘ 0.1M. DURLAN1), President W. s.: GEORGE, .Ca's1z1‘er DIRECTORS The \Nor-t'.h German Lloyd Steamship Company, says the Scienti American, has let; a concract; for she construction Of a 544,000-Lon. linen,‘ which. m'ar’ks 0. (great. advance evén upon L139 huge‘ ships-. which‘ have made their appear- ance during the past years. The largest of. the North: German Lldyd exist.in“g« is the “George Washing- ton” of. 27,000 to The ‘~‘I\«Iaut*ebania” and \‘Lu'sit.ania.”' are of 32,000 tons‘; th.e- “01yr_npIc\ of 45,000 tons; the ‘‘Titanic’' was of 46,000 tons; the “Imp9'z*ato‘r” of the H'amburg-American, Line ‘now building, of 50,000 tons‘. Gr0und~— Floor Location. Diamonds; Watc 1_1e_s ahcl 5 jewelry.» K (;)ptic‘al% Work‘a%Spccia1ty;* C. Durland. Jazt1esB. Voc1‘<% ‘D. Holloyvell (W. Georgie F.,_1;.7Santway' C, S, ~Wic'1d1am; W. N. —Wise .H. Fox’ ‘ A. Robson‘ One \of the .’mos;t important of railway projects isthe plan grecemiy for‘muIa.r.- ' edfby‘_an_ En'g*li'sh—'en‘g£n'eet~to construct ’ 1a“. A,)2,200+milehsv line from Pdrt Said, Egypt across Arabia to _Basm an the head’ of‘;-ghe Persian Gulf’, and chance .scro'_as Pefsia to _ioin the .Indian Rail» Thapatronagg of the pubm is sozicited a1or1g‘- the‘ lines of consérvat1‘$r.e= banking. ways :31; Quanta. _'1“o geographers this ‘pl’;-his mosb%-qlluriug-, as its executiop 1w“ou1,d:':iea'n in itninense\ liddition to tha.pr9:¢nt very meuger 'kno;sv1ed‘gé of vt‘;he‘?de'jp’§rt; interior or Arabia. ~0ptomct,rist -and Jc.wcIc%rT Jn-terestTpaid on time de'p'Qs'1'ts. ~vCoi\. Frank1ih_ and Third Sta.-, \ ‘ 1 an 0'11 choice secur1‘tfeS'e1‘tI1ér»ireaI‘ .estatfe’or Mane-_yto,_o %,_ , personal.

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